I had a large Ninja air fryer-way too big and heavy for this old lady.  So, I gave that to my grandson and bought this.  Perfect size and weight for me.  Works great -easy to operate and easy to clean.
Needed nothing more that this air frier in my kitchen
I love the Cosori Air Fryer.  It is easy to clean and food tastes great whether air fried, baked or reheated.  I almost wish I would gotten the larger size, but this works great for me.  I would definitely recommend it to my friends, etc.
Product was a fire hazzard and put on recall. We did everything they required taking pictures on two different occassions and even cutting the cord so it could not be used. Ultimately after months they refused to provide us with a refund or a new item, as they requested. I will never buy another product of any kind from this company nor should you
We travel in a 5th wheel with solar power and batteries for off grid camping. We needed a smaller air fryer that our off grid system could handle. We love our full size Cosori. So we bought a smaller version for our camper. The performance is great for the size and it is easy to clean.
Perfect size for my party of 1. Cooks well and works like any other air fryer.
I use this almost every day. I love it. I had been putting off getting an air fryer since I rarely cook for anyone but me.  This is the perfect size. Easy to use, easy to clean and the food comes out perfect every time.  Glad I made this purchase.
A new way of cooking for us. Love it. Bacon, vegis, quiche from freezer. Easy to clean.
Takes up minimal counter space, works wonderfully and it’s really quiet – can barely  tell it’s on.
Perfect size for one
I bought this for someone else. Haven’t heard anything bad about it.
I love my air fryer you can do so many recipes I also will be saving money one electric bill ❣️
Just the right size for one or two people; takes very little counter space; extremely quiet in operation; attractive design & appearance; simple to use.
Several years ago I received a Dash air fryer as a birthday gift. Although it was functional it did not have many features and air frying was a hit and a miss with any I tried. When it stopped working, I began looking for a replacement. The Cosori had all the features I wanted and was reasonably priced so I purchased it.To date, I am very happy with the Cosori and have recommended it to my friends and neighbors.
It is used for cooking chicken and salmon.
I was notified by Cosori that my air fryer was being recalled. They were prompt and stayed in touch with me during the entire process. It took awhile to get my replacement but always replied quickly to any and all questions. I have given one to my granddaughter for her new home and she loves it.
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I have the 5.8 qt Cosori and love it! But it’s big size for my small camper van so I did find this new small 2.1 qt Cosori and ordered. So happy with this one ! It’s a way quiet the the bigger 900watts consumer and same beautiful design. I did 2 completed cycle 400 for 15 minutes with small pot with lemon and water to clean up all factory grease. Highly recommend

Decided to give this Mini 2.1 quart air fryer a chance and this is now my go to Air Fryer for everything.Perfect for just enough frozen fries when you get the fry craving.  Perfect for that one single hamburger, perfect for 5 slices of bacon, perfect for sausage breakfast patty.  When you just wanna a few pieces of whatever, this is Air Fryer to use.  This little machine is GOLD in my book.
Got this as a birthday gift for my little brother and he absolutely loves it.
Received but had a crack in it!
Great for singles, works great
Got this just yesterday, did one test cycle to burn off any smells and for my first food i used sea pack popcorn shrimp. They came out great, crispy, hot, evenly cooked and no greasy mess and super easy clean up. Now i got clam strips to try next. So far satisfied with purchase, will update in a year. This model isn’t recalled so no danger of it burning down my house 🤞 Keep it unplugged when not in use 😊
No bad smell…does exactly what it’s suppose to do…Perfectly. LOVE THIS MACHINE!!
I love it 🥰
Their products have been recalled due to fire hazard.  They lie and do not stand by their products.  BEWARE
Dont Buy it used looks good on the outside but the tray is all big scratch and thick oil all over it. I thought i could buy it used. but the tray has a big scratch. the outside is ok the inside has oil all over it. saved 20 bucks for no reason.
Makes the best baked potatoes ever.
We bought a Cosori Air Fryer on Amazon and recently got a recall notice that they are catching on fire. Amazon provided instructions for having Cosori replace our fryer, but Cosori refuses to replace. We submitted all the pictures, cut the cord per their instructions, showed proof we had a recalled model…and now they keep rejecting our replacement and won’t say why. This company also has nobody manning their phones, so there is no way to get a true response. Thankfully Amazon settled the issue with us, but want to save purchasers the same frustration by warning them to avoid this brand!!
Well, I can’t leave a review on the actual fryer I purchased because it is no longer listed due to it being dangerous. My review is on their recall process in the event you ever have the unfortunate need to do so.First of all, money back is not an option. You’re basically stuck having to receive another one of their potential dangers products.Secondly, using their process you’re likely looking at being without a fryer for one to two weeks. This is a long time if you use your fryer daily, like me.Thirdly, concerning the photo verification requirement, you have to have the skills of Annie Leibovitz to gain their approval. I’ve tried three times and it’s always another restriction from them. They really don’t want to replay any of their faulty products.The product performance is acceptable but beware getting in bed with this company or else be prepared whenever their next product gets recalled. Consumer satisfaction isn’t on the top of their list.
I use the air fryer more than my stove or grill.  Easy, fast, great cooking and easy to clean.
I had high hopes for this Air Fryer, but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Despite having tried out four different brands/models, this one was the only one that triggered my smoke alarm. Additionally, I found that it doesn’t cook food as good as my previous COSORI Air Fryer, Max XL 5.8 Quart. Unfortunately, the COSORI Air Fryer, Max XL 5.8 Quart was recently recalled, which has made me hesitant to continue using their products. Given the disappointment with my current air fryer and the recall, I’ve decided to steer clear of the COSORI brand for the time being.
We loved our older Cosori air fryer, but since we rarely use our oven any more, we needed just a little bigger one. Enter the Dual Blaze. One of the huge features for me is that it doesn’t have the basket with a gazillion holes & slats to try to clean. Another great feature is that it has a burner on the bottom, giving more heat, & it’s likely you won’t have to flip your food. I also discovered that if you remove the crisper plate, you can “fry” the bottom of a grilled cheese, while the top gets cooked, as well. No flipping required. The app that comes with it sends a notification to your phone to let you know your food is ready, which is handy if you’ve stepped outside for a minute.
Excellent piece of Air fryer.
I received my new Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze and immediately began trying it out.  It was replacing a Pro II that I had possessed only about two months, but I was captured by the aspects of the Dual Blaze.  I have been very pleased with everything I have cooked in the new fryer, from fajitas, to enchiladas, to vegetable medleys, to bagle pizzas, and many more items.  It met and exceeded expectations in every case.  Unfortunately, about a week into my usage, the fan on the unit began to make a terrible noise — sounding like it was hitting on the side of its shroud.  The more I used the unit, the worse the noise seemed to be becoming.  I expected the unit to shell out every time I pressed the start button.  I contacted Amazon and got a sort of runaround, but did get the address of Cosori’s customer service.  I contacted them, expecting to be put into a long waiting queue due to Cosori’s unfortunate recall efforts.  Within a couple of days, I got a reply back, asking for identifying information.  I provided the information, along with an explanation of the problems that I was having.  I proposed using the unit until it shelled out or the noise quit.  A few days later, I received a message from customer service telling me that they were sending me a new unit!  I am amazed at such a quick and comprehensive solution to my problem.  They even said that I probably can keep the old unit for spare parts!  What a deal!  I am more than impressed with Cosori’s customer service and with their products.  I was happy with the Pro II and am very happy with the Pro III — and will be more so when I receive the quieter unit.  Cosori has great customer service and outstanding products.  I am a happy customer.
I find all air fryers a little difficult to clean but I still love them. I like this one because it is a good size for two people and because it is quiet!
This is my second Cosori and I couldn’t be happier. Time & temperature settings don’t have to be adjusted, no more shaking or turning food, and no need to preheat. With the VeSync app you can pre-set your favorite recipes and cook like a pro. This one’s a keeper!
I did quite a bit of research. I wanted a large capacity for my family of six. I follow a lot of cooking blogs and this comes highly recommended by several bloggers and You Tuber’s. Very easy to use with several functions and easy to clean. I will never return to a rack model again.
This is our second Cosori air fryer. We wanted a larger one so we bought this one. It works great ! It is more quiet than our last one. It has Wi-Fi so it tells you when it’s done. There’s more stuff on the app you can do. You can tell google to start it up. It cleans a lot easier than the old one. It has a simpler basket that comes out to clean. I highly recommend this item.
Cosori is in the midst of a recall for some if their site fryers for catching fire. I’ve been dealing with trying to get mine replaced after they told me to cut the cord and still don’t have a replacement or refund. Stay away from this cheap Chinese brand.
Being new to the Air fryer world it has been a learning curve. This thing has been used almost every day since we got it. Either Bacon wrapped Cajun Porkloin, Steak or veggies both frozen and fresh. Heck I even toast our burritos AND still can grab some cookie dough and make a few cookies for the granddaughters school lunch. I would suggest that you get the cooking time sheets for help and a cookbook. Oh add a good pair of tongs but make sure their coated so you don’t scratch the container.
My product was recalled and after they tell you to disable it then they advise the replacement will arrive in 6-8 Weeks but a new one on Amazon will arrive in days? Skip this manufacturer and pick someone else.
I bought this explicitly to airfry a whole chicken. I was amazed at the way this worked. Crispy skin, and very moist meat, including the breast.I’ve used several airfryers over the years. The Cosori beat them all, hands down.
I had a problem with the plug, even with the newer model. They have a recall on older models. Their products are not safe, and this has been amply demonstrated by the recall and the people’s images.
I’ve only had the air fryer a few days, but oh my gosh it is amazing.  I made fish tacos the first night.it was the first time making fish tacos.  They were so good.  I have used the bake button twice, once to make muffins and once to make donuts.  The push of one button and they were made wonderfully.  The fact that it has a lower and upper heating element is the greatest thing, no more shaking the basket.  It also connects to my phone so as soon as it finishes cooking, my phone lets me know it is done.  I love it so much.
The best air fryer we’ve had & we’ve had 7. My husband would never use any of the others. I got one in July & when he saw how easy it is to use & clean we had to order another one 4 or 5 months later! We use them almost every day, it has so many functions, I never use the microwave or stove. I gave away 4 of them.
I bought a Cosori air fryer model that was recalled and Cosori made me jump through hoops to submit a claim – including destroying the recalled product – and denied my claim. Do not buy this defective, fire-prone product!
Corsori must be overwhelmed by the recall. We have submitted 3 sets of photos in a week. All have been rejected.  There is nothing wrong with the photos, it must be a tactic to delay the replacement. Two million is an incredible number of replacement units to replace.  Maybe Corsori isn’t up to the task.  I question whether they can fulfill this obligation.  If they cannot, just say so.
Love the design, easy to use, easy to clean, not need to shake the food. We love it!
This air fryer is sooo amazing!!! I literally cook everything in it because it’s the easiest thing in my kitchen to clean. I just spray out and wipe. No scrubbing at all!! I even cook yummy steak in it, which I had a hard time believing could be true. Game changer for sure!!
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😭😭😭 It smells

This is my first air fryer reviews does not do it justice its just a wonderful machine I love my cosori air fryer
Don’t buy this brand. There’s a huge recall. I sent all information they asked for to get replacement. They sent back stating pics weren’t good enough and needed batch number which isn’t even on mine. This will probably burn your house down. Don’t give this company a single look. They are terrible!!!!
I bought the cosori air fryer that was recalled due to exploding into flames. The company identified the issue and instituted an extensive recall process which involved permanently disabling the device (cutting the power cord), photo evidence that you bought the device, handwritten proof ofnthe device number, and providing the INVOICE number and date of a purchase from 2-5 years ago. After doing all that…the submit button on the recall page isn’t active. Their number listed for support is an automated messege that says unavailable at this time due to high volume. Any product from this company should not be bought. They produced a dangerous product, they should make it as easy as possible to rectify the mistake. Instead they make customers jump through hoops to prove they are endangered then dont provide a replacement or a refund. My advice is to never buy ANY product from this brand again.
I had a good feeling about this product. However, there is a recall issued. I hope this is an isolated issue with this specific Cosori.
I am a fan of the Kastoori line of air fryer and thought I would give this new technology a try. It heats up fast and is ready to roll which is good and I like the Wi-Fi technology another benefit but the one big issue I found with this is the dual heating element cause excessive smoke if you’re cooking, anything raw that will drip into the bottom of the drawer. The second element is located underneath the drawer, and obviously when the drippings fall into the drawer, it’s extremely hot and therefore burn up as if it was drips in the bottom of your regular oven. Nice plan for the extra. He’s just bad execution unfortunately.
I gave it 3 stars because of all the smoke coming from it. My old Cosori did not spread smoke all over the kitchen. I will have to stop using it.
All I can say is… BUY IT! I absolutely love this little appliance!
The product is very bad quality as I expect. It broke after 6 months to use. I don’t know why it has more than 4 stars. It should be 1 star only. Don’t buy it.
Only used it a few times but so far it’s great. Our convention oven doesn’t work great amd this cooks food better in half the time than a good convection oven. Only negative is a metallic burning spell but that is lessening with each use.
Having a hell of a time getting a replacement after the recall.  Phone traffic, longt waits.
I researched airfryers for a long time & decided on Cosori.  Love my air fryer, great product but just read they have recalled 2 million airfryers possible fire, property damage.  Now I’m not sure this is safe to use.  I don’t know what to think.
Air Fryer Recall: 200+ Reports Of Fires, Burning, Overheating, Smoking
My air fryer was a part of the recall. Cosori insists the cord must be cut in order to proceed with the recall and I don’t have scissors sharp enough to cut the cord. They’re refusing to replace my air fryer for something that’s their fault.
This fryer blew every electrical circuit in my kitchen that i plugged it into – and it was the only product on the circuit.
I reviewed all air fryers and narrowed my search down to the Cosori and Cosori dual blaze.I ultimately chose the dual blaze because of the double burners which would save me from  having to shake midway through. Well after a few cooks I can say I still have to shake or flip my food halfway through. The basket also gets a little hung up if you don’t have it perfectly angled to slide in.I wish now I had gotten the single burner Cosori which was way cheaper, because I feel it’s does the same as far as making crispy food. Still a good air fryer, just not worth the extra money for the dual burners.
The COSORI air fryer I purchased was recently recalled due to causing over 200 fires and burns and the company is not offering refunds. What a joke. Go buy from a brand that stands behind their products.
Estoy encantada, si tuviera que comprar otra no dudaría en comprar una igual, la comida queda siempre en su punto, he hecho muchísimas cosas ahí y todo queda excelente, a mi familia le encanta y ea mas saludable.La función de wifi es útil, aunque no he usado las recetas y te avisa cuando ya termino de cocinar y eso es bueno por si estabas haciendo otra cosa y lo olvidas tú celular te recuerda que ya está listo, pero lo malo es que no la puedes iniciar vía remota eso seria  increíble porque podrías programar para que cuando llegaras a tu casa estuviera listo pero entiendo que probablemente es por seguridad
Love it
Easy to use and lightning fast!  Huge improvement over single burner air fryers!
Box arrived extremely damaged and when plugged in product touch buttons do not work.
It’s awesome
The basket does not attach like myLast air fryer so I can’t just shake let’s say my fry’s out of it with out the hot basket Plate following after. It also has two giant finger hole to lift it out but depending on what’s being cooked my food will fall through the holes. And lastly there are barely any preset options.I thought I was really upgrading when I decided to purchase this.I wish I would have at least picked out a model where the inside basket safely locksTo the outer one.
Best air fryer ever
I needed to buy a second airfryer. My first airfryer is by cosori and it was great. I personally didn’t like the basket because it was hard to clean. I saw the dual blaze and decided to buy it since I don’t have to turn my food or comes with the basket. We’ve been using weekly and love it. I found that is quieter than the first model I had. You don’t have to flip your food which is great. However I don’t like that it only beeps 1 time when the food is done. If I’m not near it I’ll probably won’t hear the beep and I don’t want to use my phone since it has that feature. The crisper tray seems flimsy and I’m scared I’m going to bend it. Other than that my family loves it.
The 6.8 quart dual blaze is a superb air fryer but it’s disappointing that the flagship of the Cosori line only goes up to 400° when their entry-level units go to 450. The higher temp is much better for searing a piece of meat. It’s also disappointing that they eliminated the preheat and the halfway shake buttons.  Even though there are heating elements on the bottom, the food still crisps more from the top. I hope they add these features in future models.
This is my second Cosori air fryer, absolutely the best. Easy and simple to use and clean even my kids can operate.  Never had any issues with my first unit just upgraded to a larger size.  I will never buy another brand.
Love this, works so good, you can look anything up on the inter web to see how to cook in an air fryer and this is the one! It is a little large (pic for reference) but just fine in my kitchen. A lot of research to settle on the Cosori and glad I did. Buy this!
Approximately one month ago my wife and I bought a Cosori Air Fryer.  We thought that the fryer would help this retired couple cook quick and easy meals with a minimum mess in the kitchen.  For that month the Cosori met and even exceeded all of our expectations.  Then things went wrong!  In my first attempt to cook ground meat in the machine I thoughtlessly attempted to break up the meat with a kitchen tool.  This action deformed the crisper plate.  I attempted to remove the plate, scratching the basket non-stick coating rendering the basket a potential health concern.  We reached out to Cosori Support in hope of purchasing a new crisper plate and basket.  They responded almost immediately and advised that they did not sell the plates and baskets separately but would try to resolve our issue.  After verifying our machine purchase they advised that a new basket and crisper plate would be shipped to us free of charge!  In this day and age, it is refreshing to find a company who makes a quality product and will go the extra mile with it’s customer service.  I highly recommend this company and products.
I researched air fryers on the web and on Amazon. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of air fryers: different sizes, manufacturers, options, Wattage. It can be a daunting topic. I heard such good things about them, how easy the cooking was, etc. My wife bought one after she did some minimal research: she used it once, and decided it was way too loud to be able to ever use again. (It was disturbingly loud.) That was an Instant Pot model (that company has seemingly hundreds of models by itself!) So, I learned to pay attention to reviews re: Noise Level.Anyway, after pouring through hundreds of reviews on about 50 possible air fryer models that appealed to me, I settled on this Dual Blaze Cosori model. I had never heard of Cosori before, but the many positive  reviews about this model and other Cosori models comforted me, and I came to realize that this was a reputable manufacturer — even though it is apparently a Chinese company (or, at least, it is manufactured in China.) 99% of all small appliances are manufactured in China, so that’s the way it is.I did not purchase on Amazon, however, since I preferred the grey color available through other big box store outlets (online). Brick and mortar stores will only carry a handful of models, so it really is best to purchase online. You have access to thousands of models, and you can read the reviews and compare one to another. It is extremely unlikely that you will find this particular model in any brick-and-mortar store. The price for this Cosari model (a month ago) was almost identical at all online outlets ($130-$140). The difference for my model (vs the one on Amazon) was the color (grey) and the inclusion of a few extra items.The BIG ADVANTAGE of this model is that it has 2 heating elements (top/bottom). And, the wattage is correspondingly higher (1750 W). There is no other air fryer (currently) that has this feature or this high a wattage.  So, you do not have to stop the cooking midway to turn or shake the food being cooked. In fact, when doing my research I did not understand what reviewers were talking about when referring to SHAKE. The many models I researched mentioned SHAKE in the descriptions — I thought it meant that the air fryer would automatically SHAKE!! (Am I an idiot?) But, if you don’t know a thing about air fryers, it is not obvious that it is apparently necessary to shake/turn the foods in order to get even cooking (Who knew?! I had no idea!)  I figured: I don’t want to be bothered to remember or be reminded to turn or shake the food if I have the option of NOT having to do this. So, the Cosori two-burner Dual Blaze immediately became my front-runner. To be honest, there are two others that were in my top three: Instant Vortex Plus (recommended by America’s Test Kitchen) and Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max (both available on Amazon). These vary in wattage, size, etc — so, it is difficult to really compare them to the Cosori. The Breville Smart Air Fryer Toaster Oven also looked interesting — but was at least 2X as expensive and also very large. And, I didn’t need a toaster.SMELL: Another factor that I paid attention to: burning smell that has been repeatedly reported in 99% of all air fryer reviews. This Cosori model had minimal reviewer complaints re: burning smell. My personal experience: NO BURNING SMELL OR SMOKE WHATSOEVER. I ran it 3X as a test, washing the cooking compartment after each test run. There were some small white/grey specks that were evident on the non-stick surface after each test run. Still, no smell and no smoke.EASE OF USE/ controls/programming. This model is super-easy to use. Re-Programming the settings is easy (though I have not done that). The touch-screen controls are well-labeled with English words — not hard-to-decipher food symbols. The symbols that are on many (most?) air fryers are not easily recognizable by me. (Who draws those symbols? )EASY TO CLEAN/ non-stick surfaces: the Cosori is amazingly easy to clean. Just  clean by hand. It is a waste of time to attempt to place into a dish washer when 20 seconds of hot water and dish soap is all you need. The crisper plate is also super easy to clean and the non-stick surface is superb. It fits into the cooking compartment with a friction fit (using the silicone rubber corners to provide friction). This crisper is easy to remove and will not fall out, even if you turn the cooking compartment upside down.ONE NEGATIVE: the crisping plate is removed by pulling on two finger holes in the center. If you must remove the crisping plate, you will not be able to do so if the plate is hot. You will burn your fingers. You must use a tool.  It would be nice to have a silicone puller available to lift out the hot plate — though, some would rightly complain that the puller would get lost (unless there was a storage place right on the unit). But, this issue will apply to any model that has a crisper plate that fits into the cooking cavity.SIZE: The 6.8 qrt size is among the largest available — suitable for two people, but maybe not large enough for cooking a dinner for a family of 4. The unit footprint is still relatively small. It does not take up too much space on my counter.SOUND: very quiet. You can hear it (the fan) but it is not intrusive. You can still carry on conversations easily, and the sound does not feel uncomfortable to the ears. This is much quieter than the one that I was previously familiar with (an Instant Pot model). I think that it is probably important to note that every manufacturer makes many different models of air fryers. So, each model’s noise level probably needs to be assessed on its own. Instant Pot likely makes some models that are very noisy, and others that are quieter. This is where you really must rely on user reviews, since you cannot possibly try these out ahead of time.BUILD QUALITY: excellent. Very solid, everything fits well and works well. Well- packaged.RECIPE BOOKLET: None was provided with my unit. Reviews for this model on Amazon seem to say that a recipe booklet is included. A recipe booklet certainly is a good thing to have for learning how to use a completely new cooking method. I wish I had one. The Cosori website does not have any more than a few recipes. I have not tried the Cosori app — so, I can’t comment on that. I have relied on looking up recipes/cook times etc on the web. I will eventually try the app.MY EXPERIENCE: I’ve only tried cooking a few simple items and have been very impressed at how easy it is and how well the items turned out. I’ve only cooked steaks, hamburgers, onions & mushrooms. All simple, yes. No need to shake or turn anything. I’m a happy camper. The clean-up is much easier than when using stove top cooking for these items. No oil splatter to clean up, etc.
I purchased this fryer reconditioned from Amazon and it works well, but I think it usually comes with some kind of recipe booklet that was not included. I have never used an air fryer before and it is hard to figure out the correct settings without some kind of instructions. I hope you can help me out with this problem so I will be able to use the machine properly. Thanks for your help. John
Bought this device. It stopped working less than a year later. Impossible to get ahold of anyone from service to support you. My cheap 30 dollar one fromWalmart is still working fine.
Not sure if it works because of damage to box
Was so pleased when this arrived today. Did a test run and all went well. When registering with Cosori, I had to turn the bottom up so I could get the batch number to register. Heard loose pieces inside sealed unit rattling around ???? Turned it upright. Gave it a little shake and seemed okay. Decided to try hard boiled eggs 270° for 12 minutes. A few minutes in, the unit started making a horrible noise. As if the fan was binding on something. Turned off and and started up again. Constant horrible noise continued. So I called Customer Support. Cosori has a good reputation. Was terribly disappointed – no live humans. They are only giving email support. But not to worry, they said they would respond to my email in 2 days. That is totally unacceptable. Brand new unit and I’m supposed to play email tag with support. We all know how that goes. Called Amazon and I’m returning the unit. Will probably get a different brand. With tax, this cost me almost $200. Not a good experience.
Love my new cosori, works great and love the liners I bought because it still looks brand new.
I am on my second unit and have to sell it as both trip my breakers.  A complete waste of money.
I absolutely love this Air Fryer.  Worth every penny.
THIS PRODUCT IS OUTSTANDING IN EVERY WAY!The fact that it has dual burners makes the cooking process so simple.
I have really enjoyed using my new Cosori Air Fryer.  This was purchased to replace another brand.  I have read reviews regarding the control panel; some say theirs lights up when it is turned on and others say the options do not light up making it hard to read.  Mine is in the latter group and sometimes it is hard to read and seems to depend on room lighting.  A suggestion I  would make would be some way to handle the cord when storing the unit.  I do not have space to leave it out when not in use and the cord is to short to control it easily.
We loved our original Wifi Cosori air fryer so much so that we purchased another when it wore out.  We had every reason to think that the Dual Blaze would have all the original did and more…no so by a long shot.1.  There is no delay start anymore.  Complete deal breaker and should have been mentioned in the description.2.  When you use the app to start cooking, you still have to physically go to the fryer and push start, also a deal breaker.3.  Our other Cosori had tons of recipes in the app, this one has very few.  Why didn’t they include all the recipes?  We have had the dual blaze since Christmas and the app has never been updated with more recipes.4.  There is no information about how and when the dual blaze uses the lower element.  Does it use it when you use the broil function?  It shouldn’t…5.  The air fryer basket is just on the bottom and I feel like the air circulation is not as good as the previous design,  food MUST be kept from piling against the edges to improve all around circulation and as a result the total volume of the fryer is less than the 5.8qt.
We love everything about the Dual Blaze except for the fact that you cannot drop the basket accidently to the floor.  Broke the handle completely off, our fault, totally own up to it but still they should have replacement baskets available for sale, which they don’t.  We’re buying it a second time since in the short amount of days it was working it was fabulous.  Just getting the protection plan this time since some of us in the household have butterfingers.
You can do so much stuff with this air fryer that I barely use my microwave or toaster over ever! One of my favorite things is take McDonald’s day old cold mcnuggets and putting them on the reheat setting and it’s like they just came out of the drive thru window. Same thing with fries too. Long story short, this thing does everything, quickly.
I really like this product, BUT the small 2 cent rubber stops, on the tray, break easily. Cosori requires a bucket of proof but I’ve not received any replacement. Not sure about this warranty.
I love my air fryer. Best brand so far.. I have tried several
Very easy to use. Cooks everything precise.  Won’t be choosing any other brand.  Would buy over and over and over and over without hesitation.  Should have purchased this a long time ago.
Love the fact that it has a duel heating element so you don’t have to flip your food halfway during the cooking process.
After doing some research and asking around. I was reccomend Cosori by a professional chef.(Cosori air fryers are the best on the market)
This the best Air Fryer ever!!!This morning I made biscuits not over cooked, no flipping and perfection 330 for 7 min ( grands 5 biscuits)I cook breakfasts, burritos, toast, coffee cakes,Hash browns, lunches, grilled cheese, hamburgers, corn dogs, crunch wraps, chicken, fish and much more… dinner steak, chops, chicken!!!If u don’t have an air fryer or even if u do have one this is THE BEST ONE EVER no flipping and if u are tech savvy you can use your cell phone with this one.
I’ve had my Cosori 6.8 qt, dual blaze air fryer for one week, and have used it every day. The first thing I cooked was a roast pork tenderloin, and it came out hot, juicy, and delicious. So easy!  Next day I cooked a strip steak with the same results. (Despite the dual blaze, I did flip the meat.)  Next I roasted a whole chicken..flipping that mid point. Cooking a whole chicken took a bit longer than expected (1 hour, 15 min), and the top skin got too dark (my fault because I bought a 6.5 pound bird that was too big. Next time I’ll get a 5 pounder.) But both the white and dark meat came out juicy and tender. I have also cooked hamburgers from frozen. I make my own patties from 90/10 ground beef which I season and then freeze. I wasn’t sure if they would cook thoroughly from the frozen state, but they came out perfectly in just 10 minutes. Delicious!  I’ve also roasted frozen veggies without thawing them first. Perfect! Air frying is a game-changer. I fried an egg by taking the crisper out of the basket and using the bottom of the basket as a fry pan. It worked!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m still working to learn the best times and temperature settings for the various foods, and I’m not always sure when to use (or not use) the crisper, but I haven’t made any major mistakes yet. I highly recommend this machine.
It seems the recipes are a bit skewed when it comes to cooking on the Cosori. I have had to lower the time of cooking because the food is overdone. Maybe it is just MY Cosori and not others. I am also an older person and I had hoped for easier recipes that came with the air fryer. I don’t need a lot of prep time. I can’t buy a recipe book (i bought 2 at kindle) because I can either not find a recipe I would like to use or I can find only 1 or 2.  My old (53 year old) West Bend waterless cookers do well still and I use them more. Unless, of course, I have to bake, but the 1 quart I have bakes my cornbread perfectly.
I wanted to upgrade my original Cosori and this one doesn’t disappoint. It is pretty quiet for an air fryer. I love the removable tray instead of the basket. It’s also nice not to have to flip my food. I only wish that the functions lit up so I didn’t have to press around or look extra close since only the selected option is backlit
Best air fryer ever! I want two of them! Eventually!
I only wish I had bought this air fryer sooner. Use it almost every day for lunch and dinner. Chicken comes out great juicy and crispy skin, steaks, pork chops, pork loin, salmon ( i could go on forever) all came out great. Fresh or frozen potatoes and vegetables are done just right. Cleanup is a cinch, hot soapy water, sponge is all that is needed. Do my meat first and while that is resting, I give a quick wipe and so my veggies and/or potatoes. I ams 78 yrs. old and always loved to cook and this air fryer made my golden years easier and more delicious.
So on the pan that slides in and out I guess it’s called the drawer OK so when you push it in and out it scratches very bad the bottom is all scratched up. It’s scrapes the second burners on the bottom so the pan is totally ruined. it’s all severely scratched it looks like crap. I don’t know how you guys feel about that you don’t really see it until you clean it but you’ll eventually probably rest or something because it just keeps scratching scratching peeling paint off the bottom. I don’t know what the problem is
This is a household necessity no doubt cooks quickly and very well too ! Very happy with this purchase!
I bought this one because it was a duel, so supposedly no flipping needed. Wrong, your food will be done but not crisp or seared and most certainly an un-attractive color on the underside if you don’t flip it! Otherwise, it’s great.
Everything .but the price was a little highI love using it
Bought it from amazon. It will lightup and turn off. Used only 8 months
When I think of all the things I purchased.  This item would rank as #2.  Best thing that I bought in a long long time.  When I say easy….. I mean EASY to clean and to operate.  NICE size basket.  I failed to clean the item properly and scratched the basket enamel which impacted the integrity of the basket.  I now need to contact the company to see if I could get a replacement.  Word for the wise.  Use proper care when cleaning your unit.
Really good price for what you can use this for.I really love that the tray is removable a lot of air fryers it’s not. You can fry in this one without tray. Which is awesome. Really worth the value. I would recommend buying this one for even a beginner.
I bought this to cook from my car in long road trips. I’ve got the battery and inverter to run it… but you’ll want to verify both can handle up to 2000w.I haven’t seen this anywhere else, so I thought I’d give them here:Regardless of temp, it (plus the inverter) seems to pull  up to 153 amps while warming up. Once at temp, the amps fluctuate between 25 and 153. Usually 9 seconds at one and then 9 seconds at the other.
Awesome product. A most have for all home, I highly recommend.
When compared to other airfryers, I was indecisive about purchasing this one – but I’m glad I did. I use my air fryer to cook almost anything and it works flawlessly. I threw a piece of toast in there the first time I used it – just in case it would make the house smell like I read in some reviews – and it was fine. I’ve have not encountered any issues since, and it is simple to clean and use.Would absolutely recommend this or give it as a gift to a good friend.
Arrived broken with defective switch that detects the basket is fully inserted. It’s easy enough to test this, dead center in the body of the unit there is a switch that you can hear click when the basket is inserted, the two chrome buttons are just springs that hold the basket in. I was able to click this switch with no effect. It’s Saturday with no customer service and so I ordered a replacement which will take until Wednesday to arrive. This is a disappointment because my old Consori has been my trusted pal for four years. We’ll see.UPDATE: I contacted customer support and explained this purchase was to replace my current Cosori air fryer with a basket whose screws won’t stay in which was a replacement for another Cosori air fryer due to a faulty fan and a defective basket with the nonstick coating pealing off. I was told I’m out of warranty and to “buy another Cosori air fryer with a a brand new warranty.” I‘m disappointed and I expected more.
I’m an alumni Cosorian from day one and have always told everyone how great the Cosori line of Air Fryer’s were!  Fast forward to today and I was spot on from day one!  I love my new Dual Blaze AF which brings me up to 3 Cosori Air Fryers and a Cosori Blender!!! The only thing I’m missing is a Chef Cosori Apron!! Hint, hint!
I love this air fryer. Large basket and very easy to keep clean
I have used this now for a couple of weeks and so far we are very happy with it.  Also matches the side of my refrigerator.
I love the COSORI Air Fryer Dual Blaze 6.8-Quart, it is one of the best air fryers. The build quality is very strong and beautiful, it also have WiFi for your convenience just in case if you need to operate it from a distance. I have been using it for about a year now and still have no regrets or complains.Cosori’s customer service is also very good and always ready to help. I am really impressed with the quality of the product and the support behind it.
My husband has been encouraging me to get an air fryer for two years. I resisted because I did not want to learn how to operate yet another appliance. I’m so glad that I finally gave in. The COSORI Air Fryer is simple to operate, easy to clean, and everything I cook in it comes out delicious. We are on a mission to get more vegetables in our diet and roasted veggies in the COSORI never disappoint.
This unit looks very clean and modern.  The touch display is very cool.  It is easy to clean and cooks very rapidly.  I would buy this again!
We love the Dual Blaze, best of all the Air Fryers we have tried.  Outstanding customer service makes this unit top notch in our opinion.  Highly recommend trying this one out, it’s super easy to use and cleans up in a flash.
After just a handful of uses, this thing started throwing an error code. We have tried to use the warranty and get help from customer service, but so far have been unimpressed and not helped at all. Steer clear.
I had trouble deciding between the toaster oven kind and the bucket kind, but many of the toaster types were downgraded because they are difficult to clean. That made sense to me, so I got the Cosori Dual, and I’m very happy with it. Firstly, cleaning is a snap, and if you don’t have time to put it in the sink, just wipe it with a paper towel and continue with your cooking. Easy! The bucket has a nice sturdy handle on it, and the bucket is thicker and more heavy duty than other brands. This is a solid machine, and the mechanics of it seem unlikely to break or wear out.As for the dual burners, this allows you to ignore shaking or turning your food halfway through. It’s not perfect but cooking never is. I suggest turning your food depending on what you are cooking works best. There is a crisping plate that lifts the food off the bottom, but I rarely use it. You’ll do just fine cooking on the bottom of the bucket as a skillet without the crisper unless you need any juice or oil to run off when cooking. In that case, use the crisper. The dual burners do not speed up the recipe time of food, because the machine regulates the temperature to what you have indicated. The bottom burner just provides part of the total heat from the bottom for more even heating of the food, top to bottom.I’m really happy with this product and use it every day.  Just throw the food into the bucket where there is plenty of room, turn it on, ding, ding, ding, food ready, heated perfectly! Chicken comes out juicy EVERY TIME!Makes cooking fun again!
Large capacity, quiet and easy to clean. Don’t have to flip what’s cooking which is a game changer. This is our 3rd air fryer and so far the best one.
This air fryer is amazing, it’s easy to use, easy to clean and cooks the food to perfection. The flavor of the food is amazing.
Love it!  Easy to use, clean. Cuts my cooking time in half.  Everything is delicious!
I purchased the Dual Blaze model and am extremely happy with the meals it can prepare in a very short amount of time.
This one is the best yet. Love the broiler/ bake /air fry buttons. The wifi app let’s me know when it’s done. Cleans very easy. Cooks perfect food. Well built.
I started with a different style air fryer that had racks.  It was a pain to use and hard to clean.  I saw this one when watching a YouTuber (Pro Home Cooks) who likes this one and it just looked to be so easy to use…it is!  I’ve had it less than a week and so far have cooked vegetables (tomatoes, onions, brussel  sprouts, broccoli, sweet potato cubes, and portobello mushrooms) and they all turned out great!  Can’t wait to expand into proteins and breads.
Product doesn’t hold up. Didn’t even last a year.
I love my new Cosori air fryer!  It is very easy to use and clean. I love the large square basket. I cook chicken breasts and salmon and it is easier to place them in a square basket rather than a round one. This air fryer has cooked everything perfectly.I noticed a problem while using the air fryer. When returning the basket to the air fryer, sometimes the GCFI outlet in my kitchen would be tripped. I was concerned that there may be a short in the unit. I emailed Cosori about the problem and received a prompt reply. Ten days after my original email, a new air fryer was shipped. I am now sold on Cosori products!
Great gift and product
I bought one for work and I’m able to make breakfast, lunch and dinner lickity split. I do suggest buying the heating guide though because hard to remember all of the cook temps and times. I don’t know how I lived without this for so long.
Cooks everything I throw in it perfectly:-Top and bottom elements cook both sides-The fans spin up when the pre-heating has finished-Gets plenty hot (Was a bit worried when I read it only goes up to 400 degrees, but I usually set this to 360)-Huge amount of space, can fit entire slices of pizza-The tray has rubber stoppers that prevent it from falling out when you pour onto a plate-Cooking pauses when you take out tray, and resumes when you put it back-Pretty easy to clean-And also pretty quiet tooOnly 2 notes I would make is that the wifi app makes you physically go to press the start button, so wifi is basically useless, and I wish it had a button to disable the fan, because I’m sure it could also work great as a normal bake oven.To circle back though, buy this, it’s amazing
This is my first air fryer and I’m thouroughly impressed. I will say though, that cooking times will be shorter than what recipes call for thanks to the dual elements. So definitely keep an eye on whatever you are cooking. Other than that though, this is the best piece of kitchen equipment I’ve purchased in a long time.
Extremely easy to use. Extremely easy to clean, and the food is crispy juicy and flavorful. I tell everyone to try this air fryer. Heck this is a great gift for anyone who hasn’t dipped their toes in the air fryer game.
I love the extra room in the big bin and being able to cook on it’s smooth surface especially for bacon. It’s nice choosing between the grate or the flat pan depending on what you cook.
So far I have roasted almonds and chickpeas both were great but a little challenging as I tried to put them on the crisper tray and dom fell through the finger holes, next time I won’t put the crisper tray in and see how that goes.  Have also roasted vegetables and reheated foods.  Very easy to clean.  I am looking forward to roasting a whole chicken and other things.
This is the best air fryer. The size is perfect for a meal. We cooked Italian sausage, three links and roasted cauliflower with red peppers all at once, amazing! I recommend this product. It is so easy to wipe out and clean. Not to mention Alexa activation,. Perfect for individuals with visual impairment.
Purchased it for my wife for Christmas and she hasn’t stop using it since.
This is my second air fryer and it’s a keeper! Food cooks evenly and the unit is so easy to clean. The dual heating elements eliminate the need to flip or shake so it makes preparation a breeze.
Ease of cooking and the food turns out amazing!
We had been using our PowerXL air fryer for over a year and loving it. But when I saw the dual blaze on youtube video’s I had to have it. It so nice to not have to flip or shake the food. It’s quiter than my old air fyer also. The basket is so much larger that my old unit and it so easy yo clean.
She is not the prettiest girl at the dance, but definitely the best dancer with her dual burners. There is nothing on the market like it .it will cook evenly and faster than any other machine. I gave it a four-star because it’s not fancy looking but that’s my only complaint.
This air fryer works great and is made very well. This machine is a big upgrade from my first air fryer.
Easy to use cooks a little faster than my 5.7 cosori
I love my new Cosori Dual Blaze!!! Have air fried a variety of foods since Christmas such as grilled cheese sandwich, French toast, broccoli, cinnamon rolls, French fries. Everything turned out perfect!!! May not use my oven again.🤣🤣
My only dislike is I can’t see inside as the food is cooking. As a result I have burned/over cooked a couple things. I guess I have to work around that. I don’t like the app at all. I feel it is useless to me. Other than that small thing I love the product and I would recommend it totally.
I read a tip that’s it’s better ti have too big of an air fryer than too small, and I agree! This is the perfect size for a family of four. And it does a fantastic job!
Works great! I reviewed tons of different airfryers and multi-function machines and decided on this one after reading all the reviews. No, you can’t fit a pizza, use your oven for that, but it’s amazing for everything else! No flipping necessary and I use perforated silicone liners to make it easy to clean
Easy to use, cooks great!
This is the best airfryer I have ever owned. First thing I cooked in it was a whole chicken, it turned out great. Easy to clean and simple to use.
I selected this air fryer because of a YouTube video I’d watch that the user raved about it.  I already had a cheapo Sams PowerXL air fryer that I liked, but I thought this one was supposed to be so much better.  I am truly disappointed with it.  Not only was it triple the cost, it doesn’t have nearly as many features.  What I’m most disappointed with is the display doesn’t light up or have as many options as my other one.  DONT spend the extra money for this one.  It truly isn’t worth it.  I thought I was getting the one that reminded me to shake–nope!  Wrong again.  I just really messed up buying this one and am mad at myself for failing so miserably.  Save your money.
Easy to use and clean. It has a sleek design as well.  Stores nicely on the counter under the cabinets
The air fryer is not too big for the counter. I love the square shape of the basket, easy to set up and clean use it way more than I thought I would.
I am kicking myself for not getting this earlier.
This is my first air fryer and I have used it every day since my purchase…..don’t know if I will ever turn on the oven again.  I think the feature I like the most are the dual heating elements…..the feature that I probably will never use is the wi-fi connection.
This has become a staple in my kitchen. Love it.
I copied this from another post – do not buy this it will turn your house into a smokey haze.Since grease drips down to the bottom of the basket, that bottom heating unit heats that grease up and then the fryer will blow dark, took out black’ clouds of smoke,So now your kitchen is filled with smoke and then your smoke detectors start to go off.,Yup – worst purchase.Why are there are so many liars about this air fryer Cosori – take this back right now… oh wait too many positive reviews – what a waste of money – every night I dread cooking in this but have since got rid of the old good one I had. Currently have windows open after cooking corn ribs.
It is quick and easy to use and makes great tasting foods I haven’t had it long enough to tell a great deal, but I have done chicken, fries and vegetables and they all tasted great. It is a breeze to clean up. Love it, my favorite part is that it has top and bottom heating elements so you don’t have to turn the food over like with other air fryrs.
Gave as a gift to hubby. Now he air fries everything.
Won’t start up anymore. Used occasionally only for french fries and air frying some meats.
I wanted to love this air frier. It’s big and It’s easy to clean. But it did not cook anything on both sides without flipping or shaking as they advertise. In fact I’m not sure the bottom coil even worked and I wasn’t about to touch it to see if it got hot. Sorry to say I had to return it but I like the quality so I’ll buy something else.
Very nice. We love it. thank you.
Que no viene con ningún accesorio, pero ya lo compré en fin estoy muy feliz. Lo cómoda que es para usar con la aplicación .
This is my third air fryer. This one is much easier to use as the icons on the top are handy to use.  But just one thing, with spending so much for a product, it seems more instructions could be included. I still have NOT figured out HOW to use the broiler. The broiler is one of the reasons I chose this model air fryer.  I suggest a FREE cookbook be included but most especially a full book of instructions would be most helpful.
Overall I’m pleased with my Cosori 6.8 Qt dual blaze. There a few things I think you guys could innovate to make slightly better, but they wouldn’t stop me from buying the product.The first Cosori we got was the 5.8 quart. The basket fell apart after a year though – the part where the plastic front was attached to the metal basket sort of disintegrated where the screws attach.  Also, it was frustrating that the drawer was on a slight tilt forward, meaning if you pulled it out even a little it continued to slide forward and down on its own, which could lead to falling if you don’t have a massive amount of counter space in front of it. I loved how versatile it was for cooking though. This definitely got me hooked on air fryers. If I had done more research I might have realized that Cosori have a 2 year guarantee, so I should have contacted the company to see if they could give me a new basket. We just went ahead and bought a new one though because I wanted it to be slightly bigger.The new one we got is the 6.8 quart dual blaze. This one has some improvements. I don’t know if the inside coating is actually different, or if it’s just been a while since I had the old one and I”m misremembering, but this one seems easier to clean. Everything wipes out really easily. It has a removable shelf inside instead of an entire basket you lift out. The shelf is easier to clean as well. The old basket had all the holes and slats that  could be difficult to get grease/debris out of.The only issue with the shelf is taking it out. It has two holes in the center that you’re supposed to put your fingers through to lift it out. However, when your food is ready and it’s hot, you obviously can’t do that! So you have to get the food out itself with a spatula or tongs. If you do try to tilt the entire drawer over, the shelf falls out with the food. I think it would be good to have a handle that sticks straight up in the center, with a threaded screw hole in the center of the basket. That way you could grasp it to lift it out if you were making something like fries, etc, but if you wanted to cook an entire chicken you just unscrew the handle, and voila, the shelf is flat again.I also think they should make four divets horizontally in the corners of the drawer, so that  the shelf stays put if you do want to tilt the entire drawer over to dump something out. These divets should be strong enough to hold the shelf in place for an easy tilt, but with the screw-in handle it would still be easy to exert enough force on the shelf to remove it if you wanted.I would also recommend putting little foldable “feet” on the sides of the shelf, so that you could raise it if you wanted, and cook something both in the bottom of the drawer itself and on the shelf. Again voila – instant accessory. That to me is a major selling point, and I doubt I’m the only one that would love a built in accessory like that.One more thing – the dual blaze has the settings of reheat, broil, bake, air fry, and roast, but it does not explain in the instruction manual how the dual burners function accordingly. Example, air fry is both burners on high, broil is top burner high, bottom burner low, etc. I had to scroll through a dozen FB posts to try to find out if somebody knew, and I still only found 4 of the six settings. These should be clearly in the instruction manual.Both products are still great and I would still recommend them, as evidenced by the fact that I bought another Cosori :) Just tweaks that would make them even better and might get some people more sold on them.Ps- one more pro. The new dual blaze is much quieter than the old one.
Just wish I would have bought a larger one.
Having to flip food. Feel like I waste money
We own two Air Fryers, one in each of our homes, and I wanted a unit that had a bigger capacity.  The Dual Blaze was on sale on Cyber Monday, and based on my daughter’s great experience with Cosori, I opted for this purchase.  So far, it has been a great decision.The dual heating elements make a difference with many foods, and having the option to remove the Crisper Plate with the heating elements below helps to cook an abundance of foods.  It also runs much quieter compared to my previous unit.For instance, simple breakfast items such as eggs sunny side up are a snap in 6 minutes and come out perfectly.I also love the app and its number of recipes, including reading the bar codes on foods and then receiving the cooking instruction for the air fryer via the app.I genuinely recommend this air fryer to anyone.  You won’t be disappointed.
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After some research I found that this brand was consistently considered the top air fryer on the market. We chose this specific cosori because of the dual heating elements above and below. The best part of this is the easy cleaning! Just pop it in the dishwasher and it’s clean. This can cook everything but you just need to learn the right timings and settings. I haven’t used my oven since. I have the app on my phone and while it’s a nice feature I rarely use it. But overall love this product and highly recommend!!

Probably the most used item in the whole house. We love this air fryer. Makes eating leftovers enjoyable. Cleaning is easy, especially if you use a liner or foil. It’s kinda awkwardly sized so it does live on the counter, but for how much we use it we don’t mind.
This is my most favorite kitchen appliance at the moment. So much better than I expected! Does a great job with reheating items, cooking items that are frozen and baking. There’s are plenty of recipes online from people who own this model.
This fryer is amazing. It’s easy to use and clean. Food comes out amazing.
Tonight I fixed shrimp, roasted potatoes, and peas (peas in the microwave).  I have had excellent results with the Cosori Dual Blaze and my wife is pleased with my cooking. She cooked our meals for the last 48 years so I guess I’ll do the cooking for the next 48 years.
I’m a little sorry I gave away my Cosori with a basket.  The blaze is a lot nicer in some things.  I don’t use the tray a lot.  I don’t know if I should, but I like to put things right on the bottom. Sometimes I think I should have flipped them.  I guess that is why I put it on the bottom. It is very easy to clean. It is huge.  The drawer is huge. It doesn’t give off a lot of smoke as the other did.  This one doesn’t set my smoke detector off  So that makes me happy.  In all, I am pleased with it.  I just have to use it more.  I never use my oven.  My air fryer is my oven now. ;)
First thing I noticed is that this oven is BIG.I think this is a major feature because it’s got room for more food and it is easier to access and clean.I bought this one primarily because it was easy to clean and large enough to hold smaller TV dinners and other frozen entrees on metal pans.It’s too tall to safely cook under cabinets, so watch out for that.However, it was easy to set-up out of the box and it works great.The only surprise was cooking frozen food wasn’t as fast at the pre-set suggested (400 for 12 minutes).  I had to add another 10 minutes at 350 to cook the inside layers (lasagna, frozen fish filet, meatloaf, and mashed potatoes).  All of these normally needed 20-25 minutes in a regular oven, so it was not much of a time saver.Clean-up is super easy and that was a major selling feature.  I was able to wipe it down with a paper towel most of the time.  Soap and water as needed – nothing sticks to the inside!It is quiet, too.I checked for heat build-up and I was surprised that the sides and top did not get hot.  The heat is vented out the back side, so keep it well away from the walls.  I turned mine sideways so that it vented over the stove when I have an exhaust vent.I recommend it, even though it’s large, it’s not too heavy to move about.  I keep it in the pantry when I’m not using it.  I was pleased with how it cooks fried foods, frozen or not.  The food odors don’t get out of it, either, which is nice, particularly with certain vegetables and fish.  And, it doesn’t get as hot as I was afraid it might.  Clean-up with a paper towel is all I do most of the time.
I love this air fryer, but have one issue: it has a vent so there cooking odors just like an oven. I had a cheapo air fryer with no vent that worked well and no fish smell when I make salmon. If you don’t mind the smell this machine is way ahead of the competition. Fast,no preheat necessary and even works with alexa.
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The mishapen insert pan is not fully cube shaped, making it difficult to close the air fryer. It takes several tries to close it up. It bangs up the inside of heating rods. This problem was made worse, when the light up display does not work. I could not set the temperature and time, every time I slide the pan into the machine. I want it replaced or a refund on this defective machine.

Es un poco grande- pero en contraparte permite cocinar para la familia al mismo tiempo en cantidad. Permite cocción con null a casi nulo uso de aceite. Estamos contentos con la compra – a la espera de ver la medición. De consumo eléctrico. En general lo recomiendo
Never used an airfryer before now,it’s the best makes my meal prep easy and takes less time to Finnish..
I haven’t used it very much but so far I am enjoying it.
This is my second air-fryer and the Cosori is hands above what I had before. It works so well and works fast. I make the best chicken wings, chicken tenders and French fries in this machine. The best. Perhaps more importantly, the company and their customer service is incredible. They are fast, efficient, will solve the problem you have and with patience and care. I will always buy Cosori!
We like the preset settings so you don’t always have to spin the button to get it to the desired temp.  It is easy to clean and has a tray that allows air to circulate- not a full basket.
love it.  incredible flavor, cool look, and sooooo easy to clean.
Total game changer in the kitchen! Saves time and mess!
I had a CrownFul Airfryer which was awesome, but being elderly and handicapped it was almost a pain to constantly shake, rotate, and flip the food.  The DUAL BLAZE makes my life so much easier.  No shaking and constantly turning to get both sides cooked!. Thanks for making an awesome product!  Sincerely DFS
So far loving this air fryer. The selling point for me is that is has a bottom burner; no flip or pre-heating needed. I find that foods brown on the bottom even better if you remove the drip tray and put the food directly in the bottom basket (I love this option which would not be possible with an integrated drip tray design). This is great for vegetables and other non-oily foods.Instead of touching on all of the great points which is pretty much identical to other top rated air-fryers out there, I wanted to point out that you can indeed disable the bottom burner if you so desire. I’ve read some reviews complaining that having the bottom burner prevents you from using recipes designed for single-burner air-fryers. To disable the the bottom burner, all you need to do is select the Broil setting on the Dual-Blaze and it will only heat from the upper burner like all of the other air-fryers out there.I’m happy with the size of the appliance, it’s not too big and the basket is the perfect size for my cooking needs. Looking forward to learning more about healthy air-fryer cooking.
I really like the cosori air fryer. You can do anything with it. Cook almost anything, it is great. I’m trying to find the right cook book, so that I can cook my food right. There is problem with the baskets handle. The first one I had after one day the handle just sliped of the basket while I was holding it and the basket was hot. I don’t know if the handle came loose before it got to me because the box it came in was damaged. A big hole was in the box and it went all the way to the styrofoam. The machine didn’t look damaged at all, but mabe the handle came loose. I am going to keep a eye on it and if starts to come loose before the date expires. I’ll have to return it and get another cosori air fryer.
It’s very easy to clean and the food we have done came out very juicy and tender.. In our other air fryer it didn’t come out even close to how good this fryer did.. I would recommend it highly
I’ve only had this air fryer for a few days but I’m extremely pleased with it. I love that it browns on both sides without flipping the food just as advertised. It is easy to clean and the temperature settings are spot on.
I recommend it.
This product is self explanatory and made cooking easy!  Love not needing to shake the basket!  Putting foil on the bottom helped with the clean up!
We have an Air Fryer in our RV as well as in our house.  The Dual Blaze works faster than our other Air Fryer and no matter what, the Air Fryer is the only way to go.  I’ve not had a chance to try all of the presets, but what I’ve used it so far makes the old saying about going from good, to better to the best seems to fit.
I am just trying it out.  So far so good.  Haven’t really cooked a meal yet.  Mainly doing breakfast sausages, chalupas, and taquitos.  I do like the easy cleanup and convenience.  I think it will grow on me quickly.Cautionary Note:  Place food in basket before powering the unit on.  Do not remove the basket without powering down first or staring a program. Pulling the basket out without a running program or powering the unit off first will trip the GFCI.  This apparently causes a spike that trips the GFCI. Reset the GFCI and all is well.
We already had a COSORI 5.8 Qt. Model which we have used almost daily. My wife was given some gift cards from her job & we decided to get the Dual Blaze model because of the added convenience of no pre-heating, no turning of the food, and the VeSync app that works with Alexa. Also, we had had a positive experience with COSORI customer service previously. At first after receiving the product we were concerned because the plastic smell remained even after the recommended cleaning & test run. After reading an article online and running more trials without food in it, the air fryer finally was able to run without the odor. The only other issue was we had a little difficulty linking the VeSync app/air fryer to our Amazon Echo because the app instructions did not explain or we missed that we needed to go into the skills section of the Alexa ap and activate the COSORI/VeSync skill. After that it worked fine.We have only had the unit a week and so far have enjoyed its added conveniences and quality of cooking. The VeSync app is nice because you can do things like stop/start cooking or check on how much time is left on the timer. You can also be notified when it’s through cooking. It has recipes in it and other fictions. The device works well with Alexa once you get the right wording of the Alexa commands. We look forward to trying more recipes & foods, and hope it holds up well.
After several attempts of running the air fryer empty, the new smell will not go away. Yes, all the internal packaging was removed. It is necessary to open Windows and ventilate the house to clear out the outgassing.Update. After a few weeks of use the new smell has finally dissipated. Air fryer is working fine.
I love how easy it is to use.  Never had one and this is so cool!!!
I wanted so bad this air fryer to liked, but I used two times and both were awfully the worst experience, smoke everywhere, worst than the frying something in the stove I actually need to put my air purifier in order to clean the air and the smoke detector went of, I honestly don’t know what went wrong I guess is the bottom element maybe, don’t really know but I have another 2 air fryers and never ever had this issue before 😭😭sadly it’s going back this one
The dbl burners cook so much more evenly.
Very nice and easy to use. This is my first air fryer ever and I love it. It’s truly worth it. I love that I can monitor time from the app on my phone. Soooo worth it you won’t be disappointed
I wish I could find more Cosori Dual-Blaze recipes
I thought this would be an upgrade from my previous Cosori. I threw out the manufacturing box too soon. The 2 holes in the center of the crisper plate design is so poor. Food falls through so easily. You DO have to Preheat and you DO have to Shake in between. False advertising saying that you don’t have to. The food doesn’t turn out right without preheating and shaking. The presets are also not accurate for the food and the standard air fryer recipes do not apply with this air fryer. Wasted so much food trying to figure how to cook with this air fryer.
Best purchase of the year! I’m glad I got this cookware. I love its simplicity! It makes cooking easy and delightful.
Put the  food in the air fryer, set the time and you can do  until  anything else .Easy and fast cooking
I had hesitated and pondered adding an air fryer to our kitchen. We don’t have the space and I thought do I really need this. THIS machine has been a game changer as it takes meal making to a whole new level. It’s easy to use and the flavors – OMG! I’ve found a new passion for cooking and love that I don’t have to monitor the food so closely.
Use it daily!  Super easy to use.  Pay a little extra to get the bottom heating element.  No need to waste time pre heating and shacking food; very important.  I rather use that time to cook!.  To save on clean up time, I always use the silicone air fryer liner; 8.5 square – must have.  Below is the Amazon silicone Air Fryer Liner description; the biggest I could find.  By the way, I bought a small 3.5 cu freezer and stocked up on frozen food from Costco and Sam’s- A Big Time Saver!Air Fryer Silicone Pot, Silicone Air Fryer Liners 8.5 inch Square Air Fryer Basket, Replacement of Parchment Liner Paper, Easy Cleaning Food Safe Air fryers Oven Accessories with Heat-proof GlovesBrand: LIGTEHEEA
The app that came with this Air fryer is almost as convenient as Allrecipes.com You get the setting to use to make it and this was my first effort…tasty breakfast muffins in the airfryer. It’s just the right size , easy to clean and I would buy it again.
I bought the dual blaze thinking I would not have to flip food during the cooking time BUT it seems that you still do even if you preheat using the crisper ‘tray’.  I don’t mind since I usually check 1-2 times during.  I like that there is a crisper tray instead of the inner basket as I have with my older Cosori XL 5.8 QT air fryer which I love and still use.Dual blaze without the crisper tray cooks plant based and beef burgers great since it browns better.  I also like making stuff jalapeno peppers, roast raw almonds and other nuts in the dual blaze without the crisper tray.  Anything that you want to cook as you would in skillet on stove you can do in the blaze without the tray.The difference to me between the 5.8 QT and the dual for my cooking needs is that I find cooking whole chicken or beef roast that the Cosori XL 5.8 QT does a better job on these longer cooking times.  The dual blaze bottom elements heats the liquid/grease on bottom too fast/much and causes too much smoke.  I’ve tried draining a few times during but that’s a pain or adding water before cooking but water evaporates too quickly and then smoke develops later.  The 5.8 QT since no bottom heating element does not do that and able to cook longer.I like the dual blaze for larger interior size and removable crisper tray to reheat and/or cooking food that requires less than 30 minutes.  When I cook 1 lb bacon I just toss/separate slices in dual blaze, cook at 320F for 15 to 20 minutes.  Check and flip/shake a few times.  I use to lay each slice neatly but this way is much better.  Saw someone on YouTube recommend.Cosori customer service is great!  After 8 months of using 5-6x/week I got an E21 error code.  I called customer service spoke with Chad and the E21 error code was not fixable.  A warranty claim was done and I received a new Dual Blaze within 9 days.  So far it’s working.  I’m hoping this one lasts.  If not, make sure you register within 14 days to extend warranty to a total of 2 years.Update 3/27/2023I had another E21 Error code with the replacement after 3 months.  I emailed and also left message via their support.  Ellen from Etekcity called me on next business day.  It turned out that an E21 is resolved with software upgrade.  I don’t use the VeSync app and Ellen walked me through on download and software update.  Once completed the E21 error disappeared and so far so good.Too bad they did know at the time to resolve the E21 error with my first Dual Blaze air fryer.  Excellent customer service.  If you use the Vesync app you probably will never see the E21 like I did.Love the blaze when I  buy the Costco Almonds in the baking section, I roast them in the Blaze for about 7-9 minutes 385F to 400 F and it takes them to another level.
This is my first air fryer I actually invested in, aside from the usual 60-80 dollar ones on black Friday. This does the job of everything I’ve thrown at it so far including cooking a small to chicken in it. I highly recommend it. The included VeSync companion app let’s you set the air fryer and change presets if need. The app notifies you when the food is done cooking. Cooking is superb on it due to being cooked from both sides and not having to shake the food. I’m going to make this one last as long as possible.
My Cosori makes dinners easy and fast but I’m here to brag about their customer services. In 10 months my Cosori’s firmware would not update. I provided all the pictures they asked for and once confirmed that they couldn’t fix it they send me a new one.  I was very impressed.
Love it! Like easy to read digital display.  Put food in, select settings, then take perfectly cooked food out. No muss. No fuss.
Easy to use I love it
This review is for the Corsori Dual Blaze air fryer. This is my first experience with an air fryer. I have had this for four months and find myself using it more frequently the longer I have it. Having a heating element on the top and bottom works fantastic. No need to flip the food during cooking.You can pull the basket in the middle of cooking to check progress and it will stop the air fryer and then continue cooking the time remaining when reinserted. You can adjust the temperature and cooking time while it is cooking but you cannot change the mode, ie; chicken, frozen, air fry, etc.I always hand-wash the basket and would recommend using an instant-read thermometer when cooking raw meat. I also purchased parchment paper liners which work well. I have used this more than the instant pot I purchased several years ago. If I had to choose I would go with the air fryer unless you make a lot of soup or crock pot dishes.
I got two and both stopped working after 1-2 years. I recently purchased the third one, in spite of its short life I liked the ease of use and clean so I decided to go for the bigger size. But this model is a nightmare  It’s hard to get in and out, scratches easily and it’s very hard to clean, unlike the other model. Not buying it again.
Love it!  Made an entire breakfast in it this morning.  Looking forward to many years of use.
What I like: it works reasonably well and cooks french fries great. Grilled Cheese sandwiches are OK, but bottom side doesn’t get as toasted as top regardless of bottom heater element that’s supposed to eliminate shaking and turning of food during cooking. It’s not too loud, but I’d like it quieter. Does a good job with frozen foods that I would normally cook in a microwave. Very good for small frozen pizzas.What I don’t like: my kitchen lights are not that bright and this fryer does not light up all the control buttons when turned on. The buttons only light when they are pressed. It’s hard to see the unlit button names under my normal kitchen lighting conditions. Age and eyesight also play a part here. I also find removal of the bottom tray difficult – it fits very tightly into the bottom of the basket via the 4 silicone corner bumpers attached to the bottom tray. Finally, the two round finger holes in the bottom grate/tray (used to insert and remove the tray) allow french fries and other small food bits to fall down below the tray causing them to burn and melt on the floor of the main basket close to the bottom heating element during operation.
I originally ordered the Corsoni Pro based on the reviews.  I couldn’t get it to heat when I set it up.  So I packed it back up and went back to the drawing board and decided to go all out and order this one.  I feel so lucky my pro didn’t work out of the box as I LOVE this machine.  It’s my first Airfryer (late to the party!) and it works way better than I imagined.  I’ve been using it for a few day and have roasted vegetables, made muffins, the crispiest roasted smashed potatoes ever and even cooked some beef skewers to a perfect medium with a nice sear.  Everything has come out perfect.  Clean up is a breeze – it has a tray not a basket and it just goes in the dishwasher.  But nothing sticks to it anyway.  The app works well and the cook it now function takes out all the guesswork.  One of my favorite purchases this year.
So far my grilled cheese sandwich’s have to be flipped in order to brown them?!!
So far I’m really enjoying this product. Initially it smells a bit funny, but after a few uses it’s ok. Shout out to the folks at Cosori! I called them to ask if I could buy another drawer since I screwed up and scratched it, and they not only insisted on sending me one at not added cost, but went on to try to expedite it ASAP.Very nice of them! I hope they stay like this and continue to provide great costumer service. Hard to find these days!
The double burners make this a pleasure to use. We have cooked a lot of different food in this thing, it makes just about everything quick and easy. Highly recommend!
Ours doubles as our toaster, to save counter space.  We love it.
Web ought this air fryer in March mainly for Burgers and Steak which come out great but the kitchen is filled with smoke. We were told to add a little water to the chamber and that helped. We used the air fryer every 3 to 4 weeks which comes out to about 10 times when we realized that the black material (Teflon) on the griddle is coming off and you can see silver and white underneath. Not healthy. I will contact the manufacturer to see if I can return.
This is a pricey air fryer but it is high quality and easy to clean if you follow directions on cleaning. Use non aerosol oil and font use abrasive pads. Cleans easy with hot water and dawn
I like how fast it is and how well cooked and delicious the meals are.
This is my first air fryer, and I love it! It’s easy to use, easy to clean and works fantastic. I haven’t used my oven in months. The first time I used it, it was super smokey, but after that, it wasn’t as bad.
Me ha resuelto un dolor de cabeza a la hora de preparar comidas
Great product, easy to use, lots of recipe support online. I am using it daily and saving time in cooking and time with minimum cleanup! Honestly, this is an appliance we use almost daily. Gives us fast results without a lot of cleanups. You can cook anything in this airfryer.
I love the heating elements on top and bottom. No shaking or turning for most things and it’s cooked perfectly 💕
Really have enjoyed how quick and easy it is too cook in my air fryer, I previously owned other air fryers but I find this one gets my food extra crispy! I actually now own two!
This air fryer works beautifully. But I want to make you aware of a situation that happened to me.  I made broccoli florets in the fryer on the grilling plate. When it was finished, I scooped out the broccoli, but a few florets fell under the grilling plate. I spooned those out when I put them in a serving bowl. Unknown to me, one of the rubber feet on the grilling plate fell off when I pulled the grilling plate out of the basket. It was in the serving bowl. Shame on me, but when I was done eating, I thought I would just grab the few remaining broccoli florets with my hand and pop them in my mouth. I bit down on the rubber foot that remained in the bowl. Of course, I had no idea what was in my mouth, and in my panic, I almost swallowed the piece. That could have been potential for a serious situation if I could not pass the piece.  So beware. I think the product should be recalled by the manufacturer for this oversight.
great air fryer
I’m not a chef, or even a cook.  So understand that I know very little about cooking.  Nevertheless, this machine has brought me one smile after another. I started with a toaster oven air fryer last year and had some success, until it died within a year. Much research later, I switched to this traditional basket-style air fryer.  It has several settings for pre-set temperature and time that can easily be adjusted to my guesses of what might work.  I bought the accessories package for it, so my references to everything other than the crisper (which comes with the machine) refer to the accessories.My first attempt was a piece of left-over poached cod, Air Fryer setting for about 4 minutes. The fish came out slightly crispy on top and marvelously still moist inside. The next night I placed a chunk of  ham steak on liner paper (cut to size so it wouldn’t flap and possibly hit the coils) on the crisper rack with foil at the bottom.  Steak setting at the default time. Succulent! Crispt! Delicious! (Turns out I didn’t need the liner paper because the rack is SOOOOO easy to clean, as is everything else, using a SOFT sponge. Today I made a ham & bleu cheese open-faced sandwich in the pizza pan resting on the metal rack on Broil for 3 minutes. Perfect!  Yesterday, fried egg on toast. First, bread on skewer rack for toast. Then fried egg (in the pizza pan resting on the skewer rack) and ham (on the skewer rack shelf) using the VeSync cell-phone software at 360 (adjusted) for 6 minutes. Perfect fried egg and ham on toast!  Another time, lamb chops at Air Fryer setting, placed on crisper rack set over foil on the basket bottom. Juicy!Note: the toast comes out cooked just as if from a toaster, except not browned (unless butter or oil used-which I avoid and the main reason I use an air fryer…) or grill marks.  Just wish there were a 2-shelf rack.Oh – the company told me that the silicone mat that comes with the accessories is for something to place the hot items on coming out of the fryer.  But I use it at the bottom of the basket when using the metal rack or skewer rack so as not to scratch the basket’s finish.I LOVE this machine.
I finally bought the Cosori Air Fryer. Model Dual Blaze 6.8. What a difference it has made in my using an air fryer. As it has heating elements on top and on the bottom, I do not have to shake or stir the ingredients but more importantly the food is evenly cooked.  I have found that I am using the Cosori 3 x more that my other air fryer (not a Cosori) and enjoying the convenience and the selection of cooking styles the Dual Blaze offers. My food is coming out perfect. Great job Cosori in providing all cooks a way to cook great food with ease.
It seems easy to use. Easy to clean exept how tight the rack is inside, not sure why they did that. You’ll need to let it cool before cleaning it. The one thing I couldn’t get past is the toxic plastic smell. Instructions said it should fad in a week or so. I did the prep like the Instructions said, and oh my gosh! The smell was so bad and so strong! Wish I would have done it outside. I prepped it 3 times then tried some brussel sprouts, still smelled. Brussel sprouts tasted a bit like the toxic plastic smell, I couldn’t eat them. I decided if 20 minutes at 400 deg 4 times didn’t get rid of it I didn’t want it, so back it went. I should have stuck to my rule, no cooking in plastic, it’s toxic! My bad. Lesson learned.
I didn’t realize they smoked as much as they do I had to move it to the opened French doors. But other than that I love it I’m happy with my purchase.
This is our third air fryer and by far the only one I would give five stars to.  It’s very user friendly, works great, and VERY easy to clean.  It gets used a minimal of 4 days a week.
Best Air Fryer I have used & cooks everything to perfection! Would highly recommend! Easy to use & easy to clean!
Love this thing, has elevated our meal experience!
This is my second Cosori . I love the first one and ordered the dual blaze my only complaint is there wasn’t a user book to explain the new features , there are new setting.
The dual burners allowed us to cook a ribeye perfectly medium rare and with minimal cleanup afterwards. The same for bone-in chicken breasts, crispy skin, extremely juicy and flavorful meat. All veggies and frozen items have cooked perfectly in the dual blaze compared to our previous air fryer. Clean up is very quick and easy.
If you air fry frozen food of any kind, you need to preheat the air fryer for at least 2 minutes first. If you don’t, the food takes longer to cook, is frequently uneven and will not brown correctly. However, preheat for 2 minutes and suddenly everything works like it should. You won’t need to flip food half way through the cook cycle because the bottom heating element is quite effective. I now preheat the fryer before cooking any type of food and get great results.
I am in love with this air fryer, my first ever air fryer which I chose after reading a lot of review articles. It is very easy to clean and prepares very crispy food. It also connects to Alexa and google speakers which makes it smart.I highly recommend it!
I’ve owned about 6 air fryers now. This is the first one that doesn’t require constant turning of food, due to to AND bottom cooking. I can cook French fries from frozen with a single turn. It’s also faster than any other fryer I’ve had. WiFi control is awesome. Only complaint is buttons are hard to see. So use the app!
Replaced our old air fryer with this one and I absolutely love it! The fact that it’s Bluetooth and notify me that my food is ready is a game changer! Thai product was easy to use and clean. Our food tastes amazing!
My wife said she would buy again even at a higher price.
The Cosori dual blaze is one of my best purchases
Super easy to use! Currently, we are trying foods we normally eat. We have cooked frozen meatballs, frozen hamburger patties, frozen chicken tenderloins, chicken nuggets, frozen french fries, toasted cheese sandwiches, mug cakes, and reheat leftovers. They all turned out fantastic!  I really like how fast and evenly food cooks in it and I don’t have to preheat it or shake the basket. I also love it because it does not heat up kitchen so it is great for summer use.The first few times we used it, we over cooked some food but since then we have been able to adjust the settings and it turned out much better. Definitely a learning curve to cooking food just right.I also love that I don’t have grease splattered everywhere after cooking hamburgers. We have to wipe it out the air fryer after cooking burgers but it is a lot easier.
I was able to fry bacon and an egg at the same time without it being messy or overcooked!
I already had a Cosori 3.8 qt. Air Fryer (which I loved), but I think is the perfect size for one person, thus too small for even just the 2 of us.When I saw the deal on Amazon Prime days for the 6.8 qt. dual blaze Cosori, I had to have it. No flipping and I noticed that the temperature could be adjusted in increments of 5 degrees. Meaning instead of just being able to go from say 350 degrees to 360 degrees, you can go to 355 degrees, not so on the 3.8 fryer. On Amazon you can purchase 9 parchment inserts which fit the dual blaze perfectly making clean up even easier than it already is.My advise is to buy the biggest Air Fryer you can afford. Better more room than not enough room.
Very easy to use
I love my Cosori Dual blaze air fryer. If I have to say one down fall is that you need to pair it to your phone to be able to maximize its use. I will live to have a small book of basic recipes to accompany it.
Air Fryer,  for what? EVERYTHING, almost. Pork chops, steak, ribs (country style), whole chicken, hamburgers, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and French fries, to name a few. With the two burners (upper and lower), there is no need to ‘shake’ the air fryer basket halfway through the cooking process. With all the parts being non-stick, clean-up is a breeze. When air frying certain items, there is a tendency for the fryer to smoke. Using it under a hood or outside is recommended for those items. The Cosori web page has multiple recipes, and the fryer comes with a two-year warranty! Drop the mic!
I upgraded from an older model and I am in love. The 0.5 inch by 0.5 inch wider basket is perfect size, as before items I wanted to put in didn’t quite fit. I almost never use the basket insert, but if I was making something like fries or super greasy I might. I love that now I can put in temps by 5 degree increments. I like that the touch screen is GLASS (my older one was not). This is far easier to get clean. I have much more control with choosing which cooking style I use for what % the top or bottom burner is used or if one or the other is off. I love that temp and time have their own adjustment buttons (so much faster). Amazing upgrade and I am very happy with it.
Perfect size and easy to use. Food cooks great. The VeSync app is an added bonus for recipes but also quickens the learning process to be able to set temp and cooking times on your own. Well worth the money. Best air fryer on the market for our family.
I ve use this almost every day or every other day since purchasing it & I love, I even cooked some cornbread in it! Turkey bacon too, I also made some fish that came out perfect! it makes the best wigs ever, it’s true that you really don’t have to turn the food over, but I do on some things, ( my preference) it’s light weight & very easy to clean,  I did download the app, but have never used it @ least not yet, plan to. This a upgrade from my last small air fryer by 20000%  I have not scratched the surface of what all it can do just yet, but I Do Not Regret the the purchase & that’s for sho, plus I I got mine on sale!You Tube has great suggestions on how to use it as well.
Purchased the Cosori dual blaze after my oven style air fryer stopped working. The dual blaze is so much better in every way. Cooks evenly without flipping. Having the large basket makes cooking a whole meal easy. Only complaint is the tray inside the basket. The corners where the rubber feet are can gather food and make it a little harder to clean, but not by much.
I own two Cosori air fryers and I don’t know how I ever survived without one.  They are fast, easy to use and they don’t heat up the kitchen.  I make everything I can in my air fryer.  My husband says that he is never going to grill again because everything is so tender and juicy that is made in the air fryer. I highly recommend Cosori.
I can’t find anything I dislike.  So far 5 out of 5 meals have been perfect! Easy to clean and lots of space for cooking. Best fajitas I be had were cooked in it.
I love how easy it makes preparing quick healthy meals. It’s easy to use and clean up is a breeze!
I love that I Can now cook rapidly healthy food for my celiac condition:)
Had two 5.8s. When I  accidentally melted the first one on my stove I  thought to replace it with the DualBlaze. So I did. Really like how it is easier to clean and is somewhat quieter. Still getting used to the differences between it and the 5.8. My remaining 5.8 is starting to collect dust.
I had a ninja foodi 5 in 1 before this and the cosori is 100% better! Love the dual heat you don’t have to worry about shaking the food or flipping it over while cooking!!
There is so much to like about this air fryer. Chicken, burgers, fish, steak, potatos, occasionally bacon… everything came out great.
it works great. I really like thebig  capacity of the air fryer. And it is easy to clean.
It’s not worth the price tag. My power XL was just as good and cheaper
I went from the 5.8 to this one and it’s awesome
Good team, but the food often makes it difficult to find the right temperatures and time
This is our first air fryer, I loved the idea of the dual heating elements and not having to flip things mid-cook so we went with the dual blaze. Very happy so far! We’ve cooked quail, vegetables and toast in it so far and everything working well.
Me encanto este producto, buen diseño, y fácil  uso, más no se si es normal, al cocinar por primera vez un ribeye,  sazonado con sal y pimienta, y un poco de aceite de oliva, unas gotas, me inundó la cocina con humo. Eso eso es normal?
The new duel blaze air fryer is the best air fryer I have ever used! Cooks evenly with no flipping or shaking needed like the competitors. If you have used air fryers before you will LOVE this one. If you are a first time user this one is so easy you will cook like a pro just by pushing a button.
I have had this in my kitchen for about 8 months now and my god is this a god send. Makes cooking so quick and easy, and cleanup is breeze. Dinners and lunches for someone whose been on a health craze lately, is just great. Basically fried food without the frying, great taste easy to use, no complaints.A pretty flexible unit that fairly customizable in time and temperature. Some food items you will cook through trial and error, but once you have it down its cake. Chicken in this is crispy but stays juicy.
Got this as it said that there was no shaking or flipping required.  There is a learning curve, as we tend to have to flip meats to crisp the side that was on the bottom and the times in the preset are not long enough to cook the food.Air frying broccoli without the tray in the basket turned out good without flipping.The basket fits two small cornish hens.Being able to put it out on the porch and keep the cooking heat out of the house is a plus for us.Overall, we are pleased with the product, and look forward to trying more foods in it.
This is the second Cosori we’ve owned….left the original at our cottage for future use there…
I liked everything about it. Makes great food that tastes awesome.
Great air fryer, quiet and easy to use. Excellent and friendly customer service.
I didn’t really have a problem with the Cosori Dual Blaze air fryer, but it became easily apparent that the bottom element really didn’t make much of any difference at all.  No, you can’t expect the bottom element to cook the bottom of your food as well as the upper element will.  It is as simple as that.That said, I have read that the different cooking settings (Air Fry / Bake / Broil / etc.) run the top and bottom elements at different temperatures, but I always used the Air Fry setting, which allegedly runs both the top and bottom elements at full power.  I tried a few items — always on the crisper plate — and the bottom of the food was always far less cooked than the top was.  You know, like any other air fryer you might have been using for years?  No difference here.  A simple example was grilled cheese sandwiches.  Yes, the tops were just perfect, but the bottoms were still a bit damp from the butter I had used to coat all of the bread surfaces.And so on.Yes, so you just go back to normal air fryer operation, and turn your food — but of course, this doesn’t have a shake option to you alert you’re halfway through cooking.  Perhaps if you’re willing to cook on the bottom of the pot, without the crisper tray, that might be a bit more successful with the bottom element, but that’s not really what I wanted to do with an air fryer.Otherwise, I can’t really complain much about Cosori — this was the second one I’ve purchased, and I’ll just go back to my old one.  Yes, you can set the presets so they are useful for your needs, and the quality seems to be all that Cosori has built a reputation upon.  But I had a couple of other things that bugged me about the Dual Blaze fryer:The crisper tray fits in the cooking pot ASTONISHINGLY tightly.  There will be no problem with the crisper tray falling into your plate as you dump your food out onto it.  It’s a struggle to get that thing in and out of the cooking pot.And this was by far the largest air fryer I’ve tried, and that cooking pot was just very hard to clean in my tiny, little, 75-year-old cottage.  I have a small kitchen sink with a rather low faucet, and it was just an absolute struggle to wash that pot by hand, let alone find anywhere to allow the thing to dry.  While I rather like the square-cornered look of the Dual Blaze fryer, that might have added to the girth of the pot, compared to one from a fryer with more rounded corners.So, given that the Dual Blaze fryer really didn’t offer any additional cooking capabilities over any other air fryer, and it was so much bigger and thus more difficult to clean, I decided to return it.
Have a convection oven – and love the results. The attention required to hover over airfryers to shake or turn food seemed stupid, might as well stand over a frying pan. THIS cooks/browns both sides without me doing anything. Everything I’ve cooked – from scarmbled eggs to steaks doesn’t need any attention. Dual burners cook both sides at same time – love it.
The handle falling apart already and it’s horrible. Less than a year. Don’t buy
Easy to use and clean. No turning over food at half way. Have used it every day for 2 months and love it.
One of these best purchases we ever made for the kitchen. We use it every day. 3 months later, we are still using it every day!!!!
The dual heating elements cook your food evenly and quickly.
Excellent and easy to use. I use it 4 times a day.  Reheat items keeps the taste!
Very easy to clean and I love the fact that I could put to function with Alexa.
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Me a encantado es perfecta, esta freidora lo tiene de todo para hacerte la vida más fácil, pero lamentablemente el mío vino con defecto de fábrica la caja de alimentos se atora al intentar cerrarla, esa es mi única queja, sin duda la recomiendo muchísimo, es lo mejor de lo mejor que hay en el mercado, sin embargo sólo necesitaré un cambio del producto por uno que funcione sin problemas 😄

I absolutely love this air fryer!!! I don’t have to think about turning the food over midway through cooking time and everything tastes great!! I would recommend this to everyone!!
This is a great quality unit. I am beyond pleased.
I love this air fryer because of the size and ease to clean.  I noticed that the drawer sticks if not paced just right when pushing it in! Also I can’t tell the difference in the bottom element as you still have to turn the food!  Other than that, one can’t go wrong!
The best airfryer brand
This is our third air fryer and without a doubt we’re getting the best results from this big beauty! Having a top and bottom heat source makes all the difference. We’ve experienced faster cooking times and more even cooking. The foods are delicious and clean-up is a breeze. The control buttons are clear and easy to use. Love this unit so far!
Yhe dual burners makes all the difference,  easy to clean ,easy to use i love linking it to eco dot 4th gen its great !
I’m not a great cook but everything I make in this is great. It’s foolproof. I had the regular model for a year & upgraded to the dual blaze. I highly recommend it! I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond in a lovely’s grey color.
First meal, put in some chicken legs, buttermilk, flour, and spices…. Chicken button 390 for 20 min… chicken was checked with instant read thermometer and came back 179 degrees but the inside was slimy and the crispy outside became rubbery… great for heating fries or chicken fries… but on my way to the hospital with my family for treatment after food poisoning.
The air fryer cooks really fast and evenly. I wish It was just a little bigger due size of my family five. Great product!
This is a beautiful machine with one major issue…the door latch is faulty and the machine won’t work without it being fully latched. Our old Corsi wasn’t as nice as this one but the latch always worked.We tape the basket closed so we can use it.
It is easy to clean. A lttle dawn soap and the basket and tray come clean very easily.  Comes clean easy in the dish washer also but a lot faster to hand wash it and rinse in the sink.Very convenient and fast cooker for just the two of us.
This air fryer is for you.
I love everything about this air fryer. I was disappointed that it did not include a cookbook of some kind.But with all the fb pages there plenty of help.
This air fryer is great! I tried a friend’s small air fryer and thought it was useless. This one cooks a whole 4 lbs. chicken in less than an hour and it was perfect. I kept hearing how great they are and glad I finally bought one. So many things made healthier: wings, potato chips, fries, kale chips, chicken tenders, pork chops, breaded eggplant to name a few. I look up recipes on-line, haven’t felt the need for a cookbook. My new favorite toy, next to Sous Vide!
This is my second Cosori Air Fryer in less than year. I purchased the new dual because of the no-shake feature. This made my granddaughter happy because she now owns my first one. As far as performance and quality I could not be more pleased. I would recommend Cosori without fail.
It is so nice to have the option of cooking at home even when I forget to thaw out something.  Within 20 min I can have a flavorful and nutritional meal on the table for a fraction of the cost of eating out.  The easy cleanup is unparalleled.  The recipes I make are endless in this Cosori.  Every kitchen NEEDS one.  The perfect Christmas  gift.
I’m new to air fryers but this one gets my vote!  It’s very nice!
Absolutely, hands down, the best air fryer yet. We are excited completely with Cosori. My family is also getting a kick out of the wifi feature. The quality is very good and it is a breeze to operate and clean. Looking forward to a long and happy experience with this unit. Thanks COSORI.
I love this air fryer! It cooks so much better than my ninja air fryer. No more shaking and flipping things around a couple times to get it crispy.*To clean just put a bit of dish soap and fill it with hot water let it sit for a few minutes then dump out dirty water and rinse.
Previously had the 5.8 qt unit, which was nice, but the basket relied on a single button to keep it in place, which was not dependable. Accordingly, it was tricky to clean and subject to failing at a moment’s notice.This puppy, by comparison, is wonderful. There is only a single plate upon which the food sits, and it rests securely within the bucket. When done cooking, I just put the entire thing in the sink, let it soak in a little dishwater while I am eating, then take it apart after, rinse, and dry.I love this thing. Am still learning cooking times anew, but it is a pure joy to use. It even tells me on my phone when the meal has finished cooking; a little overkill, but fun nevertheless.This is a HUGE improvement over prior models, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
I reviewed many air fryers and liked this one the best but there were no accessories. After putting out so much money for the air fryer, I was miffed over having to fork over more funds to use it fully.
The best products focus on doing one thing we’ll- and this doesn’t disappoint. Great food every time, easy cleanup, and it fits on the counter top
I researched air fryers extensively before deciding on the Dual Blaze, and am very pleased. Highly recommend!
Love this Cosori air fryer. There is a learning curve but it’s not too bad. Amazing what all can be cooked in air fryer. Baked Nestlé white macadamia nut cookie dough. They were fabulous and fast. Toast a bagel. Fix a steak. And of course French Fries! Treat yourself to a Cosori air fryer.
I love this air fryer. I have cooked everything I put in it to perfection. We did a roasted chicken in it and my picky son absolutely loves it over the Costco Rotisserie one and that is saying something for him. I use the app a little but find the front panel is so easy to use and a ton of recipes online.
I got this airfryer after searching through so many videos on different options. Watched a few people reviews on YouTube and decided to get this one and Im glad I did. If you are searching for a basket style airfryer this is a great one to consider.
Sleek design is easy to use and easy to clean! Large capacity basket is a plus without taking up too much of the counter space.  I am pleased with the consistency of the heat and overall operation. Pre selects settings are also a plus.
I have been happy with everything I’ve made in the air fryer.  The chicken was delicious and easy – brussel sprouts were crispy and I love the way it reheated my leftover quesadillas!
Used this air fryer several times since I bought it a couple of weeks ago.  Cooks everything perfectly.  It cleans up very quickly.  I would recommend this air fryer to anyone who wants a well built, reliable air fryer.
My husband bought me this as a birthday present and I love it we had one before which was a different brand and I truly did not like it and said I would never buy another one, but this one I had to do some research which this one came up on top with great reviews and it truly dose what everyone says I have been enjoying it since I got it this week, So, this is where my journey of much healthier eating starts, no more grease foods, and we will be doing all our cooking in here instead of all the frying no more or that either just healthy eating from here on out.
once you’ve used independently powered (depending on selected cook mode) dual burners in air frying, all top-only burner air fryers become an unacceptable annoyance.with this dual blaze, no more flipping, mid-cook, (but you might still need to shake whenever you over filll). no more preheating, too. the dual blaze achieves set cook temp in less than a minute from room temp start. just load & go.getting the factory solvents out of the plastic shell is best done in a hyoer-ventilated area – like outdoors. if you do this boil-off in a kitchen, boiled off solvents will coat your walls & ceilings & that aroma will linger for days. you will also be sucking boiled-off solvents back info the dual blaze, via its room air intakes. don’t make this mistake, especially if you’re sensitive to such fumes.getting all of the new car smell out of my dual blaze took five empty air fry cycles, with full wipedowns, from inside to the exterior, between each cycle.the smartphone features are useless to me.excellent air frying is high touch, as every batch is unique & core food temps must be verified. (baking stands to be the most uniform across batches.)unattented air frying is an unsafe/unwise practice. that’s why you can’t vesync start cook, or restart a stopped cook, remotely. vesync has no remote pause, only remote stop. fire safety first/last/always. if you want to pause/resume a vesync cook, go to the dual blaze, open the basket, do your thing, then close it up to resume cook.the smart I need & want is: a) real time chamber air temp measurements, b) real time in-food probe temp measurements, c) linked to real time microproceseor control over power sent to top & bottom burners, so that you’re really cooking within 2.5°F of what you set, with d) an alarm or switch-to-keep-warm-mode (chamber air btwn 140°-175°F), once an in-food probe hits core target temp. that’s the only smart I can really use. not vesync. (are you listening, cosori? why no dual blaze temp probes & real time probe tweaks of cook temps?)with an empty basket containing only a rack stand, an accurate oven thermometer confirmed that my particular dual blaze is within 10°F, or closer, of what I set on the touch panel. this is very useful to know in order to achieve great cook results everytime. build knowledge & judgement based on how your dual blaze actually cooks, relative to the temps you set it to.I also used a calibrated IR temp gun to measure outer shell & exhaust port temps when air frying @400°F. standing alone on a table, away from walls, the warmest locations on the outer shell (153°F) were horizontally in line with the top burner & only on the L & R sides. inside the rear exhaust port peaked @180°F. 5 outside the port, air temp never exceeded 130°F.when I set to Keep Warm/175°F, bottom surface of basket holds ~220°F, sidewalls ~180°F. when I set to Air Fry/400°F, bottom of basket peaks @460°F, sidewalls ~420°F. etc. hot enough to get a good sear if meats placed directly on the bottom of the basket.these temps are for my dual blaze. you’ll need to measure yours.as for vesync, the only thing I’ll use it for is to install firmware updates if/when cosori releases them.the dual blaze has spoiled me on single burner air fryers. no going back to stone knives & bear skins air frying for me.[purchased new from BB&B, who matched Cosori website promo price]
It’s hard to get things wrong in this air fryer. That being said, chicken wings are missing a bit if the flavor they deserve, the bottom drags and scratches off, and if you try to lift it the top will scratch. The holes in the basket are annoying, even though they have to be there because corners in the design were cut to save money and now food falls through. I have an old version and this new version and they’re like day and night in the quality/design/looks/heft department… but oh well… with all the faults, I still like it and use it all the time. Cleanup is a snap of the fingers too.
This airfryer works as advertised. So far no peeling of cooking surface and it cooks top and bottom at the same time. I use it everyday and it’s really easy to clean. Just clean it when you’re done and don’t use anything abrasive and it should last a long time. Love mine.
We LOVE our Cosori 6.8 quart air fryer.  The dual heating elements are perfect.  It is also very quite.  Would buy again.
Second one I’ve bought and I love it.  I really like the new basket, has a tray separate from the handle.  My first one had the basket snap into base of the pan.  That’s why it’s my second air fryer.  I dropped the whole tray and the pan of my first one because I pushed the eject button to soon.  This is a much better product.
It can do any and everything that you would do in an oven you can do in the air fryer it works awesomely. I just would’ve liked for when you view the screen that it’s a little more brighter so you can see the other tabs
Easy to clean, new functions
My grandson wanted this for college graduation!  He loves it!  Great price!!
Best purchase!
This has been one of the best purchases I have made.  It has made our fast pace life much easier. It’s easy to use and I love the size of the basket. I love the various cooking modes it has available to use.
The Cosori Dual Blaze Air Fryer has been wonderful so far.  I will be excited to try more recipes that are specific to this model.  So anyone that has one, please keep sharing your recipes on YouTube.  Thank you.
I upgraded my smaller air fryer and couldn’t be happier. I have nothing bad to say about it. It is a good size and even has a Wi-Fi feature should I wish to use it.
Steak, Roasted Vegetables, Chicken Wings, Bacon. All turned out delicious. Cooking is quick and my kitchen stays cool in this sweltering weather. Clean up is a breeze. I purchased this Cosori after watching Kathy Yoders youtube videos.
It is easy to clean, easy to use and cooks fast!
This is a great air fryer, with only a few nits to pick. This was an upgrade from the 5.8qt Cosori. In comparison, the 6.8qt Dual Blaze does seem to cook faster and more evenly, as advertised, and is easier to clean. It is fast enough that I am not yet used to adjusting recipes, and have over-cooked a few sandwiches as a result. There is a small learning curve, but it is not major.In contrast to the 5.8qt’s near-vertical control panel, the Dual Blaze control panel is nearly horizontal. It can be difficult to see for less-tall individuals. The labels for unselected menu items are also difficult to see in less than bright room lighting. In general, the control panel for the 5.8qt is easier to see and use.Even though this Cosori cooks more evenly than the 5.8qt, I find most of the things I’ve cooked so far could still use a flip or shake about half-way through, so the missing Shake button is a minor annoyance. I now set a reminder with my phone or watch, which works OK.In addition to cooking faster, it doesn’t require a preheat, which makes it even faster than the 5.8qt, saving five minutes all by itself. I’m still experimenting, and sometimes just run it empty for 2 minutes while I finish food prep, just so once I put the food it it cooks even faster. This is another potential area to adjust recipes.The new basket is much easier to clean, and looks more sturdy than the problematic design of the 5.8qt.On the whole, we’re very happy with the Cosori 6.8qt Dual Blaze. So far, it seems like an excellent upgrade from the previous 5.8qt model.
The rubber stoppers on the crisper plate are necessary to use the crisper plate properly. When contacting customer service, I have received no response to being able to obtain replacements. The machine is great, customer service, not so much in this instance.
Very Impressive, and we’re still learning to use the Consori!!I Recomnend this product, AND the YouTube cooks that use it!!
We ordered it last night and it was delivered early this morning. So far it worked great! Easy to use, easy to clean. We still experimented with the recipes. We cooked top sirloin for lunch and it came out soft, juicy, and delicious! Looking forward to cooking more with this air fryer.
so far excellent machine!
Just got my Cosori dual blaze and it has a really ugly housing, uneven and cheap, but great cooking results! So I will keep it and recomend it too.The dual blaze function is amazing, I already made a delicious rosted chicken with 6,6lb. It was so easy to make and it came out surprisingly perfect! Also Vegies, Bacon, Fries, Hotdogs,… everything is so easy and so good!But I had to rearrange my kitchen stuff, because the Cosori dual blaze is so ugly and cheap looking, I had to find a place where you don’t see it so present.And it is producing a lot of steam, you need an air vent near it!
I love this thing! I wish I had bought it when it first came out.  Big enough to easily cook for 2, probably more.
This Cosori Dual Blaze 6.8 quart Air Fryer looks, works and cooks great! I love it!I’m still learning all the tricks and tips of air frying, but so far my experience is positive. I’ve made, bacon, reheated pizza (it comes out like its freshly made), cooked a whole tender juicy chicken, ribeye steak, roasted red potatoes; and I made toast! Cooking with it has definitely added a new twist to the kitchen experience!I’m having fun with the WiFi features, still learning to work with AI, using voice and remote start to operate the air fryer; and the Vesync app, which also allows me to access all those lovely recipes, is amazing! I’ve been enjoying the Cosori Air Fryer online community too; it has been a great source of help, with great tips and hints!This Air fryer is easy to operate, cleans well with a damp cloth after each use, cooks food quickly with no shaking or turning of the food; very convenient and efficient. It fits nicely on my counter, having a smallish footprint.So far so good!
Easy to clean. Food doesn’t need to be flipped. Food comes out so. Ice and crispy. I also have a ninja foodie and this is so much better. I have used it almost every day since getting it
I recently learned about the dual burners on the new Cosori. Have heard only good things about this brand so I decided to buy one. Really glad I did. Took a few days to get use to as I did have an issue with putting the basket back in after using it. Sometimes it would not go in smoothly and I thought I may need to return it. But after using it a few times, the problem went away. That told me it was probably just user error! Not being a tall person, I would prefer the controls on the front of the fryer instead of at the top. But, the positives totally outweigh the negatives! it cooks so evenly and more quickly than my old one and really like not needing to pre heat or shake. I gave it five stars because the more I use it the more I love it!! Oh, clean up is much easier too!
I’m a beginner with air frying, and am loving it.  Do yourself a favor and subscribe to Fabulously Frugal on YouTube.  She and her kids are fun to watch as they make air fryer cooking look like the greatest way to cook!
This appliance takes up way too much counter real estate. Plus is just UGLY.
I love it!
The ease using the machine with Alexa is great.  The food comes out perfect every time.  I can cook everything we like in the air fryer.  The size is good for small, large or several different foods at one time.
Taste of food, and the ease of clean-up after.
My mom was looking for an air fryer and found this one. She likes how evenly it cooks, she is still learning how to work it but overall she is happy with her purchase.
Just put the burgers in at 350 F degrees for 9 minutes and this is the outcome! Looks as good as it tasted!I’m looking forward to everything else it can cook!To make cleanup easier, I put a parchment liner under the tray insert.  Most of the mess was easily removed afterwards by throwing out the parchment paper with everything that dripped down. Wipe the bowl and wash the insert plate. That’s it‼️
I finally bought an air fryer and after extensive research decided on this one.  My first meal in it was turkey burgers and french fries and they were awesome. The burgers remained moist and we’re better than what we do on the grill. This one is so easy to clean and really looks nice on the counter. And even an older person like me can understand how to use it. I absolutely love it.
I really like it.  In many ways this is like a microwave for me.  I can set and forget, the food turns out great.  Get some parchment liner, you will hate cleaning it without the liner.  This is the only air fryers I ever had, so not able to compare, but I regret nothing.
Love that the basket is large, can control with app, through Alexa, or manually. Multiple settings! And as a bonus, free recipes in the app!
The exact Cosori air fryer that I bought in February is no longer sold so writing the review here. At first use it smelled of plastic but we thought if we kept cleaning and using it, it would get better. Well six months later it still smells like plastic! We love it but this cannot be healthy. I wish we could get a refund or replacement but we missed the window. We are on the search for a different brand.
I really love this Air Fryer. I looked at a lot before I bought again. My first Air Fryer I bought I mistakenly bought the smallest size they had because I was only cooking for 2. However, most recipes don’t come in small batches. I found it too small to cook a meal in. It was fine for cooking a piece of this or that, but not a meal. So buy BIG! a larger size does not take up that much more room and you will have more air flow around your items. This Air Fryer has been perfect and a breeze to clean. I clean after each use. The Amazon Airfryer parchment papers are great to help keep cleanup easy. I  think it still needs to preheat about two minutes because you want it to be already hot when the food goes in. You can hear the change in the motor ad it heats up the blades. I like the soft sound oh the motor. It is barely noticeable. Food does cook faster in this Airfryer, so you have to keep an eye on it. To convert recipes, reduce the conventional oven time by 50 degrees F. Then divide the cooking time in a little less than half. Example if recipe cook time is 20 min, set Airfryer for 7-8 minutes and check food progress. Add 1 minute increments for final results. Amazon has some great Airfryer cookbooks to choose from. Happy Cooking!
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This unit is so easy to use! No need to shake or flip! Washes out easily, non-stick! You can cook anything but soups in here!  Well worth the cost, have my last air fry to my daughter.  Now she’s selling it to get the dual blaze😋

It cooks fast, cleans easily, and the food taste great!
I did a ton of research before buying this.  It has not disappointed.  It is so fast and easy to use and it cooks the food beautifully.
Received this just a couple days ago. I have already used it several times. I really like cosori products. So far it’s cooked the food perfectly.  However there is a strong plastic smell. If it doesn’t go away in the next week or so I’ll have to return. The smell is quite strong. My kitchen now has that lingering smell. It’s pretty awful.  Hoping it goes away because the clean up with this one gs the others is so much easier.
Design flaw. Small piece of plastic slides between two pieces of plastic to depress a tab. A couple of uses and it broke off.  Won’t start without the tab pressed.
I love it. It is really fast. so che ck your cooking times
My wife and I were looking into air fryers to help us eat healthier. We don’t fry allot but use our oven when cooking dinners. This has not only saved us time when preparing our dinners but it cooks everything perfectly and is so easy to use. It’s also easy to clean and fits perfect on the corner area of our countertop. I honestly wish we would have invested in one of these sooner.
this is by far the best easiest airfryer ever. You can’t go wrong with this one. I don’t like to do reviews but I had to do this one. clean up is extra easy the food is so good and never dry. the best part is top and bottom burner so no need to shake part way thru cooking.
I love everything about this air fryer. It is easy to use, easy to clean, has plenty of space in the basket and makes cooking so much more convenient. Everyone in the family has been using it and happy with the results!
Had other brands but this one is the best food comes out crisper and no need to pre heat or flip
Zero issues after a year. This one is fanatics. I’m aware it works with Alexa, but I still have never hooked it up. My family loves this one, and it works well. No issues regarding smell or heating elements inside the unit.Buy it. I truly believe this is the best one on the market for the value.
Took several weeks to research the current Air Fryers on the market and my wife and I are very glad we made the purchase choice of the Cosori Dual Blaze model. We have used this almost every day and it is the kind of new kitchen item you did not know you needed until you get one. It cooks everything we have tried great and it does not heat up the kitchen as much during the summer, as using the full size oven. There are hundreds of great cooking recipes provided in the Cosori App and many more on YouTube. Thank goodness a lighting storm took out our old toaster oven to make way for the Cosori Dual Blaze Air Fryer.
same as said before ,too premature to really review
Love everything about this Air Fryer
I’ve been waiting to jump on the air fryer train until this appliance. I’ve never had to flip or shake my food while cooking. Being able to start the cooking via voice commands or manually through the app on my phone is great. Mostly easy to clean. Cooks faster than air fryers with only one heating element. This little machine has had me cooking more now than when I was in lock down at home in 2020. Great product.
I absolutely love the Dual Blaze Air Fryer.  With the bottom element, I don’t have to flip food items half way through cooking time.AND the bottom element enables baking the very best cookies.  So fun to pull out balls of frozen cookie dough and bake a serving of fresh cookies.
I’ve had my air fryer for a few weeks now and cooked multiple dishes it in. It’s my favorite air fryer that I’ve owned. The other air fryers were a cheap basket type and an expensive oven type. Neither compare to how easy to use and clean as the Cosori Dual Blaze.I read reviews about people having issue with the unit smoking when they cook foods like bacon. When cooking bacon cook on the broil setting which turns off the bottom heating element. No issues then.
The best AirFryer I have ever owned! Cooks real fast,many cooking options and easy to clean.You just need to try it,you will be amazed with this innovation.
YES! This is the best air fryer. I’m so picky with the features of my appliances, I want that perfect balance of technology and usability. This is the one. It is sooo easy to clean. My fave part. It cooks great and is WiFi compatible. I can tell Alexa to start my air fryer. It’s a fun appliance to show off and looks beautiful on my counter. I can comfortably fit 5-6. Large chicken thighs in it.
Replaced my ole air fryer with this one. Gosh, no preheating required and this unit heats up quickly.  Note to self….better check your food prior to expected cooking time.  This unit is easy to operate and easy to clean.  Heats up quickly.  You simply cannot go wrong!!
loved the air fryer until it stop working
I like that I can set it and walk away.  The smart tech app helps me to monitor my cooking time.  It’s really great!  This is our second Cosori air fryer.  We upgraded!  Cosori is the only brand I will buy in the future.
I would recommend this product to anyone who asks. Easy set up, easy directions, easy cleaning. The perfect kitchen appliance.
New user in the air fryer world.  First time using it, the whole house filled with smoke, like a chemical smell,. had to open all windows and doors and not matter how many times I repeated the cycle of cooking the meat is still came out raw on the inside.  So I read up, that white smoke is from fats from the meats.  The Second time I made half a palm size, very thin hamburger patties, put only 4 in.  Followed instructions for temperature and time, the house again filled with smoke, and the meat came out raw.  Very disappointed.
We use the Dual Blaze pretty much every day in some way: roasted potatoes, corn on th cob, whole chickens, chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, various squashes and fajitas. Roasts everything beautifully. Really, though, it roasts whole chickens to perfection! So tender and juicy. I aim for a 4.5lb chicken to cook at 330 for around 50 minutes and start checking with a digital thermometer at 45 minutes. Oh. And breast down for the first 30 minutes then flip for the remaining time. Once it hits around 160 degrees I pull it and tent in aluminum foil for 10 minutes to finish cooking. Better than any rotisserie chicken I’ve ever had. Served to family who are hard core cooks and had them asking how I made it. I’m delighted with this air fryer!
It was broken  the fan was very very loud and it sounded like metal and metal and as I was placing my return /exchange it noticed the price went down – 22% Do I get the 22% refunded to me ?
I currently have the 5.8 and decided to upgrade to the 6.8 Qt. I love it. I like that it has heating elements on the top and bottom which eliminates having to flip the food and it crisps up faster. The improved basket is so much easier to clean. Also, Cosori has excellent customer service. They are responsive and they resolve any issues that arise with the product.
I LOVE this airfryer. Dual Blaze 6.8. Nothing sticks, super easy to clean, the crisper plate is awesome. Awesome product, extremely happy with it.
I love, love, love this air fryer!  it is so simple to use. All foods I have cooked in my Cosori eggs, hamburgers, egg bites, bacon, and so much more have came out perfect. Also great for pizza rolls and fish sticks. They come out perfect! I also purchase the paper liners for their air fryer, they are silicone coated and make cleanup so easy!! I also love the software and how my phone will let me know when the food is done so I can keep doing the other things around the house I need to accomplish. It is a wonderful addition to your kitchen and I highly recommend.
I love this model without the mesh basket. Much easier to clean and heats from top and bottom.  I still like to preheat before cooking and I wish there was a preheat button like my last cosori.I’m really glad the “pause” button is easier to see.
I decided to get an air fryer after i  experienced at  our family  friends  house ,it was really small dont even know what brand ,cheap one  but the pork ribs came out really tasty and evenly cooked , no smoking,  little  smell.  i was advised from them to  get more bigger and newer model , so i decided to get this giant COCORI SMART …(was best rated and priced too)  which is good i mean Big ,but i dont know about smartness .first of all i had a same problem as here was mentioned from other costomers  already regarding baking, roasting ,air frying or broiling heating capabilities  ,just found out the answer about bottom and top element heat preferences which makes cents , now i can play around and have my food to come out evenly cooked . its still needs shaking and flipping for sure , there is no way you place in 12 chicken wings and it will come out evenly cooked with no flipping . i have tryed almost all modes  roasting ,air frying or broiling, and alweyes got top side more cooked that bottom so have to flip.an other thing is cosori smart doesn’t know what amount of food you ar eplace in it , for example if you place 10 wings or 1  wing the cosori will cook at same temperature at same duration , i can be wrong but i didnot found that option yet. smart expectation is that Machine should  calculate temper and time. have to go and check the food time on time .my cooking skills can get better with this fryer but i dont think the main problem can be fix i mean Smoking as long i stop cooking .and those accessory kit  its a jock . 1Egg Bites Mold – i cant never  cook egg bites in there , im using as ice maker in freezer for extra ice . 2.  Skewer Rack- i was trying to make some kababs and after the top side of screw was  cooked i tried to turn around the screws  but  forget about it.. it doesnot stay that way so i had to remove the rack and place them on the tray strait up  , and so on…this machine can be better , i think its shines more than it is , but i can be wrong ..
This is the third and best air fryer I have owned. Works the best and phone app is great!
Very easy to use. Dishwasher safe. No complaints
We absolutely love our Cosori 6.8 airfryer. It’s very quiet and very easy to keep clean unlike the (different brand) airfryer we used before this one. We LOVE our Cosori.
I’ve had a Cosori 5.8 qt Pro for 6+ months and decided to spring for this model so I could air fry two dishes at once.  I was looking forward to not having to flip food since there is no ‘shake’ button on this model but I still feel like I want to shake/flip food for even cooking.  That makes me miss the ‘shake’ button a bunch so I’m using my timer or just setting for half-time.PROsThe capacity is a bit larger.  I can do 12 wings in the dual blaze (flats & drums) vs 10 wings in the Pro.  I was also able to roast a 6 lb whole chicken without the fry tray.I like the separate fry tray design with the handle solidly attached to the basin.  The Pro with the separating basket will eventually fail so this is a design enhancement for the Dual Blaze, imo.I like that there is a ‘Broil’ option to turn off the bottom element for more traditional air fryer operation.I did manage to do a personal pizza on the bottom using the fry tray as an air deflector.  It worked great and the bottom element made the crust very crispy unlike the failed attempt in my traditional air fryer.It does seem a little quieter then my 5.8 qt though to be fair my 5.8 qt fan has started to rattle slightly.I haven’t tried it yet but I like the idea that I may be able to us a trivet under the fry tray to elevate steaks and burgers closer to the broil element.CONsThe finger holes in the fry tray are a little annoying like others have mentioned because smaller pieces will fall through but I have another Cosori that I can use for those dishes.
In opinion, the best air fryer I’ve had!!!Easy to clean, I also place a piece of aluminum foil, depends on what I cook.It does cook great pork chops, chicken and beef, all turn out well cooked and darn juicy!!!! No smoke nor smokey odor at all which is a huge relief for me from what I previously had.
This is my 2nd Cosori. The dual blaze is a game changer. Thankfully they separated the crisper tray from the fryer basket handle!
Love it! easy to use, easy to clean.  So quick and convenient.  I am totally amazed by this!  Just research ideas and suggestions on best practices.  Most mistakes are avoidable!!!
Easy to use.  Works with every air fryer recipe I’ve found on the internet.  The basket holds the right quantity for our family of two, and there is usually space for a bit more.  Just as a test, I did air fry a whole nearly 5lb chicken which came out looking and tasting like a beautiful juicy roasted chicken.  So far, all of our food results are delicious with so little oil (only about a teaspoon).  Tray and basket are simple to clean.
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thanks for making my life easier

Received unit with missing parts and dirty food remnants inside the unit.  This was supposed to be a like new unit.  It was like a well-used return unit.  Smell of burnt food and had broken chipped inner upper seal.needless to say, I returned it.
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!This was my best investment in my kitchen toy collection EVER! So easy to use and the food comes out perfect every time. The upper lower elements are the best R&D in the air fryer world to date.
I purchased this new blaze on amazon day on sale.  I have the first corosi for about 2 years and like it but wanted an airfryer that i didn’t have to remember to turn the food.  I am in love with all the new features, the basket is much easier to clean!  It has new cooking setting broil, roast and bake.  No regrets at all, if you are thinking about it get it!
Love not having to turn or shake everything is better. It’s faster easy to use selections.
Already had a Cosori Air Fryer so not a problem using machine.Unfortunately there was no guide or owners manual in the shipping box.  Did have a fall though as I had material handy from my older Cosori.
The duel blaze is a fantastic air fryer. I use it daily and I’m never disappointed. You have to learn to adjust cooking times due to the duel heating elements if  you are not using the app recipes. One review talks about smoke. I’ve had it bad once. that was with over cooked turkey wings. If you set it to broil it will only heat from the top like a traditional air fryer. That might also work for for traditional air fryer recipes.
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Just got it, and already make two differents meats, in less than 30 minutes, I love it, fast easy to used, and look fancy.

Best appliance I have and I use it everyday. SUPER easy to use…even for first buyers. It is also extremely easy to clean.Satisfied man right here!
Was skeptical  about the no turning or shaking but it really under normal circumstances does not need it. I’ve cooked full family meals, snacks, one person meals and even brownies and cakes so I wouldn’t have to heat up my house with the oven. And it is Sooo quiet compared to my (Nu Wv). Beef, Pork chops, fish. It does it all and I don’t know about the other reviews talking about smoking but it Never did that to me. I believe it might have been the wrong temps and times input into the machine. The app gives you enough info to monitor whats going on but it can use an update. The recipes in the app are good but I recommend finding a current air fryer cookbook WITH PICTURES. I love this air fryer and use it every day.
It cooks faster than others due to the even constant temp due to the dual burnersGlad I opted for the Dual Blaze.  Plus it links to your phone to notify that your food has finished cooking
Love how food is crispy and so flavorful. Unit is so easy to clean.  Love not having a messy stove and pans to clean. Should have bought sooner!
This air fryer Is simple to use and relatively quiet for a machine this size and with an easy to read screen. Overall this is a wonderful product.
It’s not to bad but for me the operation buttons ARD dark (black) before you select what you want to use and when you put back theDrawer it gets stuck I wish I realized that before my return time was over I would have returned it I can’t recommend it
Wanted to love this air fryer.  I owned previous Cosori air fryers and loved them.  My last one still works and has ZERO issues.  This unit I have has weird issues tho.  The touch pad doesnt work sometimes.  I have to unplug the unit and plug it back in to get it to work.  DONT expect much help from cosori, their response is, video it for us.  All i want is a solution to fix it,
This is my 3rd air fryer.My first was a Cosori and I truly loved it but it wasn’t quite big enough for grilling/frying 2 sandwiches.I thought I was upgrading to a clamshell ninja from a black Friday deal but it wasn’t. The ninja was LOUD and had to preheat.This one is so quiet. It is bigger so it is perfect. I would recommend!
Exactly what i was looking for in and air fryer. Yes easy cleaning.Love the final product this produces. The bigger drawer will accomadate a whole chicken. Well worth the money.
Drawer was acting like it was stuck and look like it was cuffed from a return on that part to open and close so I returned without using it and think the buttons should be prelit for visibility reasons
I was always hesitant to get an airfryer, especially after my SO gave hers away recently because she was not happy with it. I did a lot of research on this (mainly because we’re doing WeightWatchers so trying to limit the frying of foods as much as possible). I found this Cosori and was sold on it right away. We’ve made many things in it so far, like fries, fried veggies, and even a WHOLE CHICKEN, which turned out amazing! Highly recommend this airfryer!
I have a couple complaints, and that is it did not come with a cookbook to get you started, so trying to figure out what degree to use and the lower heating element is hard for me to figure out what is best to air fry with.You can’t shut down lower heating element. What I have cooked from the vsync turned out excellent, but not to many recipes  Iwould cook. A little useless for me. I need simple and easy.I still will still give it  5 star.
Don’t waste money on cheaper brands. If you are serious about air frying, this is the one to get!
I wish all programs were back lighted…
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Please note that I have no idea since my cosori looks.like a return. I know.that the Cosori is an excellent product but the box this one came in looks like a return.

I think you dropped the ball with no recipes with the air fryer. I know it may come as a surprise to some but everyone does not use Facebook or Alexia.
I purchased the 6.8 dual blaze as an upgrade over my cosori5.8. I have macular degeneration and can’t read the display  It needs to be backlit. I operate it using Alexa so it couldn’t be easier. I would have given it 5 stars if it actually browned both sides of food without flipping. The bottom burner does cook the bottom side of food but you have to flip it if you want it browned. It does have a broil function to use for browning.
Easy cleanup is always high priority. Made delicious  fried chicken legs in minutes without the mess. Whether your a expert cook or beginner this is the one appliance you have to have. Put this on your Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary list. A must have.
This air fryer cooks evenly, easy to use, and the clean up is AMAZING!! Love it!!
This unit cooks food beautifully.  Even made enchiladas in it saving us from turning on the oven in the heat of summer.  It does take a couple uses to learn the timing of cooking different items as the dual blaze cooks faster than my old unit. One of the biggest perks is not having to.flip the food halfway through cooking.  Absolutely love this thing.
I like everything about this air fryer. The only reason I gave it 4 stars overall is the touch pad for the controls. I have to press some of the function buttons, especially the on/off button, several times to make them work. The sensitivity could be improved on the touch keypad.
Just bought this air fryer and used it only 3 times. I am satisfied so far. The rolled up chicken I did on the Frozen setting came out crisp and the filling was juicy. I turned the chicken pieces over half way thru the cycle. The Reheat setting works well too. I am still experimenting with the air fryer. The unit itself looks sleek and is easy to clean.  There are 2 things I would like to see in this unit: 1. a window to see thru would be great, and 2. a built in meat thermometer.
I use my air fryer everyday.  The ease in cleaning makes it even better.
I absolutely love my new Cosori dual blaze! It cooks everything perfectly without having to shake it mid cycle because of having both bottom and top heating elements. Clean up is almost non-existent it is so easy. If using through the app you have access to many recipes and it also let’s you know when your food is ready with an audible sound. I would highly recommend this and previously owned a Philips which I swore was the best , but this has clearly risen to Number 1!!!
Completely impressed with this air fryer. Tried other, no comparison. From the app, to warranty and customer support, to the quality and ease of use. This is 5 star air fryer.
Love how fast it is, very easy to clean and easy to use. Inky had for a little over a week so excited to try more recipes
This is my second Cosori. I’ve recommended it to many friends as being top of the line in air fryers. The new bigger-better model is fantastic however… there is one major flaw. The menu buttons don’t light up! It’s virtually impossible to see with under counter lights on. Because it’s shiny black it reflects the light. I’ve now had to purchase an appliance slider to pull it all the way out and even then, I still have to use my iPhone flashlight to see the buttons. Otherwise, it’s a winner. I’m glad I upgraded from my previous model. And, it’s much easier to clean which is a big plus.
I’ve had 2 previous air fryers and let me tell you – this one is a cut above them all.  The features are great (especially the play/pause) and the quality of the the food that comes out of it rocks because of the DUAL-HEATING element feature.  Makes a huge difference.  Easy to clean, non-stick surfaces, really good size basket (6.8 QT).  I’ve been making chicken wings, Salmon Steaks, Potato wedges…..Just all amazing and came out perfect!  Get one! :)
Unit is okay…but as stated above the product should not require the customer to find the recipes  and the APP they recommend.Pretty Cheap way to manage a quality product
Family is raving about fries! They are better than any fast food fries hands down. Everything made so far has been a winner – lemon chicken dish, moist tender chicken, Oreo dessert, veggies. We love and have so many more recipes we want to try.
I have 2 other Cosori air fryers but this new one didn’t include a recipe book.
This is seriously the best one I have used. Plenty of room too!
In the heat of a Central FL summer, using an air fryer vs an oven is a real advantage!  I read reviews, watched videos and asked questions before buying this model and I am perfectly happy with my choice.  The Dual Blaze takes air frying to a new level with not only a heating element on the top, but also one on the bottom below the vary spacious basket – foods get done faster and no longer do you have to stop halfway through in order to flip the food.  Don’t hesitate to get the dual blaze whether you want to cook for just one person – as I myself do – or feed a family of 4+.  It has a big basket but takes up hardly any more space than the previous model.
cooks food perfectly but smokes the whole house up. unusable.
Easy to clean, easy to use with instructions and good flavor
Top of the line in air fryers – no doubt.  Truly no preheat, no shake.  Quiet.  Attractive.  Wifi – great app.I would repurchase this immediately if my sister could manage to wrangle it out of my house!!  Please place me on your product testing member list!
We don’t use our oven any more!
Simple to use, so easy to clean.  Keeps the kitchen from heating up in the summer while providing a great option to have a good meal.  Doesn’t mess up the stove top from grease/oil spatter.  Overall, it’s an awesome product
This is our second Cosor, we have a 5.8  and the best idea was adding a bottom burner.  We use our Cosori almost every night.
This particular product was to large it is only the 2 of us it will surely work for a larger family I ordered the smaller one Corsori air fryer recommend purchasing the product thank you so much
So far, used it three times. All turned out well.  Breaded Buffalo Cauliflower bites tasted amazing!
I’ve had the Cosori dual blaze only about a week, and I love using it and what it has allowed in the kitchen. First, I removed the toaster oven from the counter, leaving space for it. I used that oven mostly to reheat, which the air fryer does much quicker and better. I’ve cooked some vegetables and frozen things, and bacon – wow, the best, easiest bacon (as long as you aren’t feeding a crowd). The french fries are good, but in fact, not quite the same as deep-fried ones. Still, the other foods are wonderful and justify the purchase easily.
So far so good! Super easy to clean store under counter when not in use. I like that it doesnt require preheating. Time saver!
This Dual Blaze air fryer is replacing a smaller air fryer that I have had for 2 years. I love how smoothly the basket drawer is to remove and slides right back unto place. The controls are easy to use. Best of all, I love the square basket. Everything fits in better. And, since it heats from both above and below, there is no need to stop mid cooking time to shake the food around.
I had a previous Cosori air fryer and decided to upgrade. I am so glad I did. Cooked a whole chicken which was great. Clean up was a breeze. Love this air fryer.
I have and really use my Cosori 5.8 air fryer. I thought the Duel Blaze 6.8 model with the heat element on both the top and bottom was the next step up. I purchased the 6.8 and started to compare the differences between the two models. The 6.8 unit has very little difference in capacity area to the the 5.8 unit. Previous to making my purchase, i ask a question on Amazon if you are using the BAKE setting,  would the bottom element only function? Never got a good answer. Also if you are using the BROIL setting, only the top element function? Again never got a good answer. Well finally getting a hold of Cosori Customer Service I was told that in both functions both heating elements are on. Not what i was hoping for. The last concern I had was the finger holes in the crisper plate.Not a very good design. Different foods i would place in the basket would fall through the finger holes to below the crisper plate. Again, asking Cosori Customer Service if they were going to come up with a solution, they could only pass the question on to the design group.What i thought would be a great improvement was not really worth the purchase. I am returning the Cosori Duel Blaze unit and sticking with my Cosori 5.8 unit. They make a great product,  but the 6.8 model just didn’t improve enough to keep. Hope they can make a model that has the improvement i mention and them I would be first in line to purchase one. Till then I’ll think the SHAKE step is part of my exercise routine while using it…Second thought.I should have given it a 4 star rating, not a 3.My above review is still the same. But should be a 4.Finally got my answerThere are different temperature settings on Bake, Broil, and roast
I upgraded from the small corsori air fryer. So the dual blaze is huge to me!  LOL. I am loving it.  Still learning my way but everything I have tried so far (have had for 5 days) has turned out great.  I especially like the broil option since I like tuna melts and this option melts the cheese instead of heating up the whole sandwich!  I do put a liner underneath to catch melting cheese!  This thing is super easy to clean.  I used the crisping plate for some frozen appetizers and they came out crispy!  There is a learning curve for figuring out time and temp – but I recall that was the same for my first air fryer too. If you are considering buying this – just go ahead and do it!  I think you will like it!!  I like that there is no basket as it was so hard to clean with the vents (I periodically bought new baskets as I could never get them as clean as I would like)!Have now had this air fryer for a month and use it most days.  Still loving it!  I have bought some foil sheets and parchment liners to use to catch drips and keep basket clean.  I have not experienced smoke from drippings.  The display buttons are dark but you can hit each one and they light up….you learn where the ones you use are quickly.  A little thing I really like is that when I pause and pull the drawer to check on what I am cooking, when I put the drawer back in, the fryer powers back up automatically instead of having to push a button to turn it on again.  It is a little thing but I was always hitting then hitting the button again on my former Corsori (small quart size) – guess I was impatient!I do wish Corsori would have put out directions, tips, etc., as I am still not sure when to use the plate or just the drawer.  I am concluding that anything I want crispy or that drips fat, then use the plate, otherwise I just use the drawer.  Recipes in a compact manual would be nice too.  I cook just for me and love the amount of space!  I don’t need it but it is great to have!
This is our first air fryer and we love it! We have used it to make chicken wings, onion rings,etc.Easy clean up. It’s larger than most air fryers.I like the square basket. I love that it heats from the top and the bottom.
It’s been only a few days but so far so good. The product is really easy to use so far I have made lemon pepper wings and a turkey breast and salmon everything has come out to perfection the app it’s really helpful to set up the machine and then it sends a message when your food is done so you can just set it and go. Also it is true that you do not need to take you food or turn your food once you place it in the basket and sit the correct temperature to cook cooks evenly on both sides so far so good
I consider myself a home chef I wasn’t sure about the whole air fryer craze that’s going on so I took a chance, this Cosori Has been the best little kitchen gadget I have bought in a very long time attached are the pictures for chicken shish kebabs I just told Alexa to cook them at 400° For 30 minutes, Could not have been more impressed about the end result crispy on the outside juicy on the inside super tasty cooked just to perfection I live in an apartment so there is a grill I can use but I do not have my own as I am used to it really made a difference amazing I have a package of chicken wings I’m going to do next I will add it to the review🍻
I LOVE this thing.  Granted, I’ve only had it a few days, but I’ve done several great meals in it… salmon, veggies and chicken in a balsamic sauce, steak bites and veggies in a mustard sauce.  SO GOOD, SO EASY and quick clean up.  I thought the feature of it working with Alexa or the recipes on the app would be lost on me, but I actually find it handy to tell our girl to pause it while I’m washing my hands or something.  LOVE. IT.
The basket handle design is one piece and very sturdy. Cooks evenly and so easy to clean. This model is very versatile so you can set your own favorite time/temp for the programmed settings.
I was so excited to find a Cosori air fryer with a larger capacity basket since I love my current one.  Unfortunately the additional capacity is in the depth of the basket rather than the cooking area.  This doesn’t help at all when trying to cook more food.  Packed it back up and am sending it back.
I’m loving this air fryer!  My favorite feature is the dual blaze technology which means I  don’t have to shake my fries or flip any food over halfway through the cooking time!
This is the second time trying to use an air fryer and this one will be a keeper
Made meat balls, pizza, toast, it is great, it is so easy to use, love that I don’t have to turn food, and I hope  it helps my daughter to learn to cook,
It should be very easy to use an air Fryer. I even used a receipt for fried chicken that is recommended for the Cosori air fryer. It turned out horrible and the amount of time it advised me to cook it was incorrect. I am a good cook and this was suppose to make my life easier. It did not! It was easier for me to break out my cast iron pan and cook the chicken that way. Not impressed…I returned it.
Went a very long time not owning an air fryer. But the wife finally put her foot down and insisted we get one. So we bought one.I think the wifi app is more of a gimmick than useful but whatever. I’m a techie and most of my house is some sort of IoT so I’m not scared of it. It does tell you when it is done but the machine does too and it is loud enough you hear it, not needing your phone to tell you.You can pick from a set number of options or just set the time and temp yourself. We use it a lot more than I thought we would. It is easy to clean and as long as you don’t use a scrub brush, it should last a very long time. A simple blot of soap and rag will do just fine.
Love this Air Fryer. Had one that lasted me a couple years until the plastic handle got too brittle and snapped. Took the dive on this one and it’s well worth the money. My GF loves making snacks in it and warming up a slice of pizza for me here and there. It is all that it says and has outperformed all other Air Fryers I have been around or used. A++
Just what I was looking for !! Easy to use and clean, ready for the next meal and no time at all ‼️‼️
So easy to operate, cooks food perfectly. Very easy to clean as well. Absolutely love it!!
Easy and quick to use! Keeps everything moist as well!!
I lobe it!!!
My son recommended it. If he can cook lowfat for one, so can I. The flavor is terrific, and it’s so easy to use. Cleanup just wash the tray, wipe out the inside and done.
I bought a smaller one than this one so cannot review accurately
This is a great air fryer. Works like a charm. I am not sure why some complain about the smell. It did have a smell at first. I ran it twice on Warm Up and then I just cooked it in. Once I cooked the bad smell went away. Only good, food smell now. I am glad I gave it a try.
So easy to use and love the meals and deserts I have already made. So easy to clean and living in Arizona where it is so a furnace right, now I don’t use my oven. Sweet.I told my dad about this Air frier, and he wants one. Maybe I will send him one.I bought the 6.8 size.I love this machine and highly recommend.
I love how easy it 8w to use,12 settings for a variety of foods,but the Air fryer is the future and I’m a huge Bbqer. Sold me!
Interesting review about grease in the bottom smoking and splattering when cooking something like bacon…I just cook bacon low and slow and use the crisper plate to hold bacon and I have no issues. I mostly do NOT use the crisper plate and cook food directly in the “basket”. Cleanup is a breeze and not having the two basket previously owned AF with the louvered sides the were a PITA to clean makes my life a whole lot better…toast? Roast chicken legs, thighs, wings are so delicious. I e seen Where people have roasted whole chickens, but for $5 I let Costco or Sam’s do the work. Sausage peppers and onions? Grilled cheese sanwiches? Small pizza? You get the idea….a great upgrade from previous AFs, in my very humble opinion
My first one had a glitch and would reset itself during a cook. Call tech support and had a new unit on my front porch in 3 days. 5 stars to there service. Second one works perfect. I like that I can cook 9 big bbq chicken legs in 17 minutes at 365 adding sauce in the last 3-4 minutes. Season, cook, sauce and finish easy cleanup and done. Oh yes and reheat pizza as good as it was the day before, yes don’t throw it away. Enjoy
I have owned Philips air fryers since they first came into this country way back when. As they got better I upgraded because to me air fryer is the best way to cook. Yesterday I needed a new air fryer and decided to go with this one. Thank you Amazon for delivering it to me within hours of ordering. I washed everything, watched the videos that are posted, set it up to link with my Alexa, registered it and started cooking. Boy, was impressed. First of all it is very quiet. Second you do not have to preheat because of the double burners top and bottom, third it cooks faster than any air fryer I have ever owned. I cooked three batches of vegetables and then chicken drumsticks, all perfect. Clean up was a breeze as I put it in my dishwasher.I do a lot of cooking in my air fryer as it is my go to gadget in the kitchen. I use it every single day. It gets a workout so I really needed something that impresses me and this does. If you are thinking or researching about air fryers I would recommend this one. It is very easy to use. On the Amazon site there are videos to watch and they are helpful if you have never owned an air fryer and to familiarize yourself with this one. The manual that you receive with the fryer is short and sweet and that is why I say watch the videos. Also the app that you link your fryer to has great and helpful recipes for newbies and experienced cooks.
My previous air fryer suffered a basket handle that fell apart. It seemed a better solution to replace the fryer. This model has a larger capacity and a newly designed basket insert that is easier to clean than the previous design that had a complete inner basket. This tray is much easier to clean and saves time. The larger capacity is also nice since we use the air fryer more often for cooking various dinners and breakfast items. IMHO this model is an improvement over the last one. Plus not having to preheat the air fryer is a time saver.
A major design flaw. The finish will wear off and grease is almost impossible to remove from those areas. I think it’s too late to get my money back, but I’m looking into it asap
This is my second Cosori and it’s a bit larger than my other one.  I am in my eighties so this is a completely new way of cooking for me BUT I am enjoying learning and trying new recipes.  As I live in the south, this is a big help keeping my kitchen cooler as I don’t rely on my range oven.  I have a way to go in knowing what all I can cook in it and how to prepare, temperatures, etc. but I am learning something most every day.  I am enjoying the Facebook site for Cosori and have numerous recipes daily to look over and then try.  If you are considering an Air Fryer, I highly recommend any of the Cosori products.
A lot of people I know have air fryers. We just built a new home, new oven has a built in air fryer built in. Thought this was going to be fantastic, wrong. Everytime I air fry any thing that is the slight bit greasy or fatty I have to clean the oven with the full self cleaning cycle. Not to mention the heat in the middle of the summer.I was pleased to see the Cosori 360 Dual Blaze when researching air fryers. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and there is no heat. The only foods I’ve had to turn over have been thick pork chops and steaks. Glad I waited for the 360 to come out, I use it 3 to 4 times a week. So far the best kitchen appliance I own.
This air fryer is easy to clean. easy to operate, no flipping food. Extremely reliable. Owned six other air fryers and given them all away to family members, and this one isn’t going anywhere!
Pros: Feels like great quality, buttons are intuitive, basket is large, the app is a nice touchCons: I find it a little touchy to put the basket/drawer back in. It’s like it is hitting the top coil and I have to maneuver it until it slides in. Maybe that’s just a quirky thing with my particular unit. The only other improvement I’d love to see is to make the pre-sets a little easier to read.Overall, I am glad I made the purchase.
I’ve had several with a basket, but so far, this one is the best.  With heating elements on top and bottom, it makes it so easy to use.  You don’t have to turn food over and the presets are great.  My ribeye was perfect.  Also, I baked rolls which came out awesome.  Air fried veggies also worked.  I just LOVE it!!!!!
This is a wonderful product. Cooks food perfectly. At first, the app would t connect to the fryer. After reaching out to support, they resolved the issue within 24 hours and I was up and running. Highly recommend all around for a great experience!Update after a month: we use this for at least 80% of our cooking now. Rarely use the oven. Cooks things like bacon incredibly well. Heats evenly and quickly. Highly recommend this for perfect air frying.
Even if you don’t use the extra features (smart connectivity), it’s a super solidly built airfryer with good performance and quantity.
Fantastic product , easy to clean
It’s extraordinary sime to use and food turns out great..No flipping required.
This is the best cooking appliances I ever got. It works really good and cook fast.
No more microwave heat-ups.  Great product, easy to use.  Whatever you cook in the air fryer comes out crispy and tasty, we LOVE IT!
Been a Cosori and air fryer customer for three years now. Can’t imagine not having one. Recently upgraded to the Dual Blaze and it’s phenomenal. I thought my other Cosori was easy to clean but this is unbelievable. Soap and water with a kitchen sponge is all you need for spotless results. Thanks Cosori for another great product.
Got this for my mom’s birthday and we are loving it so far, and as far as complaints about the plastic smell, all you have to do is soak the parts in water and wipe the inside of the air fryer. I cooked my chicken wings in 12minutes.
I have been waiting for about a year to find the best air fryer and finally found it. I can make anything I want from healthy vegetable dishes to French fries (no oil just raw cut potatoes) to fried/baked chicken favorites. So glad I waited for this model and did not skimp out on the cheaper (cost and quality) brands. The Cosori Dual Blaze fryer is the best!
Easy money
Great product. Does a good job with chicken, steak, burgers, and fries. May need to add a few minutes to the preset times for extra browning. Basket is easy to clean. Suggest the paper liners to simplify cleaning, still need to wash out but the paper reduces the mess.
Does what it says and it’s easy to clean shipped and delivered on time and looked new
I had been contemplating an air fryer for quite some time. I did a lot of research and settled on this model because of the Dual Heat (top and bottom). Now that I have this, I cannot imagine cooking without it. I use it for anything– I even use it to reheat items, instead of the microwave. Clean up is a breeze, but I do recommend using parchment paper for any even easier, more seamless clean up. Lastly, if you’re a Mom or Dad— get this now. Kid tells you they’re hungry– 20 minutes later food is ready to eat! HIGHLY recommend!
This is amazing air fryer!  We use it daily and love it. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and isn’t enormous.
The 6.8 is way quieter than my 5.8. No preheating, no shaking or turning. And it cooks faster. It’s easier to clean too.
Just got this air fryer.  I have had many others, but this one excels.  It is pretty quiet, does not require pre-heating, and does NOT require you to shake the food mid-way. Wi-Fi set up was quick and easy. The things I have cooked so far have come out great using the pre-sets.  I’m looking forward to lots of good, non-greasy crispy food!
No basic recipe book came with it.
This is my second Cosori air fryer.  I had my first for 3 years.  I upgraded to this model because of the dual heating elements, no need to shake or flip food.  I have had several other brands of air fryers and I prefer Cosori above all others.  Easy to use, holds a lot of food, cooks evenly and lasts.
We cook everything in there & it’s the second one I’ve purchased from Corsori. It’s bigger than the last one,  no regrets.
Air fryer is an unusual device so we have to have guide lines o start cooking with it.  I didn’t get a cooking recepies manual to have an idea on how to cook different things and how long.  I searched all over for the cooking recepies and nothing, only the user manual with basic functions.So I have to figure it out in my own?  My friends got he cheaper versions and they all had a recepies book.  Why his one much more expensive doesn’t. ?  I do t have time for trial and error  I chatted with Amazon.customer service and had to repeat the story to 5 different people and being asked the same questions over and over and over. I don’t understand why they couldn’t understand I AM MISSING COKKING RECEPIES BOOK. I NEED ONEI am not happy with this crap.  No time to fool around with a device I am not familiar with, period.
Great addition to healthy cooking! Easy  recipes and so many of them!
Easy to clean, food  is not dried out, nice and juicy
Great air fryer. One of the best ways to cook chicken and potatoes.
I am an over 70 single woman and I can’t believe how great this appliance is. I hesitated buying one more appliance but this is probably the best one I’ve ever bought. I can cook quickly and not heat up my whole kitchen. Everything I’ve made so far in the air fryer has been fabulous! I am beyond thrilled and actually very surprised. They really should be called a table top convection cooker.
I researched air fryers for over a week and hands down this COSORI Air Fryer 6.8 Qt, Large Oven with Dual Blaze Tech is the one to get. Large capacity, perfect pre-sets, unbelievably easy and quick to clean and no more shaking or stirring food to get it evenly done. Yes, of course there is that slight smell of plastic when you first use it….even after the first few times you use it.  Big deal, they all have that, and it does not affect the taste of your food. I saved 20.00 buying it on Amazon Prime.
I won’t say that we love it, but we do like it … and we’re glad we got it …Other air fryers I looked at wouldn’t even cook enough chicken for two at the same time … I’d be cooking all night to get enough for a meal … this one is larger and you can cook enough for two people easily …It is large in size … takes up some counter space, but most appliances do, so we expected it to be big …Fries are not as good as fried in OIL tastes, but not bad … and more healthy, I’m sure …Very good on pork chops … crispy outside and moist inside … you have to spray some oil on your items to make them crispy, if not, they just get dried out on the outside and don’t crisp … chicken was good … veggies are good … Reheating pizza is good … clean up is easy … just soak in water for a few minutes with some soap and wipe out with a sponge … hope this helps !!!  :)
I’ll never get tired of finding new ways and food to cook in it.
I just upgraded to this model from the 5.8 model. I love the new basket design and the fact that it cooks from top & bottom. Cosori has by far the best customer service. I have recommended this brand to many friends & family. I use it daily and couldn’t be more pleased.
Works great no complaints, lots of room and deep side walls.  Cooks great however does do even better with a shake in between start and finish.
Get rid of that old toaster and use this instead. Have had no issues with it and the app they have for it tells me exactly when the food is done cooking.
My friend has an older air fryer and has to stop it and shake or turn the contents of the basket.  Not so with this model.  No turning means no hassle.  Comes with an app that is actually useful.  I use the app as a mobile timer that tells me when the food is done.  The app also has some really good recipes to try.  Makes great ribs in less than 40 minutes. I really enjoy cooking with this air fryer.
Easy to cook, you save time, i usually cook chicken, mushrooms, fish and beef, everything is ok. I recommend it.
This is the real Mcoy. With both element this makes it the Rolls Royce of air fryers.Just made mini eggs in the egg mold with egg beaters, cheese and other stuff.I have had 3 other air fryers this is the champ.I highly 100% recommend it and the accessories. I rarely recommend anything.
I’m really liking this dual blaze model much more than the 5.8 I had for three years. There are more functions such as broil, bake, roast and reheat as well as air fry.  No more big bulky basket with the hard to clean  vents on the side. This model has nothing more than a slim plate for air frying that fits inside the main drip pan. It cleans very easily with a sponge but can be put into the dishwasher taking up no more room than a dish.  Much more efficient cooking, more even heat, and the bake and roast functions are invaluable. This was a good choice for me.
I’ve cooked fish chicken and pork chops in the air fryer and came out perfect.  Crispy on both sides without flipping.  Totally awesome!
It’s so good,  faster than other air fryers, solid and multi functional, usually this brand creates a product for two years of steady use so maybe get the extra warranty but really a very useful device for those with 4-5 members in your household.  Nice size basket and the two heating elements make a difference,  it cuts 20% off the cooking time of comparable air fryers
Worth every penny.
I use this for anything I used to deep fry
The only problem I have with it is food falls through the two circles for your fingers to pull out the cooking rack A little annoying the rack is hot so if you need to pull it out before it cools that is a problem everything else is great it cooks well I’ve not tried the Wi-Fi program yet
I downloaded the app to use with the air fryer so that I would not have to get up and actually turn it on only thing the app does is allow you to select your food temperature and time you still have to get your ass up to turn it on what a waste of time since you’re already there putting product in the equipment
This air fryer is easy to clean and use. We use it daily and never had a problem cooking anything. The meats turn out juicy in a short period of time. I cooked a chicken and I loved the taste. I’m very happy with this purchase.
This is my first air fryer. It is amazing!! It’s easy to use. Easy to clean! And makes the best french fries I have ever made. I love it!!!!
Cuando la enciendo al rato comienza hacer un pitido y en el paner se broquea
Works very well and the app feature is great. Great buy!
Was so excited for this purchase. The product turned on once, midway through cooking it turned off. Hasn’t turned back on since then, no matter what troubleshooting I have tried recommended by website. So disappointing, especially for price point.
This is our second Cosori AF and we love it. We still have the 5.8QT, but wanted to upgrade to the Dual Blaze.It is easy to use and the app makes changing the presets extremely simple. Also, you can “watch” your cooking time in the app and change as needed.This AF cooks faster than a one element AF, so you may need to adjust temps and cooking time on the Dual Blaze.I would definitely recommend Cosori for your AF needs.
I’m really trying to figure out what took me so long to buy this
Works great, very happy with this product.It’s a very well made Air Fryer. We’ve had 3 prior to this one and they all didn’t last longer then 6 months, a quality product!
The stoppers for the insert. They fall off and difficult to put back on. Cooking!
We held off forever, we have a convection oven and didn’t see the need.  We are now unsure how we lived without it.  My FAVORITE use is to recrisp pizza, just like out of the oven!  We challenge ourselves with what can we put in the air fryer?CubanosCrispy corn taco shellsChicken wingsQuesadillasPatty meltsFried potatoesBreakfast sausageHot dogsBratwurstToasting breads for sandwichesGreat size and easy to clean.(love Dawn Powerwash Platinum Dish Soap, takes off the sticky oil goo)
I really expected way more from the COSORI Air Fryer 6.8Qt, Dual Blaze given the great reviews I read especially when it comes to insulation; It got very hot to the touch and I think they could do better. The panel lighting is extremely dim and print is small; Not suited for visually challenged.  Super ugly unit too!  I don’t think it cooks and faster. The Wifi allows the ability to schedule the cooking and to monitor during the cooking process but you must physically press start for safety reasons.
I’m a blind individual who was on the hunt for a new designated air fryer. My old one was recalled by the manufacturer, not a Cosori fryer. I love Cosori products. I have a Cosori Smart Oven, along with a tea kettle. Easy to use, and well built.I saw the Dual Blaze air fryer when it was released, and wanted it then, but I now had a good reason. It’s a beautiful machine. Solid construction and decent footprint.There’s no lever to release inner basket, because there’s no inner basket, which is ingenious. Instead you get a crisper tray to insert. The tray has rubber bumpers on corners, so it doesn’t scratch coating on basket. There’s still slats for grease to drop away from food.The Dual Blaze has a heating element on top and bottom, hence the name Dual Blaze. No turning or shake needed. Foods cook more even and faster.The Dual Blaze has a touchpad, but can be connected to your network, allowing VeSync app control, along with Alexa and Google Assistant.I purchased direct from VeSync store, during their Anniversary Sale. I’d recommend to anyone considering an air fryer. Only complaint is the built in bump out on back. This makes sure there’s enough venting when cooking, but unit can’t be pushed flush with wall when not in use. No plastic smell after an initial run at 400F for 20 minutes.For my fellow blind cooks, the Power button is top left corner of touch’screen. It’s also the Wi-Fi connect button. Took a few tries, but be patient. I had no sighted assistance. Complete control in VeSync app once connected. Fryer will automatically start when using voice control with Google or Alexa, but must press Start on fryer when using app. Start button is upper right hand of touchpad.
This was a great piece of equipment for our meal preps-quick, easy to clean and cooks perfectly. Highly recommend buying the recipe book.
This is a great product but looks like a big box. Make sure you note measurements; it’s large and aesthetics are to be desired ! Looks like a big black box which I guess I was not expecting.Over all I would by again in a heartbeat ! Love this beast. I store mine in the pantry closet when not using,  so the size and looks are no problem. This is my 3rd air fryer over the years and by far the BEST !
The manufacturer description of this air fryer is spot on. It cooks that well. Shorter cook times and everything is crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. This is my fifth air fryer, and it cooks far superior to any of the others I’ve purchased. So good that I am here to leave a review. I mostly used it for chicken and steak, with impressive and repeatable results. It is worth you purchase. I highly recommend it.
I saw positive Cosori reviews on YouTube and thought long and hard before buying one.  I eventually purchased it and have used it almost every day since.  I use it primarily for salmon, green beans and brussel sprouts.  I season, spray with avacado oil (I also purchased an oil sprayer) and enjoy.  The quality of the food comes out restaurant quality.  The salmon is crispy on the outside and hot on the inside.  (I also bought a cooking thermometer.)  I use it so often that I ended up buying a second one for when I have company.  This way I can cook the protein in one and the vegetable in the other and time it so that they both come out hot at the same time.  I never use the removable crisper plate which makes cleaning the basket extremely quick and easy.  This is a truly great product that I really do use daily.
Easy to use and works very well.  I didn’t rate it for flavor because I had no interest in seeing what the machine tastes like.  One con:  Most of these are basket in basket. This one is not.  Instead of just shaking the inner basket, you’re shaking the whole part that pulls out.
Simple to use, display user friendly and cooks evenly
I have the 5.8qt basket style and upgraded to the new dual blaze. It is fantastic! I was able to cook an entire bag of chicken wings at one time in 30 min. They were the best! I still have the 5.8qt and use both but it’s nice to not have to flip as much with the dual blaze
Everything comes out so crisp with no flip which was the major selling point to me. The voice assistant and food scanning features leave a little to be desired though. Overall I would recommend this air fryer to anyone I know.
Fácil y practico de usar, buen regalo!
This air fryer is easy to use, cooks fast, and the food always comes out perfect. I made this purchase having experience with convection ovens but not air fryers.This model turned out to be a great choice.  The controls work great the oven cooks evenly and the basket has great nonstick and is easy to clean.The downloadable app for smartphones works great. You can look up a recipe, send it to the oven and start cooking.Pros:Food comes out perfect.WI-FI app works great.Easy to clean.Cons:Some foods will smoke a lot. (Use under a vent or place a slice of bread in the bottom of the basket to soak up excess grease depending on what you’re cooking).I get a lot of use out of this oven and so far, it works great. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
My wife and I have been talking about an air fryer for months.  We finally sat down ad reviewed all the reviews and basically narrowed down our search to a horizontal type fryer.  But, then we looked at the cleaning aspect and went with the vertical unit due to the ease of cleaning.  We had a toaster oven, which I used every week and I had no issues with.  But, the wife’s persistent plug got me to switch.  Glad we did.This unit is quick, and despite the reviews on the noise it makes, works great.  Not only do we save on counter space, we now will get a toaster for the quick slice of bread, etc.  Our first meal were frozen meatballs.  We figure, quick, easy, and if we screw it up, not major loss.  This is where you read the instructions on the package and try to mimic the instructions.  We did this, and based on the results, I was not pleased for the simple reason that the air fryer over cooked the meatballs.  So, on the 2nd attempt we raised the temperature a bit and lowered the time.  Came out wonderful!  This is where the only negative thing I can say about the fryer…It would be really nice for Cosori to have a search engine that would allow you to type in frozen meatballs and get the recommended cooking time/temperature and allow you to upload this to the oven.  The headline to this stated you could scan frozen food and get the steps involved, but that is only if the product is in their database.  Or, as a secondary enhancement, you can scan the bar code on the VeSync software / app.  It is nifty how it tells you the nutritional stuff, but not how to cook the item.  The point here is that cooking has come a long way,  why not take it a few steps further?So, we will experiment a little more on this, but if you do not buy this unit, you are crazy!  It is WONDERFUL!
I can’t really compare it to other air fryers since this is my first but after about a month of use, I can say it has been great and a game changer to have around.
First of all I have a Cosori 5.8 air fryer which I love. I wanted a slightly larger capacity one and my husband was keen on this. I know there are a lot of good reviews but I don’t agree with them. This is a new product which cooks differently from the one I have. It comes with meager instructions and guidance on how to use it. It has no preheat setting. You have to do manual preheating. It has a slanted pan which seems great until you get a grease build up that smokes. My other Cosori doesn’t smoke with equal foods. It has no recipe booklet to get you started. You have to guess a ton more on temperature settings as you do not have detailed instructions or many user posted YouTube videos to go by. It easily overcooks food using normal air fryer cooking temperatures and time because of the second element.  It has no setting (sound) for flipping or rearranging food as it claims to not need it … don’t buy into that. Cosori claims that there are over a hundred recipes on their VeSync App for this model which is false. Basically it is a stripped down software model with an extra element which actually adds to the complexity of how to air fry. It seems to me if you introduce a new concept model into a product lineup you should at least provide expanded information on how to use it. Sure you can spend lots of extra time and wasted money on poorly cooked food to figure out how it functions but that doesn’t lend itself to the whole idea of making life easier in my opinion. Or you can buy an air fryer that has good instructions, lots of user recipes and at a much lower price. Cosori has been throwing out new models quickly, some of which I have tried, and which I believe under perform. First time buyers should check YouTube videos for the air fryers that people most frequently use to post recipes. That is a much better gauge on what to buy.  I am stuck with this white elephant and until Cosori supports it’s new products better it will be my last Cosori.
Es muy bueno por lo general en otras freidoras de aire tengo q agregar mas tiempo pero con este no lo cual me parece exelente. Lo recomiendo al 💯
I like it and cuts calories
This is my second one it works great but the first one the temp did not work I sent it back.
This works very well for almost any air-frying needs. Easy to clean. Effective. Easy to program. I would recommend this.
Best air fryer I’ve ever owned. Solid. It’s an appliance, not a plastic egg shaped fryer. Easy to connect to Alexa…totally unnecessary but super fun if you’re as lazy as I am and can’t even push a button. Other reviews are right – it is super difficult to read the tilted screen, but it’s not the end of the world. You get used to what button is where and if you’re using Alexa it doesn’t even matter. Best part is the top and bottom heat. No more flipping or shaking. Has worked perfectly so far. With two heating elements, food gets crispier and in much less time. You can tell the company really stands behind this one with all the online options and app connectivity. Love it.
This is the best, smartest air fryer we’ve ever owned. Cooks fast, cleans up easy. On WiFi it let’s you know when your food it complete with a text. This is handy when the kids are home alone and cooking, as ours texts my wife. So glad we bought this one, after we saw it used by YouTube’s Pro Home Cooks! We use ours daily as we are doing the Facebook E2M fitness program.
I’m happy to not open and mix the food anymore now that it has top and bottom cooker.
So fast so good!! Chicken thighs and veggies all at once. 20 minutes later dinner !!
This product is really a miniature of a convection oven but smarter. The big plus is the bottom heat source, which makes your kitchen experience even more pleasant since you can focus on other cooking tasks.
Thanks to the dual elements, this unit cooks quicker than most so you have to watch your food closely and maybe drop the temps just a bit.  My chicken thighs come out juicy inside and with just the right amount of snap on the outside.  Everything cooks great in here.  The dual elements is a game changer.
This is my 1st AF. I researched for hours the various models & general criticisms by users for these products. Ultimately, the size of the basket & dual heating elements is what sold me. This AF has been a joy to use & has earned a permanent place on my counter. I use it at least 3x a week & continue to find/experiment new recipes & foods to cook in it. I should also add, I’m not a cook & I have very little cooking skills but this thing motivates me to learn. Zero regrets, buy it & thank me later.
Fast easy set up right out of the box. I cooked pork, beef, fish the first week .Oh and baked biscuits! The large basket is just right for a family meal for 3 or 4 .  6 pork chops, 4 strip steaks,  fish for 4, and a whole tube of biscuits. The dual burners eliminate  having to flip food half way! You will love the clean up! One pan!
Easy set up.  Motor is quiet.  Load food and press start.  COSORI sends message via phone when food is ready.  Very easy to clean.
I love this COSORI Air Fryer 6.8Qt, Dual Blaze with 360 ThermoIQ Tech, big and roomy inside to fit food.I like the square-ish shape, it doesn’t  take up more space on my counter top than my Instant Pot Air Fryer did. Easy to use, easy menu function. I would recommend to family and friends.
Big and boxy.  It didn’t fit under my cabinets and had a noticeable phenolic smell.  I returned it and bought a DREO.
Seems to cook much quicker than other fryers I have had and get a more even crispiness when frying without even having to remove the tray and shake around whatever it is you air frying, just set it and leave it be till its down thanks to the dual heating elements. Cooked my family of air fried pork chops, broiled mushrooms and asparagus and a heap of fries for the kids in like 30 minutes, love my COSORI Air Fryer!
I thought the quality was great and it was easy to use. Have cooked everything from salmon to a beef brisket. All were delicious.
This is my first air fryer and I love it.  I have cooked so many things in this but my favorite is fish. I’ve never been able to do a decent job of cooking fish in a way that was healthy. Now I can make salmon that’s just as good as any restaurant. I can also make lightly breaded fish using very little oil that is delicious and healthy. Shrimp scampi comes out great, too.I love this for chicken, grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon, eggs, French toast, muffins and so much more. I do flip some things because the top gets browner than the bottom but it’s not a big deal.Cleaning the basket is very easy. Cleaning the inside is not so easy. I’ve learned that it’s important to clean inside frequently or grease builds up. Putting a little Dawn power wash on a paper towel, letting it sit a bit and then scrubbing helps some. I don’t like to spray the power wash inside because it gets under the coil and is hard to wipe up. I’ve also used Mr. Clean magic eraser. I wish the manual had mentioned how to properly clean the inside. I didn’t know I needed to do that right away so there was some build up to work on when I realized that needed to be done. I’m also concerned that there will be build up underneath the coil which is very hard to get to for cleaning.I also wish this had come with a cookbook or even a link to a cookbook. The website doesn’t offer much help. It’s all done through the app. My phone is pretty full and I didn’t want to have to put on another app to get recipes. At least the app isn’t needed in order to use the fryer. I haven’t had too many problems with adapting other air fryer recipes as long as I check frequently to see if it’s done.I’m very pleased with this and have been using it nearly every day. I’m looking forward to using it in the summer instead of my regular oven because it doesn’t heat up the kitchen like a big oven will.
I love my Cosori, it’s easy to clean, fast cooking and I don’t have to  deep fry anymore
Too big
It works great so far! I Cooke a big Chicken and Some Loin it it it’s a Breeze. I also did Bbq Rips in it and they were wonderful. It’s very easy to clean. Seems like the Coating in it will last a long time.
The Cosori 6.8 is a wonderful air fryer allowing larger portions to be prepared than in many other appliances. However one glaring shortcoming keeps me from giving it a 5 star rating.  The unlit selection icons ( meat, fish, fries, etc.) are so faint that they’re nearly impossible to read until they light up when touched. Any glare from lighting on the unit’s surface further exacerbates the problem. I can’t understand how Cosori could have overlooked this design flaw.  I suspect this issue will be addressed sometime in the future and would hesitate purchasing this model until then. It’s really aggravating.
I thought this was the one. There’s an odor when cooking even though I washed the unit and did a dry run. While trying not to damage the basket I’m having the hardest time putting it back into the unit. The app is a little confusing. I find myself cooking items longer than suggested, especially for crispness. Not really getting the dual cooking function.  The grill plate is easy to pull out but a chore putting it back in, evenly. Although I normally use Power Xl equipment I thought this was a good upgrade.  I’ll just go back to using my toaster air fryer oven.
It cooks many things in less time and with much better flavor.
Wow about covers it!  Long time cook here, think; old.  Very impressed with the quality andquick cooking this AF offers. Easy clean up…lives up to all advertised and to the poster whosaid was ‘ smoky’….we experienced non of that, just followed the directions and washed anddried everything before use.  No problems whatsoever and brussels sprouts were so good!would easily buy again and recommend to everyone.
Have older model at my cabin. This one is great too!  After 7 months the rubber feet came off the tray inside. Have emailed and called customer service 4 times total. No help. Also NO ASSISTANCE FROM AMAZON. $179 for an air fryer it should last longer than 7 months!
Great product.  Very happy with the fryer.
Absolutely love this high capacity air fryer! It’s easy to use and clean. Highly recommend
I had an older Cosori model; I wanted to upgrade before I moved. It was a life saver while I traveled across the country. The basket is only one piece as opposed to my previous edition. It is easy to clean wether hand scrubbing or throwing in the dish washer. I cook all sorts of food from ribeye steaks to chicken. I don’t have any complaints at all and highly recommend!
Little & big wings, and just about everything, this miraculous air fryer does. Recommend getting an extra basket. Don’t worry on bottom scratches forming on tray. Extra tray and grill STRONGLY recommended.
I love how easy it is to cook many different types of food in my new air fryer.  No heavy greasy foods to deal with and the foods retain their natural flavors.  Extremely fast cooking speeds and the model I chose makes shaking and turning foods over a thing of the past.  The foods come out tender crisp and browned perfectly.
I’ve had a number of airfryers. This one is so easy to use. Piece of advise, I  don’t clean after each use. But when I do,  I wipe all parts and side with coconut oil, just a light smear. Learned that tip years ago. Makes for less oil when cooking an easier cleaning. This was a great buy.
Air fryer is very easy to use and cooks food evenly through don’t have to flip food. This air fryer easy to clean. Product has not smoked like some reviews said. Kids love using it
I had gotten a ninja foodie duo basket for Christmas and I absolutely love it. However, when I started looking for videos on different ideas to use in an air fryer, the Cosori kept coming up in so many videos. After reviewing the comparison videos that I found, we decided to order the Cosori since we do a lot of family dinners and have a lot of different varieties of air fry items. The cosori is very easy to use, very easy to clean, it has a nice size basket so you can get more items in there. I highly recommend this product.
This air fryer works fabulous.  It cooks food accurately and cleans very easy.  It can go in the dishwasher and cleans great.  The features are great.
I love my Cosori air fryer! The customer service is amazing which makes this brand even better!
Buttons don’t line up were you should press. You will have to move your finger around to find the sweet spot. Would get an extra star if it had a window to view your food while cooking. Should have came with a recipe book. No preset bacon option. Color scheme would have been nice. Cooks great so far.
amazing i’ve never used an air fryer in my life i plugged it in connected it to my phone and with alexa and it was so easy W Product
Air fryer blow up first 10 minutes of test run
It is easy to use, and food turns out well.  Kids love it because it a push of a button to cook or warm something.  Never burns food.  Great purchase.
I wasn’t sure I was going to like an air fryer…after all it is a convection oven downsized.  I am cooking for one and using the air fryer instead of the oven has been terrific.  Now that I have the hang of it, I am cooking more and more stuff in it.  I am very glad I bought the product.  So easy to use and to clean.
Quiet operation, efficient dual burners, blue tooth. awesome!
One of my favorite things about this air fryer is there’s no flipping because it has heating elements on top and bottom. It connects to your Wi-Fi so you can use an app with it too. It’s relatively quiet too for its size. Seems to be built good to, solid unit. I originally had a go-wise 3.7 quart air fryer which was good, but I felt I needed to go larger. I saw a lot of YouTubers using this one and thought this would be the best upgrade to go larger. I haven’t been disappointed yet. Great appliance!!
First airfryer ever in the house. Love it heats from the bottom as well. The size in the basket works for small or large crowd. Its a learning curve but can be time saving. After research it was something I felt good about buying. So far cosori has a good customer service as well. Boxed and shipped well. No smell when starting up or off taste. It is a big boy on the counter but surprisingly light to move around.
I already had a Cosori  AF before buying this one and loved it, but after getting this as my my 2nd one – I am in love!  If you are debating about buying an air fryer, go with the 5.8 Pro or you won’t go wrong with the 6.8 Dual Blaze!
An air fryer will change your life and this one is the Rolls Royce of air fryers.  Simple, easy to use easy to clean.  The pre-sets are easy to use and shockingly accurate so don’t try to overthink them.  You would be shocked at what you can cook in this thing and there are a million air fryer recipes online.  Just search for air fryer corned beef recipe and you will find a ton.  Of course they all start with three paragraphs of why air fryers are the best thing since sliced bread but skip past that and you will be done in no time.The only issue is the fryer itself is small and you can’t really do more than one thing at a time so this does not lend itself to larger meal preperation.  However you can do parts of it quick and easy (I made jambalaya last week and cooked the shrimp, chicken, and sausage together in the fryer while prepping the rice in a pot) but you have to plan ahead.  Overall a great cooking experience.
This air fryer is amazing, no need for an over lol
Like everything about the air fryer
While this fryer look nice, the display was hard to see, I even put cheater glasses on and it was still difficult to see. My biggest complaint on this fryer is the bottom heating unit. Since grease drips down to the bottom of the basket, that bottom heating unit heats that grease up and then the fryer will blow dark, black clouds of smoke out the back of the unit. So now your kitchen is filled with smoke and then your smoke detectors start to go off. I tried at different temps but the same thing kept happening.  The only thing that would work was placing the unit by an open window so all that smoke would go outside.  If you were able to turn the bottom heating unit off, the fryer would be just fine.  So just beware.
Easy to use, clean, and plenty of room
Our family has always wanted an air fryer. My wife brought one home one time and just looking at it we sent it back. I then did some research and found that Cosori air fryers had Excellent reviews.Now as everyone knows, when you see a product with excellent reviews, it sometimes doesn’t really work out that way when you get it home.We have used the Cosori Air fryer now three times. We first cooked pork tenderloin, then we cooked lobster tails, and today we had a chicken stir fry. Words do not express how satisfied we are with the Cosori Air fryer. Everything we cooked came out absolutely tasting and looking great.If you have thought about getting an air fryer, I definitely recommend costori
I love this air fryer! Since it cooks on the top and bottom there’s no shaking midway through cooking. It is a breeze to clean. We will be using this several times a week! *note: the egg whites pictured were cooked on the stove.
I have not used this product yet because i need to buy a power reducer to match South African standards which are clearly higher than USA standard. Was very misleading when item was purchased on Amazon as it was not clearly mentioned right in the start that it did not conform to normal power standards across the world. Returning the product will only cause huge financial losses to me and may take several months to get any money back if they ever do give the money back. I therefore cannot rate the product but the deceptive service received from both Amazon and Cosori. Absolutely disgusting service.
Since there wasn’t many reviews on the duel blaze I was a little reluctant to buy it. But man oh man it has gone above my expectations! Very happy with it!
Will be sending back and getting different brand.  It seems Cosori has a problem with basket popping out and shutting unit off.  Very annoying and I should have read reviews.  Seems to be common.
great product
This is an upgrade from the Cosori 5. 8 that I had which was wonderful. Instead of the basket, this 6.8 model has a removable crisper plate. While having the crisper plate is fine instead of the basket, Cosori has put two large finger holes directly in the center of the plate, that food invariably falls through. Having the dual heating units is wonderful, but the crisper holes ruin an almost perfect airfryer experience!
I had a older Cosori and the handle broke off the basket, even though it was over two years old the sent me a new one, awesome customer service. So during this time I purchased the dual blaze and I absolutely love it!! it can be controlled from my Phone app or manually. I have cooked every night for the last two weeks with it. Because it cookes from top and bottom you can get a great crust/sear on steaks, Salmon, chicken and Pork loin. I have done all sorts of Veggies in it and they come out beautiful without shaking or flipping the food, again because it cooks on both sides at the same time. I will be doing some Youtube videos soon on different applications with it. Also will be purchasing more of the Cosori line to test and review. thanks to Amazon for doing a great job of getting it to me quickly and in perfect condition!
This is my second Cosori (I have the 5.8qt as well) and I love the sleep design of the larger one and I can do more foods at the same time. It doesn’t have a preheat like the 5.8qt so that was an adjustment to my usual times, but it heats up really fast so it hasn’t really been an issue and is just a learning curve which is true for any air fryer and personal preferences. I’ve cooked steak, salmon, fries, roasted vegetables, etc. and all came out great. Highly recommend Cosori air fryers.
Made this chicken in my Dual Blaze airfryer . I love the fact that  it’s easy to clean and it seems to cook evenly . We use it all the time . I love the fact that I don’t have to flip or shake the food because of the heating elements on the top and bottom of the fryer . Buy it , you won’t regret it
So far loving the air fryer – just wish it came with a cook book for options
Absolutely the best Air Fryer ever, love how easy to use and clean. 1”steak came out juicy  , eggs, pork chops so moist..
This dual blaze Cosori is top of the line. Buy now. Update your prior 2020 models. So easy,  no smells, no midway flipping or shaking. It’s awesome. I’m glad I held out and did my research. Buy with confidence!!!And for all those foodies who think this is just a passing trend, think of it as a mini convection oven to crisp up sides without using the large oven. It’s a kitchen game changer. And for those in the know, you know  Enjoy.
Just received this today and put it to use already! I made broccoli florets from frozen and brats for meal prep and couldn’t be happier with the appliance. Both items cooked to perfection in only minutes, no pre-heating of the oven or ending up with soggy broccoli!Clean up was a breeze with the basket and tray only needing to be washed.I will do an updated review after further use as I plan to use the appliance almost daily. Initial impression has been amazing!
This entire experience was unbelievable! The air fryer performed so well! Spacious, relatively quiet, and easy to clean! I especially appreciated the dual heaters eliminating the need to stop cooking and shake!But, the best part was Customer Service! I contacted them with an issue. So surprised at how quickly they responded! They sent my email to another department. Thought I was going to get lost in email h?ll. Not to be!In a short amount of time, instead of fixing mine, they sent me a brand new one! No arguing,  no negotiating, just we’ll send you a new one. It arrived today! They kept their word. Definitely would purchase from them again!Strong customer focus with a quality product! Thank you, Cosori!
The fact that this has heat sources above and below the food makes a huge difference. No preheating, or flipping food. Cooking time is reduced significantly. This air fryer is a game changer in my opinion. I expect others well adopt this design.
100 percent love dealing with this company. We received this as a gift from a relative.. We contacted customer support to purchase a new basket or a part to repair.  I don’t know Andrew personally but he deserves a raise the way he took care of us.  Cost us nothing and had our issue solved ASAP.
This is my 4th AF. Each is a little different. This on is wonderful and I love the iPhone app
I absolutely love this Cosori Air fryer!!! I love how it heats at the bottom and the top so no flipping food or shaking. Very easy to use and clean!! Best air fryer that I’ve ever had. Love it
I love this air fryer! If you’re looking to purchase an air fryer or need an upgrade, this is the one for you!
Pretty cool appliance.  Steaks, chops, chicken wings, on and on.  Juicy, full  of flavor and the wings, crispy and absolutely delicious.  Easy to use, easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much counter space.
Over the years I have owned three different air fryers. The last one was a month ago and it was  underpowered. Got the new Cosori. I like the fact I do not have to preheat it. I have never had a air fryer clean up this easily. As far as not needing to turn, depends on the item I believe. Chicken is still turnover. Tater tats that sort of thing brown fine without turning. Google will only turn it on and off. However Alexa can turn the temperature or function I want just by speaking. Quite satisfied with this product would recommend it.
Love this air fryer. Works great. Had a problem after 6 weeks of constant use. Contacted Cosori and they replied immediately. They were very eager to help and solved my problem immediately. Kelsey and Cosori could not have been better. Great customer service
My first air fryer and I couldn’t be more happy, is everything I wanted. Easy to use, easy to clean and makes amazing fries
We bought the 6.8 qt. Dual Blaze air fryer to replace the 5.8 qt. air fryer so that my Son could take the 5.8 qt. on the road with him as he drives truck long haul. I wanted the 6.8qt. but couldn’t reconcile buying a new one as the 5.8 worked great with no issues at all. So this gave me the opportunity to get the newer model and I’m so glad we did, we use it everyday, usually more than once.Not only do I love not having to flip the food, but the cleaning is so simple with having only one basket. Also it’s very quiet.The things I would change is you could automatically add minutes for frozen meat, like for instance, place the frozen wings in the fryer, hit the chicken button and then hit frozen to add a few minutes to allow for the difference between thawed and frozen chicken… but the frozen button is just for frozen food, not to add minutes to another program. Of course I can figure out how much time, and it’s not a big deal but would just be a nice option. Also I would have the finished beep to be louder. This, to me, is a bigger deal as I can’t hear it from where I watch tv. I was hoping this would change with this newer model as it was an issue with the 5.8 qt., very quiet beeper.Over all I’m very happy. I think Cosori air fryers are heads and shoulders above other air fryers, especially with customer support!! They are simply amazing.Thanks for an awesome product, Ani Sargent
I’m really liking this dual blaze air fryer which heats from the top and the bottom.  It’s a good size with it being large enough to cook a good amount of wings, a whole chicken or to add a container if you need to cook inside a container.  Maybe you might want to make brownies or cook something that has a bit of sauce.  I also like that I can connect to the app or even better to Alexa.My husband who works in a technical field but seems to find kitchen gadgets challenging, asked me to give him a tutorial on how to use the air fryer unless it would work with Alexa.  I had to change the name to just air fryer, so he could remember the name, but I taught him how to start the air fryer with Alexa.I’ve used this air fryer every single day since I received it.  I used it 3 times yesterday alone.
Cooks from top & bottom.  Cooks Great.  Even Amazon reviewers of reviewers would agree.  Maybe even remove a bridge to get a boat thru:)  Awesome air fryer.  The BEST.
I like a lot of things about the fryer and by the way, it did and does not smell at all and is no louder than my microwave.  What I don’t like about it is the displays do not all light up and it is hard to tell which is chicken, fish, etc. without memorizing the buttons or hitting each one until you find what you want.  Not really a big deal.  Also, there are no cook books relating to the dual blaze and I’m thinking the timing of the food may be less than the recipes that we have and include shaking the basket.  So I hope someone publishes a cook book soon!!
Customer service from both Amazon and Cosori.com was a disappointment.
This is my first air fryer and it has changed my life. No longer use my mircowave or toaster oven this thing cooks so well and makes all my stuff crispy quickly. Even hot pockets are better in this thing.
It would not even power up
Best whole chicken ever
I have returned one of these already because the control panel does not fully light up.  Only the selection you choose lights up.  Therein lies the problem….. ie, how are you supposed to make a heating choice if the control panel is mostly dark… ??  With my previous Cosori all cooking choices would light up.  Was this a mistake or is this a design flaw ? Cosori has told me the next units will fix the flaw but they haven’t offered to replace mine with the new one.
Does not cook well on bottom, need to turn.  one of my main reasons to buy.
Prepared everything from meat and seafood to vegetables and all come out great.
Works exactly as advertised. Would purchase again.
Larger than my last one, bigger chickens! Dual heat elements make it easier to use (no tossing or turning).
Use it for everyday cooking..love the fact of bottom heating element and no flipping,but do not like big holes in crisper plate fries fall to bottom.
I like how the basket comes out. My last one I had to lift the lid and unlock it to close it. Very simple with a few options
First, it has a large capacity for cooking.  Easily fit 4 large chicken breast.  Second, clean up is easy and simple, even for BBQ food, just soak the components in hot water overnight and it wipes clean.  The food that’s cooked in it comes out very favorable.
Purchased 5 quart Corsori fryer 6 months ago. Needed a larger one. We use our air fryer for everything. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
I always compare products and prices based on customer satisfaction and industry reviews. This air fryer was the highest performance rated and large enough for my family. It functions well and cleans up beautifully.
Love this airfyer. Complete game changer. This has heating elements on the bottom as well as the top. Cooked two frozen chicken chicken leg quarters and voila dinner was served within 20 minutes. Crispy and juicy chicken every time. Yet to use this for baking. Easy to clean.
All seemed well with this air fryer at first. Seemed quality built.. Had a nice feature set. I also thought that the addition of the bottom heating element was a nice idea, should speed things up a bit and provide more even cooking. Little did I know that the bottom heating element would also be the Achille’s heel. Since it sits below the basket, anything that drips into the basket, like bacon grease, is going to smoke badly as it burns off. This happens well before the food is finished cooking. It is not from a neglected to clean it, and it has built up a bunch of grease in the bottom scenario.I would be OK if there was a way to disable the bottom element for such scenarios, nope. I can find no mention of turning off the bottom element in the user manual OR if any of the various cooking modes disables the bottom element. This is just not going to work. Many things drip as they are being cooked…I mean that is supposed to be an advantage of an air fryer, right? The excess fat drips away alright, and then burns off into your lungs.Returning.
Have not used it a lot as yet, but not having to flip/shake the food is a great improvement. Still learning how to adjust the times and temps from the single heat source but am enjoying the experience. Have no negative thoughts on it and would recommend it as it also fixed the problematic basket handle.
The best Cosori Air Fryer, it’s perfect for me and my family
Updated review:So after a week of use (almost every day) I have reached the conclusion this air fryer is NOT worth the hefty price tag. My reasons are as follows:1) Per instructions, I performed the “test run”. Actually did this twice before cooking food in it. It filled my kitchen and living room with a chemical smell that left me with a headache and irritated lungs. After a week of use I could still smell hints of the chemicals and still experienced the headache and lung irritation. So health is my primary reason for returning this product.2) It cooks food unevenly in the basket. Items towards the front of the basket near the handle get cooked fine (or overcooked) but items towards the back, deepest in the fryer do not get cooked thoroughly. For the price tag that is just absolutely unacceptable. My mother in laws cheaper air fryer had no issues with cooking food evenly.3) The fryer plate design is horrible as there are two big holes in the middle (I’m assuming finger wholes to remove the plate for cleaning) and food always finds its way through them under the plate and into the basket. I knew immediately it would be a problem before I even started cooking with this thing so I’m not sure what their engineers were thinking when they approved that design. Absolutely frustrating to the point of being comical. You’d think it’d be common sense to not make holes in the fryer plates too big to allow typical foods to fall through.I don’t expect perfection from any product but I do expect the quality to match or exceed its given price tag and this product definitely does not do that. I will reopen my search for a good air fryer.**Initial review:This will be an updated review at some point. I’m only currently reviewing based on my first attempt at cooking with it.First. I followed the instructions and performed a cleaning and test run (I actually did this twice for good measure). My main concern with purchasing an air fryer was plastic and chemical smells that seem all too common with use of air fryers. To my displeasure, my concerns were verified during test run and first cooking use as that smell filled my kitchen and living room. Time will tell if that will go away.I cooked three frozen burger Pattie’s for our first air fryer meal. I started with broiling them for 10 minutes. I checked them and they were cooking well but needed a little more time. I then did the air fry feature for 5 minutes to help brown the outside better and much to my dismay one of the patties was noticeably more cooked than the other two which indicated to me uneven cooking. Obviously, I’m not going to judge this appliance based on one use but I definitely will scrutinize it more as I do use it.I used my mother in law’s cheaper air fryer with less features and it does a phenomenal job. So in comparison, I’m not too fond of the price I paid for something that doesn’t seem to do any better than a cheaper air fryer. Again, time will tell.
Ok, so I never owned an air fryer. I read about a bunch of them when I wanted to start cooking a bunch of food without all the oil and stinky kitchen smell associated with frying things. I cannot believe how well air frying, of course, using this model, works. It gives me about 80 top 90% of the crispiness I loved with fried food without the oil. The taste is incredible. If you are new to air fryers like me, the usefulness of this appliance is like a person who grew up heating everything in the oven or on the stove and then getting a microwave. The paradigm shift is that severe.I really am impressed. Not sure how other air fryers work but this heats from the bottom and the top and I sprinkled a little bit of olive oil with a spoon (I dont have an oil sprayer) on top and bottom of my fish, chicken before placing it in the tray on top of the grill like thing. Because its dual heat I didn’t have to turn it, which will remove the crispy crispy coating when trying to awkwardly turn things over half cooked. You really will not be able to taste a difference in terms of crispiness if you dont over load the tray. I am not sure if I am more impressed at how well air fryers work or if it is just that this particular model is so good. :)
I can’t believe I waited so long to buy this! This size seems to be good for our family of 6… My teenagers hanger been awesome showing us TikTok and Tasty videos for new recipes… And it’s able to connect to my phone so I don’t have to babysit it.Easy Peasy! There’s a ton of videos on tips for cooking and cleaning.Would buy again if I had to.
I haven’t used my stove since I got my cosori air fryer!!! From hard boiled eggs to fried chicken and roasted salmon and potatoes!! This thing does it all!  IT IS AMAZING!!!!  Thank you for creating such an amazing product!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😳
I spent way more time researching buying an air fryer then I thought I would, but after all my research I decided to buy the Cosori. We have used it almost every night since we bought it and it has saved us a lot of time(cooks faster and no preheat) and cleanup(non-stick basket) vs. the oven and all the food I have cooked in it has come out amazing. I have the new model with the upper and lower heating elements (dual blaze) and it is phenomenal. Highly recommend!
It cooks faster than a single heat element air fryer and all the cook books are for a single heat element fryer. Other than that it’s working good
Great features-Easy to use-perfect sizeLOVE IT!!!!!!
After seeing a lot of reviews for this air fryer, I decided to check it out for myself.  While the presets are not anything I would use on a regular basis, the ability to connect to my phone and voice commands via Alexa or Google make up for it.  Wow does this fryer get the job done!  So far I’m blown away by the even cooking and flexibility of the design.  I opted for the larger unit (6.8 qt) with dual blaze technology and it works great for small or large batch recipes.  This morning I’m enjoying baked apples and oatmeal.  Last night it was a chicken & vegetable mix – with gravy!  Clean-up is really easy with soap and water, although the basket is dishwasher safe.  Overall, I’d say this is worth every penny.  I’ll check back in six months, but this unit is so well built I doubt I’ll have much more to say.
I love this air fryer. It is sleek looking and easy to clean. Since I got it I have used it every day. I’m really glad I got it.
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Great air fryer! Easy to clean. Alexa supporting. Pretty quiet working.

We got an air fryer as a wedding present from some friends. At first, it was fun exploring new recipes, even if the air fryer took up a ridiculous amount of space on our countertops. Is really good for making a quick dinner or reheating leftovers. BUT….Now it won’t even heat up. You turn it on, set the time and temperature, put your food in, timer goes off and your food hasn’t cooked at all. Super frustrating. It has a 1-year warranty and of course it started acting up right after the warranty expired. Would not recommend. Not worth it.
It is a must-have. There is a button for preheat already. Frozen chicken and shrimps straight to air fryer and it makes a perfect job. Cosori 6.8 qt air fryer is very large and can cook all my food at once. Lots of functions like roast, bake and reheat. And the non-stick basket is quite impressive. love it!
My first try at air frying.  Picked this one out because of the dual frying capability and so far I really like it.  I’ve cooked potatoes and chicken and it works really great! I like that you don’t have to flip the food.  Think I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this.
Got this bad boy fired up today. All I can say is WOW. It is the easiest thing to use and simple and quick to clean!Made banana chips in 20 minutes from prep to mouth and tonight chicken wings took just short of 30 minutes. All I did was dry rub them with the Treager dry rub for chicken, put them in the air fryer and pushed the chicken button and GO. 20 minutes later done and perfect!Oh and setup was super simple which included getting it connected to the app (which isn’t necessary but really nice to have). The app had tons of recipes.This machine is honestly worth more than what I paid.Get one and enjoy quick easy healthy cooking!!
Fast delivery but there was no manual only a red envelope for warranty.  I contacted Amazon and was told they’d send me electronic copy.  Seriously?  I advised him I prefer an actual manual to which he advised that I contact the manufacturer. I am disappointed at Amazons response but will contact cosori. In the meantime, I’ll give 3 stars and hope I can add to the stars upon a positive resolution
Je suis très satisfaite de mon choix. Taille parfaite pour une famille. Je le recommande sans hésiter.
I really like this air fryer. It’s easy to use and clean up. Cooking time needs some adjustments. No more turning the food.
Great surface area.. 2 burners works great
To make sweet potatoe wedges
I love this air fryer!!! Will recommend.
Très satisfaite cuit Très bien rien à dire pour l’instant
his air frayer is very isse to used and have a app that make your life very essy
Awesome, using it almost everyday! Life changer if use to eat a lot of fried stuff ! You can really feel the difference
My last Cosori was recalled and wasnt sure when I would receive the replaced one I decided to buy this model.Since my air fryer arrived I have used it every day from whole chicken to salmon and quiche and roasted vegetables. Let me tell you I could never do without the air fryer again. Cosori had great reviews when I bought my 1st one and it is the only one that I would stick with and no I get no endorsements from the company.
I like the fact that you can remove the bottom grid and cook directly on the bottom of the unit while also getting heat from the top element. There is no need to flip food and the unit is easy to clean. The preset temperatures and times are very helpful when in doubt.
I had the original corsori 5.8. Upgraded to this bigger size. The original held maybe 5 hash Browns . 4 were flat and the 5th had to be tilted a bit. This one fits 6 easy. No flipping at all, both sides were evenly cooked. I had to flip in the old cosori. This one is much much better. The control panel is also way easier to use and more intuitive. It has separate up and down buttons for time and temp. The original one only had the one set and you had to toggle cycle to change the time and temp which got very annoying. This is a much better product but admittedly much more expensive.
La friteuse est facile a employée (réglage programmé :poulet, steak, fruits de mer, légumes, frites, produits congelés et pas besoin de retourner les aliments a cause des 2 éléments). Le fonctionnement est relativement silencieux. Je n’ai pas de lave vaisselle et le nettoyage se fait sans probleme. Je suis vraiment tres satisfait de ce produit.
The only thing I dislike about it was that it did not come with a cook book like my 5.8 qt did. I have had to adjust cooking times and temps. It cooks faster and a bit hotter. It took a couple of weeks and I think I have the cooking down now.I like the fact that I do not have to preheat this airfryer or shake the fries or wings.
Es muy sencillo en cuanto a su uso y no distorsiona el sabor de los alimentos.
This is the best, has dual element so no need to turn food half way through cooking, super easy to clean, does not get hot in back of unit and quite quiet. I did lot of research and does not get better than this. This does cost more yet well worth it. You’ll be extremely happy with this.
c,est mon premier air fryer ,et j,ai choisit dual blaze a cause de 2 elements, pas besoin de retourner ou faire quoique se soit et c,est pret
I have been on the fence about buying an air fryer for many years and seem to have hit the sweet spot after much research and tutorials on social media platforms. This unit does not fall under the recent Cosori recall but kudos to the company for their swift action in dealing with the problem.  I can’t say enough about this great product. The ease of use and it’s unlimited cooking range has eliminated the use of a conventional stove. From homemade pizza to cupcakes this unit makes everything a breeze.
Super easy to clean and work with. Excellent size!
Top of the line modelFastKeeps coolAmazing!
Was on the fence about buying an air fryer for years. Finally bought this one on a sale and it’s amazing. We use it almost daily. The dual heat element sure seems to heat the food more evenly than a traditional air fryer. We don’t need to shake or turn the food over often.
Je ne me m’en passerais plus !
Worth the price. Great job on chicken
J’adore vraiment rapide facile à nettoyer
Acheté  il a 6 mois servie environ un 15aine de fois, elle est comme neuve. hier après lavoir démarré disons 3 mins plus tard elle c’Est arrêté ERREUR E21 est apparue. après vérification au support, elle est finit! je doit la retourner. je ne comprend pas le pourquoi du disfonctionnement car comme j’ai dis je m’en suis servie une 15aine de fois max. très décevant.
Great product, easy to use, has an app, quieter than two of our previous air fryers by Philips & Ninja
Truly easier to clean then any other one we have had
did not recieve a cook book
We found that it didn’t cook food much faster than our oven and didn’t make food as crispy.We are returning it.Other people who have one say it works well. We might just got a dud.
Great Product Presentation.Easy to learn how to use.Feels well built. Very slight defect around the control screen trim, looks like a chip but is smooth to the touch.The Amazon description is a little off, describing as a 6.8qt, where as the COSORI Box & User Manual says 6.4qt capacity. Minor size difference.
L’appareil fonctionne très bien, les aliments cuisent de façon uniforme et sont rôties à point. Par contre il faut prendre le temps d’expérimenter car les temps de cuisson sont différents d’un four conventionnel ou d’un micro-onde, ça prend donc une période d’adaptation.
My last Flavorwave finally died and was worried about its replacement.I bought this upon reading reviews and the scores. Gotta say this is a really good unit so far… we have cooked fries, chicken balls and chicken, and about to try a frozen rib with sauce soon. This is a fairly quiet unit and also has been accurate with both the timer and heat setting for food. I’m glad I bought this one and not the previous model.I may just buy a second one for multi food meals… thank you to all the reviewers.
Review above.
A recommander
fonctionne  bien mais helas fan tres bruyante probablement a default
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WARNING! Dangerous product!I purchased  the 6.8 qt dual blaze fryer in March 2002. I really  loved it and used  it almost every second day mainly for french fries. My only issue with it was the 4 corner rubbers on the tray in the basket, they always moved around and made it difficult to place the tray in the basket but this was a minor problem since I enjoyed the product.But… Yesturday I was cooking fries as usual and when I took the basket out and try to dump the fries on a plate the 385 deg F hot tray  came out and burned the back of my hand! It turned out that one of the rubber corners that holds the tray in the basket broke off which made the tray loose in the basket….I will post a video of the simulated event and pictures of the broken rubber as soon as I finished editing itStay away from this product untill they fix the design of the rubbers that hold the tray inplace…

For now I am using it for a quick meal. If you could provide recipes for the amateur or intermediate. I enjoy cooking!
Cooks evenly both sides. Crisper good if you cook greasy or wet item. Remove crisper and you have a stick free pan good for cooking bacon and eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches or anything you want to cook in a frying pan rather than a basket with a bunch of holes in it.
bon appareil. La présence de l’élément du bas ajoute de nombreuses possibilités pour la cuissonLes instructions pourraient être plus complète pour inquiet clairement que seul le mode “chicken” et “broil” utilisent uniquement l’élément du haut. Il manque une sonde de température dans la partie basse pour ne pas avoir à gérer l’élément du bas qui peut brûler le panier si la température est haute avec du gras et du sucre.Aussi, mon ventilateur est bruyant à froid. je ne sais pas si c’est toujours comme ça.
Best airfryer!  Blows Gourmia out of the water, don’t waste your money on their subpar product.
Loving this so far. Fries, chicken, potatoes, etc. cooks everything evenly and quick!My major issue is with the large centre holes in the removable grate. They’re too big. Fries, popcorn shrimp, etc fall through too easily and get burnt on the bottom of the pan then
Actually smaller than I  thought it would be. Does chicken and potatoes great and of course wings. Crisps up day old pasteries and reheats leftovers a little differently and usually better. Very useful product.
I absolutely love this air fryer. Cooks everything evenly and washes well. Just over all it’s nice design and well made, I’ve already suggested/told all my friends and family to get one :)
I absolutely love this air fryer!! I have the 5.8qt wifi previous version and loved that one but they sure out did them selves with the new version. Worth the money. No shaking half way through and cooks perfect every time. The only thing I am not a huge fan of is the holes on the inside rack. I get that’s how you remove it but food sometimes falls through. But I still give it 5 stars
This air fryer is lightyears ahead of the Instapot. There is literally no comparison for ease of use, ability to clean, weight, looks, and performance. We had the combo Instapot with the air fryer lid, and I thought it was the best it could get. My husband had to constantly take apart the fryer fan lid to clean it, and it was taking a few hours a month to clean (which is kind of ridiculous for the few times a month that we used it), so he searched for a different air fryer and saw that the Cosori was really well-rated. This fryer is absolutely incredible, and I can’t believe that they aren’t more widely talked about. A++++!
We did a lot of research and decided on the Cosori 6.8qt dual blaze.  So far it has been a great success.  Fits a whole chicken nicely.  Pork tenderloin, salmon pieces and meatloaf were all excellent.  Potatoes, asparagus – everything we’ve tried has turned out great.  Easy cleanup too.  It’s our first air fryer and we are still experimenting.  Certainly recommended.
Has a large cooking basket.  Excellent quality.  Love the app.
fast cooking
This air fryer is amazing !
Bought on Amazon prime day. This air fryer is amazing! Buy it!
All is good
I have their old version on my counter and now this version. The slightly bigger size and the bottom heating element was a nice change however the “no longer need to preheat” mantra is hit or miss. I find that food cooks but unevenly too compared to bottom.Also I don’t know why they got rid of the button backlighting on the mode buttons BEFORE you push them.
The dual blaze function is awesome, easy to clean, I love it!!
Works very well
Our first air fryer. Overall, its like having a microwave for the first time, a real game changer. Toaster oven, gone. Heats quickly. Set it and forget it. Easy to program. No need to flip things (but I do check and flip sometimes anyway). I find it very easy to clean (less than 1 min – not sure why people are so lazy). One thing I noticed though, the paint chipped on the bottom below the tray (docked 1 star). This happened only two weeks after use. Could be the tray hitting that area on insertion.Absolutely recommended. Would buy it again, again, and again.As someone who likes to cook, I would pass on doing steaks in it, if this was the only reason you were buying it for. I have tried many different techniques, and came to the conclusion it doesn’t get hot enough for medium rare. But it sure does chicken and porkchops, always juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Very consistent. Pizza is bliss. Toast A+. You have to relearn what you know about cooking with this. But once you figure it out its limitations, strengths, it will surprise you.
The presets on the front are hard to see or not visibleThe best rib steaks it keep’s them juicy and tender and evenly air fryed and also baked potatoes
We use this thing every day. The ad is correct, no flipping required. The results from the shake reminder Cosori vs this one were exactly the same, so this is better for convenience. Cooks things super fast and really tasty. The Maillard Reaction is just right. My girlfriend is disabled so it’s handy using this on a bad flare day. We also prefer this to our oven because it uses less electricity and doesn’t make our entire apartment feel like we’re going through a heat wave. We haven’t even connected it to the app yet but I’m sure it’s fantastic too.
It’s very easy to use, controls and buttons are easy to clean.  Even cook. However the fan is now making wierd noises,  cooks food really well, but lower (then expected) quality for price.
Flavour is awesome on all foods
We just upgraded from the Cosori Pro I to the Cosori Dual Blaze and I couldn’t be happier. It works like a charm and everything cooked in it is SO GOOD!
Easy to use and cooks great.  Food comes out so good!
very easy to use and cooks very well
The dual burner Blaze is amazing. It has made my stove oven basically obsolete! The fact that I do not have to flip my food saves time and my energy. And using the various presets also determines whether the upper or lower burner has prominence! I haven’t had anything turn out badly since I got it!
Like that I don’t have to shake the basket as it has two elements…huge size basket.
This model eliminates the need to stop and shake items. It works perfect and the food comes out great. It is also a really good size. I am so happy with my purchase.
Love the fact that I don’t need to shake/flip or turn half way through.The wifi notifications is great, didn’t know how bad I needed it until I had it.
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Es una excelente opción si te gusta tener lo ultimo en tecnología y disfrutar de una comida rica y saludable. es totalmente compatible con Alexa y la aplicación Ve Sync tiene muchas recetas y opciones para usarla, además de sus notificaciones cuando está listo la comida.Es bastante grande para que lo tomes en cuenta al momento de colocarla en la cocina, el panel Táctil es bastante bueno, fácil de configurar, conectar al wifi y usarEl olor a quemado es solo al principio las primeras veces que la usas, un TIP que te puedo dar para que disminuya o se erradique el olor es que antes de cocinar pongas la canasta con agua, hasta que cubra la rejilla que viene incluida, le agregues elJugó de 1 limon y pongas a funcionar la freidora a 205 grados centígrados por 5 minutos, luego solo la enjuagas y secas antes de volver a usar.En otro video de YouTube vi que decían que la canasta se atora y que se raya de abajo, y si pasa jaja pero solo me pasó una vez por usar mucha fuerza, TIP: aplica fuerza con una sola mano y levanta la canasta cuando laIntroduzcas.Por último la función del dual blaze que promete no tener que sacudir la canasta es parcialmente cierta ya que con las papas gajo y las alitas todo salió bien pero con las frituras de surimi y unos trozos de salchicha y jamon solo se doraron bien por un lado. Entonces aún así recomiendo sacudir la canasta al menos una vez.Solo hay una cosa que no me gusto de esta freidora: el hecho de que hoy 27 de julio el precio de este producto esté aún más barato que en los prime day que yo la compre, así que no compré este producto si su precio sobre pasa los $3, 500Solo por ello le puse 4 estrellas

Food just turns out better- highly recommend
I have finally joined the cult of air fryer users and I have to say… I like it here. I haven’t used my range for literally anything since I’ve gotten this. I’ve cooked air dried soft boiled eggs, sausages, chicken wings (so many chicken wings!!!), baked salmon and COOKIES (delicious cookies). I got the Pro and at firstI thought I made a mistake because it was so huge, but even for someone like me who lives alone but likes to entertain small groups of guests (<5) it really is everything you need. It also is a major plus that it is just so easy to clean! I’m still learning all the ways to maximize this machine but so far, so worth it!
amazing, easy to use, well made.
Enamorada, ésta cosa es una preciosura, estaba escéptica de las air fryer pero la verdad es que con ésta no tienes que voltear la comida, todo sale crujientito. Si estás buscando algo bueno y bonito, que saque tu comida deliciosa y crujiente, ésta belleza es para tí
No need for second thought…just grab it.
I absolutely love this machine. I am an advanced air fryer user. I have read the other reviews and do not see or have not had similar experiences. Mine has been great. I did have an issue with my previous Cosori machine and they were quick to rectify the situation. That’s why I trust them now.
Les 2 éléments font la différence !
Works as it should hard to find parts for The pot And grill plate + silicon tips are impossible to fine for the 6.8
Great capacity, easy to operate and clean. A sure winner in my book. Basket insertion process could be improved, especially because of the lower heating element.
Just got it so far so good one thing I would not be doing it is Fry eggs that could be a learning curve. Love the simplicity Amazon is so easy to order or return or print invoice excellent service. Using the QR code for the warranty outstanding remember that your batch number is on the bottom of the unit. Easy instructions click to the Vesync app great recipes in there easy to follow instructions anybody can do this if I can It’s quiet it doesn’t get hot on the sides does everything it says it will.
The corsori dual is great for fast cooking and tasty food highly recommended
Really easy to use and results seem consistent
Facile à utiliser, très bonne saveur et très facile à nettoyer
Upgraded from the 5.8. A quieter machine with no handle issues as it heats from both the top and the bottom. No preheating required, no shaking required. Overall very happy with the upgrade
Absolutely love this Cosori with the bottom burner , it is just like a convection oven, but smaller. It is quieter than my other Cosori and easier to clean.I would and have recommended it to family and friends
Very easy to clean and use.
I love my new air fryer. My older model was getting in in age and it was time for something new. I love my Cosori products.
Estoy fascinado con esta freidora por lo silenciosa y eficiente que es. Es algo grande pero ayuda a que puedas preparar más alimentos. Considero que es algo costosa pero creo que lo vale por la gran calidad de este producto.