Did I need another kitchen gadget? Not in the least. Do I have room for a kitchen thingy on my tiny 107 year old kitchen counter? I absolutely do not. Am I glad I bought this one? H***’s yes! I love roasted potatoes like I love to breathe and this thing makes them beautifully and quickly. Perfect every GD time. I’d say google what you want to cook to get the right times and temps, but the presets are pretty accurate. I’ve done salmon and chicken to great success as well. I got it in the winter but I will be rejoicing in the summer when I don’t have to turn on my oven to have roasted foods. AND it’s easy to clean! Like SUPER easy. PRO tip: take the drawer out if you want to spray oil… you don’t want it drifting up onto the heating element above. Also, shake that food! I add a couple extra shakes and I think it helps it cook more evenly. I did a deep dive research before buying and I’m super happy with this guy. The ONLY not is that it’s just a tad scant for 3 person family of serious potato lovers. No fault of the unit, but it’s not gonna give you the glorious portions of a traditional roasting pan in the oven. But if you want quick and a cool kitchen… this is your guy.
This product is outstanding.  It surpasses all expectations.
Got this unit for our camper. It works extremely well and fast. Food comes out perfect .  I highly recommend this one. The price won’t break the bank and all the food functions are at your fingertips.
I did not pay attention to the size, so the 3 quart is much too small but for the price and quality I’m keeping it. I love the stainless steel and the fact it is more compact that others. It is super quiet outside of the beep when it is done (it scares my dog :( )The controls are nice and user friends. The basket is easier to clean than the last two of a different brand I had.Once this one is ready to be replaced, I think I will go with the bigger basket!
I have no idea what took me so long to finally buy an air fryer except that I wanted a good quality one. This is amazing, I’m frying everything I can get my hands on lol. So happy I waited and bought this one, I love the light!
Estoy feliz con este producto. Rápido, fácil, y comidas deliciosas.
Instructions were easy to follow.  Cooked foods surprisingly well …. so far.
Reheats fried food well, but if you cook raw food in it the cooked food has an off taste.
I can cook two things at once and look at them without opening the door
I wasn’t sure at first if I would like this. Right out of the box onto my counter. Just the right size, not oversizes like others. I can make most things in less than 20 mins. It makes you want to eat more veggies. I would recommend this product. This is my first week with it so maybe I will write another review in a few months.
Upgraded from a Vortex Mini.  This is only slightly larger than the Mini, but has a larger fry basket.  Would recommend if looking for something big enough to fit 2 large hamburger patties or something that makes enough fries for at least 4 people.
Freidora economica y funcional, funciona para todo. estoy satisfecho
This is by far the best air fryer I’ve ever used. It cook everything just perfect.  Also it’s very easy to use and clean. I highly recommend this air fryer .
Had to search the web to find out how to use the product.
High quality and expedient delivery!!! Thank you ☺️
This was an upgrade from the GoWise air fryer I had been using for the past 4 years. Most appreciated is the pre-heat feature. The beep for adding or turning food could be a little louder, but otherwise not negative comments at this point.
We had a small air fryer and wanted an upgrade. This one is awesome. Cooks perfectly and easy to use. Love this.
I used this once.  I liked the features and it did a great job cooking wings.  When I went to use it a second time it would not power up.  I sent it back.
Nice machine for one or two people.  No oil cooking for french fries, Wings and so forth.  Baked some small batch of cookies instead of using the entire oven.
I watched a product review by Americas test kitchen on this product and bought one. It is my second air fryer, my first of this brand. It is absolutely awesome! I use it at least once a day and have for about eight months now; it still looks new. It does an amazing job, is easy to operate, and easy to clean. A winning combination! If I could give it 10 stars, I would.
Never got a chance to use it because claims it’s 12 inches deep by 12 inches wide and almost 14 inches high but it was more like 14 inches wide and didn’t fit into the spot we wanted to put it in.  So back she went without even turning it on.  Please fix the dimensions on the description for the 19 Q
We love our air fryer. We like being able to see the food cook through the window. And having the light is really handy.
I was planning to move and bought this double air fryer. It was a few months later when I opened it. The photo is very very deceiving!!! When I open it up each section is so so small I couldn’t even cook 2 chicken breasts in 1 bin. Forget cooking for 2 or more people in this. I was hoping to do a protein and a vegetable but with this it’s definitely not happening
Same one I received from manufacture.
This is fantastic!  Perfect size for the counter.  Use it all the time.  Lartge tray without taking too much counter space.
I’m having so much fun with new recipes after buying this air-frier. I bought it to reheat leftovers and it is truly great at that, but I did not anticipate all the new recipes I would find. I’m a good cook but I’m old enough to be a little bored with my own cooking. This has encouraged me to try new techniques and my husband is pretty happy about the new dishes. I love that there is a window (and light) which allows me to check on the food without interrupting the cooking.  I like it so much I bought one for my sister and she said it is now her favorite appliance in the kitchen.  And no need to heat up the whole kitchen with my conventional oven on our 100 degree summer days.
I use this most every day. I love it. Love the features, design and the way it cooks. Easy to clean too. Looks good on my counter space. Highly recommend.
I love this air fryer!! It is everything that I hoped it would be!
Online info says this produce is 13x13x13; it is actually 16x16x15h
Works great, but not sturdy- dropped bucket in day one and handle shattered. The buckets slides out and off the counter easily so beware if it does you will have a broken bucket.
I looked up many reviews before settling on the Instant Vortex 6-Quart, and I must say it has been really neat to learn more about Air Frying. The settings and touchscreen are easy to access, and you can adjust the beeps by turning them on and off if you desire. The inside silicon and basket are very easy to clean. I’ve been using it for over a month now and prefer it over my stove for most things for a single or double serving of food.
I work in food and cook a lot at home, so I’ve tried my fair share of kitchen tools and equipment. This is quickly becoming my go to! Powerful, and large enough to feed a large family. My family and guests have raved every thing I’ve made using it.I’ve only owned it maybe a little over a month, so not sure how it will hold up but other items I’ve been from this brand have been good quality.I wish it came in stainless steel but I still love it!Pros-Powerful-Actually delivers crispy delicious food with great texture-large enough to feed a crowd.- you can cook and finish different things at the same time-peekaboo windows to view food-fast pre-heat-fast cooking-super easy to clean!Cons;If you even want to call them cons because they are just logic;-large footprint- plastic floss finish isn’t desirable or easy to clean as stainless steelBottom line is I would buy this again and again!
What can I say. This thing is awesome. The only way it could be better is to be bigger. Once you get your times and temps figured out, you can start it and walk away. Awesome for cooking chicken and marinated veggies, frying bacon. Perfect to take on camping trips. Easy to clean. Just buy one.
It’s a great easy product to work with. It cleans easy, no mess, no smell. The timer indicates when to turn the food and times to the end. Love it!
Came as featured
I gave it a 1 star on Easy to clean because, they are not made to clean. They are made to toss out after use. They did a great job of absorbing the grease and filtering out what ever they were supposed to filter out! :)
Me encanto la practico para usar, fácil y un aliado en la cocina
I received  a round airfryer for Christmas a few years ago and have used it nonstop. Since we cook almost all of our meals in the airfryer, we had to get a larger one and this was perfect! The two baskets make it so easy to prepare full meals with little fuss and clean up. We cook meats to vegetables in it and everything is super healthy. Love the air fryer!
Cooks well – easy to operate
Did alot of research then landed on this one. User friendly and touchscreen. Get it! You wont be disappointed!
I was convinced that I was going to be buying yet another gimmicky kitchen appliance that I would use twice and it would sit in my basement until the end of time – but after so many people recommended this one I scooped it up. It has become a permanent resident of my kitchen counter.It’s so easy to use, very convenient and makes cooking things that usually would take time and effort an absolute breeze! I have no excuse not to cook at home anymore. If you’re thinking about it, get it. I promise you’ll be happy you did.
Use it 3-4 times a week on for so many different meals! Love it!
Great for single portions and doesn’t heat the whole house as would a conventional oven.  Quick and easy to use.
We had this air fryer for a couple years and liked it randomly it made a POP noise and started smoking out of the back. It never worked again and would not even turn on. Let it rest, tried multiple outlets. No Dice. Reached out to Instant and received no response. Will update this review with customer service review if they reach out.
I feel it isn’t clear, but if someone is reading this review know that you get two sets of filters in the package. So put another way you can replace your filters twice with this package.
Cleaning and wiping down doesn’t help. SMOKES up entire apartment. Also, the top rack is ill-fitting and falls down when you put a tray on it. Purchased at Target. Wish I bought a warranty.
Once I got the hang of it and actually learned how to use it, I really like it now. I don’t have to heat up my oven and this is actually pretty quick. Good investment.
This air fryer works great and is so much easier to clean than our last one.  Previously had the power XL air fryer and it was a pain to clean.  Love Instapot
If you are only cooking for two and don’t want to take up half of your counter space with an XL size this is a great air fryer. Now our Instant Pot has a friend :)
Owned this for around 7 months now and it’s still working great! No plasticy smell or taste like I’ve experienced with other air fryers.
First time air-fryer buyer+user. Wonderful to have around.  Fast cook times ! Love the slide-out basket !
Me facilito mucho a la hora de cocinar, buen producto
This is my 3rd Air Fryer —very happy with this purchase. Small footprint compared with its 6 qt Big Brother. Relatively quiet (compared to my other two Fryers). Roasts and bakes evenly and quickly. Touch pad is very responsive. Been using silicone pans, so cleanup is no chore at all.Wish the cooking pan was just a ‘tad bigger’ — but really didn’t want the 6 qt version (counter top space Hog that it is).Initial ‘burn-off prep’ was nasty — fumes made it difficult to breathe!!!  Thankfully, after a second ‘run’ at it, the fumes dissipated. Afterwards, when using the Fryer for actual cooking, wasn’t able to detect any offensive smell. I can understand why so many other reviewers have referenced this issue.
Still testing product out as far as recipes.  Best ever is reheating fried foods.  I reheated some spring rolls I brought home from a Thia Restaurant and after two minutes done.  Just as good as fresh.  also baked potatoes both crunchy and flaky.
Love it’s ease of use, easy clean up, not overly bearing size.  Negative is that it smells , that new electrical smell , but I’ve been using it and it doesn’t go away.. wondering when that will happen .
Wasn’t sure about the air fryer craze so I purchased when this was about 30% off normal price. Glad I did.  Have used my oven maybe twice since the purchase.  I’ve roasted veggies, cooked salmon, porkchops, chicken.  Awesome for frozen fries, wings, chix nuggets, etc.  Reheating leftovers – fantastic.  Bakes, roasts, air fry’s.  Super easy to clean- have also used parchment paper liners for some things & the food is still crispy using them.  Highly recommend.  Only wish it had a window to keep an eye on food cooking.
When we did the initial test set up, it had a horrible chemical smell. It was so bad we had to put our air purifier in the kitchen and the particles went from 5 to 20 while the air fryer was in use. I’m going to run it a few more times in hopes the chemical smell goes away.Size is okay, even though it is 4qt it is still small.  I think it might be able to hold 2 chicken breasts.
The Omni plus looks and works better than I expected . I have used the Air fryer function and works great the rotisserie cooks is becoming my favorite because it so easy and food comes out great.
Super easy to use. Clean simple interface. Easy to clean. Love it!
There are no stop detents if the drawer is partially removed. While cooking at midway time to flip product. You must be 100% committed to complete the task. This machine is unforgiving if you must hesitate leaving the drawer partway out, so the timer won’t restart.While learning from trial and error, being no owners manual included, our fryer drawer crashed to the floor with our dinner and now a broken handle to boot. The second attempt at using this was no more than a crash and burn…
The machine came welded improperly and could not close correctly. Very disappointing given the price of the item.
I bought a small one and it works perfectly. If you want to prepare different types of food, I would suggest to buy double rack air fryer. Cannot make different foods at once in one rack and if you do, it takes time and the first dish will be cold!
So the fan 2 months ago made funny noises then today halfway through cooking it just stopped. Nothing comes on no lights nothing dead $112.00 for 5 months actually less vought for Christmas present for the wife. It’s 4/29
Best Airfryer I have ever had!! Great purchase. Food is quick and easy to prepare!
Small. Works fine for a family of two.
So far everything I have tried to make has come out pretty good.  I am still experimenting with it.  It is a very sturdy machine and it does the job.  The basket is pretty big, I can get at least 4 chicken breasts in it or 2 good size steaks.  If I buy another, I would get the one with the double baskets as I don’t like to cook in shifts and can only do one thing at a time in this one.
Good air fryer but they used cheap safety sticker on front stainless panelWhen you remove you are left with all the glue residueNothing works to remove it! Real PITA
I originally had a Phillips air fryer for 4 1/2 years but it was really small. It took time to get used to this one having to preheat, 3 1/2 minutes. I used to make rib eye or NY strip steaks in it. I would also cook some frozen French fries in my deep fat fryer. It was a real pain to synchronize the items so they would be done at the same time.  But the basket in this one large enough that I can do the steak & fries at the same time. Terrific! My only real complaint is the light only stays on for a short time & then goes out. They need to fix this so the light stays on until the Light button is pushed again or the basket is removed. I highly recommend this item!
para las funciones que viene
This air fryer is awesome! I love chicken but hate the hassle of using the oven.  With a simple recipe I found online this fryer makes the best chicken! Using parchment paper liners there is next to no clean up – just throw the liner away. Wish I tried this air fryer a long time ago.
I’ve been looking for an air fryer for sometime. Doing research about the many different kinds and styles, I saw this Instant Pot Vortex 5.7 Qt and decided it was the one for me. I’m so glad I ordered this one. The size is great, the style is just what I wanted, the performance is amazing, the quality is super good and it’s so easy to use. I love all the features and it’s very quiet when turned on. The price was a little high but I was very fortunate to get it at a reduced price. Even at full price, I think this air fryer is worth it. There’s nothing I don’t like about it.
I really wanted to like this air fryer, but after MANY uses and washes since October, all of my food STILL has a chemical taste to it.
Got this over a year ago and love how quickly it cooks things however it smokes like crazy. Because of this I don’t use it as often as I thought I would. The rack, not the tray, that came with it is pretty much worthless. I’m not sure what causes it to slip out of its track but I can’t cook anything on it that weighs more than a pound or so without it slipping out of the indentation and falling to the bottom of the oven during the cooking time. Would not recommend to anyone due to these two problems.
I literally didn’t use my stove top since i got this. I cook nearly everything in it. Easy clean also. Buy the magnetic book for frig and just flip thru whatever you’re cooking.
Much easier and quicker than a conventional oven, easy to operate and figure out, super easy to clean. Only used air fry option tho. I have started to air fry all kinds of foods thanks to google haha. Really easy to operate, compact and easy to clean. Ideal size for one or maybe two people, but for a family I would get larger size.
This is my second air fryer. I have a round one but I wanted a square one for fries and other foods that fit in in long strips. This is much quieter than my older fryer and air frys very quickly and evenly. The other great part is that it cleans so easily that I was pretty surprised. My old air fryer was hard to clean and I could never really get off the residue from the oil over the years. So far I love this one, although it is a bit smaller than I anticipated, but all in all very happy.
I gave this as a gift to my grandmother.  She uses it very little as she does not cook very often.  She told me today it stopped working and she has had it for four months. Very disappointed in this product.  I used it once and I think the Emeril Lagasse French door does a much better job.
We have been using this for a few weeks now and it is amazing!  My husband made some perfect chickens that were so moist and flavorful.  I reheated some fries and tater tots in record time.  We have burned or overcooked a couple items so we are still figuring out the timing of things but I think we will improve with time.  My husband didn’t want another appliance but I think I converted him.  The clean up is easy.  I think the hardest thing is figuring out how to get items out of it when it is hot….that is a little awkward.
Love the quality of this 4 qt. 6 in 1 . Easy to use, clean, small foot print,  and the food is great! I have so many cooking appliances I hesitated to purchase this one but am so glad I did!
OVERALLI’ll cut to the chase: once you get this thing, you’ll never use anything else to cook. You literally throw things in to this air fryer, press a couple buttons, check things out halfway through, and return at the end to perfectly cooked food. I’ve had no issues at all with it since purchasing and have made some of the best chicken legs/meatloaf/burgers/vegetables/potatoes/etc I’ve ever made. If you’re a meat and potatoes person like I am, this thing is amazing and will save you a lot of meal prep time.PERSONAL ADVICEBe careful to give it some room in the back as it gives off a lot of heat and that heat needs someplace to go.CLEANINGCleaning will depend on what you want to use it for. Grease wise, it’s not too bad if you use it for vegetables and leaner meats like ground turkey and skinless chicken breasts. However, if you cook fattier stuff in here like bacon, steaks, ground beef mixes with high fat content, etc, or you use oil, you’ll be left with grease/fat in the bottom of the basket (kept away from the food by a removeable metal grate). Make sure you have somewhere to put it. I haven’t really had to mess with this much, but I did make a steak in it  a while back and it did make a pretty intense mess in the bottom of the basket. Even then, it’s a fairly easy clean and never takes me more than a couple of minutes to get ready to go again.Highly recommend this thing, it’s one of those purchases you’ll wish you’d made years earlier!
I liked the reviews for this product from multiple sources and so decided to give it a try as my first air fryer.  I have not been disappointed.  It is so easy to use and the clean-up is effortless.If I had to offer some suggestions, I would have the instructions come with guidance on the type of oil to use in the air fryer.  I had to do separate reading to learn that for the higher temperatures used in an air fryer only certain oils should be used.
I like and have used most of the features on this product. It cooks well.
Easily use this 3-5 times per week.  Works way better than I could have imagined.  Makes exceptional grilled cheeses and chicken wings.  It is fun trying it with all kinds of recipes.  Highly recommend.
My coworker just love it, but she said her son loves it more.
I am absolutely in love of this roomy air fryer. I did research prior to purchase that for the same quart size, this model offers greater cooking space; it did turn out as I expected. All meals turned out great! I highly recommend it.
My wife thought that we didn’t need an air fryer until she saw recipes cooked with this type of device. She got curious and decided to try it.  We chose the Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer Oven for its good reviews, capacity and price. We tried several dishes and we both agreed that it was a fine device but the dishes cooked with it are not so much better than our regular oven. However, it was so easy to use, clean, and light to put on top of our refrigerator when it is not in use, that we decided to keep it.  By the way, we also tested the Ninja Foodi XL Indoor Grill at the same time. We returned it because it is heavier and harder to clean.
Muy útil y sus dos posibilidades son muy favorables
So far so good, fits in the corner of the shelf where we had a space for it.
I bought this the end of march 2023. i am a very good cook and this makes it so easy to eat healthier . My problem now is to eat less.  lol Clean up is just with a paper towel for the bin and a small brush for the grate.  it cooks food faster.  i plan to take it with me when i vacation around my state this summer. The window in the front is great to peak in on how things are cooking without having to open the tray.
This is way too small!!
I love not having to wait so long, for food to cook in conventional oven.
This is my third try with air fryers. The other two had wire racks which left the bottom of the food underdone.  This one is a basket with a lift out rack.  While it preheats, I generally just put the food in unless it’s chick, beef or something real temperature/time sensitive.  Simple to use and works well! Cooks food all around without needing to turn it.  (Except raw meats)
I love, love, love this appliance. I hardly ever light my oven since I got it. Very efficient and easy clean.I cook and reheat EVERYTHING in this appliance.
Received this from my daughter for my 82nd birthday I am compromised in my left side/hand from a stroke. This air fryer with that WINDOW has made my cooking much easier as this air fryer is very user friendly. I do line the bottom/foil underneath the grill for easy clean up, making sure  the liner doesn’t interfere with the circulation. I would recommend this air fryer never thought i would love an air fryer, I LOVE THIS INSTANT VORTEX 6 qt AIR FRYER
It’s super convenient and saves time and energy compared to the time it takes to heat up the oven, especially when you have hungry kids and not much time between end of school and their afterschool activities to make hot food. I love how crispy I can make the food too! I also love to use it to reheat the food since I don’t use microwave, this is a much healthier way to reheat meals.
I’ll be honest I was a little irritated that I had to replace my filter for months after I bought the machine but I was pleasantly surprised that it was a 2-packSo at least I’m covered for six months
I love the product but the interior has rusted almost completely through.  Such a shame for the Instant brand name.
Great product.  I use it everyday,  have had no issues so far.
The results just do not match the hype
The preset controls/features were okay but to be able to adjust the time and temperature up and down was more useful.The controls are hard to see in a darker setting. Seeing what is being cooked/heated up is definitely a plus.
I have only used it for chicken tenders and pork fillette, but so quick easy and  crispy food!!
Really good
Purchased this to use till the recalled air fryer shows up. Wish there were pre-sets like on my air fryer, but I’m getting used to it.  Used the oven feature to bake sweet potatoes and they came out as well as if I had used the regular oven, so that’s a plus.  May even continue to use this when the replacement air fryer arrives.  If it ever does! :)  Overall good purchase.
I wasn’t sure when I bought one, but after getting this we have not used our deep fryer at all.  Heats up quick, super easy to clean.  Absolutely worth the money!
Great product.  Works well.  Keep in mind the dual baskets divides the overall size.  Depending on what you’re cooking and for how many it can be an issue.
Easy to learn and use airfryer,  wish we would have bought the next larger size
We purchased this 1 year ago. And I can honestly say we use this at least once a day. It is the best purchase I have ever made. I would not change a thing about this Air Fryer!!!
I know it’s pricey but wow is this air fryer is worth it! From cooking raw meat until perfectly done, to warming up leftover wings and fries to almost fresh quality. I use this all the time and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. Perfect size, efficient and easy to clean. Buy it! You’ll be kicking yourself for not getting it sooner!
This is a replacement. So much better than the old one ( different brand). I highly recommend. Great for 2 people cooking so we don’t heat up the kitchen using the oven. Multi features work great
Very handy and does a good job at filtering .
My whole family loves this fancy device! You can do so much with it! We mainly just use the Air Fryer but plan on using it for more!
This works real well, i like that it preheats , and it prompts you to flip food. Only thing I don’t like is the higher temp setting even after priming, and cleaning  it before use it still stinks of plastic. I know they say its non toxic but the smell just irks me to no end. It does not effect the food .
not sure whats happening as the reviews on this machine are pretty consistent. I’m having an issue where mine overheats after 5/6 minutes no matter what I am cooking inside, and my fire alarm goes off. This has happened 4 or 5 times already. I do live in an apartment making it really hard to control. I wonder if anyone else was having this issue.
Bought this as a Christmas gift for my mother.  She loves it…says it is easy to use, clean and swears the food tastes better compared to other cooking methods.  She really likes the easy to use digital controls and the larger capacity.  One of the best gifts I’ve ever given.  I even downloaded some recipes for her on her iPad to try out.
I had another brand of air fryer for a couple of years that was difficult to operate and hard to clean. When I got a notice that it had been recalled due to fire hazard, I got rid of it and on the advice of a friend I bought The Instant Vortex Plus. What difference! Night and day, hands down, the best air fryer I’ve used. It does everything they advertise. Simple to use, cooks foods beautifully, and so easy to clean! There is a light that lets you see what the food is doing so you don’t have to open the drawer. Digital display clearly shows and is very easy to learn. I am so pleased with this air fryer I highly recommend it!
It’s a good size and uses a bit of counter space. This is important to know as it lives on my counter top. It’s so easy to use. I use it daily for almost everything from cooking to reheating leftovers. I love all the settings but use the air fry option the most. Being able to look inside without opening is a bonus.
Muy practica
I use this practically everyday love love love it
This is the perfect size for one person, I love this I am the last person probably to have one and have used it a lot doing experiments, great food & easy cleanup
Got it about 2 months ago or so. Works great. It is my first air fryer and don’t have anything to compare it against but I have no complaints. I use it a lot because it’s convenient and fast.
I purchased this as a gift for a friend and it completely died after 6 uses.The customer service to get this corrected was amazing.  I would recommend for that reason alone.
We replaced an old one that was a nightmare to clean and we are super impress with this air fryer!VERY EASY TO CLEAN! And the glass window is a great feature!Buy this one!
I use it almost every day of the week.
I absolutely love my  new air fryer! It’s great! Food is cooked to perfection!
At this price point, it’s awesome.  I literally cook everything in it and it really works great.
The display function disappears, the unit continues to work after the timer has gone off.
We have been using this for over a year now and still going strong.  Easy to use and cooks fast.
I bought one last May  (2022) and it worked for two meals then quit.  I sent it back and got another one in June (2022).  Now it is April 2023 and I’ve used it maybe 7-8 times and it’s dead.  There is something wrong with the design.  It just does not last.  Don’t waste your money.
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Really happy to get this product very effective 👍

I love making homemade dough and using the bake function for my kids I make a bunch of dough and they make pizzas for a snack fluffy crispy baked dough <3
Love my air fryer.  I use it for almost everything.
I love this air fryer….I love that it has a window in it so you can watch your food cook.  I cook everything in it.  It’s the best kitchen appliance you’ll own!!
Adjustable and very usable once broken in a little–so that new controls/buttons respond as desired. Then much flexibility is possible including durations/settingsswell  of functions.  Food inside is well visible, important for checking on progress–and for disaster check (not needed so far). The device not a problem from heat during or after cooking, unlike some items.  This interior holds heat for some time after Off but need not be opened except for turning food or removing food.  Very good item and priced well enough.
LOVE this air fryer!
Excelente producto, súper recomendado, me siento muy feliz!! Muy completa.
this thing is amazing….it makes fries and anything else you can imagine worth staying in for. i cant believe i didnt get one sooner. everyone loves this thing.
Works great love it
I never write reviews but decided to for this because I almost did T get it based on some reviews. Ignore those, it’s great! There was a plastics smell the first time I ran it but I just ran it three times empty and before I put any food, and it is fine now.
The controls for Bake and Reheat only appear after initial 15 minute set up. Haven’t cooked with it yet but the basket and separate rack seem much better than my old fryer which had a flimsy connection there.
This thing is a life changing device! You’ll love it!
This thing is awesome!!
I’ve run it empty twice in my basement hoping the toxic smell would go away. It did not, and almost caused me to vomit. I’ll run it empty a few more times in the garage, but I suspect I’m going to want my money back. We’re exposed to too many toxic chemicals as it is, and cooking food in something that smells that bad can’t possibly be safe exposure to what ever chemical it is.Is it possible this production line is a “Lemon”?
Quick cook up everyday.
I purchase alot of things at amazon this air fryer here is in my top 10
I like it helps with grease and odor for the air fryer. I wish it was cheaper price or more than two in the package.
Heavy duty.
Coooks things very quicklyReally good
This is my 2nd air fryer and the best one! I have been using this pretty much twice a day since I received it. I never used my old one this much  and reason for that is this one is so much easier to clean and even though the size is the same inside this one just is more compact on the outside so I am able to leave it out on the counter ( and it looks so nice!).  I don’t have a lot of counter space so it was so nice to find this one that’s fits nicely without having to carry it back and forth to the pantry each time I want to use it. And most importantly, everything tastes great made in it, so easy to use.
Just bake a salmon to try it for the first time. And the salmon was just perfectly cook.
We use our air fryer, every day, for nearly every meal. It works beautifully. It’s easy to use. The size is perfect. I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful appliance. The air fryer that we owned prior to this one was half the cost & it lasted about a year until the plastic, temperature knob broke off of it. We were turning the dial with plyers & guessing on the temperature setting – ridiculous. Also, the basket in this old air fryer offered a quarter of the capacity of this 8 quart, dual basket, air fryer.  Initially, the price point was more than I’d thought to spend on an air fryer, but so far (nearly a year after the date of this purchase), so good. It’s as good as new & it works as well as it did on Day 1. This air fryer is a great find.
As a single guy I use this to fix dinners often.  Easy to use and cleaning it is a breeze.  Cooks food thoroughly and the best feature is it tells you when to turn over the food to cook on other side.  Wonderful product
The ground disconnected from the plug and was stuck in the wall outlet. I pulled out the ground part from the outlet and read that I should not use an adapter. I’m not sure if I can use it safely.
I absolutely love this air fryer and don’t know how I lived without it. I’m thinking of buying a second one so I can have two larger capacities going at one time!
Upgraded to a larger version after our last air fryer broke. This unit works well and love the extra capacity it holds. Have really only used the air fry mode but it does a good job
This has no one touch settings, which makes you look up every setting every time! The fryer should have basic one button settings for chicken wings, etc.Also, the Teflon came off the rack and the handles have rust on them after only two uses! Not impressed!
I’m the last person on earth to get an air fryer so this review will probably be read by no one. Got it on prime day but would pay full price. Eating so much healthier now that this is in my life. Frozen fish, chicken, meat, vegetables in 15 minute FROM frozen! No planning needed. My friends who have other air fryers are always jealous of the multiple settings and ease of use of this one. Great for 1-2 people not sure @ larger families. Keeps my home from heating up too much. Heats quickly. If you love yourself buy this.
This review is for the replacement filter for the 6 qt Vortex Plus. It definitely works and prevents smoke and odors from being blown into my kitchen. I used to have a 5.7 qt Vortex without a filter and the difference is very noticeable. The Vortex only lasted a year (the build quality left much to desire). The Vortex Plus is slightly better (even though the plastic see-through window on the outside already has multiple cracks). Having used both, I now consider the filter to be a necessity and will make sure my next purchase also has one.Regarding the automatic reminder, it works well. I’m not sure if the fryer is merely keep track of run time, or if it has some other way to determine the condition of the filter. So far I have replaced the filter 3 times, each time after the reminder appeared. Each time the filter was dirty enough to actually need replacement, but not so dirty that it should have been replaced sooner.With that said, I think these filters are rather expensive for what they are, and I had difficulty figuring out how to open the holder. I posted a pictures showing the two halves.
This is the primo quality of air fryers!!Best of the best.  Where were you when my kids were kids.Thank you
I received this air fryer from Amazon in early December for Christmas. Now it’s almost April. I must say that it’s a great product. Easy to use and figure things out. This is my first air fryer. It has several other setting like broil where only the top part gets hot. Just like a regular broiler. Worked great. It even beeps and tells you when to turn the food that you’re cooking. Some recipes say turn half way through etc.. Don’t pay that any mind. Let the air fryer itself beep and tell you when to turn.
These are not generic filters. These are the original manufactures filters. I was pleasantly surprised to find four for the price. I thought it was just a package of two. But there’s four in the package.  You have to use two at a time so this will last me a few months.  Perfect filters.
This is a great addition to our kitchen. Easy to use, it cooks and reheats super fast!
We’ve been loving this ever since we got it for Christmas! Easy to clean and use
This is a perfect gift or necessary purchase for your kitchen. It does EVERYTHING. I love that it fries food without the greasy mess.
I was a bit hesitant in buying but have no regrets now! We use this almost everyday! It does everything you don’t need anything else!
The poor box was beaten up, and I hoped the fryer was okay. After further inspection, there are several cracks in the air fryer itself. Other than the poor packaging and shipping, it works fine. I’ve had no issues with it but I will be contacting customer service for my damaged device.
This oven is easy to use, easy to clean and cooks fantasticallyIt’s quick and saves you energy for not having to turn on the kitchen oven. I am in love with it!
Very easy to use. Received it three days ago and have made three days worth of meals. All turned out good. Easy to clean as well.
Would be great to get a new product when I order a new product. Item was OBVIOUSLY used, fingerprints all over, no protective wrap, instruction envelope ripped open, and visible rust on the fryer baskets. Do better.
Efficient and easy to use
My wife wanted one and this fit the bill. Only 4 stars as it is best for 2 people not 4. The cooking basket is too small for a family.
No me agradó no es lo que yo esperaba lamentablemente tiré las cajas donde venía producto sino yo regresaba porque no funciona al 100
Just like the original filters that arrived with the air fryer.
There was nothing about teflon / PTFE on the page so I assumed it was free of those chemicals. A few weeks later I found a few independent websites that reference Instant Pot’s air fryers as having teflon / PTFE for their non-stick coating…Be aware.
Stopped working in the middle of cooking after only 4 months. Tried to use the warranty but the warranty link provided by the manufacturer is a broken link so you can’t submit a claim. Sure, I could have spent even more time trying to find a work around for the warranty, but decided to go to Costco and get a different brand and easier process in case something goes wrong.
I love this toaster oven. It’s really easy to use, clean, and its very sleek with its digital interface.It heats up fast, and the heat spread within the oven is very even and great for toasting, baking, and anything you’re using it for. So far I’ve made a few different baked potato recipes, french fries, baked mac and cheese, cookies, a small cake, pizza etc. It worked wonderfully each time. I recommend turning the temp down a little bit from your normal oven recipes.As far as the air fryer setting goes, its just about the same as my Ninja airfryer.When this first arrived, I was bummed to turn it on to a loud rattling noise. It was the fan which was hitting the coil under it.Amazon was great and I returned it, and reordered it. This one works perfectly.Highly recommend!
Have not even taken it out of the box; there’s no room in my kitchen for it! Be aware: it is enormous!!
This has been my go-to and never had a complaint, until now. I went to cook my daughters chicken nuggets and the window kept saying open. The sensor for the drawer isn’t working. It’s not even a year old.
Best air fryer I have ever purchased. It is truly very easy to clean. Easy and convenient and great settings to cook your food in timely manner
My wife wanted it so badly that till the day I brought it, I had no peace in the house. The day she came back and saw the surprise box in the kitchen, she was so happy that she did not only hugged me with a kiss, but she gave me a great treat afterwards. Women…!
I like everything about this, I have made salmon, chicken, steak, fried potatoes muffins it all comes out fine,
I returned this. The specs said it was 12 by 12 by 13.9 in.  It was NOT!! It was 16 in wide and took up too much space. It is big. I of course didn’t use it so can’t rate anything more than the inaccurate product specifications. Too bad!
I’ve had it about a month. I’ve experimented with several chicken wing recipes and they’ve come out great. I’ve done chicken parm, that came out great. It is easy to use and easy to clean, so far so good.
Love this air fryer! I can make multiple meals at once or make enough for my family of 6 of one item! Easy to use, easy to clean and works great! The options are endless with this product.
This air fryer is perfect for our needs! I love the auto start again after you open it!
We hardly use our oven. now. You can always find new things to put in the air fryer. Tried a ‘grilled cheese ‘ the other day. Turned out amazing. Makes everything taste good in half the time and energy.
Instructions were unclear. Kept on beeping saying add food when food was already in fryer. Was hard to clean. Cosori fryer (that got recalled) was much better. Wife hated it, so we returned.
Perfect air fryer. Very easy to use and I use it almost daily. I like that it’s not round and more square. I can put aluminum foil in it more easily.
I got exactly what I expected.
I’ve had an oven style air fryer and my microwave/convection oven has an air fryer mode but both of those take twice as long to ‘fry’ food as is called for in a recipe. But now I can actually follow the recipes and things like frozen chicken strips don’t take 25 minutes.
Didn’t think airfryers could improve on their design. Then I got this air fryer, I get to look in and make sure that my food is cooking and not burning through the wonderful window. Love it love it love it.
Best Kale Chips ever. Worth it just for this sole purpose! Hope it lasts a good long time :)
Love this,I’ve been through a lot of AirFryers they were to small or to complicated. I just wanted one that would cook well and easy to clean. I finally got it.
Works as described.  Easy to use and very easy to clean.  Still new to the product but so far so good!
We have had this for months, I’ve cleaned it and looked for plastic wrapping missed, etc for months and it doesn’t matter. I know exactly when my husband turns it on. It stinks up the whole house and the food tastes like plastic. I can’t use it anymore.
I love this Air Fryer!!! The food comes out tasting delicious and my favorite part is it is easy to clean!!!’ I’ve had other air fryers and they were so hard to clean and the food had a really weird taste to it. It is worth the price!!!
It cooks the food without burning it! Easy to clean! Not so big that it takes up a lot of counter space in the kitchen!
I love the size and the ease of use and the basket and crisper plate can be put in the dishwasher. I also like the light and being able to look at the food without opening the basket. I never had the issues that folks mentioned about the view window clouding up. If there was moisture in the window, it would dry immediately as the unit heated up. All that said, although I was very careful about putting it in the dishwasher, I noticed that the plastic front of the basket eventually started breaking small pieces off the bottom where it attaches to the basket and most recently, there are hairline cracks near the top and bottom of the handle. I’ve never been rough taking the basket in and out so the fact that the small pieces broke off the bottom – an area that has direct contact when you slide the basket in and out – tells me that it isn’t really built for longevity.
Haven’t had it long but the things I have made in it have been perfect. Bought a chart on Amazon that shows how to air fry without having to look everything up. It works well to put foil in the bottom to catch crumbs etc to make it easier to clean. My old one I could not use foil in it.
I’m mad at myself for not getting this years ago. I don’t think I have cooked on the stove top more than five times in the last three months.  This is a must buy and recipes are all over the internet.Plus it really cuts down on the grease that you put in your body from fried foods. It’s super easy to clean as well.I need to buy another one.
She loves it!
I had to clean it a dozen times to get rid of the plastic smell and taste. Since then, it has worked very easily and very well.
I was looking for an air fryer in college and I came upon this one. It cooks grate, great temperature and everything. It’s big so I can fit a lot of food and that helps me meal prep.
love it! I cook whatever I want and it is so easy to clean. This one was only 6 quarts capacity,  I will buy the big one since I have a large family and want to avoid too many batches.
Easy to use. Cooks correctly. No smell in the house.The only thing I would say is that it is big!  Be sure to measure your area and be sure you can leave 5 inches on all sides.Love it!
First of all this was delivered to me with no outer packing material other than a clear plastic bag which held the manufacturer’s box .  I am now unable to return this air fryer without providing my own outer box to return ship.  I will have to pay UPS for that box.  This is unacceptable.  Further, there are no recipe instructions, other than one for wings that came with the appliance.  I did try using it for chicken tenders and roasted tomatoes.  Tomatoes were fine, but the tenders were inedible and had a steamed consistency.  I don’t have time to waste trying to figure out what recipes at what time and temp would work, thus I am returning at a loss, unless I can find a box to fit the thing in.
I love this air fryer. It’s so easy and simple to use. I cook a wide variety of food in it. Broccoli, asparagus, meatball subs, steak, chicken, mushrooms. The list is endless. My only regret is not buying one sooner. And I would say the only downside is the temperature doesn’t go past 400.
Just follow the directions, extremely easy to clean. It does as advertised, easy to use. Just one warning, it’s not so easy to gauge the proper size to buy. Mine sounded suitable to my needs, I didn’t want a huge machine, nor bear the higher price, so I picked this one. I looked at the specs, which were accurate, but I underestimated the actual capability of it. Part of that aspect is that most recipes call for the individual pieces of food not to touch each other, so you can’t cram in 4 chicken drums, if you don’t have the extra space to spread them out. I wish I had bought one size higher. I’m not saying this product is bad or the description, just that I didn’t go far enough in my research.
Nice looking .  Will try to update my review at a later date once the newly wed couple have used the product.
This Unit is Just incredible! Our Stove / Oven is no longer needed! We cook everything in this! If I had to clean it each time we cook with it I would not be as happy but I use tinfoil and line the baskets first before cooking and all the grease gets folded up and in the trash it goes after the grease hardens up!Once in a while the tinfoil gets a hole and it leaks down under the grills and hot water rinses it right out in seconds. This cooks in less than one third the time the oven takes and Way less Electric not heating a huge oven with Coils. It will pay for itself just in Electric Costs! It preheats in Seconds not 20 minutes like the oven. I just cut the meat up in smaller pieces and they cook and brown super fast! French Fries / Onion Rings come out Awesome from Frozen and even a Hamburger made thin is great! I have not owned another air fryers to compare it to but this has got to be one of the best? It ends the cooking on both sides at the same time so your food is ready at the same time! Great feature! The only thing using the tinfoil is you have to flip your food over halfway between cooking, No Big Deal! I would 100% recommend this to anyone unless your cooking a Turkey so that is when the Oven is needed or if you have 20 people over for a cookout a BBQ grill but for everyday cooking of Sausages, Kielbasa, Pork, Chicken, You name it it cooks it great, just cut it up in small 4 inch sections and your food is cooked and even better than a BBQ grill! One of those how did I live without products!
Excellent product.
I was looking for an air fryer and got this based on positive reviews. We also use it to reheat leftovers but we get good results with frozen french fries. It does cook faster than instructions on most foods.
The two baskets are great for making different dishes with different times/ temperatures. Amazing!
I took a friend’s advice to get an air fryer and I’m happy with my purchase
This thing cooks very well.  Replaced a hamilton beach pos with this and it was a great upgrade.
My mom had a similar model but without the window and I am really glad I found this model, as it takes some of the mystery out of using it, especially when you first get it and are trying to get temperatures and times right for different things you are making.Some of my favorite things that I have made so far have been:- Hot dogs (natural casing). I throw the open buns in for the last half of the cook (about 2 minutes) and they toast perfectly.- Wings (as good if not better than restaurant quality)- Pillsbury cornbread rolls (they actually have instructions on the package for cooking in an air fryer which is what gave me the idea)- And then of course all of the usual stuff like bacon, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, etc.I looked at a rotisserie style machine that was more like a big toaster oven, but settled on this design and I am really glad that I did. The basket is exceptionally easy to clean. I read in some reviews about making sure not to submerge the basket when cleaning to avoid condensation in the window, but I have been careful and have not had any issues with that so far.Overall this is a nice size for a family of 4. I do some stuff in batches, but it is quick enough that it is not an issue. I am happy with the purchase.
This air fryer is easy to use and easy to clean. I bought the 6qt and it is perfect for our family of 3. I highly recommend
I predominantly use this to air fry but the other functions are a nice option.This thing is big enough to warm up a large slice of stuffed pizza amongst other items.Worth having!  Use this as much as a microwave in heating home cooked food or frozen foods.
Only thing i hate is that it stinks the place up
I love this air fryer. It is so easy to use and the control panel is very use friendly. I ordered another brand only to discover the instructions were difficult and the control panel was impossible. The buttons were very unresponsive. I returned it and got the Instant Vortex.  I have not been disappointed. I haven’t fixed steak yet but it makes an excellent hamburger. I’ve only air-fried but everything comes out just right. Vegetables are better air-fried as is fish. The light in the drawers is a real bonus. You can peek in and see what’s happening. It’s noisy but not as noisy as the first air fryer I chose. It is easy to clean. You can put the trays in the dishwasher. I bought silicone mats to put over the bottom trays to avoid spraying with cooking spray — avocado oil spray is pricey!  It lets you know when it’s time to put in the food, turn the food and retrieve the food. The exterior can show fingerprints very easily so I keep a micro-towel nearby to clean it after every use. The drawers themselves clean up quickly. I don’t believe they can go into the dishwasher because of the glass in them. I don’t use a scrubby, just a sponge on the glass so it isn’t going to be scratched.  If anything awful happens, I will let everyone know. But after two weeks, I am very happy. I feel guilty now when I go into the kitchen to make a meal. There’s never a dirty skillet or pot to clean up. It feels weird.
food does not get crispy , I tried all the tips from the website…I don’t believe it circulates well
I have an older model just over 2 years.  The foam under handle is peeling off.  I contacted customer service they would not replace foam because the warranty just expired. Not made to last.
I absolutely love this thing, it took me so long to get an air fryer. I kept searching and searching and my biggest issue being size, a lot of air fryers are really tall. As you can probably see my counters have little clearance space but after a long search! Low and behold! I found one under a foot tall and it’s got plenty of room for cooking something for one or two people. No issues so far and easy to clean. Love it.
Bought mine about a year and a half ago. Works well, but the tray can rust. I had to call their support, but they happily provided a replacement tray.
Had a ninja air fryer. Saw this recommended by Test Kitchen. Needed another one and got this one. It’s been amazing. Love the window, love the light and didn’t realize I’d like the preheat function so much either. It’s been better than every other one I’ve used before and I literally have nothing to complain about. I just cook and forget. Probably my most used kitchen product outside of a fork and spoon.
We love this new air fryer we purchased, we were a little hesitant to spend $100+ on an air fryer but this was worth the extra money.I just wish this came in a slightly larger size as you can’t air fry 4 burger Pattie’s in it at the same time.Other than the size issue, we love the crispness of fries and corn dogs for the kiddos.The flavor is much better and cook time is more accurate than our previous air fryer!The glass window is awesome to see if the food is cooked thoroughly or not as well!
It ate all my counter space. But I can cook twice the amount of food in half the time so I can eat alone faster!
We had a single basket air fryer that broke and my husband got this as a replacement. Such a great option! Saves time and we don’t have to use the oven as often. The dual zone has a sync finish and you can set different time and temperature for each zone. Highly recommend this unit. Great for our family of 4!
This package has 4 Odor Erase filters total, enough for 2 filter changes since each change requires 2 filters. They fit great and are easy to change. I got them because the original filters were holding onto the plastic smell from the initial cycle. Now they smell much better. I would tell any new Vortex owner to run the initial cycle without the Odor Erase filter in place. Just remove it before running the first cycle to avoid it holding onto the plastic smell like mine did.
This air fryer is just the right size to leave on the counter. The build and quality is high.  I expect to use it for several years. I am still learning how to time my cooking because I live about a mile in elevation.  So far, everything has come out well prepared.  I just clean the basket and rack in the top of the dishwasher and they come out ad good as new.  I love the reheat function.
This air fryer is so easy to clean and simple to use. The drawer and inner rack go into soapy water and nothing sticks. I had the toaster oven type but it didn’t work as an air fryer. With little counter space, this model is perfect for 2 people. My husband is even using it for bacon and steaks. I will highly recommend this product.
Great for quick easy frying/baking. easy to clean. Love the two drawers for making two dishes at same time.
Saves time, calories and cash!  Cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Quicker than top of stove or oven, and certainlymore economically. Very easy to clean, durable and easy to use. Definitely recommend.
Great for making wings I’ve cooked steak in it works great 👍
Brand new air fryer. Plugged in to run test program/break in heat cycle. The unit was working but the digital display not functioning properly for time setting. Readout number for second digital from right not working. Test cycle worked okay and cooking food first time was fine. Just frustrating to have a small problem like this out of the gate. Hopefully it doesn’t get any worse and it’s not a sign of the unit failing completely. I like the air fryer and it did the job otherwise. Fingers crossed.
I wore an entry-level air fryer out daily for over two years.  This was its replacement.  This is worth the extra $25 to $50 from the entry level air fryers if you use it daily. I like the digital settings because they help me get a better idea of the best temp/time combinations for the various products I use inside it, as well as the different ways I like to cut up and prep potatoes.
I’ve used it a few times and love it! Haven’t used the other features besides just air frying food. It heats up quick, loud beeps to hear from another room when timer goes off.
Bigger and yet lighter than my previous airfryer, this Instant Vortex Plus is awesome. I do suggest getting air fryer liners for the basket though, that will speed up cleanup and prevent any oily residue or burnt food from depositing on the tray.
I love everything about this item!
I like everything about this product. Perfect for small meals for one.
Vortex Plus 4QT Delivered February 7, 2023. Used about 4 times over next 3-weeks. Suddenly DIED 21 DAYS LATER in middle of baking a potato. Cooled, tried new outlet, no sign of life = DEAD. Replacement arriving March 2nd. After 5-star CHAT with Customer Service  G returning Via UPS after printing label on AVERY 5526.
Mainly got it for steaks but it doesn’t give me a good searing on the outside without cooking it to well-done. Kinda defeats the purpose of using it for steaks. My other toaster-over style air-fryer works amazing for steaks, this one, not even close.It cooks chicken thighs, drumsticks and any chicken peices with skin on very well! That skin gets good and crunchy.Reheating fried foods (fries, cheese sticks, etc) is where this thing really shines.Easy to use. Glad you can turn the beeping off. Holds the temp well and is very easy to clean. Definitely going to use it for certain things.
The non-stick surface is bad. It’s way too hard to clean, but also gets worn off when only using a gentle plastic bristle brush & dawn. Use a foil lining every time. It doesn’t cook as well with a foil lining, but there’s really no choice.
I loved this air fryer.  It’s easy in all ways to use. When I started to make our third meal in it the drawer would not close.  We wiggled it enough to be able to use it, and it did finish the meal.  After cleaning it (I used the paper inserts you can buy on Amazon which makes clean up a breeze), the drawer still would not close tightly.  Nothing was broken on it, no parts were loose, it just wouldn’t close.  It’s a great air fryer otherwise.
This is my first air fryer and I am thrilled with it. As a single person, it makes cooking easy and quick. Beats heating up an oven and waiting an hour for your food. I have used both the air fry and reheat buttons so far. Reheated items are just as tasty as the first time. Everything that I air fry has a nice crisp to it.I went with this brand/model as I was unsure how much I would use an air fryer. Now, I have no idea how I lived without it. So much so, that I am getting rid of my huge toaster oven and putting the air fryer in its place! The only downside I have with this unit is that I have to cook each food item solo (example: I cook my chicken then veggie). This means the first one cools down by the time the second one is done so I have to reheat the first. Due to this, I would look at the duel basket if/when this model must be replaced. But for anyone looking for a first air fryer, this is a good choice. I do not regret buying this at all.Pros.Large basket holds a lot.Square shape makes spreading food out easy. Easy to remove grate.cooks quickly.Keeps things crisp.Use less oil.Quicker clean upKeeps items crisp on reheatConsTakes up space on the counterControls can be a little unresponsive to touchSlightly difficult removing all oil from grateCannot cook two different items at same timeIncluded instructions are minimalNo booklet with recipes included o(not big deal)
Honestly a great machine, I upgraded from a tiny little air fryer and the overall quality and finish are perfect. The little trays are very easy to clean and the unit has lots of different setting options
It’s great for its size. Cooks two chicken cutlets at one time no more. I wouldn’t recommend it for a big family unless you want to cook another batch. Clean up is easy. Stainless looks good.
Wish it was bigger ! Wish it was ceramic coated ! The plate inside that has holes is hard to clean
I did have the Chefman, good little oven, but this one is way better!  I think what sold me the most was being able to set the Temperature to what I wanted, not jumping 5*!  Also, how it shows the 3 cycles on the top of the oven, Preheat-Cooking-Warm.  Takes out the guess work, even tells you when to turn the food…if it needs to be.  I covered the crumb tray with Oven Liners from Amazon, and I use Silicone Liner I can cut to any size for the Baking pan, also on Amazon.  Air Fryer basket can be sprayed with Cooking Spray, for even easier clean up.  It does use Infrared  light to cook, which produces more heat, much faster than a regular element…so some times and temperatures of your recipes will need some adjusting.  What I did was start an Excel spread sheet, that way I have all my favorites when I need them!  Can’t beat the price either!
I bought this device mainly because I’m tired of scrubbing my oven after broiling – it only has aqua lift cycle.  In any case, the air fryer worked great for fried chicken – I haven’t air fried anything else yet.  I used the broiler for salmon which worked well and for crab cakes – iffy.  The food temperature on the crab cakes was uneven and I needed to put them in for an extra 4 minutes to get hot.  Overall, I consider this a worthwhile purchase and will continue to use it.
I received this a few weeks ago for Valentine’s Day.  There’s a lot I like about the device: the controls are intuitive, the basket is dishwasher-safe, and it lets me cook small batches of food easily and quickly.  The downside is that it emits a horrible burning plastic smell every time I cook something with it.  This is the seventh or eighth time that I’ve used this thing, and it still gives off a burnt plastic odor that gets into the food as well.  Some people have said it gets better, and maybe it has, but it’s pretty awful.  Other people on the internet claim that this isn’t toxic but … I’m just getting tired of it.  It’s not a new appliance smell at all.
I love using my air fryer for dinners or quick and easy lunches. With it’s incredibly innovative design and features, I can shave hours off my meat preparation.
My wife is really enjoying using this. Turns out she is liking this as a Christmas present (she asked for it!). The cooking we have done in this has proved some really good food. Crispy on the outside, and easy to use.  Bacon comes out great!
I like this air fryer.. it’s nicer than my previous one. Can fit enough to feed 2 people. My only complaints are trivial: the warning sticker right on the front.. I’ll remove this. I also feel like it beeps a lot .. and it beeps loud. Overall I’m very pleased!
I thought we were buying the 6 quart version, but the 4 quart one showed up.  This is just for two people, so I figure it should work, but it is a pain in the rear because nothing can touch if you want crispy food.  We did chicken wings and had to do them in batches, and by the time the last batch is done, the first batch is cold.  Not very happy.
Perfect for all types of cooking
A must have for any kitchen chef
had this 10 months-will not do anything-stuck in close basket mode-no functionality-too new to go belly up
After my last air fryer took a dump on me I decided to do some research. As with most products you can find the good, the bad, and the ugly. With this unit I saw a lot more positive feedback.Now this is my fourth air fryer and each one has been a different experience and manufacturer. I love my instapot so I figured why not stick with the same company since reviews are so good.This is by far the easiest air fryer I’ve used. Extremely easy to use, so easy my dad could use it. Controls are basic function and you don’t even need to read the instructions (although you probably should for legal reasons).The other feature that I really like is how easy it is to clean. I’m constantly using this for myself and my 3yr old son, so it gets dirty. But in less than it takes for your water to get hot you can clean it.I’ve found that not all air fryer temperature settings seem the same. What was taking 15min for French fries in my old fryer is now taking 7min at 365°.If anything changes I’ll update this, but absolutely love it so far.
And then I bought this on the recommendation of a friend who would cook in it and post the pictures.  Besides which, I wanted to cook health(ier) for my handicapped nephew and I love this air fryer.  I now make my own concoctions and have learnt how to select the temperature.  Last night I made breaded chicken cutlets and I had mashed potatoes left over so I made croquettes and they were totally yummy.  So glad I bought this and so light weight, easy to carry, store and clean.  A winner all round.
This thing really fries! It works great!
I purchased this for my son’s birthday.  He loves it.  From reheating pizza to baking fresh bread, it’s been a great addition to his dorm-style housing.
We love this. Air fryer, toaster oven – you name it. We have been trying so many things in it.  No complaints and highly recommend.
I was pleasantly surprised by the efficacy and efficiency of this Air Fryer. I was not expecting to like it this much but so far, so good. I’ve only used it twice – the first time was a test run, but it works as it claims to. It doesn’t stink up my apartment with the intense smell of fried food, and it’s easy to clean, too. The 4 quart basket size is more than enough for my cooking needs. I’m glad this purchase worked out for me because it is quite pricey for the size, in my opinion. Hopefully, it lasts long enough to be worth it.
It is easy to use. And works a lot quicker than a regular oven.
I purchased this to replace a toaster oven that I had for many years.  I wanted to upgrade to an air fryer & toaster oven in one.  After many months of research, I landed on this particular product.  I am so happy that I did.  It is visually attractive, which was important to me because it would be sitting out on my counter.  It fits perfectly on my counter under my cabinets.  My counter space measures 15.5 from countertop to the bottom of the cabinet.  This fits perfectly.  I have about 1.5 space between the air fryer and the top of my cabinet.  I have kept an eye on the bottom of the cabinet after first few uses to be sure my cabinets were not getting too hot.  They do get slightly warm but not hot.This has a user-friendly touch screen, which makes it extremely easy to use.  So far, I have air fried chicken wings, homemade chicken nuggets and several appetizers.  I toast bread in it daily and have baked a few casseroles.  It has a few other features that I have not tried yet so cannot comment on, but I would highly recommend this air fryer/toaster oven for its ease of use, compact design and it is super easy to clean!
I did my research and read reviews and after purchasing this, I also purchased one for my best friend.  It has different features for air frying, baking, roasting, etc.  It’s very versatile!  You can reheat pizza and then change it to air fry to crisp up the crust.  You can put a piece of foil in the bottom and make chocolate chip cookies.  We use ours almost every day.  There are two draw backs to this one:  1 – the tray in the bottom of the fryer comes out with the food if you dump the food onto a dish so be aware and hold it in with a utensil.  2 – When you are done cooking  your food, you must insert the fryer basket back into the machine or is will beep continuously and you cannot turn it off.  We like to leave our basket out to clean after we eat (so we don’t forget).  We plug it in to a surge protector so we can just turn the surge protector off and leave the basket out for cleaning.
This is the best air fryer I have ever owned. Heats up within a couple of minutes. I had air fried, baked, and broiled so far and it’s perfect! I cook so much and it makes the meals so much more simpler to make. I’d recommend getting a disposable parchment paper for air fryers so it’s quick and easy to use between other things you are cooking. The only downfall of the air fryer is that it had started rust a bit on the inside after a few cleans. Be sure to wipe it dry after a clean.
All air fryers are pretty much equal when it comes to the way they cooks, this one is no exception so I won’t get into the positives that other reviews have already mentioned.My pet peeve with this air fryer is the forced pre-heat function. You can’t opt out of pre heating which is very annoying. There are many foods that you can cook that do not require pre heating. You can add the food in during the pre-heat cycle but you will need to account for the time elapsed while your food is in there. You’ll be presented with an add food beep once the pre-heat cycle has completed.We ended up going with a Cosori which does not have this annoying feature.
So far we love this airfryer! Still learning but has done very well with what we’ve tried.  The recipe app isn’t very user friendly as others mentioned,  but can still get a few things from it.
Title pretty much says it all. I really liked it. Used it  maybe once a week (averaging weeks using it 4 times and weeks using it 0 times) for the 8 months it worked. Then it just died. It wasn’t the thermo-fuse so not easy to repair. Just completely dead; wouldn’t turn on. Not buying it again, will try another brand.
I have cleaned this thing inside and out and exactly 6mths after purchase this weird burnt plastic smell anytime it is turned on. Not even hot. Food smells like it too. I’ve switched locations, it’s not the outlets or anything it’s the unit. Don’t waste your money
I’ve had this for quite a while and it still has a plastics smell to it. It cooks great, the smell is the only downfall.
After researching air fryers on many sites, the Vortex was usually at the top of list, so I purchased it. Instructions are a little sparse, but if I can figure out how to operate it, you won’t have a problem.It cooks amazingly fast with excellent results, much better than my convection oven. It reheats food much better than my microwave, things are hot and crispy, not soggy as with a microwave.I wish they would have included a time and temperature cheat sheet, instead you have to search the internal.
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In recent years I have bought at least 4 other air fryers wanting to get in on the air fryer craze. Each time I was left wondering why everyone likes these things??? Everything was over/undercooked while following exact instruction, etc.  Just became too complicated to try to figure out… I was buying an air fryer to simplify my life and reduce time spent cooking….NOT to spend tons of time trying to crack the code to success with this frustrating kitchen appliance LOL.Well, THIS ONE  is NOT getting returned!!! Now,  I understand why people like air fryers…you just have to get a good one!!! No secret codes to crack with this one!… it does what it says it does w/ very little learning curve. No wonder why this brand air fryer is recommended by Consumer Reports, and (I believe) American Test Kitchen, as well. Great size for 1-2. HIGHLY recommend! 5++
This is an excellent air fryer. I had a small round type before that did a decent job. I decided to upgrade to this and I am very happy with it. Easy to clean and great results!
We love this airfryer, we use it almost every day.  It’s a great size for our family of 4, it easily fits enough vegetables for us.  My kids can use it with no problem, it’s easy to use and clean.
Me esperaba algo mejor me deje influenciar demasiado con las fotos pensé que cabría un pollo entero estoy un poco decepcionado. Pero funciona perfecto para otras cosas buen material y duradero
We bought this last Christmas and it’s still one of the best items we’ve bought from Amazon.
I love it wish l had it earlier and it’s easy to clean.
I love this air fryer!  It is easy to use, doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, and is so easy to clean.
This is my first toaster oven air fryer combo. It seems to work fine. My complaint is more with Amazon because before they even delivered it they lowered the price $49.00 and would not honor that by refunding the difference. They said they don’t do price matches although the only price I was asking them to match was their own.
Used twice, could not get the stink of hot metal out, kept making food taste like hot metal, would have returned it but return window passed.
Does the job
Family loves everything we cook in it
Been Leary of buying one. But I love it! Works great.
I initially bought this as a Christmas gift for my Mom but she had to leave the address where I was going to give it to her. So I used it to see how I would like it before ordering another to send to her at her new address. I wanted something small and light that she could easily lift and would not take up too much space on her counter, or if she did put it away, would be easy for her to pull out as she is 90 and fragile.It’s small but I really, really liked it so I ordered one for her.I have a big one but am leaving it in my stationary RV rather than hauling it back and forth, and using the smaller one in my lightweight travel RV. You can’t cook a lot of food in it but plenty for one or two people. It doesn’t go above 400 degrees but nonetheless, it cooks fast, evenly, and well.
No cooking Recipes come with this airfryer or just simple temperature or times for meat
Instant is known for high quality products. Pretty happy with this air fryer. Simple to operate and very easy to clean!
The amell of a burning wire is horrible
So far I’ve just used this to air fry or roast veggie sides. It’s been super convenient since it heats up so fast. I also like to heat up leftovers. It’s helped me to eat more veggies since it’s so much quicker than a regular oven.
This air fryer works really good.  I wish I would have gotten one a long time ago. It does a freat job of making everything crispy and delicious.  I don’t really use my oven anymore.
OK I believe this product have been used before because it has a break-in procedure. You have to do and it did not do the brake-in procedure, which would indicate it had been done before. This was supposed to be a new unit even though it was on special, but it didn’t say anything about being a used. I kind of had that feeling because of the way the power cord had been placed back in the box. There’s a plastic covering that has been torn like somebody tried to get it off and no cover on the end of the cord all part. It seems to work OK I have not tried it because I was doing the break in procedure and break in procedure was already done. Pick him up since I’m in a wheelchair. There’s not much I can do because it’s hard for me to get around to return something so I’ll just deal with it. I filled out the warranty so I filled out the warranty, so I’m at least I’m good for a year
After a month, the handle broke.. and no response as of yet.My wife loves this air fryer, I guess gonna have to buy her another one.But for sure not on line.
Works well, does everything I want it to do and is reasonably compact in size.
Okay, so this is the first air fryer I’ve ever used. I absolutely love it! It is so easy to use, easy to clean, heats up super fast and the food comes out great. It does a really good job reheating things that need to be crispy, as well as all the other functions (air frying, etc.). The only thing I haven’t tried is dehydrating. I can’t think of anything negative to say about it!
We made the plunge and bought this air fryer after much review.  We use it daily and find the settings easy to use and accurate.  The large pull out basket holds enough to cook for more than just the two of us so we often cook more to use for lunches.  Easy to clean I would recommend this.
We love our air fryer worth the purchase
Love this air fryer but we bought it in Oct and It stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I have contacted the seller but they have yet to answer my email!I’m hoping they’ll at least fix the one I have.
This is an outstanding Air Fryer!  It’s very easy to use and your food comes out better than expected.  Nachos is 2 minutes….. terrific!
Everything about this product is great. Easy to see the food through the window. Easy to set temperature, easy to clean and looks good on our counter.
I bought this huge device to accommodate a chicken on a spit.  I bought the smallest dang chicken I could find, 4 pounds, and it will not fit.  I’m going to have to learn how to spatchcock a bird in order to get it in the stupid oven.  I’d send it back, but I destroyed the boxes to put them into recycle.  Buy a smaller, cheaper air fryer for the other stuff.  This one is soul-crushing.
Fab uloso facil y util
I was very resistant to buying yet another kitchen gadget.  Aside from taking up yet more counter space, it just seemed rather redundant to other appliances I already had and I expected its uniqueness to disappear as another fad.  Well, my friend bought this model based on the high reviews and recommendations at America’s Test Kitchen whom we both look to for unbiased reviews and recommendations.Well, I was impressed!  While I still prefer to cook my french fries in oil, this fryer does everything else really nicely.  I’ve cooked air fried chicken wings that were outstanding.  I love the broiled taste and texture of chicken thighs too.  But honestly my favorite use is for reheating.  It reheats pizza that tastes freshly baked, I’ve reheated chicken nuggets from McD’s and my favorite chinese takeout and they are as crispy on the outside and moist on the inside as the day I ordered them. Same with fried fish fillets. It also is a great way to toast english muffins that is twice as fast as any toaster oven.  I’m trying new recipes a couple times a week.  And to my surprise it really hasn’t replaced any of my other appliances except maybe for the toaster oven.I did try out the dehydrator function to make chicken jerky for my dog.  It really didn’t do any better or worse than my convection oven. Took just as long for the same quality results…but of course it only made about one eighth as much… so not very efficient that way for me.I do like that this air fryer has a window and a light so that I can monitor progress.  The programming is very intuitive and very easy to set.  Even my housemate who has no cooking skills likes this machine.  That is saying a lot!
I have two Instant Pot pressure cookers so I expected good things from this. It delivers. The touch screen is intuitive and the instructions are simple. The rotisserie is the only function I haven’t tried but the others have worked very well.The adjustments necessary are with the Bake function. I’ve found setting the time to the minimum of an items suggested range is best. Sometimes I’ve even reduced the temperature because edges started to burn. Perhaps that’s the proximity to the heating elements compared to a standard oven since the Toast and Air Fry functions don’t have that issue.The unit makes noise with the fan. It’s not enough to interrupt conversation, but I know other brands are silent. The fan also runs for a few minutes after the cycle is complete to vent heat, which I think is good.Overall I’m very happy with it.
Absolutely love this air fryer. The see thru window helps with unnecessary opening before needed. Temperature works well. I would definitely buy this again when this wears out.  :)
This Air Fryer does not come with an instruction book or a recipe book.  There is an app but it is not helpful for users of the air fryer.  Most of the app’s contents concern the Instant Pot.  I am so sorry I bought this air fryer.
Love this brand of air fryer.
We have used the oven several weeks now,it’s upfront easy-to-use. Great toast and the rotisserie is nice for SMALL roast and Cornish game hens [2] at a timeYou could not cook for more than 2 since the cooking area is rather small , Costco pizzas don’t fit. We also used the dehydration mode.My wife has baked biscotti and bread so very versatileThe shelves do not fit securly but we got around thatFor the price this unit is okay
This was my first one – gave in after my girlfriend told me how easy it is to use.  So many recipe’s and advice online too!  Nice size for my counter.
We’ve only had this a couple of weeks but so far it has exceeded my expectations. Steak, pork chops, french fries, and frozen chicken have all turned out great. You do have to keep a close eye on it as the cooking times are a little tricky. Watch 6 different YouTube videos for the same item and you’re likely to get 6 different time and temperature suggestions. Obviously, wattage can make a difference so just know that things are going to cook faster than you think. And clean up is a breeze. I do wish pricing on Amazon was a little more consistent, however. I bought this on sale at $128 and as I write this it’s listed for $109
I purchased this as a replacement and I couldn’t for a better air fryer.
Replaced my Cuisi*** that we loved and wore smooth out with this ‘un. Really nicely designed, easy to clean controls, easy to see. The construction seems sturdy and of reasonable quality. I liked it in the catalog, not disappointed yet.
Haven’t had this air fryer for a year yest and it stopped working.
Stopped working after 6 months of use.Cant return,,total disappointment
Upgraded from my last air fryer this thing is a blessing.
E1 error I did everything to troubleshoot to no avail. Disappointed will try another brand
It’s a great product. Very easy to clean and easy to operate. I just love it. I literally cook everything in this airfryer.
The food drawer slides out and down too easily. When I had the unit too close to the edge of the counter the unit was on, the drawer slid off of the counter and in my attempt to stop its fall, I suffered a second degree burn to my index finger.
I gave this to my mom for Christmas and she loves it. It cooks well and was easy to set up. You can make so many things in it and they are cooked well.
Easy to clean. Windows great visibility.  Baskets are large and cooking grills easy to seperate.
I owned an air fryer round body and it is not made as well as the Instant Vortex, and I find it easier to clean great job Instant.
Sadly this device is void of it’s warranty outside of the USA, so if you’re planning on the import don’t do it!
Air Fryers are the best thing since French Fryers and this Air Fryer/Toaster Oven by Instant Pot delivers!I love the convection option, along with air fry, roast, broil, bake, warm, reheat, toast, and dehydrate options.The oven is quick to heat, easy to clean, and produces a nice crispy coating on chicken, french fries, fish. It’s great for heating leftovers, warming up that donut, or cooking a small casserole. No failures yet!I highly recommend the Instant Omni Plus by Instant Pot! It’s the same high quality we have come to expect from the Instant Pot family over the years! You won’t be disappointed.
My family uses the airfryer instead of the microwave now among other things. By far the kitchen appliance with the most mileage!
Works like a charm.
This thing looks nice but is huge!!! I measured before I bought this not knowing the measurements were super off. I was looking for a much smaller one, and it is heavy. Go figure. I really dont like the huge OFF sign remaining lit the whole time when not in use. I just fried up some eggrolls but it said the food was burning and when i looked at it- it was not burning yet.. which us good but told me a little too early.
The directions are easy to follow, and if you do, the results are great
They love it ! Great for Quick meals and a 4 year old that love French fries
I watched tons of youtubes trying to find air fryer that bake, broil, roast. Glad I bought this one based on my youtube search.  LOVE this product, has almost completely replaced my 220/240V oven, reduces pre heat and cook time in half..love the middle knob setting control. BUY IT!
I have had this air fryer for less than a year and it works great but the coating on the basket insert is already starting to bubble up and comes off with a non-scratch sponge. We have been hand washing this every time, never put it in the dishwasher. This was a pricey product for it to only last under a year so I’m pretty disappointed.
Love it easy to use
Easy to use! Perfect for a quick heat up!
I LOVE my air fryer. I had a very small one and immediately upgraded. It makes life so easy as you can make bread, vegetables, meat and so much more in a short amount of time and with little mess. It makes making dinner pleasant and clean up even easier. I can’t get over how much I recommend this. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it.
I have debated for a long time whether to buy an air fryer. And after much research and thought, I decided to purchase this one. It is made by the Instant Pot people. I love my Instant Pot, use it all the time, and it has lasted well. The Instant Vortex air fryer has proven just as reliable so far. It is a nice size for a smaller family. It doesn’t take up a lot of room on the counter. It is quite easy to clean by hand. I have found quite a few uses for it so far, fixing fresh homemade foods.
This is easy to use and works great!
I like my new Instant Vortex Air Fryer, but it could be better.The sound feature left me out. I can hear the notification tunes played my Samsung Dishwasher , my LG Washer and Dryer , and my LG Microwave long beep.However, I have a Mr Coffee brewer , a Cuisinart Deluxe grill and now my new Instant Air Vortex Fryer that make sounds that I cannot hear because they make high pitch sounds.The sound feature is important when a notifying message is displayed on the air fryer otherwise I have to be watching the display continuously or ask Siri to notify me when half my set time has passed so I can turn over the food.Instant designed a feature to turn ON or OFF the sound. The manual states that one sound cannot be turned off (it already is for me). It wouldn’t take much more to add an option to make the sound more inclusive.I have the opinion that it would be so easy to fix this problem (not just for me)  by the manufacturers. I know automation very well so this is an experienced opinion.
Easy to use, easy to clean, temperature control are all excellent
Probably one of my better purchases. Super easy to clean and has a tone of different settings. Also, it doesn’t take up too much countertop space.
I chose this particular air fryer because I wanted to have the rotisserie function included. I was very excited to get it and cook a rotisserie chicken, but that whole part of it in my opinion is faulty because the chicken does not stay on in the little indents on the side of the oven it keeps falling off.
Works like a charm. Easy to use and the size is great. Even did baked potatoes in it. (40 Minutes)It will be great for camping and in the summer when you don’t want the oven on.I keep finding more things I can cook in it!
This air fryer is awesome!  So easy to use and cleaning it is a snap! I’ve only used it as an air fryer, even though it does much more—but I bought it specifically for the air fryer function.
The Vortex air fryer makes crispy, well done French Fries with just a coating of oil.  The lightly breaded chicken came out tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.  Last night I made an Orange Anise Ginger cookie.  It was tasty.  (Recipes are available on a website or in books. Google it.)
I can’t believe it took me so long to get it.  I use it for everything. Really works well. So easy to use.
This product has easy to understand controls, size of basket is sufficient for our needs.  So far have only used air fry mode.  We are satisfied.
Awesome valued product
I purchased two in addition to the one I already had. It’s the best air fryer so far and I have recommended it to everyone around me. Less cooking time and different recipes
I hate using my gas stove so this is a wonderful replacement.  I haven’t used the rotisserie yet, but used all of the other functions.  I took one star off; switching from preheat to cooking signal isn’t loud enough.  I have to check several times to see if it’s cooking.
The unit was fine until it broke 2 days ago.  The close basket switch reports no changes.  Unit is not usable anymore.
I was pleasantly surprised that a t it had a o many features, such as bake, dehydration, etc.
Listen.. this brand is excellent. I’ve had a regular air fryer for the last 4 years until it died!! I purchased this guy and got a sweet deal on him (he was used but in excellent condition) my other air fryer would take 30 mins to just pre heat! This takes 10 mins and it’s ready to go super fast! I am really in shock – purchase this guy, you won’t regret it!
Love it but wish it had a cookbook vs the online recipes.
Fast and convenient. New to air fryer so love its convenience in cooking food fast and tasty without much oil. Looks pretty cool to leave outside on the counter
Makes it so easy yo do simple meals if you’re a busy single person. And great if you want to cook keto.
I am so disappointed with Amazon and this seller – I will lose money returning a product that is not working in the first place
This machine is phenomenal!! Someone gives us some water logged boiled potatoes that had sat in water over night. I wanted to test the machine out so I put the potatoes in the air fryer, no oil just seasoning (they were bland😬) the Vortex immediately started pulling water out of the chamber and completely crisped and browned the outside of the potatoes while retaining the velvety insides! Don’t walk but RUN to buy this air fryer!
My wife and I have tried several air fryer brands over the years but we never really liked using them. Either cleaning was a hassle, temp was wrong, took too long to cook or honestly just sucked in general. This was the absolute opposite, we’re in love. It gets used almost daily. Great purchase. Only regret we had was not getting the larger 2 basket version.
The air fryer is great, and compared to a smaller one I used to have it cooks faster, probably because of the higher wattage. You can tell that it’s made with premium quality materials and I hope it’s going to last longer than my old one. Like someone else said the glass becomes quite warm during operations but not to the point of burning yourself. Overall I’m very happy.
Great machine!  I’ve been happy w/ it until the knob broke.  Now I can’t change the the temp or time as those are the only ones the knob really changes.  Instant’s support seems to look bad right now as they have not gotten back to me in over 2 weeks.  My machine lasted just over a year before it broke down.  I could technically still use it but will have to settle on a specific temp and time and just eyeball when its done.  I can probably tinker around w/ popping the top cover and see if I could fix it myself or just buy another unit and dump this one.  Seems like a waste of 130 bucks though
Love it, hesitated because I  was doubtful the results would be satisfactory.YouTube offered a review on “test kitchen” and this one was their first choice, so glad I followed their suggestion!
Everyone needs this Air Fryer.  I use it almost daily and have cooked everything from frozen biscuits to fries to steaks.  This Air Fryer makes food taste so much better.  Wish I had bought one sooner.
This is better than an other air fryer I’ve tried.Like an easy bake oven for adults!
So far we’ve been very happy with the Air Fryer. So far we’ve cooked: French Fries, Chicken Patties, Pork Chops and Batter Fried Cod Filets and are very pleased. No regrets purchasing.
I love this fryer! So easy to clean too. I like having the different options. I use broil for toasting, roasting for frozen veggies and chicken it’s so easy to use. I recommend this one!
Very pleased with this purchase. It is a great size and looks good on the countertop as well!
Haven’t use my oven or range top since getting this
I have the 19qt and use it quite often. I use it for French fries, bacon, chicken thighs etc. I highly recommend it. My 14 year old also loves it for pizza, wings and burgers.
Use it everyday.  Easy to clean and accurate.
I thought that this would replace my toaster oven and countertop rotisserie.  Nope.  It reheats leftovers well and I can use my metal cook wear – those are its positive features.It dehydrates anything it toasts.The interior is so small that the only thing I can cook in the rotisserie is a game hen.  None of my covered cook wear fits with a lid, so I use foil for anything I need to cover.Very disappointed with this.
Really like this Air Fryer
Gifted this to my daughter for Christmas and they absolutely love it.
Maybe I got a bad unit? IDK it was fine and then it was just dead when we woke up on day 4. Other than that we were really enjoying it. Made like 5 things in it before it went out.
The quality is superior! The size is really big and you can put many things inside! At the same time, you have many options to cook with it. I would buy it 100 times more!’
I bought this for.my son who lives in the dorm. It is easy to use easy to clean and doesn’t take up a lot of space.  It cooks the food quickly and evenly..gives everything a crispness nothing soggy like a microwave.  But this, it is great for everything from frozen food to raw foods. You can cook anything in this and it will be delicious.
This is the only kitchen appliance we need.  At first we were a bit intimidated by the shear size of the thing but when we realized all that it could do… WOW.  Bake, broil, air fry, and more, we never use our oven anymore.  The instructions are simple.  The timers tell you when to place the food in, when to flip it, when it’s done.  We have broiled a steak, fried a burger, baked a muffin, etc.  We also use the paper liners every time so cleanup, there is no cleanup.  Makes cooking easy and fast.
I use it at home for all the purpose it’s ment for
I had Gourmia (Costco) air fryers for years. Wanted to upgrade to something ostensibly healthier. I saw good reviews for this one and paid an extra $70!! for the stainless steel version hoping it would be better than plastic. Turns out no… its not stainless steel. All plastic except for a pitiful layer of some metal in the inside. I understand there’s a burn off period too for smell (have done it multiple times with Gourmia) and it’s normally not pleasant, but goes away after a few cycles. I was hoping stainless steel would prevent the need for burning off, but alas this one required burn-off too. This one’s smell was so acrid and horrible, I was floored. Multiple burn off cycles didn’t matter. I had to return and haven’t looked back. Beware!
Got this on a Black Friday deal and don’t regret it a bit. It cooks a lot of different foods up nice and crispy, and to clean it, I just put the whole damn drawer into the dishwasher.I would especially recommend it if you’re like me and you love pub foods, but gave up deep fried stuff. There are a ton of great analogues that this thing will crisp up nicely without the oil bath.
My husband requested an air fryer for the holidays. I did my research, and it appeared this model received excellent reviews for a good price point; think there was a holiday promo going on too. Well, my husband has been thrilled. It has gone beyond his expectations, and it is used daily in our home.
works as expected
I got this as a gift for Xmas. Was super excited to have my 1st Air Fryer. However, that excitement has turned into disappointment. There is a plastic smell that makes the house smell bad. And the food taste so bad… I mean really bad like a plastic burnt taste, you cant eat it. This cant be safe. Select another brand.Updated. We returned the item and got a brand new one at no cost. The new new one doesn’t have the bad plastic smell and stuff is actually edible. So I think the 1st one was defective. No issues at all. So I upgraded my rating to a 3.
I really like this convection cooker. (Hate the term  air fryer)Its easy to clean and I am amazed how fast it heats.Our regular oven can take 15 minutes to reach 400 degrees.The Insta Vortex takes 3 – 4 minutes.
Unfortunately, after I ran the test run on this (and noticed the awful smell as others have mentioned), this wouldn’t turn on for the second time.  Returned the day after it arrived.
My son loves this for cooking.
By 3rd use the Teflon coating started flaking away on the bottom where the inner rack rubs against it. I can’t use the anirfryer anymore because the Teflon flakes can get into the food.
Wife loves this air fryer, she has a small iron skillet she cooks mini cornbread in and it fits in this so no more using the big oven to make cornbread. The only reason I don’t give this a 5 star, the push screen controls seem kind of iffy I push them sometimes and its like nope I’m not responding because you didn’t hit me just right, then again it could be just me, that’s what the wife says.
Maybe I got a lemon…but I have had this for about 6 months and features just stopped working on the touchscreen and it is past the warranty timeframe. The cancel button stopped working which means the only way to make it end early or adjust anything after you already started is to unplug it or move the timer all the way to 1:00 minute left and let it run for a minute. Then, the toast level stopped responding as well so the only option is the lowest/lightest option. Disappointed considering the price.
I stopped frying or baking after getting this, i did perfect salmon , perfect chicken with it, just marinate it and put few oil drops and it will do the rest.Also very easy to clean.
Liked using machine…until the Time & Display quit showing and machine quit working about 3 days ago. (other than showing display of baskets 1 & 2 and type of cooking options)  Have only had for 6 months.Tried calling Support Phone number, but was not hours shown on website & was after hours.Then spent over an hour searching for warranty info with no success; have to request in writing with copies of specific documentation.
Beware it is much larger than listed. It is about 17 W x 14 D x 14 H approximately.  It takes up too much space on my countertop. Otherwise it look good!
We have only had this for a few days now but I am quite pleased so far.  With so many air fryers competing for my dollars now-a-days it was both simple and hard to choose.Two standout features (in my view) are:Quiet operation.  Yes there is a fan running all the time but it is much quieter than any other unit I have seen in friends and families kitchens.Dehydrate function.  We have only tried this feature once so far but it seems to work well.  We’re looking forward to dried fruits and maybe even a batch of jerky.Downside – no recipe book with the unit or even on-line.  I did not take off any points for this since air fryer recipes are just all over the web and not hard to find and adapt.
The replacement includes four filters. You’ll need two to change filter. VERY Important: once it is changed, plug in, press the bake button and reset button simultaneously until it says filter reset. Change filter light should go away at that time.
I have the Instant Omni Plus 19 QT/18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo.  I love the oven – however, the trays don’t fit well into the grooves.  Any slight movement will cause either tray to shift out of the grooves and fall.  I have ruined a few dinners this way and it is HIGHLY annoying.  I want to love this, but instead I will need to replace it with something else.  Sad…
This air fryer is so perfect and easy to use. I love you.  Especially with the window.
Bought this item on amazon prime day. Have used to for multiple foods and works better than expected. Two suggestions however. As a 4 quart the capacity is not great so I would recommend a larger one. Also get paper liners which make cleaning a whole lot easier!
Absolutely LOVE this! Cooked fries then grilled cheese in 10 minutes. So easy and perfectly cooked. Can’t wait to try more recipes.
Love the “light” feature so we can keep an eye on browning without disrupting the cooking. Super easy to use – our oven was out and we used it to heat up a small ham in a Pyrex dish and it worked perfectly. We previously had a PowerXL which was great, but we wanted a larger basket. This one is awesome.
The best air fryer out there! It’s not too big or too small. I love how it’s touch screen and so easy to use. Food is ready quick and comes out amazing. Highly recommend this air fryer
Very impressed! Love Instant products. The air fryer function is used the most and cooks quickly and perfectly! I’m finding it cooks in air fryer mode in half the time and the bake function cooks faster than a conventional oven also! Makes cooking a lot faster and healthier too! Looking forward to using the rotisserie function too! Easy to clean especially when using parchment paper on the pan. The air fryer basket cleans very easily too!
I’m cooking all the time for myself and saving money!
This is our first air fryer, and it was only because one of our daughters told us how much she loved hers that we even got one. What a great addition it has been! It cooks burgers, meat, vegetables quickly and easily, and clean up is really easy. We’ve only had it a short time, so we look forward to learning more things to prepare with it. There are lots of air fryers out there, but this one seems well made and sturdy. We’re pleased with the quality and the design.
Great product extremely efficient cooking easy to use and clean 👏👍
Not happy with the smell but I think it is going away. Otherwise very happy with it.
we are using this thing daily. Life is good.
Smaller then I expected but so far is fitting our familyWe went from a 6 quart to this one. It does have more features and nice clean, sleek designI don’t care for the nonstick on the inside or the rubber stoppers on the screen for the bottom of the basket. It also has this little loop in the very center for pulling it out to clean(which is nice, pop right into dishwasher), but it can cause uneven cookingOverall I like this product. I did a price comparison and the price on Amazon was the same as major department stores
We use this everyday, and try to learn new things to cook in it everyday.  It has become the centerpiece of our kitchen.  Especially good for warming up leftovers including pizza.  When looking at frozen foods, if they don’t have air fryer instructions, I buy a brand that does have air fryer instructions.
I did a lot of research before purchasing this air fryer. I read reviews, compared all the top models and watched numerous YouTube videos before making my purchase.  The things that sealed it for me were, the right size for the amount it would hold.  I thought it would be larger than I needed but thought being able to roast a whole, full chicken would be beneficial some day.  Also, the control panel is streamlined and soeasy to use, not a lot of confusing, programmed choices.  First of all, you don’t need them.  Once you get a feel for it you will find you know what settings to use.  Examples, I did boneless chicken thighs for 15minutes at 380° and they were the most juicy, fully cooked, delicious chicken thighs I’ve ever made.  I used a meat thermometer at the end to make sure because I thought 15 minutes wouldn’t be long enough, but it was. Best to trial and error than to over cook anything.  I also did roasted broccolini for 8 minutes, 380°, and again, perfectly aldente, like I like it.  Seems that setting works for everything, including frozen French fries.I loved the see through window with internal light.  This is the only unit that has this feature that I found.  You will like that.This unit did not take up a lot of room on the counter and, it is pretty quiet. It did not smoke or smell past the first test run.  Overall, I loved this and considering I never thought I needed an air fryer, it has proven to be indispensable.
Food taste great.
I love this air fryer!! I replaced our very old Philips air fryer that only had one function. I can’t belive how many things I can use this on. Big thick Chicken breasts cook so well in this. I hate cooking Chicken. I always under cook or burn it. This there’s no way to mess up. It come out perfect and super moist. So many other things to do. Helps us with so many quick east meals at night.
This air fryer is a perfect size for 2-3 portions. It’s easy to use and easy to clean.
I really like this air fryer because it wasn’t complicated to learn how to use it. Also it does more than air fry. I have baked, broiled and of course, air fried. I think its simplicity of operation would make it a great gift for seniors who might be intimidated by a more digital kind.
Nice small easy to use airfryer mom is very happy with it.
This is my first air fryer and I absolutely love it. Easy to set temperature and time. I have used the reheat feature many times.
Works great, Love the separation. Super easy to clean.
Someone got me this for xmas.  It was pretty slick, but I did not like how it has no chime/alarm (minus 1 star).  It preheats, and has no sound to tell you it’s ready -it says add food, so…great, if you’re staring at it.  Then maybe 60% through cooking it says Turn Food; again, fine if you are looking at it full time.  And when it is done cooking…again, no alarm.  At least 15 seconds after finishing, the fan turns off, so that’s SOME kind of audible signal.  Reading the manual, there is a way to turn sound on/off, so I tried with it on and with it off.  No signals.I reached out to support and they glossed over my mail and sent me useless information -an experience I am having a lot with support people who apparently hate their jobs (support experience is minus another star).  After enough discourse, they told me it SHOULD have a signal and so I sent it back for replacement.  Got a new one and it’s exactly the same (minus another star).Another slightly annoying thing is that you seem to have to take out and replace the bin to get the display to come on / light up.  Seems like pushing one of the knob/buttons ought to do that…  Fortunately, it only takes 1-2 minutes to preheat, even to 400 degrees, so you need to just sort of watch it, because if you miss it, it will just continue on with the cooking timer, and once you actually add your food, you’ll need to adjust the time.BUT… it does make some nice crisp foods; results are pretty good.  And clean up is easy.  The last caveat is that there is a tray you put in the bin, so the air can go around your food, but there is only one, so if you wanted to cook anything on multiple levels (so as to not have to run it over and over to cook more food), you are out of luck.  If you want serious versatility, get a different fryer.
We had been shopping for some time for an air fryer that meets our needs without breaking the bank.We liked that the Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart model has a viewing window.  It is so nice to be able to see if the food is getting close to done, or getting overdone without having to open the air fryer.I had seen on several reviews that the tray falls out.  I think that we have a newer/improved model, or are just lucky as the tray fits pretty snug in the basket and we have had no problems with it falling out when inverting to empty.Likewise, there were some complaints about smoke or bad smell coming from it during early use.  We have experienced none of this either.  We washed the basket and tray out before using and wiped the inside of the air fryer with a damp wash cloth to remove any manufacturing oil or residues.It is a pretty large air fryer and does take up some counterspace, but having 6 qt capacity opens to door to cooking larger items (whole chicken for instance), and larger quantities reducing cooking batches.We having used the roast, broil, reheat or dehydrate functions, but it’s nice to have the capability.So far, it had done everything we were hoping for in an air fryer and are having fun adapting recipes to use the air fryer and not having to heat up a large oven.
This air fryer made me fall in love with cooking again. It is super easy to use. You can adjust the time and temperature for each of the settings offered. There are only two pieces and they are super easy to clean! It doesn’t take up too much space on the counter and is easy to store away in the cabinet. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out. 10/10 would recommend.
This size is perfect for my family of three. It makes it so quick and easy to do sides, pizza, and veggies. (We’re still experimenting with other foods.) The interface is simple and easy to use and clean up is quick and painless.
I really like my air fryer.  I do wish I got a bigger one though.  Figuring out time is a learning process.  We started an air fryer journal.  We’ve made quite a few things with it.  It’s very easy to clean.  Always remember to unplug when your done, even if it’s off.  I read an article about these causing fires because they were left plugged in.
Produces a very strong burnt plastic odor even after running over a dozen times times. The manual said the smell would go away after a few times. It reduced but didn’t go away. Gives us a headache when running. Not comfortable eating food cooked in this. If it smells this bad, what is it putting in our food??? Even if the smell is non-toxic as the manual claims, it still gives us a headache to use.
This is the second air fryer I’ve owned. The first one was so impossible to keep clean that I finally just threw it out. This one is so easy to clean. Plus I really love the bigger surface area from a rectangular cooking surface then from a circular one. Nice product for the money.
Lots of space, fairly easy to clean and use. Definitely get the liners.
Using this on an RV.  My Ninja Foodie at home is much sturdier and better product.  Also more expensive though.
I got it for my mom and she absolutely loves it!
Bought it as a gift for my aunty and she loves it, won’t cook without it from the day she received it
Easy to use and came with instructions
Like it use for baking air fryer and warm up food
Absolutely love this air fryer. Easy to clean and easy to use.
I like the basket and tray non-stick coating, just toss in the dishwasher. And, coupled with a disposal paper liner (available on Amazon) is even better because it cuts down on the frequency of dishwashing.  It has 4 different functions air fry, bake, broil and roast.  Just download the free recipes app as instructed to your tablet or phone and enjoy a new culinary experience. I use this little guy 3-4 days a week because the 1 touch programs and fast reheating design makes it a snap to quickly whip up a meal.The size of the air fryer (12.01Dx15.31Wx12.72H) was a concern initially, especially the height because I was afraid it would warp the cabinet over the countertop.  To ensure proper clearance, I pull the air fryer out from the wall before using it.I have been using this air fryer for over a year and just love it. I even got one of my jealous friends to buy one.  We now collaborate on different recipes.
My wife and I use this air fryer almost daily and love it. I like that I can monitor the food cooking without opening the basket. Cooks food well.
I got this air fryer after a different brand had malfunctioned. I absolutely love this one. It has some power! The basket is a great size, easy to clean, the touch screen functions well and it cooks food very well. It takes a bit to figure out what temp and time to cook things at but once you do it is a great appliance. My only complaint is I wish I could turn off the pre heat function but it really isn’t a big deal to just ignore it.
Love my Instantpot, but didn’t know much about air fryers. I saw a good price, bought it, and tried it. It’s now my new favorite device!
This is only the second air fryer I’ve ever had and this one is superior. It’s a square instead of a circle. It has one tray to clean out instead for a deep fryer round basket which is four dimensional and nearly impossible to clean. It takes up less space on a counter. Plus it’s digital. You can change the time or temp on the fly. I’ve only used it as a air fryer so far but it has multiple purposes. I only wish I would have ordered the next size up. 18 months ago I gave my Go Wise 5 stars too. Now it’s in the garage sitting on a shelf. I certainly didn’t mean to go on a rant but I do consider it being a must buy.  5 Stars so far.
Horrible smell from the start and after several high heat rounds the utterly disgusting smell still fumed up my house.
This is a very good oven ,you can cook in the house and doesn’t make the stink or Smokey
The food was delicious
I bought this for my Wife and I use it more than she does.  It has 2 trays that can be controlled independently.  Cooks food fast and delicious.  The  2 trays are a bit small, but have a rubber insert that makes cleaning easy.  Would recommend 10/10
This product is a great quality air fryer, I love the way it fry food. The glass front is great and allow you to see the food while cooking. Totally recommended
It’s very easy to use, looks very nice and works pretty well.
I use it less than twice a week. Only silicone utensils were used. I let it cool down before washing. It’s always hand washed with non-stick safe sponges that my other non-stick pots and pans have no issues with. The coating quality is garbage.
We have a Emeril air fryer and use it almost daily and this Vortex is a great addition to the Emeril. If you don’t have a air fryer you should get one, it will save you time and money. Highly recommend this Vortex.
My ole girl finally hit the bucket after 2 years of -extensive-, daily use, and it was time to upgrade. I already had an instapot so I knew the quality was there, and I knew it I was buying a new one, I was going to invest. I didn’t know it would be a $220ish investment…but I have no regrets.She doesn’t slice or dice, but she’s got two baskets that can cook at different times, and try as I might with my busy life, she cleans so incredibly easy. She’s the best. I love her more than my husband.If you’re trying to find a new air fryer, friends, this is it. If you’re looking at other units, they’re wrong. Only this baby will keep you(r fries) warm at night.
We pretty much use this everyday. I’ve used it to make an apple turnover, baked potatoes, crispy cauliflower wings, zucchini noodles, frozen shrimp, roasted veggies.. We also use it to reheat – like pizza and french fries. It’s easy to use, and much easier to clean than our Power XL that we used to have. That one lasted about 3 years and the handle started to break and the basket didn’t stay in the main drawer. Since there’s no basket to take out to shake, we just use some tongues/spoon for stuff like fries or veggies. Would recommend!
Had to return this item, it wasn’t making cooking anything easier or crispy. A small batch of frozen fast food fries took almost 20 minutes longer than it would in just the oven. I don’t recommend the 6 qt window air fryer at all.
There some kind of coating inside fryer. As per instructions ran 25min. At 400. Will burn off over time.  Tried, had to move it outside so strong smell. Tried 4 more times outside over 2 days. It still gives off terrible smell. Afraid to try cooking something. Don’t want to waste food. Returning.  Those fumes can’t be healthy.!! It was a gift , feel bad about returning.n
One draw back is you do need space on the counter.  I love it.easy to use.  Easy to maintain
This is a great air fryer.  It is simple to use, easy to clean and does not take up too much space on the counter top.  I use it almost every day for something and when my grandchildren come over we use it a lot more.
Bought this for my wife as a Christmas present, have yet to use it but it’s everything she wanted in an air fryer
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Excelente producto muy complacida me encanta

Saves a bunch on our gas bill by not sparking up the gas oven. Also kitchen is no longer 900 degrees.
I love this air fryer! It’s easy to use, and I haven’t had to turn on my stove since Christmas. I’ve made fried chicken, baked chicken, apple turnovers, broccoli, egg muffins, and donuts, to name just a few things, and everything has turned out great. You can even make soft and hard boiled eggs in it.
It doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.  Didn’t come with a cook book.  Otherwise a great air fryer.
I uses it everyday and it’s perfect
My first air fryer and I think I’m pretty happy with it. It claims to fit an under 5 lb chicken to roast but it looks pretty small inside and I haven’t tried yet. Simple display, easy to use, doesn’t heat up surrounding things.
I like everything About this air fryer. Thank you
Saves me time cleaning and cooking in the kitchen! Easy to use and makes great meals!
Love this air fryer.  we got the 4 qt. basket isvery big.  loveit
I liked everything about it❤️❤️🥰
If you’re cooking for a family or just one person, this fits every bill. Lots of temperature and cooking options. Nonstick and easy to clean
The only thing I’m requesting from the seller is to provide us with an excellent cookbook to go along with it so we can enjoy it more, and I would truly appreciate that from any Cook out there that has any experience with air fry and for them to make it available to purchase this brand and create a cookbook, for it would be amazing.
I feel like this duel airfryer is good, but not great. I do like having the two spots. But the display is a little frustrating. You cannot turn off preheat, so if you do batches, you go through the preheat cycle every time. It is also not good if you have to add time.Otherwise, it seems to be working well overall.
Water leaked into the window and smells
I got this as a christmas gift for my mother & she absolutely loves it! It’s easy for my younger siblings to use when making something quick. She tells me she uses it every other day because it genuinely works so well & can cook so many things. I would definitely recommend it!
New to air fryer- works good- it’s big.
The Instant Omni Plus is quite deep, and it is wide enough to accommodate standard quarter sheet baking pans. This is a real plus because there is a large variety of bakeware to chose from that will maximize the available space in this oven. Here are a few examples to demonstrate its capacity.
It’s small. I had to fill it 3 times to feed a family of six.
She loves it!
Not a big cooker but I can do multiple things with this. Like the reheat option and makes things much crisper than the microwave.
I had never used an air fryer but a friend of mine recommended this one. I went to purchase it, got second thoughts, cancelled the order, and then got one for Christmas lol. I love it. I love making my own chips, fries, chicken wings, vegetables in the air fryer are truly game changers same for proofing bread… When this model dies or is obsolete I will100% actually pull the trigger next time and buy one.
I definitely recommend it.
Bought my GF this Air Fryer. it is one of the best kitchen purchases, it is reasonably priced with a decent amount of capacity with my food. it is a serving for 2 at least. I used this Air Fryer to cook Chinese BBQ Cumin Lamb, it was so good, plus the temperature from 0 to 400 F was super fast, this purchase makes me happy to leave a positive review for this product. So far, so good; we really enjoy it.This was supposed to be a Christmas present, but when the package arrived, you could see directly it was an air fryer. I hope it was in an Amazon box instead of just in the Air Fryer box. Other than that, great product.Inside the box, it was well protected to avoid scratches and other damages.
I’ve used many air fried, the major difference from others is the window , u can easily see the status of food. Also the panels and overall design is top notch
Easy to use
I researched all the Air Fryers to pick the  perfect one for my needs. This one had the best reviews and I agree completely. Excellent quality, easy to use!
The item I received had been previously opened, without any protective film or manual, and was scratched. It was clearly refurbished or returned as you can see in the pick. We decided to keep it and it appears to be working as expected. Just wished I would have known that I was buying a refurb/returned item.
I love it it works amazing it’s easy to use
After a clunky and extremely difficult to clean Phillips air fryer (with a removable basket), I grabbed this one during Cyber Week and it was the best shopping decision of last year. This unit is so easy to clean, it’s a dream. I also find it to be more powerful than the Phillips one and opt for slightly lower temperatures to avoid burning food. Highly recommend this one!
Very easy clear instructions for use, easy clean up. Great finished product!
I was skeptical of the need for another kitchen appliance, but now that I have this, I use it everyday. Cooks amazing steaks! Everything is better in this.
Perfect! Easy to use and clean, several options for cooking.  Not heavy and does not take up a lot of space.  Consistent results
Arrived dirty, broken handle and looked used.So disappointed ☹️☹️☹️☹️
Love it, it’s simple and easy to clean and works like a charm! Makes cooking 10x easier!!
Absolutely love this air fryer! It makes everything crispy. Have no complaints
Amazon came through again!  I received a damaged air fryer (handle was cracked off), and they replaced it within one day.  I am testing the replacement and love it so far.  Linda
I have contacted the company via email with no reply. The unit is unsafe the rack does not stay in the rack slot in the unit itself Causing spill and burn issues. I had hoped they would have a simple fix. Possibly a replacement rack. Sad because I loved the idea but will not be able to recommend this unit.
Love this air fryer!
I was a little scared to use it. Once I did get to use it, I loved it and been using it every day.
I haven’t had my new air fryer very long yet and I find it very intuitive to use. It cleaned up very easily. My only complaint is the darn OFF light that stays on when it is in standby mode. The manufacturer recommends that you unplug the unit when it is not in use. What a pain! I really do NOT like having to do that since it is not convenient to get to the plug. And by leaving it on, I feel the bulb will burn out quickly. I can’t understand why in the world they would make it so it would stay on and require that you have to unplug the unit. For that, I knocked off a star for the inconvenience.
Easy to clean, compact and fits nicely on small kitchen counter. Also the quart size is perfect to make meals for two people with no left overs.
There is a learning curve it cooks very fast which is good you have to adjust the temperature settings for the item you are cooking
Got it as a gift and told it works great
This was a Christmas gift to some in-laws.  To everyone’s surprise it performed very very well.  Chicken legs just do not generally do very well but these turned out great.  It even baked muffins to a perfect done.The other fryer we own, well, no stars for that one.  This one, highly recommended.
Reheat instead of microwave. Air fry for less fats
We purchased this product because of the multi function. It has surpassed our expectations. Every thing we have cooked in it was done to perfection.  The only thing that is hard to get used to is it usually cooks a little faster than normal.  Have to remember to shave off time.
Only had this for two days, and haven’t used some functions. The air fryer worked well and the controls seem easy. The things I don’t like so far : the door handle gets very hot making it necessary to use pot holders just to check on food. Secondly, I need two hands to take out the tray. It sticks horribly. Seems like it’s just a bit too big to glide easily. I hope I don’t spill hot food all over me! While it’s not in use, the display says “off” in huge letters which spoils the look of the unit. It’s great while the cooking is on, but when it’s not, it should be blank. It’s ugly. Lastly, it gets very hot all around the unit. I’m hoping it doesn’t cause a problem next to the refrigerator. All this said, the controls seem easy to understand and the one thing I’ve made turned out well.
I had an older model from Fred Myers that worked great and I broke it. So I bought this model to replace it and it stopped working after 4 month.
Love love love this air fryer
I just bought this unit for my wife for Christmas (Dec 2022). We ran the unit several times empty per the instructions to get the chemical smell out, which was so strong that we had to crack a window.After that, we reheated French fries, used it for a chicken dish, and we cooked a salmon dish tonight. After each use our entire (2,200 Sq. Ft.) house smells like burnt plastic thanks to this device. I’m not a doctor, but honestly the plastic fumes from this device seem cancerous. It’s that bad and very unappealing. Needless to say, we did not try the salmon tonight. What a disappointment.Although the reheated fries were good and crispy, we will stick to our tried and true stainless steel cookware from now on. We only used the air fryer a few times but the plastic smell that envelops our entire house is such a headache enducing turn off.
Rack and tray cant stay in the track but keep falling down. The design of this oven is really bad.
would’ve given you 5 stars but you didn’t send me a gas mask for the nasty ass plastic smell
I really liked this products, great for the price, does it’s job and food comes out tasting great
The description says the oven is 12 X 12 X 13.89. Actually it is closer to 16 X 16.5 X 13.89. I have no idea how well it works as I just packed it back up and put it back out for UPS. So glad Amazon accepts returns when a vendor misrepresents a product.
You can cook everything in an air fryer
As with many others mine was used. Dirty, covered with greasy fingerprints, scratched up and missing paperwork.
I love cooking with this air fryer. This is the first air fryer I’ve ever bought and it’s something you have to get used to using and learning along the way. The manuals it came with were very helpful, and this is very easy to clean!! I haven’t had any problems yet and I’ve cooked salmon, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, etc in this thing. It also notifies you when to flip the food!! Worth Every Penny!! And it looks super sleek, I can leave this out on my counter top and it won’t look out of place.
works great
This air fryer was great when I first got it in OctoberWe are in December and it stopped working!Only cold air is coming outReally upset I spent money on this for it to only work for two months
Although I have a Breville oven style air fryer, I decided to buy this because I wanted to be able to make wings with sauces on them without worrying about dripping. Now, this is my go-to air fryer and more. Everything I’ve made–including taco meat, Italian sausage & onions, wings, potatoes–has turned out perfectly.
Right out of the box, I read all instructions and did the pre-wash before use.  Even though the instructions said that the basket was dishwasher safe, I decided to wash by hand.  I felt that repeated dishwasher washings would eventually ruin it….so decided to wash only by hand.  So after first hand washing, I noticed right away that there was water between the clear cook glass!  I had dried it by hand, so there was no water in the basket and none on the outside….water was inside the glass (there are two layers).  I can just imagine what would’ve happened if I had washed this in the dishwasher!  I decided to cook something in it and it cooked just fine.  Washed it again (by hand) and now the glass became foggy….so don’t expect to be able to turn on the light and check on your food that is cooking!  That was after only 2 handwashings!  Contacted customer service and I do give them 5 stars for getting back to me quickly and trying to resolving the issue.  They sent me out a replacement and told me I didn’t need to send the one I had back.  So….waited a week and a half and the replacement arrived.  Did the initial wash before first use and guess what?  You guessed it!  Water between the glass AGAIN.  This cannot be coincidence!  Sent that one back.  You know what I think?  I think the Instant brand is trying to corner the market with an influx of new and seemingly awesome things to the point that they bring these things to market too soon and with very little thorough testing before they do.  This is going to destroy the brand!  I will not be buying any more Instant brands!
This is very convenient when air-frying, especially things like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. I also use it for fries. Haven’t had any complications or trouble with it.
This little thing is now my favorite! Tiny but powerful.  Having fun cooking in it
Easy to use works great  easy to clean
Great for frying, baking, heating, and reheating.And then cleans up easily.
Great product that is easy to use. Love it!!
Todo el producto en si es excelente, fácil de cocinar u hornear y fácil de mantenerlo limpio para la próxima jornada,por supuesto utilizando los mordes de papel especial para el calor desechables
perfect for 2-3 servings – IMO I think this is built more for single servings
Love this airfryer, so easy to use and works great! Definitely a great addition to your kitchen for a really affordable price – I actually use it more than my oven and microwave combined since I tend to make smaller meals. I’ve had it for almost a year now and have never had an issue. It cooks food evenly, warms up super quick and doesn’t leave any weird tastes/smells. Super happy with my purchase!
I bought this air fryer for my parents for Christmas, & we have been using it non stop!! We did steak last night, then tonight we air fried the chicken, it was SO delicious!! ❤️❤️ BEST PURCHASE EVER! :) If you guys are thinking about getting an air fryer, get this one!! You won’t regret it!!
I love the whole thing. It is very easy to use but haven’t used the baking side of it yet. Does make it fun and tasty for sure.
Drawbacks1st the SMELL.  Yes it smelled like burning chemicals. Took a good 5 or 6 uses to dissipate.My 1st thing I cooked was wings & had to throw them out.2nd…temp only goes to 400. I’d like to get 450,475 for broiling3rd…small, I realize it’s the 6qt version, but having never used one, an 8qt size wound be nicePrice for me at least, on sale for $99After some trial & error, just cook everything at 400. I tried lower temps & the food took forever & wasn’t greatOn bake setting, it does steaks VERY well set at 400 & 15minForget about trying to turn the food. Waste of time & wastes all the heatSo far it’s very easy to clean, after cooking I throw some water & dish soap in & let it soak an hour. Anything comes right off.The light & window are a great feature not on higher $$ ones, & yes when cleaning there is some condensation between the glass, but dries out fine.
My sister got this for her apartment and she loves it!
I have 3 kids and it makes making meals so easy. This has been a game changer in our house. We eat out far less and eat healthier meals.
I’ve had this for three months and the door won’t shut all the way. The sensor won’t register that the door is shut to cook food. I’ll update this review if I’m able to contact the company and get a replacement.
I was worried this would be too big for my counters but it’s actually a great size!! I hardly ever use my oven anymore and I love being able to make toast, chicken, and baked goods
Love this air fryer! Super easy to use and clean. The touch screen is nice as well
This is a great addition to the kitchen. It doesn’t take up too much space. Most things cook as a recipe dictates but maybe a bit faster, so just keep an eye. No oil is needed. Some say there was a smell when first using it but we did not find that to be the case.We are not completely sold on the dehydrator but maybe it would work better on fruits rather than on the herbs we were drying.The other functions work well.
It might have been a great air fryer, but it was much too big for my needs. It took up most of the counter space in my small kitchen. I sent it back.
Directions are easy to understand.  I followed the direction of a air fryer cookbook and the fryer did an excellent cooking job.
No  instructions no recipes cooks un even Im 82 I do LL the cooking I would have turned this I destroyed the original  package stay away
Do his job
I have enjoyed this purchase. Kids can easily cook chicken tenders and French fries at the same time when I’m busy. Love that if I have large portions of meats that I can synchronize and split the meats in both trays. I love this
Even after putting outside on high heat for a long time, it smells burnt.
Best air fryer! Large nonstick baskets and so easy to use. Clean up is super fast. Food is hot and crisp. The sync finish option is a plus when coming 2 different things and the same time.
This air fryer is easy to use, heats up very quickly and is lightweight. I use mine at least 4 times a week.
The Vortex air fryer does a great job cooking a large variety of food.  I’m very impressed with how food tastes after air frying and the ease of cleaning up the fryer.  The 4 quart is great for 2 people however I would recommend the 6 quart if you’re going to be cooking for more people.
There always is a learning curve to new appliances.Large but attractive, we have acclimated to dials and settings.  Easier than we had originally thought.Toasting has been a seek and find to achieve our preferences.Baking, roasting, air frying is done in less time and less temp than most recipes.Lots of positives.However, baking something and pulling out rack to turn or remove can be problematic as the rack does not maintain a level height.  it is possible to have item slide off rack…could result in mess or burn.  We have avoided this by being aware just where our pan and rack are.The three position choices of rack or airfry pan look as they might eventually wear down coating of inner sides of oven.  We shall see.Cooks well…some tweaks needed for a five star.
I balked at getting an air fryer but it is my favorite kitchen appliance!!
This is the second Air Fryer we have owned. We were looking for more cooking space and a window to see the progress.  This Fryer is excellent, we did experience some of the smell others have reported when initially using the Fryer, however it went away quickly.
The issue I have is it is hard to clean the inside of the air fryer. My mom finds it easyy to use and it makes small meals a breeze.
I know that air fryers are supposed to make food crispy, but I love the way this one crisps food. We made chicken thighs and the skin was perfectly crispy. I can’t wait to try out cinnamon rolls too! :)
I have been using it for twoo weeks and is easy to clean and use.
Rack is too small for unit.  Door gets stuck when trying to open.  I loved my first one but this one has issues.  I bought a second one for our second home but was so disappointed.  I do not know how quality control let this one pass.  The baking rack is too small for unit and falls down when putting my small lasagna in it.  The opening was bent which is probably why the door jammed.  I had to finish baking in my regular oven.
How did I waited so long ??? Very satisfied 100
I’m loving my new Airfryer.  It works quickly and turned vegetables into treats quickly.  Anxious to see how it does with a greater variety of food.
He loved the basket size and how well it Air Fry’s. Easy to clean and it holds a lot. Perfect for a solo meal or a batch when necessary. It is tall and will not take to much counter space. The controls are easily seen and accessible. He is happy so I’m happy.
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The initial smell is off putting BUT that is just in the beginning,  I expected that. My son loves how easy it makes his favorite snacks, my boyfriend makes full meals in it. I have no complaints.

The air fryer stopped heating 6 months after we bought it. I started the warranty process TWO MONTHS ago, and it still hasn’t been resolved. I have sent 3 emails with the info they requested and each time had to call them more than a week later just to get a response (4 calls so far, each an hour hold time), send in more info, and then once again hear absolutely nothing from them. Their warranty process is clearly meant to make you give up. Do not waste your time on an air fryer that will break down immediately and a terrible company that makes it impossible to replace.
I found the cooking container to be smaller than I expected, even for a single eater.  Aside from that it reheats and airfares well.  I have yet to bake or dehydrate in It.  All in all I am pleased with it.
I was very impressed with the amazing job the fryer does on the food. Easy to clean and I like the sleek profile
Easy to use.
So fare the air frier is working out well. A few learning curves but not difficult. Example how much product to cook at a given time. You still need to use some oil for color and crispness. It is easy to clean.
The baskets are cheaply made such that any slight damage from any handling causes them not to fit back in. The company does not have any replacement parts available. Find another brand that has a more durable product and actual customer service.
I bought this air fryer for my girlfriend two Christmases ago because I read the reviews saying that it was really good and I have been completely disappointed with it. The tray inside that slides in and out never stays in place. It seems slightly too short and the second I go to remove it, it always falls, spilling the contents and the oil and grease inside the unit. The bottom drawer slides out for easy cleaning but the rest of the unit is very difficult to access in order to give it a through cleaning. That same Christmas my girlfriend gave me a Ninja air fryer and I love it. It’s simple to use, easy to clean and perfect for everything I cook in it. Overall, I would not recommend this unit.- oh, and I forgot that myself and my girlfriend burn ourselves on this thing all the time. It reminds me of The Corn Baller in Arrested Development.
Overall the product is great however I received the product with a broken left handle that is cracked and was in two pieces.  Still able to use and works great.
My oven was out so I bought an AirFryer to use until we could get the oven fixed! It has been a life saver and the food comes out awesome! Now use this more than my oven.
We have a smaller, 4-5qt no-namebrand air fryer that we’ve had for 3 years. There are zero issues with it other than it’s too small.  I noticed my sister had this vortex and commented on how much food it could hold, so when they were on sale, I got one for us.  We’ve used it about 5-10 times and each time I cook something in it, it tastes electrical. It bothers me more than the rest of my family, but I blame that on me being a super taster.  If you smell the inside of your fryer, this is what all the food cooked in it tastes like to me.
In between the microwave (reheating & no crisping), & countertop toaster ovens (traditional preparations) lies this beauty! It is my favorite appliance. From frozen french fries, onion rings, fish fillets & any other frozen appetizer you can name, to preparing fresh vegetables, mac & cheese, chili, meat loaf and hundreds of other scrumptious dishes…this is a workhorse while being very fast. Everyday I look forward to using it. After finding the website Everything Air fry it’s unbelievable how many dishes can be prepared as delicious as they can be. This brand is very highly rated and so intuitive to use. You can’t go wrong. There are foil/paper and silicone liners which will keep your fryer clean as a whistle.
This is so convenient, highly recommended getting the disposable liners.
So brought this product shy of eight months and as I pull out tray the front of drawer totally came apart . Vary dangerous potential burn . Makes no sense that four corners sort of melted and came apart. I did love using the air fryer. Used just about every day. But beware of potential hazard . Broke without warning. Buyer beware. Most appliances last at least a few years.
I wasn’t able to use it immediately and had to look up directions for anything I wanted to cook. I was able to find and print a user manual, but it doesn’t have any recipes included either. Now I have to either look up recipes or buy a cookbook.
It works great… until it doesn’t This broken after less than 3 months of normal use. The fan stopped working, so now it is just a glorified inverted hotplate. Waiting for Insta to actually reply to my request for warranty replacement. Will update this if they actually get back to me.
I got this because my toaster had kicked the bucket and a friend strongly suggested that I go bigger than a regular toaster.  So far, I’ve toasted bread, sandwiches, and baked potatoes, and it works pretty well.  It has issues toasting one piece of bread though.  My only issue is the aforementioned learning curve and lack of clear instructions.  Once I learned them, it’s been remarkably simple to use.  One thing is it does put out a lot of heat, something I’m not crazy about.
If You don’t put the basket in evenly you have to take your thumbs and push the basket in on each side, it’s no problem. I use the paper liners but they fold in on itself if they are not full. I like the size.
Almost as essential as a microwave!!! Veggies, frozen snacks, toast, kale chips – all crispy in a quarter of the time it takes to just preheat normal oven. The basket WINDOW is great feature – Chk on food without letting out hot air.  This SIX QT model is good for me & my 2 teens, if your fam is bigger, size up accordingly. WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT AN AIR FRYER AGAIN!
We love how perfectly crisp our food comes out! I also love the pre-warmer setting too! Best air-fryer on the market. Definitely recommending to all of my friends and family members.
Easy to use.  Simple instructions.  Great food done quickly!
Wow these things are awesome.  If you can’t grill out because of weather or limited space or whatnot, these make the best steaks short of grilling that I have ever had.  I love these things for meat, veggies and more!  This one is very roomy, much more so than most since it is squared off it fits more – could feed 4.
This is an all encompasing kitchen gadget.  It has 10 different functions, I’ve probably only used 4 of the 10 in all this time.  What i have used works extremely well.  Easy enough to teach my kids to use it.  It does take up a lot of space on the counter though.  So if your kitchen is small, I would think twice about such a big appliance.
Love this air fryer!! So easy to use, cuts cooking time down so much! Cooks everything evenly, easy to clean. Can’t say enough good things
I absolutely love this machine! I call it my magic machine! I bought this for myself in March of this year, and have had no problems until this week… I pulled my trip-tip, yes my trip-tip, out of basket 1 and when I closed it the machine keeps telling me to close basket. I can’t get it to clear. I’m not sure if it’s the basket it the machine that’s now not working. I’m so sad because I love this machine! It makes cooking whole meals so much easier… I would buy again, but I wish it lasted longer… For the price, I thought it would last longer than 9 months.
Easy  to use, food comes out great
I very much appreciate the ease of use and the very satisfying results from this air-fryerI have gifted thgem to my children for the holiday.
I had an Air Fryer before, but this one is by far the best. Great size, easy to use it.
There’s nothing else in my house I use more than my air fryer now. I mostly cook meats in it while I prepare the rest of my meals and the hands free cooking is just TOO amazing. Having all my food be hot and fresh is a big thing for me so even when I reheat stuff, bringing it to the perfect temp and never having soggy food is just a dream come true. Thank you, now I won’t be able to live without it, a masterpiece in my kitchen. Everyone loves my cooking even more!
This will cook everything faster and better. Fish in 5 min. Crispy on outside moist on the inside. Works great for anything really. Tater tots done in 7 min perfectly. Cooked a steak. Put it on broil for 1 min per side, then air fry for a few more min. Cleans up so easily. You will wonder why you didn’t get this sooner. With a family I recommend at least the 6 qt.
Great product! Easy to use- definite buy!
I love this air fryer. I love the dual zones that you can sync up. And it’s easy to clean.
Cooks thing to perfection and you can cook it way faster than an oven
I love the various cooking methods and this appliance is very very easy too clean.
Took me a minute to get use to the different options of cooking. My salmon and cod tastes great and comes out flakey.
The touchscreen on this product is horrible. It is a soft plastic and you have to repeatedly press it to work. It could of been a defected product, but it wasn’t very sturdily made.
Made my life easier!
I really like this air fryer. Lots of how to videos on Youtube.
I used this for a couple of months, and then I noticed the door would not close properly and it gives a message that says door open and it won’t cook. I did not drop it or damage it in any way. I will never waste my money on such a crappy piece of equipment. I used my previous air fryers for years with no problem and this one breaks after a couple of months?? piece of crap!
This was just given to me as a gift for Christmas but mad that they purchased it back in September and can’t return the damn item.  Like previous review where first time I used it I followed the instructions and preheated the air fryer.  said Add food and added my French fries, closed lid and started baking.  1/2 way through cooking process said to turn food so opened basked and shook the french fries, close lid and still shows Open.  Unplugged, waited 5 minutes, plugged back in to different outlet and still shows OPEN.  Finished fries in Oven but damn machine stuck on OPEN firs time using and since was a XMAS gift bough back in September can’t return it and no instructions on how to reset this product and clear the error.
The electronic controls are goofy,forcing me to unplug and replug for desired temp and time.  Preheat is weird. Put your food in-it preheats,then says to put food in or control wont work-sometimes I have to unplug it and start all over-Im not an electronic expert but it is not easy to use the controls.
Item exactly as described
This is easy to use and compact for small places.  I use the paper liners with this and it is even easier to clean.
I’ve heard people rave about these things for years.  I finally took the plunge during a black Friday sale an they were right.  Air Fryers make cooking a lot of things much easier.  Our model is a bit small’ish, so you might want to think about a bigger model that holds more food, but overall it’s definitely a must have for convenience plus it makes food taste better– crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Would not recommend! Getting ready to look for a replacement! During cook time you at any point it will read e1 code and just shutdown very disappointing had very high hopes for this air fryer
I did like the over all oven, but ran into a problem the first time we used it. I read the instructions and “burned off” the oven before use. Later the next day we decided to start out with a simple pizza. Instructions said to use the baking pan. We preheated the oven with the pan and opened the oven when preheat was done to put the pizza in. The pan did not slide out easily. When we went to slide it back in it was difficult and my husband ended up burning his hand trying to get the pan in.I will say I was excited to receive this oven after careful selection. It was easy to set and seemed it would be easy to clean especially with the bottom pullout drawer for crumbs. One of the reasons I chose this oven. We are sending it back and will consider one with French doors.
Took about three hours of running without food to get rid of toxic fumes. Can you Do something at the factory to eliminate this? I still haven’t been able to fully remove the sticker from the drawer. Why’d you have to use the highest level of adhesive?Also the word “off” on the display is incredibly dumb. I wish there were a way to get rid of that.  It’s an eye sore amongst the other more subdued displays on my kitchen appliances.Otherwise it’s just an air fryer and does its job.  So three stars because it cooks food.Might return due to the stupid “off” display that lights up the kitchen at night and looks totally dumb.
I took one star off only because it doesn’t have quick preset buttons (such as for French fries or Chicken). Other than that it works great.
I saw some comments about this air fryer and the burnt rubber smell it omits, but decided to try it anyway. Some said if you take out these rubber things on the tray, it doesn’t smell anymore. Well, that is not true. The smell is so strong and appalling , the convenience of the air fryer DOES NOT outweigh the ridiculous toxic smell, which then I lose my appetite because my apartment smells like a rubber factory. Even after the rubber gasket thingys are removed. I was going to buy one of these as a Christmas gift for my parents, however now I am going to save them the nausea and pass.
It was easy to use, easy to clean.The timer however I underestimated that I don’t have to increase the time to cook the fried chicken I wanted.I’m quickly leaning that the time stayed is the time required.
Spot on for four months.  Then one day we forgot how to close the basket, yes, the basket that we had closed for the prevous four months.  WHEN IT WORKED, 5 STAR*****.  Key word ‘when’.  Just one citizens experience, hope others faired better.
All I have to say is that I am addicted to my AF!!!! I make everything in it now and it’s fast, easy to clean and food comes out incredible in the basket! I got all the accessories too. I am single, so got the 4 quart size that’s perfect for my food amounts!
Wish it had rubber stoppers so it doesn’t slide in counter , but that is no biggie.  Aside from !!amazing buy!  Very happy with it !!
Buy it. You will be happy. I like the see through doors and it’s so quick and easy to use. It stays on our counter top.
The toaster rack is a bit smaller and keeps falling off the track. This unit has a fan that sounds like a vacuum.It runs 3 to 4 minutes after cooking to cool down.
Fast and easy to use
We started out with the single air fryer and upgraded to this a few months ago. We use it just about every day, and multiple times a day in the weekend. It is so quick and easy! I try to do no added oils, and it still cooks things super well without oil. I usually let my veggies warm up a bit to release moisture (about 1 minute) then will add my seasoning like salt and garlic powder so it sticks. We do a ton of veg like broccoli, asparagus, green beans, etc. Roasted potatoes are also the best – I steam diced potato in my instant pot for 5 minutes, season, then throw into the air fryer for 15m at 375* and they are perfectly crispy!
My son convinced me to buy a toaster oven, and I’m so glad he did. I love this one—it does everything!  I haven’t tried the dehydrator or rotisserie features yet, but the air fryer, baking, roasting, and toasting are life-changers.I would encourage anyone to get the larger size—even if I were single, I wouldn’t want to go any smaller.This isn’t HARD to clean, but it’s not as easy as, say, a microwave…but much easier than an oven.It preheats quickly, doesn’t make the house hot, and cooks more quickly and evenly than my oven. There IS a bit of a learning curve, but it’s totally worth it.
so glad I got this bigger 6 qt size, even with just my husband and I, I think the smaller sizes would have been too small to be able to spread the food out in an even layer to cook.  It works great to heat up fast food french fries, they are crunchy and hot and just as fresh as if they were just ordered. It definitely saves me time in the kitchen.  I use a liner in mine each time I use it and clean up is a breeze.  I just wipe the basket and insides of the fryer with a paper towel.  I have never cleaned it in the dishwasher.
I have only used twice, but foods came out great, It is easy to clean
I love,love,love this air fryer. It is absolutely perfect for 1 person and does not take up a large footprint on my counter. So far I gave toasted,baked ,air fried and reheated in it..and it is good! Get the liners if you want even easier cleaning.I just use parchment paper sections..and put it after it preheats. While buying accessories,please check that they are the right size for your air fryer basket
Original replacement. Works very well but seems to me it’s overpriced for what it
This air fryer oven is amazing.  I have only had this for a few weeks, but so far its so easy to use its scary.  I was intimitated when I took it out of the box but there was no reason to be.  The oven is very smart and pretty much tells you what the temp should be.  Love the fact that it remembers the last setting especially for toast as Im pretty consistant with the amount and color.  I also made two chicken breast and roasted potatoes in it at the same time, and both turned out great.  Potatoes were crispy with a nice skin, and the chicken breast was moist and juicy.  I can’t wait to try a few more things, but I can honestly say that it is my  favorite go to appliance.
Like and love it
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La mercancía que pedí me llego totalmente roto no lo quiero así quiero mi dinero de vuelta.

Love that it’s easy to use.
-Love it-
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I received my air fryer and it delivered  completely destroyed

Me agrado su diseño, versatilidad, fácil de usar, efectivo y fácil de limpiar después de su uso y en especial usando el papel especial
Products de Mala calidad
It is the best itemi have ever bought
We love it very easy to clean very easy temperature controls and definitely worth the money
Our unit works fine but the display is extremely dim. On a bright sunny day it is unreadable.
I like the size and the look of it . Easy to use
This has to be one of the best appliances I have purchased. It’s a healthy option and it’s fun! I made bacon first which is the second picture. So easy and no mess. I hate frying it in a skillet with the splatters. No mess with this and it’s so crispy. The oven never seemed to cook it like I wanted.  The first picture is of baked apples with pecans and brown sugar. Awesome desert and again NO MESS. I’ve done a crispy chicken too and tater tots. I’ve only had this a couple of days and it’s an easy thing to learn and work with. Very happy with this product and so glad I purchased it. Highly recommend!
I didn’t know I needed an air fryer until I got one.  So easy to get crisp chicken wings, chicken nuggets, roasted veggies and french fries without wrestling with a deep fryer.  Many good recipes, tips and tricks are on YouTube.  The downside is this brand does not come with a recipe book or printed instructions but it is very intuitive to operate.  It does have an AP but I find it cumbersome to negotiate
My wife and I bought this without really being convinced that it would be something we’d like. Well, it surely didn’t take long for us to fall in love with this little air fryer! We actually look forward to seeing what new things we can cook in it. We like it so much that we turned around and ordered a 10-quart oven (to cook larger meals for the two of us), as well as a slightly larger 6-quart one for our daughter and son-in-law (all the Instant Vortex brands). The food tastes great, cooks quickly, and the clean-up is a breeze. It also fills the kitchen with the aroma of the tasty meal to come! Very impressed with our purchase, and would recommend these little air fryers to anyone who is considering one.
Super easy to use, works great and is very easy to clean.
Super easy to use. Super easy to clean up after. Worth the money.
If I was only going to rate the cooking, I would have given this five stars. But there is more to it than that.The temperature is more consistent and the cooked food is crispier than any of my three previous toaster ovens. I use my toaster oven approximately three times a day. The food is crispy and crunchy and delicious. There is a learning curve and they do warn you that everything cooks faster. And it’s true. This doesn’t bother me. And I love the keep warm feature! Also, I think it’s absolutely brilliant that the device stops cooking and the timer is paused when the door is opened.It’s big. Rather tall. And the door is low. As someone who is 6 ft tall it’s hard for me to reach in to the toaster oven without getting burnt.It is also very loud. The fan takes over my open kitchen. And when it stops cooking the fan runs for several minutes. Make an informed decision based on how much time you spend hanging out in your kitchen.The beeping is annoying. Any change you make results in a beep. You can turn the beeping off by pressing and holding the button in for 3 seconds. But then you don’t get a single beep ever. Even when your food is done. It would be really great if there were a middle ground.The baking tray does not fit. I managed to wrestle it into the toaster oven and then it was a battle to get it out. And it utterly destroyed the finish on the inside of the toaster oven. No risk of it falling while cooking, but annoying to destroy my brand new device the very first time I used it.The device is easy enough to use. The touch screen works quite well. And the fingerprints on the glass surface drive me mad. But, it came with markings on it that I haven’t been able to clean off so this is something I’m just going to have to adjust to.
The ONLY thing about air fryer I don’t like is how small it is. Next time, I’ll be the bigger one, because it does everything else very well indeed. I like the precision of the controls settings, I like how there’s a heating up period after which it instructs to add the food and then, at a certain time, to turn the food. That’s not applicable, of course, to some foods, like fries, but it’s all well-thought-out. It has routinely and regularly produced great results with everything I’ve cooked. It’s also extremely easy to clean, just lift out the removable base platform (to keep things even simpler, I usually line the tray bottom with foil). This comes with my highest recommendations, and now to get a larger one.
I wanted a smaller fryer before I invested in a larger one.  This works well for most foods I tried while cooking for two..  Easy to clean!  I used paper coffee filters I had from before I switched to a filter basket on my coffee pot.  Seemed to work fine.Delivery time and item description were right on target.
Good value, glad I bought it
Again its a Christmas present
This is my first air fryer and I held off for a long time. I did research and choose this one. It is perfect for one or two people. I like that it looks good on the corner of my counter. It gets used almost every day. Reheats pizza slices (2) just like fresh. Great fries. Juicy chicken breasts. Have had for a couple months and am thrilled with it.
Tengo 4 niños y esta freidora de airó lo hagarre en oferta y no tienen idea lo que me a servido
The amount of off-gassing from the materials used is insane, had to stop it on the first run. This much leaching plastic can’t possibly be good for you even if it mostly goes away after a while, will be returning and getting a model without the nonstick coating and plastic parts inside.
We ‘ve been trying to air this thing out and get rid of the orders of burn plastic and/or other residues. No luck after a couple hours at 400 F so we’re bake it outdoors to see if can get rid of the stench. The kitchen is starting smell like the stuff.Supposed to be safe, but they don’t tell you what the chemicals are and burning plastics are known to be significant causes of cancer in firefighters … not just irritating or objectionable.I’d easily give it a 5 if they used a different or better grade of plastic with quality formulation that didn’t pollute homes.There’s no bells or whistles. I have not idea how I’m going to be able clean the area around the burner but everything else is simply easy to use, inexpensive and quite adequate for some small jobs.
We love the clear window on the front of the basket.The earlier issue I saw in reviews complained about the need to unplug the frier before starting another cycle, this is no longer a problem.  You can start another fry right away now, no unplugging is required.This frier is quick and quiet with a large basket.
It was promising after the first try but stopped working on the second day. It made a humming sound while on preheating mode then and sound became louder. After a few seconds, it stopped and smoke started coming out from the vent. It smelled burnt plastic which I didn’t notice during the test run. Won’t take any more risks, this has to go back.
This fryer has two different drawers for cooking. Although it does not have the buttons for popular foods, I have learned that moderation is key. Many frozen products list high temperatures (400*), and long cook times. I have found that 360*, and around 9 minutes is about right. You can check your foods often.
I was using a cheaper air fryer before this one and I gotta say, if all you wanna do is use it occasionally go with something simpler. But I use my air fryer as my main method of cooking food and this thing is packed with features. The main thing I enjoy is how wide the basket it. You can easily cook things like steak in this thing without having to cut it up. I also love the little window. It makes cooking kinda fun (super lame ik).Also this one of the name brands of air fryers (I’ve been shopping for a new on forever and finally caved). This brand and ninja are both known for their quality and it definitely came through.
Started using it out of the box. Cuts cooking time in half.
We are a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 younger kids, so this would fit some wings, or tater tots. It cooks A LOT faster than an oven. It is small and smaller area to heat up. It is quite loud. Easy to clean and the oils drop down into the bottom part. However we did buy a silicon liner and see how well it cooks with it. But it’s very easy to use and fast cooking.
It is looks great, has less footprint, and perfect size for 1-2 people household. It is easy to use and does a great job with airfrying.
Didn’t even get a chance to use it. I’d read several reviews from people saying that the oven rack wasn’t wide enough so it fell down while the oven was cooking, creating a burn hazard not to mention a mess. I went ahead and ordered one hoping everything would be fine, but it unfortunately wasn’t. Whether or not the oven rack fit like it’s supposed to was the very first thing I checked upon receiving it, it didn’t, I promptly returned it. It’s clearly a defect, seriously can’t believe they’re selling them like that, that’s not a minor problem that can or should be overlooked, that’s a big problem!
Tastes like using grease, easy cleanup and user friendly
I bought this for my 74 year old mom and was disappointed that it didn’t come with any recipes and/or times.  Wants you to get their app, which unfortunately has recipes for all their products and even when you select the vortex as your appliance, it doesn’t narrow down the recipes to just the vortex.  I’m sure it’s a great product, but she’s old school, so a book with cool times and temps for most popular foods would have been a major plus.  Just beware that there isn’t one.
When done I like to take out the drawer to let it cool off and then later wash it, but when it’s out too long it starts beeping, you can’t seem to be able to stop it without putting the drawer back in.
Great buy and use it everyday. Easy to use and clean.
Big unit  but works great. No more soggy  microwave  food
You need to be flipping the food what totally affects the convince of it, my other air fry didn’t have this issue. This size is pretty small too, I wouldn’t recommend.
It was working first few times. Mind you, I only used it maybe 6-7 times? Now when It close it, the display is telling me to close the basket when the basket is already in. I kept it quite clean inside but there seems to be a faulty latch or something….
The machine cooks great but the firmware is awful.  The machine beeps at me endlessly to remind me when I remove the basket. I know that I removed it and did so for a reason, to take the food out. I don’t mind a couple of beeps but it just keeps beeping at me when I’m trying to eat. I have to unplug it to keep it quiet.Other times it finishes the cooking cycle as expected and then it just says ‘end.’ It gets stuck in this mode where none of the buttons do anything. The only way to use it again is to unplug it and plug it back in.If you buy this machine, expect to unplug it when it’s not in use.
When my food is cooking it smells like burnt plastic, and I can taste it in my food, I’ve washed it over and over also,
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I really liked everything about this air fryer. Had it about 3 months and noticed the basket wouldn’t close all the way. Now it sometimes closes enough to work. Took it out and inspected it and the basket is warped.

I love the way it cooks things crispy and the windows in front are a plus being able to see the food cook takes all the guessing out. Love love love it
Quick cooking, and you can do multiple items. The basket is quite large.
Received this product today and followed the instructions to wash the drawer basket and insert and clean the inside with a damp cloth. Turned it on as directed as a test run and the smell was sickening!! It emitted such a strong chemical odor that caused my family and myself nausea, headaches, shortness of breathe and dizziness!! I immediately opened windows to air it out!! DO NOT BUY THIS!! I am sending it back.
Everything an air fryer should be.  Works great, easy to use.
I bought this the house which holds 3 people my family mostly gets fast food I wanted to buy this and see how good a frozen product or fresh could be instead of fast food and I was amazed at how good it makes frozen food i noticed how our freezer was just stocked and how convenient it made our life’s it has also saved money from fast food and honestly is a great investment I would recommend this air fryer to anyone
I’ve tried every way to reset it but after under one year, the temp will only go for one minute. Very disappointed.
It has a super loud beep noise that you can hear throughout the entire house every time you push a button. Why does it have to be so loud? Every degree you increase or decrease, yup, it beeps. Super obnoxious.Funny thing is that when it pre-heats it doesn’t even beep when it is up to temp. If your not watching it, it will start your timer countdown and then you have to fix it to the real time you want it to cook. and of course if you don’t open it after it is finished, it will beep every so often, forever I think, until you tell it to shut up by pressing cancel.Also, i feel like it cooks faster or hotter than the traditional oven on the bake setting, REDUCE YOUR TIME or your going to over cook!It is also annoying how the fan need to continue to run after you have turned it off, I guess to cool it down. I just can think of any other descriptors other than loud and obnoxious.Other than that it works good. Hopefully the designer modify the next versions.
Very complicated to operate with no manual
Vota mucho olor a comida vieja de antes aún limpiándola
I love it, it looks nice on my countertop. French fries came out crispy and delicious as fried
Broke after I used it twice.
Easy to clean!
I had a Instant Vortex single basket air fryer for awhile and decided to upgrade to the dual basket getting the Ninja dual basket from Costco.  The Ninja had terrible unintuitive controls so I returned it for this and couldn’t be happier.
I think of myself as an early adapter — someone who likes to try new things — which is what I had done, purchasing 2 previous Air fryers over the past few years only to return them.This Instant Vortex Plus 6 quart Air 6-1 Multi-Purpose Air Fryer is a keeper.  Air Fryer/Roast/Bake/Broil/Reheat/Dehydrate — since getting this appliance, I’ve tried 4 of the 6 functions — all with impressive results.Sunday I woke to make a Split Pea Soup in my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker, and suddenly decided to make Croutons with some bread I had hanging out in the freezer — 350F for 8 minutes — Wonderful.  That night I made some Pork Chops Bone-In ……..cooked up delicious in a matter of minutes, edges had sme nice browned grizzle to it. I’ve also cooked Salmon which was good, with some A-F Broccoli.For our 2 person Senior household we’re hoping this Vortex Multi-Purpose Air Fryer will all but eliminate using our big oven, lower our fat intake, and lowers our Electrical Energy Usage
Bought the air fryer for the first time for holiday prep. It was so easy to use, has super quick cooking times & the food tasted way better than an oven!
Very simple to operate.  We use it primarily for the Air Fryer function.  It is easy to remember how to turn it on and adjust it.  You don’t have to get a manual out every time or create a reminder card.The function to preheat works very well and goes a long way in cooking food properly.My only complaint is the bell sound to let you know something has happened, preheat done, check food etc.  It is so weak that standing next to the machine it is almost impossible to hear.
It’s perfect!I’m originally an Instant Pot Duo Plus owner, and I purchased that back in summer of 2020. In November of 2020, I decided to branch out and purchase the Instant Pot Duo Air-fryer Lid attachment just to get the air-fryer experience since I’d never tried one before.After 2 wonderful years of use, decided it was time to join the big guys and get a stand-alone airfryer because I found myself frequently using the air-fryer lid, more than I expected to. There were some cons with the lid, though, such as having to have your IP available to use with the lid, more to clean up since the air fryer bucket had to go into the inner liner and any juices or liquids that come off the food would go right into the inner liner itself which meant you had to clean both the bucket AND the inner pot of the Instant Pot. I still made it work though, because I LOVED cooking with that lid, and I managed to make so many good masterpieces with that thing!Fast forward, and my only regret about this stand alone air-fryer is that I didn’t get it sooner! I absolutely LOVE IT! I did encounter that plastic smell during the test run, but it went away fairly quickly. First run it was pretty strong; by second run (made a small batch of fries), it was ever so faint, but quickly dissipated. By third run (put a couple Nathan’s Hot Dogs in there), it was gone completely and all I could smell was the delicious food! I’m excited to cook some wings in it soon! I’ve cooked wings in my Instant Pot and crisped them using the air-fryer lid in the past, but it seems you can put the wings straight into the Vortex Plus air fryer: no need for that first step in the Instant Pot! very exciting and looks super roomy. Box says it can fit up to 2.5lbs of chicken which is plenty for me to eat plus have leftovers for a couple days, or even if I want seconds or thirds.I almost thought I would regret not getting the 6QT (I own a 6QT Instant Pot), but turns out the 4QT is plenty for a single person or maybe if you may cook for 1 or 2 other people (I don’t tend to have a lot of house guests; normally it’s just me and my college aged daughter), and it works out to about the same amount that would fit in the air fryer bucket that came with the lid attachment! The difference is in the Vortex everything is more spread out because of the shape and dimensions (I measured the air fryer basket on the 4QT and it is exactly 8in on each side. Would easily fit accessories that are 7.5 or smaller), but it fits the same amount of food and gets better circulation.Also, I see people complaining about the warning label on the front of the unit. Sure, you could easily remove it with isopropyl alcohol by loosening up the adhesive and then scraping it off, but it’s there for a reason. Pretty sure removing it is classified under misuse of the product and would instantly void the warranty if anything were to go wrong and that label were missing from the unit. They’d (the company) def use that as an excuse to not help you with your issue(s) should they arise. So, I say suck it up and let the label stay. It’s there for your own safety and protection in case anything goes wrong and you end up needing to get something replaced or serviced. If it’s that serious, at least just move it to another part of the unit, like maybe the side or back, but def don’t toss it out completely. I personally see no problem with it being where it is, so mine is going to stay put. All I care about is what the inside can do, not something as frivolous as a warning label on the outside.Anyway, I digress. I wanted to finish off by saying, I recommend this appliance and its size if you are a single person, or maybe a household of two; up to 3 persons. If you believe you are going to be making much larger portions of food, or larger batches for multiple ppl, then adjust accordingly and get the 6QT, 9QT, or even 10QT. I personally do not need anything that big, so 4QTs is plenty. Also I was so glad that I was able to measure the inner basket because it seems that information is so difficult to find anywhere. I mentioned it above, 8 X 8 square with rounded corners. I find that a lot of the accessories that will fit into the 6QT Instant Pot, will fit into the 4QT Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer. So I will purchase accessories based on that information. Generally, anything between 7 and 7.75 will fit into it unless it’s just very oddly shaped or something.I’m excited to cook a lot of my other favorite dishes in this unit, as well as dishes I’ve never tried cooking in it before! Worth the money spent! I chose the Instant Vortex Plus because Instant is a brand that I already have experience with, and therefore it’s a brand I trust. I look forward to seeing what else they come out with.
had this air fryer for a few days now and tried a number of recipes..love it
Do yourself a favor and don’t buy the 2 pack. They also come in packs of 10 for only a few dollars more on Amazon.
I got this as a gift and ran it through 5 cycles of 400f for 18 mins and the odor never improved and to make things worse it was extremely present in the food basket. If it’s present you’re consuming it. I also opened the filters and they had collected some yellow residue from this break-in process. Returned the same day! Don’t waste your time.
I returned this item new I did not used, and they told me that they will charge me 30 dlls even they claim that is a free return. Don’t recommend this item, because you will get rid off
We love this air fryer but I bought it for Christmas for my boyfriend and it was shipped in clear plastic so the surprise was ruined ): don’t make the same mistake I did in order it as a gift instead!
I live this air fryer! Easy to use, easy to clean does it all (airfry, bake, roast, reheat, broil). Replaced my NuWave. This is a great product. I knew it would be because I have their Instant Pot which I love also!
Works great so far, no problems.
I had a feeling that any product line from the brand will deliver quality and performance and I was not disappointed. I know the item costs more, but the old saying “ you get what you pay for” applies here as well. This air fryer is easy to use and the programming is user friendly.
I bought this for myself and love it. Last week I bought one for my daughter as a gift. I paid $ 118 and 2 days later it went on sale for $69. I think I should have been compensated since I didn’t know it was going on sale
Used to use it frequently. It still smells  of burning plastic or something. It gives me and most visitors a headache. The right side of the unit cooks the left side barely cooks. Nothing comes out exceptionally flavorful or crispy. I’m giving it my young grandson. He’ll either fix it or toss it Definitely not even close to the quality of my instant pots.
Since getting this air fryer, I have found lots of reviews and evidence that it IS the best air fryer. That is exactly what my 2 cents has to say as well. I love this air fryer, easy to use, wash, love the window that has saved me overcooking food as I learn how to use it. No negatives at all.
loved this air fryer. It was the perfect size and worked great but now it is saying the basket is not closed and the heat wont turn on.
Easy to use and it’s fun to use love it!
I own the Instant Pot 6 qt sir fryer and LOVE it!  Thought the smaller, 4 qt would be good for everyday use and take up less counter space. It came with the warning sticker firmly stuck to the front, ruining the sleek, upscale look.
I brought it for my daughter and 2 grandsons ages 12 & 11. It make her life so much easier. The boys love it cause it’s easy to use. And they can make there own dinner, snacks. As their mom works 3rd shift. Their dad loves it cause he can make a lot of food. To make a lot of food in it for the 2 growing boys.
It is a great upgrade! Plenty of room; one can roast  a small chicken in it. Easy to use, easy to clean. We love it. The only thing I would recommend is one needs to follow the start up prep instructions carefully… You’ll notice a odor when you first start up this is due to manufacturing, There is nothing wrong with the unit, and it will dissipate after following the instructions,
Very happy with the product, cooks evenly and is easy to use, makes it fun to eat leftovers and best of all save a lot of power versus firing up the traditional oven.
So, it took me a while to jump on the air fryer bandwagon… I got this on Prime day with a pretty good deal. I was scared at first because there are definitely mixed reviews.I’ve had zero issues over the past month + I’ve had this air fryer. It’s user friendly and not super overwhelming. I’d suggest it as a first air fryer.
I just love cooking everything now!!!
Easy to clean and easily lifts to store. Love trying new recipes.
Works great love it
Good quality product. Works really well
I loved our original air fryer but we often needed to cook more then one item. Hence daul basket. First thing we cooked was fresh cut fries and notchicken strip. There was a noticeable difference in texture and flavor in a good way. Definitely google how to breakin and season the unit. We did have to run it 4 time highest temp for 45 min with all the windows open. The smell was very strong of plastic and chemicals. Many people don’t think to do these things but those smells are transfered to your food and then you if this step is skipped.
This is by far my most favorite thing to cook with. It has cut my time in the kitchen by half if not more and clean up is a breeze. Because it has 2 drawers I can cook an entire meal for myself and my daughter in about 15 minutes or less depending. If we’re having salmon for instance, I would put 2 filet in one side and a vegetable in the other and possibly put a potato in the microwave. In about 10 minutes dinner would be done and it would be gourmet. The correct seasoning, a slice or 2 of lemon. The clean up is so easy, hot soapy water, wash, rinse and your ready for your next cooking experience. I made a grilled cheese sandwich in the air fryer the other day and was blown away with how well it turned out. So delish and not full of greasy bread. I did grate the cheese so it would melt easily and it was so cheesy but not greasy. I’ve had my air fryer for a while and am still learning things about it. The very first thing I cooked in it was a whole chicken. It was perfect, then I read you’re not supposed to cook a whole chicken, still don’t know why, mine was great. I put the seasoning in the oil and rubbed the chicken thoroughly and the bird fit in the drawer. So I figured if it fits, I would be fine and it was the most moist chicken I have ever cooked. In fact, all the chicken breasts are moist as long as you get your timing correct. It doesn’t take long to figure out how to gauge that once you begin using your new air fryer. I highly recommend this air fryer because it has the 2 drawers. If you need to cook more food for your meal, use your microwave to keep your first batch warm, if you have a warmer setting, and cook your next batch, just time your vegetables. Enjoy.
This thing changed the way we cook
No directions to reset air fryer!
I’d never really given much thought to the air fryer hype — it’s basically a little convection oven, right? But my partner and I love crispy foods and convenience, and this seemed like a good solution.I got this on sale for around $45. I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. It does a great job making things taste fried and crispy while using very little to no oil. It can handle appetizers straight from the freezer, leftovers from the fridge, and fresh things like seasoned potatoes or vegetables with a better result than the oven (without taking 20 min to reheat and heating up the whole apartment).There is a slight plasticky smell for the first 5-6 runs. The manual assures me this is nontoxic and a result of offgassing of various parts of the machine. All the parts that are actually contacting the food are metal or silicone, so I’m not too worried, but I try to keep the area well ventilated while running it in general.It’s fairly easy to get good results — I usually reduce the temperature by 10-20 degrees if using oven directions, or if I’m unsure, use the default air fry setting.My one wish is that all parts could be dishwasher safe! The manual says that the basket is but the tray isn’t (even though it seems like it should be the opposite). I’ve been hand-washing both parts to preserve the coating, anyway. It’s not horribly difficult to wash, but not extremely convenient, either.
I absolutely love this. So fast and efficient. New favorite thing :)
Need space for this air fryer but it’s worth it
It’s amazing definitely made life easier and it was a great price.
Love the window and sleek look
This is a large air fryer. I love it for my family of 5. It is really simple and straight forward to use. Our food comes out great every time. It is a great air fryer.
I’m very satisfied.
I use this every single day, it makes good so freaking good and I swear to god it’s the best thing I’ve ever had. I’m now learning my mother was a horrible cook. I didn’t know chicken could be juicy and now I can make DELICIOUS perfectly cooked chicken in 13 minutes ???? Take all of my money and make me scream please for the love of GOD. Whoever invented this thing deserves so many ok nevermind goodbye
I’m glad it doesn’t have that plastic burning smell which is common in air fryers. Easy to use and easy to clean.
Love this product. With a family of 6, this product is a life saver.
The best equipment I like it I recommend this to people who love to cook!
I love how easy it is to clean and use. Definitely pay attention to the time you put for it too cook.
I think this is the best thing I have bought in a long time and worth the price. It has 6 functions and I’ve used all but 1 of them. Food comes out delicious.It’s convenient, doesn’t take up too much space, it’s easy to use. I would highly recommend this product.Best purchase I have ever made.
Very easy to use. Clean up is easy. Decent size pan – not large but not small.
You want a very easy air fryer and roaster this is it
I will not give this up. I LOVE this Instant Pot air fryer. The window makes it way better than the one’s without windows. I cook so many items for 3 generations of food lovers in my family.
I went back and forth between getting this air fryer and ninja one. I cannot speak to the ninja air fryer however, this product cooks food very well and evenly and is super quick! The only thing I don’t like about this air fryer is cleaning the tray. If you don’t clean it after every use or everything other, build up starts to occur and it becomes so sticky and so annoying to clean. There is a smell to it but it seems to have gone away now after owning and using it for over 2 months now.
Not sure if this is just a lemon but the plastic housing the holds the glass to the metal brok after 6 months. I’ll attempt to eReplace part but shouldn’t have broken. Poorly made. Cooks well otherwise.
Can’t believe I waited so long to get one!! It makes leftovers taste fresh!! Hint: get the disposable liners to make cleanup a breeze!
This Airfryer stopped working after 2 months of buying it, for some reason the handle door doesn’t want to shut and when I’m able to Close it, it says it’s still open and then shuts off automatically, there was no prior damage it has never been dropped for some reason it has been having issues I like the Instantpot pressure cooker but will be staying away from the airfryers, I prefer Ninja when it comes to airfryers.
Only the airfry option worked on this airfryer.  This function performed poorly compared to my Ninja. The panel was a softer plastic and the unit continued to smell like melting plastic after 4 trys. It was  a great price but extremely poor quality.
Can be used to cook about two pounds of food! The product I received for the first time was damaged and shipped new. The least I like about using it is the loud noise. It is easy to clean. I gave it to my sister and she likes it very much.
I am amazed how much I have used this.  Cooked everything from Salmon to dehydrated sweet potato treats for the dog.  It does not heat up the house, and gives you a hot meal!  I cannot use oil in my cooking, but everything comes out great without a drop of oil.  Try it!  You will be hooked!
Should have bought it sooner! Absolutely wonderful!
Had to be talked into buying this because I didnt want another useless gadget cluttering up my kitchen. I was so WRONG! Use this all the time, for things I never expected.  And I am still discovering new ways to use it!  If you cook at all you will find that this air fryer replaces your oven, your grill, your frying pan, your broiler,  and does so much more.  Full disclosure, I am single and cook for one or two not a big family.
This is a great addition to our kitchen. The kids like to make all there food in it. They love nights I don’t cook dinner because they can use the air fryer. It’s simple to use non-stick and clean up is easy.
Cooks steaks, fish, fries and pizza no problem.
I bought this air fryer because I have an Instant Pot that I really liked.  Unfortunately, this product is a disaster.  It doesn’t have a separate basket that lifts out of the frying chamber, so one must use tongs to remove food. Dumping food directly out of the fryer results in what little residual oil is left pours out all over the food. Not good for tater tors or french fries.
Ok so the 4th anniversary is part, linens or appliances.  A friend of mine recommended this appliance and my daughter and son law absolutely crazy love it!  Plus, they are new parents and this really helps them create healthy meals with less stress!  It’s been over a month a I am happy to say that they are still excited about this gift!  Can’t go wrong.  Also I was in Target, and this one is twice better what is there for a much less price!  Yeaaa!!!!
Bought this for a food science class I teach and unfortunately is sat in the box until after the return date past.  Not only are there no windows on the fryer baskets, it’s cracked!
I love it! When filling out my review, it asks me to rate how the flavor is which doesn’t make any sense because the air fryer doesn’t affect the flavor in opinion. One thing to note, when your ready to put food in it, choose your setting and click start and then wait for it to heat up. It will tell you when to add your food. Overall, the air fryer works great and we’re very happy with our purchase
I’ve used others, this one is the best
I bought this unit 8 months ago and only use it for a two person family. Went to cook dinner today and halfway through the cook the fan stopped working. I shut the machine off and back on still no luck. unplugged from the wall no luck. Lastly spun the fan manually and the fan spins freely, nothing seems to be stuck. Very disappointed for the price of this machine.
I love that this air fryer is easy to use & easy to clean, preheats & cooks food quickly, & looks nice & sleek sitting on the counter. Highly recommend!
Received it with a metal ring missing from the middle of the tray that was supposed to help lift off the tray from the basket. 4 stars due to this reason. That aside, food turns out crispy and flavorful. Overall, easy to clean and use, and gets the job done without any mess.
Love it, it works great. No issues, had for a few months now.
Five Star,easy to use! Also can check food and slide back in, and the time stays same,great feature!
I use mine nearly everyday and I love it.  I’ve owned it now for months and I’ve never had an issue and cleaning is as easy as washing a dish.  I’ve made every thing from scrambled eggs to baked potatoes.
My husband loves this thing,it’s his baby I’ve used it some and loved it but he air fries every thing
I use this air fryer everyday! It has made cooking so much more fun and rewarding. Im still experimenting with it an so far everything has turned out perfect!
I am overall pleased with this air fryer. It cooks everything great, has a larger basket and is easy to clean. It does preheat when you use air fry option and I am always forgetting to wait to put the food in until it lets me know it’s time. It will over cook food if you leave it in for the preheat time.
This is my 2nd air fryer. Picked this because of the square basket and LED selection feature which makes it easier to set the right temperature and time. It’s also smaller and lighter than my first. The alert when it’s 1/2 way finished is very helpful.
I am very pleased with this purchase I’ve been using it nearly every day.
I got this for my mom as a gift as she had expressed interest but couldn’t justify the purchase. It’s been nearly a year and she still raves about it! Definitely worth the buy, for yourself or as a gift.
Great but
Not east to clean. Too small and gets very hot on bottom
Once I started cooking. Y’all know. Adding that great re-fryed. I tasted the deference from any stove.
Cooks nicely.  Worth it.
This works great and is easy to use and clean live that it has the light on it to view what your cooking instead of having to pull out the drawer to see if things are cooked or not.
Me encanto
Love it!
Only had a year screen started going out about 2 months ago
This is a great air fryer that lives up to the hype. We love the window to view cooking progress. Perfect size also. Only negative would be the cord is too short.
Easy to clean .very easy to use and the food comes out delicious.
I’ve tried it for the test and the smell of PTFE chemicals in 5 minutes got me a headache. Sending it back and getting a stainless steel Air Fryer over instead.
I just love it, so easy to use and the flavor is amazing.
Great product! Had a little trouble for the 1st use as the product and food smelled like plastic but a vinegar and water bath did the trick! Now we use daily with no complaints!
I love this thing. I had owned another brand that was super hard to clean and decided to give it up. I ended up with the IP in the pot one which worked ok but not as good as a standalone so I went shopping for a basket model that would be easy to clean. Preferably without a separate basket with this annoyingly hard to clean fins on the side. I was pleasantly surprised to see that IP made one that fit this bill with only the plate in the bottom to provide air flow. I have used it about 30 times now since I got it and it is doing everything I need from baking to air frying very well. It did have the normal and expected plastic smell at first use but this was gone within a few days and did not affect the food taste. I did run it outside for a few cycles to clear that.
Never had an air fryer soo can’t really compare BUT I love it. It’s easy to clean and big enough to hold a good amount of food (10 pieces of party wings ; two small portion salmons). I like the function of the buttons and touch screen. It is QUIET, which I like. I got it on a deal so it’s a steal imo
I bought this as a kitchen tool that my tween could use, as well as a method of cooking small amounts of food quickly. It’s easy to clean with just a few swipes of a paper towel. No pans left on the stove or in the sink. I actually prefer to reheat leftovers in the Vortex than the microwave. I didn’t know if the air fryer would live up to the hype, but after cooking dozens of items in it, I’m really pleased. And through the hot weather it doesn’t get the kitchen hot, much more efficient for small amounts of food than the full sized oven.
I’m still learning to use this. I’ve never had an air fryer before and was a little intimidated by the warnings and instructions that came with it but it is easy to use and the air fryer setting works well.
I did a lot of research before buying this  AirFryer Toaster Oven. I wanted to love/like it, especially since I unboxed it. Overall the equipment works ok with the exception of the rack that goes inside the toaster oven. It doesn’t seem to fit. When moving the Airfrying or a pan on the rack when I bake it falls. I almost burned myself twice because of this and when the rack drops it definitely makes a big mess. Very frustrating! I will be reboxing and returning this AirFryer/Toaster oven before it burns me!
Work great loves it.
It is easy to you have to clean it when you get done with cooking
Easy to use and clean. Great for single person household
The window is absolutely fantastic. It’s ridiculously easy to rinse out (Clean).
While it is easy enough to use and clean, it still leaves a metallic taste to the food I cook in it. I had hoped that is was maybe just some residue or oils being burned off from the manufacturing process, but after 6 months and several uses, it still leaves that taste.
We love this air fryer. It cooks evenly and is easy to use and clean. Highly recommend.
OMG, I can’t believe I waited so long to get this item, just the right size. JUST LOVE IT.
Went right into our air fryer and works great.
It does the job!!!!!!
The double basket works great for cooking different foods, but still need to cook in batches if you want it crispy.
Tim uses it for everything.
1st time we bought it broke. We were able to exchange it for a new one AND THAT ONE BROKE TOO! It has trouble recognizing that its fully closed. Very disappointing
As I stated there’s a learning curve.  Simply following the instructions either gets you below the mark, at the mark, or past the mark. I first started with toast and found that under setting the color, which lowered the time worked best. Pizza ran at just about the same time as called for, but a sheet pan dinner of chicken, veggies and potatoes took a little longer. As always convection cooking varies from straight conventional baking and this Instapot oven is no different.I have found it easy to clean and use. It fits in well in my kitchen and as I use it more, I’m certain I’ll find those perfect temps and times to make cooking, baking, and even toasting easy and enjoyable.
I kept hearing how great Air Fryers are and that they can be used for more than Chicken Nuggets and French Fries.  So glad I listened!  This air fryer 4-in-1 is a great little appliance for me and my husband.  I have used it in place of a frying pan for salmon and chicken and it makes the clean-up so easy.  No more greasy splatters and the food turns out GREAT!  I would say, this is NOT a good size for more than 2 people.  Had a larger option been available at such a great price, I probably would have gotten it.  But I wanted to make sure I’d actually use it before spending more money.
Perfect in every way for one person and being single, I am one person.  I do think though that it’s too small for even a couple.  I use it every day!  It is my ‘go to’ for so many foods.  Air Fry.  Bake.  Roast.  Reheat.  No soggy reheated pizza!  A one-minute air fry makes a perfect slice of toast.  My 2-slice toaster was donated to charity.
Love this. We use this instead of the oven
My first air fryer was a combo with insta pot. Did not like the round tall basket. This is perfect size, easier to arrange food in square pullout basket. Love that it has a light. Easy to use and clean. No odor noted. So far brats has been my favorite to cook.
When you get your new oven check and see if the rack aligns evenly.  I have had mine for awhile but I didn’t realize until I tried to bake something that the rack is angled.  The manufacture failed to line up the two sides of the oven evenly.
Bought this on a whim when it was on sale for prime day. Kids are out of the house and it is silly to fire up the oven to cook dinner for two. Thought we’d give this a try.Boy, am I glad I did! It’s now our main cooking appliance! Perfect size for portions for two. Having two trays means you can cook two things at once and having them time together is super useful.I love all the settings and have not found anything that doesn’t cook better in the vortex vs the oven or stovetop.I love it. And it’s built to last.
Easy to use, easy to clean, and makes food so quickly. If you’re even contemplating buying this, do it!!!
Have one for myself that I love and use all the time. Bought this as a gift for a family member and she loves it as well!
This is my first Air Fryer, so I can’t compare it to other brands. I bought this mainly based on its size (I have limited counter space) and good reviews. While it is true that it does a nice job on fries and wings, I was more impressed with how well it works on other tasks: melting cheese on my English muffin in the morning, reheating store-bought southern fried chicken, cooking fish filets, and chicken thighs. Makes perfect bacon with minimal mess and easy cleanup. It preheats very quickly (usually less than 2 minutes), cooks items in less time than convention oven, and very easy to clean. I am using this device more than my oven and microwave. This 4 quart size is perfect for just 2 people. My only complaint is that that it didn’t come with a time/temperature chart or instructions for those of us who are new to Air Fryers. No big deal in that you can find out anything you need to know on the internet including free, downloadable time/temperature charts.
Love this machine so easy to use and clean!
This is the best air fryer I’ve purchased. I love the two and bigger baskets. You can see your food while it’s cooking and it’s easy to use.
So far it works pretty good.
Cooking with this is practically a set it and forget it process for the most part, if you have your temps right and don’t burn the food. I bought these for my mom and aunt on a lightning deal. My aunt has been helping my mom a bit, so I bought an extra one to show my appreciation for her time and effort. (I’m “paying it forward”—someone gifted one to me and I gifted two!)They both love them! My aunt has made ribs (I’ll need to find out her technique). My mom has made okra, chicken burgers, and vegetables.I just told her about air frying eggs like hard-boiled eggs. I’m sure she’ll try that next!  10-12 minutes on 270 degrees. Adjust time to your liking once you’ve tried it. Works like a charm—no mess, no fuss!One of my first uses was air-fried lamb chops. They were the most delicious and tender lamb chops ever!!I tried air-fried corned beef, but I have to work on that or find a better recipe.
This unit smokes nonstop, if I could return I would. I had an Emeril Agassi oven previously and loved it. Unit is new, should not be setting off smoke alarms  in 1st 3 minutes of every use.
This is my third air fryer.  The others were ok but they didn’t last long. One started overheating, goodbye. One just quit working, goodbye.  I had the IP Air Frying lid.  It worked fine but I didn’t really like it for various reasons, one of which was that I had to clean my pot again before I could use it for pressure cooking.  This one, though, is fabulous. It’s the easiest to use. Easiest to clean. No second inner basket to deal with.  Yay.  It has a big roomy capacity.  The footprint isn’t too bad.  Hot dogs, chicken wings,  pork chops, homemade French fries.  Start on bake, finish on air fry.  If in doubt, follow frozen box instructions.  Instant pot has had some missed but this product is a winner.
Bought this product because of the adequate reviews.  The smell that it emits is nothing short of awful! It stinks.  I can understand it for the initial few usage, but continuously? Returning it.  And as always, great CS from Amazon!
Just in love with it…
As expected. Would buy again!
Every time we try to use it, we get an E1 error message.  Sometime we can get it to operate correctly, but most times we just have to use something else to prepare our meal.  Rather disappointed.
I was skeptical at first about Air Fryers.  But this has changed my mind.  We have made all kinds of meals in this.
So much easy to cook and past.saving my time is a lot.thanks amazon and instant vortex
Simple to use. Works very well
This is the best air fryer. It cooks great. You will not get same result with smaller ones. Believe me, we had a smaller one previously.
Great quality easy to use
Update- Even though wrong color, Instant did send me a replacement basket and handle and all is good now and we do love the fryer!Original postImpossible to get support from Instant. My handle cracked on this air fryer and could not find a replacement not did instant ever get back to me other than an auto response that they received my request.Update: I finally received an email that said:Please be advised that the handle is not available for purchase individually as it goes together with the air fryer basket.-so I have to buy a whole new basket assembly for a defective plastic inexpensive handle no info on how to buy it etcI would just buy another brand!
She has used it twice. Great thick boneless pork chops, and steak turned out great, too.
Me Encanto, todo super bien 💯
My elderly parents never had an airfryer before and I knew I didn’t want to get them one with a ton of buttons or wifi, nothing overly complicated. I decided on this one. They used it the day they received it and loved how it cooks without oil. So far they have been using it almost every night.
Great tool!  My oven and gas grill will see much less usage as this is both easier and more efficient to use.  To say nothing of the quality of the end result in the food you prepare.
I was very excited to finally purchase on air fryer. The Instant Vortex has a great overall look and the buttons and digital readout are top-notch. I was extremely disappointed that I have to go to their website for hints, how-tos, and recipes. There is already a small guideline included – it could have been expanded with more details and that’s why only 4 stars out of 5.  Food does cook evenly, gets crispy, tastes great and cleanup is a breeze!  I just wish I didn’t have to hunt down another website for something that could have been included in the box.
Overall, this product, after less than 1 year of use, proved not all it claims to be, plus started to produce (often) a laud humming noise that only stops after several unplugs. The shelves not always stay in place, the air-fryer feature never works exactly as promised, and the unit takes forever to cool.I am a big fan of Instant Pot, so I had high hopes for this product – oh no, this was a huge mistake, a lemon.
I avoided buying an air fryer. Brock down and bought this one. Love it! Before I was using my oven for things like poppers, pizza rolls, egg rolls, chicken wings and such. It would take 15 to 20 minutes. The air fryer takes 6 minutes or less. It preheats itself before cooking the food. So far I’m loving it.
Keeps saying close basket when the basket is clearly in. I’ve tried taking it out and putting it back in. Have barely had it just over a month.
My negative is only for customer support from Instant. They have a “ Contact Us” link on their website. The handle on my air fryer was a little loose after 1 week so I emailed customer service to see if this was normal. No response, although I got a response saying I would get a response, nothing. Sent a second email, no response. It appears Instant has gotten to big to care about their customers. I have had an Instapot for a year and love it! I have the Instant milk frother for coffee and I love it. The air fryer aside from the handle being slightly loose is excellent in every way. Just concerned about getting any warranty coverage if something goes wrong since the company doesn’t respond to their customers. Will probably return and buy from a company with customer support.
Best air fryer I’ve ever used. Excellent quality and having dealt with the brand previously; they are one of the best at standing behind their products.
I like
I recently lost my two air fryers-all in the same week! A 3 1/2 year old GoWise that was a gift from my daughter slowly petered out. And I ruined my PowerXL Vortex. 😔 I needed a quick replacement as I am on the carnivore diet and make my morning bacon in the fryer, and also my afternoon steak! I do not love it like I did my PowerXL…but, the basket is a better size and shape (square) for bacon. It just does not seem to heat as well for the steaks, and is a sad replacement for my beautifully crispy chicken wings. They are more like soggy wings. My family has used it for their French fries, and they like the way they come out. I gave it five stars for the basket and how well it cooks my bacon. But for steak and wings, it is a two star machine.
I got this to help me fix stuff faster and it’s a little bigger than I thought it was going to be.  I tried chicken and it turned out great.  juicey.  I haven’t looked at all the receipes yet, but I bought it for me, I am the only one in my household, except my cat Rodee, and he loves all the meat that I cook in it.
So happy I bought this. So easy to throw anything in here. 5 minutes later…BOOM chicken nuggets, fish sticks, potato’s and so on. Every toddler mom needs one. It is a little large but necessary.  Very cool and expensive looking. Easy to use. Buy it!
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This this works wonders! I literally cook everything in it. The only con is how hard it is to clean! You have to scrub the crevasses. Theres gosh Washer won’t clean it fully.

Gave off strong chemical odor that would not go away after several uses. Instructions say the fumes are “not harmful.” Really? They made me and my family sick and gave us headaches. Back it goes.
Not yet
Can’t get rid of the plastic smell. Tried everything. Just got a new replacement from manufacturer and still smell plastic.  I’m done.
Just one star because the trail doesn’t stay straight and falls all the time
First time buying an air fryer and so glad I chose this brand. Easy instructions. Easy operating. Super easy clean up!
The product does not have a basket enclosed and you have to be exposed to an extremely hot basket to take it out of the fryer – it also heats up the room. Only good for winter time use – therefore
I chose this due to brand recognition – I was pretty sure it was going to be well made and I was right.  I gave this to my sister as a present and she is in love. She particularly loves how easy it is to cook a variety of things – chicken tenders for the kiddos, French fries, bacon! This is saving her a lot of time and effort and for a busy family juggling work and kids, it’s a great addition to the kitchen. She had resisted an air fryer for years, and now she can’t get enough of it. She says this is a good size for her family of four. She is pleased with its easy to use interface, and of course the crispy tasty food it produces. Great purchase.
Excelente y muy facil de usar
It’s so hot to touch outside all around when used longer than 15 mins. Make most of my food chewy not crispy :(
We love this thing! It’s great for so many things. We mainly use it for air frying and toasting but I’m anxious to try the rotisserie feature. It has become an item we can’t live without.
We waited to use it a bit before reviewing it and now…  It’s the most used appliance in our kitchen not counting the refrigerator!  I was concerned with the air frying quality since it was a combo toaster oven and all…  But that concern is gone.  It’s a good quality air fryer.  The other functions work as well although we use air fry the most!
I bought this when I moved into a small casita from a large home. It is perfect for a small area. I love the air frying and the oven the best.
wife and I both burned our hands on very hot food drawser while getting food in and out, also if you do not have food drawer fully closed it will slide totatlly out of air frier. (in our case it was by te edge of the counter when it came out and made a huge mess) Does not even come close to making french fries like they show
This thing is niceee. This is the air fryer you want and totally should get. I’ve had mine for 3 or 4 months now. The controls are nice, I love it’s ease of use. The build quality is great and it works even better. Yes the clear screen gets dirty over time with cooking food, so you want to make sure you’re cleaning it regularly so you don’t have to look a food-splattered window when you turn on the light to look at your food cooking. Highly recommend.
I’ve had this product for a couple of months now, because I wanted to give an accurate review.I have used each of the controls except dehydrate.Each control works well, if you prefer your food a bit more done then it it very easy to add time or adjust the time before use. I have always used a gas oven but, this product does very well with temperature control.For me the toast function does not darken the bread to a golden brown but that is a matter of a couple extra minutes.
ROTISSERIE rod doesn’t stay in place.  Main reason I bought this. returning. Poor design on ROTISSERIE. Rod is not long enough nor secure.
Ok I fought off getting one of these because we have limited counter space but it has been our families best friend, my kids can easily use it after school, things reheat in it nicely, it cleans up super easy and it has plenty of room for most anything, we throw out less food because certain things just don’t reheat in the microwave well, I’m sold and would definitely recommend.
idk why they’re in there, but like many others mentioned i noticed a burning smell until i removed those rubber bits from inside the tray
Got this on prime with a very good deal and I thought that it wasn’t going to work or I wasn’t going to like it. It big enough to make dinner for 3 so far.
Using this air fryer has been a joy to learn how to use. I have bought cookbooks, watched YouTube videos, and enjoy using it. I haven’t fried anything on the stove since I cooked my first meal in the Air Fryer. The meats have come out so juicy. If I had more counter space I’d get more than one and cook more than one thing at a time. I did burgers one day and my daughter said it was too juicy. I thought it was the best burger I have ever made. There are many different models of air fryers on the market. but they all do the same thing… circulate hot air to cook food. I don’t regret getting one.
This is poor quality control.  The tray is damaged but not worth the time to return.  Disappointed.
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I turned on the air fryer today to just heat up some pizza. Half way through warming up, it made a weird noise and the fan stopped on the left side. Then the message close basket started flashing on the screen. I love my instapot but their air frier is GARBAGE!!!!!! BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I won’t be buying anymore of their other products now, that’s for sure!!!!

At the moment , I’m not well pleased. I expected a recipe booklet with the Vortex, but instead it’s an app and a download ! I’m trying the dehydrate , hoping to make excess grapes into raisins, we’ll see how it goes. The warning label stuck on the front of the basket is a pain to get off, and not needed , unless the product ends up an idiot who doesn’t read all the other warnings in the setup booklet.
Good size for two ppl! Easy to use!
You will need to figure out how to use it on your own.  If you go online, they only have a few air fryer recipes and thousand of Instant Pot recipes.
I love how quick I can prepare the food, I can cook enough for 4 people, it is easy to use and so silent. I research that most Airfrier are laud but not this one.
I reviewed And research so many of these air fryers I want to one that predictively air fried well! This is one I’m telling all my friends to buy
This AirFryer is so easy to use and so convenient. Did take a little bit for me to figure it out but I love it!
The toaster oven is either previously used or the factory scratched up the control face, as you can see. I ran the initial setup, as the instructions stated (includes running it for 20 mins), and it was fine but I had an oven thermometer inside to see how accurate the temperature was, it was off by a five degrees (thermometer read 395 and held there despite the oven being set to 400). Additionally the oven is loud when it’s in use. Nothing deafening but more noise than others I’ve used. Overall it is easy to use and aside from the scratches it’s aesthetically pleasing.  The reason I didn’t return it is because the initial oven I ordered was severely damaged and had to be returned. It took weeks to get the refund and ship this oven so I wasn’t going to wait again. This shouldn’t have come out of the box scratched up. It’s brand new and looks like it’s been well used. Not the mention the surface shouldn’t be that easy to scratch.
Bought the Instant Vortex Mini several months ago.  First air fryer and didn’t think I would use it very much.  Well….after a HOT summer and HIGH energy bills, found myself using it more and more, but it is small.  Found this one on a flash sale during Amazon Prime Days.  Love it.  Easy to use. There was no smell at start up, which pleased me because my mini had unpleasant smell after quite a few uses.  Very pleased.Update….after just 4 months of use, fan will not turn off when basket is opened.  Unfortunately, I didn’t register unit so there won’t be any warranty.  My fault completely.  Thought I did. So sad because I really liked this unit.  Have ordered another air fryer but by another manufacturer.  Disappointed.2ND Update:  After posting my update and lowering my product rating, Instant Customer Support reached out to me.  After supplying requested information (proof of purchase, model number, description of product, and video of appliance while operating), Customer Support sent a replacement unit!  Very quickly too, I might add.  I am sooo pleased, as I really prefer use of this product to other brands.  It is very simple to use and I use it almost everyday.  Having said all of this, I just want to say – buy the Instant Vortex.  You will not be disappointed!
It has been working flawlessly for a year now and its very versatile the few down sides are its front are plástic that gets melted if you don’t aim correctly the hot tray, and after use, the cleaning of the inside grill its very difficult.Very good overall temp control and modes
The Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer Oven is great for many different reasons. It is easy to use but cooking times seem to be similar to that in a standard oven. It does make things crispy and give it almost a deep fryer crisp without all the saturated fats. Some of my favorite items to cook using this air fryer is fries, hot wings, and taquitoes. The basket is a little difficult to get all the residue off of if the item is really fatty, like game hens. The temperature and time controls are easy to set. This size is good for single servings or couples. It does take a couple runs for a family of 4. I think this particular version would be great for RV traveling and if you want to use something that isn’t going to heat the entire house with a conventional oven.
This is an awesome product. Easy to start up and easy to use. I’ve cooked chicken legs and thighs. They are tender and juicy in 18-20 minutes. I have only placed 4 pieces in at at time since it is just one person and left overs. But it could fit 8 pieces a little crowded, and 6 easily. The basket pulls all the way out and can be washed. The element could be wiped down with a wet cloth but I have not had to do this yet. Some people complained about the foul odor. Yes, it is odorous out of the box and a little during the start up, then the odor is gone and does not come back, just follow the start up directions. This is such a game changer for dinners when PG&E charges three times as much to use electricity between 4-9pm.
I originally bought the model without the window in the same brand but I had to return that one because the plastic odor no matter what we did would dissipate. We ran it multiple times and even washed it with Dawn liquid soap as suggested on YouTube by people but the odor was even imparted into the food.  I could not believe such a well-known name had such a bad problem as this. However I was determined to stick with the brand and looked up reviews of the one with the window and people said this one the odor went away after the first time of burning it off and washing it. So I looked at photos online and on different videos and what I noticed was a big difference in the buckets that you pull out. The one I returned without the window has all open holes above the handle on the inside of the basket however the one with the windows instant closed off all of the holes which is where the plastic burning odor emanates from. Why on earth they are still making the other model with the open holes! Just look for yourself to compare the two baskets and you’ll see what I mean. Anyway, good news is I’ve been using it it works flawlessly it looks good and I am very happy now.
Read reviews of so many air fryers and settles on this one. Wanted the duo so I multitask cooking.  The air frying function is good, love how food comes out. With items like chicken wings having both baskets makes it cook faster because if you pile too many in they don’t well or crisp well. – good for like 1-2 servings per basket. The bake and roast functions are really good. Love that I don’t have to overheat my apt. with the oven oven in summer, plus it comes to temp faster than the oven so I can get food started faster. Cleans very easily. Takes a good bit of counter space but to me it is worth it we use it A LOT.
Good size for 1 -2, light viewing is useful, easy to clean, and can disable sound feature.
I first used it to make some chicken. It was the best chicken I’ve ever had. This little thing is so easy to use and clean up after, and I’ve been tossing everything in it to see how it tastes, and I’ve yet to be disappointed :)
I bought this as a gift for my parents. Now I get pictures throughout the week of all kinds of new meals they are making. It’s easy to use and clean. My mom likes it because it sits on the counter and she can easily clean it, whereas the oven it’s hard on her back to clean.
This has replaced my standard oven most of the time.  Great investment to the kitchen.
I own other instant products and they’re great, however, this specific air fryer model is an epic letdown. I’m coming from using a Phillips turbostar with 3qt capacity, which is AMAZING (image attached), but the family has grown and we need more capacity. I figured Instant makes a solid product based on other items of the company that I own, so decided to grab this as the reviews are so high. The first and most unforgiving offense is when you pull the drawer handle back the entire machine comes with it! It’s a two hand operation to pull the drawer. Second is airflow. Compared to my existing Phillips, this thing moves half the air. Finally, comes aesthetics. The fit and finish is garbage. It looks cheap, feels cheap, and has defect all over it (more images attached). There is plastic “flash” hanging off all the edges. The more you look and feel the more you find. The plastic itself is really flimsy and hollow. Also, it has irregularities all over from what I assume to be caused during the injection of the manufacturer molds. Lumps, bumps, and streaks.I can’t comment on performance because I’m not keeping it to use it. I’m returning it and looking at a different model, hopefully with more attention to detail.
I love the whole thing!
I can’t believe I lived my life without one.. ever
Had to drive 6 miles to get this air fryer as USPS would not deliver.  Air fryer much larger than anticipated. So far works as stated. Easy to read display. Getting the app and registering was a nuisance, company should make it much easier.
On the first use, I got an E2 error, indicating that the thermal sensor was broken. I tried it multiple times, in multiple different positions to ensure it had enough ventilation. It would cook for 2-3 minutes, then beep loudly with the error. I ordered a replacement, but I’m disappointed.
We really like basket shape of this air fryer. We are able to fit so much more in it. We also like the different functions and it’s so easy to clean.
I put off buying an air fryer for so long, now I wonder why. The box it came in makes you think it’s huge, nope, perfect for storing in a cupboard. What kind of irritated me was they put a sticker on the front of the fry basket, it left a sticky residue. Quick internet search and a little olive oil applied to the sticky spot resolved that. I have only made fries and chicken tenders but will be experimenting making other foods. The fries were the best I ever had, not greasy, burned or mushy, the chicken was crispy and juicy. I was worried I chose the wrong appliance but so far I’m impressed. I think what I would suggest is to also buy some silicone or other non scratch utensils to use to turn foods. I used a rubber spatula I had on hand already…wish I would have thought about that part ahead of time.
Very pleased. Easy to use. Food is much crisper than with a conventional oven. Slight odor from first couple of uses, but nothing after that.
Easy to use and clean.  Bought as a replacement for a cheaper one I previously had.  This one did not disappoint.
Really enjoying using! Chicken strips, fish fillets, French fries of course! Just beginning to use for a variety of foods. The simplicity and ease of the functions in the Instant Vortex is the main reason I chose this, (plus I use the Instant Pot pressure cooker). The Instant Vortex allows Me to control temperatures and timing without having a lot of multi-choice, needless selections, the machine doesn’t need to know any more than an oven does, give it temp and timing, your set-it does the job intended. It is attractive, easy to read LED light selections  quick glance shows how much time left on cooking and love the interior light to check food as it cooks thro the window on the front basket. If unsure of temp and timing, Google it, look online, or use a cookbook, so many groups and recipes. You won’t be sorry on this fryer. Not very loud at all, can work right next to it and not be distracted. Timer Beeps not intrusive, just loud enough to hear. Cleans easy, fits on counter under your wall cabinets.
Easy to learn, easy to use for all kinds of recipes that you can find free online.I live alone and it makes cooking dinner so easy and quick clean up.  Friends told me about Air Fryers, but I thought it was all hype, after all, I have cooked in many restaurants, food places all my life!  HOW Wrong I was.  Especially cooking for one or two, makes like easy and low calories.  It is NOT a fryer with grease, too bad it was named that from the beginning, but… Love it!
If you’re on the fence about which air fryer to buy, definitely get this one!  We must use this at least once a day for breakfast lunch or dinner, sometimes twice a day. Works great it’s fantastic!
Preparé unas costillitas barbecue de cerdo y quedaron deliciosas😋😋😋
I love this table top convection oven. The different settings are just suggested presets, with the added bonus of the air fryer setting reminding you to flip your food. I use it at least once a day. Easiest way to make veggies taste delicious, quickly.
Just received our new Omni Plus Air Fryer. The touch screen controls and diverse functionality of this unit have me very excited to try it. Disappointed that it came out of the box dented.
This is my first air fryer and its awesome! Makes yummy snacks in minutes. Easy to clean in the dishwasher and we even make smores in it! We love our air fryer. Its kind of big but fits a good amount of food.
The shipping box in the product box both were completely damaged when I got this in minor damage to the air fryer on the frontside but it works perfectly fine
After weeks of research I settled on the Instant Vortex air fryer.  It fits easily on the kitchen counter but has plenty of capacity for baking, frying, grilling, dehydrating and more.  The Instant Vortex is easy to use.  It heats rapidly and has a just audible enough sound to let you know when to add, turnover and take out food.  My favorite feature and one that is unique to the Instant Vortex is the window.  With a touch to the light symbol you can monitor progress and get the perfect degree of doneness.  Cleanup is so easy because of the nonstick coating on the pan and included grill rack.  This unit is a great value.  I’d buy it again.
Great Space Saver Product purchased for college dorm room!  Importantly all controls are front accessible , nice cord length, and smaller size did Not sacrifice interior cooking bucket space.  This is a superior & very well design product. … I have a larger air fryer for my house that is great, but it’s huge egg shaped and takes up too much space on the countertop… When evaluating ACTUAL USE by household members & teens… THIS SMART POT INSTANT VORTEX IS THE FAR SUPERIOR PRODUCT FOR REAL LIFE USE.  I am going to buy another for our house and donate the large space hoarder egg to good will.
Totally Like It!!!
Easy to clean and most importantly no extra grease on my food! Loved it!!
This air fryer works great for me. Couple things I would change is 1) I wish the try on the bottom fit a little more snug. I removed the rubber things inside as I thought they would melt if left in. Because if this you cannot “dump” the tray if it is full of fries or wings or something like that because the tray will fall out too. 2) the only thing that does not auto start with “preheating “ is reheating food. I don’t think this is necessary for every thing you put in there. 3) it did have a very strong plastic smell when using it the first several weeks. The food did not taste like plastic but the smell stayed in the Kitchen for a long time .
Love it !!! Easy to use and clean
Everything was simple to use and figure out and the food came out the way it was supposed to to.
I never even review products, but I love this air fryer SO much that I couldn’t not leave one! When I purchased I was worried because some reviews were saying it smelled overwhelmingly bad when cooking. It has a mild plastic/new appliance smell, but in my personal experience it is not overwhelming at all! It preheats in roughly 1 minute. It is SO easy to clean, I leave the inside of the basket soaking in water and clean it the next day and it’s super easy to clean! The basket is easily removable. The settings are super easy and straight forward, and it’s really easy to change the time and temperature or even the cooking setting while your food is cooking. It has an alarm to remind you to turn your food. I’ve noticed this alarm does not always go off at exactly the halfway point, but it does go off. The alarm is also pretty loud so you don’t have to stand next to it to hear it and I really like that as well.The coating on my removable grate thing is peeling off a bit after several cookings, but that is not a huge deal for me because I don’t feel like it ends up on my food because it only peeled because my boyfriend scrubbed it too hard when washing. I’m sure if I contacted someone, I could get a new one. So far, in the last month that I’ve had this product, I’ve made chicken breasts, drumsticks, French fries, fried potatoes, and NY strip steaks, and they were ALL super tasty and moist to eat! I have the 4qt and I wish there was a larger basket option, but that is truly my only complaint! You have to buy this air fryer! 😍 I will never go back.
Nice unit. Cooks chicken so wonderful. UPDATE the week link is the inside tray the food sits on. Its already chipping the black coating off at about 2 months of using. I have to find something else to sit in the basket now.
we are loving this machine!  make your own pizzas, tater tots, toasty melted cheese–cooks incredibly perfect for pizza homemade with naan bread and your toppings  made sausage and hot dogs great  happy and easy to clean!
I like the size for one person to cook, and it seems to do a good job – I wish it came with a simple easy to use guide if suggested temps and times bc I almost never get it right. It is super easy to clean and I do clean with dish soap and water after every use. Good product so far.
Very easy to use.  We have the 6 quart air fryer and it’s a perfect size for 2 people. We are two very senior seniors, and have no trouble using it ~ and cleaning it is a breeze. The food I’ve cooked so far has been very tasty.  A list or chart of popular foods with cooking times and temps would have been a nice addition to the very minimal information that came with the air fryer ~ rather then having to go to my iPad or phone to find a temp or time for what I’m cooking. Other than that petty complaint we are very pleased with this appliance.
Súper, verdaderamente maravilloso y útilMuy fácil de usar y limpiarVale la pena la compra , lo recomiendo 100%
I have enjoyed having all of the functions in one appliance and my counter is less cluttered.
Thought we would be able to use the convection as an option not as a permanently mess up what your cooking with instructions. Pizza’s will never cook the same with this device. Burnt on top with cooked crust or normal top with barely cooked crust take your pick. Be wary you are buying something you won’t be able to use with your cookbooks and packaged instructions, your totally on your own just make sure to use a thermometer to make sure its actually cooked.
Easy clean up. No more cooking oil to filter or throw out. Great tasting food very simular to deep fried once you learn a few tricks. Very fast!! My fryer took longer to preheat than this does for the entire cycle.
I’m getting fat from all of the fried chicken I’ve been eating because of this…
I had my doubts about another kitchen gadget but this thing is great. Fast, easy cooking and simple to clean. Only downside for some might be its size but I use it way more then my toaster or stand mixer and yet I found room for them.
Loved this air fryer! Great for big families. Was five stars in our book until it died after only 3 months. We are bummed. Had to pony up for a brand new air fryer. Clearly bought a different one after this sad and heartbreaking travesty. Why are things not built to last…
Waaay better than my old one, plenty of space to cook. Salmon to veggies makes all food easy and quick!
This thing is a beastLove the size and shape cus it’s easy to store. Got a olive oil spray bottle and went to work first air fry (after initial run/dry-run), and this thing didn’t disappoint.Love the window to see the food and definitely going to be using more than the cast iron moving forward
Had to send back
Worked well for 32 days (right after the return deadline) then wouldn’t recognize the tray being fully inserted.  Customer service sent instructions to reset the sensors….didn’t work.  Worthless.
I was a bit late to the air fryer game, but I’m so excited to make it. I thought I wouldn’t use it enough for all the space it takes up but I love this thing. It’s easy to use & I does not have too many settings. It heats up super fast & has not disappointed. It’s also easy to clean.
I had been skeptical of air fryers. This one looked nice and was a good price, so I tried it. It’s been so helpful already. Being able to see in while cooking is a big reason why this one is better than others.
I had purchased an Air Fryer a few years ago but it was way too small for a family of 5 so I gave it away. Finally made a decision to give it another go with a larger one and this one does not disappoint. It’s easy to use, quick to heat up, and everything I’ve made in it has tasted great. So convenient when heating frozen food for kids!
I love everything about this little work horse, perfect for my husband and myself.
not usable in europe. big waste of money
Update: I just can’t take that smell! And I researched it’s Teflon. If anyone doesn’t know yet that Teflon causes cancer, please watch the documentary The Devil We Know.I’m on my third air fryer but this one’s my favorite. Because of that I’m aware of the chemical smell when you first use it. I of course cleaned it first, removed the silicone pads and had to run it like ten times with water to get that smell out. It took about a week. Now it’s absolutely great and has no smell. I love being able to see what’s going on without opening it and loosing the heating momentum!
Everything it is easy to clean and easy to cook the food .I can take frozen hamburgers cook them on one side and on the side I can cook frozen French fries. I am widow so this perfect for me .
I purchased this for my mother for her birthday per her request for a double air fryer and after doing a fair amount of research and she absolutely loves it. She says it cooks perfectly, is easy to use and clean and she loves that she can see inside to check on the food.
You need this for just for ez cooking with great quality with very little effort. Overall a great product that can do it all with Minimal effort.
If you want a air fryer that’s easy to use, works like a charm, and is the best for your money by far. I would highly suggest this one
Works great. The window really helps. No issues.
I was nervous getting an airfryer, never had one before. But I am glad I chose this one. I was worried about reviews saying that there were not great instructions, but nope, I’ve had no problems learning. No smell, it’s very quiet, fits an amazing amount of food in..9 chicken legs, 5 to 6 porkchops. Plus I throw in around 8 slices of bacon and have hardly any cleanup! Also makes great toast. I’ve only had it less than a month, so I have so much more to try. But I love it so far. Easy to operate and am so glad I got the window version!
I love my Omni!  I have had it a little over a year now and use it several times a week  It cooks so quickly and is very easy to use. BUT there is one issue that makes it unsafe.  The rack doesn’t fit properly and falls to the bottom.  I have almost burned myself when putting the rack in or out and it slips off the guides.  The tray fits so I use that most often. The other issue I have is the door “button” doesn’t work all the time so you have to slam it shut for it to resume cooking.
Really easy to use, I’ve had it for awhile now and have discovered so many new features. Would definitely recommend!
They do french fries and chicken nuggets perfect.
The coating came off easily despite using precaution and following cleaning recommendations.
Easy to use, fast heating, and tremendous control. Does more than just air fry, too. Extremely good value.
Don’t cook consistently
Glass door visuals is everything!
I only had it for about 5 months when it stopped working.  It says to close basket and it doesn’t work 😕
Not sure what others are doing that makes it easy to clean.  This type of design leads to lots of crumbs when opening the door and pulling out the tray.  Everything just goes all over the front window.  Then there is the wire rack + oven tray + drip tray that needs to be cleaned.It looks cool but I think the pull out drawer fryers are much easier to maintain.
So far I love the convenience this oven offers. Not only does it replace several other appliances & saves space in a small kitchen, but it works great. I’ve cooked a frozen 12 pizza in it, fries, hotdogs, toast, bagels, & reheated leftovers that did much better in this oven. I’m looking forward to doing more.
Love it’s easy to use
Ribici el articulo en muy mal estado quebrado y rayado, esos detalles no estaban en las especificaciones cuando lo adquiri solo decía que su caja estaba abierto pero no que estaba en mal estado y mucho menos que estuviera usado o algo por el estilo.
Had a smaller air fryer and bought this because wanted larger. This is just a step up in every way.
I love this air fryer!!!!The window with light is great to check on your food.Super easy to clean!
Wanted to see if browning was happening. But window made my dish. Barely visibleI looked inside and window had a smeared film on it so I returned it and bought a DREO.THAT WINDOW  WAS WAS MADE OF TEMPERED GLASS. THE VORTEX HAD A KIND OF PLASTIC WINDOW  I THOUGHT
We liked it so much we bought two. Burgers in one and fries in the other too ez.
This guy is pretty huge! Good for family of 4! If your two people this is probably excessive.I returned it because I followed the instructions for the test broil and it made my entire house smell like Burnt plastic. The burnt smell stuck around for hours. Did a second test run the next day and same thing happened.On top of that the sides and back of the fryer got really hot and took hours to cool down. My smaller air fryer cools in a few minutes.
I like that it looks nice and cooks well with the right recipes. Cleanup is very easy. Basket is perfect size for two, three people. Really wish it had presets that are more descriptive than just bake, roast, broil, etc. Its like it’s trying to very similar in function to the instant pot. However, I feel it would be a lot more user friendly if it had more detailed presets like other units do. Most people don’t know when to use the broil, bake, roast presets. Plus, they don’t change any functioning of the machine just the time and temp. And this doesn’t come with a cookbook and the online app needs a ton of work. I use the Airfry preset and just adjust the time and temp to the item. Next one I get will have more descriptive presets for typical airfryer foods. These current presets are a waste of space.
I love this thing! I wasn’t sure if I should have gotten an air fryer, but after talking to my brother and seeing the price I this, I went for it. What a FANTASTIC way to cook! You will have to get paper or food grade silicone liners to cook items, if you want the fastest/easiest clean up. The grill in the bottom tray does remove easily for cleaning as well. The first time you use this, follow the start up guide. It does smell odd at first, on the initial start up. Once cooking, the only thing I smell is my food. GREAT for re-heating food and for making chicken fingers. Love using this thing!
This air fryer has been a game changer. The quality is great and it is so much fun to cook with. My wife and I use it to meal prep all kinds of fun meals.
Very simple to use..works great
Easy to use and easy to clean. I don’t mind hand washing. I can’t believe the use I’m getting out of it. Got rid of my toaster oven.
As older consumers we often find that new products are difficult to use.  The Vortex is just the opposite – easy to use with virtually no learning curve, foods taste just fine, very easy to clean.  Best way we’ve ever seen to cook bacon with no mess, and it tastes way better than old-fashioned frying.
We bought this as a replacement for our air fryer that broke. I like this one much better then our old one. Easy to use. Easy to clean.
I have never used an air fryer before. This thing blows me away. It is so easy to use and even easier to clean, it’s non stick. I have air fried and baked in it. Get this-you won’t regret it.
Some people said it smelled the first time, and when you heat it (empty) for the first time it does. However, I have had no issues, have used it about 10 times and we love it!
Totally worth it. I use it every day
It’s hard to make an effort and find the time to make dinner after a long day of work. This air fryer has made it easy to put together delicious meals and sides in half the time It used to take.
Love it! So easy to use. Chicken comes out so moist. Bacon comes out amazing, nice & crispy. Best part doesn’t heat up the kitchen. Try to use it as often as I can. Even got the hubby to try it, that’s a plus for sure.
I got this to use in my college apt to make quick and easy meals and it’s been so easy to use! Anyone can figure it out and it’s so convenient to have!
I bought this airfryer on black friday for 100.00. We already had a airfryer so i didn’t even take it out of the box until 10 months later. As soon as i turned it on it tripped a breaker. Plugged it into another outlet and it tripped that breaker. My husband who is an electrician (40 years) checked it out and the airfryer has a short in the wiring. Total waste of my hundred dollars. I certainly expect more from Instant Pot than this!!!!! Might want to pass on this one!
This has made my life as a single person so much easier and is saving me money on electricity bills. It cooks so quickly almost anything.
I love this air-fryer! This was the first one I’ve ever owned, and have been skeptic to get another kitchen appliance that doesn’t get used. However, it has saved me so much time and. Made my life easier being able to heat food up in minutes. I love the clear windows, and the fact it has 2 sections. Super easy to clean as well. Nothing sticks! Would highly recommend.
This is the best appliance I have ever bought. Sorry I didn’t do it sooner. I can make things in it that used to make a mess in a frying pan. Clean up is a breeze, a little Dawn soak and clean as a whistle.
Love, love, love this air fryer.  Only had it a few days but it has been a great addition to my kitchen.  Our first air fryer stopped working after nearly 8 years of wonderful service.  I knew I had to replace it, an air fryer is a great way to cook. After reading lots of excellent reviews on the Instant Vortex Plus we decided to purchase it.  So glad we did.  It’s a dream to use and easy to clean.  The window with a light inside makes so easy to watch your food while it’s cooking. If you’re looking for an air fryer I highly recommend this one.
Air fryer would not turn on. Box was smashed on the corner. Returned.
Absolutely FILTHY used product you sold me!!! What kind of business do you run??? I’m on CHEMO and and have to be vigilant about germs. It was never cleaned and I would never buy a used product!!!!!
Worth the money and I think my food cook and taste better🤔..I don’t know what it is but my chicken wings and fries taste even better  than with my previous Ninja airfryer!Worth the money if you have a small family and you like your food out at the same time…piping hot!  Love the light and sync features!!
I was looking forward to owning an air fryer. It’s not easy to clean because there is see-through glass on the drawers. You can clean that space, but debris and water can get in. The non-stick area inside the drawer is just okay. It is easy enough to use, but I am not a fan of the flat buttons and smoke generated from the machine. The flavor of food cooked in it is less than desirable. I have wasted too much food trying different meals in this machine as it dries out the food, makes it look funny, and has an odd smell. I am not a fan. This will be a return item.
I ordered one time and the item was broken the replacement was good but I spent some days to have the final item
This air fryer was great until I went to use it this morning and the temperature knob doesn’t change the temperature or the time any longer. I’ve only had this for 10 months and we don’t use it very often so it has had very light use. I’m looking for a way to contact the company to see if they can do something to help.Update* the company sent a brand new air fryer. Great customer service!!
It’s also quiet to use.
Okay title is a little misleading…. I do love this airfryer! And after 6 months of faithful, everyday use…. i melted the bottom in a freak stove cleaning accident. We turned around and purchased the same exact one WITH THE PROTECTION PLAN THIS TIME. Excited to have this back on my counter to make delicious chicken nuggets 24/7
This air fryer is very nice for the person who cooks a lot, not me.  It has all the bells and whistles you can imagine.The air fryer simply took up more counter space than I anticipated.I had to pay shipping myself to return the fryer and UPS would not handle it without an outer box to cover the printed carton it came in.If you have a lot of free space, this is is a nice looking appliance, but you can find many comparable fryers for considerably less money.
love that it is a all in one product! it’s even big enough to fit a frozen pizza into. it’s a great price point.
I love this air fryer. I am pretty much stuck on Instant products. I use it frequently, there are tons of recipes on youtube.The only thing that irks me is, it didnt come with any of the accessories shows. It came with a grill plate(not the one shown on this page), No skewers or skewer holders or anything else. I can live with that as I would seldom use them. Other than that, this unit is quiet, heats up quickly and delivers good tasting food
Great air fryer! Cooks perfectly everytime!
Make your  tater tots meals more professionally pizza taste more less Grease
I’ve never purchased a product that didn’t come with a Manuel, and if the item deals with food it always has a cookbook.  Without any of the above we are considering returning the product.  Very sad.
I hate this POS.  I keep getting an E1 error right in the middle of using it.  There is no documentation on how to fix it.  Very frustrated with this thing.
First air fryer that I’ve owned and I use it 8 times a week. Once I learned how to use it, I love it. Beeping has a purpose to guide use but annoying.
Love the way my food come out how different the taste is with cooking in here then frying or baking.
No small recipe book or directions on how to use this. Hate this thing. Should have sent it back but too late now.
Very easy to use and to clean!
Look at many air fryers. This one was unique. It is an Instapot. Familiar with Instapot. This fryer has a window and a light. You can look directly at your food. It is used constantly just like my 8 quart pressure cooker. Extremely satisfied.
this air fryer is so nice! it cooks everything so fast and is super easy to clean. it also can hold a lot more than you think!
Very easy to use and saves time.
Completely forgot that the 6QT Vortex Plus Air Fryer has a Air Filter compartment. A few weeks ago I was making bacon a few days in a row and couldn’t figure out why the smell stayed for days. After a little search through the kitchen I noticed the smell behind the air fryer that’s when I remembered to replace the filter. After a little search I found them on amazon and haven’t been happier as this got rid of the extreme bacon smell. Definitely will purchase again.
Muy bueno lo recomiendo
I purchased the smallest chicken possible and it was still too large for the rotisserie option. I ended up just using the convection. Maybe next time I’ll try a hummingbird (just kidding).I have to turn all the temperatures down (25°) and use much shorter cooking times. I’m getting pretty good at burning things.
This is a $220 appliance.  It’s beautiful, digital, cooks well, but someone dropped the ball on the BAKERS RACK, which is too small and constantly slips off the tracks.  Refunded for a $43 Black n Decker 8 slice Crisp n Bake fr Big Lots.
Easy to clean and the window with light is a huge feature. The size is great as well.
Is easy to clean works great timer and temp is easy
I’m obsessed with my newest kitchen gadget. There are so many air fryer recipes online. I haven’t used the other functions yet, but there’s still plenty of time for that.
No more toiling over the stove. This is a dream come true. Now I keep asking why did I wait this long. Absolutely love it. My favorite tool in the kitchen to date. Nuff said!!!
Have had this air fryer for almost a month now and absolutely love it.  Since buying it I haven’t used the oven even once.  Whenever I get ready to bake something I google how to do it in the air fryer and voila, it comes out perfect.  The cleanup couldn’t be easier.  A little non-stick spray and it washes out easily.Reheat left overs is fantastic!  The first thing I reheated was rotisserie chicken.  It was like I had just bought the chicken crispy skin and the meat was still juicy.I highly recommend this air fryer to anyone who is looking for a smaller unit that doesn’t taken up a lot of real estate on your counter top.
My oven isn’t really being used very often since we decided to try one more time with a different air fryer. This one is a winner. We use it daily.
Me encanto fácil para todo limpiar cocinar
Years ago for prime day I got a small air fryer and didn’t think I would use it. A few months later I got a second small one. This year for prime day, I bought this beast! All I can say, is yes, it’s worth it! It is so versatile and just amazing in every way. I love being able to cook chicken nuggets in one side and fries in the other side at the same time. The baskets are huge. Sometimes I will cook eight grand size biscuits ( four per basket) for biscuits and gravy without having to turn the oven on in the summer. Each basket is fully independent, or they can be synced.
Made a lovely pork loin, super easy and quick.
SW it on tic tox and had to try it. Whole family loves it
It’s easy to use and program. The software is intuitive. And more importantly, it’s pretty easy to clean although I use parchment liners, which has been a big plus. Would buy again although I purchase for $130 and then it went on sale for $99
The basket or door to the food basket won’t close all the way.  It broke only after 2 weeks and very difficult to send back.  Very heavyDon’t buy this.  Sept 2022.  Only used it 3 times
I didn’t realize how large this product was until I put it on the only counter space I had to use it on. The size overpowered the space, so I returned it. Also, this is the first time I encounter a product that was more confusing to use. I had to remember to do this when doing that, and don’t do this when doing that. I think I will stick with products that are easier to use next time.
Love it, I use it faily
Love it !
This has been one of our best purchases. We cook everything in it!
Easy to use, love it!
As some of the reviews state it’s difficult to dump fries, roasted veggies or anything from this because the tray falls out. Other than that flaw, it’s now the most used appliance in my kitchen. I like being able to see the food as some foods don’t technically have air fryer directions on them yet so we just google similar things. Being able to see helps keep us from burning the food. So far, we haven’t had any issues.
Great quality!
Love the space in this air fryer…could roast a small chicken…easy to use…does what it says…heats up fast…absolutely love it
I had bought the item as brand new, instead i recieved and airfryer WITHOUT its original box. Literally just a bare CRACKED airfryer in an amazon box. What a joke.
Cooks just about everything, except liquids such as batters.  Steaks, jerky,  frozen foods can come out perfect.
This is the third air fryer I have purchased and the only one that had not leaked, cooks perfect.Plus it does several different ways of cooking.
Great fryer
This air fryer is great. Easy to clean, use, and makes meal prep very quick with great results. We’ve had it for over a month and have had no issues. Its not too big that it takes all of your counter place up either in my opinion. Its worth the money.
I love, love love it. Just big disadvantage almost impossible to use rotisserie. Chicken or any other products have to be very small. Not enough space for rotating even medium size chicken. You should mention it in description.
I’m not sure why but this air fryer takes more to cook food, way more. My small ninja air fryer takes 16 minutes to cook French fries and this one it takes 5-7 more minutes. Also, if I put one small  corn on the cob ear, it also takes longer to cook. Everything takes longer, I wish I had buy two smaller ninja air fryers rather than this one.
The oven racks fall out. Yes the oven rack that comes with the air fryer are not big enough to fit and constantly fall out. The number of times I’ve been burned, splashed, or had my dinner spilled is alarming.It’s a danger and the fact that this made it to production speaks volumes about the poor standards that instant pot has for new products. Instead of providing a quality product they sold a Hazzard as a quick cash grab to cash in on the instant pot name.My kid wants to learn to cook more and there is no way I’d let them use this ever. It’s that dangerous.A huge disappointment and dangerous. Please buy something else. Anything else.
Very simple instructions.
I love this air fryer!! We use it every single day.
I absolutely love this air fryer ! So far I haven’t had any problems with it . I fried some chicken wings in it and they come out so crispy and golden brown. I am very happy with my purchase ! ❤️❤️
I love everything about this fryer, but gave it 4 Stars ONLY because there is NO RECIPE BOOK with it.
Easy-to-use, expanding menu as we go, dishwasher safe a real plus, small foot print on the counter. Watching more helpful videos advice and good food. A must for the kitchen- seniors helper
So far everything I like about this 4 quart Air fryer. I have looked and looked for a smaller size that fits on my kitchen counter. Why do these merchants not show the size up front? They make you search for it. Not everyone has a huge kitchen. So far I have sent back a 6.8 Quart and a 5.8 quart, just way too big. I placed a common bottle of water next to this air fryer so people can see the size better. Not to mention showing it with my other appliances. The basket is a perfect size. Actually looks as big as the 5 quart I had . But this company packaged this little air fryer perfect.  Pleasantly surprised. Haven’t used it yet but I will update when I do. Great reviews and well established company.
I like this air fryer but it’s also my first one. I’ve only used a few options but they work great and I love being able to throw food in when there’s not enough time in the day.  Unfortunately I do wish I would have looked in to the ones with shelving.. maybe I just need both. Hah but this is great and works well.
Did some research and this fryer came with great reviews. I was excited to try a duel fryer with the offset cooking time so it would finish at the same time. I set it to cook the fries @ 15min and the patty @ 10 min. it started then I walked away started to smell something burning. At first I thought it was the heating element burning off residue, but when i reached the kitchen it was smoking , melting…. It was not the food it was the air fryer!!
We elected not to put an oven back into our renovated RV, nor does it have a microwave.  Just a small Instant Pot and now an air fryer.  I love my Instant Pot so I thought I would try their air fryer.  It is larger than I would have liked for our RV but wow……does it work and work great.  We have an SOB (some other brand) at the house and this one is far superior!  I like everything about it; how easy it is to use, how fast it works, the even-ness of how it cooks the food.  No regrets!
I rarely ever use my oven anymore. Love!
Only recently bought this. I’ve used it twice and I’ve been happy with it. This oven was bigger than I expected surprising me, however the 6 quart size is exactly what I need. I love the clear window, I can see what’s going on inside. I like that it’s a one touch smart program which makes it easy to use and this oven  seems to be very well-made and is definitely sturdy. Cooks pretty fast too. Unfortunately it did not come with any instructions so I had to search online to read everything about it to be safe and to properly care for it. I just recently ordered some accessories for this cooker. My one concern is how to properly clean this oven (like the glass & inside the fryer) but I guess that will be determined along the way.
Fácil de usar, es muy sencillo su uso y es muy fácil de limpiar.
We use it for everything!  Love it!
Easy to use and easy to clean.  Can’t beat that!
We might as well get rid of our stove. Frankly, I could use some more space in the kitchen.
This is obviously made for someone who already knows how to use an air fryer. The instruction book is useless and it’s very hard to find recipes.
Love how easy this is to use and how versatile it is. Everything we have cooked in it has turned out great. I also like that it doesn’t get too hot on the top or sides.The only complaint is how long it takes to toast.
I love this machine.  This was my first air fryer . Unfortunately after 2 weeks the blower stopped working. The machine would tell me to add food before heating up and then shut off during cooking.I am researching now if I would like to order another one from this company and give them another chance or look to another brand.  I will definitely go with the 6 quart next time as I would have liked a bit more room. It was easy to clean,  has many features I looked forward to using, such as the dehydrator to make my Doberman home made jerky  .
Muy buen producto
Game changer for fast tasty meals with less clean up!
very  good
Great oven for doing everything from toast to air-fry to a rotisserie chicken.
This product really has a lot of useful options. I love it. I dehydrate my garden basil, air fry my veggies, make toast,..on and on. It pre-heats quickly. It beeps half way through the cooking cycle to remind you to turn or flip your food. When I use air fry, my favorite setting, I do not have to add any extra oils to fries or things like that. I do put a minimal amount of oil on my broccoli and other veggies. It also cooks fast! It’s easy to clean. It doesn’t heat up the whole house as a stove would. It reaches temperatures low enough so I can dehydrate many things. This one is a win.
This thing is just perfect it’s very easy to clean very easy to use and quick that’s what I like about it I would never hesitate to buy it again
Purchased this after much thought. I enjoy the compact size since I gave limited counter space. I have been exploring recipes and I have been very pleased with the results! I use it several times a week.
Works great! Does everything it should do. Just wish it came with a extra rack🙄 it has the room for a extra rack and would be beneficial especially for dehydrating.
Love it!!! Recommend it!!
I was so hesitant to buy an air fryer. I often wondered what I would use it for. Would it become another useless purchase that I never use? Well thanks to Prime Day, I took the leap and bought the Instant Vortex Plus, and I am so glad I did! The air fryer has become my most used appliance. I will never hard boil an egg in water again. Who knew you could hard boil eggs in an air fryer? It also makes the best oven-roasted potatoes. Crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside. I am thrilled with my purchase and wish I had not waited so long to fall onto the air fryer bandwagon.
This product is a game changer, wished that I had purchased it sooner. If you’re a busy person with little time to cook this air fryer is for you. It’s super easy to use, clean up is a breeze, and it brings out the flavor of your food.
Upgraded from my old vortex and was immediately impressed. So much quicker and quieter I almost don’t think it’s running.
Works great but giving it a 3 star review for thr Teflon coating. Would have much rather seen a stainless steel version.
I love it. I cook everything in it. Love that I can cook different things at the same time.
Easy to use.Very easy to clean
First time user. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
This gets used at least once a week and sometimes every night of the week. Game changer for cooking during the summer and not having to use my oven. This doesn’t heat up my house. I’ve cooked so many different things in this (not just frozen food processed food) steak, veggies, stir fry, bbq chicken, fajitas, fries, tenders…I make my toast in it every morning. It takes some patience in getting the right temp. and cooking time, but there are many websites/resources to assist with this. Once you get the times/temps, write them down and you’re good to go.Easy to clean BUT the grate gets oily and you need a non damaging brush or pad to get it off. I use hot water and dish soap. Give 4-6 inch space from back of wall to allow air to vent. Read directions carefully. Love the light feature so that I can see in and check food doneness -I bought the smaller version of this brand so that I can cook multiple items at the same time. I can do steak in one and fries, potatoes, veggies in the smaller one.
I really like this! So easy to use and clean!
After 5 attempts to make fries in this thing, following the directions, half come out undercooked and the rest have burnt edges.  As for taste – not impressed there either.
Excelente para hacer comida congelada además de que tiene una luz y puede ver el estado de cocción del alimento sin interrumpir la cocción además de que puedes hacer dos cosas distintas y a distinta temperatura al mismo tiempo
It’s amazing. I got the dual basket model and I love it. 15 mins is more than enough for an amazing marinated chicken breast. I also tried it with turkey bacon and waffles. This is a MUST in every single kitchen
It’s does good but the food tray from the factory is hard to put in and pull out. Other than that it works well
Love, love, love my Air Fryer.  Cleans really easily with hardly any scrubbing.  I defrost my food before air frying just to make sure cooks well.  Oil use not necessary EXCEPT the use of just a little Pam oil spray on tray to keep some foods from sticking.  I have practically given up using my oven as this air fryer does everything.
Lxhxd incorrect
Easy to use
I would love everything about this appliance, if the glass on the basket had not cracked within four months of purchase. This has not been dropped and has either been hand washed, or washed in the dishwasher. It’s a great appliance, it just does not hold up.
I got this for my wife and she love it she cook with this all the time and you don’t use oil the best kitchen fryer we have purchase.
I bought these when the filter light came on, and when I went to put them in, I realized I could flip the filters and get another use out of them. So I recommend the filter as they fit and work and everything, but you don’t need to replace as often as it alerts you to!
My first air fryer! Love it! No more bacon on the microwave!
I’m guessing that most people who buy one of these talk about them with friends, read about them in popular magazines, or at least watch TV with enough ads for them that they are intuitive to use.  I was vaguely aware of their existence, had read nothing much about them, but had some frozen french fries in the freezer that seemed to expect an air cooker to cook them.  So, when I saw a real price break on Amazon, I jumped on it.The directions were clear about how to set the thing up and run it initially, and everything worked as the booklet said.When it came to cooking the french fries, I followed the package directions and they came out much better than if I had done them in the real oven.Next I tried fried chicken.  I used the french fries setting, and it was okay.I’ve used it a couple of times since with mixed results.However, what I lack is anything that lets me actually COOK with the thing!  Decide when to use one mode or the other for which foods.  Get a sense what should be cooked at 400 versus 385.  Get a sense of time versus weight.  Understand whether I have to guess when it’s the magic halfway point when you are supposed to take the food out and turn it and put it back in.  Give me a sense whether I should increase seasoning or decrease it vs. what I would do actually cooking the food.Maybe what I need to do is buy an air fryer cookbook — if I could find one that is clearly written above comic book level.  Although comic book level would be perfectly okay if it taught me how to actually cook with the thing.I guess this is what happens when you are late to the parade and the expectation is that everybody already knows this stuff.  If you have already internalized this method of cooking, this air fryer is probably just fine.  But the learning curve is steeper than it needs to be.
See above
Purchased this air fryer to replace an existing air fryer. The quality is good, and the window and light are very useful. The only reason that I gave 4 out of 5 stars is the pre-heating requirement on this air fryer that I did not have on my existing air fryer. Need to factor in pre-heating time into your overall cooking plans. Cooks the food very well and does not dry out the food.
This is a great appliance.  Food cooks really well.  Love the larger basket.  Not happy that the window fogged up after washing.
It’s big!!! But work great. East House with lots of settings bake n air-fry us our fav. We use it almost every day even the kid use it to make nuggets n fries.
We are using this more and more! Best chicken ever!!
I love this air fryer.
Easy to clean. Easy to use. I thing I don’t like is the instructions with unit don’t give enough information.
Easy to use. Convenient dual baskets. Reliable, consistent temperature/cooking. Excellent results from buffalo chicken wings to filet mignon. Easy to clean. Makes weeknight home cooking a breeze. Covered the purchase price in the first two weeks by no longer needing to order restaurant take-out. Favorite meals so far: cheeseburgers and fries, buffalo chicken wings, Thai chicken wings, coconut shrimp, citrus salmon steaks, and bacon-wrapped filet mignon. Excellent idea for a tiny house, camper, or dorm room as well!  Highly recommend the Instant Vortex Plus XL 8-quart Dual Basket Air Fryer Oven!
Mine stopped working after 1 month . Can I return it.
Where the h-e- double hockey sticks have I been?  Have I been living under a rock?  Good lord this air fryer is the best!  I use this as a toaster as well.  Our Texas toast comes out toasty and delicious.  The fries come out crispy and soft on the inside!  So glad I finally bought one!
I finally broke down and got one. Well when I think of how much hot oil was used to do in the deep fryer compared to none I was shocked. It tastes great. The frys do taste a little different but they cook great. It takes a little adjusting to how quick it cooks. The thing I like best is whether roasting, air frying or baking, it cook completely even! I have never seen that. Highly recommend. It will cut gallons of fatty oil with better taste. Also for 2 people it saves a fortune on heating a huge gas stove up especially in TThese merchants. Wish I had not waited so p9ng.
Works well and is so quiet!
We have an IP Duo so I tried to stay with a brand I like based on the reviews. I ignored the taste like plastic comments but I should have listened. We did all the pre-use heating to try and rid the taste, but after 8 uses or so it still tastes like plastic. Returning and getting a Cosori as I’ve heard good things.
Can’t say enough good things about this thing man. This is a fantastic air fryer. It has like 10 different settings or something that allows me to do whatever i want with my food. The basket is huge, you can fit 4, maybe eve 5 full size burgers in that thing which i have done. This already paid for itself again and again. I don’t even use the oven anymore lmao. Can’t remember the last time i used the stove. I use the air fryer and microwave. You don’t need nothing else. If youre thinking of Corsori or whatever its called, over this one. Get this one. I was on the fence between Corsori and this one but i pulled the trigger on this one and bought it. Its great.
Since we got this, I rarely use my full-sized oven anymore. It heats quickly. It’s incredibly versatile and it’s easy enough for my teen to use on his own. It’s seriously my favorite kitchen small appliance. I love the different heating features. We probably utilize the air-fry and reheat mode the most.It’s fantastic for reheating leftovers that otherwise might be soggy in the microwave (pizza, chicken strips, fries, etc).The size is great and the pans are easy to access and clean.It’s my favorite and most used kitchen appliance.
Very easy to use!
Very nice looking,  but cooks slower than a singe.  We put in fries in for 20 minutes and they were not ready to eat.  Draws a lot of power our.. socket gets very warm when using.  For this reason we will be returning
This air fryer is amazing. It was easy to use straight out of the box. I’ve used it for all kinds of things and they all have came out tasty. It’s rather big but not bulky so you’ll need some counter space for it. It’s easy to clean and the basket is a good size
I love this air fryer! There is no wait time between dishes as I read in reviews. I made fries and then a hot dog and bun immediately after, there just wasn’t a preheat mode. One star off because the company says the cord is 36 inches. But the one on mine is only 28 inches. So, I had to move a few things on the counter so the plug would reach the outlet. Otherwise, it’s marvelous!
When we first started using this, it had an odor of plastic melting.  The booklet said the odor would go away once we started to use it, so we didn’t return.  But the odor never went away.  Sorry I bought this.
I love my Instant Pot Omni Plus Air Fryer, It makes wonderful Air  Fried Chicken, but don’t forget to bast your  chicken in Olive oil. I would like a little more instruction in the amount of time to cook  different amounts of meat , but I was learning that when my air fryer developed a faulty door switch. Since I could not return it to Amazon (time ran out by 3 days) I contacted the company. They instructed  that they  needed certain info such as a pic of the model/serial number on the machine, screen shot of Amazon receipt and video as to what was happening. I sent all this to them and got a quick response stating the are sending me a replacement.  It is a great product and a great company to work with you. I am very pleased.
I love this air fryer. I got it because my husband and I like different meats (he likes steak whereas I prefer fish) and I can cook the different meats at the same time but in different baskets. I love that it will sync finish, as well. Highly recommend!
Great for cooking perfectly moist fishFrench fries mmmmReheating anything
I enjoy everything I Add  to this air frier . Makes my time and days easier to prepared my meals . This is a wonderful product everyone should have Thanks
Bought this item refurbished for a very low price, it was in perfect condition as well as the packeging. I been using it very often for about 4 months and absolutely love it
Best purchase I have made in years.  Cooks beautifully,  clean up is a breeze,  everything I try on this comes out great.
Nothing to dislike.  Easy to use, easy to clean and much healthier while also tastier.  Toughest part is deciding where to cook with this or with my Instant Pot which I also love!
You will save money, time, and make wonderful meals. Air fried fresh cut potatoes are fantastic, reheat some tamales on this are way better than the black stone
Piece of crap..Do not buy… Does not work properly as an air fryer.
Had no idea how it would work…..have YET to have a failure!!!!!
Never had fried food come out of the oven tasting so crispy. Great option for those that don’t want to drown items in grease and have something that is finished quickly! Takes a 3rd of the time that my oven would take and the food quality is just better!
If you’re shopping around for a good all-in-one air fryer that will offer you crispy food quick, you can’t go wrong with this one. Not as bulky as the bigger toaster oven/air fryer combos that eat up a lot of counter space. Reasonable preheat time. But not so little that you’re limited to cooking for one. It really does deliver on everything it says it does. But there’s one cool little hack I got down with this that no one else has mentioned yet.Cereal marshmallows. Bear with me. Our Little Girl absolutely loves those crispy little marshmallows in her cereal. My Wife loves them so much, she even had me pick up a jar of them from the store. They aren’t cheap, but they actually do sell little jars of just crispy crunchy marshmallows in the baking section of the grocery store. One time when I was picking them up, I realized something. How do they make these crispy little treats, in the first place? Is it that they’re just dehydrating them? So then I got creative.I picked up mini white marshmallows. Mini colored fruit-flavored marshmallows. They even have these Lucky Charm large soft marshmallows in the same shapes as what you’ll find in the cereal. At the time, I ordered some silicone dehydrator mesh squares. It’s basically a thin, bendy mesh that can safely be used in any air fryer or dehydrator. The squares are small enough that you can dehydrate things that could possibly slip through the tray of some air fryers and dehydrators. Just cut the mesh to fit the dimensions of your tray, put it on top, and you’re ready to go. Place the marshmallows on it, and set it to dehydrate overnight. Depending on the size of the marshmallows, they can be ready in 8-12 hours. You just to have to wait until they’re light and feel a little crispy on the outside, then see if it crumbles in a chalky way between your fingers when squeezed. If it’s even the slightest bit chewy or stretchy looking, you still have a few more hours to go. But when you’re done, you’re rewarded with these sweet, tasty, crispy crunchy marshmallows in the colors or flavors you like. Add them to cereal, to trail mix, or eat them alone as a snack. The only trick to storing them is putting them in an airtight container. If they get exposed to too much air after four or five days, they start getting soft again. But it’s just an awesome little trick that no one ever seems to realize they can do with this air fryer.Great investment for your kitchen. Plus it’s from the Instant Pot people. Everyone knows that brand. Everyone trusts that brand. So you can’t go wrong spending a few extra bucks on this one, instead of an off-brand that might break after two months. Order this one today, give it a shot.
Not only is easy to clean it’s a lot bigger I have a smaller version and it wasn’t working for me now I can cook bigger foods thank you
Arrived quickly packaged well in mfg box.  I cannot register my product on their site though because their site does not include the US! I’ve searched and searched for the site that will register US product and cannot find one.  The web site quoted in the material inserted in the product takes me to a site that has only other countries and not US.  Frustrating…….anyway, I did the initial ‘burn off’ and there was very little odor.  I thoroughly washed all and then cooked some burgers.  They came out very juicy and cooked in a quick manner.  I was pleased overall with the performance.  I know I will use this one more than my oven type that got retired to garage.  This one preheats quickly and reaches true temperature.  My oven type would not get hotter that 375.  I tested it several times….even though it claimed to be 450.  Anyway, this one performed well.  I like the window so I can see what’s cooking and it is a big help in NOT over cooking.  The clean up was easy.  While a good size (6qt) it displaces less space on my counter and fits well under the upper cabinets.  I’m quite pleased at this point.
That it’s quiet and easy to use
It’s big, simple and easy clean-up
My wife and I have had three air fryers. We have had the ones with the French doors they were ok however they are hard to clean. We decided to try this one We are so glad we did.This unit is well it is beautiful to look at on the counter lol. Most importantly it cook’s everything just perfectly. It is so easy to clean. We are both retired this air fryer has enough room we can cook 4 chicken thighs, 4 pork chops. We love this air fryer If you are looking for one I highly recommend  you try this one.
This is the best looking and price.  The ease of use is refreshing.  I waited a long time to get this and a friend has one always bragging about it I had to get one.  I like not having to use so much or no oil because I love fried foods but not the oil or mess.  Great 👍🏼 choice
It was so worth it love how easy it is to use!
Love it love it love it!! So happy I made this purchase so easy and customer service was awesome! The window is a plus can watch what is inside cooking away.. the size was perfect for me! flavor is out of this world!
Received a used fryer with inside covered in oil and crumbs? Pretty nasty
It does everything it says it will do . . . it’s fabulous. However, if you pull out the basket to remove your food items DURING THE HEAT CYCLE, and then replace the basket and press cancel, the system states it’s turned off, but it continues to cook. I generally have to press cancel twice.
Was working great until today, almost a year’s worth of use it just quit, no power and will not turn back on.
Positives -Air Fryers are awesome, you’ll never go backBig enough to hold food for three or four adults.Hardly ever have to change the settings (360F for 12m) – 95% of the time I just turn it on and the food comes out perfect.Very easy to clean, once you understand howNegatives-Not easy to clean. Removable tray is gratuitously intricate, I always have to brush the heck out of it forever to get the gunk off. Whoever designs these things should have to clean a few of them firstlarge footprintcontrols aren’t always intuitive or clearcontrols sometimes disappear when you need to see themNeutral FYI – my unit draws 1700 watts at the above settings
I have had a few issues where it doesn’t know what it’s doing and just beeps and the light will turn on and off. I just unplugged it and plugged it back in. It’s happened a couple times so far. But the air fryer, basket and tray insert are doing great and what I’d expect
My 2nd air fryer and so far I like everything! Larger basket 6qt, love the glass front and light to see inside. Very Easy to use. Simple one knob touch settings. Stylish looking. Works great! Easy to clean. This was a gift that keeps giving. Mom loves it!
I’ve ordered it from europe via intermediate delivery company and here I found out that it is 120V version. Great. Small litle super important thing and now I have totaly useless and very expensive tool. This is so important that it should have benn mensioned in the title of the item and not somewhere down with a small font size  :(
I use it all the time. After talking it up, a couple of friends bought the same one and they also really like it. Tray cleans easily in the dishwasher
Easy to clean and use and cooks everything evenly
Easy to use, understand, adjust time and temp as well as clean. She loves it!
There is a lot to like about this, however, ultimately the bad makes this unusable and dangerous. The problem is with the rack and the rack support. The rack has a front lip that makes it impossible to slide the toast off the rack onto your plate. You have to pull the rack out and lift the toast off of the rack. That brings up the most critical problem:  the rack supports are just molded bumps in the side walls of the unit and the side walls are so flimsy that they deform and allow the rack to fall down. I discovered this cooking a lasagna. I pulled out the rack to check the doneness and the rack came crashing down and nearly dumped the hot lasagna on me. The rack falls and tips forward with anything heavier the toast or a pizza. Don’t buy it.
I am not a cook and I always worry about under cooking meat. With this I can cook it for a long time and it’s still juicy and not dried out. Love it! I do with it came with more instructions, but you can find recipes online.
Gotta say, I’m impressed. New to air frying, but have recently jumped on the air frying band wagon. At first, I followed a few recipes to the letter, just to make sure Times & Temps were where they needed to be. Literally NOTHING has come out of this thing that I didn’t like. It impresses me every time I use it. Corn dogs, Fries, Tots, ALL of those were perfectly crispy and I could actually taste the products, and not cooking oil!I did some lemon pepper wings that were to die for. My wife hates lemon pepper, but she said she Could eat these 3-4 times a week.  They were crispy, the sauce I made to accompany them was sweet & tangy, and just absolutely delicious. If I had bought them from a restaurant, I’d have a new favorite place to stop.If you’re on the fence about this item, or the Vortex Plus 6QT (I have both) Jump off the fence, and buy this thing already. I can assure you, it will change the way you cook forever.Way to go Instant, if you’re reading this, you knocked it out of the part with the Omni Plus and Vortex Plus lines!
This is may 2nd Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer. This one has a much better basket design, the Tray is 100% better than previous models.  This one cleans very easy, the rubber feet stay on the tray and the Non-Stick coating is not coming off like my last one (older model).  The light in the basket is a very nice addition.
Wings, fries, potatoes and whatever you’re willing to try. Always comes out AMAZING. Great product & worth every penny.
love it
I use this thing EVERYDAY! It makes cooking so much easier! I don’t have to get or pots and pans I can just use my air fryer for pretty much anything. It has a bake setting too!
Light function of the tray is a what made me choose this airfryer and it is excellente  even you can toast a bread slice in 4 min
This machine is fantastic.  We do chicken, shrimp, potatoes, veggies and even cookies in it.  It’s so easy to use and food comes out perfectly.  It’s also wonderful in the summer when we don’t have to use the oven and heat up the whole kitchen.
This is a wonderful product  and does everything it was advertised.
Generally: Lower temperature by 25°F and set cooking time to 80% of the middle of the recommended cooking time for conventional oven instructions when cooking using air fryer mode. This usually gets you in the ballpark, but with a minute or two to go, you might have to stop it or add time. I’ve been using that method from the beginning, and it has served me well.The two trays are perfect for cooking for one to four people. Beyond that, you would probably be better off buying a larger single basket air fryer or even two of you need dual options.As you’d expect from Instant, the machine just works. I’ve only tried Air Fry, Bake, and Reheat modes. Looking forward to trying Roast, Broil, and Dehydrate. The synchronous cooking modes work generally speaking, but it seems a little kludgy. Even if you set the baskets to finish at the same time, they often don’t. I’m only talking about a matter of seconds to maybe a minute apart, but it’s annoying. It seems this is mostly caused by the preheating cycle taking different times, or if I leave one tray open longer than the other. I guess that’s more of a user error though.I have made the usual fries and chicken nuggets (beautifully cooked). I also baked a loaf of bread (frozen preprepared dough, thawed overnight, then baked) that came out delightfully brown and crackly on top but slightly undercooked in the middle (my first attempt, so it’s probably me).I love thawing frozen breakfast sandwiches and burritos in the microwave for a half their recommended cooking time, then throwing them in the cold air fryer, setting it for 3-5 minutes at 350-375°F, and letting them brown and crisp up. You can easily fit up to 4 using both baskets. They are so much better than in the microwave or toaster oven and so much quicker than baking.I made a meatloaf from scratch, and it was the best I’ve ever made. It was one of the first things I made in it. I was worried about the food burning or getting stuck on. I did use a little cooking spray, and everything washed up with ease. The bacon and sauce had an amazing crispiness to it that I could never duplicate in an oven.I’ve made a few frozen pizzas in it, to. First, while the air fryer is preheating, I score the frozen pizza in half with a pizza cutter, then I cut through the pizza and the cardboard with kitchen shears. When the oven is ready, using the cardboard, I slide one half into each tray. Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust is my favorite, but you have to fold the end of the pizza to get it to fit, and then it rises, making it tricky to get out. Other smaller pizzas for better and are easier to get out.The trays and inserts are easy to hand-wash, and the trays HAVE to be hand-washed, but the air fryer inserts are dishwasher safe, and I’ve done that twice after cooking really messy dishes.It does take up a large chunk of counter space, but since I use it pretty much every day, I don’t mind. The back of the unit did put out quite a bit of hot air, so I don’t keep anything heart sensitive nearby. It fits nicely under my cupboards. I usually keep a pair of tongs on top so I can quickly adjust food or grab things out when they are done.I have it 5/5 stars in everything except for easy to use. That one missing star is because it has so many options it can be confusing to learn, and the synchronous cooking either doesn’t work quite right or is so confusing I can’t get it right. Also, the beep tones are really quiet, and it’s easy to miss the prompts to insert the food or turn it. If you’re not in the kitchen, you’d better set your own timers to keep track. This is one case where a smart controller on my phone would be super handy to tell me when the oven is preheated, to add food (wait, I’m coming!), when to turn it (or tell it the food didn’t need turning), and when it’s done. That will probably come out in version 2.0 and add $50 to the price. 😁It did have a funny smell at first, but it’s gone away after a month of regular use. Cleanup is easy. Size is good for me for most things. I probably wouldn’t try cooking a whole chicken in it, but 2 game hens would be perfect!Overall, I really like this unit and recommend it for individuals, couples, and small families that like to cook multiple things at once. Do look for a good sale. I got it on Prime Day, and I’m happy. I might be less so if I’d paid full retail price due to the small size when I cook for friends or extended family.
Makes good food
Between this and my Instant Pot, I rarely need my stove or oven.  I bought the air fryer in anticipation of our upcoming kitchen remodeling project, and it has become my go-to application for most baking, frying, and roasting tasks.  It also is a game-changer with leftovers.  Things I used to avoid bringing home, like cheese sticks, fries, nachos, and onion rings, are easy to heat without turning to soggy, mushy globs.  Now, these kinds of foods keep the crisp texture as well as great flavor.  Definitely worth the money – this thing has paid for itself in less than a month!
Love/Hate here… Would love to give this more stars, but there’s NO accessory pans or grates, or anything beyond what comes with it.. Which is a single grate which sits in the very bottom. Oh, easy to clean, capacity as advertised, works well. Love the sync finish function… But… 1900 recipes?? They’re ALL recipes, not guidelines for individual items. How long to cook broccoli? No clue, you’ll find a recipe for broccoli bread or broccoli casserole…. And many of the recipes are for different units, and require accessory pans that are not available for this unit….It’s a sister company of Pyrex, so you’d think that Pyrex would have unit specific pans available for bread or whatever… NOPE. Nuthin’. .. One recipe calls for a Pyrex 5.5×7.5 pan. Good luck finding that.For french fries, chicken wings, and things it’s great.. but you’ll have to take a guess as to cooking them… Or… Go online and buy an air fryer guide.
Nice capacity. Quick meal prep. Easy to use. Plus a nice crisp on things you want crispy unlike a microwave.
Good product.
Works great and never had any issues with it.
Ok first and foremost, it will smell bad, but it does go away eventually. The cause is not the little silicone pieces in the tray, it’s the hard plastic components in the fryer basket and the unit itself. I would recommend breaking it in first by heating it up to 400F (empty of course) and leaving it on for 1-2 hours, outdoors or in the garage with the doors open. It does beep at you to add food after it heats up, to turn over the food, and when it’s done. Not really objectionable IMO. The operating sound is definitely not quiet and not really loud per se. Think of a hairdryer on low and I think you’ve got it right. And yes, the instructions does state then when running it, it must be 5 away from any obstructions due to venting.  Overall, it does have its quirks but we’ve had it for a couple months now and use it all the time.
It’s quick, simple and easy to clean! Love it!
Love it, worth the money. Easy to use though having a book with cook times for different foods would be nice
Absolutely love it. Use it everyday
So easy to use and works perfectly! Best purchase for my kitchen ! Absolutely love how my food comes out perfect
I love this air fryer and use it for so many different foods.  Love how quick it cooks plus the clean-up is so easy.  Foods tastes great!!
I’ve been using my new appliance for about a month. I have not used all of the features as yet, but I do use it a lot and I love it!  And I like that I have been able to eliminate a few other appliances and just use this one. I am very pleased!
Junk worked fine first 5 times used Then heating element stopped working rendering it useless
We have had this air fryer for over 2 weeks now and have used it almost every day. I love that it is so easy to use and clean. I think one of my favorite options with this is that you can sync the cook times so that both sides get done at the same time.  And it’s awesome that the front of the baskets are clear and there is a light so that you can check your food while it’s cooking. It is so easy to use, self explanatory, didn’t even have to use the manual to know how to program it. Thrilled with this purchase!
This is so easy to use and more importantly easy to clean. The fact that I can see while it’s cooking is plus. Totally worth it
I put everything in this thing ! It’s amazing
Life saver! It reminds you when u need to add food turn food and the end of the cook
I read reviews and watched quite a few video reviews before buying an air fryer. I am really happy with this Instant Vortex. Mostly I use the air fryer setting and reheat. Both work great! The basket is a very good size. I would say it’s big enough for 2-3 people easily. I really like the window (and light) on the basket so that I can view food midway. Reheating food is fast an easy and especially good when you want to maintain the texture of food. It’s also very easy to clean.
Works well, easy to clean, nice looking and has light with clear window to check the food.
Excellent for cooking chicken wings, gizzards, shrimp jalapeno poppers and vegetables.
Bought this because we needed one and it works wonderfully! I like the size as it doesn’t clutter.
I love my air fryer, it’s easy to use, easy to clean and makes flavorful dishes that are effortless!
Works well
My second air fryer to own and I love this one.  Very easy to use and to clean.  It’s small, but that’s one of the things I like about it.  Very easy to clean.  There is a small non-stick coated tray in the bottom of the basket that comes out (with four rubber holders that also very easily come off to clean).  This tray seems very easy to clean.  My recommendation is to wait an hour or so after using and then you can easily wipe the bottom of the basket out.  I’m always amazed and very happy at the amount of FAT that is in the bottom and NOT on the food!  It’s fantastic.  I cook steaks in mine and they come out perfectly cooked every time.
Awesome to use. Straight forward and easy. Breeze to clean.
It is really easy to clean. I have air fryed and baked in it and everything turns out great.
Will keep this brief. I had a air fryer before this one and thought all air fryers were the same. I didn’t know how much better they could be! Very happy with my purchase.
Kept on shutting electric off to gfi; tried twice, now need an electrician/ new gfi plug.Returned Asap.
This was a Prime Day purchase I never regret.  There newer combinations of air fryer and microwave in one. Some even with oven added.  But this being at kitchen top operating set is still a best bang for your buck.  Still not a huge appliance but does so much food.  Great default settings but you can adjust timer and heat with ease.  Also adjust mid-fry.  It’s a great thing.
After a while the racks stop sitting on the railings correctly and as such makes this oven difficult to use.  LCD went bad after less than a year of occasional use.  Thermometer no longer works
This is a great air fryer! Its so easy to use & easy to clean!  The features that are very useful are the light, & it beeps when it’s time to turn food over.  Everything that we’ve cooked has been delicious! Salmon, burgers, pork chops, bacon & veggies! Also reheated food, so good! I found and follow  a basic time & temperature guide online. Then adjusted to our liking.,Very happy with the product.
Nice oven at a good price. —-But, returned it because the fan became very noisy.  Too bad.
It’s a really good air fryer
Box was damaged in shipping not sure if product works
It does not toast very well.Haven’t use  much only the air fry and toaster.Hope the other features are good
I bought for prime day to replace an older air fryer.  I love it and use it almost every day.  It is very easy to clean and easy to use.  I put just about everything in it.  The food always comes out great
While I will admit that I put off purchasing the air fryer because it is another appliance that takes up space I determined that the purchase was worth the addition. Easy to use and clean makes this air fryer a huge benefit to my family. The time savings alone is easily the greatest benefit. Worth the cost and space.
After a few weeks the drawer no longer fits flush into the air fryer. Lots of heat escapes.I’ve reached out to Instant and there’s been no reply.
So versitle, hadn’t cooked yet but can bake, air frye ,roast a whole chicken,ect.Thanks for my delivery
I love everything about this air fryer it’s big very easy to clean and works amazing
I like that it comes with an see through front so that I do not have to open it, and it cut my cooking time an half because it cook food very fast
Once you get familiar with it and use it you will make of meals in it. All digital and easy to use
This is easy to use and it works great. We have been very happy with this.
I wasn’t sure I would like this but I thought I’d give it a try and return it if it didn’t work well.  I love it!  It cooks things so much faster than either my old toaster oven or my large oven.  We live in Phoenix so our oven doesn’t get used much in the summer (it’s just too hot!) but I have been able to bake things again, and in a fraction of the time.  Casseroles that would take 30-45 minutes in the big oven take 15-20 in this thing.  I will admit, there is a bit of a learning curve and I’ve over cooked a few things, but I’m getting better with it. I haven’t attempted the rotisserie yet but it’s something I’m looking forward to.  One of the best purchases I’ve made.
This is my first air fryer! Why I waited sooo long to get one. When I get more counter space I will be upgrading to the oven/rotisserie  air fryer.
This air fryer is very easy to use and clean. This is my second air fryer, the last brand I didn’t like at all. This is so easy to clean. There’s a removable try I pop in the dishwasher or just rinse in the sink. It cooks food very fast. I love the like feature so I can keep an eye on my food cooking. The bucket is easily wiped down. I would recommend it!
Best kitchen device for flavor, convenience and so simple to use
It cooks like a dream.  Only one problem…the rack component doesn’t fit very snug and it can be tipped which is dangerous.  It is used daily though and I am very careful.  It saves time, doesn’t heat up the kitchen and cooks more evenly.  Definitely a good addition.
We love this air fryer!  It fits a whole 12 inch pizza!  We love cooking in it.  We rarely use our large oven anymore because this is so easy and the food we have cooked in it tastes great!  We still have to try the rotisserie option, but I’m sure it will be a hit as well!
great for roasting vegetables, salmon, chicken, tofu, fries…endless opportunities!
After researching air fryers for several hours I finally decided on the Instant Vortex with the help of a review by Americas Test Kitchen. First I tried the typical food, French Fries from the frozen section at the grocers which turned out great, then I tried shrimp with a lite seasoning and those turned out great and then skinless salmon with a rub from Black Pearl …… PERFECT!!! Now the question is why it took me so long to get one?
I was looking for a large, versatile airfryer for our home.  Since receiving this we have used it more than our stove and oven.  Very happy with this product!
Love the compact “mini oven”. So easy to use. Preheats very fast & really like the glass front so you can see inside while cooking. Big enough for fixing 2-4 servings. Only had it a week & already ordered two more for gifts. Well worth the price which is currently $99. No regrets on this purchase.
Potatoes dried out but not brown.  Shrimps like rubber
Highly recommend. It works great!
I like this air fryer because it can also be used as a small oven. This means I don’t have to heat up the entire kitchen to cook a small meal in the oven. Heats up quickly and is easy to use. Really happy with it.
Good product, ready to clean. Just trail and error as to how to cook and how long. Just keep an eye on the food item until familiar.
Excelente producto
The old air fryers had a basket in them that you could pull all your food out and dump onto a plate. Now to save themselves $3 build costs they just put a screen in the bottom of the pot. If you have grease or burnt crumbs in the main pot part you have to pick each bit of food out with a tongs or dump grease all over your food and plate. Sounds small, but is really really irritating. 2 pieces of chicken, no big deal. 2 pieces of chicken and 50 french fries, hope you are dexterous with tongs…The digital interface is also lame, but usable.It does cook ok (like any other air fryer).All in all, would not recommend.
Love this product. Food cooks quickly, evenly and doesn’t dry out.
Couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Cooks my food fast and crispens them perfectly.
Preheats and Cooks extremely fast this is my first air fryer and I absolutely love it. This air fryer is very easy to use and clean love the viewing window and like that the handle attaches at the top and the bottom. Definitely would recommend!
I first bought “Instant Pot” pressure cooker 9 years ago before they became so popular.  From that basis and their good service I decided to purchase their Air Fryer. I have not been disappointed.  It preheats quickly (400 degrees in about 2-1/2 minutes), is easy to clean, cooks quickly.  It has functions for air fryer, bake, re-heat, roast, set time, set temperature, cancel.  I’ve tried nachos, chicken wings, baked potato, various vegetables such as sweet potato fries, re-heating a pizza, etc.  The photo is of my attempt at onion rings — not my best but it wasn’t the air fryer’s fault!  The appliance has become a staple in the kitchen, along with pressure cooker and microwave.  Love it and recommend highly.
Absolutely love this air fryer. I can do two baskets of the same food and cook them at the same time and temperature, setting them all at once. I can also do two separate foods with separate times and temps. Definitely worth the money. It is very large, though, so it does take up a lot of color space and is not lightweight so moving it from under the counter to the countertop is a bit cumbersome. However, that is least of my concerns because it is such a fantastic product.
We dipped our kitchens toes in the AirFryer market a few years ago and have never looked back. Once we realized how versatile these things are it became apparent that our first machine was to small. Picked this one up and we could not be happier. This has a really nice sized basket, easy to clean, the control interface feels like a high-end cars touch screen (scratches way to easy), heats up fast, lets you know when to turn over those chicken wings and it even has a little light in the cooking basket like a full sized oven. Wasn’t aware I needed one until you realize how useful they are. This is a fairly large machine, has the footprint of a Vinyl LP. Highly recommend this AirFryer.
Very positive experience. Only regret is waiting so long to buy it.
You can cook frozen fries in less than 10 minutes! Everything you cook in this machine comes out crispy, yet tender and moist. Plus, it heats up super fast and cooks super fast. It’s a game changer for lunch and dinner time! The size is ideal for 2 people. If you have a family of 4 or more, I’d recommend a bigger size. Or you can use this  one just expect to make two rounds.
Easy to use n clean
We use this daily, at least once, up to three times per day. It heats up more quickly than our old toaster oven offers more surface area.We don’t have a dishwasher so cleanup can get annoying if you plan to use it frequently or have someone with allergies, but it’s manageable.Overall, it felt like a worthy purchase and I hope it stands up to the test of time over use.
I use this more than any appliance!!!
I just started using it this week and oh my goodness is it one of the best purchases I have ever made! It’s super easy to set up, program, use and clean. It’s quick and the food comes out super tasty. It has no odor.
I love the new air fryer and it is getting much more use than my previous unit, so I bought the filters in advance.
I just hope it works for many years. Great choice. Let’s see how long it lasts.  It’s been a couple months
I like the square space. You have a little more room for food.  Very easy to clean. I think some food tastes better in oil and some air fried. My favorite air fry is onion rings. My only complaint is I would like to bake but can’t find small enough pans. I though Insta would have them in their accessories but I did not find. I am glad I purchased this.
Love this air fryer. Use it almost daily now for almost a year! Easy to clean, use and the food tastes great. I would recommend just spraying with Pam a couple of times to get the new burning smell off the appliance. Once gone, it’s great!
Works like a charm. Cooks perfectly. I use it all the time.
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It worked fine for about 6 uses. Seemed like it would overheat, but wasn’t to sure how to gauge that and had only used it a couple of times. Then the left side no longer shut.

I wish I got the bigger size because this is amazing and we could use two of them because we now make everything in it. Buy it!
First air fryer combo I’ve had. I use the toaster oven application more. I’m having to adjust as it does work much faster than a regular oven obviously.My oldest child (20 yo to be clear) uses the air fryer application frequently and has speaks highly of that aspect. I bought this particular brand because I have an Instant pressure cooker that I really like. I think this air fryer/toaster oven is going to work out just as well in the long term.My biggest issue would be my limited counter space. Be sure to measure to ensure you have enough space to use appropriately.
I have had my air fryer for ~6 months now and it has exceeded my expectations. I use it all the time. In fact, I haven’t used my Instant Pot Duo since I purchased this air fryer. Whether I’m preparing salmon, pork loin, sweet potato fries, chicken or homemade pizza, the results are always excellent. I used to use a George Foreman grill for chicken and salmon but using the air fryer doesn’t dry out those foods like the George Foreman grill does. A+++
This air fryer stopped working after 2 month.  It doesn’t recognize that the basket is closed all the way.  The display is stuck on Close Basket.  I’ve tried everything and nothing works.  Obviously I’ve made sure it’s is closed with no obstruction.
Love that I can use this as an air fryer, toaster and oven. Little bigger than I thought but cooks well and quickly and do not have to use my big oven
Easy to clean and also easy to use and a great flavor!
I am in love with this counter airfry/oven /toasterIt’s an best purchase we did this year easy to clean, cook bake etcWould recommend to everyone
I wanted crunchy food without greasy taste. I must say I’m impressed. I’m a chef. This hold the flavor, give the crunch but must spray OV oil on top. I like the timer that lets you know when to turn or flip over . You can not use it for loose foods or casserole like an oven, food must be on top of warmer not in a pan. You can reheat pizza, chicken any finger food or fish and it will taste freshly made. I would buy again. Easy simple cleaning, no scrubs needed. Real simple even for kids but adult present. 85 yr old  can use it. It’s just that simple.
Love it. Very spacious for a large family. Works excellent. I highly recommend especially if you have a big family. Easy to use. I couldn’t be happier.
I’m in love with my Vortex air fry!
Life changing.
This air fryer has been the best purchase we’ve made in a long time. we use it almost every single day.. It can bake  air fry roast and more.  Not sure how we’ve lived without it until now.
love this dual air fryer
Clean up ,window, does fries frozen and chicken well
Broke on burn-in.  The drawer would not recognize being open or shut after the initial burn test.However, compared to my Phillips that still works it just doesn’t compare:1st the air vent blows back vs up like the Phillips.  Can’t put to close to the wall.2nd the thing smudges up with that huge touch top.3rd Drawer just wants to slop out and fall to the counter.  Slide Glide to me is the way to go.
Bought this because my old air fryer was broken. This is much bigger and easy to use. I used to do fried chicken leg and it turned out good. Nice gold color with crispy outside and juicy and tender inside. I definitely use air fryer more since I have it. A fan of instant pot brand since I have the instant pot, blender and this air fryer.
Very easy to use. Very sleek in appearance
I’ve had a couple other ones before this one and I can honestly say I like this one so much more! It’s dishwasher friendly, cool features, easy to use and everything comes out so good!
I love this thing. It cooks things so fast and everything tastes better with this. I’m a sucker for tater tots and sometimes I don’t want to put them in the oven and wait for 30 minutes to cook. I can pop them in here and in less than 10 minutes I’m eating very crispy tots.I’ve made a bunch of stuff in this, but one of the most noteworthy things are toasted sandwiches. It works wonders and makes the bead the perfect amount of crunch. I highly recommend this. I bought the double bay because I knew I’d use it for a lot of things. If you’re unsure, I’d say get the single and try it out. You can always sell/gift the single and splurge on the double bay
Best thing so far is Air Fries about 1/2 the calories or regular Fries.  Turned out nice and crispy.  Tried grilling a steak, but couldn’t get a surface char on it before it cooked to med/well done. I like rare.  Temp probably doesn’t get hot enough.  Biggest problem is the racks can’t handle any weight and fall out of the grooves and collapse.  Even on not so heavy loads.  Wish it came with a starter cookbook to help you figure out how to cook with this specific Air Frier.  Most U Tube cooking demos are with other Friers and I’ve had to figure out how to adapt their temps and times to work in this frier.Overall this is good product but with some adjustments it could be a great one.
Love it!!  Bought one for my mom and she loves it too!
I can’t get enough of this thing.  Everything I’ve cooked has been delicious.  Now I can’t  wait to see what I can air fry next.  I’m hooked on air frying.  I’m a true believer
This will fry/bake most everything in 30 min or less. Thick chicken legs, 5 in 38 minutes.
We needed to replace our old convection oven so purchased this model. It has worked really well. It has easy to understand programming. Fits nicely on the counter. We are very happy with this
I love the look and design of this product and it works great! Would recommend
This appliance gets really hot. Be very cautious when using. Roasting chicken created lots of smoke from the cooker. Enjoy the versatile uses for baking, air frying, toasting. Easy temperature control.
I finally took the plunge after months and bought one. This is so worth every penny. I’ve used it almost every day since buying it. I love it!
Just 1 drawback . I needed to up the circuit breaker to 20A . The fryer draws 14A  of power.
I love everything about this air fryer! Easy to clean, easy to operate, cooks perfectly! I love the tray that comes with it, too!
We’ve had it about a month & love everything about it so far! Only reason I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because the rack isn’t quite wide enough. It falls out of the grooves holding it if there is any weight on it. I previously purchased a different brand & returned it for this.
My daughter uses it all the time. Maybe too much… We use it with paper liners (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09XXBX64T?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details), which make it easier to clean.
So, after all the raves from friends and family, I gave into purchasing the Instant Pot Vortex Plus.  Really like the smaller size (6 qt.), lighter weight of this machine versus some of the beefier ones.  Still learning how to master cooking times, how to convert from oven to Air Fryer, etc.  I have a double oven, one being a convection.  The time either oven takes to preheat, cooking, and then cooling down can really heat up the kitchen and is time consuming.  using the Air Fryer today, my husband reheated leftover pizza  and was so proud of himself…stating, you thought I couldn’t cook.  Numerous recipes on line, but I would like a cookbook.  Highly recommend.
Update; after 6 months of use, I like it even more. I use it as a toaster oven and it works great. It is noisy but I usually have no other people to annoy when I use it so I don’t care. My dog gets pretty excited whenever I start it up because she usually gets a bite of whatever I’m cooking or toasting. I have found that the pet “cheese tax” also must be paid on many other foods. But seriously, this is a great unit. Easy to clean, not ugly, toasts/bakes/air frys very well.Original review:  I bought this after first getting a competing mfg’s multi-purpose grill-air fryer-dehydrator-griddle. That unit was too heavy, you could not clean the inner lid area well or easily, and it was not great as an air fryer. As a grill, the food would slide off the angled grill surface. After reading reviews I decided to get single function devices instead of the “jack of all trades, master of none” unit.  I returned the other unit, but Amazon will not let me review it now, saying “unusual review activity” means only confirmed purchasers can review it.  I think that is cover for a number of bad reviews it may be getting.  It was a smart move. This InstantPot Vortex XL 8-quart air fryer has two smaller 4-Qt baskets that let me cook two different foods that finish cooking at the same time. The windows and light in each basket let me see how brown foods are without opening the baskets. Great function. The baskets and bottom grate platform are nonstick coated metal and should hold up well. No missing or broken parts.  The unit has a surprisingly small footprint for being a dual basket model. After reading many air fryer reviews I came to the conclusion that I’d either need two machines, or a dual basket model even though both baskets would be smaller.  I paid extra for a model with minimal “metal look” external decoration because in my experience, it is just more to keep clean and adds to the busy look of my kitchen. I plan on keeping it out because I’ve used it almost every day since Ive had it.  When the unit is unplugged, it is nearly all black and non-distinct and that’s a plus because I replaced the rarely used toaster oven with this machine and am trying to minimize counter clutter.  I do recommending using a microfiber cloth for wiping the large expanse of smooth plastic that shows the touch controls when in use, because I used a paper towel and then a cotton dishtowel to wipe it and I can see some light swirly scratches on the surface.  The only working surface that is not easy to clean is the part with the heating coil over each basket. They recommend wiping it as needed if food or grease ever stick, so I will. I assume most residue would burn off as the coils heat to high temps while in use.  I did follow the instructions to run both sides once before actually cooking anything. There was a slight odor but it went away quickly.  I’ve cooked fish sticks and reheated fried fish fillets from restaurant leftovers and there was some “cooking fish” smell for both at the start but 1. I <was> cooking fish! And 2. It went away pretty quickly. I did not want the model that required replacement filters regularly and I’m happy with my choice.  I never had an air fryer with pre-set values so I dont miss that feature. Also, having to let the unit cool down before restarting a new program should not be an issue because 1. I already have two baskets to use at once if needed and 2. When a program is done and I remove a basket to get the food out, that cooking “bay” seems to cool quickly and then shut off completely with the basket out.  I can recommend this air fryer without hesitation!
Cook food in minutes
but I’m truly very satisfied with this air fryer. Works great and is easy to use 👍👍
So far, so good.  Burned off outside.. no bad smell.  Still getting used to it.. Still playing.
This is our 1st air fryer and we now use it for almost all our cooking the we used to fry or cook in the oven. The taste  is great and it removes the grease. Very easy to clean!
I like this unit. One thing that I didn’t know is there is a fan that keeps running after the unit is done cooking your food, I guess to cool the system down after. Not a bad thing but I just didn’t know that would happen.
Love it
This has become my go to for dinner every night.  Even my husband has approved all the meal we prepare using our new air fryer.
I had been tracking reviews of air fryers for over a year and Instant Vortex consistently came up on top so I finally purchased one and I haven’t stopped using it since.  It makes juicy roast chicken with the crispiest skin you’ll ever have and does it in 40 minutes – and that’s for a roaster!  Broiler/fryers would be done in a lot less time.  Burgers are cooked without the grease splatter.  I’ve put frozen solid pot roasts in the fryer on 400 for 15 minutes and a gorgeously browned crust emerges, creating delicious flavor.  Add water, stock or wine to the unit to deglaze and add that to the vessel in which you’ll ultimately slow cook the roast.  Best pot roast ever.  The energy efficiency is just a bonus in my view and Instant Vortex’s website is loaded with recipes.  Love, Love, Love this product!
Cooks perfectly and easy to clean.
So easy and quick. So much more energy efficient than running the oven for 2-3 times longer.
Awesome kitchen tool! Practically survived off this thing for a year of cooking. Easy to clean and use.
Like using this from heating, toasting, baking and air frying. Wish there were a couple different racks but works amazingly well!
I will be honest with you.I bought this product because it ranked #1 in FoodNetowrk Review, I guess that article was paid for by Instant Pot. The airflow design isn’t great, the temperature is often over temperature, I just don’t like it. It might be that I’m using an air-fryer for the first time, but all the google air-fryer recipes don’t work with this device. It is just a simple stove coil in the ceiling with a fan. I think all air fryers are like this, but it is too close to the tray, so the food often burns on top.
I bought this product during Prime Day. It was a slightly used return and had great reviews. First time trying to use it and I couldn’t get it to turn on or change settings with the dial. Tried over and over and no troubleshooting helped. It would boot up, say 88:88 and beep but never do anything else. The one time I got a temp to show up I couldn’t change it. Invest in a different air fryer.
This is fantastic at air frying!  We have had children wings, fried chicken, fried salmon, fried tilapia and many other dishes!  We have put the one pot cooker up in the cabinet to fill the space on the counter with this tool!!!  NO REGRETS!!!!Clean up is fantastic as well!
Shopped several brands that all felt really small. This is a perfect size for a small family to fix the main dish or sides for a quick dinner.
Very high quality air fryer.  Nice size basket that is easy to clean.  The surface shows fingerprints and smudges is the only drawback.  Preheat and cooks very evenly.  Does a whole chicken just right.  Meatballs and hamburgers are the best.  Meatloaf turned out fantastic.
I’ve had this for around eight months now and generally I love it. Everything I’ve made in it has come out amazing. Always crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. So many great recipes out there and don’t miss our old deep frier one bit. Some issues, though. While the basket is generally easy to clean the glass in front gets fogged and can’t be touched to clean it. It’s also hard to flip things in the basket without burning your knuckles. Cleaning the little grill that sits inside is a pain. Takes a lot of elbow grease and the dishwasher does nothing. Also wish it came with a grill insert that allows you to create two levels of food to cook at once. It’s hard to cook things like wings and fries at the same time. It’s big enough to cook for two people. A family is probably pushing it, though. Overall worth the money with simple controls and plenty of programming options.
I love it. I’ve had 2 others and this one is the best. I also have Instapot which I love too
If your on the fence about this one, just get it. It’s amazing!!! Got it during prime days to replace my 3 year old GoWise USA. I have no regrets! It is litterally perfect. The clear window and light make all the difference with cooking. Someone said in a review a while back that the device shuts off for about 8 minutes after you cook so the air fryer can cool down, they said it was a safety feature that was new according to customer service. I have no idea what that person was talking about because the airfryer doesn’t shut down for a period of time after using  it which was my biggest worry when purchasing it. This thing is perfect,  it makes perfect, delicious, quick food. The only thing don’t favor is it takes a few minutes to preheat, my GoWise didn’t need to preheat at all but overall it is a very minor inconvenience but not enough to really affect my appreciation for the item. Get it! You won’t be sorry!!
I have used this more than I have used oven. I have a gluten allergy so I always prepare my food separate from my families. This makes it so easy and quick for me to have a separate meal ready when theirs is.
With 100+ degrees for last 2 months, cooking without heating up kitchen is great!
Haven’t used all the features yet but have used air fryer, bake and broil features and am pleased with results.
We are a family of 4 and I wanted a quicker way to get items made for dinner. This thing is lightning fast and works amazingly. It is easy to use and the food has been wonderful!!!
I received the fryer when opened up packaging the housing was cracked and missing a piece. Not happy
Highly recommend. Great size for family.
Works really well so far. Much nicer than my 2 year old outgoing model. Larger basket makes it much easier to cook
I love my air fryer I have a tough time browning in my oven. Since it’s just me this is great I don’t cook big meals. Heating time is 2 to 3 minutes instead of 15.My biggest like is it browns my food. Burgers come out juicy. Chicken comes out juicy. Frozen pizza cheese actually melts and browns.Be mindful of the temp and time. Less is needed.
Don’t know how I lived without this machine. U can make almost anything in it and it will be great. Extremely easy to use and clean. Ur missing out if u don’t have one.
Got this to keep oven heat out of my kitchen during the summer. It works perfectly
Cooks food perfect. Great for the trailer for traveling, not heavy and east to clean and use.
I bought this as a gift to myself last Christmas, eight months ago. I bought a 4 quart.  I’m single and I use it about three times a week. It has not disappointed me in anyway. I was a bit intimidated at first as I have never worked with an air fryer but I read a lot of reviews and jumped right in. Looking back, I was overly cautious but a little practice makes perfect.  I appreciate it’s small footprint on my counter, how easy it is to clean, and how it helped me survive the past few weeks in the worst heatwave the Northeast has seen in decades. Just a few quick tips that I’m pretty sure you’ve already read: remove those shipping rubbers from the plate inside the basket right away; do not use metal utensils to flip (protect the finish) and lastly, don’t forget to pull the fryer away from the wall as the hot air blows out the back. I love this machine and I’m buying two this weekend for gifts. Good luck!
Cleans easy! I love cooking with this. This model works better than a more expensive model I’ve used in the past
Love that I can quickly roast or air fry anything. We have more veggies now that we use it regularly.
Like the easy clean-up, ease to use product and fast cooking of dinners.  No down size of using product.
I absolutely LOVE this air fryer. It is AMAZING. So far, it has cooked everything perfectly
Easy to use & perfect size
Why did I wait so long to purchase this?? There were so many options to choose from. I got this for prime day and it is perfect for my needs. If you are on the fence, this one is awesome.
Digital control. Work GREAT.
Pizza, veggies, chicken nuggets and fries, . Super easy to clean and use
When we first got this it didn’t work at all. It just beeped and said the door was open. I called the manufacturer and was arranging to submit a video of it not working properly. I couldn’t do it!  It seemingly healed itself. Now if I could get my car to do that!
Me encanta es muy practica , q mi hijo ase su propia comida..
De facil uso y manejo.
Recommended by ATK and worth every penny.  Intuitive to setup and use.  Heats up quickly and cooks evenly.  I definitely recommend for a busy family.
I’ve had this airfryer for a couple of weeks. I bought it on sale. Great purchase. Use it almost every day.
If it says to bake or air fry for 12 minutes it’s done in 6 minutes.  Once I knew that it works great!
Had to return the unit. Made all the food taste like Teflon. The house also had the same smell.
Chicken wings 10/10
More gray than black. I returned it.
Love it
I am very happy to buy this airfryer.
I am impressed with this appliance. It is very versatile and I have already used the broil, bake, dehydrate and toast options several times. Each item came out perfect and delicious. Grilled chicken, bagels, homemade jerky!! It’s so easy to use and the insert options make it so easy and they all wipe clean so easily as well! I got it on a prime sale and could not be more pleased with its performance.
We like this and it requires minimal cleaning as long as we use square paper tray liners. Holds 5 drum sticks or bone-in thighs. Bought oil sprayer but haven’t used yet. Would buy again.
The fryer has a plastic smell to it that even after 8 months use still is noticeable when using. The handle recently broke off which was extremely disappointing. The basket can not be immersed in water so cleaning must be done carefully. The crisper is dishwasher safe and both the basket and crisper is non stick. It did cook up the food well but have decided to get another brand and toss this one out.
Heating element at the top of the box was bent. Didn’t even bother opening the rest.
I am seriously a horrible cook. It’s pathetic how bad I am. Since I got this I have made with it the best tasting steaks i ever made, pretty darn good chicken breast and tenders, and the most amazing pork tenderloin. I will be making alot more but I am sold on how well it works. I am not an official instapot fan boy. I love it. This is my first air fryer if that matters to anyone.
I bought this item for my daughter for Christmas.  She just recently opened it as she moved out on her own and was excited to use her new air fryer.  Much to her dismay when she tried to hit the on button the display said Open meaning the oven door was open, which it definitely was not! She tried to look up the user manual which is no longer a valid address and has reached out to Instant Pot customer service with no response.  Definitely disappointing.  I am still hoping Instant Pot will respond to her inquiry as this is very frustrating!!! Would not recommend based on this experience on a brand new appliance.***Update!  Customer service got back to my daughter and apologized for the delay. After sending pictures, a video and a receipt they will be sending her a replacement.  My daughter also said the company was very responsive after the initial email.
The box arrived damaged and when I pulled it out, there was a quarter size hole on the side. Then on the other side, there is a crack about 3 inches long on the other side. Luckily it still works, but its definitely an eyesore.
This replaces a Cuisinart toaster oven we had for years, but the display had lost its backlight. This unit has a few flaws.  The most important issue is the rack, which is designed with the resting surface below the lip in front.  So to remove toast or whatever, it is necessary to lift the food above the lip.  That’s a problem because it’s HOT!  So often you have to use hot pads to remove the food from the oven.  Second, the rack seems to be slightly smaller than it should be, so the rack sometimes jams a bit.  The Cuisinart oven that we replaced has a magnet that pulls the rack out when the door is opened.  Maybe that’s a patented feature, but it is clearly a superior design.  This oven also lacks another feature, an audible notification when it has finished its task.  I think that is a significant oversight.My wife thinks the rack issue is actually dangerous, so we will be donating it to a charity and trying again.  I’m sorry we replaced our Cuisinart, even if the display was hard to read.
Best purchase of the year
I absolutely love this! I use it basically everyday! I air fry steak, corn, baked potatoes etc
First thing we made was a test of regular frozen veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower mix). We didn’t read directions, just tossed them in and watched through the glass window. Kids weren’t too impressed with the green and white trees but the carrots – roasting them is SOOO much better than microwaving.I really like the synchronized finish feature. Chk’n Nuggets and fries are so much easier to make now. The handle stays cool and you can just dump out the contents onto a large plate – so the kids don’t have to work with hot mitts or tongs. Some hot soapy water and a soft rag or sponge is all it takes to clean as well.We’ve even used it to warm up tortillas – and the kids think they turn out just like restaurants. So we’re saving a lot of money making burritos and tacos at home now.
Definitely an upgrade from our last one! This one really makes crispy food. Like perfect!
This works really well but after just a few uses, the top of the drawer cracked and a piece of the plastic fell off.  It still works fine, but it’s brand new and cracked
Best thing to have, will never cook the same anymore. I love this product.
Screws have started coming out every time we use it, roughly 8 months since we bought it, so not happy with that. Customer support via the manufacturer website is non-existent, have been waiting weeks for any reply at all. Cleaning it is not super easy as the rack feels fragile. I do NOT put it in the dishwasher, we hand wash it. We use it at least 5 times a week for various foods and everything cooks great. As with all other air fryers we’ve had (6 different ones now), the coating is starting to come off the rack (all others we’ve used had baskets and did the same thing but much, much worse) which is very disappointing after only 8 months. I would buy this again, but the coating coming off and the loosening screws are definitely a problem, and not sure what to do about either as no one will answer my support requests on their site for any of my Instant products.
Makes cooking super super easy after working all day.
I really like having the ability to Make two things at once. It’s also nice that you can sync it up and do two baskets of the same thing. It has some other features that I haven’t tried yet but it is very nice looking and The interface is nice
Love the size of the basket. Can make enough fries for a family if 5, evenly crisps as long as you shake in between a couple times. And the best part of all, it’s easy to clean!!!
I read tons of reviews on different air fryers and decided to go with this one. I’m glad I did. It works great.
I bought this on Prime Day and love it! It air fries, bakes, toasts…everything. I’d wanted one for Christmas and was given the funds for it but hadn’t found the one. I did a lot of research and felt this one met my expectations.
1. There is hardly any air flowing below the food. It cooks only on the top. You must turn the food over to cook the other side.2. The auto-preheating feature is very annoying. If you need to add time after the timer ended, you have to wait for preheating again. It is not very math intensive for users to add 2-3 min. to the cooking time, if they so DESIRE.
Absolutely awesome must have if you like air fryers!!!!
I bought this, completed the initial start up, then cooked pork ribs. They were great!
I’ve only made a few things and I’m in love,enchiladas were great ,steak,potatoes & broccoli,some random veggies.One think to note is if you follow recipes online this machine always takes way less time then they say so keep an eye on your meals
Has completely replaced my oven. Saves power, time, gas, cleaning. Cooks food faster, more thoroughly, and allows for more cooking techniques (such as adding water for simultaneous steaming and roasting). Highly recommend to all hobbyist chefs like myself.
My hubby got this machine (for our kitchen) during prime days, cause it is the one after a lot of research seemed to be the one that fit our needs and worked best, well I am so so so happy, it’s great and easy to use… simple and efficient! But versatile with options to reheat, things like pizza! OMG no more soggy lukewarm microwave leftover pizza! This is just the tip of this yummy ice berg!! It’s so good at fries, honestly I’m gonna have to walk more, geez! If you love cooking but hate a hot summer kitchen! This is the best!!! And it’s so light and easy to clean! I’m telling ya, it’s big enough for 4 to eat and have plenty!! So if you want an easy no fuss air fryer with lots of other options and good at it all! Trust I’ve tried out every setting and such! So good! I even did brats and hot dogs in the air fryer! Flipping delicious!  Really great machine!!
It was a little bigger than I thought.  It just my husband and myself.  But I absolutely love it.  We make steaks the first time using it.  And they came out so juice and tender.
Love the duel drawer and the sync function!
Love it!
Easy to use, and clean. Works well for a bachelor….
Overall very happy with this Air Fryer. It didn’t have any bad smell after the first 18min warm up. It’s very easy to clean and heats up fast. It’s not as loud as the last Air fryer we had return so much better of a sound. It’s also a great size. Seeing the food get brown is also a cool feature but not required.
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I dislike that it was broken when I got it. I open and use it because I want to see how it works.. but I keep cutting my fingers on the top where it broke

Just loved it
I went from a super cheap air fryer to this bad boy! You can toast for ‘taliano schwebles bread slices in this.!!!The viewing window is amazing! I always had the tendency of overcooking things in kind of burning pizza. I just switched the light on check it! This is a game changer. You can also air fry on one side and broil on the other. Geez, I bet 1950 housewifes would have killed for this!
got this on Prime Day for a very good price. Selected this one in part because the controls are clear enough for my wife who has some visual challenges to operate. Have air fried tator tots, a Quiche, and cooked two pizzas so far. Have to remember to reduce the temp to compensate for the convection oven.The quiche was in glass pie plate and quite heavy. You have to be very careful pulling the grate out with it on it. It will fall down when you get to the gap for the rotisserie on the supports. not sure how to work around that design issue. Took a star off for that reason.
I like this oven a lot. The only think I’m not a fan off is the vent running to cool it down after each use
Literally the best Air-fryer EVER!! I am so incredibly happy with my purchase. Easy to use, large frying tray, nice shape, love the touch screen (fancy) and color. If you’ve been thinking should I or shouldn’t I. You should, you won’t be disappointed.
Deja la comida crocante
This was very large and it did heat up the kitchen more than my oven I felt like.
It is the best.  Use it all the time.  Use the airfry part and it Reheat unbelievable.  Just like it was just made.Fries perfect.  Seafood, bacon, sausage, all wonderful.Clean up.  A breeze.  Perfect for family.  Just an FYI, got the parchment sheets.  Easy pleasy.
This is my first time into the air fryer world. This was easy to setup and use. The foods I tried Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Thin cut steaks all turned out pretty good considering never cooking this way before.
There’s really no dislikes at this time. They’re super easy to clean. I can use a paper towel if I had to. My family use it so often. My husband doesn’t like to puke in food, so we often use both sides at the same time. You can use one temperature and heat time on one side, and a completely different one on the other. THAT is most convenient. No more yelling from who eats first or last from the kids.
Works great nice air fryer, a bit big for what I need for every day, but I’m glad I got it.
Cooked 1/2 rack of ribs in 15min and they were tender.
I don’t normally leave reviews but this Omni Plus is so amazing. I’ve used it almost every night since I bought it. It makes AMAZING rotisserie chicken, steak, vegetables…..you name it, it does it. Love!!
After using the Ninja from Costco (piece of garbage). Bought this one on a gamble, but works perfectly.  Almost to perfect.  Actually need to take items out early I.e. toast.  But air fryer?  Works awesome so far.  Have use several features just not the rotisserie.
Like it allot
I love this air fryer! I’m going  to put everything in it!
After only using for less than a week, it stopped working. When it worked, I really liked it. But out of the blue, it just stopped working. The open indicator was displayed while the door was closed. It would not allow me to move forward at all. I tried unplugging it,  UT that didn’t work. I open and closed the door, nothing. So it had to go. I am very disappointed.
I made the mistake of purchasing an air fryer oven. It was good at first, great at grilling, but I had no idea just how bad it was at air frying until I purchased my new Instant Vortex 5.7 qt air fryer. The old air fryer oven was smelling rancid as I could not clean the grease from inside of the fan. It also had  a drip tray that was right under a heat element so all of the grease baked on and made it difficult to keep clean. When I saw the Instant Vortex on sale for $66.96 I decided to give it a try. This thing rocks a chicken wing as well as toast. It is very easy to keep clean and fast to preheat. Just wipe clean the outside with a soapy dishcloth and dry. The basket is dishwasher safe but all I to do is fill it with soapy hot water and leave it for a few minutes. Then just wipe with dishrag, rinse and you are good to go again! SO VERY HAPPY with this purchase!!
Facil de limpiar  y facil de usar
We did pork chops tonight and used it for the first time!!!  The air fryer performed great!!!  Everyone should have one of these!!!
How have I lived without this air fryer till now.  I am using this multiple times a day. It’s faster than my oven & cooks crispier than my oven has ever cooked. It’s small enough to keep on the counter. Big enough to easily cook for two-three people. 6 quarts hold 4 large bone in  chicken thighs with ease. Clean up is a snap. If you’re a family of 4 you may need to cook in batches. But in my opinion, it’d be worth it. Perfect size for a family of 1 or 2.
This is my third different air fryer over several years and it is by far the best. I live in Phoenix and we try and avoid heating up the kitchen with oven and stove usage. This air fryer is attractive, great capacity, easy to use and has so many more functions. I particularly love the preheat function and notification to “add food.”  Recommend highly.
Nice big size, without taking up the entire countertop. Very nice interface and controls. Easy to clean.
We use it very often … from cooking steaks to reheating French fries.  The glass door on the front is difficult to keep clean.  If we had it to do over, we would get one that is wider and has a larger tray.
Very easy to use and enjoyable product to have in kitchen
I wanyed to use it several times before writing a review. I havae used the air frying, toaster, and rotiserrie feature thus far it works great. Only bad thing is the rotisserie feature, you can not use a regukar whole chicken the rotating device kept falling off because there usnt enough space. It would work for cornish hens at best. that was dissapointing also, woyld have lived if it included a recupe book or at least insyructions for cooking that detailed temperature and cooking times for meats and veggies. But it great overall.
Works great, easy to use and producing amazing food.
The best air fryer yet! It does all kind of things like bake and fry.  Amazing and fits perfect on my counter top.
It works great! Air Fry function is my favorite. I love the crisp skins on my baked potato. For reheating, I also use Air Fry.
Sale price could not be beat! Easy set up, & simple to clean. Basket is smaller than other brands. Tilapia was perfectly crispy.
This is an awesome air fryer, it preheats quickly and seems to cook evenly and is large enough to cook a lot of food.  Clean up is a breeze. My only issue with the unit itself is its big and I have very little counter space.
Instant Pot has done it again! Made my life easier and more fun in the kitchen! Intuitive and and easy to use but comes with great set of instructions for a good quick start or if you have questions about any of the functions.  Love the Digital Touch interface and size of cooking space inside oven with great tray, rack and basket.  And MUCH more useful than my old basket air fryer since you can toast or broil as well in the Omniplus without the item like a rice cake or piece of toast banging around with the convection hot air blowing! So far easy to clean but haven’t tried to do rotisserie chicken or pork roast in it yet which could be messier…but I don’t think it will be a problem as long as you wipe down the racks and trays after each use as recommended.  This Omniplus does not take up that much more real estate on my counter than the smaller Vortex one that I considered with less functionality so I highly recommend spending a few extra dollars If you need to combine your appliances into one instead of also having a toaster, dehydrator etc). It’s a sleek and good looking appliance also! As far as the noise it makes, it’s an air fryer, it blows air like a convection oven so you can’t expect it to be super quiet but it’s not annoying and it does have little beeps to let you know when to rotate or turn your food or when preheat is done for baking or when your item is finished. The blower will continue for a bit to cool off your oven. This is perfectly normal. I looked at many of these ovens online before purchasing And kept coming back to this one , not only because of the reviews but because I am so impressed with my Instant Pot that I use all the time. You won’t be disappointed in this purchase!!
My daughter bought this for her first apartment and she loves it. Extremely easy to use and makes so many different things.
Air frying is a new thing for me so I’ve had to relearn cooking. This unit is great and cleans up easy. The controls are intuitive and labeled well. The food comes out better than pan frying and is quicker to boot. Plenty of room to make meals for two to four people.
I am on a learning curve at far as timing, but after a couple of weeks am loving it.
This is excellent especially in the summer when I don’t want the whole house to get hot when I am cooking.  The food comes out juicy.  Air fryer is better and safer  than frying on the stove
Love the air fryer, you can cook anything in it and lots of online recipes
Large fryer….easy to use and adjust. Easy to clean…even burned on stuff came off easy.
One piece of chicken cooked in the machine and it never worked again. No word yet on a refund or replacement. I am very disapointed with the quality of this item.
I turned on the air fryer and allowed it to pre-heat as the instructions dictate… and the device started to melt! IT MELTED!!!!! I’ve had this device for barely 2 months. It worked fine until today. I am so lucky I caught the melting before the fryer caught fire or exploded! Seriously WTF?!?!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU CARE FOR YOUR SAFETY!
Really amazing product
I love this air fryer! It is so easy to use with a really nice display! Looks so sleek and modern and it isn’t something I feel I need to take off the counter after use! Love the add in of the front window to see how the food is cooking! Would recommend to anyone!
We started with a little one.  Then I had to buy this for my wife for Mother’s Day.Such a great addition to our cooking arsenal.
Customer Service was very helpful and solved the issue I had with my air fryer which turned out to be operator failure.  This fryer is great for a single person or family of two possibly.  This appliance does it all including toasting so the toaster is off the kitchen counter.  I bought this upon the recommendation of my daughter who told me she rarely uses her oven now that she has the air fryer.  It is true and how great to never have to turn on the oven in the heat of the summer.
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Mine is total trash. Never could get the taste of plastic out of it (no I never cooked plastic in it or left any behind. I have literally done everything I can to clean it and even took it apart to deep deep clean it.no problem with it getting to temp or anything like that. contacted instant pot and was told I’m out of luck. Get a different brand.
I really like this air fryer. 6 quarts is just the right size. It cooks the food perfectly, is easy to use and clean. I like the addition of the window so I don’t have to open the drawer to check how the food is cooking.
To the reviewer noting don’t buy due to BPA and lead…they all do in the power cord.  The photo with the warning does NOT state it is on the cooking surface so the review is not factual.
I really like the large size basket with see through window and the inside light feature.  Overall a nicely designed air fryer that is simple to use.  I use it a lot to reheat food, as opposed to using the microwave, as it makes some types of breaded foods crispier  It’s fast to use and while it’s still hot after use you can just add water to easily loosen and clean out the basket. It’s more like using a quick oven then frying foods but it may be healthier than all the greasy oily food.
Absolutely love this appliance.  Had an old air fryer that I never really loved and didn’t use much, but decided to upgrade to a newer better model.  This one is so much better to use.  Now it has become the go to for frozen foods as well as to make side dishes quickly.  We’re especially fond of doing our baked potatoes and corn on the cob in it.
I was aware that air fryers might give off a burning plastic smell the first couple of uses. What happened to us was not just a faint smell. I ran it as instructed in directions and the entire house filled with a horrible smell that hurt your lungs. I had to open all the windows, take all my pets out of the house and wait outside until the smell subsided enough to go back in. A horrible experience and I have since purchased an air fryer from a different brand  that had no issues, I am sure that this was an issue with this air fryer. So disappointed as I have other items from this brand that have not had any issues.
This is my absolutely favorite kitchen gadget. Saves me time from waiting from my oven to heat up, cooks a perfect amount for 2-3 people, super fast cooking time and makes all the food taste great.
Bought this for my friend and she loves it. Easy, fast cooking.
Don’t waste your money.
We’ve been using a small air fryer for a year-and-a-half and have found it very useful… But we needed to get a slightly larger model so after a lot of research and already being an instant pot fan we ended up going with the instant brand air fryer.The shipping was typical Amazon, but after burn in there was an issue with the tray that sits inside the basket. I sent an email to their customer support and received a response the same day. I provided the screenshot of my purchase and a picture of the model and serial number and they shipped out a replacement device the next day.I have now gone through the setup and burn in process on the new one and have used it several times and I’m thrilled with the performance but it’s the customer service that will keep me as a loyal brand customer. As for the original they told me to keep it for spare parts… And I plan to do just that.
I wanted an air fryer for a while, and decided on this when it went on sale for Prime Day.  Initially the rotisserie did not work because the skewer was not long enough to stay in the socket and keep turning, and had to be constantly readjusted.  I put a piece of #10 copper wire in the slot to keep it positioned correctly and now it works fine. A reengineering of the skewer so it fits correctly would make this a 5 star product. All of the other functions seem to work as advertised.  I have made french fries, egg rolls, fish fillets, and after the modification, rotisserie pork loin that falls apart and is super moist with a nice crispy layer. Overall a good purchase.
After only a few months there are some serious issues. It won’t turn off without being unplugged. It constantly trips the power supply. Unusuable.
I absolutely LOVE this air fryer! It makes everything so much easier when meal prepping for 2 for a week! To bad 1 of the bulbs was burnt out when received 🙄
I don’t think I have even used my oven since I bought this months ago. Cooks everything so nice and love how its crisps my veggies just right!!!
I was previously a Ninja fan boy: ninja 4qt air fryer, ninja foodie dual basket air fryer, ninja foodi grill.The vortex with clear window is King.What’s better?1. Higher wattage for maximum crisp/broil2. Square grid = more surface area and airflow3. Glass window let’s you check the status of your food. Very important for air fryers where 20 seconds can make a difference.4. The pre-heater function, it’s so nice. One less thing I need to keep track of.I love it. I’ve gotten rid of all my ninjas.
I love it. So many cooking options, can cook two things simultaneously. No regrets☺️
Saves so much time, I cook more often now.  Easy clean up, use liners.  So far it’s worth every penny, my children say it’s my best purchase
I have cooked 95% of all my (small portions) meals on an air fryer since my stomach bypass surgery in 2018. This Vortex is the second one I’ve bought. The people with the America Test Kitchen were right when they selected it the best.
I love this product! The duel air frier makes it easy to cook dinner all at once instead of one item at a time. The Brand makes the best products ever. Long lasting and has a nonstick coating making it easy to clean
Great for roasted potatoes and other veggies. Super easy to clean! Good size for a small kitchen. Haven’t found a recipe yet for frying chicken that creates a true fried chicken coating so I’m not sure it does exactly what it says it can do in every instance. But so versatile in every other way. Highly recommend.
I finally broke down & bought… I made the most delicious chicken last night! Easy to use, cooked quickly, so juicy. I am not a gadget person… but seriously, why didn’t I but this sooner?!It does kick quite a bit of heat out of the fan vent, but I can live with that!
Just like the original filters that came with my 6 qt Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer with ClearCook & OdorErase, and they fit perfectly.
By far the best item I purchased this year
Still getting the hang of it but do far so good! Going from a basket-type air fryer to this oven-type was a big switch, but I’m using it way more than I ever did our old basket style, which was one of the first ever ones, so ya know, old.Temperature and time conversions are different as well, and most recipes are for basket-type fryers, so there’s that learning curve also. More adjusting, but not as much. I’m finding the basis is lowering the temperature by 25 or so degrees that you would normally use in the oven, and the time it would normally spend in the oven by about 20-25% works for the majority of what I’ve used it for so far.It is a little bit louder that I thought it would be, but by no means distractingly loud. The heat mainly comes out the back and is directed up, so placement for use is a consideration. Not as much comes out as I thought it would either.I am really liking it so far and will update if anything changes in that respect!
No instruction bookliest, no support to speak of.  If you can figure it out, great chicken wings, but what else, who knows.  Do your research first.  I wish I had sent it back, too late now.
The manual does say that it will have a strong plastic smell for the first couple of uses. Well, they weren’t joking. The first time I ran it I had to open my windows and put a fan on but still got a headache from the supposedly non-toxic plastic smell. Fast forward a few weeks and I have been running it outside for at least a dozen cycles and it still hasn’t disappeared. Plus any food in the baskets ends out with a slight plastic taste. I would not recommend.
I was gifted a small fryer several months ago, so I tried a few air fryer recipes  Wow!  Surprised beyond my expectations!  So, after several successful attempts with the small (3 liter) air fryer, I decided to upgrade to this Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6-Quart air fryer.  I’m still experimenting with recipes, but so far, this has been a great appliance.  My favorites so far:  Roasted Chicken Thighs (with one of a half dozen different toppings I choose to add to them), roasted potatoes (cubed, or fries, or large steak fries), and roasted vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.).  The best discovery is bacon.  I hate frying up bacon – too much odor in my apartment, the smell lingers days after I cook the bacon.  But the air fryer cooks the bacon quickly, and there is an air fryer method to eliminate the smoke and odor when cooking.  It works!  I’m very happy with this Instant Pot Vortex Plus 6-Quart air fryer.
Good for chicken, fries, etc.  Not good for pizza.  Pretty fast, but does put out a lot of heat.
I was unsure of this but I am beyond pleased with how amazingly easy and tasty food comes out using that we’re considering getting a larger one.  The airfry I find works better than reheat for heating up food.  I use that the most for reheating or lightly cooking food.  I also use the roast option a lot for chicken and bake for potatoes and veggies.  Overall great product and use it almost daily.  Saves on energy with not having to use the oven or microwave as much also.
This is the best air fryer. Cooks so evenly and it has so many settings I was able to replace a lot of smaller appliances. I am excited to use the rotisserie bar soon
I do not cook by any means or stretch of the imagination. With this BEAST I can whip or succulent porkchops and chicken with barely any effort. Obviously this thing air fries like a BOSS but I will be trying the dehydrate function soon to make some home-made jerky!
The Airfryer itself is fantastic, period. But what surprised me more in a good way was the Instant customer support. I damaged my product, which was totally my fault, and I wanted to get it fixed, so I reached out to Instant customer support and asked how to buy the part I had damaged. They asked for some basic information about the product and shipped me the replacement part for free one day after my contact.They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied. Well done Instant!
I’ve only used it once, so far, but my chicken breasts came out perfectly! I’m glad I bought the 6 qt model. Yes, it’s big and imposing, but it fits nicely into a corner under the cabinets. The buttons are a little difficult to actuate, but I discovered what angles of touch work best. It should not be that way, though. I like the reminder to alert when it’s preheated and ready to load, and the beep reminding me to turn over or shake the contents. Nice touch! The bad odor that some people have made such an issue over isn’t an issue if you FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Hear me, America, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and run it through two or three 15 minute cycles and the odor is gone. I put a cup of vinegar in it, per instructions, for the third cycle.
I love my Vortex Airfryer and i use it to cook all sorts of things. Everything comes out delicious.
This is my first air fryer and I am so totally enamored with it. I bought the two drawer, 8qt. size and I’m glad I did as I do cook for three people for Sunday dinner. I would highly recommend this brand and product to family and friends.
I bought this one for its size and brand and am not disappointed. Takes a fraction of the electricity to run, a fraction of the time as a convection toaster oven and a fraction of the space. I live in a small trailer and this is just small enough to leave out on the counter. I use it for everything now, except steam fried eggs. I don’t want to risk a lot of steam in the unit but I can make a mean fried egg.
My brother loves his!
They sent this to me, with such an obvious problem with the rack!! The handles are 1/4 off (one side is higher than the other), so juices, oil, etc., pool to one side. There is also a welded part, so it scrapes and turns the side black! So angry that I bought this on Prime Day, waiting, and I could have bought another name brand at the same price. NOW, of course, they all cost a lot more! And forget the so-called 1000 receipe App….it’s for their Instant Pot Vortex, no useful Air Fryer receipe’s!  This is huge, so lugging it to UPS will be difficult for this disabled person!!UPDATE: I exchanged this (1 hour on phone with Amazon!!) and the 2nd Air Fryer has the exact same problem! How can they not see the oven rack is crooked?!?! This one shipped by USPS (instead of UPS) and the box arrived greasy and dents/slices all over! Not sure what I’m going to do because I got this at a great price…exchanging it a 3rd TIME?????
I saw how this product was rated 5 stars and it’s true. I really like this air fryer. Highly recommend it 🤙
I have cooked so many things in this and used multiple modes and everything is BOMB. I don’t know if I will ever use my oven again. There is only air fryer. 😍
I have had convention ovens but never an air fryer.  This machine has exceeded even my expectations.  Incredibly fast.  So very happy so far.
Although I’m keeping it. You must always check on you food so it doesn’t burn
By the 8th or 9th usage it was making a loud grinding sound.
This works fine for one person.  I wouldn’t recommend for a family, but for single uses its great!  I am not sure what the other reviews about a smell are, since the instructions say to wash it first.  I haven’t smelled anything after several uses except great food!  I would purchase if you are thinking of getting one :)
The best easy to operate and set controls. Cooks perfect… Backing right on temp and time set…
Soooo easy to use. I am air frying EVERYTHING. i burned a pizza on the first try but that was user error and the fact that it fits a whole pizza in there is amazing. Im going to become that annoying person that talks non stop about their air fryer. And its a toaster oven!!! Love that I can consolidate appliances.
High quality. Well made
I have been very late to the air fryer game. I bought a small one a few years ago and didn’t really like it due to the limits of it’s capacity. I got this on whim and I love it I have used it multiple times and everything has come out great. I haven’t had the issues some of the reviews said about it being hard to add more time. I don’t had any issue after it ends restarting it.The window is also a great feature to be able to see when things are ready to be flipped or removed.
This product makes great steaks, chicken, etc..
Don’t give me wrong, I really enjoy the 8 quart.  It looks great, it is not too loud, it’s very functional and food taste great. My major problems are that when it tells you to add the food or turn the food, the the notification only shows for a small maybe 5 seconds. It then goes away, so if it takes you longer than 5 seconds to get to the air fryer you have no idea what side to turn what side to add the food or anything like that now adding the food you could look at the indicator and see If it’s still preheating but turning the food you have no idea on if it was the left or right side. Why doesn’t it just show you the whole time to turn the food until you turn the food (open the basket) I don’t understand.Oh one of the ratings were flavor. I don’t understand why but it tasted like coated metal I guess. Don’t eat this please.
Easy to use, taste is good most of the time, texture can be questionable. Easy clean up.LOUD, very loud machine. No midnight snacks unless you share.
This air fryer has a generous basket, it’s easy to operate, cooks well and is easy to clean.Its attractive and fits in my small space.
The smell that everybody keeps talking about in their reviews is real. It took almost 6 months of continues use to finally get rid of it. That awful plastic smell seeps into the food and its nauseating. But the worst part about this is the darn beeping noise for every action, as far as i know there is no way to disable it and its annoying and very loud.
Easy to clean.  Crispy delicious french fries in 8 minutes.  Healthier then fast food.  Chicken is juicy and delicious.  Trying burgers tomorrow
I maybe would not pay 155$ but for $105 that I payed is excellent product!!!! I would of love to have a pause option otherwise is fast, easy to work with, big enough!!! I’m so happy with this buy!!!!!
Love it, that is all.
I am not a great cook and don’t take much pleasure in preparing meals . . . but this air fryer may change my mind! I love how fast and easy it makes preparing meals. Cleanup is super easy. I think this is going to be a kitchen mainstay for a long time.
Love this air fryer.  Operating this air fryer is super easy.  Since getting it a few days ago, I have been using it to bake chicken and beef.  Being summer, it’s too hot to turn on oven, but using this air fryer I can use the bake setting and the house doesn’t over heat.  The removable parts are easy to clean and the air fryer fits in my pantry when not in use.  I had another air fryer and this one is superior in cooking and so easy to use.
I don’t normally write reviews but this air fryer is outstanding AND so is the customer service!  The air fryer is versatile, easy to use, easy to clean, quiet and one of the best small appliances we’ve ever purchased.  This air fryer has replaced (for the most part), our oven and our compact convection oven!  If we had had a microwave, it would have replaced that, too.  We love the Instant air fryer!We had an issue with the handle and contacted customer service.  They responded immediately and took care of the product immediately–true customer service is not dead with this company!  I was able to talk directly to a real human being, too–so, so impressed with her help and service we received–thank you!
This is literally the best airfryer!!!! Huge upgrade
I think when the Teflon like surface heats up it’s releasing toxins in the air.  It stinks terribly.  Wish I could get a refund, instead we are throwing it away! Beware
The recipes on the website always result in an error.  This might be a good air fryer, but I can’t find any recipes.  I guess they expect me to pay for the product and pay more for recipes.
First time owning an air fryer, so I can’t tell you this is the best on the market, but from the time I’ve spent with this one, it’s great, easy to clean, non stick plate, cooks food faster than anything else I’ve used.
Cooks dinner quickly without heating up the kitchen
After buying three air fryers, I found this one which is by far the best. Size, look and ease of use.
Like can set each basket at different temperature and also because it has 2 baskets
I been wanting a air fryer, but I needed an small oven etc. this one so far has not disappointed me. Cooks super fast, in fact I usually have to adjust the time down from whatever item I am making says on bag. Case in point french fries says 16 to 20 minutes. no way this thing cooks them done in 8. who knows I dont let over preheat empty…seems silly. works for me. made whole chicken to a perfect 160F in 50 minutes.For us newly single (widower) with broke big oven is a great item.
Good sized air fryer for a family maybe a little big for an individual person but fries stuff well and quickly and I usually use it for frozen foods (Pizza bites), food I want to cook but don’t want to wait for the oven to heat up (grand rolls), or reheating food (yesterdays pizza).
Easy to use for very day meal preps!! Love it!!
Just replaced my old air fryer with this one.  It is great!  I love it!  The first thing I cooked in it was hot wings!  They were done in 30 minutes!  Crispy and very tasty!  It’s so easy to use and I love the touch screen with digital temperature settings and a timer!  It also has a light and a glass window to see the food as it cooks!!!!  No more opening the drawer to see how done the food is!  Very nice appliance!!!!
Something seems wrong with my machine. The entire exterior of the oven is blazing hot while running the initial test. I’m wondering if everybody’s like this ? I am going to need to be returning this, very unsafe especially with small children in the house. We had another brand’s toaster oven that wasn’t like this at all and runs very quiet. Also, there’s strong plastic smell from running the test
Just received product a few hours ago, unboxed, cleaned it up and started the test run.  After preheat it was suppose to asked me to ADD FOOD, but it didn’t-just kept on working.  It did later in the program say to Turn Food, so that was good.  and then when the cooking program ended it started beeping, saying END. Again, that was good.  I took the basket out and it continued with the beeping and saying END.  According to the manufacture once the basket is out it would go to STAND BY, which never happened.  Once the machine cooled down, about 15 minutes later,  the control panel lit back up.  I unplugged the unit.  Tried calling customer service, but they are on the East Coast and I missed them.  Will try again tomorrow.  I was very impressed with the size of the basket in this Vortex Plus- very large!.  Total machine is much bigger than my Keurig as far as counter space goes.  It did smoke a little during the test run, but not very much.
Everything works great. No complaints about when it works. Here’s a big problem that should 100% be mentioned in the description and definitely in the manual. Run a program. Let program finish. Remove food. Look at the unit. it says END. The only other option is LIGHT. No matter what you do the END will remain for EIGHT MINUTES & there is not a single thing you can do about it except to unplug the unit & plug it back in.When you reach out to support about this, they claim it is a SAFETY FEATURE. Really? What’s the safety feature? HEAT they’ll say. What? It’s an oven. It’s going to get hot. Also, it’s hot when you open it. It’s not getting any hotter. Or… is it? Is that the problem? Was this unit fitted with this safety feature because if it didn’t exist something very bad could happen?This is a major flaw that they simply don’t tell you about until you reach out to them. And then they give you a ridiculous answer. I’ve owned air fryers before. None of them had this safety feature. What if I need to air fry 2 things within 8 minutes of each other while serving guests? Tough? Who makes a product like this that way and sells it?!
Great product for a great deal.
The right side programmer stops working after it finishes cooking. You have to unplug it to get it return back to the programming screen. Otherwise cooks food fine.
I love love love my air fryer!
what can’t this thing do!? The Instant Pot Omni Plus 20-QT Air Fryer is a wizard. must have. 10/10
Control knob broke the second time I used it.
Very nice product. I use it to broil bagels and make chicken. Really like the window you can check your food without opening the basket.
Just about everything comes out better using the air fryer – vegetables, chicken, burgers are improved by the fact that the outsides are crispy with minimal use of oil/butter, while the insides are cooked but remain moist.Foolproof to operate, surprisingly easy to clean, it has totally changed our cooking regimen.The ONLY drawback is the fact that multiple batches mean that the first round gets eaten while waiting for the next to complete, although everything cooks 30% faster, so you deal with it.Seriously contemplating a second machine, even though we have limited counterspace – it’s really that good.
Really loved this product because it had a large basket and that I could reheat and air fry. My main issue was that it ended up dying after 7months and I would expect that for the price it would have lasted longer. Extremely disappointed.
use it all the time. easy. convenient. the only thing is the bottom doesn’t get crisp unless I flip it I think some airfryers do without flipping the food I can be wrong. I don’t have an oven this works as a replacement for now. But like I said I use it sbout as much as I use the stove now. thanks for that. would recommend to friends and family
This printed on the box! Read carefully! I believe this item has no life on the market! Why would you be poisoning yourself and your loved ones? Yuck
I love three things about this air fryer. The light is essential, the size even for two is necessary and it is SO easy to clean. I found hand washing the grate works better than the dishwasher. I learned one thing almost the hard way. Be careful if you use parchment paper. When I tucked it under the grate it worked just fine. When I did NOT, the blower had it moving all over and it hit the coils and started to burn. Fortunately I was nearby when I smelled the burning paper.  It is a fun way to cook. Do not buy a cookbook as all you need is a computer or  an AI device to learn exactly what to do. Asking Alexa has proven a great help.
We made 2 cups of potatoes tots and a pound of buffalo wings from Traders.  The tots took 7mins and wings took 11mins.  Both are cooked to perfection, crispy outside and juicy inside.  😋 Thank you Instant Pot, another winner.
no brainer – does the job well
No matter what food I put in, this air fryer cooks it up right!  Very quick and convenient cooking! Love it!
I really like the large size of this air frier. It fits everything. It’s so easy to clean, just the drop pan and the basket. I don’t have to think too much about it. I’d buy it again.
I been searching for the right air fryer for over 5 months and I finally found it. I was using the Instant Pot with the air fryer lid but I would have to make the food in batches as I was limited to space for just 2 people. When I ordered this I though it was for the new ninja once it came I realized it was Instant Pot but figured what the heck I’ll try it. Well, let me tell you this air fryer has not disappointed me at all. I love it. I love the see through windows. I don’t have to cook in batches and you can time it for both food to complete at the same time. It’s super easy to clean. I live in Arizona, we try not to put the oven on in the summer. This is perfect as I can bake and boil in there. I am able to leave this out on the counter. I use this about 4 times a week as I learn new recipe I am sure I will use it more. Left over are a breeze to reheat in here rather than the microwave and taste better. I highly recommend this air fryer.
I bought this as my first air fryer in June 2021. It worked for exactly 1 year and 1 month. One person home very light usage. Today the there is a chemical smell and the temperature is now converted to C? no longer displays Ferhrenhit-but instead it displays celsius-I am not much of cook so this is more challenging it only goes to 205c for temperature.-which if I use a internet converter it is 450F, Anyone know how to convert it back regular Temperature? It still works but the convenience is gone
Cheaply made!
Use this daily and works well. Wish it did have a preheating mode, but very satisfied.
I was very skeptical of air fryers, but I purchased the Vortex plus and I love and I have used it just about non stop! Right size for 2 people!
I’ve shopped around for many air fryers… I really like this one because it has a see through window and the square shape makes it easier to spread food items for more even cooking (such as french fries). Would highly recommend.
My third air fryer and the best by far.  It is larger, faster, easy to read and has a light and two glass windows.
I would have rated this oven a 5, except that after 1 year and 3 days the heating element died.  I used this oven at least 3 times a week, it should have lasted longer.  Would never buy another one.  it was great for approximately 11 months then started going downhill.  Very unhappy.
I’ve used this almost everyday since received. I suspect I’ll only use my regular size oven for an oversized Turkey 🦃 during Thanksgiving.I enjoy so much I purchased a second for my parents.
We’ve had several air fryers and this one is my favorite. Easy to use and clean. We use it daily for cooking or reheating. Hardly ever use our microwave or toaster oven any more.
I have used my air fryer ( Vortex 5.7 ) 4 times now. I do really like the fryer. I have made french fries, jerky and fried chicken.My complaint is with the recipe app. I have tried several times to get it to search for a recipe and it will say it is on page one of 40 or 50 recipes but it never shows any recipe. It just keeps displaying an advertisement.I have found other sites with recipes, but trying to find one for my fryer has been difficult so I have just been winging it.
Great addition to the kitchen! We use it often.
Like every about this air fryer.
Absolutely perfect product highly recommend.
The only issue with this air fryer is the window on the basket.  Water gets between the panes of glass and the glass gets fogged up.
Use it every day. Reheat,cook an amazing amount of things.  Use it way more than anticipated.  The lighted window is a game changer too bc I don’t burn things anymore.  My first af was prone to burning things as I got used to it. The window fixed that.  Love it
We’ve only owned this for a couple weeks but we’re loving it so far.It’s easy to use, cooks well and is aesthetically pleasing.We used to have one that kind of doubles as an oven and got used to being able to see the food as it was cooking, so I appreciate that this prouduct has a window that allows you to do the same.So far so good!
I am still trying to improve the flavors with the Instant Pot Vortex 5.7QT Large Air Fryer Oven Combo, Customizable Smart Cooking. It’s excellent for crispy French fries.
I bought this on a whim and immediately regretted buying it because why would I need an air fryer? After it arrived I didn’t use it for a week because I was considering returning it. Then I used it and I am in love. This is the best most amazing purchase I’ve made on a whim. It cooks food in ten minutes and is so easy to use. It’s my new best friend.
Easy to use, easy to clean. Works much better than my previous unit. Light and window help take the guess work out of new food being cooked. I’m very pleased
There was a poll going around asking if you’d made it through 2020 and 2021 without buying an air fryer or adopting a dog.  In Jan 2022, I broke down and bough the air fryer. I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it. The answer is several times a week! It’s terrific for even reheating leftover pizza! Definitely an improvement on microwaving! Cubed potatoes for low fat hash browns, baking potatoes without heating up the big oven. It’s perfect for one or two people.
I don’t think this is what air fryer supposed to beThe pictures is nothing like that food will actually look like when they come out.Something as simple as potatoes, it becomes rubber ish, some portions of the thin cut potatoes lift up like bubbles, n the rest of it doesn’t cook well.
I’m really happy with this air fryer. Easy to program easy to clean and looks great in my kitchen! So far I’ve cooked frozen fries, zucchini, squash, fish fillets, chicken tenders  and burgers!  Flavor is so good! It also works great reheating breads and pizza. The only thing I should’ve done differently is get the 6qt. instead of the 4.
I really like this air fryer. It has so many nice features. I have it under my cabinet in the corner, because of the pullout out drawer and function keys location, it stays in place. I no longer have to move it back and forth.I love the preheat feature.  The light and see through feature, I can look at the food while it is cooking.This is a higher quality air fryer. I’m so glad I purchased it.
excelente producto, fácil de usar, todo hermoso, aunque llego con un golpe arriba, pero creo que fue en el transporte
I bought this because of all the hype about air-fryers and so far, undecided if it’s worth the money.  Reheated french fries came out perfectly.  I cooked lumpia’s in the air fryer and the flavor was horrible; I’ll stick to frying in peanut oil.  Veggies come out nice.  Water inside the glass is a disappointment.  It does take up counter space and if weren’t so heavy, I’d store away and use as needed. I have a high-end convection toaster oven which I later learned after further research can do the job of an air-fryer.  It’s all about personal preference.  I just need to find some good air fryer recipes.
We bought this unit Dec 2021. Right out of the box, there were small imperfections at the top of both basket faces along the inner corner, but they appeared to be purely cosmetic. We enjoyed the product for 6 months (worked exactly as expected!), but noticed these imperfections getting worse and worse until they became full on cracks.I contacted customer support, and they quickly sent replacement baskets for both sides. On arrival, one basket was fine, the other basket was not connected at the same inner corner of the basket face. I tried to push it in place, but it kept popping back out. I contacted support again, and they sent another basket… The new replacement basket arrived with a broken handle.I have contacted support again, but at this point we have received one machine, and 5 baskets. 4 of those baskets have been defective. On closer inspection of the single basket that appears to be fine, there is a small imperfection by the handle on the basket face that will probably create the same cracking issue in the future. Only time will tell.I am disappointed in the quality of the product, especially at this price point.
This is my second brand of air fryer. This one is easy to operate and easy to clean. It is a great size for my husband and I. The window in the basket and a light are useful to peak at the food. Definitely would buy again!
This air fryer is great cooks fast and makes good fryed  chicken cook every thing
Vivo sola y no tengo que usar mi estufa eléctrica
I have returned it because had odd smell after each time we were using it.Also the food soak the smell too.Do not recommend this product.
Very easy to use. And nice quality very happy bwith purchase
No issues, easy to use, easy to clean. Controls are understandable and there have been no issues to date.
I bought this, my first airfryer, a couple of weeks ago.  The price was great, especially considering all the features.  I bought it to take on RV vacations.  I was a little skeptical reading the reviews about the bad smell.  With that in mind, I ran the test run without food two times and then I made a couple of small batches of French fries using fresh potatoes.  They did have a bit of odor and we tossed them.  But since then no smell at all.  I made more French fries and a couple of chicken thighs and they were both delicious.  I am very pleased at this point.  We are ready to take off in the RV, and I plan to use the airfyer instead of the oven.  I would definitely recommend this airfryer.  Just be a little patient and give it a few initial trial runs.
If you can get buy the short time plastic smell you’ll be ok, if worlds very good
I use it to cook everything now haven’t used my oven since!
Don’t know how I’ve lived without this for so long!!
My first cake came out perfect but the second got a little too burned. I added too much batter and it rose too much towards the heat. This oven does everything! I toast my pancakes and bread sometimes and I can bake! It’s truly fantastic.
This is so easy to set and used. It’s the best air fryer we’ve had for toasting bread and frying wings, fries, etc. I haven’t baked in it yet but I’m sure it works great for that too!
handwashed the baskets and chipping/rusting
It makes cooking for 2 easy. It is easy to clean. I love that it has the 6 methods of cooking. I use it everyday.
When I say I freaking love this thing! I could kick myself for not buying one sooner. I can’t say enough good about it. Easy to use, easy to clean, cooks food impressively fast and thorough. The first thing I tried was brussel sprouts. I burned them a little because I hadn’t realized just how fast this thing cooks. I’ve also roasted potatoes for my husband in it and reheated leftovers. I’m impressed every time. Tomorrow I’m going to try cooking haddock in it. Everyone should have an instant vortex air fryer!
Can’t change temperature or time. It decided how well done it raw it is
Easy to take out and install the one that came with my air fryer originally lasted 6 months. Bought 2 packs which are packs of 2 ct so shouldn’t have to worry for a couple years. 👍🏻arrived on time
We have a 6 qt Instant Vortex at home, but we didn’t think we had the space for one in our cabin which has very limited counter space.  We missed it so much we decided to try the smaller size and found we love it just as much.  Since there are only two of us, we haven’t yet needed to do two batches instead of one because of the smaller size.
My last air fryer died after 5 years of regular use.  I only wanted a 4qt, and this one had excellent reviews.  It took a few minutes to figure out how to set the time, but figured it out.  It doesn’t make a lot of noise, doesn’t take up a lot of space, easy to clean,  and really cooks food well…what else can you ask for.  I didn’t know that it was part of the instant pot family of products…but, I think that’s why I’m so happy with it.
Bought as a gift and they love it!! Great size and easy to use.
Wonderful ! I love the fact that you can see inside without opening the fryer. So easy to clean. Best fryer I have ever purchased.
I have used this for appetizers that require baking for several minutes and prefer it over the oven using the same temperature but shorter time.  I have used the broil setting for brats and the air fry for chicken.  Everything has turned out perfect.  It is easy to use and a dream to clean.  The size is just right for two of us with extra space for four servings.  It takes up little counter space.  I am very pleased with my purchase.
We upgraded our old air fryer and boy are we glad we did. This thing is awesome. Large area for food, sleek design and many options making it versatile for many different cooking styles. Pretty big but worth the counter space.
Fries things up nice, crispy and quick. Better than I thought it would be
Love this air fryer!  I don’t know how I went so long without an air fryer. This one is so easy to use, easy to clean and cooks well. I love that it has so many features. I haven’t used them all yet but excited to try them. Highly recommend!!
We use every day never use oven
I loved the 1st one I bought so much that I bought this to cook more items simultaneously.  We’re  trying to reduce fat for healthier living.  Electric bill seems lower now that we’re not using big oven and heating up house, but can’t prove it.  Transparent front light allows you to see cooking progress.  Looks neat on kitchen counter.
Very happy use at least twice a week!!  Tender chops and chicken. Living in texas keeps heat down in house instead of using oven. Fries are crispy outside and tender inside!!
Easy to use but can’t find parts
The wedding couple loved it
I purchased this for my son as he moved into his 1st apartment. He loves it! Easy to use and clean up. Makes cooking his favorites quick after a long day at work. Chicken breast to top a salad, homemade buffalo wings to sweet potato fries,  tastes like take out, but economically made at home.
But sadly on the second use one of the lightbulbs went out on the left side. Now I have to figure out how to change that. Otherwise it works well.
i hate to cook this makes things soo easy for me cooks almost everything i need
So I don’t know if it was because it was new or not but the first few times I used it, the smell it circulated was horrid. It went after a couple uses, but a word of advice: don’t cook fish or brussel sprouts in your first few uses. Also, I’ve owned a different airfryer and I’m accustomed to just chucking my food in without preheating and have it start cooking immediately, so I’m not happy with the fact that there is no way to turn off the: (1) preheat function, (2) add food timer, (3) turn food timer. Since there is a mandatory preheat, it throws off all my timing that I’m used to from the old airfryer, so there’s a bit of a learning curve there. One last thing is that they should kept the same basket dimensions as the ninja equivalent, because they have things like racks and other accessories for it, which most of don’t work for this one because it’s a half in shorter. There are little to no accessories for the instant vortex on Amazon right now sadly, and those just open up a world of options. Other then these things, I do like the fryer. It’s fast and efficient. I cooked fries from frozen(the skinnier ones like McDonald’s) @ 400 for 3 cooking. Including the preheat, which was about 2 minutes, 5 minutes of cooking actually made the fries too hard. I’ll have to readjust my cooking times, but like I said, very fast and efficient.
I love my Instant Vortex Plus 6. It’s so easy to use and cooks food evenly. I love the clear view window and light because they make it easy to see what’s cooking inside. The best part is that it reminds you when it’s time to flip over the food so that it can cook evenly on both sides.  It has a wide enough basket for 5 lbs of chicken, and the design is so sleek that it’s easy to clean. I love the way it looks in my kitchen too. It was worth every penny!I also like the design of single basket, giving you more space and easy to clean than double layer baskets. Smart design
We are new to air-frying, so far we Love it! Every meat whether from thawed or frozen is cooked evenly & turns out delicious!
This has been the best purchase I have ever made so easy to use when u have a house full of teens that can’t cook lol
Love, love, love this appliance. So versatile and easy to use. I don’t need to use my oven and heat up my AZ home in 100° weather. Highly recommend.
ProsEasily and quick mealsCan little air fry just about anythingConsNot presets for different cooking categoriesTakes up a decent counter space areaWish it came with recipes.Having 2 tubs is great but they are smaller ten appear in pics.Grates already peeling
Great little fryerFinally crispy fries.Cooked chicken parmesan came out great. Made frozen pizzaVery nice for the price
I looked at Air Fryers for quite some time before I pulled the plug. Finally ordered the Vortex Plus when it was on sale. We are having fun learning how to use it, and I don’t regret it one bit :)
My husband got this air fryer for me for Mother’s Day since I’ve been wanting one for a long time, and oh my goodness I’m soooo happy with it! Very easy to clean, easy to understand instructions, I love that I can see into the baskets to make sure the food is cooking the way I like. Highly recommend!
Nothing to dislike! Perfect size for two people. Doesn’t take much counter space—yay!!! Air-fried chicken, pork chops, and flounder are all great. Go-to shake and bake: garlic powder; salt and pep; Italian seasoning.  We use it daily. It’s a game changer. Use a slice of bread under grill, while cooking, to make cleanup a snap.
We liked the fryer and it was easy to use and cooked evenly. However it drilled working in 6 months. We still not sure why and needed to throw it away and would not buy this brand again!!
Easy to use warms up quickly
After using my air fryer about 10 times the drawer does not fit in properly anymore. Hot air escapes from the gap. It almost appears to be warped. I am so disappointed because I love this air fryer. From what I understand, you can’t replace the drawer. I have checked very carefully and there is nothing stuck to the drawer to prevent it from closing completely.  Has anyone else had this problem?
We’d heard the hype about air frying but were skeptical.  Well, count us as believers.  While this isn’t a total substitute for deep fat frying, it’s really not that far behind for most of our experiences.  Whether it’s frozen french fries or or fresh chicken thighs, the results are great.  We’ve had some issues but mostly because the instructions / recipes have called for longer cooking times.  As with most recipes, it can be a little trial and error but it’s worth it to us.
A great item number one
easy to use
It was perfect after it arrived, but now that I can no longer return through Amazon, it went haywire.The illuminated logo rarely lights up, the display constantly shows Standby, and it no longer seems to achieve the desired temp.Now, I’ve gotta deal with the manufacturer warranty, but no longer have the original packaging.Anticipating a huge hassle
Hands down the Best airfryer we have ever used. Love the window and easy cleaning. If you buy another airfryer, you’re missing out. Light years ahead of the competition.
Please see the rating stars…. says it all…
The air fryer works great however every time I wash the basket, water gets stuck in between the clearcook window panels and takes days to dry out.  When it does dry it leaves water spots on the panels that just make it look dirty.Better off getting a basket without the clearcook window!
Who needs a stove anymore?  I actually bought this by mistake.  Turned out to be one of my best mistakes.👍Super easy to clean & easy to use.👎🏾It’s huge in my small kitchen.
Me gusta
Our first air fryer and I love it! thank you America Test Kitchen for recommending this manuf. and model.
I have used it for toast, air frying, and baking.
I love this and so do the kids.  Using this make it more flavorful. Love it!!!
Food comes out great you can make almost anything in this air fryer from fresh to frozen plus I do half the dishes I normally would super simple to clean to. And you get a meal on almost half the time it would normally take
Easy to use and clean does a fantastic job
The product looks nice, is fairly easy to use but the flavor of the food is terrible.  The plastic taste that comes from the machine is gross.  We tried to ‘season’ it by cooking all kinds of foods, bacon, burger, breaded shrimp etc., but the plastic flavor still remained.  Very disappointed in this product.
I love the fryer. We now use it more than I use my microwave. I can’t imagine not having. I purchased my son one for his barracks as well.
I love everything about this air fryer! It bakes, broils, air fries I stoped using my oven! Just amazing!
We are really enjoying this air fryer!  Actually by 12 & 17 year old boys are using it more than me!  WAY better than heating up the oven for small meals!
It’s a great fryer as far as the options in baking frying, toasting etc. The main thing I hate that’s a pain in the A** is the wire shelving that comes with it. It apparently is millimeters too short and constantly falls off the inside part of the oven while you’re baking and checking whatever you’re cooking.
We’ve used the Air Fryer a dozen times, works great for many different foods. It’s very easy to clean. One comment, it’s pretty big for storing on the counter, unless you have a lot of counter space.
A little clunky for it’s size but works good. Only thing I have issue with is if you air fry any meat that has fat on it, it makes a lot of smoke once you flip it. So avoid flipping pork chops for example, unless you clean drippings right away when flipping.
I love it can’t say enough great things about it
I had my doubts about air fryers being one of those migratory gadgets that sits on the counter, soon moves to the closet and then the donations box.  After seeing Youtube videos and reading reviews in Cooks magazine, I was willing to give it a try.  Well, I love it!  I have done pork chops, roasted 1/2 chicken (whole one would fit), roasted carrots, baked potatoes,…well the list goes on.  Its especially good because its hotter than heck in Texas (105 today) and using the big oven is just not an option. I can do pork chops that cuts down on the time as well as the mess of clean up. Yeah!  The only negative is you do need to periodically clean under the coil in the top of the oven/fryer awkward but no big deal compared to cleaning conventional oven. So YES I do recommend this product.
I am very impressed. Fried food without the fryer.
my sons bought me an air fryer similar to this one a couple of years ago. I used it just about every day until finally it was falling apart. Tried quite a few replacements and sent them all back. Even tried the fancier one that served as a toaster oven, but that one emitted smoke throughout my house while cooking. Ordered the smaller version of this and it was too tiny so send it back. Got this one and I am absolutely loving it! it’s super quiet, easy to use, super easy to clean, and cooks evenly and quickly. The only function we have used so far is the air fryer, but it is the best one out there! One of my favorite features is the light in the see-through drawer so that you can check the progress without opening it. If you’re considering this, stop thinking about it and buy it! You will not regret your decision.
I love this when we first got it but now one of the baskets is not working.  I am attempting to open a claim with Instant but they are not respondingInstat did give me a full replacement !!
I do like the air fryer for baking potatoes, roasting butternut squash and pork tenderloins, as well as heating up sausages.The fryer does a great job such as with the items above, but I had to guess which setting, temperature, and time to use the first few tries.  The instructions that come with it are skimpy at best and require going on-line to look at some short videos.  If you want to get this air fryer (and probably most air fryers) find yourself at least one really good cook book to help you.It does clean up beautifully — hasn’t needed more than liquid dish detergent and water for anything I’ve fixed.Make sure that you have enough space for ventilation around it while you are using it and a place to store it when out of use.
I simply love this product, you do need to adjust the time you cook stuff, I follow the recipe once then the next time I adjust the time, I’ve made at least 10 different things and they have all come out great.
We have enjoyed learning how to air fry as well as using all the other features of the spacious Omni Plus 18L model since we bought it as a Christmas gift to each other in Dec ’21. And use it we did, every day, and it worked beautifully and reliably for everything from cookies to roasts and all the air frying favorites… until about a week ago when for reasons still baffling to me (we never abused it), the main knob control decided it just didn’t want to do anything anymore — it was stuck in place, pressed in, and would no longer let us do anything with the oven. I haven’t seen that as a common issue with this brand… BUT, the main thing I want to mention is, even though it was long after the Amazon warranty had expired, the Instant website has a great customer support department — I wrote them about the problem, the next day they replied ready to help and asked a few more questions about what was going on, and then asking for a few pictures of the serial sticker and the problem (I sent video of the stuck knob), and screenshot of the purchase invoice… and the day after I sent all of that (very simple to get it all done), they told us they would simply be sending us a brand new unit, no charge or shipping, and it is already in the post and tracking number sent. That, to me, is prompt, helpful and customer-friendly support! Every correspondence was courteous, polite, to the point but not cold, in fact each one seemed very enthusiastic to get us back to cooking with Instant… and the last mail they sent referred to how happy they are to help and how happy they are to have loyal customers in the Instant Brands family. That may not seem like a big deal to some, but in this day and age of so much lousy or even non-existent support for so many electronic/electrical devices, it feels VERY good to know a company which has taken our hard-earned money actually reads, answers and FIXES problems for their customers. Gee, sometimes manufacturers care a little. Well done, Instant. An excellent model from an excellent company… from whom we will definitely be buying other products from now on.
If you are looking into air fryers, and are seriously considering purchasing one, get this one. It has super easy no nonsense controls. Pre-heats quickly. Pauses the timer when opening the drawer to look or flip food. I treat it well and don’t abuse it. The nonstick works well and cleans up nicely.  I mainly cook proteins in mine. Chicken and steak. 4 chicken thighs, bake 30 min, flip them at 15 min…. juicy as can be, crispy skin, awesome.  Decent size ribye, 7 minutes each side, AWSOME.I’ve used it almost every day since purchasing it. The light and window are a nice touch in my opinion. I saw the one guys comments about it….omg?Yes after I wash it you can see water on the window inside? So what, it has zero effect on anything. Even if there is a little water when you go to use it, after it heats up its gone. And it is nice to be able to take a peak at your food, even if you can’t see everything,  I still like having it. I checked out quite a few of these , I chose this one and haven’t regretted it for a second.
Still can’t believe I didn’t purchase an air fryer sooner. It’s the best. We leave it on the counter because we use it multiple times a day. We hardly use microwave or toaster and have not used the oven once since getting it. The window is so nice to have to peak in. Super easy to clean the tray and the basket, and tons of space. Only downfall is the top inside is very difficult to clean if anything splatters up into the coils (like fish.. yuck). Still would pick this a million times, just be mindful of what is being made in air fryer vs oven/bbq
Was not sure about the window but I love that I can glance at it without opening it up. So far works like a champ. Love making diced potatoes
I purchased this Air Fryer about 3 weeks ago. I loved the look of it when I unpacked it. I’ve used it several times and have found new ways to really put an air fryer to good use. It is super user friendly. I love the preset buttons! It’s also super easy to clean. The basket is a nice size (this was a huge upgrade from my previous basket). The game changer is that light!! Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!
Product is what its supposed to be. 4 come in the package as i couldn’t find that info anywhere in the description
Awesome, just plain awesome! We hardly use our brand new stove, we cook damn near everything in this air fryer. Easy to operate, easy to clean, a must have!!!
No stove, pan or oven cleaning. Ribeye steak tender, juicy. Ham and cheese on rye tasty and easy. Roasted potatoes…delicious. Large enough to prepare meal for two and plenty for leftovers. Does not heat up the kitchen like oven and range top. Helps a bit with the electric bill.
I’ve had an older, larger version of the Omni for over 2 years and love that model. Not one issue. I wanted one for a second house, when there, but I’m on the second one and having the same issue. The interior oven walls on the lower two rack positions are slightly wider. This doesn’t hold the rack/tray securely and will drop.
This has saved me quite a bit of time with cooking with the regular oven. I’m still figuring out cooking times/ temps for some veggies, but this cooks everything quicker and do enjoy this! Love the see-through window to check on the items being cooked and not have to open the basket. Very easy to use and figure out overall. Doesn’t take up too much space. Someone else did mention to pre-cook it to get plastic smell out- DO IT OUTSIDE! I put it through 2 cycles of 20 minutes at 400*; it helped test my smoke detectors.  Highly recommend.
I can’t emphasize enough how much I enjoy this air fryer. Super easy to use and 100% worth the money.
Seems to be a nice air fryer.
Great size for multiple servings, very easy to use, and cooks quickly! Preheating to 350 only takes 2 minutes. My oven hasnt been used in months.
Loved drumsticks without anything added. I am on a special diet so they are delicious, filling, and nutritious. Also they are the cheapest cut of the chicken so the fryer will pay for itself pretty soon.
Providing some quick first impressions – loving it!  It took me awhile to settle on an air fryer to purchase, but I chose this due to the generous size and ability to view my food while cooking.So far have cooked frozen fish, frozen burgers, frozen chicken nuggets, fresh vegetables, and leftovers. I’m still working on the amount of air frying time as it cooks much faster than I’m used to (vs. an oven), but the results have been great. Easy to use with simple screen buttons, a progress bar for pre-heating, reminder to flip if desired, and audible but non-annoying beeps (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever used a boiled egg cooker).Also wanted to comment on another reviewer seeing the dreaded unresponsive END screen on their air fryer, which supposedly causes you to wait a number of minutes before being allowed to cook again. The good news is that I only ran into this during initial setup. I followed the directions to test the air fryer functionality (start, heat-up, flip, and END). At that point the air fryer was unresponsive while turned on despite pulling out the drawer and putting it back in. I waited for it to cool down as the instructions said to do, but then decided to unplug and replug to immediately start cooking again. I’ve yet to see the unresponsive screen again – instead I see the END screen, but after I pull out the drawer and put it back in, the interface resets and I’m able to air fry right away again.
Am happy with the purchase. Was better than I expected.
Great  cooking Temps for all types of cooking.
Amazing product all the way around! Easy to use Especially if you have a busy life and don’t have time to really cook. I work in a ER 12hr shifts this is a life saver! Great investment!
I haven’t got a single complaint. It’s small enough for two and big enough for a large family. Incredibly easy to clean, so I’m glad I didn’t purchase liners before trying. The counter footprint is a little deeper and roughly equivalent in width to my 4-slot toaster; however, it’s light enough to store under the counter or in the pantry and move with ease.
Muy práctica
I really love this Air fryer.  Do not forget to remove the four plastic grommets (packaging) from the cooking tray.  Since I have lots of wax and parchment sheets, they help make the cleanup easy.Enjoy if purchasing!
Love this airfryer!  One evening the drawer was not closed completely and it fell to the floor.  The handle shattered.  I had only had the unit a few months, so I called customer service to get a new handle, only to find you can’t buy a replacement handle or drawer.  But the agent said she would send me a drawer as a show of good faith!
Great little fryer. My only issue was the smell of burning plastic when first used. It took several uses, around 7 before that smell finally stopped.
How did I live without this?
Love the ability  to fry food without the clean  up.
I put off buying an air fryer for quite a while. Didn’t need another appliance in my kitchen. But my friends convinced me! So I did some research and since I love my Instant Pot I decided on this one. I was not disappointed! I’ve only used the Air Fryer but only had it for a few months. I did wings a few nights ago and they were amazing. Steak, a whole chicken and French fries all great. I recommend it highly.
I bought this brand because I thought it was reputable. I loved the air fryer while it worked, it holds a lot, easy to program, worked well. Until about 16 months later when it suddenly stopped while in the middle of cooking. I tried to contact customer support but I guess because it’s past the 1 year warranty, they can’t be bothered to respond. So, I am now in search of a new air fryer.
This air fryer by Instant is just amazing! It has two separate containers that can be individually controlled or linked together. It has plenty of space in each chamber for plenty of food. It’s a fairly big device but it is very light and easy to carry or move around. Both chambers have a light option that allows you to see how the food is looking inside. It is super easy to clean because the teflon coating is non-stick and wipes away clean easily. I love the digital display and it is very functional. This has quickly became my go-to when cooking chicken. I don’t know how I cooked before discovering this air fryer! I would definitely recommend this air fryer. It is a good product from a good brand.
I had a cheaper not a known name air fryer.  My sister has this one and I was blown away with the ease of use and how easy this is to clean…  don’t think twice – this is the best air fryer out there..
got this as a gift for my husband…he loves it & pretty much uses it daily! it’s easy to clean & use & he enjoys trying out new recipes with it!
We were late to the air fryer hype, but we love it now and can’t imagine not having one.  This was a great purchase and it has worked flawless for us.  Would very much recommend.
Easy easy easyThe 2 baskets are great.  Still learning how to set si that two different temp finish at same time
It’s small but appropriate for 1 or 2 member households. Love mine and use it for vegetables mainly. Fish is a nice too for my Fryer. Great addition to the kitchens of the home cook in particular.
Looks very nice on counter top and easy to cook with a good purchase
Cooks food perfectly
I was looking for a bigger air fryer and came across this one. Best upgrade ever. It’s big enough to bake a whole chicken. And it cooks fast, only took 45 min to completely cook a whole chicken 👍🏼 & washing is so simple, add water and a splash of soap & put air fry setting for 5 min and everything comes right off, then wipe with warm water.
Great item
I love this air fryer! It works perfectly and is so easy to use. We use it for everything and love the flavor and texture of cooking in the air fryer versus the microwave or toaster oven. This is the perfect size for our family of 5. A great investment that we have gotten a lot of use out of.
I like this air fryer, however, I am new to air frying. No cook times or recipes were included.I can purchase a cook time sheet from Amazon. I find that to be ridulous. I can find nothing online from company , just individual people sharing recipes. I am very disappointed. My daughter has a ninja and it came with both. Will probably be sending back. If you are experienced  with using air fryers than this is a good one. If you are a beginner do not buy.
Did not believe what people told me , got one and love it !! Best gadget ever I am now a believer!!
The best pork chops I’ve ever made.  Also toasts and heats up pastries to perfection so I gave away my toaster.  If you’re a family of 2, you will want to size up.
My whole family loves this air fryer. I wish I would have gotten the 8 qt one.
Love this air fryer! I had a smaller dash unit that I was previously using. The instant pot version is a huge step up. I wrapped the provided tray in aluminum foil for easy clean up. I’ve used it once already to make some hamburgers and I’m already in love!
Great I love it, I can’t believe it browns and cooks in half the time
Large air-fryer with many settings. Very easy to operate.  I love the way it handles frozen food like fries and spring rolls. The light is also helpful.
This is the first time I used it. I see other people with similar complaints. It cooked the food just fine. But when I wanted to eat my dinner and leave the basket to soak it kept beeping at me. It wanted me to put the basket back in. Other than unplugging it, I don’t see a solution. I am very unhappy with this feature.
My girlfriend opened her new air fryer when I was in Chicago visiting…we made fresh meatballs and they were amazing! Then we did french fries. Amazing. I ordered one on the spot so it would be there when I got home. I do waffle fries, and frozen meatballs, but my very favorite is SALMON. I found a simple recipe with butter, garlic salt and lemon, put it in the air fryer on 380 for about 10 minutes and viola! Delicious, crispy outside, tender inside. Total hit. And so easy! Easy to clean. Healthy because you don’t have to add any, or very little oil.
I cook everything from bacon which is the best in this to steaks, hamburgers, pork chops, chicken. Once you find your sweet spot temperature, which mines is 360 degrees everything turns out perfect. Did I mention bacon is the best 5 minutes on each side you will have crispy perfection. Have not tried baking anything yet. I just love the air fryer function and doubt I will try any other functions. Oh yeah forgot french fries are great in this fried okra. Anything you can fry traditionally this is your golden ticket. Bottom line I love this thing and for what I paid it’s a real crime. Did I mention bacon. Again I love this thing.
This air fryer replaced a toaster oven that has been on my counter for years.  I’ve only had it for a few months, but I’ve already used it FAR more than I EVER used the toaster oven in all the time I had it. Surprisingly, one of the things I use it for most often is hard boiled eggs (280 degrees on the air fryer setting for 17 minutes – perfect every time!)  Like many other commenters have mentioned, there is a plastic-y smell in the early days, but it diminishes with time.
I LOVE this air fryer. It perfectly crisps up fries and tots without the added grease. I have been making single serve brownies and cinnamon rolls as well, just make a smaller recipe and use an oven safe pan. The inside is non stick and extremely easy to clean, I have never needed to scrub hard to get anything off. Just let some soapy water soak and swish around and then it’s clean. This is seriously the best air fryer I’ve used.
Cooks perfect everytime. Cooks quickly.Roast peppers, jalapeno peppers, meat etc.
Broke my first time using it
Great and versatile new cooking choice
My boyfriend ordered us this airfryer just to give one a try and we fell in love ! This airfryer is on the big side, so I would make sure you have enough space on your counter. The touch screen buttons are easy to understand. It preheats and beeps when it’s ready for the food. There’s even a button to turn the light on inside the fryer ! It’s very quiet and the food cooks fast and came out delicious. We only cooked a couple meals with it but so excited to cook more. Cleaning was a breeze, the food came right off. Definitely recommend it’s worth the price !
I love it!  Easiest thing to clean EVER! I look up recipes in tiktok! “Air fried “X””love it!!
I have absolutely zero complaints. Easy to use, works great, easy to clean. Love it.
Haven’t gone a day without using it.
Nice little oven that I would give more stars but the rack falls off the rails inside pretty much every time you try to put some thing in or take it out.  Racks or guide rails need to be an 16th inch wider, it is just to the point where you think you have it in correctly then BAM, it all crashes down…..  Instruction manual is very vague as well, could do better.
I had the air frier for a while and i love it. Very easy to use and clean.
Are you the only person in your neighborhood that doesn’t own a air fryer? Have you read reviews about air fryers that don’t cook evenly or emit stinky odors?Well this air fryer cooks very fast, very even, and doesn’t admit disgusting chemical odersI bought this back in March and it has been a charm, I bought it as a gift and they were happy but skeptical at first but now it’s used so much instead of busting out the oven and getting crispier better fries in like a quarter of the timeI think it takes like 7 minutes more or less to do some fries that come out fantastic, I would recommend to spray a light layer of oil on the fries but you could do them dry but a light little Spritz of oil will help a lotThe cleanup has been pretty easy, you could just put the whole basket in the sink to clean it and the non-stick works pretty goodI would recommend on the first use to run it a cycle or two and scrub it as they recommend to get rid of any kind of new factory smell but that smell that was briefly there during the small break-in period of me running it one to two cycles and cleaning it is no longer there as I have seen in other reviews of other air fryers that people claim the smell never goes away and they could taste it in their food which doesn’t sound safe to meI mean in my honest opinion it would be nice if they already pre-did all this precooking for me because it feels a little bit like a turn off that you have to do this but to know that I only have to do it once and that I haven’t gotten the smell back or anything like that kind of taste in my food is coolI don’t have a bird or anything to say if it affects that with the non-stick but I do have a dog and he hasn’t complained lmao 🤣😂I definitely recommend this one because the basket is pretty wide so you can fit like multiple chicken cutlets and fries which is great if you’re cooking for more than one person, I haven’t really used the other features other than air frying but I’m sure those are great tooAlso it’s really nice to actually see your stuff cooking, like imagine not having a window on an air fryer lmao 🤣😂
Haven’t used all that much but as my closest to an oven. Can’t seem to get the food to come out at the right temp (first time using an air fryer so it’s most likely just me.
Very easy to use
Best money spent on kitchen gear.  Fantastic product.
So convenient and easy to use. Loved it so much I bought another one as a friend’s housewarming gift.
Exactly as advertised
Had it for a year now and still going strong.  Replaces so many other appliances and the air fry works great.
Powerful, easy to clean and I love the window with the light inside. Easily the best Air Fryer I’ve ever used.
Finally bit the bullet and invested in this when it was on a good sale. Still struggling a bit to adapt manufacturer’s times and temps to the air fryer but this machine works very well.
My husband and I  have been enjoying the meals I’m cooking with this air fryer. Most of the recipes are fast, easy and tasty.
I love this air fryer because you don’t have to open it to see how the cookings going!
My daughter loved it
I use this for meat , veggies and frozen foods. It’s great.
Wasn’t sure I needed or would use an air fryer but this one has made me a believer!! So easy to use, doesn’t take up too much space, doesn’t get hot outside the unit that I need to worry about counter top as others have feared. Now I plan meals around what can I cook in my AF!! Clean up very easy. Favorite things are chicken, pork & potatoes!! You will not be disappointed with this unit unless you are feeding a large family, just 2 of us here and can cook 4-5 pieces of meat easily! Enjoy using it so much that I bought a second unit just for our camper!
Love this machine. Use it almost everyday to cook healthy food. Don’t know why I waited so long to get one. Did not like that a cookbook did not come with it.  The links on the info booklet did not work on my iPhone so had to call customer service which had to send different links to use
This Instant Vortex Plus XL 8 Quart 8-in 1 Dual Basket Double Air Fryer works well to make food crispy, especially for veggies like brussel sprouts, and of course it’s also perfect for french fries and sweet potato fries.I like that there are two compartments so you can time two dishes to be ready at the same time for a meal.  The preheat feature is great and it also heats up quickly.Unlike many air fryers, it doesn’t make much noise when it’s in use.It’s relatively attractive on the countertop, too.Heads up that the user manual says that the baskets are not dishwasher safe.  That makes sense (nonstick coatings don’t hold up that well in the dishwasher) but it does make for more cleanup time to handwash them.
Heats evenly.
Do not buy!! Followed instructions and turned it on for the 1st time for 15 minutes w/o food- smelled the entire house of burning plastic. Next, I wiped it down again with hot water and vinegar, and this time turned it on to air fry frozen French fries. Again smelled the entire house, and when French fries were done, not only did they smell horrible, they were inedible due to a plastic taste.  Have run the machine 6 times now, and smell will not go away. Google it and you’ll find that this is a common complaint. I tried all of the suggestions – vinegar and lime juice, bowl of hot water, etc and nothing works; food smells and tastes horrible.  Complete waste of money.
Speed of time!  Even made crescent rolls to perfection!
I especially love the window and light feature.  I also appreciate the different cook settings
Couldn’t wait to start cooking in this. I absolutely love it. Food cooks fast and taste great. I’d recommend this brand to everyone.
We use our air fryer almost every single day. It saves tons of time over preheating the oven, and having two different baskets is perfect for making a whole meal in. French fires come out perfectly, and air fires hot dogs are the only way I’ll eat them ever again. We had a toaster oven style air fryer before, and still use it too for certain food, but the baskets are a must have too. With both of them, we rarely even use the oven anymore.
I can recommend, although it is a lil expensive, but it is fine
I returned this product because I live alone and realized I like stir frying on my stove it’s easier. My friends  love the air fryer for their kids  I didn’t find it useful for me and it did take up my limited counter space but many like it for quick foods the kids can just pop in and it’s healthier I guess
Love everything about this! Such a great buy plus the window/view during the cook is such a great feature. You won’t regret!
I’m late to the air fryer fad but I’m back in school, working and teaching so I need an easy way to make meals. I cook enough for dinner for myself and my spouse and for lunch for us the next day. It fits 4 chicken thighs, perfectly crispy skins. I’ve made roasted sweet potato, brussel sprouts, green beans, shrimp, you name it.Its easy to cook, easy to clean.
Well let me start of by saying this air fryer is amazing. So easy to work with , so easy to clean , i love the little window to see the food so I don’t have to keep opening n closing it . It’s quick , simple and efficient . If you’re thinking about getting a double air fryer GET THIS ONE! it’s not huge , which is great because I live in an rv and it doesn’t even take up much counter space . It’s sleek looking . & even my 7 year old know how to use this thing . It’s a life saver !! I love it .
I love this air fryer more than my own child. My only regret is that I did not buy 10 of these.
I apeen 2 years looking for the perfect Air fryer, now I’m super, super HAPPY. Thank you
Hears up fast. Not a fan of the whole recipe process.
I love it
I can do so much with this machine! I love it
Product was broken when it arrived.
Love this air fryer! Saves on energy and makes some meals really quick. People complain about the initial smell/ taste. What you need to do when you get it is wipe it down and put vinegar and lemon or lime in a bowl and run the air fryer a cycle or two but the KEY is leaving the vinegar water in the air fryer for about 15 mins after running it so it can do it’s magic. I had zero issues with plastic smell sand taste after doing this. I use this thing almost daily for lunch on the fly.
Bought this for my mother in law so she could make small batches of fries, wings, etc.It’s perfect.  4 quart size is great for about 6 wings followed by a couple small servings of fries, or two wings with fries for one person.Preheats quickly, cooks fast and is easy to clean. Makes the best crispy chicken wings. If you use liners, they work great but be sure to preheat before you put a liner in.
I use mine every night and everything I cook comes out perfect.  Easy clean up.  Cuts down on cooking time.  Love it.
I seasoned the grill plate and use little to no oil to cook
Nutritional meals with no fuss
Great gift for mom.
It is a rare week where I don’t call on this Instant Vortex 4 Qt Air Fryer nearly every day. It is ideal for cooking fast foods, frozen foods, veggies and spuds, meat and even bread. It’s ideally sized for cooking for two. Think of it, frozen French Fries that crunch as they should in half the time your oven will need. Baked potatoes where the skins are a treat in themselves. Hamburgers that look and taste like they came off the grill. Roasted veggies that are perfection. Even grilled hot dogs in less than five minutes, less time than it takes to preheat the grill. Tonight was French Bread Pizzas, cooked from frozen to crunchy crusted perfection in six minutes.I couldn’t be happier with this Air Fryer
My only regret is that I didn’t buy this sooner. I use it almost every day.
This is a great air fryer! We’ve had it for almost 6 months with no issues! We’ve enjoyed lots of great food with it too. I will buy a bigger one next time, but I would stick with the instapot brand!
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Open Sensor Broke within months after purchase…just outside of the warranty time period too. Do not buy.

My wife almost exclusively use this for any food now. Her only complaint is the different heating functions seem to be more or less all the same as the air fry function. Favorite purchase this year for sure.
I bought this Instant Vortex and loved it. The air fryer in the large over is not used anymore because this machine does it all for a small family.I am writing this here today because I want to comment on the immediate difference between this and the Cosori.We found that we wanted to fry different foods (settings, etc) at the time and could afford to buy another air fryer and, just to provide a little difference, I bought the Corsori  5.8 qt, shortly after this purchase.When I tried the Corsori, I almost sent it back without actually turning it on. This was due to the difference in the pan/tray assemblies between the two makes.The Instant is just one pan with a handle attached. A small metal removable perforated plate sits in the bottom. When removing this tray, the whole thing comes out with the handle and the food is served from there. I normally use this tray with a silicone perforated mat under the tray.The Cosori tray has a separate handle/basket arrangement which, for me, make it unnecessarily difficult to operate. The handle pulls the tray and assembly out, but the handle and mash basket must be separated from the main tray. . I find it difficult to get it apart and even more difficult to get it back together, and the tray requires more force to inset it into the machine.I only mention this here to assist anyone considering which of these two machines to buy. See some YouTube videos of them both in use and you may find that one sort of food removal tray suits you better.I like the performance of them both, but simply because of the tray system, I mostly use the Instant Votex.
Hard to do vegetables love cooking tempura shrimp in it and burgers and having the grease and fat come out of it. Makes my life easier for someone who can’t use oven or stove for seizures I am safer with this I know how to do it. Thank you for creating this my family has the instant pot and we cook soup and pasta a lot in it and this is our product we use everyday
Love it.
This machine is good looking. The digital buttons and the clear viewing area are not visible until you use the machine. When the machine is dark or not in use, you cannot see into it. In fact you can’t even tell there is a viewing area. So for all of those who had the concern I did, that the viewing area would get dirty or moisture in it and look trashy on the counter, that should not be an issue. I haven’t even used it yet and I already love it. I also love the simplicity with minimal buttons. I’m very happy with my purchase.
Easy to use, easy to clean, fast, healthy & delicious!
Finally decided to purchase an Air Fryer after hearing how everyone loves theirs.  I have hesitated for few years no thinking it would be just another thing taking up space on my counter.  This one fits perfectly next to my coffee pot.  I am a busy single senior citizen not wanting to take the time to prepare, cook and have a mess to clean up.  I bought the first April 1st and decided on this particular one after reading the reviews especially the basket size. The only complaint is the basket. It is difficult to shut and at times will not stay shut while cooking which is very frustrating.  I have to slam it to close it.
I like to be able to use my air fryer for things like chicken nuggets and fries, or 2 different appetizers at the same time, since they usually need 2 different temperatures. So usually one of the items has to sit out and almost get cold while the other item cooks. However, this is perfect, you can do cheese sticks on one side, and potato skins on the other. 2 different times/temps, and no cold food! This works great, and is much smaller than you would expect when compared to normal air fryers!
Okay I absolutely love this air fryer. I was scared to order this because it didnt have thousands of reviews like the others did. I am so glad that I bought this one because my favorite part is seeing the stuff cook. I dont like my food burned like my breads, chicken etc. so I can see that it is not getting burned. It is pretty big and can fit alot of food. My favorite part is that no matter what mid way through the food cooking it will beep and tell you to turn the food. I taught my son how to use it and he uses it all the time. I bought little parchment inserts to help  with easier clean up. 10/10 recommend this air fryer. We have had it for a few months now I think I got it before christmas but I cant remember and it is still going strong. Super easy to use and easy to clean. I usually hand wash it but when I have let it get dirty I have put it in the dishwasher and it was just fine.
I have been waiting to buy an air fryer because I didn’t think I would use it. I’ve used it everyday. Quesadillas, chicken, veggies. Amazing. Being able to see while cooking is very handy. A lot of packages don’t have air fryer instructions so being able to check has been needed. The basket is huge and can hold a lot of food. Super easy to clean, dishwasher safe!
How simple cooking two things at the same time without the hassle of meals getting burnt while I am busy doing something else
I like that it has 2 compartments w/their own controls. That does make this air fryer a bit small then, maybe. I haven’t perfected air fries yet, but I’m getting closer.
My first air fryer worked well but it always sounded like it was going to take off and it was very difficult to set time and temperature.  This one is very quiet and is really easy to program.  Had it for about a month and still very happy.
Basket or sensor not sure but stopped recognizing any features.Don’t buy anything made in China.
This product has so many features that my household loves. Of course, the air fryer feature is awesome. It works way better and faster than expected. However, I was amazed to find I was able to bake cookies and pies in it. They turned out beautiful! My husband loves the dehydrator. It was a completely unexpected feature when we were looking at which one to buy. This was absolutely the best air fryer we have ever found!
Stylish, easy to use and cleans up easily
This is the perfect it’s midnight and I have the munchies solution. This works really well cooking with one or both sides, I was initially skeptical because it doesn’t get as hot as our old air fryer but it is not a problem at all. It cooks quick and efficiently, and reheats precooked food with ease. It is easy to clean the baskets, I haven’t had anything stick yet. The lights are really nice to check how it is coming along.
Great product and worth every penny
This is so much easier to use than my old air fryer.  Love the multiple options.  Bought one for myself and after using bought  2 more for my children
Yes it smells really bad at first but it does goes away at least on mine it did. It’s my first ever air fryer and I have to say I’m impressed, everything cooks faster and leftover come out like new lol! I’m really happy with this air fryer.
We Love it will buy again
I often cook for one (me) and this makes it so easy. Smaller oven size makes it really economical and doesn’t heat up my kitchen in the summer.
Bought as a gift for my wife. now I’m a believer
Worth every penny. It has tons of features and we use it just about every single day.
I had high hopes for this air fryer after a lot of research and it has exceeded all my expectations.  Cooks thoroughly and efficiently.  So easy to clean.  Excellent crispness with great flavor.Looking forward to trying many more recipes and enjoying shorter cooking times with less mess!
My wall oven is broken and it is a 2-3 month wait for a replacement. This air fryer with a 10 sq inch basket is a good substitute for me as I learn to cook with  this convection device.
Everyone I know has an air fryer or two. I was late getting into the rage. Well I’m glad that I was late. I got to experiment with many fryers via friends and family. And then, my sister got Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 4QT Air Fryer Oven Combo. So I was over there over the holidays and what she made with her fryer stunned me. Plus: I offered to clean it yo see what that was like. 1 – 2 – 3 — DONE!!She had a bunch of company that night (Christmas) most of who had their own air fryers. They all fell in love with her Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 4QT Air Fryer Oven Combo. I went home and ordered mine on Christmas Day! A few of her friends did as well. They said there was more room in the 4QT basket than in their various 10QT basket.I highly recommend the Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 4QT Air Fryer Oven Combo. They sold out for a while but are back in stock. I’ve been checking for all my friends and family who want a second fryer!!!! An Instant Vortex Plus!  I’d give it more than 5 Stars if I could! You’ll love it.I’m not a Verified Reviewer or anything. This is a genuine review. I mean everything wholeheartedly! ENJOY!!
This cooking device is one of the most surprising experiences I have had cooking family meals. It cooks protein meats very well – vegetables not so much!It’s so easy to cook fish, chicken and beef. Fajita beef cooks so nice and easy, it’s a crime.Now, I season the meat thoroughly and let it sit for an hour or two. After that, cooking it is a breeze! 4 – 5 minutes and you have dinner ready.Overall, this is my go to cooking device now. It’s taken the place of the oven. No more heating up the kitchen for me
This is a great air fryer. The sync finish works well
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With concerns about some complaints about odor issues, purchased because very attractive and fits counter space. Have used much more than had expected & food is very tasty & easy to prepare. Already having an Insta-Pot that we love solidified the quality also. Have no regrets on purchase choice whatsoever & use pretty much daily. (Initially did set on patio table and ran for about an hour to address initial odor possibility’s). We use for way more than frying too, like heating my morning blueberry muffins nice and crispy. Great addition to kitchen for sure, super convenient & very useful.

I’ve only had it a week and I love it.  I have just used it to cook vegetables in it so far, they taste really good and crisp up very nicely!I’ve seen other brands of air fryers, and I found them to be very loud I’d say almost as loud as a hair dryer.  This Air Fryer is very QUIET it makes about as much noise as my oven hood fan when it’s on the low setting (hopefully these references help).  It was really easy to use out of the box.  I just plugged it in and briefly reviewed the instructions.The cooking pan is easy to clean, it’s teflon coated so I just wipe it clean with a soapy sponge. It says dishwasher safe on the packing, but my personal preference is to just wipe it clean by hand really quickly.It warms up really fast.  It’s usually done pre-heating before I’m done prepping the food to put in it.  Very happy with my purchase!
Absolutely love it!
Been wanting to try out an air fryer for a while now. Read lots of reviews on many different brands, and decided to try the Instant. This Vortex Plus 6 has been great so far. Easy to use, and easy to clean. Ran it a couple times outside, per the initial start-up directions, just in case it had a bad smell. Been using it since, no smell issues at all. Hopefully, we get lots of use out of it.
I’ve used the air fryer every day since it came in. It’s now my go to.
Great frier. I love it and makes the food great. The bad news is the inner tray keeps falling out and there are these little rubber tabs on all 4 sides that are supposed to keep it in place well it doesn’t. You try dumping food and tray falls out and burns your hand our falls on the floor and hits dog on head. Also makes it hard to clean and taking off the rubber tabs is just silly and ridiculous. So much that my wife hates it.  If it was not for that this fryer would be 5 stars. Makes it hard to clean. Tray falls out and burns your hand. Makes unit NOT kid friendly.
Reheats and cooks food perfectly! Love that there is a clear view towards the inside of the machine; no more burnt chicken nuggets!
It’s my first air fryer. I bought it because I haven’t been steered wrong by American Test Kitchen as far as bang for your buck kitchen equipment. My knives and Pans are going strong a decade later than they recommended. Anyhow, I don’t know If can give any product description that hasn’t already been given. It beeps from time to time. It’s only annoying if you are trying to cook in the middle of the night or early morning while trying to keep everyone dead asleep. That said, it’s not super loud and it’s not as loud as my oven’s built-in timer chime. Other than that. It’s a time saver for sure. I think that’s its best quality. It makes bacon quicker. It makes baked chicken quicker. It makes a grilled cheese or breakfast sandwich a 15-minute prep to eat time and I’m being generous. So much easier to get an over-medium fried egg in that thing than on a skillet.It’s a great product and gets you excited to experiment with how to incorporate it more into your daily routine.
I love this thing! It has become my little kitchen assistant! Honestly, I have nothing negative to say about this air fryer.
Love it!
Super easy to clean, I love the size of the basket. Love the display, looks great on my counter
This is a game changer for quick delicious healthy meals.  The 4 qt is perfect for 2 people.  If I were using for a family I’d get a larger one probably.  This does not take up much counter space.  It’s quick enough for most things to do two baskets if needed.  Veggies are great with just some seasonings and spray of oil.  I used it also to boil eggs and they came out perfect in 10 minutes!
If you’re looking for a decent air fryer you have found it. It’s a pain to clean even with a dishwasher but it’s so much better than an oven for certain things.
If your temp is high {400} you may have the top of your food burnt and blackened- before it’s done!  So use the temp control and keep the temp a little lower so you don’t burn it.  It is a really nice machine, there are youtube recipes that are for air fryer stews and soups.  I tried a stew with broth. I had to put it all in my crock pot.  I KNOW NOW that stew or soup In an air fryer is on my `never do it again’ list.It simply never came to a simmer. Even after an hour! I just keep trying different recipes. I’ve been using air fryers since they first came out, this is my third one and I really like it, so far so good. And by the way don’t ever put your air fryer on the stove to cool it’s something about the coiled heating components-they can catch fire!
It’s very stylish in your kitchen. Little noise and it works very well.
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Items come out cooked evenly and taste great, but the device is very loud

I had Cosori air fryer and it broke. Because this is one piece without any screws, etc. I won’t have that problem. Also, this one offers more features in determining if you want to air fry, roast, bake, etc. My only issue is I wish there were more instructions on temps and times for various foods. My Corsori came with a really good instruction book.
used this fryer once and then it stopped working.
I actually have zero complaints, was here fast and working great, was packaged with care. And out the box and working same day! Just made some delicious bufflao wings in it! Would buy again
I am very happy with this air fryer. It big and I love the windows on the front, that was a feature I really wanted. I’ve only used the air fry feature but it’s worked great. The basket is easy to clean. I am happy thus far with my purchase.
So I was skeptical of all the air fryer love over quarantine 2020 ( I mean yall went sourdough bread making crazy). So im a late. But now im a believer. I love this thing
I recommended it
I love Everything about this product.
I recently purchased this INSTANT Vortex plus – and It’s so easy to use.  Makes heating up and cooking food so simple.  The two trays and window with the light make the difference, no need to open and shut the drawer to check your food.  Another great feature is you can cook each side separate and different temperatures, which makes meal preparation so quick.
I like it!
Broke after 4 months barely used it
Best air fryer I’ve had
My friend bought a Ninja which came with a nice manual and recipe booklet.  I decided to purchase an Instant Vortex Plus.  Had to go online to print a manual and I couldn’t find any simple starter recipe book anywhere on line.  I will continue to search, but I am very unhappy.  This is my first air fryer and I don’t really know where to start.
But this works pretty well.  I’m happy with it.
I’m not a cook nor do I use any of the kitchen appliances I buy, except this one!  I love it so much I bought 1 for each of my daughters.
I was already disappointed with the excessive amount of beeping this infernal machine has. Open the door beep, close door beep, touch anything it beeps. Yeah you can mute the beep but then how do I know when my food is done when I’m in the other room???  Just poor product design all around.Now after less than 6 months of use a fan is already going out. It starts up very noisy and you can either let it rattle along or smack the darn thing which will sometimes resolve the fan noise.
Love this air fryer. The only complaint I have is it’s timing for flipping the food
Can’t really complain
Best Money EVER spent!!!
I purchased the Cosori air fryer about a month ago. I repackaged it within an hour of unpacking and setting up and I ended up sending it back the next day. It had a lot of issues in my mind, you can check my review if you feel up to it  but the issues I had with it are pretty much covered in this review.I figured most of the air fryers were pretty much the same and if I didn’t like the Cosori I wouldn’t like any of them. Fast forward to yesterday when I decided to give it another go. I ordered the Instant Vortex Plus and it arrived today. The difference was night and day.The Cosori had a beeper that was so loud that there are actually videos on YouTube instructing you how to make it quieter by opening the air fryer unit itself and modifying the beeper since it has no volume control. I assume doing this would void the warranty. The Instant Vortex Plus has a normal volume beeper like everything else I have that beeps.The drawer for the Cosori seemed very cheaply made and I had to jiggle it to get it to seat correctly when inserting it. The Instant Vortex doesn’t have that problem and it’s very well made. The drawer also has a tinted window in it that you don’t notice until the light inside the air fryer is tuned on. This seems like it will be a very useful feature to keep an eye on the food and keep it from burning if you’re trying out a new recipe.The Cosori also had a button to separate the basket from the drawer which could easily be accidentally pushed allowing the drawer to just fall off since the handle was connected to the basket. The Instant Vortex is one piece and solidly made.It also has more features than the Cosori other than the wifi connectivity and smart features which was very nice but the minuses definitely outweighed this one plus. To me the Instant Vortex Plus is a superior appliance with better construction overall.  Hopefully I can learn to use this for many things that I would normally use the oven and avoid the longer preheat time and the expense of maintaining temperature in a normal size oven instead of this small unit. The basket seems big enough to cook most things that I would normally cook in the oven. I used it to roast some brussel sprouts for dinner and it worked well.I considered spending an extra $20 to get the model with the odor erasing filter but the place I keep it has an exhaust fan directly above it so I didn’t think it would be necessary and I didn’t want to have to deal with cleaning the filter. The reviews I read about the odor control were generally positive so this may be worth the money to some people. The Cosori really had me questioning whether I wanted an air fryer at all, the Instant Pot Vortex Plus has convinced me.
This air fryer heats much hotter than previous brands we’ve had so it’s taking time to get used too. Do enjoy it’s size and easy to clean basket
I’m so in love with it…. 😍 I use it for everything, veggies, salmon, I evenmade biscuits 😋
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It is a fine air fryer except for the insane design where, after a program ends, you cannot re-use the oven until you wait 8 minutes, or unplug and re-plug it from the wall outlet.  That means you can’t add time to under-cooked food, and you can’t start new food, without pulling the power cord. I called tech support and they said that was intended as a safety feature.  This ‘feature’ is not documented, and the screen only says end rather than please wait, or Cooling, or showing a countdown until the fryer can be used again.  This was added to a recent version of this product, and is clearly a change made hastily.  This safety feature is not present in older versions!  I can only guess at Instant’s reasons for making this change (lawsuit?), but it renders their product ridiculously frustrating to use.  I returned mine and got a Cosori, which obviously does not have this safety feature.  I have attached a video where you can see this behavior. This is intended and is exactly how your fryer will behave if you order a new one from Amazon.

Finally gave in and bought an air fryer. I love it!!  The windows on the front allows me to check on the food without opening. Easy to operate and I’m excited to try more recipes.
Sooooo glad I made this purchase. Super easy to use. Slight plastic smell at the beginning, but it goes away!
Wiuld of been nice to have some more detailed instructions and maybe some cooking temps and times and a few beginner recipes
Wow!!! Bought this in a whim to see what all the fuss is about. I thought my toaster over would do the same thing but I was so wrong! Made the BEST roast broccoli ever and the quickest I have ever made it. Used a tiny spray of oil instead of using a tablespoon to crisp it so it saved loads on calories!I used no oil on the tofu and it was the best I have had yet!!!I got the 4qt and it is a bit small but great for two people. I would upgrade to the 6qt if you want to make more to meal prep or have to cook for more people.Love this!!!
Es estupendo al regresar del trabajo me ahora un montón de tiempo para hacer la comida🥰
So, I just received this and had it because my GoWise Air Fryer died after less than a year (seriously used it about 3 times a week and just died!).  After researching I decided on the Instant Vortex.  Not only is it recommended by many of the blogs (cooks) that I follow there was overwhelming response to the efficiency and amazing recipes that came out amazing!  I didn’t have much since it was so late but I made french fries and they were SO good…way better than the fries that I made from the GoWise.  The basket says it is smaller than the GoWise but looks much bigger and I absolutely LOVE the light so you can see how your food is cooking!  Definitely recommend this product.  I have all of the Instant Pots and this Air Fryer doesn’t disappoint!
We loving cooking with it
This Air Fryer is awesome and it has changed my life forever.  I use it just about every day at every meal.  Very easy to use with plenty of space.  Two different sides, two different timer and two different temps.  Just like having two air fryers.  In the morning, I can put make toast or waffles.  At noon, I can heat up left over pizza or fried chicken.  For dinner, I can make a batch of French fries on one side and chicken nuggets on the other side.  The heat and airflow is very strong.  The controls are simple as well.  Touch the Temp or Air button, adjust with the center know, and touch Start.  Easy-peasy.  Great for bachelor or the entire family with kids!  Oh, and this thing looks great on the counter top.  Do it!
I have heard good and bad from friends and family about an air fryer.  Finally decided to try for ourselves and we are sold!  Corn nuggets, chicken wings and fries cooked in less time than expected to perfection!
I have had a stroke left arm and hand are about useless. This has simplified my cooking and clean up. I can eat a more balanced diet using this . I just love it .food tastes great . Makes perfect toast. I have limited space and this does so much. Very versatile.
I received this and let it sit in the box for a few days because I was considering returning it for something smaller since I have limited counter space…I’m so glad I didn’t! This thing’s amazing, it heats so quick, and crisps better than I could’ve imagined. I use it every night for dinner, toasting a sub, frying chicken and even baking pizza. This thing does it all and does it all VERY WELL! highly recommended!
Fantastic invention, great taste , no smoke or burning smell like what the other reviews are saying 👌
We had a standard deep fryer for years, and when it stopped working I decided that it was time to try the healthier option of an air fryer. Seriously, the best decision I ever made. I use this thing almost every single day. I’m finally able to make juicy pork chops that aren’t chewy, delicious chicken Parm, I’ve cooked cookies in it, cheesy crunch wraps, pizza, literally everything! And, I love that the basket is big enough that it can feed our family of four without having to cook in shifts. If you’re on the fence, just buy it, you don’t be sorry!
Al conectarlo explotó
I absolutely love this air fryer. I had a smaller one in the past and did not realize what I was missing, spend the money and get a bigger air fryer. I cook any and everything in this air fryer and it makes my life so much easier. I definitely recommend for any college students or single people (me). I cook dinner in the air fryer 3 to 4 times a week. I cook anything from bacon and eggs to biscuit and hashbrowns. Definitely worth the investment
Product that showed up isn’t even what this looks like. I ordered this because of the sleek design as pictured. What I got what disappointing
Stuck on open after one use
I am buying again soon. Mine locked up on the initial run through the instructions told to me to do.
Recipe book would have been nice.
coil broken
If you don’t have one of these, you’re really missing out!
Absolutely love it! Easy to use and easy to clean. Looks beautiful on the counter.Only wish they had included a little cook book with it.
If you have children do not buy this Air fryer. This particular one has a removable tray and when you go to dump the food out, fries , wings or other food  the tray falls out with the food. My daughter and now myself which I used for the first time were burned. I learned my lesson but kids tend. not to think about stuff like that and did it again. Please buy another machine that has a pan that connects to the drawer.  That way when you turn it over it won’t fall out. I had used a GO Wise before and will go back to a fryer like that. It’s unsafe
Easy to use. Easy to clean. Full of flavor.
I didn’t get the trend but everyone I know insisted I NEEDED this. I like cooking and use my oven a lot. Baked chicken, salmon and other fish, porch chops, roasted vegetables among other yummies. I tried this for my salmon and it was completely mush. The texture was terrible and I cooked for the recommended time and temp after also asking friends and researching recipes on Pinterest. I tried all those mentioned above plus burgers and fries. I was not happy with the results of texture or flavor except for the fries. I think I was right about the air fryer trend being for those who opt for eating frozen foods. I did also try frozen breaded chicken strips and those were perfect. I think the product is absolutely perfect for families who are fed frozen ready items due to convenience. I enjoy frozen ready foods on very rare occasions so for me personally it’s not very useful.
I absolutely love this air fryer.  It’s dishwasher safe which many of the more expensive models are not. It’s easy to use. It cooks great. I make lots of cinnamon toast in it now. I have also cooked French fries. Make sure not to put in too many at a time or it won’t cook right. You have to follow directions! French fries taste great from it. Makes a great grilled cheese too. Still need to try many other things too and excited to try!
This is a excellent choice in air fryer’s. Easy to use and clean. Also it cook your food evenly. I Love this product. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
I had read several of the reviews on different sites that warned of the steel wire rack falling out of the side slots while cooking. While the majority of the reviews did not mention this, I assumed it might have been limited to only a few of the ovens and only happened when the oven was hot. Our rack isn’t quite wide enough even when the oven is cool. Ours will fall down if you put a 10 x 10 casserole dish on it. That is why i only give it an overall 3 Star rating. Other than that, it really is a Good Air fryer.
My husband is loving all the new dinners made in the air fryer. He is coming up with new ideas all the time. We love cooking wings and homemade fries for the games. Bell pepper pizza is his low calorie go to.
Making small meals and it cooks very well
This is not a good product for baking
Seemed like a great thing, but isn’t all that.  It doesn’t fry like it states. Even with recipes from its official cookbook.
I love this so much! The food if full of flavor on the inside and crispy on the outside. It also preheats and cooks quickly. I am so glad I purchased this!
Great product I love it, it cooks to perfection great buy!
If you are on the fence, there are several reasons I chose the Instant Vortex.1. A two chamber air fryer is the way to go. You can set the temperature and times for the two sides independently of one another. This is very convenient when cooking for my husband and myself.2. The lighted window is helpful when peeking on the items that are cooking.3. The machine itself is beautiful it has a sleek black surface with no buttons to catch dirt or debris. It is just smooth surface.After having this for several weeks now I can say that the inside surface is non stick and it cleans up easily with a paper towel or cloth.Cons? Its a large item so if you have a small kitchen this may take up too much valuable real estate. 24 inches worth.
Very easy to clean. The timer is a little confusing does not seem to count down like it should? Have only used it for a couple items so far…. Looking forward to more use of this product
I was hesitant to buy a larger air fryer because I don’t like my counter full of appliances. I had a very small one. But I started cooking more than potatoes in it. If I can quickly cook some chicken breast or porkchops in it, then it’s worth the space. The drawer in this unit is almost as large as the whole unit. It goes all the way to the back. I have made chicken and porkchops several times now, set on air fry, about 8 minutes each side for thick meat. It comes out very tender and tasty. I’ve made air fried oreo cookies in crescent rolls. I didn’t use to care for tator tots in the oven but great now. Cleaning is as easy a a fry pan. Squirt some dish soap in with hot water and wipe after it cold down. No scrubbing.
I like the way it cooks; however, the sound is way too low. Even right beside it, it is hard to hear the tones that it puts out for you to add the food, 1/2-way through to turn the food, and at the end of cooking is almost useless. Besides that, I’m almost happy!!
I bought this smaller version for our camper. We have a bigger one at home and they both work amazing. Highly recommend this air fryer.
First air fryer I’ve owned, and it’s great. Frozen food that I would usually heat in the oven comes out tasting so much better, and the reheat function is much better than using a microwave. Only flaw is that the sound notifications for adding food after preheat, and turning food, are not very loud and easy to miss. The only other minor thing is I wish they provided guidelines for heating frozen food that normally would be cooked in a regular fryer or the oven.
It’s big for the counter. But we have space for it in the cabinets. We are loving it. Super easy to clean
Makes for easy meal prep. You just need the space to store it b/c it is a lager item.  I love this though!!
Very easy to learn how to use. Very easy to clean
This is the best air fryer.Had 3 others different  brands.This is great.
It’s a little bulky but I guess that’s what you get. It’s sleek and modern. I love the light inside so you can check the status of your food without opening it up.
Like this product very much easy to use fulfills all expectAtions
I love this Airfryer, this is my first experience air frying and I’m so glad I bought this one, I love the see through window and the glass doesn’t get hot.
The best part is how crispy food is when cooking – air fry, bake, roast – it’s all great. A family member was visiting and she was hesitant to buy an air fryer. When I showed her all that this one does, she was sold!! But I think she’s looking into a larger unit…hope InstaVortex has one!I’ve used every feature on this InstaVortex Plus and I couldn’t be happier.
The device has several issues.When the device is done cooking if you don’t remove the basket the controls lock up and the only way I have found to reset it is to unplug the unit.When trying to cook an item again for a little bit longer it sometimes sits in preheat instead of going directly to cooking.Food gets stuck in the viewing window and I can’t get it out.I’m not thrilled with the texture of the food. It looks crisp but it just looks crispy.  I can make the same thing in a pan and be sure it’s crispy.Frozen prepackaged items like chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, and pizza rolls are great in this device as the come out perfect but beyond that I don’t see a good use for this item.
Cooks very quickly
Nice and crisp and left overs crisp up just like fresh!
Great fryer. Everything comes out great. The lighted windows are a definite plus.
I love this! Just the right size.
I tried a few different brands of air fryers and this one is by far the best. Love this little but powerful machine. The air fryer is a game changer in the kitchen!
cooks everything so fast. boiled eggs without the water..fries without the oil…etc.  great tool for a great price.
I purchase this for my daughter and family. There are 4 in her family and I wanted one that they could basically feed them all. At the time I purchase it, it didn’t have any reviews but I took a chance and so far they love it. So right now I recommend it.
I watched an online review of this air fryer. It was highly rated. I agree! It crisps the food evenly and cooks evenly. Easy to clean. Would recommend to others.
Love this addition to my kitchen. Looks great in stainless steel and the food is excellent!
Like the fact that it doesn’t heat up the whole house and can cook do many different foods in it
Blows the circuit breaker when also using microwave.  When you need to add additional minutes to food not done to your liking, it goes into preheat for 4 minutes
This air fryer is the best purchase I have made. I am glad I bought this one, everything about it is very simple. It’s easy to clean, easy to operate and works perfect! This has made my healthy eating so much easier and the food I have made in it is always delicious.
Great but I would recommend Very easy to clean you can even bake I love it
I am in love! I have had many air fryers in the past and they were just ok. None of them gave me a real crunch, like many say they get with different foods.  This Air fryer has blown my mind! I make Buffalo cauliflower bites and for the first time ever I understood why people love them. I’ve tried them so many time but this time they actually got crunchy. My kids also love it.
This is my new favorite appliance! Frozen french fries turn out nice and crisp and not full of cooking oil. It uses less electricity than the stove/oven, plus it’s easy to clean.
Okay I finally caved and got. Been using it constantly and works wonderfully. It does need to be washed after each use or you get sticky build up but that a given. We love it so much I bought another one as a house warming gift. Def worth it
Unfortunately the seal on the window was broken.  When I handwashed it the water leaked between the two panes. I have hard water and even when it dried it left streaks. After I got to the right person, sent in pictures and proof of purchase the company sent me a new unit as they did not have just the basket. That more than made up for my trouble.  I love the air fryer and can cook some things in a shorter time than preheating my big oven. Food is very good as well – still learning though.
It heats up quickly and gets done so fast. I’ve made steaks, burgers, hotdogs and bacon with no fuss. The best part is it cleans up so easy and fast. My other air fryer was harder to clean, took a while to heat up and much longer to cook.
Great air fryer.  Plastic smell went away after 5-10 use/wash cycles.
Use the air frying almost daily.  Do not know what I did without the air fryer.  I also purchased a air fryer cookbook which is fun.
False advertising, you can only cook for one person, not two as advertised.
Gr8 little fryer..!!!!
Best air fryer around. I have had 3 and this is by far my favorite one.
I just got it but I would like to be sent the charts that obviously the COOK brand has. It seems that we, all, need to be detectives nowadays. I never thought that a less expensive air fryer has more to offer,Therefore, please, try to find those charts that can be stuck on the face of the refrigerator.Thank you!
Mine came in used and dirty inside and neither was there a manual/instruction book but it was still easy to figure out and use. Beside it coming in used I love it! Its easy to clean and my wings have never came out any better😍
Much healthier eating!!! Just test it out on a few things first to get an idea of just how much time and what temp is best.  We overdid our fish sticks the first go around but tweeked the time and now we’ve got this. Remember the very first is to leave it empty to burn off the newness smell. Wipe it all out with paper towels as soon as it’s cooled off. Yes!!!! Too cool!!!!!
Had this air fryer for about a month now. So far it has worked to perfection. The light & the viewing window are big pluses.
Super easy to clean. Cooks everything! And fast
I really enjoy using this airfryer, everything I cooked came out good, very pleased with how simple it is to use.
Runs super quiet! Preheats very fast! Can’t wait to try the other options
This is my first air fryer and I love it.  Easy to use and to clean.  I’m still learning how to cook in it, but so far I’m really enjoying it.
I first tried the old standby frozen french fries. Does a great job.  Next I trued a box cake. Also dies a good job, although it took just as long a an oven. Lastly I air fried fresh spring rolls. I brushed them with olive oil, but they never browned like in oil.  So far happy, need to buy the accessories.
Estoy feliz con equipo 👍🏼👍🏼
Love the size, easy to clean and super easy to use. The light and window is nice to have. I have made salmon, veggies, sweet potato fries, shrimp and a few chicken recipes. I don’t know how I survived without it. This one is great quality and the clean up is so easy.
Am using this more than my regular oven now.  Perfect for the two of us.
This was a gift for my son. I hope it works well for him, it was top rated by Cook’s Magazine.
Omg what a great addition to my kitchen this cooked my food fast it tasted great and easy to clean up. Love love love it.
I threw out my microwave After this purchase. I am still finding new fun recipes and restaurant secrets. Most importantly This item feels good to my health. the roasting feature is amazing as well as the baking.Very Easy To Clean!!! I can usually Just rinse the non-stick coated pan. Perfect For appetizers and toasted snacks.
Love this, it makes delicious roasted vegetables, easy to heat items up and clean up is a snap
I had tried others but this one does so many functions it really is worth a little more $.  It doesn’t take much counter space and is light enough to put away after each use if needed.  The basket holds enough for several servings. Great when needed to make quick dinner.
I used all features except the rotisserie so far. I needed a compact oven with all the features because of small counter space,  This one fits. My only negative is they shipped it a very slightly bent oven rack, which I didn’t notice until recently
Love it
This air fryer is amazing .. it cooks everything so good. Chicken and steak are like putting it on a BBQ. The only complaint is that the grill coating has already started to come off and it is rusting.
I love the product, but dial for temp doesn’t work. It broke first day.  After reviewing other peoples responses, that’s pretty common. So if I need 400 degrees, I set it to air fry, 350 to bake, etc.  So I can still use it, but I will buy my daughter a different brand.
Not as described
Have used this air fryer about 10 times over the course of 2 months. Cooked, wings, fish, fries, chicken, burnt ends, etc. with it. It’s performed great and is _very_ easy to clean. Most of the time I just rinse off the container and metal platform that the food sits on. If needed (or I’m lazy) I just throw them in the dish washer and they come out clean. So far, the on stick surface has worked very well. The smaller 4 quart cooks about 10 wings or 2 chicken breasts. The machine is very easy to set (I always select Air Fryer), set the time and then the temp. Machine will notify you 1/2 way through the cooking time in case you want to flip the food. It cooks while preheating but that time does not come off the timer. Pro tip, when cleaning, don’t forget to wipe down the interior of the fryer where the pot is inserted. This will help prevent food from getting burned into the machine.
I cook whole meals in this fyer and now almost never use the microwave. My meals are done literally in 5 minutes and cooked to perfection.
This Air Fryer fits nicely in the corner of my countertop. Cleans easily. Most of all I cooked the BEST FOOD right after I gently wiped it down! Just follow the directions.Last nights dinnerCrispy Chicken WingsSweet potato friesBroccoliAll this in my Air Fryer!Today I want to try drying fruit.I am so happy!
Good kitchen appliance. Combines toaster oven, small baking oven, air fryer, and rotisserie nicely. A bit large, so measure your space first. Draws a lot of current, too, so make sure you don’t have it on the same circuit as others you’ll be using at the same time. Toasts well, air-fries well, and the rotisserie works well. Only complaints are that the quartz rods are a bit hard to clean, and the user-interface for setting temperatures/times is a bit finnicky (you spin the knob fast to make changes by 5’s or 10’s, slow to make changes by 1’s; it sounds like a great idea, but it is a bit frustrating in practice). Since it remembers you last setting for each mode, you might not have to change it that often.
This machine is great. It’s super easy to clean I like that It doesn’t have a basket. It has a metal platform instead.I had the same issue as other reviewers With the smell. The smell was so bad I had to put it outside and run it about seven or eight times before I could actually bring it back into the house.Now I wouldn’t be without it I use it for cooking meals at least three times a week.
Highly recommend.
I have had no issues with this air fryer at all.  It works as expected and I have been happy with it.I have had this air fryer since January 2020 (it is now April).  Having read that a bunch of people are having issues with the unit failing to detect that the basket is closed was a concern, but I have not had that issue at all.
Really easy and convenient to use! Only thing we notice is that steam escapes out the sides. The temperature remains and the cooking is great besides the steam escaping.
Great for air frying. I haven’t used it in any other way, but the appliance is easy to use and small, so won’t take up too much space.
Yes, yes, yes, this is one of the very best things I have purchased in a while. My son even bought one when he saw the chicken come out of it, hot, crispy, and delicious. It is a breeze to clean. Swish a little soapy water around it and wah-la, you’re done. Everything has been cooked in record time and is perfectly cooked. I love the ease of cooking this way. Have made eye-popping chicken quarters, lip-smacking wings, golden buttery toast, out-of-this-world bacon, and tender sweet fried southern squash, need I say more? I love it when I buy something that more than meets my expectation. Definitely would buy this again. Fits on my limited counter space, and I can open it during cooking time to check on progress.
I love that it not only air fries but also bakes and warms all your food in a fraction of the time as the oven and tastes so much better than a microwave!!
Bought it because it was rated #1 by Consumer Reports. Sisters have other brands and this works much better than theirs. Crisps top & bottom evenly. Doesn’t heat up my apartment like the oven. Big enough that I cook my whole meal in it. I am single so I can put in meat & veggies for a whole meal. Doesn’t get hit on the bottom like other fryers. Air exits near the top on the back. It does set off my smoke detector so I put it next to my stove & turn on the vent fan; no more problem with smoke detector. Love the light & window so I can check the food without stopping the fryer. Preheat cycle is built into the timer. Would recommend to friends & family.
Wow this air fryer is so amazing I am so in love with it it’s so easy for the kids to use. It’s worth the money is very fast and very easy to use
Purchased Jan. 16, 2022. The temp/timer knob was tricky, then failed completely.Amazon is going to issue a one-time return label, even though it is beyond the 30 day return window.Since I loved the unit, and I see no similar negative review, I’m going to take a chance and reorder. I will update this review based upon the replacement.I love the size, ease of use and cleanup.
This has become my new favorite kitchen appliance!  So versatile in its uses.  So many online recipes for fast and tasty meals.  I am eating out at restaurants less often as it has made fast-food available in my own home!  Five stars.  Highly recommend.
Works great I just don’t like the smell of Teflon
Very easy to clean. Grandma (who is 86 and is technically impaired) has found it easy to use after some practice. Makes a lot of different food. Very useful and quick.
One of the best air fryers to use to roast, cook, toast, or bake your food. I recommend it!
Like the product very much. Shipping was very slow.
The product I received was the Omni, not the Omni plus. You cannot proof bread or slow cook in this model. I’ve used it happily for several months before I tried to proof bread in it, so it’s too late to return
For $220, I want a product like this to make toast really well, among other things. I tried. You can get it to make toast if you flip it, but otherwise you can’t. The toast setting is useless. I went back and forth with the company for a week of emails, I tried two loaves of bread, and you can’t do it unless you watch it, grab it half way, flip it over, and watch it until it’s done. Then, the toast is perfect. But the bottom and top do not heat evenly.I will say I’m happy with the air fryer, which is the main reason for buying it, but I’m going to return it because I want a toaster oven that can toast bread without me having to watch over it and manage the process. I hope the next one is better.No matter what air fryer you get, I recommend a silicone matt to put on the bottom of the tray and basket, which makes cleaning much easier.
Love the little window . U don’t have to keep opening it up to check on what your cooking . So far I love it
I’m very happy with this air fryer. It provides so many ways to cook meats and veggies without all the oil/butter/fat. Loving it so far.
I did quite a bit of research on various air fryers before deciding on this model, and I’m very happy with it.  Have been using it for practically every meal for over a week now.  Great fried chicken, fish, roasted veggies, and even baked oatmeal!  It’s a great size, easy to use and clean and hopefully a healthy way to cook.  I’m glad I decided to make room for it on my kitchen counter which was my main concern but now feel it was well worth it.
Worst air fryer ever! I wish I could give it no stars! I will never buy this brand again its took me 2 hours to cook air fryer chicken that turned out super dry after spraying the chicken several times with cooking spray. tried fries & it took an hour to cook on 400& the still weren’t done smh I’m I  glad I returned it and got a black & decker which is awesome..
Very easy to use. Very little smell on the first cooking. Been a great addition to my kitchen. Been using it almost every day for the last 4 months.
Love this air fryer. Family uses it daily. Just wish it had an off/on switch.
It’s amazing how much you can cook in here, and the plastic smell does go away after a few times running it.
This is a great airfryer !  I have several Instant pots & have had good results with the Instant brand.  The option to cook two different items at the same time & sync cooking time is a big plus.  It may take a few tries to get the hang of it with cooking times, just stick with it.
I was slow to get on the bandwagon with the air fryer trend.  Bought this a couple of weeks ago and I have made the best homemade wings twice.  Very easy to clean, heats quickly, crisps nicely.
I was so satisfied with my Instant Vortex plus air fryer; easy to use and I made everything from frozen pizza to baked banana bread in it. Then after a couple of months something happened. The Close Basket warning light wouldn’t go off and it was to late to return to Amazon.I contacted Kaizan of Instant Brands customer support and in one day, I received a response that they were sending me a new one! Bravo! I have never had such good service from any company such as this. I guess it’s worth paying a little extra for a name brand.
Great product.  I am a big fan of the glass front to see in while cooking so I do not have to open and stop the heat.  The cleaning is easy just the basket and tray.  I use that dawn powerwash spray and it cleans up back to like new with very little effort.  I was concerned I would not like the preheat as my previous air fryer did not have that.  It turns out preheat is a lot less of a pain than I thought.  Some items I place in and let preheat run with them in.  Other items I let preheat run and it takes maybe 3 minutes, so very easy to transition to.
So far it’s been great.  I’m doing vegetables & vegan burgers & they taste great.  Everyday I learn a bit more about it.  It’s the perfect size.
Plastic smell goes away after a few uses
As advertised, easy to use and clean. Only had it around a month but have use it several times with no issues.
Super pleased with this air fryer.  My first one, and I love it.  I hesitated because I have a convection double oven and thought this would be redundant…I was SO WRONG.  Happy Happy Happy I pulled the trigger!  The app is great too…..
You have to get it. Better than deep fried with lots of oil
Works as described. First meal was eggplant parmesan and it was perfect. Washed it before use and as such NO toxic plastic fumes… 5 stars
I purchased this to make cooking easier and provide me more variety as I am not one that likes cooking.  I have tested this with a few different products in its air frying capacity and they all came out great.  There is a small learning curve to understand how long to cook what but that is why I had purchased an air fryer magnetic cheat sheet that sits next to my Instant Vortex XL 8.  I will first explain the issue I have with my unit and then go into the rest of the review.  Since the problem has not yet impacted cooking, I will not be looking to return the unit.Problem with my Instant Vortex XL 8:- The left basked sensor that detects when you have pulled the basked seems inconsistent. See the attached picture as reference (both baskets were pulled open at the same time for the picture).  When the right basket is pulled, the unit turns the light on and marks on the LCD panel to ‘Close Basket’.  The left basket sometimes does this BUT, it has not impacted cooking.  When cooking, the unit has recognized that I had pulled the left basket open and would stop cooking that side the way it is supposed to do.Construction:- Definitely feels like a solid design.  With the two baskets, you can cook two different products at the same time.  There is a ‘Sync’ option that you can select so that cooking two different things will finish at the same time.  The baskets are non-stick and the trays are metal with rubber pads preventing them from damaging the trays.  The window on each basket allowed me to watch as things cooked so if they were appearing done before time, I could open the basket to verify and cancel the cooking program.- The unit does get warm on the sides and front of the unit and blows warm air out the back.  The instruction booklet recommends 5 inches of space above and all around the unit.  I have found that I am fine with about 2-3 inch spacing from my fridge (right side) so long as I have it 5 inches away from the wall.  The cabinet above it is definitely more than 5 inches and has not caused a problem.Control panel and display:- The single mechanical knob gave me a pretty good amount of control over setting temperatures and time.  It’s not exactly that sensitive so I have had to press something a couple times to get it to register.  The display gives you all the information you need in an easy to use interface.Setup:- Initial setup was a breeze with the instructions booklet that comes with will the unit.  Forewarning, you will get a burning plastic like smell on the first couple uses.  That burning plastic smell will go away after the first couple uses.Cooking:- This one comes down to understanding the equipment and the learning curve that goes into using it.  So far, I have not cooked anything that required any additional oil.  French fries came out crispy enough (most of them) with very few with slightly burnt ends.  Chicken tenders came out perfect.  Turkey bacon has come out perfect though I had to stop the cooking cycle early as I determined they were cooked before time.  The unit will also alert you when to open the basket to turn whatever you are cooking over and it will continue on after sliding the basket in.  Beyond that, using this is almost ‘set it and forget it’ until it beeps that it’s done!- I would definitely recommend getting a cheat sheet or an air fry cook book to aid in learning how to use this air fryer if you are not that cooking inclined.Cleaning:- Thus far, I have not cooked anything that required extensive cleaning but of what I have cooked, cleaning was a breeze.  The trays for each basket has a small handle to pull the tray out and simple dishwasher soap and warm water will do the rest.  The baskets themselves are non-stick and don’t require much to clean.  Just don’t use anything metal on the baskets.Final conclusion:- Overall, I am very pleased with this unit as it has opened up some possibilities for cooking without having to do all that much.  Air frying is only one of its functions and will surely check out its ability to roast, bake, reheat, broil, and dehydrate at some point.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to add air frying and other abilities in a dual cooking unit like this.
I love literally everything about this air fryer. It preheats so fast. It’s so easy to clean, I love the window and the light function. It dehydrated apples and strawberries perfectly and I’ve baked and roasted potatoes so friggin’ fast it’s crazy. Just buy it. You won’t regret it.
Is the best one we’ve ever had
I like it for easy to use and clean up. Food taste great. Easy to change time and temp. if I have to.
Was excited with all the hype around air fryers to be able to use less oil/grease to cook in a healthier fashion. Upon arrival, and no recipe’s included, I researched only to find out that if I wanted to make fresh cut fries I had to position the fries in a single layer and not have them touching, and once I had enough batches cooked, I could reheat them together. So what, 2 hours later maybe after the required water soaking I could have enough ready? Anyway, after the fact, I am realizing that this thing is more suited for frozen foods and is nothing more than a glorified toaster oven. Disappointed again.
After my well-loved Cuisinart convection toaster oven finally died, I was on the hunt for a versatile device which would not only do convection cooking but also air fry and dehydrate.  I spent a lot of time going through reviews and finally settled on this one.  I do like it, but….  for one thing it’s quite large.  This is good because it can handle a lot of food, including pizzas.  However, beware that it takes up a lot of counter space.  It doesn’t fit where I had my original toaster oven, so I had to find another spot for it.  It’s now next to the microwave, with each applicance catty corner on separate sides of a corner wall.  If I try to use them both at the same time, it blows the fuse, even if the appliances are plugged into different outlets.  So that’s a downer that will have to be addressed eventually.  Also, I had to get a sliding tray for it so it could be pulled away from the wall, as it needs to have 5 clearance on all sides when working.  As far as cooking, the controls are simple.  It seems to take longer to preheat than my other oven, and will take the same amount of time to preheat each time, even if I am doing a second batch (like of bagels) immediately after the first.  So if it’s warm after use, that doesn’t seem to affect the preheating time at all.  It also takes longer to toast in general.  For example, it will take 5 minutes to toast at setting 2 (light) for 3-4 pieces of bread.  That’s just longer than I’m used to.  Also, although it has a bake setting, it doesn’t seem to be non-convection bake, so I am constantly having to adjust temperatures and/or times when I’m using a recipe that is for a regular oven, otherwise it will burn.  You need to watch it until you get used to that.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the air fryer basket, we use this all the time and I am able to put away a separate applicance that I had for this.  It cooks well and the whole family now uses it constantly.  I haven’t used the dehydrator yet, but have a lot of plans for that.  Overall I’d say I’m quite pleased.  As for the other reviews which talk about the rack or tray falling out, I didn’t have that problem, but then I use the rack upside down and that holds it just fine.  I do wish it came in white or black as my kitchen is vintage and the stainless steel look doesn’t really fit, but I can overlook that in favor of the functionality and versatility.
It makes life so much easier.
Very easy to use and clean.  I wish it came with more instructions on how to cook certain foods but you can look everything up on Google.
I am very happy with this purchase.
Serious question, is it supposed to stay stuck on the “End” screen after cooking things?Even after I open the basket and get food out it doesn’t switch back to the controllers so I can continue cooking. I have to unplug it and plug it back in. Is this normal? Is the flow of using this machine: cook something, taking it out, unplug it, plug it back in, cook something else, take it out, unplug it, plug it back in, repeat… what am I doing wrong?
I’m happy with this air fryer.  My daughter told me I should get one.  Online recipe cooking times are really inaccurate.  You have to experiment on your own with times — that means some less than desirable results until you find what works for you.
Perfectly cooks everything I’ve thrown in it so far, the only thing you have to get used to is how it only goes to 400° F but, you honestly don’t really need it to. The reviews mentioning the “overwhelming plastic smell” are either babies, or they don’t know how to read an instruction manual. The “odor” comes from the rubber feet on the tray which is easily avoidable by washing it before using.
I love this air fryer. Easy to use and clean. I use it often.
Do not buy this product. The food taste like chemicals despite the amount of times that I have tried to clean this according to the package directions.
love it!
The dual baskets are amazing as well as the sync basket timers.
Do not buy !!!
Great product. It’s awesome!
This Instant Vortex Plus XL 8 Quart 8-in 1 Dual Basket Double Air Fryer is a must have in any busy household!  In a classic black color with TWO….YES TWO baskets, this will be your go to for a quick meal.  No more heating up a huge oven for a small portion.  Easily watch your meal cook through the glass window and control both fryers individually.  Super easy to clean even for the messiest foods.  All around a great appliance to have.  Or to give as a git! :)  Highly recommend!! :)
This is very easy to us and the taste of the food is Perfect
Husband LOVES it! He whips up new snacks everyday! Works great!
I have no complaints about it. For me, it’s worth the little money I spent. Love it!!
Got this for a great deal.  My husband tried it because it’s touch screen technology, and he’s into the new wave stuff.  He cooks, I get a break.  SUCCESS!
Don’t buy this air fryer!!! We used it over 20 times, stunk up thr whole house and food always tastes like chemicals.  Got a replacement from Instant and same thing. Followed all instructions and cleaned properly.  Tried to get our money back a third time , offered a tango giftcard. Don’t waste your money, this is not a good product to use.
The size is perfect for my family, couldn’t wait to use it.  Comes I. Handy when prepping and cooking quickly when everyone is doing Hw or job work and you don’t have a lot of time, but everyone’s hungry!CON: the tray that come with you must clean the rubber stoppers in the edge ends very well, because that where all the juice and oil kinda of stay and build up (even with only 2 uses) so a toothbrush will help get that out.  I tried just the dish washer but still do not get underneath the rubber
I love it. What a like most is the basket design, dual cooking & easy cleaning!!!!
Not sure if this is defective or what what. I have to unplug it when not in use because it emits a terrible shrill high pitched whistle that makes our ears hurt. Not loud but annoying. Other than that the function of it is wonderful! Bacon cooks in under 10 min in the air fryer. Shoestring fries cook in under 10 min. Fried chicken reheats and tastes wonderful also recrisps. If it only weren’t for that awful shrill sound on standby I would give it TEN stars!!
I really like this product. I’ve cooked steaks, pork chops, fish, vegetables & toasted cheese sandwiches. Easy & quick to use, clean up is fast & easy. You can fit a 8X8 foil tray inside the basket if needed. I also bought the air fryer magnetic reference chart, most temperature settings & cook times are spot on.
I used to have a Philips Air Fryer and liked it a lot. But after purchasing this one at a fraction of the cost I’m shocked at well it works and so easy to clean. Non stick surface makes it easy to clean right away. It’s cooks evenly and quick! I love it! Great price, lots of space. Perfect!
Does what I wanted to do. Nice for a starter to see if you like it.
I got the Instant Vortex 6 QT Air Fryer as a gift.  I was skeptical, since I normally do things the old fashioned way, presuming it will taste better.  Since the air fryer was a gift from our dear friends, I thought I would give it a valiant effort.  I tossed in frozen fries bought specifically for the air fryer with a slight spray of olive oil and a little salt & pepper.  I also bought frozen chicken wings just for the air fryer.  Both of these came out way better than my old traditional ways. Both were very crispy in a fraction of the time.  I then wanted to try French fries from a raw hand cut potato.  I followed directions that I found on a YouTube recipe.  Soaked & rinsed the potatoes in water twice, dried them off sprayed with oil & spices then cooked them.  They were awesome!!!  I did have to cook the hand cut fries much longer than the frozen, but it was worth it.  I have watched numerous videos on air fryers.  I do think the window and light on this model is a game changer. You don’t have to repeatedly open it and lose heat to see if it is crispy yet.  Also the easy clean basket is very nice…you could literally wipe it out with a napkin and get away with it…I use a little soap & water though.  This has become my favorite kitchen appliance.  I liked it so much I ordered one for my brother from Amazon.  He is very happy with his also.
Love love love this..highly recommend
Worth every penny. Takes up a small amount of space to cook meals in less than 15 minutes. I’m never going back to anything else.
I didn’t get a chance to use it. I took it out of the box and the face of it (Shinny Black control panel on front and top) had all scratches. I wiped it with a microfiber cloth and more scratches appeared.It looks like I had it for years. Cheaply made
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UPDATE:  The rack that comes with the fryer is now showing signs of rust.  Whatever they coat the top with was not used on the bottom.——————————When I pulled it out of the box, I got the impression it had a previous owner.  There fingerprints and smudges in the dashboard. Then I saw a piece of plastic and sadly realized it had also arrived broken.I used heat tape and fit the piece where it belongs and there haven’t been issues but it sucks to pay full price for a broken smudge-y product.I went to post about that to the seller and it was as if Amazon had never heard of the product.  It had disappeared.  Not out of stock—it had fallen into an online vortex!!Magically it showed up today like my dog after it had been kidnapped…dognapped? and was in the yard as if I had only imagined her missing for the previous 2 months.I digress.Followed a YouTube video to figure out how to cook anything as the manual is quite useless.  The app is for the instant pot as if the makers didn’t realize that.In truth I bought this fryer because it was less expensive than what I really wanted but since I had zero air fryer knowledge, this is my practice fryer.I’ve made impressive simple meals for my bf and sisters.  We are traditional stove cooking ppl so they were truly taken aback by the end results.I still have to learn to scramble eggs and then the world will be great.Right now I air fry meat while I cook rice while prepping my breakfast.  So in 20 minutes my breakfast and lunch are cooked and packed, basket washed and counters cleaned and I have no excuse to be late for work.I’m impressed.I’m going to try the other features soon.It does pull a lot of energy. I cannot air fry and use the microwave.  I also cannot use the microwave and the electric kettle. I can seem to airfry and use the electric kettle without tripping a fuse—but the light do go dim, so I guess technically I can do that combo either.

The best air fryer ever you must own one of these… super product I love it. You cN cook 2 different items to a powerful same time ending
I’ve owned another off brand air fryer and it was much better than this InstaPot Instant Vortex.  Little drip pan insert is held in with 4 silicon clips/wedges.  It comes loose and let’s too much food under it, especially if you were to toss around a basket of fries.  The beeps to add food, turn food, cool down are annoying and not needed for me personally.  I’ll go back to one with lock in drip/basket and two simple control knobs.
Perfect size for a small kitchen in a one person household. So far happy with everything I tried cooking in it. Easy to clean. Easy to use. Need to purchase an air fryer cookbook to get the most out of it.
This product is far better than expected. I have been encouraging others to buy this product. Love it!!
When I bought this airfreight, I figured it would produce cooked food with great flavor. Had mixed results and I’m on a learning curve here. Overall it’s fast and easy. Definitely healthier because lack of oil. Cleanup is so easy. You just have to wipe it out with a damp soapy washcloth. So I’m happy with purchase and am slowly finding my way with recipes that work for me.
I purchased this for a christmas gift for my daughter. When they went to use it for the first time, they found that it was defective. The temperature couldn’t be set as the control knob did not operate as is required to adjust time and temperatures. Returning it was no problem of course, it’s Amazon afterall. I even asked for a replacement which is fine. The issue is that my refund is $20.00 short as they charged me a restocking fee! The thing doesn’t work but you are charging me to put it back on the shelf? Unbelievable.
Love this,  have cooked fries, chicken, fish and even baked a cake in here.  Great addition to my kitchen
I was looking at various air fryer and found this to be just the right size for 2 chicken breast or 2 quarters.
Count me among those that were skeptical about AirFyers.  Why would I need one of those?  I already have a very nice convection oven.  My aversion to ‘yet-another-appliance’ partially was because my dad has a house full of NuWaves, sous vide, and other QVC type gadgets.  Yes, he even has an AirFyer.  While they cooked some amazing fries, I didn’t want my kitchen overrun with half-baked appliances like his (pun intended).I eventually came around because I was watching a cooking YouTuber make some meals that actually looked decent as opposed to the gimmicky QVC demos.  I originally tried the InstantPot AirFryer lid. Again trying to avoid the dad-house appliance hoarding clutter, I thought it would be great to have it consolidated with the InstantPot (which is an appliance I love and adore).  I tried cooking fries, but wasn’t impressed with the results.  My 6 quart InstantPot seemed too deep for the lid, and I didn’t have enough cooking surface.I realized I just needed to pay a little bit more than the AirFryer Lid to get a purpose build AirFyer, so I returned the lid.  Searching around the reviews, I settled on this Instant Vortex ClearCook model.  The Food Network and America’s Test Kitchen reviews were fantastic.  I really liked the window feature to see the food cooking.The first thing I tried was cooking fries, which came out fantastic this time.  Crispy on the outside, hot and tender inside.  I was right about the larger surface area from the purpose build AirFyer than the InstantPot AirFyer lid.  It’s important to cook in a single layer, and the wider surface area allowed enough spacing for two servings of fries.Then I tried making beef jerky, which was again easy and fantastic.  I love cooking and recipes, and I could see there was a lot for me to experiment with.Being a convert, I realized there were some advantages to an AirFyer that I was missing from my earlier skepticism:- I don’t have a large family to feed; it’s just my husband and me.- AirFyer is perfect for cooking single-serving portions for two people.- It heats FAST.  It took about 2-3 minutes for a 400F preheat.  My convection oven takes almost 15-20 minutes to preheat to 400F.- Less radiant heat than the oven, so should be fine for summer use.- I love to cook, but not a fan of dishes.  This is super easy to clean.I am really impressed with this Instant Vortex model.  It cooks great, and I really like the clear window.  I like being able to see the browning without opening the basket and letting out heat.  With energy prices going up, it seems an advantage to have the smaller appliance and less cooking time.If there is a downside, I am not a fan of the knob dial.  I would much rather have push buttons to adjust temperature and time, but this is just a preference.  The other thing I am wondering about is if the clear view window will get covered in grease or fog up over time.  I’ll do my best to keep it clean, and we’ll see how it ages.The Instant Pot Pressure cooker is an appliance that I adore, and is an appliance that has been well worth the space in my cabinets.  I’m convinced that the Instant Vortex will do the same for my household.  I can’t wait to try new recipes!  This has given me new inspirations for my cooking!
Product reeked of plastic when unpackaged.  Ran it 2 times on air fry @ 400f for 20 mins and it filled the house with plastic off gassing fumes.  Relocated unit outside and ran two more times for 30 minutes on the air fry @ 400 and it was still stinking of plastic.  The exterior plastic was also quite warm I think this is a design flaw having a heating coil in close proximity to lots of plastic.  Had to return the unit.
I love this airfryer! Very easy to use and  my go to for most meals! Everything cooks nicer and it’s not such a hassle to clean up! Highly recommended!
I have been using it now for a few months and I can honestly say everything I make in tastes great. Definitely recommend this product.
It cooks well easy to use. But the burning plastic smell is tough to get rid of. No matter how many times I’ve used it the smell of burning plastic I cant get rid of. It has even gotten into the food I cooked. As much as I love how easy to use, if the smell doesnt go away I’ll have to throw it out and buy a different brand.
For a single guy this is a must…. Use it almost daily.  Just about replaced my oven!!  I’ve cooked beef, chicken, pizza, seafood, bread, eggs, soup, waffles…. And more.
This air fryer is super easy to use and works perfectly every time
I cleaned the tray and the parts in it, then wiped out the inside where the tray went then did the test run and only got the plastic smell for the first test or 2, so I suggest cleaning it out super well before you start doing the test runs to try and avoid the plastic smell and taste, but other than that I use it on a regular basis and it works well and it’s pretty easy to clean, even when it got super sticky from cinnamon rolls, and after you are done cooking it’s nice and compact so storing it is pretty easy, I just wish it came with something so you can cook multiple layers of food instead of one.
I bought the six quart for my sister and her family. She LOVES it. I decided to go with the 4 quart for myself. I am so happy with this purchase. I had a Crux before getting this one. I threw it in the dumpster. I have never worked so hard to try to keep something clean. The Instant Vortex is the EASIEST thing to clean in my kitchen.The size is perfect for me. I can get between 10-12 wings in at a time. I can get a huge steak in there. Everything comes out crispy and perfect. Every time!!! The preheat time is hardly anything at all. Maybe two minutes.The footprint is awesome. It takes up hardly any room on my counter. This is my favorite appliance…period, end of statement.
Everything is fine but the light is not working.
I’m still learning what can be cooked with this but I will say, BACON and CHICKEN WINGS come out great!
I use it every day
I love this thing. I work long hours overnight and now I can make real meals on work days that are quick and easy and tasty! Cleanup is a breeze!It’s my new best friend!
Simple to use and delivers quality results quickly. This Air Fryer made its way on to the Camper ‘must have’ list.
Not disappointed
It’s so easy fast and easy to clean.I’ve made muffins to steak in it love it
just used it for the first time and love it!  easy to clean, easy to use… just need a cookbook now with plenty of recipes!
Was very nervous about this purchase, but am learning to love this gadget…It’s a breeze to clean..it has a window so you don’t have to keep pulling out the basket to check on the food, and through trial and error and lots of good info and recipes, it’s been used more often than the stove or microwave….it’s a keeper!
This Instant Vortex Plus 6 Quart 6-in 1 Air Fryer is excellent!  It is so easy to use.  Plus it has all the features I need in an Air Fryer.  The basket has a light and also a ClearCook Easy View window so I can easily see how my food is doing.  The basket is plenty large for my family, we cook wings, fries, veggies in the basket.  I like that the basket tray doesn’t come out when removing the food, it stays pretty securely in the basket.  The touch screen is easy to use.  It has 6 functions:  Air Fry, Roast, Broil, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate.  Plus it is very easy to clean.  It is a great size too – big enough but doesn’t take up a ton of counter space – Excellent Air Fryer!
Still trying to figure out the best tempature and time for my items.
I hardly ever write reviews and my purchase was actually awhile back, however the company behind this Air fryer has really impressed me with their customer support! I started experiencing a strange rattling sound emitting from the unit recently when I started to re-use this fryer after months of not using it. There was no damage or spillage to cause this, so I contacted their websites customer support. They were very courteous and fast with response time. I appreciate that they sent a replacement air fryer within the next 5-7 days!The air fryer itself is relatively easy to use and nothing super out of the ordinary, but I would recommend this brand just purely for the customer service I received.
Fácil de limpiar
Es un excelente producto, siempre y cuando le des el uso adecuado
My oven died and as a temporary replacement I got this. It turns out it’s the best kitchen purchase I’ve made in ages! It’s perfect for everything I need, it heats up quickly and does a great job of roasting and baking.I gave it four stars because of the rotisserie. I have yet to find a chicken small enough to give enough space for it to actually turn. I tried both trussed and untrussed, didn’t matter, the bar still popped off. The work around is to use the roast setting, put it on the rack and turn it half way through. Resulted in a lovely chicken, just not as advertised in the cooking.Definitely recommend this!
Me encantó
I got it as a gift for my mother and my whole family loves it
Very happy with the fryer, using more than expected as I find dishes to try.
Pretty easy to use…takes a little experimentation to figure out on what temperature and how long, but super helpful, easy to clean, great alternative to firing up the oven.
This is one of those appliances that will not be sitting in the cupboard, unused, along with the bread machine, mini pie maker, or pasta maker. The air fryer is a game-changer when it comes to making fast and healthy meals for my family. I’ve used it every day since it arrived and have been trying all the trendy TikTok air fryer recipes. The air-fried chicken is already a family favorite and a snap to make.
It is difficult to use, and you cannot fit much in it.  The worst part, is that is smells awful (since being unpacked).  We have used it several times and the smell does not appear to ever go away.  Stinks up the kitchen.
I love that I can do wings in here, and flavorful, for everyone to enjoy, fries, and everything kids like you can make in this airfrier, it really pays off having one.
I was skeptical about all the air-fry hype. But I decided this might help me eat healthier. I have to say I am very pleased. Had it a little over a week and I’ve used bake, air fry, roast and reheat options so far. Used unit to cook fish, chicken, steak, bacon, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, onion rings. … All worked great. (I do suggest reading the instructions at least once to get a general idea of how to use the unit. The various options can be confusing.)I especially love the Sync Finish option. I can add different food to each basket, set it, and walk away. The unit sounds an alarm when everything is ready.I suggest hand-washing the baskets; they come clean very easily. Plus I know from experience that no-stick surfaces can be damaged in the dishwasher. The trays inside the baskets are ok for the dishwasher but I prefer to hand-wash those as well.
Very happy with this purchase. It holds a lot of food, easy to operate and cleans up really easy.
Got this for my dad at Christmas and it’s an everyday staple now! Super awesome for baked potatoes, reheating food, and even pizza!
I don’t know how many air fryer recipes on Tikok I watched, but I knew I had to have one. When I had the chance to get one I jumped on it. I got the Instant Vortex Airfryer which is quite a large unit. A unique feature it has is a dual basket system that allows you to independently fry 2 batches of different items at the very same time. Think, your nuggets and fries can cook at the same time at different temperatures. Very cool. Second, if you run a large batch, you can sync both baskets to the same temp and time so they run as one.About everything I’ve cooked has come out really crispy. This particular fryer also includes other modes. Bake, Roast, and Broil. It’s essentially a little oven. It beats the pants off my microwave to reheating meat.The dual basket has its issues where you cannot cook larger items like a whole chicken. I’m not sure one of the baskets is big enough for a small one but I don’t think it is. Another downer is, I thought I would use it almost daily but I really haven’t. I am not sure if I am not being creative enough or it’s a niche product. Time will tell, but what I have used it for so far I have really appreciated.
Never had a problem with the burning smell everyone else was talking about.  We use it several times a day on many different foods and it is wonderful!
Use almost daily
This thing really works. Took my soggy unappealing leftover fries and turned them back as fresh as they were when they were made.
I read the reviews of the different models of this air fryer.  Watched ATK evaluation of the same.  This 5.7QT is new, bigger than the 4QT and smaller by a little than the 6QT.  The basket is adequately spacious.  I am pleased with the cooking results I am getting so far.  I am using 9 parchment paper inserts on top of the grate as I cook.I read about the aroma and worked to address it immediately when I got this.  Cleaning and running it without food, cleaning it again.  I removed the rubber piece on the grate and after running it empty I can decisively say they are not the cause of the aroma.  I have put them back on as they are needed to keep the grate in place, elevated off the bottom.  The aroma seemed to emit from the upper portion of the machine, perhaps from the heating element.  Within a couple of actual cooking uses (of course french fries) and a few days the aroma is imperceptible.  It has not affected the smell or taste of the food.Performance has been good.  Chicken leg quarters, steak, frozen hash brown patties (400, 14 minutes, flip at 8 minutes, no need to preheat, just put them in),  breaded fish for sandwiches, reheating pizza, this air fryer has been great.  Easy to clean.  Great addition to the kitchen.
I’ve owned several air fryers and this is the best by far. The square basket is excellent to spread food so it cooks evenly. The window to see the food as it’s cooking is fantastic.
Quick and easy use
I have the older version and decided to get newer version for my son and his wife. Overall it works ok, but don’t believe the temperature reading.As an example, you preheat at 400 degrees. Oven beeps at you that oven is ready at 400 degrees. Wrong, it is about 300ish. You have to simply allow an extra few minutes after preheat beep for it to hit actual temperature.
I held out for a long time getting an air fryer but this one works great! I would recommend it to anyone
The air fryer is easy to use and clean. We use it to cook chicken breasts, pork chops, vegetables, and frozen foods. Especially in the winter when it is too cold to grill.
I’ve been using air fryers since the early Philips units.  I’m delighted that Instant came out with a dual because I don’t want cheapie-made Ninja appliances.  This dual unit will be a cinch for we Instant users to adapt to.  Unlike the cheapie Ninja, the baskets can’t be confused on this appliance as they’re directional. Combine that with the more elegant look in my kitchen and I’m sold.  For several  years I’ve been actually using two separate air fryers in my kitchen; they’ll be replaced by this unit.  It is heavy!  I bought the accessory silicone basket liners sold third-party here on Amazon and it’s a cinch to clean.  Very satisfied.
Works nicely and has more space than expected. Being able to watch the food cook is a game changer! Thinking of getting a second one :)
Still learning.  I have made fries, frozen shrimp, mini corn dogs, fresh Brussels Sprouts, and a few other things. Not quite as good as truly deep fried, but it is good.
I had the Ninja 2 basket air fryer, but I love this more because of the see-through glass and touchscreen buttons! Best features!
It works as advertised.  Highly versatile.
Small footprint. Great for making chips, fries, chops, fish…Almost anything one wishes to cook. Toasting, reheating is a piece of cake.The preheat cycle is great for toasting bagels, bread, naan….
This was an upgrade from our one quart and it is perfect for 2-3 people. Settings for more than just as an  air fryer which is something I was looking for. The preheat preps well and lets you know when to add in the food. It will also remind you to turn food. The reheat function is better than using the microwave, especially for meats.
Was on the fence about buying another appliance, but so glad I did. I have liked everything that we have cooked in the AirFryer. So much faster than a regular oven. No more 20 minutes to preheat especially for quick dinners or snacks. The window is a great feature.
Other people have mentioned a bad smell but if you take off the silicone protectors on the baking tray there is absolutely no smell. They don’t do anything anyway.Cooks everything so quickly and it’s overall just fantastic.
If you’re new to air fryers and trying to decide if you need one, don’t deliberate any longer. Get one! We have a small kitchen with very limited counter space but upgraded to this XL air fryer after having a smaller model for about a year. We use this almost daily so it has earned a permanent spot on the counter. What can you use an air fryer for? Nearly everything. We do veggies like broccoli and brussels sprouts, potatoes, chicken, bratwurts, french fries, buffalo wings, potstickers, and so much more. It’s also great for reheating pizza or restaurant leftovers.For the most part, I use the regular AIr Fry function on this and haven’t played around with the special Roast, Bake, Reheat, Broil, and Dehydrate buttons. Even for reheating, I just pop the food in the drawer for a few minutes on Air Fry. I love the size of this for our family of 4. Our previous air fryer was smaller and only had one chamber. This one can hold enough for our family. I usually use the air fryer for one portion of the meal (meat, veggie, side) and have other portions going on the stove or in the oven. The lighted see-through front of the basket is nice so you can check on things without opening the drawer.Cleaning is easy. The baskets are dishwasher safe and the trays pop out for cleaning. We have been using and washing ours for a few months now and haven’t had any wear or chipping.I’m 100% happy with this air fryer and absolutely reccomend it for anyone from home chefs to people heating up frozen treats like wings, pizza rolls, french fries, etc.
I have always wanted an air fryer I did a lot of research on them and I chose this one. I’m so pleased with it, this is a  great product easy to use food is always cooked perfectly.  I could brag on this item forever..
I purchased this air fryer to replace a 9 quart air fryer and I wasn’t sure it would be big enough, but it definitely is. The basket is shallow but wide, that’s why it holds just as much as the 9 quart if you put your food in a single layer. The light is very helpful so you can keep an eye on your food without opening it. Cleaning is so easy. Controls are super easy to use. I’m really happy with this air fryer!
This air fryer is just what I wanted!  Very easy to use and clean!
Out the box broken
What can I say. I like this air fryer a lot. Arrived at my door in two days well packaged. And the price was very reasonable. Really like the sleek stylish appearance. It looks good sitting next to my stainless steel optigrill and my stainless steel instant pot. But appearance isn’t what prepares the food.  Any of the reviews stated a strong plastic smell that infused itself into the food. I followed the instructions with sn initial cleaning of the basket and the tray I pn the bottom of the basket with warm soapy water and a good rinse followed by a 20 minute test run on air fry mode @ 400F. The first test run it did smell pretty strong but it wasn’t overbearing. Did it a second time at the same settings and this time the odor was significantly less. The first true “run” with food was a batch of sliced potatoes. They came out perfect. Tonight I did a batch of homemade buffalo wings (pictured). To me they came out just as good or better than those at a wing place. I could only get maybe a dozen in the basket in a single layer but these were pretty big wings. Since I live alone that was plenty for a good meal. The machine runs fairly quietly for an air fryer. It’s actually quieter than my little 1.2 quart Dash Mimi air fryer. The controls are very easy to set and use. The display is nice and big and good and bright so if you have a brightly lit kitchen you’ll have no trouble seeing it. Cleanup was easy as pie. After it cooled a little warm soapy water and a soft sponge and a rinse it’s all good for the next fry session. All in all, I really like this air fryer a lot. I was going to go with the 6 quart version but saw a lot of reviews saying the basket handles were breaking but this seems pretty well built. Would I recommend this unit? You betcha!!  Very pleased so far. I’ll do an update after I’ve used it more.
Nothing to dislike. Everything to like. Easy operation, very easy to clean and the food tastes perfect.
I use for air frying amd warming up food. Heats fast. Small enough to fit on the counter and then put away in the cabinet. Good for two people, but too small for smaller family.
I like the window and light feature in this air fryer, but I wish I had done more research before buying and if I had I might have chosen a different brand and model.  I don’t like that it is hard to push the basket into the machine.  It take one hand pushing and the other hand on the back of the machine to keep it still.  Also, the inner basket grate has a loop handle that does not lay flat and the basket grate sometimes falls out when tipping the basket to pour out the food.  It has lots of buttons and features, but did not come with a cookbook or many instructions on how to use each feature.  It cooks food nicely and I really like the window and light.
Make left over fast food fries CRISPY again, all the crisp of the fryer without the oil… Frozen wings are AMAZINGLY crispy now…
So far this product is exactly what I had hoped for. I haven’t had a bad meal from it yet. The only drawback that I have is (after 2-3 uses) condensation formed between the sealed glass window on the food drawer after washing and it cant be dried out. It’s pretty noticeable but clears up some when its hot inside. 4 out of 5 stars.
nice air fryer no bad taste with mine. cooks fast.
This is so easy to use, clean and handle.  Would recommend this fryer.
This is one of those products you don’t realizer how many uses it has until you get it. I watched several kitchen reviews or similar products and this was their top pick on more than one channel. I could not be happier with it. It heats so fast and cooks with ease. You can broil, brown, get things crispy. No more heating the whole kitchen with huge oven for a 2 person meal. I would give this 10/10 stars it is legit awesome!
Replaced a much older air fryer and this walks circles around it.  It’s quick to heat and so far performs to expectations.  Have not tried anything beyond simple air frying, YET – but will.Have noticed when reheating, watch the food.  Recommended times seems to be too long.Another writer said something about window getting water in.  Another replied how to take apart and dry out.I found when doing sticky food, after finished I put a small amount of water in basket (making sure not to encroach on window area), no problems and easy to clean (although non-stick features has GREATLY improved from my old one), and never imerse and leave in water to soak.,
We bought this in December as a replacement to another air fryer we had for years that was just starting to die.  This was a good price, but that’s where the “pros” stop.The item came out of the box with a broken handle.  We were able to contact the manufacturer and were assured of a replacement.  We received an email that UPS had the replacement and it was stuck/lost in transit.  Since then, we have tried to engage them multiple times.  After a few “we are looking into it” messages, they’ve now stopped responding to us.We are filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and with Amazon.  BUYER BEWARE!
Easy clean
Happy to have a machine that doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.
When it’s done cooking it stays at end mode until it cools down. In the old model, I could set 5 min. When it was done flip my item and select 5 more min. I have to unplug it to get my buttons back. I hate this.
Gave to my son gift. He loved it!! Works great!
It’s amazing great warranty on it
love it makes things a lot easier when cooking.
I think Julia Child would be pleased. I made the best roasted chicken of my life on the very first try! I’ve done air fried quail breasts, reheated wings, made huge slices of toast, and even air fried some sauced noodles. I have not experienced any defects. The only issues I have are that the rotisserie isn’t very strong, so I can only do game hens, and the heating elements are cumbersome to clean. Overall, I think this was money well spent. This would be perfect for boat or camper/van lifestyles.
This thing is amazing! Easy to clean easy to use and the food quality is amazing. Do not deprive yourself! Especially when you have multiple children this thing works like gold
This is larger than I expected, so it’s hard to store it but it works well and is easy to clean.  Easy to operate also
trying to use first time and temp/time knob doesn’t work,  turns but doesnt adjust anything
We used it for barely 2 weeks removed the basket and it shut off never came back on.
Bought this for my bachelor son in his first apartment and he loves it. Uses it to cook just about anything he can. It’s quick, easy to use and clean, and plenty big enough for one person. Great product and value.
As my very first air fryer, I love it.  It’s a fantastic mid-level air fryer that’s perfect for 1-2 people.It’s super easy to use and now that food packaging is starting to include cook instructions for air fryers, I haven’t had to Google much.So far I’ve cooked hot wings, hamburger with cheese (be careful, lightweight foods items will move around), spring rolls, French fries, pot pie, empanadas, marinated chicken tenders, reheated food (I love this feature as it crisps it rather than makes it soggy).Yes, there was a noticeable plastic smell the first two times I used it, but it did not flavor the food, permeate the house and it went away by the third usage.  Do not let that keep you from buying this product.I do wish there were more accessories available by instant pot, but 3rd party is ok I guess.  Honestly,  I’ve cooked with it every day for a week and haven’t used anything but the included tray.I detracted a star because if you slide out the tray part way to turn food, it can get off balance and slide all the way out and possible fall on the floor or your feet if your not careful.  I wish there was some sort of safety catch.  But, if your paying attention, you’ll be fine or just pull it completely out and set it on a trivet or heat mat.I’d buy this again.
I have used this air fryer for many things and everything turns out great! Chicken Wings, stuffed pork chops, filet, sausage, French Fries, roasted vegetables, chicken breasts, bacon and many other things. I don’t understand those reviews where people complain about a lack of documentation. All you need to do is simply go to Google and it will give you the recipe for anything you want. There is a smell the first couple test uses. I read about prior so I just ran it a couple times in my garage so not to leave the Odor in the house.
This is great for daily cooking of chicken, fish, and tortillas.  It’s easy clean up, doesn’t take up much space, and works great
I bought this for a gift. She loved it and her girls can use it.
I got really excited after using my instant pot add on air fryer basket but was sad that it was too small. I went all in and bought a huge multi level air fryer (ninja) and HATED it. I love the window on this, the quick clean up, the controls. This is for sure the best purchase use made in a long time. We’ve easily cooked 75% of our main dishes in this thing since I got it. Steaks are delicious, burgers, fish, chicken. You name it. Buy this thing.
So far, it’s been great.  So easy to use,  just set the time and temperature and put it to work.
So far so good.
This is a very well design little air fryer (4Qt). It’s light weight, compact and both the basket and tray are super easy to clean. The controls are intuitive enough that you don’t need any manual to figure out how to use them. As some other reviewers have suggested, I removed the silicone legs that (I think) were meant to keep the tray from vibrating during cooking. But I haven’t experienced any issues with the tray making noises at all.The digital buttons on the device interface can be a bit sticky at times but nothing major. There was some plastic smell for three minutes when I used the fryer for the *first time* only.
It cooks nicely but it leaves the smell of burnt rubber still lingering after using it a half dozen times. It’s gotten a little better. It’s fits well on my counter w/o having the bulky look. It gets hot to the touch but cools down w/i A few minutes.
These are great. Easy to clean, don’t take much room. I would buy this again in a heart beat.
I love it, it became my bestfriend in the kitchen. Easy to use and best of all easy to clean ♥️🙌🏻
Works great, good size basket, but the controls aren’t very responsive. Have to touch them a few times before they respond. Just a minor thing but worth noting.
I love it because it is easy to clean. And no smoking. Save a lot oil.
Love this thing
First air fryer but it really is the perfect size. I didn’t need two baskets. Just really wanted something to air fry chicken wings and it does a whole 3 pound bag at once.
I bought this air fryer for my sister-in-law who is in a wheelchair.  She absolutely loves it.  Every time I talk to her she tells me how easy it is to use and how good all of the food she has cooked in it tastes.  This has been a game changer for her, as she prepares all of her meals herself.  She is so happy she doesn’t have to heat her oven to cook for one person anymore.
This is a god send.  It’s super easy to use plus cleaning is a breeze.  I use mine primarily for dinner purposes and I especially love the turn over feature.  I’ve gone through 2 other expensive brands and they can’t match this one.  One last point I like is it super quiet!!!
I have gone through 5 air fryers.First one died, and was replaced by the Mfg.  so that was the first two.So, we thought we would up-grade to a different unit, toaster oven style.but the door glass broke when the door stuck. bad. #3Replaced that with another  Toaster oven style, it was ok, but the problem is the toaster oven style makes Shaking the tray more difficult.  So, we upgraded again to this unit. #5this is the Bucket Style which allows you to Shake the food much easier.The controls are touch screen and intuitive. the basket is easy to shake and there is a window that lets you check progress. Cant recommend highly enough.
I’ve used this to cook everything since i got it! I love it! Super easy to use and easy to clean! ( i hand wash everything and was worried it was going to be a pain to wash.. NOPE! ) cleans really easily and nothing really sticks to make it hard to clean! i love how much faster it cooks then any other way. And it comes out crispy, done & so yummy!
I was hesitant on purchasing an air fryer since I wasn’t sure I was going to use it. But… after doing a bit of research, I chose the Instant Vortex and I LOVE it! The pull out drawer is so easy to use (vs many that have the flip top with the burner that can burn you) and the non-stick cleaning is a breeze. Food is quick, crispy and so easy. I am now a happy, daily air fryer’er!
Works fantastic and holds enough to feed a family of three. Highly recommend purchasing and I will be recommending it to my friends and family who are looking for an air fryer. Set up is simple and the product is very straight forwards and easy to use.
So convenient and easy to use.  I performed the first trial run and there was no smell whatsoever.  Cooked the first actual food – potatoes – they tasted great!  No unnatural smell – just wonderful fries.  I use it daily now and love the convenience.
This air fryer is amazing! Very easy to use, versatile and large cooking chamber. I cooked, baked and tried most of the things you could do with a convection oven. Made french fries numerous times, super easy and delicious. Easy to clean. Highly recommended.
Didn’t know how much I needed this air fryer until I bought it.
The first unit I received was defective, and the fan made made a constant loud metal clanking sound. I exchanged through Amazon for a different one that worked fine. After running the black enamel coated tray through the dishwasher ONE time, the enamel coating was destroyed, even though the user’s manual states that this part is dishwasher safe. When I say destroyed, I mean it was gone entirely, disintegrated and washed down the drain. The tray was left just bare rusty metal.I contacted their customer support, and after providing my social security number, bank account, and blood type (joking, they asked for a lot of info) they agreed to send me a replacement. The replacement arrives defective out of the box, the enamel coating on the cooking service was damaged and flaking off, rust already showing. I tried contacting customer support multiple times after that, and I’ve been ghosted.Moral of the story, stay away from Instant brand. Their products are trash and they don’t support them.
I bought it and enjoyed it and used it mainly to cook wings and fries and a little over a month it stopped working. Couldn’t get a exchange for it cause I didn’t have it’s box to return it.
Item has label on the outside that says it contains Lead and BPA, probably for the non-stick coating. There are other air fryers out there that are free of these chemicals.
This is a bad product. I tried it four times. Each time it emitted a horrible almost choking smell and the food tasted like the smell.
I got this air fryer mostly as an alternative to my Fry Daddy deep fryer. Deep fryers are OK, but they are sometimes messy, hard to clean, and require frequent oil changes. I want a quick easy way to make various things like French fries, pierogis, etc. Not looking to cook complete meals or entrees in this unit.It works very well for my intended use. I’ve had it for a few months and used it around 40 – 50 times with no issues or problems. I did not have any issues reported in the critical reviews. It did have a bit of ‘new plastic smell’ when first received, but it went away after the initial set-up and test run. After that it has no smell and has not affected the flavor or scent of food cooked it in.Some say it still says “open” when it isn’t while inserting and/or replacing the basket. I have not had that experience at all using the fryer. I have had no rust on the unit. The basket and cooking tray are easy to clean and the non-stick coating is working well – some said the the non-stick coating is coming off, I did not see this my unit either.I did note that the results are much better if you use olive oil cooking spray on the food before frying. This is especially noticeable on breaded food such as chicken fingers.I took one star off because it comes with a terse, abbreviated guide, or manual. It gives quick, initial start-up instructions and not much else. It refers you to the internet to find more info & recipes. It’s impractical to read while holding a phone when trying to cook. And using a PC or laptop isn’t good for me either. I guess I’m a messy cook and would get any computer equipment messed-up with splashing oil, eggs, bread crumbs, etc. But as related to the convenience and food taste, the air fryer is everything I would expect in such an appliance.
No complaints yet, warms up food very fast compared to waiting for the oven, would highly recommend to anyone on the fence about getting one
I love it. I use it almost daily. For fries, chicken, potstickers, anything really. I got it for my house because where we rent at the oven is super sketchy and old. We use the air fryer as an alternate option to not have to fire up the oven every time. I wouldn’t get anything else. There is sometimes an unevenness when I cook things, but it’s generally not been an issue.
Wanted an air fryer for ease of cooking and not having to heat the entire kitchen from an oven. Wanted a lighted window so I could see the food from my wheelchair. Only pitfall is reaching in to safely add or remove the food from it. That’s my problem, not theirs. Overall it seems to be working properly and the food has been good!
Love this thing! You can cook all kinds of stuff in it and when I need to bake or reheat something I can use it too! I cook most of my meals in it now since I got it! Highly recommend and perfect size for 1-2 people
Bought this for a gift for my daughter and she was disappointed because the basket doesn’t remove from the holder
This is an easy to use double air fryer. Directions are clear and the buttons are easy to figure out. It cooks fast and thoroughly. Both drawer baskets come out to be cleaned. Not too loud, you only really hear it if you’re in the same room with it.
Love it! So easy to use and the light is great just touch and you get 3 different settings. Think I’m going to get more for other rooms in my house… pretty
The oven is easy to use. It has a lot of functions. The temperature is a little too hot, you may need less time than what some recipe tell you to do.
I bought the smaller version of this product because I’m never cooking for more than two people. I also bought two cookbooks with it. So far, just about everything has turned out well. I overcooked a couple of dishes, but that’s part of the learning curve. Not all air fryers cook exactly the same way, much like microwaves.I followed the instructions about doing a purge cook to off-gas any residual chemical odors. I didn’t really have any odors, even when running this procedure. The off-odor that many people seem to experience did not occur for me. The results of numerous recipes were uniformly good. I especially like the America’s Test Kitchen book. I cooked some top sirloin steaks and was prepared to dislike the results, but they turned out very well – medium-rare as desired.It’s easy to like this air-fryer concept. Most dishes don’t require a lot of prep time, and the cooking itself is pretty much hands-off. I often wish I had a couple of these units so I could prepare more than one dish at a time. Some of the recipes that involved cooking more than one item at the same time were problematic: the mushrooms and onions overcooked while the steak was cooking. Once I learn how to calibrate the simultaneous dishes everything should work out fine.Go for it; you’ll enjoy air-frying.
This is my first air fryer and I’m pretty happy with what I got. It works great, food is fine super fast and tastes great!
I use my omni plus so much more than I even expected.  Toasting bagels, waffles etc. reheating leftovers, air frying side dishes, or main dishes.  My absolute favorite thing about it is the Rotisserie.  In hindsight, I kinda wish I bought the Omni Pro only because its  Rotisserie can handle bigger chickens/roasts. I have yet to use the dehydration feature, but every thing else works perfectly. It is also easy to use, clean and maintain. It quickly became my most used small appliance.
The only issue I have is that being new to air frying, it would be great to have even a small recipe book included.
This is a good multi-purpose oven. It’s pretty simple to use and I barely read the instruction manual.Things you need to know:First off, this is a big and somewhat heavy appliance. So there’s that.Secondly, it is a tad bit loud when running the air fry component, but it’s not like a jet engine or the equivalent. Stuff is sometimes loud in a kitchen or food preparation area. For instance, my blender is loud, but what are you going to do?The main thing is this oven is easy to use and easy to deal with. The recommended temperature and times for the functions are very accurate. I have zero complaints with this device. Now, with that said, it might bite it in a month and I’ll be unhappy, but as of now? I think it’s great.
This air fryer has changed my life! I love that you do not have to preheat too long like an oven. The flavor of food is great and cuts time in half!
Have picky eater this fryer works great its fast and easy to use and holds a lot of food and was priced very reasonably
I don’t think you can go wrong with this if you don’t have the space for something bigger.
I love this air fryer easy to clean and I live the digital component
Just what I needed, now that I have chosen to wean myself from fast-food. Never too late!
Works well fast and looks nice
I love how easy this is to clean
EDIT:  Second unit received and I love it!  The larger capacity of two baskets OR being able to cook two elements of dinner at the same time is a huge plus. And you can “sync” both sides to finish at the same time. Bumped up to 5 stars. After much research, settled on the Instant Vortex Plus for its capacity and ease of use.  On arrival, noted the left side basket was slightly askew.  After fully unpacking and setting up, realized the left side basket will NOT engage in its slot.  Can’t see anything blocking the path, but on comparing to the right side, the left side most definitely appears warped/slightly misshapen.  Amazon return process initiated, Take-2 on the way.  Hoping this isn’t a design flaw.  I really like the features of this model…
It does a great job and it’s worth the money
So it cooks OK, no wierd taste. A litter faster than our old one.But the beeper that is supposse dto alert you is worthless. If I’m not within 5 feet you can’t hear it.Manual gives instructions to tuen on or tun off but not to increase sound level
I love it. Less time to cook. Great to use for breakfast , lunch and dinner.
I love using it and making different recipes! Google is the best
I am obsessed with this thing I use it 24/7 super easy to clean and easy to use
We love our fryer. It is soooooo awesome. ❤❤❤❤
Made our first meal today. Steak and potatoes and jalapeño poppers ! Absolute perfection. I love it after only one use !!
I am very pleased with my new Instant Vortex Plus air fryer. As soon as i unpacked it, I made some fries, they came out very crispy.I would recommend it
I’ve been using this for about a week now. There was a lingering burnt plastic odor after the first few uses but it did go away.What I Like:Nice clean interface.Food cooks nicely.Cooks even faster than I expected.Fairly easy to wash by handNothing sticks too badIt’s actually quieter than most of my appliancesWhat I Don’t Like:The preheat – but I just ignore it and put my food in.The beep is barely audible. Can’t be heard in other parts of the house.Why I’m Returning It: Unresponsive touch-pad.The buttons rarely respond on the first try. I’ve had to press a button several times using various amounts of pressure and hunting for the right spot to get it to work. This happens with ALL the touchpad buttons.Although I can accept the minor things that I don’t like about it, I can’t accept a defective touch-pad.I really like the way it cooks food and so far I haven’t found a better brand to try. I see that they have an updated version. I may try it or I may just look for another brand.
Quick shipping,  fast delivery,  just as described,  would buy from again in future
I’m fairly new to air frying but I absolutely love it! This air fryer is simple to use, easy to clean and the food tastes amazing. As far as size, I wish I would have gotten a bigger one. I have a family of 4 so I sometimes have to cook in batches. For example, the basket holds about a half a 1lb bag of frozen fries.
Love this fryer, the only part I don’t care for is that it needs to warm up before cooking, but overall love it
smart product design.  easy to clean
I bought this as a Christmas present for my dad. He has tried a few different times to cook something in it but it never fully cooks and it also turns off before it should. There are other little things that are not right with it as well. I have the bigger version so I know how it should work. I finally was able to talk with my dad today on FaceTime to see if maybe there was a step he was missing but there wasn’t. We are 16 days pass being able to return this. Very disappointed.
I kicked around buying an air fryer for awhile but was tempted when this one went on an Amazon ‘Daily Deal’ sale special. I pulled the trigger on this one as a Christmas present to myself and within 2 days of receiving it was playing mad scientist with a lot of different recipes. Between recipe books, refrigerator magnet placards, Google searches, and YouTube, I was amazed at how many snacks, meals, and sides you can do in an air fryer. To this point, I can’t see myself ever going without one in my kitchen. Using much less oil is obviously the main advantage, but the damn thing is also just fun to use.
Such an amazing product! Got this as a gift for my bf for Christmas and we pretty much cook 90% of our food in this! Cooks throughout and at a perfect temp! Love the dial for easy adjusting and simple to use, didn’t need to read any instructions! Def recommend for this price
Update after a 1 year 4 months.  I bought this because I had never had an issue with my instant pot so I trusted the brand when they came out with something new—my mistake.  Within the first 6 months, the LED panel started to malfunction.  Then the bottom rack supports started to fail and any weight will just cause the rack to drop.  Now the sound has failed.  Won’t be purchasing another one.  Time for a new brand.
I bought this for my niece who has a new apartment.  I think she is going to love it
Great little oven/fryer/dryer/…. My only complaint is that you can’t turn off convection when baking. You can select low/high convection but not turn it off. I love that it fits a whole frozen pizza. It’s good looking too.
Works like a charm
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this air fryer!!! Everything I’ve made in it has turned out wonderful! Bone-in chicken wings and thighs, melt sandwiches, zucchini fries and even little shortbread cakes. They were all cooked to perfection! And the clean-up is so super easy! Although the baskets are dishwasher safe I am choosing to handwash the baskets and grates and it’s a breeze!!! Another thing that stands out is the windows in the baskets! It’s aweome to be able to see your food cooking without opening it, especially when I broil open face sandwiches. I can see when the cheese is perfectly beginning to bubble and turn just golden. AND, I really like having the double baskets so I can cook my main dish right at the same time as my side dish. I just can’t say enough good about it. I HIGHLY recommend this air fryer!.
This was purchased at my wife’s request. It was recommended to her.  She absolutely loves it! The foods that she cooks in it are great too!  And cleanup is a snap!  I have not personally done any cooking in it. She does that. But I do more than my fair share of dishwashing though. Thus, I definitely speak to the ease of cleaning it.
Roast, leftovers, fish
Muy buen producto
I bought this as a Christmas gift.  We used it once for a fried chicken recipe that was purposely for an air fryer and it tasted awful.  Then the dial stopped making the time and temperature change.  We did try it a couple time with the preset time and temperature to make frozen french fries and tater tots.  Those turned out nice and crispy.  I guess I thought an air fryer works a little differently than it does.  We returned it because it was broke but got a refund because we didn’t think it was worth it.
This air fryer works great  👍I live off grid it takes no time to heat this up it is so energy efficient I couldn’t say enough good things about itDefinitely worth your money it saves me a ton on propane because it takes 40 minutes to heat up an oven air fryer takes two minutes I have  Air fried potatoes,  steaks, pork chops , ribs I have baked cookies I have cooked  frozen chicken Breasts-it’s better when you bake  frozen chicken breast then when you air fry itI am still experimenting and having fun every day with itlove the way it’s so easy to cleanmakes it wonderful that you can just put it in there and walk awayI love the fact that there is a window and  a light you don’t have to open it up to look at the food cooking which is great for saving energyit’s all around the best appliance in my kitchen and I just bought a brand new oven for $1000 before I bought this  air fryer 😏
Perfectly cooks and easy to clean
life changer
Pork chops, bacon, hamburger patties, tater tots,Fast and easy
Very easy to use. For example, 2 button presses is all it takes to air fry. The interior light is well placed and bright. I would have given 5 stars if the fan was quieter.
My third and best air fryer yet!  Well built, easy to use and easy to clean.  It is even quiet. Definitely recommend it.
Get this one, it’s easy to use, clean and cookI like it cuz it’s so big, definitely recommend this product
I love this air fryer is the best haven’t had any issues with it so far easy to use and clean
This is my one and only air fryer, so I have nothing else to compare it to.  So far, it’s been okay but I wouldn’t call it great.  When I made chicken wings, the outside wasn’t as quite as crispy as I’d hoped, but the the inside was worse, it was dried out.  I will continue working on my technique to see if I can improve my results and I will report back if I can make things better.I like the two drawers and the panel is easy enough to program.  Of course, the baskets get quite mess and it would be helpful if you had a cleaning brush to clean the bottom inserts as the slots get quite mucky.Will update as I go.
Though I don’t LOVE how much space this thing takes up (it is Plus XL sized!), I do like love how it cooks, the dual baskets, the ease of use, and the modern design.  It’s easy to clean, too!Everything we’ve made in here so far has come out wonderfully crisp.  We are a half omnivore and half herbivore household – so the option to make crispy tofu on one side and crispy chicken on the other is clutch!  It’s also so nice that you can actually see everything while it’s cooking away without having to open up the basket.I do advise that you wash and then run a 3-ish cycles BEFORE you put food in there as there was definitely an off-gassing that happened.  Maybe even run these cycles outside/in the garage if you don’t want to stink up your house.  We did one cycle at first, and then decided we’d be more comfortable running another…and then….another…  until the stank was gone.I also recommend that you play with the cooking times and be cautious the first few times you use it.  This cooks faster than a previous off-brand air fryer we had.  Not all appliances are the same!Would buy again.
Like this multi-function air fryer much more than I had anticipated. Still learning how to use it for so many different things, but it is easy to use. Also easy clean up, which is big plus for me. I like the reheat function for small pies, cinnamon rolls, etc. And going to try the dehydrate function next. This appliance is fun to use! Recommend this multifunction air fryer to those who don’t particularly like to cook. And those who do.
This is so easy to use, easy to clean up and produces great tasting food. Try it, you’ll love it!
This has earned a permanent place onour counter top. Easy to use.. easy to clean.. so many things can be done. Highly recommend.
I’ve been trying to convince myself that I don’t need an air fryer. I bought the lid for an instant pot but I didn’t like that at all it was difficult to use. I bought this and it’s very easy to use, you can use it for more than just air frying. It’s very easy to clean. I keep it in my pantry and it’s easy to pull out when I want to use it. I love it
did noy get recipe book
Simple easy to use. Awesome 👍
Making French fries. Cooking peppers and onions. Reheating chicken nuggets so that they were crispy
Very nice unit.  I like it.  Keep in mind though that at the start of any cooking function it goes into a pre heat stage and when finished with that, tells you to load food into hopper.  Even if the oven is hot and you cook again, it will go into pre heat stage before asking for food to be loaded.
Does what an air fryer does! Looks great and gives a premium feel to the kitchen !
I had purchased two other air fryers but returned them for various reasons. This one had everything I wanted as far as functionality. I love the window in front, very handy. The only issue I have is that it did not come with an owners manual or cookbook like so many other appliances do.  Having to look up how to cook even the simplest things is a pain. I would suggest to the company that they include an owners manual/cookbook in the future.
Super fast way to fry without the oil mess, a big time saver
Twenty bucks less than the big blue box store.  I’m still experimenting with cooking.  I’d advise buying a couple air-fryer cookbooks as well, though, just for a starting point.  The QR code link on the box leads to recipes more for the Instant Pot cooker than the air fryer.As a single guy, i appreciate how this saves a lot of time and money when cooking for one person.  The cooker box is just the right size for cooking one or two servings.
Products from this company are generally built well, and my experience has been that most of them are long-lasting.Branching out from the classic instant pot, this is a dual air fryer that can be programmed almost infinitely. For large amounts you can use both baskets with the same food, using the same settings. What sets this apart is that you can set each basket separately, and food is still done at the same time so that the entire meal comes out perfect. in less than 10 minutes.As you might expect, it takes up a fair amount of counter space.Full featured and well built.
Just love it!
I was apprehensive in purchasing this air fryer because of the complaints that the knob didn’t work.  I decided to try it out and if it had any defects, I would return it immediately.  Fortunately, I had no issues at all with mine.  I absolutely love my air fryer.  So far, I’ve only used two of the functions, air fry and dehydrate.  I have air fried French fries, tator tots, breaded shrimp, breaded mozzarella cheese sticks, spring rolls, crab cakes and floured seasoned pork chops .  I have used the dehydrate for deli turkey thin sliced meat to make as a treat for my dogs. They loved it! It took 1 hour!  That’s amazing.  I literally bought a dehydrator about 2 years ago that took 12 hours to do the same thing.  I put parchment paper on the bottom of the basket and I only oil spray the grill.  I find that when I spray the food, it takes longer and doesn’t come out as crispy.  The air fryer is so much more healthier and my food comes out nice and crispy.  I chose this specific air fryer because it didn’t have too many buttons.  It’s simple and easy.  Speaking of easy, it’s extremely easy to clean.  Now I am looking for an air fryer accessory set such as a baking/pizza pan, a muffin pan and a dehydrator stacking rack.  I wish I was able to get all 3 of those items in 1 set but I haven’t found one that includes just those 3 items.  I also like the fact that I bought the clear version so that when I press the light, I can see how done my food is.  In addition, when you pull out the bucket to turn your food over and put it back in, the timer starts right back where it left off.  I like that a lot.  No more using oil to fry, woohoo!  There are tons of videos on all the things you can air fry.  I can’t wait to experiment on more food items. I am so happy with my purchase.  I highly recommend this air fryer.
I have not tried it yet, but disappointed because a recipe book was supposed to be with it and none was found.
This little air fryer is great. It is big enough for our family of 4, it also lets me cook a couple of things the same time. I particularly like how I can regulate just about everything on it, so the food is not burned. Would buy again!
Nice, but pricey!
I do love using my Omni Plus 10-in-1 Air Fryer combo oven, I’ve used it several times since it arrived November 27, 2021.  Update on my problem with the rack.  I contacted customer care and shared the problem I was having with the wire rack, customer care responded immediately and offered to send me a new rack, the rack arrived and is ever so slightly wider than the original one, it slides smoothly and fits perfectly, I’ve tested it with a heavy pyrex baking dish and there is no sign of it wanting to fall.  I am now changing my stars to 5 stars. Happy with my oven, its features, and Instant’s customer service.  Original post: The problem I’m having is the wire rack wants to fall on one side when sliding it out to remove the food, whether the food is on a small tray or in the air fryer basket.  When this happens it will often cause me to get burned on a finger, right now I have two spots healing from recent burns. I do try to be careful and slide the rack out slowly, but this doesn’t always help.  I wouldn’t want to use any type of cooking pan or dish that is heavy as I’m sure the rack would fall. Otherwise, I like the way it cooks the food and would have given it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the rack falling with hot food on it. I will continue to use my Omni Plus Air-Fryer Oven as it’s easy to use, heats up quicker than my full-size convection oven and clean-up is a breeze.
Dislike poor quality. For the money I would have hoped it worked more than once
Product is easy to clean, heats up quickly and holds set temperature well. Easy to transport and has a viewing window to monitor cooking. Well done unit.
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So, I had the Ninja Foodi that I loved! Dumb mistake on my part, I put it on the stove, stove knob accidentally turned on and the eye burnt the cord of my Ninja. I spent a few days without an Air Fryer and having to use my oven and realized how much missed an air fryer. Not wanting to spend $200 for another Ninja, I found this one (Vortex) on Amazon, gave it a go and I love it! I do like how my Ninja opened from the top and not having to be pulled out like a drawer or something like this one but for $79, I have no complaints. I cooked these smiley face fries for 6 minutes on 385. They came  out a little browned but we like them that way. I probably could have did 4 minutes without browning. The plastic smell is pretty strong at first.

Love our air fryer
Su tamaño es perfecto, los alimentos se procesan rápido
Estoy inconforme no están dejando mis paquetes en mi puerta
Super easy to use and clean. Does the job well. Everything comes out perfect when you follow the rules or even when you have to make your own rules up. A quote from my 13 year old daughter really sums it up “That air fryer really changed our lives!”
It is a great air fryer oven. Pan and basket are great fully weighted. Strong wire basket and real enamel trays and insert. Baked a 85 min moist carrot cake in 40-45 mins. InstaPot compatible Bundt cake pans worked great.  Practice temp and time for hydration.
First and last time I’m buying an air fryer, a foul, headache inducing, metallic smell emits after each use causing my whole house to smell like a factory. It’s an okay product, personally didn’t enjoy owning it but the awful smell is the main reason for me.
Had the unit for 1 weekend.  I didn’t even get a chance to cook with the fryer since I noticed some issues before cooking.Problem 1:  Took the basket out to wash before use.  The basket barely fits in my sink.  I have a dual side by side sink setup like a lot of older homes have, so YMMV.  The attached door panel and handle make the basket very difficult to wash.Problem 2:  The touch controls are very unresponsive.  I had to touch the buttons 3 or 4 times for my touch to register.  Very annoying.Problem 3:  Heated up the unit to get rid of the plastic smell.  I heard loud random ticking noises coming from the unit.  My guess is an overly loud relay switch for the heating coil.Problem 4:  The basket becomes very difficult to open and close once the unit gets hot.  It sticks when the basket is closed and doesn’t seem to want to close once open.  I almost burned myself opening the basket.  This problem goes away once the fryer/basket cools.From some of the reviews I read, the fryer does do a good job cooking.  It is very simple to use.  It’s unfortunate that it seems to have some ergonomic/design issues.  I guess that’s why there’s a plus model.Returned.
Works great, easy to clean. The buttons are a little confusing at first but no biggie. Makes awesome snacks in 5 minutes.
This air fryer is absolutely amazing. I use it for baking as well. I honestly never use my oven any more, this is just so convenient. I would recommend to anyone.
Ridiculous that the fryer does not have an on/off switch.  Must unplug after each use. Typical these days.  Everything is being made cheaply.
I love it!!!  My husband was skeptical and didn’t think we would use it much, but now he is using it more than I am lol.
No recipe book in box
Should have gotten one sooner! Fast. Mess-free. With the drawer enclosure it keeps all the grease, and crumbs and mess all self contained so unlike a traditional toaster oven there is no greasy oven or toaster full of crumbs sitting on your countertop needing to be cleaned all the time. Pull out the drawer, serve up the food, stick thedrawer and rack in the dishwasher. Or pop it in the sink add water and dish soap and its washed in a quick minute. The glass viewing window is surprisingly well lit so you don’t have to open it to check the progress. Good even browning on roasted vegetables and crispy airfrying. Havent tried the other features yet. A small recipe booklet giving you examples of how to use the cooking settings would have been helpful. Or a cooking chart for timing common cuts of meats and foods would have given us a starting point in the learning phase. We found recipes online. We’ll get a airfryer cookbook. If you use a slow cooker this will be the companion appliance for low fat frying,  broiling and roasting instead of heating up your big oven.
It does everything you need- easy to use and easy to clean.Fits nicely on a counter
This air fryer has changed my life!  So easy and quick !  Easy to clean and food tastes so good! Highly recommended!
This is perfect and so easy to use. It’s a great size for my family.
Quickest crispiest fries I ever had at home with out all the grease
I appreciate the generous interior dimensions. It’s nice to be able to cook a 12 pizza or a full chicken, although I haven’t used the spit roast feature yet. I was able to fit my 9 x 13 pan without handles in it, but not the one I have with handles. That’s annoying, as most of those pans these days have kind of large handles.I do love how quickly this oven heats up, and it bakes well.The size of it is a bit awkward for my space, being that it is so tall. I have a two-tier oven rack that I normally use with countertop ovens, but this is too large to fit. And it gets hot enough on the outside that you need to leave room for the heat to dissipate, so it’s not great under standard cabinets.As far as air frying goes, in the end I’m just not that excited about it. I’ve tried many brands and styles, and I simply prefer either baking or deep-frying. An air fryer oven is basically a convection oven, which is fine, but don’t kid yourself. There’s none of the satisfaction of deep-fried food.This oven is also too small to really work as a dehydrator, other than to dry very small amounts. Real dehydrators have 5 or more shelves.Strictly as an oven, I do like this. It’s just hard to fit in my limited kitchen space. I’m also not crazy about the presets, although I never like those on any machine. I much prefer to set my own time and temp, as preset options never seem to work for me.
purchased because of an America’s test kitchen review. once again they were spot on. works great, easy to use, easy clean up. love it for my ribeyes and fries.
This is great for me, a single adult. Not only does it do a good job on frozen fries and the like but also on single servings of cook-from-raw foods. I wish I had bought this long before now.
We got this air frier for Christmas.  We use it almost every day.  My favorite thing to make is actually a baked potato.  Little oil, little salt, air fried perfection!
Easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t take up a lot of room on counter.
My first cook was a batch of tonkatsu — Japanese breaded pork chops. I precooked the loose panko in my regular oven to get it golden brown. The breaded tonkatsu cooked up to temp in 11 minutes. I could cook four cutlets at a time using both baskets. Next time, I’ll try toasting the panko in the Vortex Plus.The lights and windows made this a find for me. Whenever you open a regular drawer basket fryer to check on the food, the heat dissipates. Not an issue any longer. I can tell my tots are crispy from the outside.The individual baskets work well. The design allows for more cooking space than the single drawer 8 qt fryer I already have.The baskets clean up easy.The controls are pretty intuitive.
I like it because for short warm ups of frozen foods I do not have to use my oven
The dual-drawer air fryer concept is for a home chef who has really taken to the idea of air frying. I don’t think that air frying quite captures the same level of fatty deliciousness as traditional frying, but the benefits to health are well-worth the trade off. I got this one as a gift for a family member as I have a dual drawer Ninja 10qt air fryer at home that I use every day. That product provides a nice point of reference for this review, as I’ve helped my family member learn to use this one, so I’ve spent plenty of time with it as a result.Some of the key points/features you’ll want to keep in mind:The size is pretty good. The baskets aren’t as large as you’d get in many single drawer air fryers, but you could conceivably fit a very small whole chicken in one basket to roast. Up to that point, there’s not much you can’t cook in here. From fries to wings to a variety of types of vegetables, you’ll fit enough in a single basket for a smaller family (for example, you could do pieces of chicken on one side and roast cauliflower on the other to feed a family of four or five pretty easily). Compared with the Ninja 10qt, this one understandably has slightly smaller baskets (since it’s 8qt). I haven’t compared the size to the Ninja 8qt. The variation ought to be pretty minimal and only a question of a difference in shape. This is also convenient for cooking certain frozen foods straight from frozen. For example, if you buy frozen sausages, you can just toss them in and cook away. The basket design means that when you’re cooking fattier items, not only do you not need much additional oil, you can see that much of the fat drains off into the bottom of the basket. For example, boneless skinless chicken thighs are still among the fattier pieces of chicken. Cooked in this air fryer, a lot of the fat drains, leaving a healthier result.Functionality is solid and versatile – it air fries, roasts, bakes, broils, reheats, and dehydrates. The temp range is up to 400, which is sufficient for most things you might want to do. The 10qt Ninja goes up to 450 on the air broil setting, so if you’re certainly in need of that higher temp, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The reheat setting is great. I kind of hate microwave ovens, and I find that it’s more convenient and provides better results to reheat in an air fryer instead. Usually the time difference is insignificant. The big plus of this one over my air fryer is the window-design on the baskets. If you have experience air frying french fries, you’re probably aware that it can be a matter of just a few short moments between limp, underdone fries and burnt, inedible junk. Being able to see without opening the drawer allows for a greater level of precision as long as you’re paying attention. The sync cook and sync finish features are good additions if you get used to using them. Sync cook means you’re basically cooking the same thing in a large quantity, so you match the settings across the drawers. This is perfect for something like cooking a ton of wings if you’re having company over. Sync finish is better when you’re setting two different cooking styles and you want them to finish simultaneously.Cleaning is pretty simple. The drawers come out and can be washed. It’s easier to just wash by hand, but I believe the baskets and trays are dishwasher safe as well. It’s worth mentioning that if you cook something extra greasy, you may want to dispose of the grease separately when cleaning to avoid clogging your drain.Overall, instant is a well-known and high quality brand. I’m glad I was able to give this to my relative. It’s a solid product that so far seems very worth the price in the neighborhood of $180. That’s, of course, a lot higher than a single basket air fryer, but you can do a lot more with this one. So if you’re a serious air fryer cook or trying to become one, you could give this a shot. If you really need more capacity (larger family or larger items), the Ninja 10qt is a great but more expensive option.
Arrived in super shape and fast.  I was excited to test this item as I’ve become very good at using air fryers over the years so know what to expect and look for.  What I love most about this items is the ability to prepare my grandson two of his favorite foods at the same time.  Both fryers cook evenly and quickly.  Make sure to keep an eye on it and turn as needed.  Plenty of space to make large portions.  I’ve made pork tenderloin on one side and potatoes on the other that have come out deliciously.Easy to use but I’d recommend reading the instructions that comes with the machine. If you’re a new fryer user, I’d recommend watching a few youtube videos or join air fryer groups on FB as they offer many very good cooks from experienced users.Cleans up easily and effortlessly.  We even use it to cook bacon which is much better than frying on the stove as it comes out evenly crispy and doesn’t sit in its own grease.I’d definitely recommend this machine.
The basket is deeper than it is wide.  Since most recipes indicate to use a single layer of food, there is a lot of unused space above the food and only 1/8 below (for circulation?).  The surfaces are easily cleansed.  I have found that to achieve the crispiness that recipes advertise, the cooking time is about 20% longer.
This is so convenient and easy to use and clean. It will change the way you eat and prepare meals. I don’t know how I got this far without it. A must have for any kitchen!!
To my vast disappointment, this takes three times as long to cook and it does not give the meats the crispy outside you expect.
Washed with soap and water BEFORE using and I think this helped with the smell. It only smelled for the first ~30 minutes of use.
Had it for a couple months and it’s so easy to use! I like to look up recipes that can be cooked by an air fryer and it’s fun !
Every food I’ve tried has been a success. Like the window so I can watch the progress.
This thing smells horrible the plastic is overbearing my eyes burn  and it has not gone away the food tastes like plastic I actually dont feel well this is only a week in I go to work come home and my kitchen still smells  like plastic my eyes will start burning again
Weird chemical taste on food even after a month…
This is heaven sent! We use it everyday!!
La primera cocción tuvo un ligero sabor a plástico, pero nunca más. La comida queda excelente y es supremamente útil, 100% recomendado
This product is so easy to use and clean. I have used it almost daily since I got it and cooked everything I can in it. It is a relief not to have to heat up the oven to cook small meals.  We are eating healthier with this as well. Wish I had gotten it sooner.
My daughter received this air fryer as a wedding gift and raves about it so I decided to try it myself. Wow!  It’s so easy it’s ridiculous and the food is delicious. For our first meal I made mixed vegetables and crispy chicken thighs. The programs are child’s play. It preheats. Reminds you to add the food. Halfway through it tells you to turn the food over. Super easy to clean. Only used spices and one tablespoon oil (plus cooking spray). RidiculousBuy it
The food is crispy and perfect, follow the instructions before using
I bought 3 for Christmas presents this past year. My daughter uses hers nearly every day. My sons use theirs several times a week. They all rave about this air fryer and how wonderful, tasty, and crisp the food is. We are all foodies but my one son is a professional chef and if he says its a good product, I believe him!
I wish I had purchased a larger one!  Easy to use and lots  of recipes online.
Makes cooking some things so easy . Cleans up easy . Wish I would have got one sooner
It was so easy to use. Loved the way it cooked my chicken.  Super easy to clean. It takes up space, but I do a lot of cooking and don’t mind it taking space on my counter.  Toaster oven is leaving the counter  to make room
I waited a while to post this review as I wanted to give it a good run before hand. First off I have not experienced any sort of objectionable smells from my unit. At least nothing outside of what the manufacturer noted to expect during the initial break in period – even then it was minimal….so not sure what that is all about.My son purchased this for me as a gift. It has pretty much replaced my old toaster oven taking it’s spot on the kitchen counter. Which is a big deal in my house since my oven stopped working years ago and has not been replaced. Being a single guy I just could not justify the expense and my toaster oven has performed admirably for over three year now. But…it was limited in so many ways which I found out when I got this new air fryer. And the air fryer take up a lot less space which is a big plus too.It is well made or at least the inner workings are. The basket and included grill are durable and super easy to clean between uses. I hand wash my dishes in the sink, see previous statement about being single, and it cleans up easily with just soap and water. The controls are easy to operate. The knob for dialing in the temp and time is a little flimsy, but so far it has operated flawlessly. And even though it usually operates at about 400 degrees, the top and sides do not get hot at all – unlike my old now unused toaster oven. Honestly the only thing negative I can think of is it is not wide enough. Would be nice if it were a few inches wider so I could make those Pillsbury rolls that come in a tube which I still use my toaster oven to make now and then. But other than that, it is a great machine and mine gets used daily – sometimes two or three times a day or more.It has breathed new life into my cooking options and has even made it a lot more convenient and easier to eat healthier foods as well. I actually enjoy cooking a lot more now and trying new things in the air fryer is a lot of fun – I know sounds a little over-the-top but it’s true. It does take some experimentation to get things right and I recommend getting one of the magnetic guides for air fryers, which my son also bought me, to give you a bit of a baseline on the settings. It is much faster than a regular oven for most things, but not everything so having a guide will help.All that said…I can recommend the Instant Vortex Plus without hesitation.Here are a few more details on how I use my air fryer in case it might help you to decide. Now I can only compare it to a toaster oven and my list of recipes is short, so bear that in mind.Anyway, I buy a lot of quick and easy thing to make like chicken and beef sausage links, breakfast sandwiches, frozen burritos and other frozen foods that go in the micro wave and/or get cooked on the stove top. All of those come out great in the air fryer. The frozen burritos were okay in the microwave alone, but were sort of mushy and not that easy to eat – requiring a fork and knife. Now I put them in the micro wave for about a minute then finish them in the air fryer for about 4 minutes and they come out awesome. Nice and crisp on the outside so you can hold them and dip in whatever as you eat. Hot dogs and any kind of sausage links, beef or chicken or whatever, come out great too. Like cooking them on the grill outside.I also but a lot of frozen chicken. In the past I would either boil it or use the aforementioned toaster oven or both, to make things like a stir fry, bag meal, chicken sandwich or salad, etc. But boiled chicken comes out pretty rubbery and making it in the oven does not compare to the results when using air fryer. Now I rub some oil on the chicken parts and put them in the air fryer on 375 for about 25-30 minutes depending on the thickness and they come out amazing. I mean I had no idea that frozen chicken breasts could taste this good. Just a little BBQ sauce and melted butter which I put on at five minute intervals and walla. Great for a chicken salad or just straight up with a vegetable. Frozen fish comes out great and so do pork chops which come out like they are made on the grill.I have cooked a small 3-4 pound whole chicken a few times and the results were also amazing. I just made up a mixture of oil and some spices and rubbed it over the chicken and under the skin. Cooked it on about 380 for 40-60 minutes and  well….it also came out amazing. It also does a great job with potatoes frozen and regular.Like I said I enjoy trying new things out and have come up with some pretty cool recipes and enjoy cooking and eating a lot more now. You will not be disappointed.
Great overall air frier. Easy to use settings and so far has done a great job cooking thing to appropriate temperatures. The cooking basin has a detachable mesh grill and then the tray. Both are very easy to clean and only take a minute or two to clean well and thoroughly.
This is probably the most useful appliance in my kitchen right now and as much as I love it, it is still disappointing. The first Omni fryer I got I had a very noisy fan that was clearly hitting metal on the inside so I returned that almost immediately. The second oven still had some metallic fan noises that disappeared after the first minute or so of cooking. However, the wire rack would collapse to the lower levels if anything more than a  light dish was placed on it.  Repeatedly my dishes would fall during the cooking process. If I am exceptionally careful the rack will stay in place but that’s difficult to do when it’s hot and I’m  trying to remove dishes. I may have solved the problem by putting the rack on the counter and bending it in a way that it expands slightly. The Omni is a wonderful machine that is built cheaply. I would’ve paid twice the price to have a very well-built version of this. All that said, I am keeping it and using it several times a day.
Tiene varias opciones para usar la capacidad es grande, se pueden cocinar porciones para 4 personas, el sabor de la comida es deliciosa y es muy fácil de usar
We have had a couple of air fryers and this one is by far the best. The quality of the food is delicious. Everything comes out with that crunchy texture with delicious flavor. It’s so easy to clean up after – just a quick wipe down of the basket. The food doesn’t stick to it at all. I highly recommend this air fryer.
Easy to clean
Changed my life
I love this air fryer. Very easy to use. Controls are easy to read. Works great! Easy clean up.I’d buy this again and I would definitely recommend it to everyone I know!
I read the reviews and was worried about the rubber smell. Yes when you do the test run you will smell the rubber. After that never smelled it again.It works just as expected and i am mad i waited so long to get one. This one is compact overall but the basket has plenty of room. Highly recommend and just follow the initial set up and do the test run.
Very easy to figure out !
This is a step-up from my other air fryer. I tried to use the air fryers that were integrated into other products, but I really enjoy using this stand alone.It has two large baskets and although I don’t see a need to have a window in the trays the kids enjoy seeing the food, the light only stays on for a few seconds.I like being able to cook two separate things and have them be done at almost the same time. It is easy to use and heats up quickly.
I bought it like new used expecting a blemish or scratched body but avoided anything not labeled like new. I stayed in the Minor damages section that insinuated it was just an opened box and ended up with two big chunks broken and missing out of the product.
great for crispy potatoes, wings, fish. pork chops.
Better than our first air fryer oven which we loved till the over door broke off within the first year.  This one has much sturdier hinge and easy intuitive controls.  We love everything we cook with it!
Best purchase. Food comes out perfect every time.  Super easy to use and clean.
We use it every day and love it!!
This air fryer was top rated.  Great product, but buy the model with the glass window on front & has a light to see food cooking.
This is a very nice air fryer/convection oven.  I bought two for my son and daughter in college.  They love them!  You can cook a 13” pizza, so great size.
Can’t say a lot being my first but completely has been a great addition to my kitchen!
Still learning and what to cook, but is easy to use… Very good product
Like the ease of use. Very simple. Cooks food perfect to taste.
My fiancé bought this during the prime sale last summer. In all honesty, I was super excited to use it. I hated it from the first time I used it. Nothing is dishwasher safe and needs to be throughly  cleaned after each use, including the inside chamber. The basket is ridiculously small, holds maybe 6 small chicken nuggets in total so I can’t imagine it being used for more than just a single person. The only reason I did not immediately return it was because the box was accidentally taken out to the trash.Fast forward 5 months and the machine won’t even turn on. One of the biggest wastes of money we’ve ever spent. Save your money, time, and patience on a different air fryer.
Best purchase we have ever made. This oven does it all from air fried wings to a roast pork loin on the rotisserie.I would have liked a cooking /recipes booklet to have been included. We did however find lots of information with internet searches.I would recommend keeping an eye on things cooking until you figure out how much time it takes to cook it. There is a small learning curve.We haven’t found any negatives regarding this oven.
Best buy for my Kitchen, since I finished out replace all my skillets with Lodge cadt iron. My Instant Air Fryer helps make dinner time eaiser. Especially on those hecktick night, homework with the kids, late getting home, work phone calls. Also clean up is super quick.
As an air fryer, but also toasts. Does almost everything. Large, easy to clean. Large on counter but worth it. Put toaster away. Everything comes out delicious!
I absolutely love my air fryer! I’ve cooked chicken, steak, pork, hamburgers, salmon, potatoes, tater tots…so easy and so tasty!
Love this oven.Daily use.Fits on counter top easily.Love it!!
Looks great and cooks great
Love it! We use it all the time and I couldn’t be happier.
When received the wire rack was a bit too narrow & kept slipping off grooves.  Contacted the company and they sent me one that fit. That said, I use this oven everyday. It cooks food beautifully. So easy to use & the sleek design looks great on my counter.
It’s digital, a little harder to use, but I wanted a smaller one a smaller air fryer looks great bottom line I love it..!!!!
worst air fryer. The thing stopped working after one use. There is limited support to the machine to fix.
Never cooked food in this because after a dozen empty test cycles the powerful noxious odor when running was still present and very strong.  It’s an industrial, cooking electronics smell that requires running this outside, or with full ventilation in the kitchen.Instructions say to expect this odor, but that it will go away.  NOT!  I wouldn’t eat food cooked in those fumes as I can get enough carcinogens elsewhere.  I don’t need them from my appliances.
This is my first airfryer and am so happy. I got it at a great price, it has is own learning curve, but once you get it you can do almost everything you like in it Easy, and quick. I love it.
I couldn’t be happier with my air fryer!It’s beautiful and functional.  I use it everyday and even bought my 80 year old sister one! It’s so easy to use and clean. Everything I’ve made is delicious.
Cooking all sorts of stuff, and very happy with the results. Probably the best appliance I have bought
We gifted this to my in laws and they use it everyday! They love it!!
My countertop got really hot when in the trial stage. I called company and asked if this is safe. They said the only safe countertop is granite or stone. They should have that noted in the description before people buy it. I had to return it
My husband and I have been Williams Sonoma aficionados since.. well.. it feels like forever? That and Sur La Table are stores we get excited about. Mainly because we LOVE the kitchen. I love cooking, baking, experimenting. Albeit, I do not have as much time anymore now that we are two kids deep on top of working full time, but when I do get the chance to cook or bake it feels almost like therapy. One thing we have always loved are kitchen appliances. We were early on the air fryer trend, and bought one of the first Philips ones when it came out. And what a good purchase that was, we have loved (and still love) that air fryer.However, the air frying game has changed and our serving sizes with two additional mouths have changed. When I saw the double air fryer from Instant Pot, I knew that I had to give it a try. We’ve gone from two heat settings and one basket to two baskets, multiple heat settings, and multiple cooking options. Quite a big jump! Now, this thing is pretty darn sizable. Like, it’s big. I plan on keeping our smaller one in the house for quick fixes, but using this for actual meals. Gone are the days of having to fry chicken tenders and then fries, now I can do both at once.I like the aesthetics of this machine, the sleek look is nice in the kitchen. I also love the options — I can air fry up to 400 degrees. I can also dehydrate food. I love it when I can combine multiple uses in one machine. I think it’s why I also have a love of the Instant Pot / Ninja machines. This fries and reheats very well. I love that I can set two different foods to two different temperatures and times and not have to work in batches or worry. Having two baskets that are controlled independently is a dream. I will admit, there is a break in time. You need to take the time to read up on the machine and cook a few things to get the hang of how it operates, how you’ll best use it, etc. However, all in all this is a great machine and I am a fan of the dual zone air fryer now!
Christmas gift for my son and daughter in law. They love it.
I absolutely love this air fryer. It has a large capacity, and the clear view is a big plus!
Wish I had bought the 6qt size.
I was skeptical about an air fryer but love it now that I have it and understand that it’s a powerful and small convection oven suited to reheating when you want your food crisp (something you can’t achieve in a microwave) and cooking when you don’t want to crank up an oven or have to watch a pan over a flame (the timer is great telling you when to flip your food.) I have roasted a 5 pound chicken in this air fryer and it was browned on the outside and juicy on the inside after 1 hour at 325 degrees on the roast function. I ignore the fryer aspect because that’s more marketing than anything.  It’s a small convection oven.
This is a fabulous air fryer for everyone. I was introduced to air fryers a couple years ago and love the ease of cooking and reheating food in them. When I saw this particular piece contained two baskets that can not only cook independently but also be synced I was amazed! I like the comfort foods, fried chicken, chicken tenders, fries, and of course pizza. The two baskets are great to cook items separately but the syncing ensures both items come out at the same time so I can eat my chicken tenders and fries at the same time! This particular air fryer as a reheat option which I tested with a cold piece of pizza and let me tell you it was as if the pizza was just delivered. My kitchen cannot be without! I love this holy grail!
This should have had a manual and basic recipes. Nothing  poorly packed  Waste
This is a little workhorse that does a multitude of different things. Have used it to rotisserie a chicken (over 4#, but with a special trick of cutting off the entire legs and roasting at the bottom – used air fry setting and covered bottom elements etc. w/foil) which turned out yummy, to make frozen fries (which turn out crispy on the outside and soft and wonderful on the inside – just the way you want them to be – IF you don’t overcook), to make toast, reheat food (rather than in my microwave, which was broken for about a week), and to bake.The BIGGEST issue was that the rack DOES NOT STAY IN if you have a glass pan on it or, rather, anything (like a sweet potato cheesecake [a small one in an 8 springform pan]) [semi-]heavy.  Super, super dangerous when you’re trying to get something in and out of a very small space and one side of the rack slips to either the position immediately below or further! Neither scalding custard (or anything liquid or semi-liquid) nor burning oneself on either the rack or the oven insides is very entertaining – and causes my inner sailor to come out, turning the air dark blue around me. Also, have just narrowly missed having a glass pan slide out of the oven and possibly break! Instant, someone’s going to seriously injure her/himself because of this so JUST FIX IT!Food cooks really, really fast, so the guide really needs to alert customers on how to convert recipes.  Even baked goods take way less time, so if one leaves them in for a normal amount of time, then the items are burnt and sometimes inedible.Because there are no bells etc. when preheat is over or when something is done and, most importantly, when something is supposed to be turned, unless one sets a separate timer, it is not. When baking, then, this makes for unevenly baked goods. Since I bought this oven to use instead of my giant oven or as an aid when I’m actually cooking for a crowd, it really doesn’t fulfill this function.And toast. It does a terrible job no matter how many pieces nor what the setting.  Which is too bad, because I was trying to cut down on the number of machines in my home – but my toaster’s staying.It needs cleaned every single time it’s used unless just baking. And the crumb tray is already stained despite cleaning soon after air frying.So why did I give it 3 stars and not less? Because it does do great rotisserie chicken (despite having to fight to get the chicken on the spit and try not to stab myself while doing so, but I think that’s every rotisserie) and it’s great to airfry. I do use it rather regularly – but have decided that anything heavy, I have to put into the big oven, no matter if it’s relatively tiny. And that I have to watch my baked goods like a hawk. So it does do some things good and some things okay. But knowing what I know, I think I’d look at other machines and see if I could get one that has everything I want – and doesn’t try to kill me occasionally.
La verdad es súper fácil de limpiar
I have not personally used the Vortex air fryer yet, but my wife and children have multiple times since getting the device.  My wife made some of the best chicken parm. she has ever made using the Vortex.  My children also love re-heating leftovers or their meals in the air fryer.
We have been using a the single drawer Instant Air Fryer for a few months and love it, it was a huge improvement over an older fryer we had for 3 years.The windows to view, easy to work the controls and the square shape really make it a wonderfully every day use appliance in our kitchen. The only draw back of the double door verse the single drawer is that reheating pizza or quesadilla have to be cut smaller, other than that they both have been great. We also started using parchment paper liners since no one except for me cleans it. I was so excited to trade up to an Instant air fryer (single drawer), now equally as excited to have a double drawer one.
I read the reviews after I bought it, and mine didn’t have a heavy plastic smell like others said. Maybe the first 2 or 3 times I used it, it did.. but it doesn’t anymore.
Air frying works great.
Easy to set up/install and is working great thus far!
I got this gift for my mother for Christmas. She was so happy. This air fryer is priced at an affordable cost; my mother loves to cook, and the kitchen is her second home. Purchasing the air fryer, she is able to utilize the efficient services and low cleaning and maintenance of the device in the kitchen!
This is by far my favorite appliance in the kitchen. Easy to use and easy to clean.
Perfect size, great product,fun to use. Great because you can cook for one, or up to four.Easy clean up.this was the third one I tried & the best.
Great Quick Delivery
I have used other air fryers and really liked them all, but this one truly takes the cake. The dual baskets made  cooking a batch of bbq drumsticks all at once super easy…no reheating the first batch when the second set is done because they are all done at the same time. I love that I can coordinate cooking two different things, on two different modes and have them also finish at the same time. You just set it to finish at the same time and it does all the thinking for you.As a couple other people mentioned, it does have a strong outgassing smell when you use it the first time. I just ran it empty at top temp for about 20 minutes, in addition to the 18 minutes they suggest as a pre-cook trial. That seemed to do the trick.The real estate it takes up on the counter is really worth it. It’s stylish and I expect to use it at least once a day, so it’s a small price to pay. Good value for what you get with this machine.
First, it is fast and does a good job. Heating is a wee bit uneven in spots in the basket (but it’s not a huge negative – especially with the ubiquitous shake half way through cooking).HOWEVER, there is a design/manufacturing flaw. I love the window, but in the unit I received the gasket that seals the glass around the cutout only sealed 2 of the 4 sides of the glass. Apparently, the gasket is kept in place only by pressure. The gasket doesn’t appear to have a keeper groove. Whoever put together this unit at the factory didn’t place the gasket properly prior to final assembly. As a result water can infiltrate between the interior of the basket and the handle housing while washing. On the surface this wouldn’t seem to be a huge problem – the manufacturer stated that the basket is dishwasher safe. But, with water droplets between the basket and the handle housing the window becomes steamed up when you cook and you can’t see the interior of the basket – kind of defeats the purpose of the window. Also, the minute gap sometimes causes a little jet of steam to escape that heats the plastic handle very hot (doesn’t happen all the time). So I returned it. It did such a good job but don’t feel I should pay for problem. One more note: even though the window glass is tempered, you still have to let the basket cool almost to room temperature before cleaning to avoid thermal shock cracking the window. This is only a problem when you want to cook two different items one right after the other and need to clean the basket between different foods.
Great product!
Very happy with this purchase
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend after I broke the handle on our previous air fryer. The main thing that attracted me to this air fryer was the sturdy looking handle and the larger capacity of the tray but I have been blown away by the quality of the food it cooks. Pros: no funky chemical taste on the food, cooks/heats up super fast, easy to clean tray, sturdy handle, intuitive/easy to use controls, lots of useful functions, and the food tastes great! I cooked roasted potatoes in here and it took me 25 minutes to get them from raw and whole to cut and roasted to perfection. This makes getting a complete meal on the table so much easier. The only con is that it is quite large, so it takes up a lot of counter space and it would be hard to fit in most cabinets. But when you use this as much as we do, the counter space it uses is totally worth it.
Love this oven,  it has cooked everything really nicely.  I have not used the rotiserrie yet because it is not easy to truss and its a giant hassle, but guess what, you can put a whole chicken in the basket and air fry it, 375 – 30 minutes on one side and then flip it over and cook for another 30!  Perfect roasted chicken!
You can get an air fryer with the same exact capabilities and options at Costco for half the price. This is also very small and compact. This wouldn’t be suitable for a family of 3+.
I have to lead with the caveat: The first few uses are almost certainly going to produce an awful plastic smell. It takes several cycles before the smell is completely gone. I recommend planning on running several test cycles before you cook with it, like five or six of them, taking care to let it cool down a bit between cycles. I did this outside and I’m really glad I did.Once the worst of that smell is gone (it will linger for a few more cycles but it will go away: promise), this is dead simple: You flavor your food with a little oil and the seasonings of your choice, turn the thing on and when it tells you to add food, you add food (duh). About six minutes before it’s done, it beeps to tell you to turn the food, which usually means giving the contents a little shake. When it’s done, you leave it in until the fan stops then you eat! It is so crazy easy, you will be immediately searching for the next friable thing. I’m particularly crazy about non-leafy veggies, especially Brussels sprouts. Fingerling potatoes and carrots, green beans, asparagus… and if you cook meats (steak bits or chicken wings) make sure you dry them completely before seasoning, and bring them to room temp before anything.Once the plastic smell was gone, this became my favorite appliance, hands down.
I used to be an air fryer skeptic until my mom got me one. And since then, I had upgraded and gotten an Instant Vortex Air Fryer and have told everyone I can that is interested in getting an air fryer that they have to get an Instant brand one because of how much better it was – quieter, and cooked and crisped things more evenly – many times, without any added oil.I wanted to try this larger one for multi-purpose cooking and dinner parties, and wanted to be able to see my food through the window instead of having to keep checking. This air fryer with the dual baskets takes up a bit more counter space than the average single basket appliance size (my single basket Vortex was 11 wide compared to the dual at 15 wide).Obviously having dual baskets makes it easier to cook different things at different temperatures and times while before I threw everything in at once and just took out things scaling with when each was done. Preset options include Roast, Bake, Reheat, Broil, Dehydrate. The buttons are all simple to use, with light bulb y buttons to light up the food like you would see in an oven, and easy temperature and time changes can be made with the circular knob. The sync cook and finish options are really intuitive as well and easy to use. This is the perfect gadget for anyone wanting to free up their kitchen. Just tossing in root vegetables in one, and some protein in the other and you have a no fuss meal for a home cook of any skill level.
Perfectly air fries
Best air fryer I’ve ever used. It’s easy to use if you actually read the directions. I did struggle trying to get it going. But, that’s user error not the product itself. Being able to go from frozen to delicious in minutes is amazing. And it’s large. I have 6 kids and this is large enough for me to make enough food for all of them.
Nice great to use
Seriously who even needs an oven?! Just made chicken parm for my super picky family in this and they LOVE it. I just wish I bought a bigger size! Can’t get enough of this appliance
I liked everything about this product except its size, which is the deal breaker for me.  My main interest is in making French fries, and this model can effectively fry only one russet potato at a time.  (Same problem with other foods.)  At 25 minutes a pop, this isn’t practical, unless you are single and cooking for yourself only.  So I got the 6 quart model (this one is only 4 quarts) and am now very pleased.
I had read previous reviews about the plastic smell but figured I’d run it in my garage several times to eliminate that. It was so awful even after the 9th time that I decided to return it. I can’t even imagine putting food in it the way it smelled. The company surely needs to address this problem.
Broke After One Use. Do Not Buy. The Temperature/Time Control knob broke after one use. Machine is trash.
Being older and completely hooked on the microwave, I wondered at the use that this airfryer would received.  Well, the microwave is on the way to Goodwill and I do all my cooking in this airfryer.  It does it all without hassle.  Buy the accessories and a guide to air frying and you’ll be thrilled with the results.  Happy Frying.
Excelente inversión
I love the product although it came cracked in 2 places. It still works fine but not happy about that
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I don’t know why it took me this long to switch from a meager little toaster oven to an air fryer but boy am I glad I waited until this beauty of a machine was released by Instant Pot! This thing is a gem. The overall dimensions of the unit itself is like 13h, 16d, & 15 wide. It fits perfectly on a small countertop space in my kitchen that is just under 15.5 wide with room to pull out and set the baskets down. The inside of the unit, where the baskets sit in, is all stainless steel metal. Very easy to wipe down and clean. The basket themselves are coated with nonstick coating and are an absolute delight to clean after using. All food crumbs, stickies and whatnot simply come off with soapy warm water and very little scrubbing (I use a sponge that is meant for non-stick surfaces so they dont get scratched or damaged). The inside dimensions of the basket are, in my opinion, a great size. I can fit two large chicken breasts in each one, or 3 small chicken breasts. I was also able to roast a whole bag of baby red potatoes cut in half, which came out perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I have had this for about a week now, and have cooked/reheated many different types of food; I can say that this for sure cooks the food evenly & quickly.The dual baskets are genius, and the option to sync both baskets so that they finish at the same time is remarkable technology. I love how the digital display is lit up in white (very easy to read) and how the Cancel and Start buttons are lit up red and green (respectively), as it makes it super easy to identify which does what. There are no actual physical buttons, it’s all touch sensitive, which I also love. When the unit is not being used, it goes into standby mode, and it all goes dark. To begin using the air fryer, you can simply either just pull out a basket or lightly touch the top of the machine. It will awaken and will be ready to use. The little windows in the front and the lights let you see your food is cooking. To set up the desired cooking preferences (cooking mode, temp and times), it is very simple and straight forward. As a complete beginner to air frying, I can attest that this particular air fryer is very user friendly.Overall, thisInstant Vortex Plus Dual Basket Air Fryer is top notch and well worth the investment, as well as all 5 stars. I am very happy with it and highly recommend!

I like the design of this air fryer. The basket of my past 2 air fryers broke at the handle. The design of this Instapot fryer model has  an inner part you pull out of the basket making it easier to clean and less likely to have handle issues later. Love it!
I use it and I love it; it’s fkn perfect!
Quick way to make meals. Healthy, not messy meals. Easy clean up.
We never used it. We sent it back due to being to small for our 5 member family
Definitely worth the price!  Food comes out hot and crispy!  Love it!!
Made seafood first and was super fast and delicious. Not much for directions or recipes but it works as expected.Adding: you can find everything you need and tons of recipes on YouTube. We are using our Air fryer all the time and wish we had it much sooner bc saves on electricity, doesn’t heat the house up and just quick, easy and delicious.
I loved this product! I am very pleased with my airfryer!
Love the Size ( 4qt ). Great Looking Counter Top Appliance. Simple Prep Prior to Use. Adjustable to personal texture and taste. Easy cleaning !!!After reading reviews, we decided to give this particular air fryer a try  … Prep and cooking instructions are provided … I know you too will agree this will be a perfect addition to your kitchen …  (Ps): Tonight’s Dinner – Salmon Filets – 12 minutes – YUM !
To say I’m in love with this machine is an understatement. It is a nice large size and allows me to cook things simultaneously. Every single thing we have cooked in this has turned out perfectly and we find ourselves using this all the time. In fact, our oven hasn’t been turned on once. Perfect size for family meals and the versatility, including dehydrating, roasting, baking, broiling – It’s brilliant. Love this machine! This is my favorite item in the kitchen.
The past several years have seen an increasing interest in air fryers. Basically, these are special-purpose convection ovens. In a convection oven, you add fans to a standard oven, so the hot air blows past the food. In an air fryer, you add a higher power fan that blows directly on the heating coil, which is located directly above the food. The food is on a perforated platform that allows the hot air to not only blow down over it but then reflect back up from the bottom. The result is something that approximates frying but without the use of oil.One caveat of air frying is that, unlike oil frying, air frying will ONLY work on the surfaces that are exposed to the airflow. WIth oil frying, you dump a bunch of something in a hot vat of oil, and the oil easily heats all surfaces. In an air fryer, you have to take care to make sure the maximal amount of surface area is exposed to the heat current. In practice, this means that if you want to make a bunch of something, you need to do it in batches. For example, if you want to use an air fryer to make french fries, you don’t want to dump a couple of pounds of french fries in the basket, because much of the surface area will be hidden. You can shake the basket periodically, which will help, but it won’t really get the proper result if you put too much product in at once.This hot air fryer is fairly novel in that it provides two air frying baskets, side by side, along with two independent fans and heating coils. So, taking that french fry example, you can put 1/2 of the french fries in one basket and 1/2 in the other, and cook both at the same time. This means that far more surface area is exposed in each basket. Or you can cook two different foods, one in each basket. This is great when cooking for families, or when trying to put together a meal using the air fryer for multiple courses (e.g. fries and veggies or meat).There’s really no hardware magic when it comes to an air fryer. It’s just a heating coil and a fan and the electronics to control them. The magic of this device comes from the following features:** Two 4Qt air frying baskets, individually controlled** Electronic control of cooking for each basket separately** Ability to set up controls so that both programs (baskets) automatically complete at the same time (Sync Cook)In addition, there are some nice features not seen on all fryers:** Glass window for each basket so you can see the food cooking** Light for each basket that can be turn on/offOther notes** While it’s quite well designed to minimize the footprint, it’s still reasonably big and will require decent counter space** The included power cord is pretty short, and you’ll need to be close to an outlet** Requires a few inches clearance on the back for heat exhaust** The black glass touchscreen on top is pretty but is something of a fingerprint magnet** Cleanup is quite easy: Both baskets are lined with a non-stick surface, as are the platform inserts for the baskets** The noise level when running is moderate, coming from the two fansThe tempeature can be set up to a limit of 400 F, in air frying mode, or 450 F in broil mode.The air fryer offers multiple modes:** Air Fry** Roast** Bake** Reheat** Broil** DehydrateThe main differences among these presets are in terms of target heat and length. You can set both heat and temp using the dials on the top of the unit, or stick with the presets. Most people are going to get the most use out of Air Fry, although Reheat is also useful for, say, reheating a slice of pizza (far better than a microwave).Note that the two basket chambers are not thermally isolated from one another (see attached pics), so although the machine allows you to set the temperatures for both baskets independently, in reality, you aren’t going to be able to, say, run one basket at 400K and the other at 120K. The more realistic scenario is that both halves are somewhat near each other, and then the heat can be regulated.When you start, the machine will go into preheat mode. Once the target temperature is reached, you remove the basket, add your food, and replace the basket, and cooking will start. (You can have food in the basket during preheat mode, but then recipe times will vary). Midway through a heating program, the machine will chime to remind you to flip/turn your food. It will also chime when the program is done. The chime will be familiar to anyone who has used other Instant brand products.I tested the unit with a combination of french fries in one basket and raw sausage links in the other basket. Both came out beautifully: The french fries were golden brown and crispy, and the sausages were evenly browned on all surfaces and properly cooked through. (See photos, where you can also see the food as it was cooking through the windows).The two baskets are lined with an antistick coating, as are the metal inserts for the two baskets that keep the food off the bottom (to allow airflow). There are silicone bumpers on the inserts that keep them in place. These feel as if they may come loose over time, but even if they do, the insert is sized for the basket and it shouldn’t present a problem.When first used, there is some outgassing smell. I found that that persisted for the first two times I used the machine, but after that, it was greatly diminished. It should go away completely with further use.On the whole, I’m quite happy with this appliance. I’ve owned other air fryers in the past, and this one offers considerably more functionality without requiring all that much more counter space. That said, it’s still a rather large appliance, so you will have to decide if you have the room for a dedicated appliance of this sort.
The device is a great idea, with a wide range of uses. However, the quality seems very poor. My wife purchased this on Amazon in July 2021, and we’ve had issues – sadly.1) The small 12v fan in the back of the device can become LOUD. Sometimes unplugging the device can solve it. Most of the time I have to tap the grill area (where the fan is) until it shuts up.2) Yesterday, 1/17/2021, I discovered the internal light was no longer functioning.3) The control knob is sticky – like adjusting the temperature will cause is to jump from, an example, 350 to 475 in a single turn.4) Customer service is a nightmare. When I told them about our issues, they dismissed them as being normal.I loved the brand, and maybe it’s just a few bad units – though with the lack of customer service e support, I can’t recommend this device.
Was very excited as I purchased for $99.  Delivery was delayed by 5 days for starters but arrived today.  I plugged it in, performed the test run per the instructions.  After the test run, the Air Fry button would not work.  Every other button worked except the most important one. Called InstantPot customer service, who tried to troubleshoot, but was unsuccessful.  They said to contact Amazon to return, which I’ve now done.  My first and only impression of InstantPot did not turn out well. I’ll be looking for another brand to purchase.
Changes your life I barely use the microwave now & I only use my oven for pizza now
This made a great gift for the family.
I love the easy to use buttons on the front…easy to see too.  My other oven all the controls were so little.  It does a great job cooking and toasting so far.  I hope it cleans well.
you will NOT get a users guide for time and temperature for cooking anything at all. you will have to go to their web site and download this information. if i had known that this was the case i never would have bought this air fryer on principle and inconvenience.  what the hey! ! !
The inside plate is useless IMO. I just pulled it out and got the kit with a pan and grill that makes this a great air fryer. I never tried with the silicone things on the inside plate. With or without it’s not of much use.  I think that is why I never had ant smell troubles. The features are great other than the plate.
Bought this mainly for my picky 7 year old who only eats Mac and cheese, Celeste frozen pizzas, pizza bites, tater tots, and  sometimes chicken nuggets from fast food places. It has cooked all of these things to perfection (with a slight learning curve with the frozen pizza. I’ve also used it to reheat oven baked chicken, and breakfast casserole, as well as left over fried. I typically don’t like anything on my counter top but this is the exception to my rule because we use it at least once a day. Some reviewers complained about a burnt plastic smell and that only lasted the first couple times I used it. No complaints and we’ve used it for a little over a month now.
The handle feels like it is a little loose but may just be how it’s supposed to be. At any rate, I love it!
There is lots to like about this … in terms of cooking foods for a meal, it is so much easier than using a single basket unit! Note that this unit has a 3-prong plug.Pros:- I was worried the controls, timer, synch function would be confusing and require a lot of reading of the manual. It actually couldn’t be easier! It’s self-explanatory and the synch feature is great where if you are cooking two items and one takes 10 minute and the other takes 20, the machine will start the other basket at 10 minutes in so they are ready at the same time.- For a larger machine, the footprint isn’t as bad as I thought it would be … meaning, while it does take up quite a bit of counter space, its rectangular shape makes it easier to fit into narrow spaces. My old single round one actually looked like more clutter on the counter than this unit, which is sleeker and about the size/shape of a toaster oven.- Having two baskets is like having two computer monitors, you cannot go back to having only one. You can make chicken nuggets on one side and brussel sprouts or fries or tots on the other and have them come out at the same time.- The machine is well made and looks good. It is pretty intuitive and all the parts seem well made. I like how the baskets have a ‘hidden’ window, meaning they look like solid black plastic but if you press the light button, a hidden window appears and allows you to monitor cooking. The same is true with the control panel. On the shelf, it’s a solid black when it is unplugged or in standby mode. When you need the digital control panel, it ‘magically’ appears vs. staying on all the time or being printed on the unit.Cons:- Cooking results are not the best compared to the 2 other air friers I have owned. I like the exterior a bit more crisp than this does. I find that the middle of what I am air frying stays a bit soft and the sides get a bit overdone. This doesn’t cook evenly on the top and bottom, so you will need to flip the items over, which could be tough if you are doing something like fries, which are small or not laid out in a single layer. You can see in my picture, the middle of the mini-potato pancakes are a bit underdone while the edges are a bit too crisp. I am hoping there is a learning curve and I get better. I am only one week into using this.- Don’t expect restaurant-quality oil frying here. The same is true with cooking meat. I miss the convenience of my old air fryer, which had preset buttons for meat, fish, chicken, french fries, etc. I have looked up recipes and cook times but find that with burgers, it’s still hard to get a good medium/medium rare burger. The edges get crispy and the meat gets dry. There is also some slime on the burger … you really cannot beat grilling or even pan frying burgers and for convenience, this is great … but you do sacrifice the quality of the cooking for a quick, easy process.- The two basket system is amazingly convenient. However, you do lose some cooking space. There is 1 or 2 of us in my household … and we find it fine portionwise. A family of 4 or 5 might have some issues with the size of the meals it can prepare, especially if you are doing individual portions of meat or fish.- This has a strong chemical smell at first, which does get better over time. However, after a week, there is still a little plastic-like odor when its used. I like my other Vortex air fryer from the same brand which has a filter that cuts down on smells when cooking. When you cook fish or chicken in this, because it vents air out the sides for convection cooking, it will broadcast odors further than a pan alone. (Because this has non-stick (teflon-like) coating, be aware that you should not use this directly around parakeets, gerbils, guinea pigs and other small animals. Cats and dogs should be fine.)It is as easy to clean as your standard pan. The basket has a pull out tray which you can wash off and then the basket itself wipes clean as the coating in non-stick. I have added a photo which shows the aftermath of cooking a burger. Easy clean up for sure.Overall, this is a unit of superior convenience over performance. I do tend to be a texture eater who likes crisp coatings. This doesn’t get the coatings of battered fish and chicken and tater tots quite where I like it compared to my other units. But, it performs adequately and the easy to use controls and the dual zone baskets make up for that. I am hoping with time, I will learn some hacks that will help me get better cooking results. I’d order this again. It is perfect for a bachelor … or for preparing kids’ meals. Especially if the kids like different things.
Only thing I haven’t done yet is the rotisserie part of the air fryer. Other than that I have loved every part of this and will continue to. Good for reheat, air frying and also baking. The controls are easy to understand and easy to use. Thing to note when it comes to air fryers is it cooks fast that other conventional means. You will love this fryer I guarantee 💯.
Great product. Easy to use and makes great food
Love it. Best thing in the kitchen.  We use it almost every night now.
Easy to use, love the reheat feature.  Only wish I would have gotten a larger size or double compartment style to cook more than 1 food at a time.
It seem good and it was still in the trying stage. Didn’t use it everyday maybe once a week and after 3 weeks the bake function stopped working.Disappointed as I thought it was a keeper.
It works good.. but it’s much smaller then I expected it to be..
Y’all be careful when using this.  The basket just falls out when you are removing the food.  I have to take the basket completely out and set it on the stove.  I burned my hand the first time it happened.  Not safe for kids for sure.
Let’s get one thing out of the way first. The smell that some reviews talk about. Yup, it’s there. It’s a brand new cooking device. Of course, it smells a bit and that is exactly why you want to run it a few times before cooking food. Burn that smell off.Hey, Every stove I have bought stunk at first too and that is normal. Manufacturers recommend you run your stove at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to get the smell out, burn off whatever is in there. It’s the norm. This air fryer is no different.I ran it for 17 minutes, three times, back to back and the smell was gone. Next, I made, chicken wings, followed by fries, followed by chicken tenders and they all came out PERFECT. Tasted as good as a restaurant.Next thing I want to mention, another review states to remove the rubber feet from the tray, and once done he never experienced the smell at all. That is of course an option but the tray these feet are on, allows the tray to fit snuggly in the bucket. The purpose is so you can dump the food from the bucket to a platter or bowl. If you remove these feet the VERY hot tray will fall out when you tip the cooking bowl. Of course not a huge deal if you just use tongs or something to pull the food out but no thanks. Those rubber pieces make the tray work so much better and like I said above, the smell goes away quickly after the first couple burn in’s before you even cook food in it.Finally, this thing works fantastic. It cooks so much faster than the oven and everything comes out perfect. Crispy on the outside, soft and perfect on the inside. And it is so much healthier than using an oil fryer. An oil fryer is faster but an air fryer is healthier for sure.This unit looks great, works wonderfully, and is made by a company I trust. I own other products by them and after several years everything still works. I have no doubt this will last us years too!
Easy to clean unlike a oven and it can be stored away or placed on the counter.
I was skeptical, wife made me get it. It’s easy and makes fried food and leftovers taste amazingly crispy. Would recommend.
I was resistant to the air fryer movement due to being an old fashioned cook. As seniors, we have been eating heart healthy fish, baked. We did miss the browning and crunch coating. The air fryer provides this with no deep frying. Vegetables are deliciously crunchy, and food warms up quickly with no mush. Glad I came around and I encourage you to, also.
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It’s pretty big so make sure you have space for it. It has more bells and whistles than I’ll ever need but good to know I can dehydrate a bag of limes at will.Airfryer does the job and most importantly the toaster toasts.This made me try rotisserie before I lost the pieces and it surprising did a great job.

This oven works great, does what it say, cooks  25 % faster. Have not used my oven once since I received this item. Scalloped potatoes, bread, baked potatoes, sheperds pie, zitti all done in this oven.  Every kitchen needs one of these
This was a gift to a sibling.  Wish I would have gotten one for myself.  Best air fryer out there in my opinion.  Easy to clean.  Easy to use.  Not too big or too small.  Makes healthier food very simply.  I will probably purchase one for myself.
Great for meal prep or larger families. Cooks evenly and well. No nasty smells, easy to figure out. If you haven’t gotten an airfryer, it’s a great investment
I really like it. We got it mostly for chicken wings but been fun to experiment with and see what works. I wish that I would have got the bigger one though. I was just afraid it would take up too much room.
Basic Air fryer that has been very dependable. I purchased this one as a gift and the recipients like it a lot. These Air Fryer’s are great for re-warming  and cooking a variety of foods. The one draw back is, they are kind of a pain to clean, I’ve been using parchment paper liners, from Amazon, to help minimize the need for cleaning.  There are hundreds of these on the market, I choose this brand and model because of experience and simplicity of operation.
The fryer is easy to use and clean. It produces delicious food.
have to unplug
My husband used to laugh at the idea of an air fryer and told me it was just like a small oven. Long story short, ever since we got an air fryer, he can’t stop using it and marveling at it. Now, the air fryer is the main component and he creates dishes around it.We use it for absolutely everything! Want toast? Throw bread in there. Want to reheat pizza? Throw it in there. Want to make a 5-layered veggie-cheese dish? Throw stuff in a cake pan and into the air fryer. Want to get a crust on top of your dish? Throw it in there. I know you get the idea, but let me keep going. Want crispy fries? Throw it in there. We usually buy frozen bags of fries, onion rings, and jalapeño poppers and cook them in the air fryer. The result for every single dish is divine every single time. Plus, you’re hardly using any oil.The clean-up is a breeze because of the material. It’s dishwasher safe too. The food cooks super fast and I don’t feel like we’re missing out on anything by not using the oven or the deep fryer.We don’t use our oven or deep fryer as much as we used to. Amazing gadget, 10/10 would recommend.
Be sure to take the small rubber pieces out of the tray and do a test run with nothing in it, that will help with the smell plastic! Ours works great!
Super nice works great
I’ve had this lovely air fryer for approximately two weeks now. I made delicious fresh wings at 350F for 24 minutes and they are cooked to perfection without breading. The fries on this picture were cooked at 400F for 12 minutes and although they were thoroughly cooked they were not crunchy. Next time I’ll leave the fries for 15 minutes. Must note they were fresh potatoes, not frozen. The nuggets (10 frozen ones) were cooked at 350F for 8 minutes and they were PERFECT! Crunchy on the outside and moist inside.
Easy to learn. Lacked accessories. No cookbook. Website frustrating. Still, a good addition to my kitchen.
Best butternut squash I’ve ever had. A little pepper & rosemary w Extra Virgin Oil spray!My first & favorite, so far!Perfect for 1-2 people! Easy to clean;-)I feel this is way healthier to cook than the Microwave.
I love this air fryer.  So easy to use and cleans up very easily with sponge and soap.  No mess on the counter and stovetop.  I highly recommend others to purchase.
Shipped so fast and in perfect condition. So happy!!!
Very easy to use. Foods cook fast and crispy with no grease. Time saver.
Like everything
Gave this to my son for Christmas. He loves it and uses it daily.
I bought my 6qt. Air fryer less than a year ago. The smell was originally bad, but lessens and finally goes away after a few uses. My biggest gripe is that the rubber bumpers come off too easily when washing the tray. After a few months I lost about all of them them and haven’t been able to find any replacement.Otherwise it’s cooking features and use is great. For small meals it’s so much better than using an oven.
I love this! I finally caved in and bought an air fryer. So of course it had to be instant brand. And I use it everyday, it’s so easy to clean, quick, and it looks so good on my counter!
It is small, but it’s just me and wife.  Easy to use.  The instructions are not detailed.  But I have access to the internet for recipes.  If you want a small air fryer, I would recommend it.
This was our first Air Fryer and we are quite pleased with this brand and model.  We did experience some odor when we first ran the machine as per the instructions indicated we would.  Once used a couple of times the odor has disappeared.  All the functions work as advertised.  We would recommend and buy again
I had this a few weeks before using- I was intimidated, but it is wonderful! Easy to clean, and to use.
With a family of 5; and 3 of which being teens, we are always looking for ways to cook things in large portions and conveniently. The Instant Vortex Plus Dual Basket Air Fryer checks all of our boxes! Not only can you cook 2 things at once, you can choose different temps/times/cook style! It’s so versatile. This thing seriously is a beast. You can Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat, Broil, and even Dehydrate! I haven’t tried all functions yet, but I’m excited to! I can tell you that Reheat works perfectly for left over pizza without burning it or turning it to a brick. Air fry makes amazing chicken nuggets, fries, pizza rolls, and onion rings! Washing is so easy. This doesn’t have the basket tray, instead it has a metal liner with a pull loop that goes in the main baskets. After each use just pull the metal liner, empty all the crumbs and give it a good wipe and rinse. It really is that easy. This Instant Vortex is so good, it’s earned a permanent spot on the counter. I see this getting A LOT of use! Definitely recommended, and worth every penny.
Its so easy to set up and use. Remember to remove the plastic things off the inside tray and my food tastes amazing. Best thing ive ever bought. Thinking about getting it? Its a 10/10 get it!
Very easy and comfortable to use and clean.
Easy and quick cooking. Awesome for steak and roasts too. However while the bucket is easy to clean the inside near fan and heating element is not. After using for a year I decided to throw it away just because of cleanup and buy a new one. The replacement came in but the Air Fry fan didn’t work, Amazon sent a replacement – but replacement had same issue with fan. I returned both and went to W and bought a different brand.
I first ordered the 6 quart but was much too big for the 2 of us and our counter space.  The 4 quart is just right and great for veggies, frozen garlic bread, chicken wings and other things for 2 people. Very easy to use and clean and looks nice with our other stainless appliances.
We received ours.(it was a gift I bought for our family.  We used it one time after spending several days going over the directions, & carefully choosing what recipe we would use…we did the two preheats required for first time use, then preheated again, put our food in…it said to rotate our food half way through, so we opened it and rotated our food, and pushed the drawer back in…and that was it!….The Fryer stopped working!!  The screen said open…the door was shut..we tried multiple times to get it to work!  After trying everything we could think of, we returned it for another of the same.In a couple days we are going to try this again….I’m very nervous, because the Fryer seems to have a history of this issue.  It it  still doesn’t work, we are buying a different Brand!  Maybe Ninja?  I will review again, in the next week.  Take care!
This air fryer is the BEST! I’ve had several other brands and this one tops them all. The inside is BERY roomy…square instead of round, so much more useful. Easily fits a dozen wings. I used a dry rub and spray oil and they came out great! Crispy and moist, not dried out ( and I like them charred). My hubs doesn’t like wings ( I know, weird!!) So I fryer him a couple hot dogs. Better than the grill!! VERY quiet, no nasty plastic smells from this one. Easy to use, clean and it tells you when preheat is done, to put food in, to turn food. I love it. Outside gets fairly warm during cooking but not hot enough to burn you if you touch it .The light and window are awesome. You can see the food without opening drawer. The drawer slides in and out smoothly and easily. Snaps firmly into place. A nice change from my last fryer that I had to wrestle with.HIGHLY RECOMMEND this cooker.
The unit feels solid, drawer opens and closes with a solid click, the unit looks good.  There is a lot of plastic on the exterior but metal / glass where the food touches.  Smells like plastic a lot after being closed up in a box, wrapped inside and out.  Some airing is required.  I ran the machine at 400 degrees for 15 minutes and then wiped the outside thoroughly with white vinegar.
I am so glad I replaced my first air fryer with this one! I continue to learn how to cook more things in it. Wings, cheese toast, chicken tenderloins, potatoes, and so much more! We should have done this a long time ago. :)
This air fryer is great.  It is easy to use, fast and easy to clean!  My kind of appliance!
Seems pretty good by my wife isn’t ready to use it
shelf falls causing possible burns!
Where has this been all my life? I’ve never liked eating vegetables until this thing came along. Now I air fry all my veggies and eat them as a snack instead of chips or some other calorically dense, salty, fatty snack. Super easy to clean as well.
I can’t say too many good things about this little oven.  I use it practically every day.  It is very well made and easy to clean.  The people who designed this oven did a very good job.  I like that it remembers your last settings — make toast on the morning and then air-fry some chicken that evening and the next time you make toast it remembers the temperature and time you used.  The same for more chicken the next day.  The interior is easy to clean and the front glass is flush with the door so no splatters get trapped in cheap mounting flanges like in cheap toaster ovens.  The sides and top stay reasonably cool to the touch at all times.  I’ve discovered the greatness of beef jerky with it’s dehydrate setting.I checked the temperature calibration with an internal thermometer and it is spot on.  It even beeps to tell you when you should turn food over for better cooking.  If you are looking for a counter-top cooking appliance to take the place of your oven, air-fryer, dehydrator, rotisserie, and toaster/broiler I don’t think you can go wrong with the Instant Omni Plus.  Highly recommended.After two months I just discovered that my 10 inch cast iron skillet will fit in the oven!  I can make cornbread in this thing.  It just keeps getting better.
Fantastic! More stable heating than our prior appliance.You’ll love it!
Love the multi features you can choose from also the built in timer and degrees dial, over amazing product. Package was also A-One
Just took it out of the box last week.  Have used it 3 times and all times have set off my smoke alarms.  I cook on low heat and it smokes really bad.  Too late to send it back so I will have to trash it.
This little oven does it all: tastes, air fries, convection bakes, broils and more. I’m still getting used to this new addition to my kitchen, but so far I love it. Air fries much better than my old tall round basket air fryer. Controls are easy to learn. The unit is easy to clean. It even beeps in the middle of the air fryer function to remind you to turn the food. There’s even a cookbook made specifically for this model to help the novice learn how to use the functions (sold separately on Amazon). You can also download the Instant recipe app for more recipes to use with this Instant Air Fryer/Toaster/Convection Oven.
I was concerned due to some reviewed speaking on their food tasting like plastic, but I did not have this issue! when you do the first run with no food, yes, there is a smell of plastic, but it does go away after the first couple of uses.Easy to use, easy to clean. Food has never tasted better! 10/10 would recommend.
Would give 5 stars but the tray falls when you pull it out; like its a little to small.
Can not turn the unit off other then unplugging it.  The unit displays OFF when plugged or done cooking.  The display shows OFF all the time, until you unplug it.  Found nothing in the manual to turn the unit off for a dark display.
Sure cuts down on my dishes and the food is great.
Love my air fryer so much, my kids love it and it’s easy to use, no doubt about this purchase.
So far I love it! I I replaced my Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven that died just passed a year of me owning it. I was very lucky that there was such a phenomenal price on the instant pot Omni right after Thanksgiving.
Great product and makes cooking more fun and quick!
I read the instructions. It says it may smell like hot plastic the first time, that it did, but after that I went right into cooking, it didn’t smell anymore. Let me tell you, it was cooking in a fraction of the time the package told me to. Everything tasted awesome.
I’ve only had this air fryer for about a month, but everything I’ve tried so far has turned out great. My only complaint would be the lack of a simple recipe booklet to teach the basics.
Súper fácil de usar
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Love this. Warms up faster than a oven.

Simple to use and so easy to clean afterward!
Easy to use.  So far have used air fry and broil, the food is delicious.  Please follow directions to do first heating outside as it does smell but one use outside and no smell inside!  Only had for a short time but already love it.
Had an 8 quart. Toooooo big. We needed 2-3 person size. This 4 qt was it. Takes up little space, heats up fast, plenty of options. I’ve burned stuff n I’ve heated up stuff n I’ve cooked stuff. Getting to know the curve was fun learning the air fryer. Bake mode was awesome as well. We love it.
I’m glad I did my research and purchased this model. It is fantastic. It’s easy to use and takes up very little counter space. I was a bit incredulous about the whole air frying trend at first, but no longer!  My first experiment was salmon and frozen veggies. It was a phenomenal meal!
We cleaned it per instructions then ran it with nothing. After the fist time there were no bad smells!
Excellent product easy to use and everything comes out great
The Instant Omni Plus exceeded my expectations and helped to give me, a novice cook, the opportunity to create delicious healthy food. I did not detect any noticeable odor when I used the product.The only complaint that I have is the product does not come with a decent amount of recipes specific to the Instant Omni Plus and there are two different models with the same name. I guess one is a later version.I make out using YouTube recipes and some air fryer cookbooks
Had problems with the fryer right out of the box. Customer Service shipped a replacement without question. I was able to drop off the defective unit at an Amazon Fresh Market. HIGHLY satisfied!!
I bought 3 for Christmas as gifts for my adult children. They were on sale for the holidays and I would say they were well worth it. My daughter uses her every day! She has become the Queen of Air Frying! One reviewer on line had complained about a plastic burning smell. But she has never experienced that. One son, a chef, is a big fan of the fryer and likes it better than his previous fryer that broke. He feels it is better in quality than some other brands. He gave it high praise. My other son is learning his way in using his fryer and bragging about the results. The only draw back is that they are big and take up a lot of counter space. But if you use it a lot, you make the space!
I really like the window and light to be able to see cooking progress. Occasionally it does set off my smoke detectors but the super fast cooking is worth it.
The major problem with this air fryer is the air grill tray unexpectedly falling out if the basket is inverted.  Be sure to remove hot food using tongs or a spatula.Food placed along the outside edges often overcooks and overcrisps unless the food is redistributed every couple of minutes.  Food also tends to get caught in the corners since the basket and tray do not have the same corner radius.
I have been using this oven since I got it and I love it, it’s faster than a conventional oven, the air fryer is fantastic, the food is so crispy! And it’s very easy to clean.
Smelled like electrical fire/burning plastic. Dial didn’t work so we couldn’t change temperature or cook times. Took up a lot of space on the counter. I love my InstantPot, but this thing was used 3 times and returned. Even if the dial worked, I don’t think I could have justified keeping it.
Can See in while you are cooking ☺️
I have no dislikes.
Good Christmas gift for my mother.
Got this for Xmas gift for a family member and they fell in love with it! No complaint was made
I hardly ever write reviews, but this one was too amazing not to share.  I got one of these for Christmas from my husband.  So far I have cooked steak, chicken, salmon, tilapia, and dumplings, and they ALL were juicy, flavorful and just AMAZING!  Super easy to clean up, perfect for a busy mom.  This is a GODSEND.  You can cook stuff frozen in it too!!!  Cheers to the creator!  You made my life easier!!!  Thank you!
This AFryer is the Mercedes of all AFryers. Easy to use, clean & has a ton of bells & whistles. I would buy this again, but because of the quality, it will prob last forever (I hope so!). Thank you, Instant, for making such a superior product!
Emphasize to users that they should remove rubber shipping legs from tray BEFORE going through start up
I found it too difficult to use. The  item semed like a good buy and was well constructed and had all the features I wanted. However, Tech details were too much for my 86 year old brain. I returned the Air Fryer after 7 days.
Heard a lot of buzz about air fryers and bit the bullet, and I’m glad I did. My son tells me it’s the best investment I’ve made in a long time. Not as fast as a microwave but much, much better if you want something crispy/seared. Would highly recommend.
The air fryer worked perfectly. Although I did have to use it a few times to get rid of that new appliance smell which transferred to the food. Overall, great product and easy to use.
No joke, I have not used my oven or microwave since I got this.  From the moment I opened the box, I’ve been like a mad scientist in the kitchen.  Absolutely love it!
Un gran articulo
I enjoyed the product for few days, later says E2 anytime i try to use it and for that matter am not able to use it anymore.
I usually don’t give reviews,  but I love this air fryer!! First off it has a nice look to it, so I definitely don’t mind having it on my counter. It is the perfect size, not too small or too big. It’s so easy to clean. I almost didn’t purchase because of the negative reviews about the smell, but so glad I did, all I did was remove the inserts inside the basket like others said to do, and I ran it twice before cooking in it, and cracked one of my kitchen windows. After that I haven’t had any issues with a smell, and trust me I can smell everything and anything!! Also it cooks perfectly. You won’t be disappointed with purchasing this Air fryer!
It goes up to 400 but in reality that’s all you need it cooks anything in minutes and I absolutely love it! I’ve made chicken, toast, fries, almost anything you can bake! Sooooo recommend
I dislike the burning rubber smell and didn’t get my full refund back.🤷🏼‍♀️
I purchased the item as a Christmas present for my sister so I don’t know anything about it, However my sister loved it.
Me gusto
It’s so easy to use and cooks food in a healthy way. Fish is cooked perfectly and tator tots are crispy and delicious. Can’t wait to try the dehydration feature. I also made pork chops and they came out great. Wonderful quality and well made and designed.
Sons loves it,very versatile
Works great.  I took plastic pads off bottom plate,  seemed to have no plastic odor after that
I love it! Easy to use and easy to clean!
I bought this air fryer before reading the reviews and after seeing what everyone was saying about a plastic smell, I instantly regretted my purchase. However, after receiving my air fryer and after washing the inside and cooking tray with dish soap and water, along with removing the little rubber pads from around the cooking tray, I haven’t smelled anything unpleasant. Idk what everyone else is doing but I do not regret my purchase at all I love it.
Cooking quality wasn’t bad. I mainly used it for frozen items or reheating leftovers. The biggest problem is the tray not sliding in after usage. After items are heated, it doesn’t go back in. When the unit cools down, it’s a hassle to get close. While a patient person wouldn’t mind, it can be annoying. I’d go a different route if you need back to back usage. Would not recommend.
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What a POS. I have the dame problem as the other reviewers. For closed but it says it is open no matter how many times you open or close it.

My came damaged please see pictures
I bought this Air Fryer because I’m old school and use a toaster oven to re-heat or cook my food. I’ve been using a toaster oven for years and was fed up with how long it takes to get my food done. This Air Fryer is great because it has a window and light on the front so you can see how your food is doing through the cooking/re-heating process. Majority of Air Fryers do not have a window on their basket and it takes a lot of trial and error and guessing to see if your food is done.  I would have given this 5 stars but each time I clean the basket, water and moisture goes in between the clear glass and fogs up the window. I felt that it should’ve been sealed to prevent water from entering there. Other than that, the basket is easy to clean.  As far as how my foods cook, they’ve all come out perfect. You’ll just have to closely monitor your food because this air fryer will cook them fast and you don’t want to burn or overcook your food. Each time I use it, I line the basket with foil for easy clean up and use air fryer parchment paper (the one with holes) on top of the rack. Don’t forget to wipe the heating coils (when cooled) with a slightly damp cloth to remove oil buildup. Lastly, this air fryer is programmed to automatically pre-heat before you add your food. There’s just no way around that.Pros:+ Food cooks fast+ Clear Window+ Temp/TIme Rotating Dial+ Easy basket cleanupCons:- Water & Moisture gets between window- Black or Black & Stainless Steel are the only color options. Needs a White option w/Clear Cook
Love everything about it!!
Christmas gift for my son in law.  He hasn’t cooked anything in the oven since.  He LOVES it
best air fryer I’ve ever used! The window is genius
Works exactly like expected and the package came with no damage.
How has everyone lived without an air fryer?This one  is wonderful ?  I prepared a frozen pizza it was perfection.  It also Bakes,Bakes, well anything you need in the kitchen. Another wonderful feature is it’s so easy to use. I’m 80 years old it’s the ideal thing for me.  You will love it
Cooks exactly as expected once you get past the learning curve
I had no thought of wanting or needing an air fryer.  My husband saw this one on sale and urged me to buy it.  It has been well worth the modest price.  For the few weeks we’ve had it, my husband has experimented with it multiple times a week.  He has made french fries – his favorite- several times, as well as used it to cook fried chicken wings and to reheat frozen egg rolls.  Really everything has been very good to excellent and it is certainly a reasonably healthy alternative to traditional frying.  The instructions were not as thorough as I would have liked but we could intuit how to fill in the blanks. I wish it had come with a cook book.  It does not so we consult the internet for all questions and have not had a problem getting guidance.
Hey Instant: Instead of displaying OFF all the time to – uh, tell you that it’s, not on, (really?) how about putting up a clock?A simple update to the firmware should be all it would take. For a kitchen appliance, this fryer has such a big crisp beautiful display, it seems a shame to waste it on the word OFF.Honestly so far this is my only true gripe about this product. When I walk into a dim kitchen and my brain sees a lighted digital display, it expects to see the time. We’ve been conditioned to this for years, by microwave and appliance clocks. This gets me every time, and I find it jarring.Anyway, if you’re not OCD like me, it probably won’t bother you. Of course, now that I’ve pointed it out, you’ll become OCD about it too. You’re welcomeOtherwise it seems to be a pretty good fryer. It looks damn good on the counter. The interface is super intuitive and the display is just very pleasant to look at when it’s on. This is my first experience with an air fryer, so I don’t know what to expect in terms of how it performs but I did note that It seems to take longer to heat up than I expected, about as long as my Cuisinart toaster oven. It seems to get the job done better than any other method for what I’ve used it for so far – reheating leftover pizza. Home-made french fries is next. Wish me luck.
Should include the cooking time catelog with this device
I love this air fryer it make cooking dinner easy and fast
The quality you would expect from the Instant brand.
I wanted so badly to love this but it just falls short. I waited months before posting a review to be sure. I have used it more than a dozen times and absolutely cannot get rid of the plastic smell/taste. Followed directions and from what I understand the plastic smell and taste is supposed to go away after a couple uses but that isn’t the case. The first few uses we basically threw away what we cooked due to the plastic/chemical smell or taste. We have also tried the online hacks using vinegar or lemon juice MULTIPLE TIMES. Buy another brand of air fryer that is not made of plastic. I have not had the operational problems that others have had but that doesn’t really matter when the food taste like hot plastic.
Works great and is the perfect size for my little kitchen.  It heats up very quickly, reminds me to shake or flip the food, and the food comes out very evenly cooked.  It is vey easy to clean too.
Loved this appliance as it is taking the place of so many of our other appliances!
Easy to use . Nice touch buttons
I made a roast it came out perfect I also madevegetables french fries turkey bacon the list Will Go On
This is such a step up from the little baskets we first had. The amount it can hold is able to feed me family of 4 easily. Cooks well and evenly
Very easy to use. First time using did have a plastic smell, but you should run in empty first to get rid of that smell. Very happy with it. Also is nice looking enough to leave on my countertop. I usually put all my cooking gadgets away in the cabinets. But not the air fryer!
I’m so disappointed in this air fryer.  While it works fine, and cooks the food well, it makes everything you cook taste like the plastic smell it emits.  I’ve run it with vinegar and lemon juice which supposedly gets rid of that…it did not.  I’ve had to throw away everything I’ve made so far in it.  Disgusting.
It’s easy to use and clean
We use this for everything.  Vegetables, sausage, meat of all kinds and even cookies.  This is AMAZING LOVE LOVE LOVE
Didn’t like this airfryer. Even after several uses it gave a plastic taste in the food. Even after running it empty several times to remove the plastic/new taste. So i returned it. Never noticed this in other airfryers before.
We like very much
We have made baked chicken, french fries, toast, bagels, hash browns, pizza, etc. This oven is awesome. It’s nice not having to fry with oil anymore, its much healthier.
Returned because it was extremely loud
Purchased 3 to give as Christmas gifts. To date, everyone is very happy.
I like the cooher it is quck to use and take a very short time to cook
Very easy to clean.  This is a great size for almost everything! Fun to try different recipes!
Like the smaller size and the double layer front door than previous model (BTW, still works great). The control panel is also simplified, however the sloping design to be flush with the handle obscures viewing angle inside. The depth is reduced and prevents use of a 13 pizza pan, and worst of all, indentations (guide rail) for the grill tray is too shallow, so tray tends to fall out of the groove under load or when sliding out. This is very dangerous! Would not recommend buying unless guide rail issue is fixed. So disappointed!
I used 2 other air fryers for the past 4 years with roommates in school. They were simple, fast, cooked well, and convenient. This is NOT and I do not know why it is ranked so high and in recommended… I would return if I had the time. It tries to do too much by having 6 options to cook instead of just airfry and requires a preheat.?Not oonly that the food is not evenly cooked! I flip it and it is still very hard to get everything fried well and not soggy (problems I did not have for past 4 years). You have to put a small serving size too to avoid burning the top. Idk how my previous air fryers worked but it seemed like it vortexed the heat or something and this is just heats the top -_-… Really wish I got my family a better and simple one.
Easy to use controls, fast preheating, and easy clean.  Love the Air Fry feature… makes great sweet potato fries.  Reheats pizza even better than my pizza stone.  Only minor issue, it needs room around it to vent heat, so do not put close to, or under cabinets… (manual recommends 9 inches of clearance).
My first air fry and I’m so glad I bought it
So far we’ve made coconut shrimp and prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Both excellent! And easy.
Easy to use
Given as a gift. My daughter and family Love it.
After trying it, I’m giving it to my daughter because the food I like most isn’t really air fryer friendly. Not a fan of cheesy, breaded or fried foods which seem to be what many use it for. Veggies are ok in it, but better the way I normally make mine.  It’s a good device for certain things though. Probably great for quick kid meals (tater tots, chicken bites, fries, etc.) Seems to work well for those things.
We bought this as a gift for someone, and they say they love it!
I’m pleased with this air fryer. It’s easy to clean. I got rid of my previous air fryer because it was such a pain to clean. My husband can even operate this one!!
The price was great. Think I got the same quality for much less
So far so good, easy to use, just can’t figure out what to cook with it.
I really like the air fryer. After a few uses, I discovered the bottom is has a small broken piece. The fryer works correctly and has been used three times therefore I will not be returning it. You need to check for damage before use.
I was excited to try this air fryer as I’ve wanted one for years, but the time/temp dial didn’t work out of the box, which was quite disappointing. Amazon is sending a replacement so hopefully that one works.Also I did the test run on the defective one and the Teflon smell was quite bad and strong
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It won’t work. It will not close. It has two tiny little plastic pieces on the door that probably are the problem.  Can they melt? Bend easy? No idea but I tried using it for the first time ever and it wont close.

This is the second airfyer purchased and we use it more than ever.  Very attractive and easy to clean.  Cuts down on cooking time.
Takes too long to get plastic smell gone. Slowly going away
Great gift
Who doesn’t want to eat healthier?  I have yearnings for fries and fried chicken but tend to shy away from it as it tends to be drenched in oil.  I tried making both and this air fryer makes it incredibly easy to air fry foods without all the oil that would normally be required.  The results are nothing short of amazing!  This Instant Pot brand works very well and is controls are intuitive.  Its easy to wash and I like that it is dishwasher safe.  It took a little while to get the plastic smell to go away, but now that it has, I don’t have much complaints.
Got this for my wife for Christmas and she loves it. However, like most appliance-type gifts, I end up using it most! So far I’ve made toast, reheated a banh mi sandwich, baked 2 frozen pizzas simultaneously, and air-fried frozen fries — all came out perfect and tasty.It’s still early on so I haven’t had the chance to do any “real” foods yet, but I’m super excited about the rotisserie and getting a chicken in there. Might update later to include results.
Delivered on NOV 29, and this is what a spot on the bottom looks like… why is it like this already?
Have a small air fryer, but having the large capacity has made life easier. I can now make french fries and tenders at the same time. The fry much better because I can leave room for them. I did buy a cart for the fryers. Take up a lot of room on the counter. Heavy too.
The fact that this thing can both air fry and bake makes this worth every penny. I’ve used it about every other day since getting it for all things that don’t fit in the oven. It finishes cooking things so much faster rather than waiting for the oven to preheat band cook food. There’s a learning curve to figuring out shorter cook times on frozen foods but I just start the timer at half the time the packaging recommends and go from there.The smell some people write about went away after running it about three times, now there’s no issue.
grandma loves it
Addition to my kitchen I really wanted to make sweet potato fries without the oil and it worked wonders with me steak fries I have not cooked too many other things in there but I got a vegetable steamer to go in it silicone and I’m looking forward to using that and I just really like it it’s easy to use and I am just thrilled with it
This is easy to use and works well. We are very happy with this.
Pretty good. Just over does it sometimes on the toast option
Center dial has to be pushed in very hard in order to change temperature or cook time. It does not just spin. So either I received a defective model or it is the most user unfriendly kitchen appliance I own. Sending back.
Amazing buy
The Instant Vortex 4-in-1 air fryer, manufactured in China, bakes, roasts, air fries, and reheats food.  The 10” square by 4” deep non-stick basket can hold a whole chicken and the

Instant Pot official baking set

components.Caring for this air fryer is simple.  Wash the non-stick basket in warm soapy water, and then wipe down the outer surface with a wet cloth.  The touch-sensitive digital control panel has no knobs or switches, so wipes clean after use.Instant promotes this air fryer as being countertop friendly.  The air fryer stands 13” tall with a 12” square base.  This air fryer looks big but easily fits on my countertop with ample space under the upper cabinets for ventilation.  I agree that this air fryer is countertop friendly, but I would not leave it out all the time unless I was using it regularly.This air fryer is efficient, performs well, and is easy to use.  When I took the air fryer out of the box, I unwrapped, washed, baked muffins without reading the instructions.  The control panel is intuitive to use.  Plus, I like that I can shift from air frying French fries to baking mini muffins with ease.  The 4 cooking options provide a lot of variety for use.If you’re interested in purchasing an air fryer, the Instant Vortex 4-in-1 air fryer is a great choice.► PROS:Healthy cookingBakes, roasts, air fries, and reheatsCountertop friendlySimple to use1-year limited warranty► CONS:Bulky appearance

Without having completed much advanced research about air fryers, other than friends who have shared positive experiences, I purchased this air fryer for my husband for Christmas 2021.  I selected this one because we already have an Instant Pot pressure cooker, so I had recognition of and confidence in the brand, and as well it was selected due to perceived price/value ratio (it was included in a list of top air fryers in 2021).It was easy to set up, has been very simple to use, and the resulting food has been delicious and noticeably improved when compared to alternative methods of cooking, primarily frying on the stove top or reheating leftovers in the microwave.  I also like that you can stop it at any point to check on the food and then keep it going without compromising the integrity of the heat level or cooking process (as compared to a pressure cooker or oven).Cleaning is also relatively simple though I admit my husband has managed that part so far so I cannot provide as informed of a review on that aspect.Yet to be tried: roasting or baking features.
Ok so this fryer is amazing once you get rid of the bad chem smell. We used this for a couple days and couldn’t seem to get rid of the smell and almost gave up on it. What we did is ran it at 400 for 30 minutes and then placed a pie pan inside and filled that with white vinegar and ran that at 400 for another 30 min, then ran it with nothing in again. The smell is completely gone and we are enjoying this much more now.Nice options, huge cooking tray. Love it.Only Con aside from the initial smell is the rubber bumpers on the sides, they are small and are easily lost.
Easy to use
I bought this product to decrease the fat in my meats. We bought it right before Christmas. I have already cooked in it several times with no problems. Food tastes great. A made my first bat ever of Buffalo wings. They were delicious! I would recommend this air to anyone. Very satisfied.
But I’m using it anyways bc sometimes I just need something quick and easy. However, it said the smell would go away after a use or 2, but it’s stayed after several uses and makes the food taste so bad. More noticeable when cooking veggies.
Unit seemed to heat OK. Thermostat would not stay adjusted from default settings making the product useless.
its fAST
We purchased this air fryer and had high hopes.  With it comes 2 small manuals.  Both manuals have cleaning instructions.  Both say for the basket to use a damp cloth and dish soap, which I took to mean don’t use any harsh brushes, etc.  We washed it and realized that the window part is dual paned and NOT waterproofed!  Only when we went to the online user manual did it say not to immerse in water!  There was room, for sure, in both little manuals to include this little tidbit and it is irritating that something this important is left out and requires you to hunt for it!  You assume if there are cleaning instructions, which we did read in advance, that you don’t have to hunt for longer cleaning instructions as it is not rocket science!Interestingly, the user manual says after using a damp cloth and dish soap, that you need to rinse it out.  Of course.  There is no way to rinse this out effectively without getting water on the front window part, thus between the panes.  Just really dumb design.  Our previous toaster oven had one layer of glass, so I am not sure that this machine needed dual pane, however if it did, it needed to be designed waterproof.There are a number of complaints in the comments about user manuals, or lack thereof.  In the small user manual, there is a whole list of websites to go to to get help.  Really.  Would it be that hard to put a user manual together of important information?Also, the machine has too many rules.  Have to use certain cookware.  Rules on this and that.  Too complicated.Drying it out with a blow dryer, which worked, and back it will go.  We will tell them what happened, but we aren’t keeping this.  We used it one time and it is just too much of a pain for me to deal with, and we didn’t like the fries cooked in it.  Too crispy for us.  We didn’t buy it on Amazon, but leaving review here as this is the place most people seem to shop at.
Lo que me agradó es que la comida queda con un excelente sabor
We absolutely love everything about this badass kitchen machine! We’ve been thru a few nicer toaster ovens. This one takes the cake. Get it.
Easy to cleanFood has good flavor and cooks evenlyMultiply cooking options
Pretty great air fryer and toaster.. but.. the rotisserie can only fit a very small chicken..
I gave this gift to my parents, and they love it!Easy to useEasy to cleanSmall size (takes less space)Has other options aside from air fryer
fast cooking that is carefree, and very easy to clean. No complaints.
Love using this air fryer, add so much to the taste without adding to the calories!!
This convection oven/air fryer is the perfect size for a kitchen with limited counter space for small appliances. It preheats quickly, cooks evenly, and is easy to clean afterward. But I have to say that my favorite feature is the ability to turn off the sound/beeps. Press and hold the dial for 5 seconds. It will toggle between SOFF and S ON.
I bought this after seeing a video from America’s test kitchen and I didn’t know how much I needed this. My husband and I literally use it every day. So easy to clean, super fast – it almost feels like cheating. We even got rid of our toaster since this does the job too. One thing to watch for is that you can’t soak it so we do wash it almost at the end of every night right away.
This is a great way to avoid heating up our whole oven for things like baked potatoes. I can easily fit the 4 baked potatoes out family has with dinner. I’m sure I could fit 6-8 depending on potato size. Of course, the air fryer setting gives an alternative to deep frying and pan frying with a huge reduction in oil. This is easy to use as well and is pretty intuitive.This air fryer is a pretty good size though; roughly the size of a microwave. Mine is setup in the garage and is working great.
I got my airfryer else where and previously owned the digital Philips.  This is larger than the standard Philips.  Philips held tightly 5 drumsticks, this holds 6-7 meaty drumsticks or 5-6 thighs.  This airfryer runs HOT much hotter than Philips.  For steak fries Philips was 400* for 12 mins.  This one is 375* for 6 minutes.  You will need to play with time and temp.  This airfryer is much easier to clean.  No need to put in dishwasher.  A quick wipe with soap and water is fine and the nonstick will last longer. Oh almost forgot.  It has a permanent Preheat time that you can’t delete, it will beep when it’s ready for you to add the food.  Also it beeps halfway through the countdown for you to turn the food over.  When you hit Cancel the heat stops but you will still hear the fan spinning – it’s cooling itself down.  Lastly the OFF flashed constantly unless you disconnect it or pop the drawer on a bit which is what I do.  I love my fryer and am happy with my purchase.
Don’t and I mean don’t buy this unless you have some good luck! Read on for a good laugh. I know I did.So for the air fryer on Black Friday! Great deal of course and to even spoil myself.So it shows up I follow the directions to pre warm and all that you have to do before you use it for real. As it say to turn over or whatever it said you can take out the food and replace the basket back in. Well here is where the fun begins I place it back and it still says “open” when clearly it wasn’t. I placed it back just like I had found it. Ok open it again for longer and even acted like I had food in there. Place it back again still says “open” clearly this machine is defective or just a POS! Call up Amazon and bam a new next day and when a label to return the old one. Thank you for that! Well on to the new one exactly like my previous one. Well can you guess what happened?!??!!!! The same damn thing!!!! What the Heck!!!! I mean come on who makes this up and makes this crap. Two machine doing the same thing a simple fix?! Well I think not. After two machine and the same issue. Instant how about you tell me why your product just failed me not once but twice? How about a understanding of the failure in this product? Can you prove me wrong
The only negative features are that there is not, a good user guide, cookbook or usage hints. Such as: use avocado or olive oil in a spray bottle instead or aerosol sprays for flavor and clean up or no timer halfway through the cook time to shuffle food.
Love my airfryer. It has been a godsend. My oven has not worked in 6 months and I am now able to make awesome food as well as snacks. Clean up even with barbecue sauce is a snap.
Super easy to use air fryer is great.  Easy to clean. Highly recommended
This is the air fryer you want. Yes it is a little on the bigger side but it is worth it. It works like a champ. I bought it for my wife as a Christmas gift, but it came in it’s own box versus a generic so my wife could clearly see what I bought her. Ever since receiving it we have used it multiple times a day. I get’s hot quickly, it has clear and concise prompts, and has enough options to replace several common appliances. Definite good buy.
This guy is so cool! He is big enough for a larger quantity of food and is very efficient. It has held up well after many uses. There are several settings depending on your desired outcome. It does take up quite a bit of space. However I love being able to use it for everything from roasted veggies to mozzarella sticks.
I gave this to my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. She did a rotisserie chicken for her first try. She absolutely loved it. Can’t wait to hear what else she will make.
We are in love with this appliance!  It cleans easily and doesn’t take up much room.  The salmon croquettes were rubbery but I’m sure that’s due to the crackers not liking to be air fried.  Home made chicken tenders were spectacular and crisp.  Very happy with our purchase.
I’m in love with my air fryer!! We haven’t used the stove/oven since we got it. I initially thought everything would be “fried” but in reality it’s such a great way of cooking healthy!!! Everything cooks beautifully and keeps all meats so juicy.
I was surprised that it crisps food as well as it does. Chicken, fries, mushrooms, green beans, potatoes, everything comes out great.
I dislike having stuff on my counter but this thing earns its spot. While I don’t use it to toast, it’s great for frozen meals, reheating pizza, and crispy treats. Cooks faster than the oven and will be handy at the holidays as an extra oven!
Get this if youre a 2 person household. Easy to use. 5 or 6 functions
I wanted a smallish air fryer toaster oven that could fit on the countertop under my cabinets.  I purchased this one both because of the size and the 1800w rating (higher than the usual 1500w).  This is the perfect size but I have to pull it out from under the cabinet when in use because I don’t have the 5 inches recommended space above (between the top of the air fryer and bottom of my cabinets).  This is no big deal.  I have used the air fryer, toaster and oven.  I have not tried the rotisserie yet.  I haven’t had much success with the air fryer and find that it does not work as well as the regular bake setting.  The bake setting works super, food bakes evenly, in less time and does not burn.  Because you can make toast with this appliance, I was able to take my 4 slice toaster off the countertop and replace it with the air fryer toaster oven.  I give this air fryer toaster oven 5 stars.  Perfect size oven to bake cookies for 2 people. The only thing I don’t like is the timer setting.  Once you set the time, and the oven starts to cook, you cannot add more time without resetting the whole bake sequence.  That is not difficult to do but you have to remember to press start again to keep it going.  There are basically no instructions but finding online youtube videos is easy.  The online recipe book wants to take over your home page on you computer so I did not get it but it is easy to find other recipes as needed. Just adjust the bake time about 1/3 less and it is perfect.
After much research, I settled on the Instant Vortex air fryer. What I love is the large space and ease of use. I predominately use it for egg wrapper entrees (Buffalo chicken rolls, mozzarella sticks, etc) and French fries. The size allows me to easily fit 4 to 6 egg wrapper entrees in there. I couldn’t eat all the French fries it is able to heat!I’d buy again.
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I love the features of this oven.  The size is great, the controls super intuitive, and it heats evenly.  But recently, it has started making a loud noise when I first start it up.  I have to unplug, wait, and try again.  I have sent Instant Brands customer service an email, and am waiting for a reply.  Will update this post when the issue is resolved … or not.UPDATE:  Instant Brands reviewed the noise issue and are sending me a replacement.  I am happy with their response.

I’ve only cooked french fries and chicken wings so far and they turned out great. Going to try chicken thighs tonight.
If you are looking on Amazon for an Airfryer chances are you decided you want one, you just don’t know which.  As of writing this review I’m one of the few who have actually purchased this product with my money to use in my home.  This is my first air fryer and let me just say it’s incredible.  So far I have done pop corn chicken, Sweet potato fries both fresh and frozen, and brussel sprouts.  The fryer heats up in just a few minutes and signals you when its ready.  It also signals you when its time to flip your food.I have a 36inch thermador oven and it takes triple the amount of time to cook anything than it does in this device.There have been a few complaints about the plastic smell.  YES, when you run it for the first time on empty for 20 minutes at 400f  LIKE the instructions ask you to.  The empty run seems to burn out anything that was applied during the manufacturing process.  After that first run I haven’t smelled anything other than the food its cooking.  Even when the fryer is heating up with nothing in it there is no smell.I got this product based on America’s Test Kitchen recommendation and they were absolutely right.  I love this so much it might get a fulltime spot on the counter.
Easy to use and the food taste great. It’s a very clean way to cook. It’s also very fast. I would think it’s a lot healthier than deep fat frying.
I love that it cooks food very crispy, cooks fast, it is easy to use and I got it a a good price. The only thing that I don’t like is that I have to hand wash since it cannot go into the dishwasher.
Great buy
This air fryer replaced an older model air fryer we had for about 2 years. This does everything we want, air fry, bake, broil, roast, and reheat. What’s really nice is that it has a dehydrator function. It’s large but doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. The glass door allows you to view food progress without opening. So far so good! Really easy to clean and use.
I love it. I dont use the oven anymore!
I love this oven because it is so versatile. The only issue that the temperature is hard to manage. It took several attempts to get the right temp and timing. We have figured out that you have to lower the temperature significantly and cook food for less time in order for it to not burn/overcook. Overall I’m pleased with this purchase though.
The problem with it is that the trays don’t stay in place. The inside is flexible and after many cooks and months, the trays no longer stay in place/level. Now it’s too late and I can’t return. Amazon assistant was of no help. Unhappy customer here.
My air fryer was getting old after 2 years of heavy use and I replaced it with this. It’s definately an improvement. The basket is really big and can handle a lot more at once. The unit looks super nice with the touch buttons and is a little bigger than my coffee maker on the countertop (see pic). I love the window feature! I LOVE air fryers for crispy restaurant quality tater tots, mozzarella sticks, cheese curds, sweet potatoes fries, etc., all without the expense mess or fat of oil!!  I mostly use it for air fry, but I love also being able to toast a bagel, reheat pizza, or defrost something (which is something I tried to get away with on occasion with my old one but always with too crispy results). Good for baked potatoes and roasting garlic too just wrap in foil with some olive oil. I’m really looking forward to trying the dehydrate feature next growing season. I recommend ordering liners (they are basically squares of perforated parchment paper) to make clean up a breeze. But things that do drip though are easy to clean with the nonstick (Teflon family so not bird safe) coating and the bottom pulls out and can go in the dishwasher. I ran it empty for about 20 min before using the first time (until the new appliance smell was gone).
Work great!
I use my airfryer more than my oven.  It’s the perfect cooking product for 2.  Love my airfryer.
Believe that air fryer needs to be called something else–I never fry so never looked at one until pushed by a friend. I have found oodles of recipes (basically times/temps) plus adapted my own.  My 2 favorites are my own mustard glazed salmon and roasted rosemary little red potatoes but we’ve used it for a lot of things in just 2 weeks. I like the window/light very much, helps determine for me how things are going, whether to change time.  Also have done frozen sweet potato fries and Tysons wings for husband-so it does well with frozen foods–as well as frozen unsauced frozen veggies and I’ve reheated oven roasted chicken for fajitas. Ii have found its many more times useful than I imagined. I preheat for everything-found quickly I prefer with consistent temps and its quick-generally about 3 minutes.  Would I buy again–absolutely.
We have not stopped experimenting in this since we received it!We even made hard boiled eggs and they came out better than any I ever actually boiled.Reheated pizza is better than when it arrived. Stuffed mushrooms, frozen meatballs, etc. We are having fun playing with it. It’s all so easy and crispy and good :)
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This Instant Vortex air fryer has been such a game changer! It has become a staple in my household kitchen and has minimized my microwave and oven uses considerably.I have cooked so many things in mine. Its not JUST for air frying. There is the roast feature, air fry, dehydrate, etc.  I can reduce the amount of appliances I have in my kitchen creating more space and less clutter.I had other air fryers in the past which were decent but the food gets over or under cook very easily.  With clear cook feature, this solves the problem with a window and lights for viewing.It eliminates guesswork, allowing you to see the food being cooked so that you know exactly when it’s done and ready to eat rather then opening up the fryer to check in on it.The foods comes out evenly crisped and heated every time.I was skeptical about the dehydrating function but I tested it out with strawberries and they turned out great, just as good as my actual dehydrator!The speed at which it preheats is quite impressive, taking only a minute or two before it’s ready.The controls are all touch screen and very simple to use and cooking basket is easy to clean.I consider this an essential piece of cookware and would recommend this to everyone!

I did my research in hopes of finding an air fryer that was relatively easy to clean. I’ve used it about a dozen times, and so far, so good. The basket design is easy to run some hot soapy water into, let it set for a bit then, scrub. The rest of the inside I’ve just wiped down with a damp paper towel. It’s seriously about all I’ve cooked with since I got it. I can see it just about completely replacing my oven and microwave.
This item works great, the only down fall is that the item came broken and I didn’t see it until we put the box in the recycle already.
Perfecto todo .
Where have you been all of my life!?🥰🤩I just got it and already have used it 3x’s so far, and it is impressive. Food tastes like restaurant quality. It’s user-friendly, an attractive appliance, super easy to clean!Reheating food in this appliance is way better than the microwave! I am never going back! No more reheated soggy, noncrispy, noncrunchy foods for us! Buy it!!!!🎉🙌🏽
Talk about making kitchen time easier. I love this gadget!!
I absolutely love this machine. I honestly use it multiple times a day. I don’t know what I did before I had it and it makes food so much better.
Haven’t been able to use this device because you have to go online and download the manual. What a pain in the butt…I mean come on..put a manual in the f-ing box guys.
This made cooking not only easier, but quicker wit  huh the better flavor/texture!  It cooked half a chicken to a perfect roast (photo attached) in 18 minutes!!I read the negative reviews about the smell, it says in the user manual (of you failed to read it) that there will be a non-toxic smell the first few times of usage and should dissipate after that… and it did. The trick is to tune it in few times prior to cooking so it won’t flavor your food.Over all, I am very pleased with this this purchase!
Overall great unit but I am disappointed with the plastic housing. The plastic display scratches extremely easily. I used a damp microfiber cloth to clean the unit. From the first time that I wiped it, swirl marks immediately showed up. I wished they Instant brands used a better material on their housing.
I didn’t like that it didn’t give any small suggestions/Recipes cooking certain foods!! Over all I love it. Makes my food mor crisper & kills all that grease.  Wish I would’ve got one along time ago….lbvs.
I saw this one selected on a popular cooking website as the best one because of the features, ease of useEtc.  They were right and I love this thing. Glad I bought it.
I hate glass lids on pots, they just steam up and are worthless, but the glass view on this air fryer actually helps. It replaced an air fryer that I wore out. I think this one is better than the last one that served so faithfully for many years.
We LOVE this air fryer. Our old one went out and we were so heartbroken. When we found this one and finally cooked with it, we totally forgot about the old one. It’s user friendly and makes food so quickly and doesn’t effect the taste.
I wanted to love this as I enjoy their instant pot quite a bit. However, even after several uses, food still has a plastic after taste. The first use there was a plastic smell, which manual says is normal and should go away. The taste of plastic after food cools, however, did not go away. It’s very easy to use and heats quickly, but I will be returning for a glass or ceramic air fryer.
Awesome and fairly quick, without having a mess to clean up, easy to use
Great product
1st one that showed up was not working, the replacement should be good
I find myself looking for stuff just to air fry it’s a bad habit now
Being a single person sometimes can make it hard when it comes to cooking for 1.  This is a big help!
I have tested and reviewed MANY brands of air fryers.  I own a Phillips, 2 Cosori’s, a Kobi, and an Instant Vortex.  (one could say that I’m addicted to air fryers-)  The Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer is my absolute favorite out of all of them.*The quality stands out among other air fryers.*I love being able to look through the window to see what’s going on inside, which means I don’t have to open the drawer to do so. (there’s a light so you can see easily) None of my other air fryers have that feature. It’s great!*It has a removable grate on the bottom versus the basket-in-bucket style of air fryer. (gives you more space inside) You can also cook in it without the grate in place on the bottom.*It’s quiet.*It’s powerful.*It’s super easy to clean. (because of the removable grate)*I love the dial, and the simplicity of operation. You really don’t need a bunch of pre-sets on an air fryer.It’s just the perfect air fryer, in my opinion. The price (around $130 today) is very reasonable for what you get, compared to other brands.  Out of all the air fryers that I’ve used,  this would be the one that I would give as a gift, and I highly recommend it!
I didn’t believe the hype around these things but it’s actually great.The machine is smaller than I expected which is nice in my small house. Heats fast enough to o actually make breakfast before work in the morning.Great purchase
This is a great air fryer. Way way quieter than my old analog air fryer. It is large enough to two large chicken breasts and my teenage son loves it! He uses it to heat up frozen foods and leftover pizza. The basket is easy to pull out and reinsert. My only dislike is that the digital display stays illuminated with the message “OFF” when not in use. I tend to unplug it from the wall outlet when I’m not using it because of that. It is very easy to clean.  Overall it’s a great product and would definitely recommend it.
We just received it and I like how it doesn’t take up so much room on the counter.  We have only used the air fry so far and that works great.
The wings are done fast and come out crispy.  I’d been using my breville toaster oven/air fryer and this works much better.  Way easier to clean.
This thing does sooo much and cooks all the food perfectly!!! I made a rotisserie chicken for the first time last night and my family thought I turned into a chef! It was cooked perfectly! Restaurant worthy! If you are looking for a compact appliance that does it all this is it!!!
The non-stick teflon coating on this air fryer contains BPA! BPA is an endocrine disruptor which mimics estrogen so you definitely do not want it in your food. For a similar price you can get a ceramic coated air fryer or a teflon coated air fryer that does not contain BPA. See the attached warning label on the box. I would not have purchased this had I known. It also contains lead as well so this is not healthy cooking.
I love it!
I’m old and set in my ways! My frying pan and toaster oven were my best food preparing friends. Now they are in the cabinet and my shiny 4quart air fryer has taken over. Fast, efficient and easy to clean. Food seems to taste better too. Size is Great for one or two people. Glad to have gotten one.
There is definitely a smell within the first couple uses but this thing is sweet and easy to use. Looks sleek and isn’t that loud in my opinion.
I’ll make it short and to the point. I LOVE this air fryer and it does everything perfectly except for one thing: The tray that fits inside the basket, which is supposed to be held in place by four rubber stoppers, doesn’t STAY in the basket when I try to pour my food out onto a plate. I intend to buy replacements and see if they do better, but the stoppers that came with it held in place the first time *only* and then were never a tight enough fit again.
i use this more than my microwave now.Remove the rubber feet on the rack, no smoking or burning smell. i have yet to need to add any Pam cooking spray to anything. Everything i have experimented with came out great and took less than 10 mins.i should have bought this sooner, its perfect for a family of three.
I do love this oven, however it is a bit hard to clean it, especially the top. It is hard to see the dirt. But it is still a good oven and I mostly use it for airfrying, warming, reheating and toasting.
Love it great air fryer
I have a rotisserie basket for this and it makes the most amazing fries and popcorn chicken! Reheats everything perfectly. Cooks small things without heating up the whole big oven.
Fácil y rápido de usar y limpiar
This is has been a great investment. we love to use it as much as we can since it heats up much faster than the regular oven and gets things cooked far faster too and with just as good taste.
This is by far one of the best air fryers I have had. I intend to make some deer and elk jerky it, if it any thing like the wings and fries we made on Saturday, it will taste great. I have the InstaPot also and it had been awesome also.
I like how it fries but what a pain is to hand wash everything after each portion. It’s not particularly hard but I have to remember that I need to get back and wash it after everything cools off – would be much better to stick it to a dishwasher and forget about it till the next run.
I absolutely love this product!  Preheating is quick and cooking time is quicker!Only downfall (and I’m NOT complaining because it saves me time, lol) is cooking times need to be adjusted massively.  Cook time for Fish sticks were nearly cut in half and biscuits were 8 minutes quicker.  You have to watch the food being cooked to ensure it doesn’t get burned.  I personally think it’s because it’s a smaller “oven” and the heat is more direct (as opposed to an oven which is much larger).But seriously, the best thing.  I’ll get one for my mom for Christmas.
Great you can basically cook anything in this
The only thing I don’t like is the screen stays lit and says OFF. Almost like it was designed to be unplugged after every use. Other than that it works well and looks nice
This is my first air fryer. After a lot of comparing I chose this, mostly because of the brand but I also liked the features. It’s so easy you can’t really call it cooking. Adjusting the temp/time is simple enough for a 8 year old,  and clean up is quick.It still blows my mind how good the food tastes….Break in worked perfectly-I washed it (basket) before running it 3 x’s at 400°  for 10 minutes, then washed it out again….NO SMOKE SMELL.
Product was ok.  But over price for size
I’ve used this air fryer for 6 months and the best thing is how easy it is to clean compared to my previous one. It cooks well, too without being too big and bulky. I did find the volume of the beeps annoying, but was able to turn that feature off.
Our first air fryer and so glad we took the time to do research before buying.  This is really a great air fryer.  We have used it for potatoes, green beans and brussel sprouts so far and all turned out perfect.  A pinch of olive oil, garlic salt and pepper on the brussel sprouts turned a vegetable we hated as a kid into a vegetable we will enjoy often.  Will report back if we have issues but so far so good!
Wow, so we waited a few years after the rest of my family had these before splurging on a Black Friday deal. I liked the idea of the window so I could monitor the food without letting off the heat. For my kids lunch, I made frozen mozzarella sticks (took about 3 minutes) and reheated rotisserie chicken. I made salmon for myself for lunch- it was frozen, so I heated at a low heat for 5 minutes to defrost, then I seasoned it and cooked for another 4 minutes at regular heat. It was AMAZING. I even ate the skin which I don’t usually do. For dinner we made pork chops. I made some in the oven as well for comparison, and they were both really great, though the oven chops took much longer to cook (air fryer was about 9 minutes, oven was about 25). Very happy with my first 24 hours.
Used it once for all of 5 minutes and now the Air Fryer refuses to say anything other than “open”.Buy a different one
I feel silly for not buying one sooner. Join the Air Fryer side, it’s tastier!!
This is a really great air fryer. I bought it mostly for the brand name and the little window you can see through. It’s really easy to use and If I didn’t own an oven I would opt for this guy. There is a gross factory smell for the initial clean/set up run, and maybe the second one. But every time I’ve used it since hasn’t made my food taste weird or had a smell. I would buy it again, for sure.
haven’t touched my oven in months, preheating that thing is so ghettttooooo !!! i use this airfryer for everything and i can go about my business while my dinner cookin.
This Instant Omni Airfryer was purchased as a cyber Monday deal. Was so anticipating giving this a try as soon as it arrived.  As you can see by photos, the box was damaged. Obviously something heavy landed on it or was dropped. The plastic wrapping was intact as well as styrofoam supports. The Amazon box it was packed in wasn’t damaged at all. That tells me a damaged Airfryer box/product was packed into an Amazon box previously damaged. This should have been caught prior to shipping, causing unnecessary multiple shipments & returns. I have started a replacement/return and will update product review after I have a chance to cook with it.Edit: 12/10/21. The return was easy and uneventful. The replacement oven was sent and arrived within several days!!  I am revising my rating based on the replacement from a 1 star to a 4 star. So far I’m still getting used to how foods cook. Will say you need to decrease the temperature and time with convection. I wish there was more cooking instructions for different types of foods within the given instruction manual. The real test will be a rotisserie chicken. More to come.1/20/22 update:So I’ve had over a month to use the oven/AirFryer. Overall I like it, especially as a substitute for my regular oven. Some items I’ve tried: Baked potatoes wrapped in foil cook great, toasted English muffins, frozen meals, baked muffins, reheated pizza, broiling a London Broil (fry pan works better) & 2 rotisserie chickens (don’t get a broiler any bigger than 4#). The 1st chicken was a little too big to rotate, but I spitted and placed the pan underneath and didn’t rotate it. Came out good and even. 2nd chicken was around 4#. It cooked just as well but I was unable to put a pan under it to catch drippings bc of rotating the chicken. So it made more of a mess on the bottom elements. That being said, the finish on the inside of the oven is aluminum based and doesn’t clean easily. Would be so much better if the finish was baked enamel like a regular oven. Also the rack it comes with is just a hair too narrow and falls off the track when pulling out to check food.You will have to experiment with temperature and cooking times. Just note that convection cooks hotter and quicker. I reduce temperatures by at least 25 degrees from any standard recipe and watch the time.That all being said, I’m still satisfied and don’t regret the purchase!
This is a must have for the kitchen.
I did the test run and burned off the unit.  After that, very little smell at all.  It makes the all time best crispy chicken wings.  I’ve also air fried potatoes and vegetables with great results.  Easy to use and clean and fairly compact for a 5.7 qt. air fryer.  Very satisfied with purchase!
I’ve used this 4 times since I got it this week and it’s nothing short of amazing! Other reviews complain about the burnt plastic smell, but I washed mine really well and then ran it on an empty airfry cycle and now I don’t smell it at all. This thing is worth every penny! 10/10
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I read the instructions and followed all directions. I did the test run. Plug it in. Hit air fry, temp to 205, start. At add food, i pulled out the  basket and pushed it back in. It stuck a little, but after after few tries , it went back in. At turn food, I removed  the drawer and tried to push it back in. Nope. After 5 min of trying to get it back in, it finally aligned properly and resumed the cycle. The left side is sticking and not closing properly. It’s going back. Can’t even get it to work for the test run. I’m guessing that when it heated up, some internal part expanded or shifted just enough to keep the drawer from going back in. Doesn’t get stuck when it’s cold.

Update: Back to 5 stars. Turns out I contacted Instant via a way I wasn’t supposed to. Once I followed the proper method Instant quickly replied. I sent them a video of what was going on so they sent me a new air fryer. However, it was a 4 in 1 air fryer and ours is a 6 in 1. They immediately sent us the right air fryer and told us to keep the 4 in 1 for the inconvenience.Update: After 10 months one of the two air fryers tells us to close the drawer even when the drawer is closed. I know it’s the unit and not the drawer because both our drawers work in one air fryer but neither drawer works in the other air fryer. If we push down on the drawer the message goes away and it begins cooking again but once we release the downward pressure the error message comes back. I contacted Instant a week ago via their online website but they haven’t responded. I’ll update again about my experience with Instant.Update: After 9 months we still love these air fryers. We’ve found NOT to spray cooking oil directly into the baskets. The cooking spray caramelizes on the basket and bottom plate and is pretty hard to clean. We toss our food with olive oil first then air fr them.I did a LOT of research before landing on the Vortex Plus 6 Quart Air Fryer. I really like the Ninja 10 quart with two drawers but I couldn’t find the internal dimensions of the basket. I don’t know why Sellers don’t provide this information and Amazon answers were not for the 10 quart baskets. The Vortex 6 quart basket is only about 8 square inches smaller than the Ninja 8 quart baskets (2 four quarts) combined. It appeared to me Ninja gets its volume size by smaller surface areas and taller baskets. Air fryers work best with single layers of food but you can load a basket and still get good results.Internal basket dimensions are 9 3/8 X 9 5/8 X 4. There are two arrows on the plate and basket that shows you how to put the plate in the basket. Also, the plate has a rubber bumper on each side that keeps it snug to the basket. The very hot plate does not fall out when dumping food unlike Ninja as reviewers have noted.You should operate the machine with no food in it at 400 degrees F for 18 minutes to remove any new plastic smell. I did it twice.Very easy and intuitive to use.1. Select the mode such as Air Fry.2. Touch the Temp/Time button and set the Temp by rotating the dial.4. Tough the Temp/Time button again and set the Time by rotating the dial.5. Press Start.It takes right at 3 minutes and 30 seconds to preheat to 400 degrees F.Once you cook something the air fryer will retain the time and temperature for the next time.It will tell you when to shake your food; it is not at the halfway point. For 18 minutes it will tell you to shake at 6 minutes and at 10 minutes it tells you to shake at 4 minutes. I assume the engineers at Instant know more about this than me so I assume these are ideal times to shake.On to the the external heat this machine produces. There’s a small vent on the back that lets hot air escape. I’m confident the air is not so hot that it would damage my painted upper cabinets. The underneath side does not get hot at all; however, the black plastic feet get warm to the touch. Even though there are 1/8 rubber pads under the black feet I’m going to put something under the machine to protect my wood countertops. This is probably unnecessary.At 1,700 watts (14.18 amps) it pushes the limits of a 15 amp outlet but the well-insulated cord does not get hot as I expected. If your outlet is old it may cause the outlet to fail as they are known to do. Since I had some 20 amp outlets laying around I went ahead and replaced the 15 amp outlets. If you do this be sure you have 12 gauge wire and 20 amp breakers. Again, probably not necessary.Clean up is a breeze. However, if you put soapy water in the basket and slosh it around water will get trapped between the interior and exterior windows. It will dry out and there are 4 screws that hold the handle and exterior window on if you want to take it apart to clean the windows.One reason I chose the Instant Vortex Plus 6 Quart Air Fryer is because it topped the lists at both America’s Text Kitchen and The Food Network. For only $30 more than the Ninja 10 quart, I bought two 6 quart Instant Air Fryers so we could cook two items simultaneous as a lot of reviewers said they do. I’m very glad I bought two. For our test run we cooked wings in one and roasted corn on the cob in the other. Both turned out fantastic! The next night we cooked 2 different sized potatoes and both turned out perfect without having to add additional time for the large potato.Update: Still loving these air fryers! Here’s a tip. Instructions say to unplug the air fryer after every use. The ‘Ready’ indicator will remain on if plugged in. Unplugging was a problem for us because one of our air fryer outlets is back in a corner where my roommate couldn’t reach it and who wants to unplug every time anyway?! My solution was to get some smart outlets here on Amazon. Now we leave them plugged in and tell Alexa to turn on and off the air fryers. Works great!I hope this information is useful. Please let me know if you found this review helpful.
Just got this. Was very excited. Cleared space on counter and cleaned. Washed and dried the basket as instructed. Was going to do the test run to make sure everything works. And the knob that controls the temp and time does not work. Feels cheap AF. Returning immediately. If the knob had felt more solid, I might have exchanged it. But the knob, feels super super sketch and overall, this feels like a cheap piece of plastic. I’m disappointed. Now gotta search for something with better quality. Maybe a Cosori Pro2.
There’s a plastic smell during the initial set up but by third use the smell was gone. My pickle chips, nuggets, burgers, chicken and breaded avocado have turned out delicious, HOT and flavorful. May need a few utensils to help you get things out of the basket because everything is hot in there.
The first things I attempted to cook were two corn tortillas brushed with a little canola oil. I found out quick that was gonna get messy. The tortillas instantly started flying around in the drawer, due to the mass air flow. There’s no way to adjust the air flow, no matter the setting, so I ended up aborting that mission and cooking them in my other air fryer that does allow me to adjust air flow.
This is the most amazing air fryer, it is quiet it heats up quickly, cooks my food perfectly! I will never even turn on my oven again
We bought this and were excited to use it and made a few nice dishes. Fast forward a few months — the air fryer now makes a messed up noise when we turn it on and spews smoke everywhere. Now it’s just a fire hazard.
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I’ve been waiting to buy an air fryer for a while now, so naturally I would wait until Black Friday to see what kind of deals I can get. I settled on this one for the reviews and price point for what it comes with. We’ve used it every day since we got it in the mail. When the kids want something like nuggets or corn dogs, pop them in and in minutes they’re ready! So easy to clean. I absolutely love this. The texture of the food does feel like it’s been fried. One of my favorite kitchen gadgets to date.

Got the Omni Plus today. Followed the instructions and wiped down the interior, ran the pre cook air fry for 20 minutes. Small amount of smoke, and the smell of burning plastic. Wiped the exterior and ran it on the hottest settings on air fry, bake to hopefully burn whatever off that was making it smell. After about 5 hours it still smells every time I turn it on. Returning. Wasted my black Friday deal on a bad air fryer.
It does cook very well
Kids had Ninja which was talked and took up more space and got greasy and pain to clean.  This is less tall, does not get greasy outside and is way more easy to use.  I got this on sale after they took the Nj ha when they moved out.  I’m very happy with it!
I love the size of this air fryer. It is very easy to use. Please read the directions and do the break in (running the air fryer with no food in it). I did it twice and I have had no problem with a plastic smell. Love it.
This is a must have product that everyone should have in their homes. This product is a nice size to where you can make a nice amount of food for multiple people. This air fryer is very easy to use and the food comes out looking and tasting delicious. I am trying to lose some weight and eat healthier, and this air fryer definitely does exactly that. No more oil frying. This is an air fryer that looks and feels very well made and I am sure will last me a long time.
Not sure why I waited so long to get one
First, I would like to say that I am shocked that almost ALL of the reviews of this product were from people who did not buy the product. As it is, I am skeptical of most Amazon reviews, and this program Vine Voice, makes me even more skeptical about believing any product’s star rating. This product is case in point. That said, I bought this product without reading the reviews (because I am so skeptical of any product reviews with such detail, time devoted to writing, glowing reviews, etc.) But I do love my new air fryer. Over the past two years, I bought a GoWise and a Bella and an Instant Vortex Plus 5.8 qt. I loved my Instant Vortex but I noticed that the shake reminder would come on with only a minute or two left on the timer. It was like that new, out of the box, and I did question it but not to the manufacturer. I could have returned it for another to see if it was my particular air fryer, but I kept it anyway. When I began to see all of the glowing reports on Cosori’s air fryers on YouTube and how the shake feature came on exactly half way through the cook time, I decided to try Cosori. They had smart models which work with Alexa and your wi-fi and with your iPhone. But after trying two of the new models, I returned them. I just did not like the interface compared to the Instant Vortex air fryers. Then I stumbled on this one. It looked like it had the same basic interface as my previous Vortex, but with some improved features, so I bought it. I have to say, I just love this machine. It still does not remind me to shake at exactly the middle of the cook time, but apparently Instant Vortex has programmed their machines to be closer to the end of the cycle. Though I would like that to be more exact, like the Cosori, I believe I’ll be using this model for a long while. I am really happy with it. It is quiet, it is sleek to look at, it doesn’t have those loud beeps, but soft, more digital sounding beeps, and it has the same great interface as my 5.8 Vortex. Yes, it has the window, but I haven’t found that this adds to what I love about this air fryer. It’s not a big selling point for me.
I LOVE this air fryer!
This is the first air fryer I have bought. Save me lots of time with cooking!  I use it fryer chicken wings, chops, pork slice, steaks, fish…… never let me down!  Would try cookies or cake next time.
Amazon ad saysdishwasher safe but the set up guide in the box says DO NOT machine wash.  Web link given in the manual for recipes was broken.  On the company website, this model appears to have been discontinued and no longer supported, although it is still being sold new.  Finally found some recipes by browsing the company website but they were confusing.  Could find only two recipes that seemed to be for our four-quart model.  I attempted to read through other recipes only to discover that they were for some other models such as those with a wire basket or a rotisserie.  Exasperated after several hours of screwing around with this thing and its faulty and confusing documentation, website, and recipes, i gave up and returned it for credit.  By the way, the website is a nightmare of ads making it impossible to print virtually any useful information.
I’ve been hearing about these air fryers for a while now and decided to give this one a try. So far I’ve been quite impressed. Many of the things you can make in it can simply be baked in the oven, but the texture and flavor often turns out so much different frying it with this instead.The fryer is super easy to use. The on screen display is generally self explanatory with well labelled cooking modes and large, easy to read text. While prepping to cook it gives you audio notifications for when it’s finished preheating and accounts for the preheat time in the time that you set. It will also give another notification near the end of cooking, which is often a good time to flip food.Clean up after cooking has so far been a breeze. The cooking basket and tray are both non stick, so everything comes right off with a little soap and water with no scrubbing needed (or recommended for that matter). Since it’s non stick coating works so well, it has also meant there has been no need for added cooking spray/oil when prepping to cook with it.The one downside is that overall it is a pretty big appliance. So it takes up quite a bit of counterspace and needs space clear around it because of all the heat it produces, so you’ll need to account for that. That’s the trade off for the fairly large cooking basket that it has. So overall not a deal breaker in anyway.Overall using this has been a pleasure, so I’d definitely recommend it for anyone else looking to get into air frying.
We really like this thing. We’ve used it for air frying (of course), baking, reheating, etc. Haven’t used it for dehydrating yet but we’re excited to try it. It preheats quickly and has done an awesome job at anything thrown at it. It’s easy to use and cleanup is a breeze. It has just worked really, really well and we’re so glad we have one!So why only 4 stars? Well, ours came defective. One of the lines on the multi-display is missing and it’s super annoying. We didn’t want to bother repacking the whole thing and sending it back, though, so we’re living with it. And, of course, it doesn’t affect the functionality at all. My biggest fear is that if one line went out, more will probably follow. A little disappointing coming from the Instant brand. (Which we love.)Still, despite this issue, we love the device and we’re glad we have it. We keep finding more and more things to do with ours and it’s earned a permanent place on our countertop! Highly recommended!
I sure am glad I got this thing. A birthday gift to myself.Healthy food preparation. No Greasy oil film. Easy to clean. Pan has a coating that allows for easy clean-up. I made a casserole. Worked out real well.If this machine were a woman, I’d marry it.
Very happy with this air fryer and love the upgrades from the previous vortex model.The air fryer is very sleek and aesthetically pleasing. My favorite upgrade is the window allowing you to see how food is looking without opening up the air fryer and letting in cool air. Another awesome feature is the light button which turns on a light to better see in to the window. The digital display also looks sleeker than the previous model. The touch screen buttons are very responsive and the options only appear when the air fryer is on, and when it’s cooking only the selected feature will show so you know that you’ve selected the right cooking option. Another upgraded feature is that the air fryer will tell you when it’s preheating and how much longer until it’s fully preheated. This air fryer unlike many other brands DOES need to be preheated before using. It only takes a few minutes and is worth it for more even cooking.It cooks very well and evenly if it is not over stuffed. A little alert will sound reminding you to flip or shake the food. The basket is very easy to clean and non stick.My only complaint is that this model did not come with any additional accessories.Overall very happy with this upgraded model. This is 5th air fryer I’ve owned and the best so far in terms of how well it cooked, how easy it was to use and how pretty it looks on my counter.
Idk if this is really a family sized air fryer but for a single guy this is perfect. I can make things so fast and easy that I haven’t used my oven in months. This thing and a stove top is all you need in a small place.
I absolute love my InstaPot air fryer! It has changed the way my family and I make many of our protein meals.
I’ve had a 2 quart Copper chef air fryer for a year and a half. It was a nice starter air fryer, but as you can imagine it was pretty worn after 18 months of almost daily use. And it really started to smell when making food. So I wanted to get my partner and me a new one, like a seriously good one since we use it so much. After reading countless reviews of about 3 different air fryers, I decided on this one. I was very nervous the air fryer would smell like burnt plastic as some of the other reviews mention, but we’ve used it 5 times now and it doesn’t smell at all! It’s much quieter than the first one I had and is soooo much easier to clean as well. No regrets buying the Instant vortex. I hope it lasts us awhile!
I bought it last year on Black Friday and immediately decided I didn’t need it….. until I decided to try it just once.I. Love. It.I use it daily and have never had a bad experience with it. I wish I had the larger but can’t justify buying a second one (I have 3 instant pots). I will buy one for my daughter this Black Friday on Amazon Uk.
Too small and expensive
I got my air fryer 2 days ago. started cooking chicken and fry’s right away. Love how quick it is. My only issue is it didn’t come with recipes and its not easy finding them on internet. lots of poor reviews on recipe books too. other than that , burgers came out great. But i’m hoping to bake desserts and other foods. Also cleaning is a snap.
The popularity of air fryers has led to a proliferation of them. The good news: There are now standard size trays (this one is 7-1/2 square). The bad news: How do you pick from them all? I chose the Instant Vortex because I’ve been very happy with my Instant Pot pressure cooker, and I got the fryer on a one-day sale. I live in a retirement home with dining facilities; a toaster, air fryer, microwave, and small frying pan pretty much satisfy my limited cooking needs.I found the unit to be quiet with no initial smell. The standard tray size let me get a couple of silicone liners to complement the non-stick tray; I did have to cut off their corners. The footprint is reasonable (it’s pictured on a small stove — I move it to a small countertop when using it). Operation is very simple. As the picture shows, it consists of a fan that blows air over a calrod heating coil. Cooking time and temperature are of course settable. I measured temperatures with an infrared thermometer. The exterior doesn’t get too hot; the rear exhaust is the hottest part (less than 200 F). The basket/tray temperature is close to the set temperature, but a bit lower.The smart buttons are merely presets. Time and temperature are constant for each preset; there’s no change based on measured food temperature. You can change the time/temp of the presets if you want. The user manual is minimal, with no recipes, and the InstantAppliance web site only has recipes for their pressure cookers. I’m a little concerned about the non-stick tray. It has rubber bumpers to keep it in place without rattling; I can see those wearing out, and the tray getting scratched over time, but no spare parts appear to be available.All in all I’m very satisfied.
Way too small for everything.
The handle broke off in less than 2 months.  As a result, the basket fell to the floor and was dented.  Therefore, I was no longer able to place the basket inside the Air fryer.
He said he’d give this 10 stars if he could. The first thing he did was to bake some cookies in it and he they they turned out perfect and not he feels like a professional chef. He does a lot of small meals from this and its size is perfect for him. He said cleaning was pretty easy. Say’s it’s his favorite thing in his whole apartment!
My wife is a baker so we are also familiar with silicone in bakeware.  We love this fryer.  Yes, I  saw the reviews referring to the odor so lets address that first. I was expecting a problem because my wife has one of those noses that can smell a single spray of a cleaner immediately from the other end of the house.  Not kidding. This leads to things like not using any cleaner like materials with in several hours of bed or me completing tasks involving ordors while my wife is away.  So I was needlessly worried.  Any new appliance with nonstick surfaces and silicone  parts that is subjected to contained, intense heat will need some cure time.  I chose to cure the air fryer by running it empty/no oil/ no washing first about 5 times while my wife was away.  I let it run, cool down and runn again. I didn’t remove the silicone tabs as they are not packing material but designed to keep the tray in position so the heated air circulates properly to cook the food  There was a minor odor the first 2-3 times but by five there was no odor.  The pan was cured.  My wife then ran it a 6th time empty when she got home because she was also scared by the odor reviews  She did not smell any oder so washed and used it. She’s very happy.  The unit cooks well.  The control layout is awesome and easy to clean since the selection buttons are on a screen and not actual buttons that accumulate grime.  The controls are intuitive, easy to use and importantly, easy to make adjustments like cook time and temperature.  We have cooked with this 5-6 time since it arrived and the quality is what one would expect from an Instant Pot product.  It’s awesome.
This is my first air fryer but very impressed so far, very easy to use and easy to clean, I have used it daily surprisingly, I am glad I purchased it.
This is by far my new favorite appliance! I’m not sure how I’ve gone without it for so long! Just about everything is wonderful in it! Everything that should be crispy comes out crispy, you can reheat fries in it and it’s hands down the best way to reheat pizza! This is also my new favorite way to make broccoli and brussel sprouts!! We’ve even experimented with some sweet treats and everything just comes out amazing!Preheat takes just a few minutes and it is beyond easy to clean, everything just sort of wipes right off the non stick surface of the basket! I also appreciate the little window so I don’t have to open it to check on food! I thought this was something I’d put away and take out when I use it but it’s earned a permanent spot on my counter!
I love this air fryer it is easy to clean and it cooks food evenly.
love at first bite. well made and easy to use. I purchased to cook veggies mostly.  I like to dehydrate plum tomatoes… it cooks frozen potatoes pretty well (many products have air fryer directions on labels). I looked at several competing fryers.. I opted for this on as it is all metal basket with a non-stick coating. The non-stick interior finish makes cleaning easy. The stainless outer shell is good looking too… no plastic smells emanate from this unit. The 4 quart size seems more practical than larger ones for a 2-person household.
Unfortunately this air fryer has a chemical smell despite me running it for hour. Loved the look, feel, doesn’t take too much space, but like I said it smells horrible.
I am a person who does not cook very well. This appliance is my new savior. Now, I can make a meal that I’m not ashamed to share with others. It’s easy to program; you can cook anything in it; and its practically burn proof! I will buy any new updated versions in the future.
We have now had this air fryer for close to a month and we love it. We also have multiple other products from the instant pot brand, and we love them. So, when I came across this one, I had to get it.  First off, this is my first air fryer. We always thought of getting one, but never felt that it would give us the same exact quality and taste of the food by using minimal oil and lesser time, when compared to baking or frying foods the regular way.This Instant vortex air fryer looks sleek and is has clear a clear window at the front, giving you the view to check the food without having to open it. It is multi-functional, where you cannot just air fry, but also bake, reheat and roast as well. The evencrisp technology gives this awesome crunchy and tender feeling, that we could never achieve, and we love it.It is extremely easy to clean, and the touchscreen is sensitive to touch. The size (6 quart) is perfect to fit it on our kitchen counter without taking a lot of space. By now, we have cooked multiple things from wings to fish and fries and we just love the outcome. Overall, I highly recommend this if you are looking to buy one.
This is more than just an air fryer! I mostly use air fryers for reheating frozen foods, especially breaded things. It’s also great for left over pizza. This does that and more. It has different modes to roast, broil, dehydrate, bake and of course air fry. I also really like the little window on the basket so you can see if your food is getting too brown. I rarely put oil on food and it all comes out great. It’s perfect for summer when it’s too hot to turn on your oven, or if you need a quick dinner. I love that the basket is dishwasher safe. As long as you scrape off any large bits the dishwasher takes care of the rest. Give it a try!!
I bought it but the broil function didn’t work. I contacted the company who asked for verification and a video of the defect. I sent the info and they sent me a new product. A* customer service.
No complaints
I recently bought this frier and I didn’t have a chance to use it yet. It looks great, but I am beyond annoyed that I already had to spend 20 min carefully peeling this warning sticker while trying not to damage the tray (thankfully, I had Goo Gone). If that was my intention, I would have purchased something at TJ Maxx.
I purchased this air fryer over the summer. I’ve had an air fryer for years now and this was the best. Unfortunately I just had to get rid of it because it started to smoke every time I used it. I don’t know where the burning smell was coming from. I ended up taking it apart and cleaning it to see if that would help. But the smoke stayed. So unfortunately I threw it away because I was afraid that it would potentially start a fire. Worked for about 5 months all together.
Easy to use and very versatile. Can easily do several types of cooking with it. Highly recommended.
Great product.  Just right for family of 2. Air fryer is fantastic.  Good quality for the money
It’s a great air fryer but the only problem is the touch buttons. There touch or whatever but sometimes you may have to press them a couple of times to work. But thats my only issue, other then that it works great.
Love this. Perfect size and saving money by not using my oven as much. It’s simple to use, cooks great.
I like it! Makes fries pretty well! I also make croutons in here and its yummy, only thing I don’t like is there isn’t really a manual/reference. Everything you cook you have to Google what setting to use for it and then adjust that to your preference. A lot of trial and error, I just wish the manufacturer had included a general table like, fries= __° for __ minutes ect ect. Its not the same temp/cook times as deep frying so its a lot of testing.Also I’d get an oil sprayer (not aerosol), lots of things online say to spray the inside with pam, or canned /compressed cooking oil, but manual says that can mess up non stick coating!
I bought a smaller one to start with because it’s just the two of us. That turned out to be too small. But this one seems to be the perfect size. I love that it has more features than my mini vortex did.I understand because of how it cooks and the cooking surface that the basket and screen can’t go in the dishwasher, but I sure wish it did. I love how crispy everything gets on the outside but still stays moist and tender on the inside.
At first it took a while to get the plastic taste and smell out but when done this air fryer works like a charm. I had to cook it on high 4 times for 20 minutes, but glad I did not give up. Great addition to my kitchen.
I am a family of 8 and we all have our own schedules.  Although we try to eat dinner as a family, the reality is that most days we eat at our own pace . . . even if it’s just reheating a snack.  I had tried a couple air fryers which are perfect for reheating and keeping food crisp.  Unfortunately, they have a weak spot — the handle breaks.  We’ve had them last weeks in the past . . . so I was intrigued with this new design.This is smaller than other fryers I have tried but seems to hold almost as much.  The heating is even and it does a fast job of most cooking, including from frozen.  Although food doesn’t taste the same as deep fried, it is so much healthier and is close enough that I don’t mind it.  Sweet potato french fries?  Perfection!  And if sliced thinly crisp is perfect.Don’t underestimate the value of a window.  Although you don’t need it with tried and true recipes, it is a great perk when you’re cooking on the fly or trying to reheat something you haven’t before.  You can keep an eye on the food and know when it’s time to turn or stir, or done.Operation is simple enough that my 11 year olds up can use it without adult help.  I have a 7 year old that wants to use it, but it gets hot so we (I) aren’t ready for that yet.  Cleanup is simple, although I admit for foods that aren’t juicy or have a sauce I often just wipe it out, since it’s used daily or more.
We are using this at least 6-7 times a week. Makes left over pizza taste better than the original. I like it so much hot one for Son in law for Christmas.
So far so good! Just got mine today, cleaned and tested and cooked wings within the first hour. Felt like a little kid staring through the front window! After FaceTiming my whole family to enjoy the moment with me I decided this is review worthy. If you are in the fence go ahead and pull the trigger, you’ll end up trying to cook everything out of excitement. I just tried to cook a dish towel and it’s now 2am so it’s time to stop but have fun and enjoy!
fast, healthy and easy to cook
Saw this new item on sale with the clearcook window.  Looked nice.  Out of the box, before I even able to turn it on, it was defective.  The knob for temperature and time does not work.  It will not turn and change the temperature or time.  Clearly a work in progress.  I bought this over the older Vortex 6 which was on sale at amazon for 89 dollars.  I was on phone with amazon help for half an hour and they could not even make that switch.  First review I’ve left in being a Prime member for years.  Worst experience ever.  The shipment had been guaranteed days earlier—and that was late.
I’ve had an air fryer before, but wasn’t impressed. This one has changed my mind! This one is easy to use, quick to preheat, and cooks food perfectly!!
I like my air fryer because it cuts my cooking in half of the time! Chicken comes out juicy not dry.
I absolutely love this machine. It does a great job of cooking chicken wings, fries and bacon without leaving them feeling undone or burnt or greasy. God es a great job of draining everything off. I love how fast it heats up and there is no need for Preheat, as it’s not something that I use. I like how easy it is to use and how i can see everything through the window as well. It’s going to be key to keep the window clean in order to see everything. Obviously after using for a period of time and all the grease popping from food, you won’t have a clean window forever. But the whole machine is easy to clean as a whole. Very satisfied.
I think it would have been worth the extra cost to get the toaster oven version of this product. It’s easy to clean and easy to dump out the food, it’s not easy to flip the food. You can toss the food in the basket but all of the breading will fall off. Also, remember to spray food with oil when you place it in the basket and when you flip the food or your breading will burn.
If you looking for a air fryer this is the best air fryer ! It has many different functions for you to utilize . It’s very easy to clean . It makes everything taste better 🥴
Our households background with Air Fryers:We use an air fryer a LOT.  They are without a doubt one of the best kitchen appliances ever made and the only appliance that we leave on the countertop.  We use one, on average, at least once a day.  We have owned 4 air fryers prior to this one so we know about what to expect when it comes to air fryers.  What we found was this one is the best we’ve seen and really takes air frying to the next level.Basket or Tray Air Fryer?Before you buy an air fryer you need to decide if you want a basket type or a shelf/tray type.  This fryer is a basket type meaning all the food goes into a single layer in a basket type container.  Shelf or tray type fryers are really just a convection toaster oven that has shelves that you can put trays of food on.  There are pros and cons to each but what we found is that the basket type (like this air fryer) are far easier to use and clean up.  You can’t do quite the volume you could with the tray type — but the time and ease trade off is well worth it.  In addition we found when you do use several layers on the tray-type fryers the cooking tends to be wildly uneven between the different trays and position in the tray.Easy CleaningThe basket is nonstick and there is a removable non-stick rack that keeps food raised off the bottom and allows air circulation.  Both are easily cleaned.  In many cases, depending on what you cook, all you need to do is just shake the crumbs outExcellent Circulation / Cooking large volumes.This air fryer works best with a single layer as all air fryers but it also does a tremendous job at cooking larger volumes (not a single layer.)  You will need to occasionally go shake the basket if you are cooking very large volumes to get a more even cook however on medium sized volumes the air circulation alone seems to do a great job of cooking evenly.User interface:This unit gives you the best features of an analog and digital UI!I was hesitant to get a digital interface on an air fryer because they it is often very time consuming to start up the unit or the touchscreen doesn’t work well etc.  This fryer, however, is a delight to use.  The touchscreen is very responsive.  The button sequence is initiative and easy to use.  You can use the analog dial to set time and temperature which is much quicker and easier for me than trying to press a temp up button 20 times like some digital air fryers would have you do.Looks:This unit is fairly large but not too much larger than a coffee machine.  It looks great on the countertop and is made of high quality plastic.Premium features:This has a see through basket and light — This is an incredible feature for a basket type fryer and is the feature I never knew I was missing but I’m glad its there now that I have it.This has a pre-heating status which is something I haven’t seen before.Final thoughts:This is a great air fryer.  The best (out of 5) that I’ve owned and I highly recommend it.
Edit: two things I haven’t loved, first the heat up started to take longer and longer. Second, the handle broke off after 3 months.We have had 3 air fryers, and none of them die, people just take them and use try them and in the meantime I get another.  My favorite feature on this one is the window, which literally overpowers all of the things I don’t love by a million times.  I can’t tell you how many times I open the drawer and have to start it again.  This solves that problem, easily allowing me to glance, and finish cleaning the kitchen.  It isn’t as computerized as some that I have had, and doesn’t have as many settings as some that I have had, but those features often break, or don’t work right anyway.  I am super happy with this one.
I have never noticed a “plastic” smell transferring to the food. My food has always tasted fine. Of course it had the smell upon opening but I cleaned very well and did test run, as instructions stated.This air fryer works great! I love that it has a baking feature as well. It fits great on my counter, not taking up much space.When you clean the basket area, you will need to take the rubber ends off, as food (crumbs/melted cheese/etc) will get stuck in between basket and rubber parts.Overall this was a great purchase! I’ve recommended to a bunch of people who have purchased and loved it!
Intrigued, I saw the InstantPot company’s effort at an air fryer and had to give it a shot. No issues with it so far! I read the instructions (who still does this now right?) upon opening the box and noticed it said to run the air fryer without food one time. The instructions state to run the standard air frying cycle once without food and noticed a potent plastic smell emitting from the air fryer itself. I did it a second time to clear any remnants of it and haven’t experienced that smell since.I’ve only scratched the surface of actually using it! So far, I’ve done a batch of sweet potato fries from Trader Joe’s and it came out crisp and tasty! I’m definitely looking forward to trying a bunch of new items and experience the benefits that I keep hearing about for air frying food!Now I’d be lying if I said this was my first air fryer. The issue I had with my last air fryer was that it was so difficult to clean due to the mesh netting it was using on the bottom of the basket. A lot of the food stuck to the netting and it made it a major chore to clean. The basket in this air fryer is great in that it’s so easy to clean, everything almost comes off after a spray down.A bonus is that it has a little rectangular shaped window built in to the front of the console so that you can see your food as it cooks! The touch screen is sensitive and easy to use.Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this air fryer if you’re looking for one!
I thought air fryers were all hype but I’m obsessed with this! I love how easy it is to use and I’m really enjoying finding new things to make in it, I literally made the perfect “boiled” eggs the other day. Buy it you won’t regret it.
It is difficult to clean.  The tray is almost impossible to clean.  Must be wrapped in foil.  Should not be the case.Thought it would be something I could not live without … I could have.
Can not believe how great everything turns out in this air fryer.
I love it
I love this Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer with ClearCook, 6 Quart! In the first two days that I have had it, I have used it to cook three different foods! Each came out perfectly cooked and delicious.The window to look at the cooking food is great; I can see if it’s cooked enough! My regular 6 quart Instant Pot came with a small recipe book. It would have been great to have one with this to be able to get a start on how to use it. Cleaning the cooking container is very easy, although it looks like moisture got into the space between the inside and outside of the window. I’m hoping that it dries out.I will be using this Instant Vortex Plus even more than I use my Instant Pot! Excellent product!!
Will forever own an air fryer. And this one seems like one of the best out there.
This  Air Fryer is so easy to use, it is all push button. It automatically gives you suggested times and degrees to cook food. It is easy to clean and my teenagers even use this to air fry all sorts of snacks. It makes the food tasty and perfectly crispy.
The directions explicitly tell you to run a cycle without food to get rid of the plastic smell. There are directions for the duration, temperature and settings you should use. Since then I’ve had no plastic smell.I agree with other folks, this air fryer is very big. It’s actually about the size of my large instant pot – so that’s two huge appliances. And then we also have a toaster oven which I’m hoping to convince my partner to get rid of in lieu of the air fryer because it really does add up. I also like the little progress bar for preheating. It’ll also alert you when it’s halfway through so you can flip your food if you need to.All that being said, I have really enjoyed having this. I thought I would only use it for crappy food but I’ve also roasted veggies in it and I even made a baked egg (in a ramekin) with hashbrowns for breakfast in it which has been great for working from home.The window is really nice because I don’t have to constantly open it up to see how it’s coming along and if the food is browning too much etc.
I am so pleased with the quality and ease of use of this Air Fryer! It heats up fast, the temperature is easily adjustable and food comes out perfectly done. The basket is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. He basket is a great size and I highly recommend this Air Fryer.
I have been using this fryer for many months now, and I love it! It’s a frat size for traveling, cooks the food well, it gives you plenty of warnings when it’s warmed up, or it’s fine to turn the food. When the one I have dies, I will buy another one again. It is a great product!
I disliked the nasty smell the first almost 10 times I used it (lots of people have mentioned this). However the way it cools the food is just amazing. I love how quickly it heats up (maybe a minute) and how fast I can cook my go to veggies (sometimes 1/4 of the oven time)! Reheats food better than a microwave (especially French fries). You must buy this!
I don’t have anything to compare it to but it works as I had envisioned it would.  The fryer appears to be made well and the controls are easy to use.  The cord is short and the display is always on when plugged in.  Maybe I just don’t know how to run it but I don’t think that is the case.
Fun to use
Me before:  Another gimmicky appliance.  Hard to clean. Takes up too much space.  I have two convection ovens, don’t need.Me AFTER:  OMG!  How did I ever function in the kitchen without one of these? Takes up as much space as a larger coffee pot.  EASY PEASY TO CLEAN!! Super fast cooking even from a frozen state! Simple to use!  Doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen.  Quiet!  Perfect for small portions!The box arrived and it was HUGE!  Oh my!  Well, it was just well protected as the unit itself, is very well made and not too big on the counter.  After washing the basket and tray and removing minimal packing materials, it was ready to go.For the inaugural test, I pulled FOUR POUNDS of pre-cooked frozen crispy wings from the freezer.  Having made these in the oven before (with lots of time and mess!) I knew exactly what to expect.  WOWOWOW!A short preheating and 15 minutes and one turn later, it was wing central!  Crispy, heated through, and little to no mess in the basket.  And best of all, you can see what’s going on with the window in the front!! :)  You don’t have to open the basket and lose heat.  After cooling, I drained the small amount of grease and easily cleaned the basket and tray in the sink.  Ready for the next culinary delight!I am sold!  The only issue I have with this Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer is that it’s not intuitive how you change the time or temp settings.  It appears that I have to download an app or use the internet to figure that one out, but the preset temps and times for the various fryer cooking options should be enough for now.I am no longer a skeptic and HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GREAT Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer!  ( At least one family member will be getting one of these for the holidays! )—-Update:  I received another one of these great Air Fryers, this one in Stainless with the OdorErase™.  I must say, in addition to all the great features above, trapping odors is a huge plus if you use the Air Fryer for fish or other aromatic foods.  Instant has hit a home run with these Vortex air fryers and I look forward to using it for every meal!
My son bought me this airfryer for my birthday!  I had never used one & was a little Leary of having another small appliance on my counter. So easy to use & cleanup is a breeze! Love it  & and now I’m buying this same model  for family members!
Love the ease of setup and how to use
It is wonderful!This is my first air fryer. I used it several times; it works perfectly.Preheating time is pretty short. It takes about 3 minutes to reach 400 F.  Much better than an oven.Clearcook window and internal light are perfect designs.Touchscreen is sensitive, straightforward, and easy to use.The basket is non-stick and easy to clean.Before buying this air fryer, I read the reviews of this brand’s other fryers. Many reviewers said there was plastic smell when using them and the food tasted like plastic. But this air fryer emitted a little plastic smell just for the first and second time when preheating. So far we have made salmon, ribs and chips, and they all came out super good without plastic taste.
The air fryer is absolutely amazing and gets my fries and other food perfectly crispy (try reheating pizza or dumplings!) but the one issue I noticed is that the basket rubber stoppers are not the best. They collect crumbs even after washing, requiring you to fully remove them and clean the stoppers on their own in order to make sure it’s all gone, and it doesn’t hold up the basket inside of the fryer that well either. A bit annoying but not enough of an issue to make the air fryer not worth buying
I love this! The size is perfect and it cooks everything so well! It’s nice and quiet, easy to clean, and it’s made Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken even BETTER!
This air fryer works great. Fries everything quickly and perfectly. It also bakes (with temp and time adjustments) wonderfully. Love that it reheats evenly and makes pizza crisp again.The only issue we have had is that it has recently started to make a very loud buzzing sound as it cooks. Usually unplugging it and starting again has solved the issue. If it continues or becomes worse I will update the review. We used this for over three months before that issue started.
Super nice easy to used.
I have used it for all the options available and have no complaints so far.
The air fryer is easy to get the hang of and does what you need it to do. It’s important to always be there to monitor the food and shake or flip as needed. Spray oil makes a better result with many foods. Use with caution because it is really easy to burn yourself. Wings and fries are super easy to cook in the vortex. Hand washing the basket is a must. You need to get a cookbook for air fryers to make times and temperature less of a guessing game. This size is small for two people so you end up doing food in batches.
why didn’t I buy it earlier ????🤷‍♀️
Just as pictured. I used it several times and no issues.
Using this device has actually changed the way we eat! Using this Food is easy to prepare, Quick to cook and very easy to clean.Look for food that is compatible and buy in bulk.
Love this air fryer. It’s easy to use and works great.
I bought this air fryer in the hopes that it would be easier and healthier.  So far, it has been healthier (not using oil), but it’s very slow to use due to the limited interior capacity.  When trying to make enough for several people, I would say that it takes 2-3 times as long as traditional deep frying.
Worthless. Stopped working after just a handful of uses.
How I ever lived w/o one of these is beyond me…….I barely use any other item in my kitchen………may acutally sell my microwave
I have used this a couple of times now.  Great job at cooking food. No regrets…
Bye breville, this baby wins!!!
I’ve tried a few air fryers and this one is by far the best!Great browning and quick cooking.If used for longer than twenty minutes, the controls get hot.  You’ll need counter space with no cabinets above it.  Be aware that it will make noise since the fan is what powers the ‘air’ in air frying!!
Didn’t have foods listed on air fryer it’s a guessing game to use it
Found the cook times for many foods is much quicker than recommended so watch carefully as I burnt a few things beyond being edible.  I.e., frozen fish filets recommended 425@ 10 minutes, turn and cook for 5-7 more minutes.  Luckily I set the timer for 10 minutes.  Cooking time could have been 8 minutes or turn temp to 350-375 and watch.  Frozen store bought pizzas? Half cooking time.  Tots/fries? 1/2 cooking time.  I have had 3 of the same brand of appliances similar to this for years.  Always loved them but needed a different size due to some reorganization.  Am soooo glad I made this choice.  Can bake a small sheet pan cake in no time (really pleases my hubby).Am going to try some fruit slices but from sweet potatoes to ham to chicken, steak, have had great results.  Grilled cheese?  Sooo crispy and just right!Highly highly highly recommend!  Very pleased
I haven’t even fully used all its features other than air fry and reheat. But super simple to use, cooks things quickly and thoroughly, and the flavor and to be good also. I wish it wasn’t so big, but it has to be if I plan to cook a meal in it! It’s convenient enough to drag along camping with us also. It helps with cooking in the camper. However I was thinking it wouldn’t heat up the camper, I was wrong it did make the camper a bit toasty!As far as peoples review on the plastic smell and taste. I didn’t experience anything like that. And I am super hyper sensitive to that. I had one of those First generation new wave oven’s, now that had an absolutely nasty plastic taste and smell. I didn’t experience anything like that with this. I would highly recommend
i used it at least twice a day. absolutely love this guy.
It’s fast, does a great job and fit’s on my countertop perfectly. People reporting flaws must have gotten a lemon. I’m sure they’ll make good on it. It is so easy to use. Cooks everything I’ve tried so far to perfection. Did I say it was fast? Very fast.
Do not buy this or any other air fryer that does not have a removable basket.If your going to make anything like french fries or fried shrimp ect. A removable basket is essential.I made fry’s and shrimp the other day, pulled the bin out and went to dump the fries and shrimp out and all the oil that should have been and the bottom would up on top of the food I had made.Yes, I should have seen it coming I guess but my previous air fryer had a removable basket to this was never an issue..Instead of playing the crane game with freedom fries I’m giving this one away to a friend and getting one with a removable basket
Happy with the purchase. I’m able to cook foods quickly.
Easy to clean
Cooking dinner is so easy now.  Perfect for a one person household.  Everything comes out so tasty with very simple clean up.  Love it!
It so much easier now to get my chicken done.  5 stars all the way
Easy to clean, easy to use.
Does everything it is supposed to do well. It is a little slow in crisping up french fries.
Pros:- Great size for 3-5 people to cook enough without overloading & causing uneven cooking- Cooking pulls around 1500W (rated at 1700W)- No hot spots the fan works great at keeping the heat moving- Hand washing has been no problem- No ‘jet engine’ sound when the fans fire up during cooking.Cons:- Takes up a decent bit of counter space especially once you allow for extra space needed when running- It’s power rating is just below what a standard 15Amp outlet can draw so make sure nothing else is running on that circuit when in use. Use a 20A where possible.Bottom line:This comes out as a good solid unit if you need to cook for more than 2 people. Made by a brand I was comfortable in trusting a high power draw item would be made well. Cooks the food evenly, is pretty quiet, and cleans up quickly with a hand wash of the basket after it’s cooled. It’s a high power item to be part of an off-grid home but given the cook time is less than 20 minutes for most meals on sunny days we can easily benefit from the trade off of fast cooking tasty food for a few hundred watts of power.
My kids love to use this for afternoon snacks
This is the smallest fryer I’ve tested but it works so well that we’re gonna throw it in the camper and use it for camping!It is pretty well made and looks very nice. We’ve cooked several different foods in it and have been happy with the results each time! Great little fryer!
I have started loving tofu after air frying it. These days I air fry all veggies before adding them to curry.Corn on the cob is amazing too!Have not tried the other features besides baking yet.
I am so thrilled to have purchased this.  It has expanded my meal options, made cooking everything easy and insanely fast.  My favorite healthy recipe (so far) is air-fried broccoli w/ parm cheese and it is so nice to have a healthier and less messy way to have crispy tater tots, chicken nuggets, and fish sticks.  I am also not one to reheat leftover pizza UNTIL NOW.  It reheats it better than fresh out of a pizza oven!
Cooks food so quickly and efficiently love the versatile of toaster. Oven, broiler and on and on.
This is the best multipurpose cooking device I’ve ever had. It cooks everything so perfectly and so fast.
Found this air fryer Heave And too hot while running.  Also, Very Loud!
Great machine but it’s too big
I really love this Air Fryer. It does everything I want. The food comes out great! Buy it. You won’t be disappointed.
It takes a little time to figure out the cooking times however, it’s great especially for reducing cooking time.
My first air fryer and the limited paper instructions give no advice on how to simply cook something.  Download our app is what they offer.  We all don’t do that and should not have to do something extra to use the appliance. Their on line reciepes are for elitist fancy meals.  Their only pork roast recipe required pomegranate seeds and other unknown stuff.  I just want to cook a roast but they don’t cover normal food preparation nor how to adjust a recipe to the air fryer.  The package instructions on french fries is 14 mins but they burned badly at 10 mins.  I may have to ask Google how to use this ’cause the controls are not intuitive.  May be a fine appliance if I ever figure it out.
I like that I can air fry bacon quickly, reliably and the grease is separated.
I’ve used a few air fryers but so far this one is my favorite. It takes up a moderate footprint on the countertop, but it’s worth it for how versatile this is. I never have to microwave anything that is microwaveable, because this is so much better.It air fries, bakes, reheats, and seems to do all the things. It’s adjustable not only with temp but time, and gently reminds you to flip your food halfway through a session. It’s SO much quieter than the last air fryer I had (Gourmia from Costco). The food actually comes out better as well – crispy but not dried out.I really like this air fryer and it’s not even close to the most expensive one on the market. Seriously – give this one a try.
Very fast shipping love it
A few months into this purchase and I can safely say that I have no regrets buying this bad boy. It’s a bit of a behemoth on the countertop, but the fact that I can use this to do pretty much everything I would do in oven but faster and more efficiently is a game changer. There is a bit of a learning curve to cooking with this as the elements heat up very fast, so expect to have a few over/undercooked things as you get to know your machine. Other than that it’s very versatile and my lazy ass appreciates not having to bend down to get things in/out of the oven anymore.Cleaning up is really easy. I’ve heard stories of the enamel tray becoming discolored soon after use, but I have not yet experienced this. If you’re concerned about this, an easy fix is to use silicone quarter-sheet pan liners on the tray to minimize food residue.The ONLY downside to this thing is the alert beeps on it are LOUD- as in, if you have any light sleepers in the house your midnight snacking habits will out you loud. The included manual doesn’t tell you this, but you can turn the sounds off by pressing and holding the dial for ~5 seconds while in standby mode. It took me until today to learn this and I’m elated.If you’re bored with your toaster oven and want to get fancy with your cooking, get this- it’s worth the splurge, and you haven’t really lived until you’ve air-fried broccoli for funsies.
I Really like this airfryer/oven.  The only downside is no attachment made for it.
I had an instant pot and I loved it. That’s why I chose this brand for air flyer.  Result?  Not recommended.  The air flyer has programming issues.  It often stops suddenly. I have to unplug it and try to restart it multiple times. It is really unpleasant.  I would have returned it but the return period is already over.  Quality of the air flyer is bad.  I would buy another brand.
I make so many things I never made before. I love this machine.
Absolutely love this air fryer! We’re a family of 4 and it’s perfect size for us! It has changed everything for us!
I like the Instant Omni plus, but it has some issues with the description. No way does a 9×13 pan fit into the the oven. Now saying a 14 pound turkey fits in it is a joke, couldn’t even do a 6 pound chicken on rotisserie.
It’s been hot this summer and I didn’t feel like firing up the oven but I cook all of my own food and I do a lot of baking.  There hasn’t been anything that I wasn’t able to cook in this Air Fryer.  I’ve baked, made roasted veggies, baked whole chickens, BBQ spare ribs, French fries, chicken nuggets, anything and everything.  I love this purchase!
Excelente compra. Había pedido otro….para recibir lo en la tarde. Y desafortunadamente pasaron tres días en que estuvo de transporte en transporte… Tuve que cancelar. Y ayer compré esté . Lo recibo hoy. Y me impresionó. La carne jugosa . Como si hubiera cenado en un restaurante de 5 estrellas.A este producto le doy 10 estrellas.
The rotisserie sucks
I have been having so much fun playing with this air fryer.  What I have found is that many online recipes tend to be off with cooking times and temperatures, so you will have to play around a bit to find what works for you.I am sure there are reasons for picking a machine with more options, but this 4-in-1 is perfect for a single person and even a small family.
I liked this product very much.. This is my 1st air fryer and I like that it has other options as well. I have many friends and family members that have purchased airfryers in stores and complimented me on this one as far as everything it has to offer and the price compared to theirs.  I wish though that it would have included included something with a little more detail on different types of things as far as foods foods and temperatures and times. I ended up buying a simple 2 magnets with instructions from Amazon and it worked out great. Right. I stuck them near my air fryer on my refrigerator so that no matter who is at my home if they decide to use it they can refer to that guide.
Does skeptical I purchased this air fryer during prime days.  I truly cannot say enough about this purchase –  it is wonderful!
Air fries and bakes in record time. Exact temp and time settings, nice size – more spacious than it seems. We haven’t used our full size oven since getting this. Even makes perfect toast.
Yo this product makes some banging crispy wings
Love the features and that it saves your prior settings and the price was really reasonable for the size and etc…
Box showed up smashed and is completely missing the cooking tray.
There is a steep learning curve, especially if you are used to a drawer type air fryer. Watch some YouTube videos specific to this model to learn which trays to use with which functions. The temperature dial is very sensitive. Have to slowly raise or lower the temperature almost one click at a time. I highly recommend buying the set of 2 silpat liners that fit the baking tray and crumb trays almost perfectly. Beware pulling out the air fryer basket because drips will splatter onto the glass door. Also, the glass door on mine fogs up when toasting bread, though it does toast well.
Before, when people told me about air fryers, I thought they were just tiny counter ovens. I decided to take a leap and get one and I regret doubting! I don’t think I’ll ever use an oven again!
Just perfect and matches my other things in my kitchen
Love this toaster oven.  Would have given 5 stars because I really dislike is the grate because it has a notch cut out on each corner and when you pull it out to remove food or a pan the grate falls out on one side and everything flies off the grate.  Very annoying.
Easy to use air fryer
I love the way my food taste!
Just big enough for 2 people.
I already have an Instant Pot, so when looking for an air fryer, we didn’t look any further than the Instant Omni Plus toaster oven and air fryer. And I wasn’t disappointed. This Toaster / Air Fryer is everything I expected and more. One knob makes operation simple and easy to use.
We absolutely love this oven. It cooks so well. From toast to fries to steaks. All are done equally well. Don’t see how we could be happier with our purchase. Everything we’ve cooked so far has come out perfect. It’s quickly becoming our go to for cooking. Highly recommended to everyone.
I don’t know what they’ve done differently with the Instant Vortex 5.7 qt vortex differently from 6 qt but it is much improved. It is also whisper quiet! The quietest air fryer I’ve heard. Cooks absolutely fantastic. I get wonderful result every time. Very happy with this purchase.
Purchased this and have used it a few times since, mostly for heating frozen foods (pizza rolls, french fries, tater tots). It works great. Very fast to preheat too. Can’t wait to try some recipes.
Although I love my crock pot for so many reasons, the Air Fryer is pretty versatile for quick meals! During the warm summer months, this device definitelt came in handy when we wanted a good tasty dinner without turning on the oven!We don’t have too many kitchen gadgets for space purposes but this is super easy to store AND it cleans up really well!I think our favorite thing we’ve made in this is air fryer garlic butter steak bites! The whole family enjoys all the things we have cooked in the air fryer!If you’re looking for an efficient kitchen gadget, this one is worth the hype.
Absolutely love it! Quick to cook, works and looks great. It’s bigger than I thought but it’s nice that it fits a small pizza.
Mejor de lo esperado. Ahorra tiempo en la cocina
Love this air fryer, large basket, easy to use and clean up. Food taste great as well!
This thing cooks fast!  And so evenly.  The air fry setting works very well and I like how the rotisserie operates.
I got this air fryer for my in-laws and they said they loved it. We were visiting for the week and I got to test it out. It’s actually really great. Very user friendly, and more important — quiet!
3rd air fryer. This brand is great. Just get one
Easy to use, easy to clean no matter what you put in it.  100% happy with this purchase.
There are many recipes for the air fryer only device, but very few for Onmi Plus. The few things I have made in it were ok.
I just used to to make fries perfect.  i will try tenders next this is basically whay i wanted for but will experiment later.
Multifunctional.  So far cooked everything from salmon to a small turkey breast. Although the handle did not last.
mega easy to use, and it works flawlessly. I’m lovin ‘it
Excelente producto
I enjoyed it I used it everyday easy to cook with and fast cooking
Love this air fryer! So easy to use! The basket is the perfect size for 2 or more servings. Clean up is fast and easy!!
Use it almost daily.
This is the best toaster oven I’ve owned. With many features too choose from, my pizzas are crisp, toast is not burned, etc. This is, by far, a quality toaster oven that is ready to use. A kitchen must- have.
Oven went out so bought  this to hold us over while awaiting delivery. It’s awesome
Easy to use and easy to clean
I’ve tried it once not sure if l like it not what l expected will try it more hope it works for my fried food???
This is the first time I’ve tried using an air fryer. I’m still trying out different things but I’ve loved everything I’ve made so far. This one seems sturdy and well built. It’s easy to use.
I like it easy to use. Food  has good flavor
Really easy and so many different ways to use. So far I’ve used reheat, bake & airfry. Happy with the ease and flavor on each setting!  Can’t wait to try all settings
Easy quick meals for the kids
Smaller than I expected but love it! Cooks so well on all settings and easy to clean. I also love that it is somewhat of a space saver.
Read the title. ‘Nuff said. Would return if I could.
Works great but very compact. This fryer can only fit 2 small steaks.
Perfect for single person or two light eaters.  It is a small drawer but it held a whole bag of Oreida onion rings.  I wouldnt do that again because it was too much for us to eat but it crisp cooked them all in 10 minutes.  Cant wait to try Costco spring rolls…
We love this oven. Great for Baking and Air Frying. Fits a 12 pizza and cooks everything fast! We use it all the time now, much more than we expected.
This is my first air fryer and I’m hooked.
It’s the perfect size for my counter n easy to clean!! Thoumaybe a fad appliance it I use a lot n very pleased with the outcome of all foods I tried!!
Love how easy and practical it is. The only reason I don’t give 5 starts is because the rack was twisted, so was not sitting even on the airfrier… other than that is a great 👍.
I don’t know how we lived without this. We bought it as a way to not constantly turn on our inefficient and hot oven in the summer for small things (like when my husband bakes cookies that I freeze for him). It works great for that purpose, but also does a great job of leftover pizza, making crispy broccoli and so many other things. It was a great purchase.
I literally use this every single day without a doubt. It looks fancy on our counter and we often get questions about it when people come over. I use this over our oven as much as possible. Is amazing for so many different uses!
We’ve tried a few air fryers over the years and this is our favorite large capacity model so far. The basket is huge and you can easily cook three or four medium sized fish fillets. Our previous favorite was very small and continues to work well but only fits one fillet at a time.The Instant Pot Vortex is nothing amazing. I am a *huge* fan of the Instant Pot pressure cookers. I think they’ll still the gold standard. The air fryer is just good.From a cooking stand point it works well and I honestly have no big complaints. The fan seems to move air around evenly and there are no apparent hot spots. As with most air fryers you sometimes need to remove the basket and turn your food but that’s normal. So, +1 for cooking.Cleaning is a little tough if you clean the basket in the dishwasher. It’s not that the basket is bad. It’s just huge so it takes up a lot of space in the dishwasher. That said, it cleans easily in the sink too and food brushes off easily with soapy water.My biggest complaint is the buttons. The buttons are hard to press. Even after you figure out that you have to perfectly press with your entire fingertip they are sometimes finicky. In the end, they always work and you will get the setting you want but it requires more accuracy than modern appliances should.Final Verdict: Approved. No regrets using this multiple times weekly. If you’re looking for a large capacity fryer that isn’t fancy and won’t break the bank it’s worth your consideration. If you’re buying this just because of the Instant Pot name and expect that same WOW moment where you melded minds with the Instant Pot pressure cooker, maybe slightly lower your expectations.
It was easy to clean and use. The flavor was wonderful.
Way too much fun – and healthier meals! Yes, the fries and sweet potato strips are marvelous. And my wife and I have found a couple wonderful salmon recipes. You will be inundated with recipe ideas from scores of online sources. Easy to clean. Not noisy. Just get yourself one – now!
I love everything about this appliance it makes everything I cook it it taste like restaurant quality love it I wish I would’ve bought earlier
This is my first air fryer, I caved after years of hearing the hype. I’m typically not an extra appliance person as counters in apartments tend to be small. For this reason, my bf and I went with the 4qt which is perfect for feeding the two of us. We mostly use it to cook chicken breasts (which it does perfectly and quickly). We got this particular brand based on the reviews and price range. I’d recommend it for sure, but can’t say if it’s better or worse than any other brand.
I like everything about this air fryer. So easy to use and clean. I was afraid I wouldn’t use it much but I was wrong. Very happy with my purchase!😊
Sure easy to clean and use. I enjoy cooking now
I’ve used Instant Pot devices for years and I love them. It pains me to leave a one star review, but this new Instant Vortex does not work. Everything works except the heat. I’ve tried several times but the basket remains cold. It was a real shame when I tried to use it the first time and a batch of fries sat in the basket getting a cool air bath. Oof, Instant Pot.
Really pleased at this little fryer , especially for the price ! Makes a really awesome broiled cube steak !!
For cooking, not so great, but it reheats french fries perfectly. Also great for reheating foods like chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, fish sticks, etc. You just have to watch it because it is very fast.
Works perfectly and leaves everything cooked to perfection! Wish I had gotten a bigger one .
Easy to use,  Easy to clean
I have used the bake and air fryer options. Very easy to clean and things bake in under half of the package directions!
Air frying is easy. But read the directions carefully. Also note that it gets damned hot and you can get burned. So use caution when reaching around it when in use. The food tastes as good as with conventional frying. Potato fries are crisp and not greasy at all.
I was resistant to buy yet another kitchen appliance.  I had heard good things about air fryers, so I decided to go for it.  I absolutely love it and I use it all the time.  It cooks chicken, salmon and steak in less than 20 minutes and it tastes as good as if it was barbequed. Fries and vegetables are great too.  It’s also great for reheating leftovers like pizza.
Well, I guess I’m finally all grown up because I bought a fancy state of the art toaster. This thing does it all and is easy to clean. Reheats old pizza perfectly and toasts bagels to perfection. I’m looking forward to all the memories I’ll make with my fancy new toaster in the years ahead. Wow, adulthood.
It was nice at first but then started getting an E1 error repeatedly. I’ve only had the machine a little over a month so just out of the amazon return window. Now have to contact the instant pot company directly to get a replacement. Upon research, this is common for this machine. In hindsight, I would have paid the $20-30 more for a better quality brand.
It has so many more features than my old air fryer.
No plastic smell while cooking. I love it! It works perfectly
This device will change your life.
Works great it does have a smell like others have said but other than it works great
I am so disappointed with this product!  As a huge fan of my Instant Pot, I really thought it would be impossible to go wrong with Instant product.  I was wrong.  Understanding the termperature is nearly impossilbe.  Typically, this oven cooks so hot that 90% of what I try to cook results in a great deal of smoke, and a message from the machine of food burning.  Even after reducing recommended cooking temps, the machine is still so fussy that it will give food burning alerts for seemingly no reason.  I wish I could say it was at least good at making toast, but it is not.  The toast comes out over done on one side, and under done on the other.  It really is a huge let down and to me, pretty much useless.  I am shopping for a replacement and will likely give this thing to a charity shop.
Cooks good bought it for a friend
So easy to use. I love this appliance!!
Some drippings from meat while air frying put out lots of smoke.Maybe it’s me, but I’ve had better success with models that are not the oven style.As an toaster oven it was great.
We just loved it!
This air fryer is the perfect size and is so easy to use. It has numerous settings and can accommodate several cooking styles. So far, the reheat feature is our favorite. The rack is removable and easy to clean, which makes it easy to clean inside of the drawer too. I would buy it again.
Got this on Amazon Prime Day and am very glad I bought it. Cooks very fast, does not heat up your kitchen and, chicken in particular, comes out juicy, not dry at all.
After a bit of a learning curve my husband and I are impressed with how well this oven bakes, toasts, and cooks dinner items.  We do not use the rotisserie–just not interested in this feature.The rack sometimes slips partially off the rails.Edit:  sent an email to Instant’s Customer Care in mid August.  Received a response that day.  They replaced the 10-in1 with a 14-in1.  It works perfectly and the shelf is safe and stable.  We’re very impressed with how Instant stands by its product–real Customer Care.
Small, but big enough inside.  Attractive, but efficient.  I really like it  and would order it, again.
The convenience of this product is amazing!
So easy and quick, no complaints at all!  Got it on prime day, so saved quite a bit!
When I unboxed it, I thought it was going to be too big. But once I used it, I was sold. It’s so versatile. I cooked about 10 different things in it the first weekend I had it. Everthing from toasting English muffins to making a rotisserie chicken to chicken nuggets, French fries, bacon, roasted vegetables etc. this is amazing. The only thing I need to work on is frozen pizza, it cooked too fast so I’d put it in for less time next time (and watch it more closely). But it, you won’t be disappointed.
As others have said, this unit gives off a strong smell of plastic and taste. The manual states that after a few uses the chemical smell will go away. It does not. I have given this cancer inducer the benefit of the doubt about eight times now and nothing has changed.
I was worried that I had made a mistake when I impulsively purchased this on Prime Day. Did I really need another large appliance taking up counter space in my tiny kitchen? The answer is YES! Since I received this little baby I’ve used it almost every day. At least 4 times per week. As someone who is newly single and living on my own, I sometimes struggle to motivate myself to cook for just myself. But I’m roasting veggies, cooking fish, heating up left overs, frying up pot stickers.. it’s all so quick and convenient with this air fryer! I LOVE IT!I got the smallest size, which is perfect for one or two people but if you are trying to make food for more people this one would be too small.
We weree stuck in a hotel for 5 wks between houses & I grabbed it on Prime Day. I could at least fix us pot pies so we didn’t have to eat out. That gets old (& expensive!!)
We use this more than the oven! It’s amazing
We use this small air fryer almost every day; very useful for quick cooking and very easy to clean.  Love it!
Very easy to ise and clean. We use it everyday.
Super easy to use, you can even reheat leftover fries and have them crispy again! I’m experimenting a lot, and there is a learning curve mostly with vegetables. Basic frozen foods are super easy to eat up and will definitely be crispy – I recommend tossing around the food in the fryer more often than it prompts you to, and until you get used to how it cooks, check periodically through the cycle so you don’t overcook or burn anything.
A lot of people were saying this air fryer smells weird when they use it, mine never did that. I was very skeptical of buying it but I’m glad I did bc it works great!!!
If you have kids this is very useful for cooking out fries and nuggets quickly. It also does a good job with drumsticks and burgers. I like the fact that i can put the food in and not have to monitor cooking. If you live in a dorm this would be awesome.
Was skeptical about getting an air fryer but I absolutely love it!  It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and very durable.
Easy to clean and great for cooking.
Simple to use and works well for new air fry users
I love using this oven. I just wish they had included more extensive directions, and some recipes with a manual.
Simple and easy to use. I like the basket type air fryers so I can cook veggies and shake them half way thru. I’ve done fried chicken, egg rolls and potatoes so far. The new rectangular size Totino’s pizzas do not fit in this basket.
This thing is amazing
I have enjoyed this product so far.  The air frying is easy & makes great vegetables.  The reheat is great for pizza slices.
Fast cooking and no grease
Best thing to re-heat pizza as well as cooking wings.
Its very nice, compact and practical.
I have broiled a small steak, hamburger, air fried chicken wings and fries. This air fryer is so easy to clean. I like the extra functions since my last air fryer just did one thing!!
Instructions suck.
Best purchase made. Easy and convenient! Doesn’t heat entire house up like oven does.
It’s not the biggest air fryer but we love it
I got during the Amazon day, worth the money. I’ve used it several times, roomy and powerful. My boyfriend definitely likes it and helpful in the summer and with electricity.
In love with air frying! This unit is user friendly with great, consistent results. Only draw back is it’s a bit small – I should have invested in a larger one.
I’ve had this 10 in 1 oven model for about a month, it was so hard to pick which air fryer to buy and all the reviews for this oven were actually for the 11 in 1 model, so I ha to go on You tube for this one.  I was just looking for something that could toast, bake and air fry without exploding, Lol! It seems like the other brands could always do something amazingly good and something else not so good, this one does everything super good, especially toast, many other models advertise the toast option but they actually just bake, so for that I’m super happy. Rotisserie  was a plus and when I first got the oven I though I was simply never going to use that option, but oh boy! I was wrong! That is the best option, I’m never buying rotisserie chicken from a store again and there is so much more you can do with it. The air fry option is a game changer, it takes me half of the time to cook meals and the result is always good. The oven looks very good and it is very easy to clean there are 3 reason why I give this item 4 and not 5 stars 1) I wish the  screen to select the option was a little smaller to make the inside slightly more roomy 2) you have to adjust the baking to lower temps as it seems to be very powerful 3) the manual 🤦🏻‍♀️ is missing a lot of good informations that you will have to end up finding on you tube or Google. The machine performs well though. I heard Instant pot has a great costumer service and by comparing all the other reviews I’ll rather deal with point number 1-2 and 3 rather than exploded front door, melted components and failure to function appropriately.I hope this review will help someone to make their mind. Oh! I forgot to mention that the unit is fairly quiet.Does it get hot on the outside ? Yes it does but so does the regular oven, just don’t touch the sides while is on.
It only smelled like plastic on the first use. That smell is gone! It’s perfect for all of my uses. The size is compact and great for my studio. I love the design and highly recommend it.
Love it! Chicken wings the best😎
I love this air fryer. Crispy foods without all the grease. My favorite things to cook in it is fries, brats and pepperoni
Okay, give yourself a little bit of time how to use this air fryer correctly. And once you do that you can make some really good food in it! My daughter was using it from day one. She loves it. It is large so it will take some counterspace up, but it is sure worth it. She is using it almost daily for her dinners.
I honestly love my air fryer! The pans are really non stick but other than that this thing is amazing and doesn’t burn anything at all. Burn warning is a cool feature and the touch screen never gives me issues.
We are loving our new air fryer. It has given new dimension to our diet. It has so many inbuilt options to cook.
This only worked 3 times and no longer functions
This is the best little air fryer! Cooks fast, evenly, and super easy clean up! Fits nicely on the countertop and is in constant use in my kitchen!
This is not just an air fryer. It Roasts, Brooks, Bakes, Dehydrates Reheats. And when you download the instantappliance app like the instruction booklet tells you to you have hundreds of recipes that you can follow or let them inspire you to make your own meals.I’m not a great cook. I hate the kitchen. But this appliance as well as it’s sister the Instant Pot has made this old lady (65 yrs old) FINALLY LIKE THE KITCHEN. Thirty minutes approximately I can fix a healthy delicious meal for my husband and And …..Bonus number the clean up no scrubbing!!! It slides right off with dish soap and I’m delighted!!!Best investment in my kitchen.
Well worth the purchase! Loving everything we cook in it! Also we tried heat food with excellent results.
Easy to use!
Wow. Best, easiest fryer I ever had. I got the 4qrt and it’s perfect for 2ppl. 1 big husband and his wife lol. Or for fam of 3. I use this so much. Get it.
I was so excited to buy this, and after spending a couple months experimenting and making different foods, I am not happy with this buy. For a small machine, you’d expect there to be much more even cooking. This is spotty at best. Some parts burn and some are uncooked. It cooks food so fast that it burnt Pillsbury biscuits in 6 minutes. It’s really not worth the money. Don’t pay to be disappointed.
This is literally the best kitchen appliance I’ve bought in a very long time. Every setting cooks perfectly. I am very happy with it. And it looks great
Wouldn’t say it’s a dislike. But Maybe some instructions on how to make certain things.
Works well easy to use. A little hesitant at first thinking it was just the latest fad, but it’s just a small oven that works great. Use it several times a week.
It is our first Air Fryer and I could say I’m very happy with it, Is very easy to use and intuitive and dont make to much noise when you use the Air Fryer option. Also is easy to clean that is important specially when you use the Air Fryer mode.One cons of the omni in my opinion is the space it need in the kitchen, but for me is not a big deal.
Super easy,  just pull out of the box, no real assembly required, remove packing,  wash the tray and basket and read the directions (if you, unlike me, happen to be an instruction reader). Super easy to use. Definitely need to run the first run empty (per instructions).  Heats quickly and has a nice range of settings.  Very generous cooking tray, moves in and out easily.  Heats quickly, and many foods (hello, dino nuggies!) actually taste better in the air fryer than in a stove.
Excellent product!
This was the worst air fryer I have ever used. It kept shutting down every few minutes.
I love this machine!
I love it! Easy to use and clean 👌
I barely yse my microwave to heat anything anymore except water maybe. Best appliance we have bought hands down!
That’s awesome. Easy to make fries potato , eggplant or fish. I will try different things with it
Was hesitant to get an air frier, but once I found this small one, I love it. Very easy to use and to keep clean.  I’m still experimenting with it to see what cooks best in it, but so far it works beautifully for me
I like how it heats up quickly.  We have cooked boneless chicken breasts, pork chops, and squash.  We are going to try shrimp, sweet potato fries, and chicken fried steak next.
easy to use but no cooking time for food items
Wish there was a bigger usage booklet for cooking ideas by product type
This is the first time I’ve used a Air Fryer. It’s easy to use and the roasted potatoes and chicken thighs and breast have come out pretty good especially the potatoes, a steak I made not as much, maybe I need more practice. Very easy to clean but it takes a bit of space on the kitchen, I have a small kitchen but I like this thing. It works for you only have to cook for two. I would recommend.
Super easy to use. Very easy to clean. So happy I bought it.
I might be biased, but I love Instant (Pot) products.  I already own more than enough Instant Pots, so when I saw that they made an air fryer in this larger size, I jumped at it.  I already had an air fryer around this size, but I hated it.  This Instant brand one is so much better and is everything I want in an air fryer.  Instant is a great company.  They don’t put huge paper books inside the box to be eco friendly, it’s not that it doesn’t exist.  The pictures I shared are from the box, and there are other parts of the box that are very informative too, such as a QR code so you can look at the instructions, recipes, etc.Since I already have some air fryers, they all work in the same general way.  I was able to figure this one out pretty quickly.  It has a pre-heat mode, and it lets you know when it’s ready, then you can put your food in.  There is no plastic smell that people complain about with air fryers in general.  You can adjust the time and temperature easily.  The inside tray is flat with four silicone bumpers on it.  This is non-stick, unlike the one in my other air fryer.  That makes it way easier when it comes to clean up time.  The bumpers help keep the tray in place if you want to dump your French fries out, the plate doesn’t fall out with them.  The pull out pan is easy to pull out and put back in when you want to check on your food’s progress.This is a quiet air fryer, really nice.  My cat hates my other air fryers because they are so noisy.  The only thing I wish this unit had is a cord keeper of some sort.  I fashioned a way to keep the cord wrapped around the handle with a Velcro cord keeper, that is working for me for now.
I liked that my food such as tacos, fries, chicken tenders came out more crispy than in my regular toaster oven. Much easier to clean. A bit too much unnecessary loud beeping noises which can be disturbing at nights or on mornings when everyone is sleeping.
Should have bought the other brand. This one is too small for a family of 4
Very easy to use and easy to clean, I do hand wash mine I don’t put it in the dishwasher. I love this product! Cooks quickly and the food comes out amazing!
This is my first air fryer and I love it. Besides everything coming out great I’m not heating up my kitchen  using my oven.
It is fast, efficient, and makes sense!  I love all that I can do with it. I love how crispy my fries are in this vortex!
Easy to use ☺️.. everything I do with the air fryer comes perfectly well! And the size is perfect!  I love my instant vortex ♥️🥰
Best purchase ever no regrets at all definitely will recommend this Air fryer loved  everything about itWorth every single dollar 💯
I have bought so many appliances that end up in my appliance graveyard rarely to never being seen again so I was gun shy to buy another.  After much thought I decided to risk it & throw caution to the wind!  OMG this this air fryer is amazing.  Why did I wait so long???!  I can make frozen pizza in 4-5 minutes (instead of 16-18 min in the oven).  If I want to be healthy I can bake cut okra & it is so close to fried in texture but it’s healthy. I am still learning but totally in love with this machine.
You’ll be surprised and delighted with how useful this baby is. Heats up way faster than the oven, too. It IS annoying to have to clean it immediately after use, but eh, small sacrifice. I use an avocado spray that I got from Costco on most of the food items I’m going to air fry. Doesn’t work well on plantain but works excellently on any kind of meat.You should just buy this. For basic stuff, you don’t need the $200 Ninja one.
Love it! Seems to be a higher voltage with the recipes I’ve been working with, but great value and great product so far!
I got this to replace my other airfryer that fried itself. What I really love about this one is how easy it is to use and clean. What I noticed is that this airfryer is perfect for a individual or smaller family. You can control the temperature in addition to presets you can just click. The box mainly had just a manual that was straight to the point.The best recipes I found was chicken nuggets and even warming up frozen foods without oils. I usually only oil the food and not the actual tray itself.It’s easy to clean the tray that you can remove. I’d recommend hand washing that tray and not putting it into the dishwasher.
Amazing air fryer. I wish i would have gotten the bigger one
It is perfect item for kitchen health and useful
We wanted to try an air fryer and we couldn’t be happier. It cooks everything to include bacon, french fries, and all types of vegetables just to name a few. It’s healthy, tasty, and super easy to clean. If you’re considering an air fryer just get this one. It’s bigger than all of our friends and it looks better and cooks better too.
The most important thing is to understand how this unit works.  I cooked a lot of things in it to test how it worked.  It works well.  Update…. I love this thing.  I do have a working oven.  Have not turned it on once since buying this.  I did a cake and it cooked in HALF the time.  Again you must understand how to use the heat and tray placement for each setting but after that, it is just better than the oven.  Large families would need more room but I cook for two.  The best advice is to go under the temp at first and then finish off higher.
I love everything about this air fryer. I especially like that it’s easier to clean up than my old basket air fryer.
I need to return this because I’ve never used it!
Very easy to use with lots of features, some of which I have not tried. Air fries, bakes and does toast very well. The only reason I didn’t give a 5 star review is that it doesn’t have some sort of sound indicator when the food is done.
I’ve only had this air fryer for about a month, but I s so love it so far! I’ve only used the air fryer function, but it does have others such as broil, bake, rotisserie. I’ve made chicken strips, quesadillas, a ham, ham and grilled cheese sandwiches, all turned out so crispy and wonderful!! It is on the bigger side for an air fryer, but I wanted to be able to make a pizza in it and this particular one can accommodate a 12” pizza.
This is by far the best air fryer I have ever purchased! Beats Emerils hands down.!!! It is fast ,doesn’t heat up the kitchen. I have done everything from chix nuggets, mozzarella sticks frozen potatoes & even baked potatoes  ! Amazing !!
Its easy to use, and easy to clean. The food I make tastes great.Unfortunately, the power cord is very short, and the beeps it makes are loud. Louder than my oven. It scares my dog, and theres no way of adjusting the volume.
5 of 5 stars ⭐️ bezt thing I have ever bought I really recommended
It works pretty much like you would expect. It’s a little faster than using a broiler and is more versatile.
What can I say, I was wrong. I use it in moderation I’m still a conventional stove and oven user. During the summer with no central air in my home the air fryer has come through for me. Steamfresh bag of vegetables in the microwave or rice cooker, meat in the air fryer dinner is served.Update: the kids and I use this Air fryer all of the time! We freaking love it! I want to upgrade to a bigger one. Maybe the Vortex
It was everything we expected and then some. Crunchy, tasty and delicious. It does a great job on all that we cooked in it.
Everything we cooked ended up being over cooked when we used the recommended times. We returned it.
I have owned 5 air fryers and this is one of the best.  There are a few design flaws that could make it an amazing unit – it is easier to burn yourself that on other models and the display never turns off
Love it. Should of had one sooner.
Only have had a few weeks and have tried using multiple times. Food has only come out decent maybe once. Randomly turns off and won’t turn back on. Air frying on highest temperature for longer than needed times and food still comes out cold and uncooked.
Let me start off by saying that this little bad boy is perfect for a small family or single person. This thing absolutely amazing it cooks everything I put into it in less time than your usual range oven. Cooking healthy is why I bought it. No more having to use oil to cook chicken or use the oven and a huge glass bakeware to cook your food. If you want to eat healthy and cook healthy I recommend getting this. If you have a bigger family you might want to invest in their bigger sized units but I have regrets in buying this at all, it’s worth every penny. Very satisfied with my purchase.
This is my first Air fryer and I am very happy with my purchase. It’s perfect for small family but yes there’s plastic smell in it.
I love this air fryer, it is quick to use and the food is very tasty. It is supper easy to clean up !!!!!!
Easy to use and clean.  Doesn’t heat up the kitchen like the oven.
The instructions are not the best, but it wasn’t difficult to figure out. I made some shrimp rolls and they were delicious. I used a frozen box and went with the directions from the box for a fryer and they came out crispy and delicious.All the things I have put in it have turned out great. I like that it tells you when to turn the food although it seems like it is almost at the end of the cooking cycle and I would I have thought it would have been more toward the middle.I haven’t decided if I like using this better then the microwave. I mean there are a lot of things I can’t put in here that I can warm in the microwave but when I use this to reheat pizza or fry frozen foods it is crispy and less mess.
Easy to use, self-contained, and relatively easy to clean.  You just have to watch that you don’t overfill it!
A great air fryer!Very easy to use and easy to clean!!!
I took the advice I saw from another review & ran four 30 minute cycles outside to help with the burning odor. That worked really well. I’ve cooked many foods so far & it has all turned out great.
Easy to use
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I was so excited to receive this Instant Vortex 4 in 1 Air Fryer. I have their Instant Pot pressure cooker and I love it. I had been using a Cooks small air fryer for the longest time but it was time for an upgrade.

This is the most incredible item in my kitchen.I was skeptical about usingban Airfryer and took ke long to decide buying one. Im glad i did on time tonget this particular brand. It has so many features. I love it! I cook more with it than the stove now and i can enjoy food i couldn’t eat before because it was deep fry. Its compact but has a big basket. I highly recomend this amazing One.
I was hesitant to purchase this because I did not think it would heat high enough to bake a good pizza.  I am amazed!  This little unit fits a 12 pizza and bakes it to a nice crispy crust!
This air fryer is a must in every modern kitchen.It saves time and money not to mention cutting down colesterol by using a minimum amount of oil. I bought it as a gift and the recipient couldn’t be happier.
Some folks complained about a plastic smell which transfered to the food.  Right in the instructions it lets the buyer know that they may notice a plastic smell but that will not flavor the food, is not toxic, and will disappear quickly.Baked potatoes were the first item on the menu.  I will never make baked potatoes in the oven or microwave again.  The were wonderful.  There was a slight smell during cooking but the potatoes tasted great. I would not hesitate to recommend this item.
Estaba muy dudosa en comprarla por todos los malos comentarios con respecto al olor a plástico quemado, que era tóxico… pues me decidí y lo compré y es maravillosa, no tiene ningún olor raro, funciona perfecto, deja la comida con una tertulia increíble
This was our first air-fryer. We were late to the game but glad we finally joined. This model is super easy to use, super fast heat up and very easy to keep clean. We use it every chance we get. Especially since we found out you can make almost anything, literally, with it. Only issue is, we wish we would have bought a bigger size. But that’s our fault because we just didn’t know. Otherwise, we’re very pleased.
I love this air fryer! Up til now I had been buying the least expensive one I could find, but after having the coating peel of despite my careful use and cleaning, I decided to spend a little more for a quality unit. This seems to be that. I love that it has a good selection of programs. The only thing that I don’t like is that  the light stays on all the time. I have gotten used to unplugging it after each use though.I did see a review or two that said it emitted a smell but even my sensitive nose didn’t smell it so….. not sure what they are smelling.I feel it was definitely worth the price!
Easy to clean and use. Great portion size. Download the app.
Love this air fryer!!!! I highly recommend, I especially like the fact that it’s touch screen too!
Chicken comes out juicy and French fries and Tatar tots come out crispy 👍👍
It takes a while to adjust the minutes but if you check after a few minutes things work out. It makes meat taste so good. I baked a potatoe and it took a while but was very good.
I have tried air fryers before, but most are too small for my family. This is a great size for us! It’s also way quieter than others I’ve tried. It feels like a really solid, quality machine. The basket is easy to slide in and out. The touchscreen display is excellent. Very happy with this!
The size is perfect and the reheat option is very easy and usefull. Easy to clean, non stick.
The Instant Vortex 4-in-1 basket air fryer quickly produces delicious food with a minimum of hassle.I was not too certain of the design of the fryer, until I baked/air fried some tofu, baked a sweet potato, and then air fried some frozen french fries. I was convinced. The foods baked evenly and were crispy on the outside without burning, and delicious all the way through. The controls are more convenient than some others that I have used. When heating, it includes a warmup and signal to start cooking the food. Then, a little more than halfway through, it signals you to turn the food, if it needs it.When I was done, I removed the basket and the tray and they washed up in the sink easily and thoroughly.This is an excellent fryer/baker and it will come in handy for many foods in the kitchen.
Easy to use and easy to clean, this air fryer is perfect for reheating fried leftovers like fish and fries.  Also perfect for roasting potatoes and air frying frozen snacks like taquitos and chicken nuggets.
There is acceptable ability to place food in for cooking. From the start I thought it was loud, yet not really jolting to my faculties now. Just attempted fries up until this point, however they came out well. As yet learning its uses, however I figure it’s anything but an accommodating kitchen contraption. Great size, however doesn’t take up a staggering measure of rack space. It makes cooking quicker and worriless. I have attempted chicken wings and spring rolls. Either dish, I simply need to turn on, return to turn side once and that each. Try not to need to clean with alum foil. Furthermore, did I say it kills the greater part of searing scents. This is perhaps the best buy I made as of late! I have been watching out for a decent air fryer which can prepare sufficient nourishment for 2 individuals and simultaneously be not difficult to clean and keep up with. This item has the least contrivances and fills the real need. Extraordinary Air fryer we in a real sense cook everything in it we don’t utilize the oven regularly, I made the best porterhouse steaks in it recently I’m extremely content with this buy frantic I didn’t do it sooner.
My habit is always to wait at least a few weeks before reviewing anything. That way, readers of my comments know I am not just excited about a package coming in the mail but have also tested its usefulness.I love this small kitchen appliance. We have used it almost every day since receiving it. It cuts down on time in the kitchen and eliminates having to use the oven in 90-degree weather. I have made pork chops, steaks, and chicken wings so far. I found some great tips and recipes on youtube. It’s easy to use and clean. It’s programmable too. The food when cooked is simply delicious. We cooked up some chicken wings that were the BEST! Fries, when cooked, are crisp and so good too.  Even frozen fish sticks were amazing.  The baking function works well, too.  I’m ordering some air fryer baking trays to do more, but the biscuits I baked were wonderful and flaky in the air fryer.This thing holds a lot of food.  It does take up some counter space, but because it is so useful I don’t mind at all.  1/2 tray of refrigerated Costco wings were crispy in less than 10 minutes.  An entire bag of french fries can be cooked at one time.  It beeps to remind you to flip your food, or you can ignore the beep and it will keep cooking.  You can pull out the basket and check your food at any time without having to reset the unit. The controls are easy to use and understand.  And, the basket and tray can be put in the dishwasher, which really is a great feature.I would be proud to give one of these as a gift, so if you are related to me you may get one for X-mas–if you weren’t naughty ;-)Hope you found this review helpful!
Looks like it’s a great product, but unfortunately I received a defective one. 5 minutes after using it for the first time, there was condensation buildup inside the insulated front glass. Waiting for a replacement and hopefully it’ll be perfect.Update: the second oven arrived today and not only it builds condensation like the first one, but also makes a loud clanking noise when the fan spins. Now thinking of returning both ovens.
Just used it once so far, but roasted a small chicken (just under four pounds).  The meat was moist and flavorful.  The basket was relatively easy to clean, but I wish I could put it in the dishwasher.  I plan to download the recipe ap.
Absolutely love this oven. So many functions. Just follow directions. Cooks great
I have never used one so the instructions were NOT easy to follow and misleading.  Only way to get a recipe is on line which is not my choice and it takes lots of patience to get past all the ads and links etc..Cleaning requires lots of paper towels if you have juicy food!
Best 2021 purchase. I use it everyday. Sometimes 2-3 times a day. It’s amazing, hits temp very quickly and hence cooking is a breeze. I’ve tried it all, garlic bread, chicken, pizza. Food is evenly cooked and it’s crisps things to perfection. My chicken came out amazing (as you can see) took 10mins in the air fryer and no oil.
Love it, cooks quickly and easily. Have only used it once, but I’m sold on air frying!
Great value and easy to use.
I’ve been using a Gourmia air fryer for over a year now and have been pretty happy with it but was excited to try out this Instant Vortex because I really love my Instant Pot so I wanted to see their take on an air fryer.Upon removing the Vortex from the box, it looked like roughly the same size and square shape but did feel a bit lighter.One disappointing thing was that this Vortex only came with one fryer basket compared to my Gourmia’s two baskets and a wire rack. Another minor issue is that the cord is a bit short for my desired plug and location (I measured it to be around 32 inches). This might not affect your setup but it was a shorter cord than my Gourmia’s.These I can overlook because the most amazing part about the Vortex is how quiet it is. My Gourmia was so loud sounding more like a vent hood on high setting that I would always have to turn up music or the TV if I had it on, or wouldn’t be able to cook during conference calls. The Vortex just has a light fan sound and is barely noticeable, quieter than your average electric fan.The Vortex also has various preset buttons that you can push instead of the one button on my Gourmia that I’d have to push to cycle through, making it annoying if I passed it and would have to do another full cycle to return to it. The settings are as follows:Air Fry – 385 F (15 min)Roast – 380 F (18 min)Bake – 365 F (30 min)Reheat – 280 F (10 min)You can also change the display temperature from F to C, and set up a custom temp and time setting.Another nice change is that the Vortex has a default Preheat mode upon cook start, and it will tell you when it’s finished and can add food, and as well as when to flip food (when using Air Fry and Roast settings). It does this all without stopping so if you put your food in at start or don’t need to flip food, you can just leave it. By comparison, my Gourmia’s pre-heat setting was only 3 minutes at 400 F, and then I’d have to manually add food and then select a cook setting.I tried a variety of frozen food items (takoyaki, seafood pancake, gyoza, Portuguese tarts) as that amounts to 90% of my air fryer usage, and across the board, all items cooked better than they did with my Gourmia. I didn’t add any oil and they all cooked very well, did not burn, and left the inside fluffy and juicy. My Gourmia generally cooked things a bit too hard without keeping the juices in, leaving things close to burnt and dried out.I did not expect to be this impressed but the Vortex improves on what I deem are essentials that the Gourmia offered – noise and cooking quality.
I’m so happy I purchased this on Prime day. I was hesitant when initially reading the reviews, but couldn’t be more pleased with this appliance. You can air fry, rotisserie, toast, and more with this all in one appliance! Be sure to read the manual and have at least six inches of space from the wall like it states in the booklet for safety. This is our new favorite appliance because you can do so much with one machine! If you are on the fence about buying, just go for it. You will be happy!
Unit is very easy to use and clean…Roasting veggies 🌶 awesome!!!
Its so nice and works wonderful
I love it.
Received quickly and works as advertised!
Love this! So far I’ve only used the air fryer option but that’s enough for me to know how impressed I am. I’ve cooked chicken and fish and both turned out juicy and delicious! I’m only sorry I waited so long to get one.
Safe too use, wide door, and easy to clean.
I had heard of air fryers before but never thought they served much purpose. I went ahead with my doubts and bought this Vortex Plus from Instapot. It is phenomenal. It’s great for college students like me to make a quick and tasty meal. It heats up light years faster than a conventional and convectional oven. Very efficient and very easy to clean. I can’t find something bad to say about this product yet.
It works wonderful and easy to clean. Looks good ,too.
only used 1 time so far—-
I was concerned that the air fryer might not make my fish, fries, tater tots, shrimp etc. crispy enough for my family.  It works beautifully every time.  I have used the oven for several meals and no hot kitchen!  I don’t toast bread in it, because my toaster is so fast, but I use this for so many other things.I did follow the instructions (that are THOROUGH for all the possibilities that his machine can do for you) to burn off the original smell of the oven.  I expected it to be horrible from a few of the reviews I read, but it was mild and non-existent after it was heated the first time with an empty oven.MY SUGGESTION: read the instructions and underline or highlight the information you will refer back to.Pinterest has a plethora of recipes for air fryers and the time and temperature are similar among machines. Save yourself the money you would spend on any cookbook. Whenever I need a recipe that is different, I google exactly what I want.(i.e. The best air fryer recipe for tilapia)When you open the door to check on your food , (and the first times you cook any new recipe, I suggest you check it frequently) when you close the door it goes RIGHT back to the correct time and temperature.This was an investment in our health.  We eat more chicken and fish without the fat and get them as crispy as we want. I have lost more than fifty pounds, my husband has lost forty, and this machine was a huge help. For us it was worth the investment for our health and convenience and for the energy it saves.Remember this machine cooks approximately 25% faster than your oven.Put the solid tray lined with parchment paper under the air fryer basket for easy clean up. DO NOT USE ALUMINUM FOIL IN THE OVEN.READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND SAVE THEM!
First use was a breeze.  Followed instructions and my food was delish.
So far, I love it. Haven’t found anything that doesn’t cook well in it.
Easy to use, works great
I guess it is finally my turn getting a bad one. After all the cleaning up and re-arrange my space, following the instructions and plug in the unit. The light is on, good. Push the turning wheel, not reacting. Thought I did something wrong, check again. The only thing working is turning the oven light on and off. This makes me realizing that the panel controls is really not a good ideal. When it does not work, the oven is useless. Unlike the traditional one with bottoms. Many times one bottom is bad, at least other functions still work. So instead requesting a replacement, I returned it.
Very easy to use easy to clean.  Only problem is that the frying smell is strong.  I do recommend this product.
Very practical and super easy to use.
Easy to use!
Gift for my dad. I have the larger one with the glass door and for $30 more it’s worth it.
I really like this air fryer. I pretty much use it every day.
Very easy to use, clean and store
It’s small enough for my counter top and a good size for the food aa well. Easy to use and easy to clean. Need to have more recipes and cooking guide but it does everything it’s set out to do.
Very easy to operate with many options. Quick set up. Easy to clean.
Very easy to use and clean. Flavor is dependent upon the amounts of oil and seasoning used during food prep.Great product and I use it for all cooking in the hot summer months. It eliminates excess heat use for cooking.Absolutely love it!
Incredibly easy to use , doesn’t take up to mich space and has made cooking healthier so much easier . So so happy I purchased
The fryer works fine but it’s difficult to find good recipes for it, especially ones that don’t require purchase of accessories. It’s a novelty item, not a go-to kitchen tool like my Crock Pot.
OK, so I’m not much of a cook, so I’m always looking for gadgets that make cooking easier.I did the George Foreman grill – it is stuffed in a box in my garage.I did the Instant Pot pressure cooker – used it once and gave it away.I did the big ol’ air fryer that does everything but wipe your nose – used it once and gave it away.But then Amazon offered the Instant Pot Air Fryer for like 60 bucks on Prime Day. What the heck – I’m in.Seriously, this has changed my life. First think in – a game hen. Perfect. Next was pork chops. Perfect. A steak? Even hot dogs? Perfect. This fryer is awesome! OK, so I haven’t tried cooking anything but meat – mostly because I usually eat my veggies raw. But seriously – easy to use, easy to clean, relatively quiet, doesn’t take up much space. How can you not like the Instant Pot Air Fryer?
Easy to use, no hot oven, perfect for the two of us, great wings, fries…
I got this as a gift for my sister. I loved my air fryer so much, that I wanted to make sure everyone in my family had one. This one had so many features, so I’m excited to explore new things I can make, such as dehydrated fruit.  Read the directions! That will definitely help you save some time on how to operate each feature.
To prepare our food.
I am disappointed that the company didn’t send a better booklet with more instructions on how to use each of the settings. Their online recipes are for all their appliances and are really not written to teach you how-to-use. The Instant Pot came with a great book of instructions and ideas, but not the air fryer.
I wish recipes had been included.  Have had to go to Pintrest to find recipes.Cooks very well.  Got rid of the air fryer I had and the toaster oven and this does all the functions of the 2
Absolutely love the air fryer it cooks things so quickly and it’s very easy to use and clean.
Easy to use and clean!!! It’s a great product
Ordered this during the Prime Day deals, a little nervous due to some reviews but I am so happy with it! I love all the different functions. I also think it’s nice how the tray the food sits on is easily removable for cleaning. Would recommend!
After reading various reviews and sending two back due to damage I was so skeptical!  I am so glad I ordered this air fryer and we are loving it!  I cook nearly everything in it and it turns out wonderful.  If you’re new to air frying, this is the one for you!  Clean up is a breeze!!
Trabaja muy bien, me gusta el color y el acabado
Awesome product,  cooks a 12 inch pizza to perfection. Air fries evenly, easy to use
Too much smoke  had to open doorsYou don’t want to give me a full refund but the refund should not have been put on a gift card I didn’t purchase from a gift card
I absolutely love this thing! Best purchase I mad all year. Saving money and learning to cook new things at the same time can’t go wrong with this! Definitely recommend this to anyone thinking about getting one.
We just made our first french fries from fresh potatoes, and they were wonderful. Our family is excited because we have 2 children with severe food allergies, including a child on the autism spectrum with food aversions. We will now be able to prepare ordinary foods that our children and are not allergic to. One of our NO ingredients is soy. Try buying food without soy! Or going to a restaurant that doesn’t cook with soy. It’s tough to find a loaf of soy-free bread. This appliance will allow us to prep food the entire family can (and will) eat. That’s a sure-fire win! And everything was so easy.
After using the Omni Plus for about a month, my conclusion is that it is an unfinished product, particularly in the area of instructions. If you’re used to a toaster oven and a dedicated air fryer, the Omni Plus is more cumbersome to cook with. The air fry function is not up to the standards of a dedicated air fryer, and food comes out dry instead of moist and crispy.The automatic settings on the Omni Plus are prone to the well done side so you have to watch what’s going on, and, even when baking, you will have to continually check your food to make sure it’s not overcooking. The functions on this cooker could have done with a detailed instruction book and even some recipes so customers would know how long to cook certain foods for stages of doneness.A particularly annoying feature of the Instant Omni Plus is that the trays are just a bit snug for the space they’re provided, so you have to jiggle them in and out. I suggesst you wear gloved potholders.The trays are easy to clean, but the inside of the oven is not. It is small and awkward to access. We are not returning the oven, but I would not purchase it again.
Good for personal use.Needs accessory support like other companies making trays, baskets, etc. as the size is pretty small and most 3rd party trays are too big.
I like it. I used it for fish fry and potato fry.
Was a fan of their stand alone air fryer and going to this feels a tad lacking. The controls are great, temps and fan work to get it hot fast, but the way the front panel hangs over the door makes it hard to see the top of the oven making it way too easy to burn hands pulling things out. The included trays are not the best materials and harder to clean than the stand alone air fryer. Even if this is the best air fryer toaster over out there it leaves room for improvement.
Really easy to use. Cleaning is a breeze, even can cook multiple meals out of one cleaning. Heat is about the same as an oven or broiling but the best thing is a really fast pre-heat and no mess is left behind. Food comes out perfect if made perfect, and excess fat isn’t soaking into the food. Choice to keep juices and fat is yours, usually I clean it away.
Love this thing easy to use and a nice size bin
This is my favorite air fryer that I ever have so far. I love all in one options especially air fryer, rotisserie, and dehydration.I used to have dehydrator and air fryer and toaster separately. However, after I received this instant Omni plus and use it for awhile, I don’t need the other small appliances anymore. I even gave those to my SIL because they’re still good and new. My small kitchen looks better now no cluttered.I like the design too. It’s black/stainless steel and it matched my appliances very well.I think it’s worth it to spend over $200 for this. It’s sleek and modern. It’s easy to use and it’s big. I cooked a lot of things with this and it’s delish and have no problem.
So easy to use.  Cleans up in minutes.  Love it.
I love this air fryer I must say it is very versatile and clean it is very easy. I made some wings yesterday and it was just like I was at Buffalo Wild Wings. This will most likely save me a lot of money eating out.
Perfect size for 4 people, easy clean-up and easy to store.
Super easy to use and the food comes out great. Love it!
The interior and tray of this air fryer are coated in Teflon. They do not state this in the product description. Most air fryers use a non-stick ceramic coating, which is much safer to use.Teflon uncontroversially causes cancer. The world is such a toxic place, please reduce your chances of cancer whenever you can control it. And avoiding Teflon is easy! Try a Ninja Air Fryer and GreenPans.Instant Pots actually use a ceramic coating, so I am really disappointed that the air fryer uses Teflon.
After reviewing several air fryers, I decided to stick with a name brand that I am familiar with. I have the original Instant Pot and LOVE IT. So, I decided to purchase the air fryer while it was on sale for Amazon Prime Day. Some of the reviews state that there is a plastic smell when cooking. Please note that you have to run a cooking cycle for about 20 mins (with no food) and the smell will go away. Also, there were many complaints about not having a recipe book. If you look at the box there is a QR code that downloads a book to your phone. I have only had it for a few days and have already cooked several meals in it. I also plan on bringing it with my family for a vacation to Orlando. It’s just that good. Clean-up is super easy and the non-stick coating is amazing. All the buttons are touch except for the time/temp dial. There are options to air fry, dehydrate, broil, bake, roast, and reheat.
If you are deciding on if to purchase this item… Do yourself a favor, and get it!!  I use it all of the time now!
Haven’t been able to use it yet, as there is no manual accompanying the fryer.  Can’t bring the desktop computer into the kitchen and have no way to print it.
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Broken on arrival.  Plugged it in and was excited to make a pizza.  The second I turned it on it started making an awe full clanking sounds.  One of the blades of the convection fan hits the housing when it turns.  Also the oven door is missing a rivet

Se quemo al primer uso. Intentaré hacer valer la garantía
A lot of reviews people complain about a toxic chemical/plastic/rubber smell that does not go away. The owners manual mentions that this may occur but is non-toxic, yet no one wants that smell in their house or on their food.Another review mentioned to remove the rubber shipping legs from the tray grate before using. These appear to be food grade silicone but I removed them anyways and have had no bad smells during the initial test run or two dishes I’ve cooked so far.This is a great little air fryer, remove these things and you’ll be happy!
This is my first air fryer but so far it has been amazing! Super easy to use, clean, and stores away nicely. Exactly what i was looking for!
Love it very easy to use and very quick if you cook big meals my only suggestion would be is get a bigger size
I love my Instant Pots, and I bought this because I wanted the rotisserie function.  First thing I noticed when I did the test run is this thing is unbelievably loud.  I had a cuisinart convection oven/air fryer that was not nearly as loud.  So, you are supposed to be able to rotisserie a 4 lb. chicken in this.  I tried with a 3.5 lb. chicken.  I trussed the drumsticks and wings but I still had to remove the drip pan.  Then, the drumsticks still got caught on the bottom.  That worked ok for awhile (the rotisserie would just rotate the other way) but eventually the spit just came down altogether.  Sending it back.
I’d wanted an air fryer for sometime and am very pleased with the Instant Vortex Plus.  It is just the right size for two people.  It is an attractive addition to my countertop, easy to use and easy to clean.
I love this air fryer. It’s a little smaller than my previous one which was from the same brand- but that’s okay! I didn’t pay attention to the quart size. What I like about it the most is it’s a brand I know and it works great. I don’t have to question if everything is in good working order.I don’t use any of my kitchen gadgets since I got the air fryer. It’s life changing…buy it yesterday!
Bare bones documentation provided with product. Quick start paperwork states go to instantappliances/vortexplus4 for full instructions for use. Problem is that address is not found. Not easy to clean, my previous airfryer had basket that would go in top shelf of dishwasher (easy clean). This airfryer basket has to be hand washed (not easy clean).
Big sticker right in the front of the basket on stainless steel. Tried to remove as careful as possible and end up with this look showed in the picture.
I was very anxious to purchase this new multi-featured product. I read the description carefully and ordered during Amazon Prime day. What the description did not tell me was that this oven requires 5 of clearance all around. That means it requires 5 of clearance above, and 5 of clearance on each side. I live in a practically brand new Pulte/Del Webb home with a carefully designed kitchen. The standard distance between the counter top and the above cabinet is ALWAYS 18 period! That means that it is impossible to have 5 of clearance above this oven and the cabinet above. Impossible! Additionally this oven throws off about 205 degrees of heat behind it according to the reviews (I should have read that) and I have two electrical outlets behind the location I intended to place the oven. Plastic melts at 215 degrees!.  I do not need melted outlet covers…..Frankly I cannot understand how this company could design this product in such a way that it would not sit properly on a countertop safely 5 under the upper cabinet!. Did anyone from this company actually take one of these home and try to place it on a counter top. I cannot speak to the performance of the product because I never got that far. I took the product out of the box. Read the instruction book which warned me that I must have 5 of clearance all around the oven and now I have to struggle to get the darn thing back in the box and return it to Amazon….and the box says it weights 33 pounds.
I usually make fish sticks in the oven and I tried making it in the air fryer. Came out really crispy and golden but had a really strange plastic taste to it.
This is my first air fryer and I love it.
Good choice
Gran inversión, funcional y espaciosa.
Works great, wings, okra fries.I use it six or seven times a week.  Heating up leftovers for lunch or cooking wings for an appitizer or baking meatballs for a sandwich and it does not heat the house up like a traditional oven.
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Out of all the Airfryers that I’ve used, this Instant Pot Omni plus is my favorite.Here’s what I like about it:-Cooks up to 450 Degrees F, many Airfryers on the market only cook up to 400 Degrees F.-No strange odor with first use.-Side air vents so it’s okay to place the Airfryer underneath the kitchen cabinets.-Preheats and alerts you that it’s done preheating, it pauses, if you don’t press anything, it automatically continues cooking for you.-When you open the door, it stops cooking, when you close it, it continues cooking.-Prompts you with a message on the screen when to flip over food.-The center control knob doesn’t get hot so you can touch it directly when you want to increase the time and temperature or when you want to cook other food.-Numbers are big and clear to read.-Removable crumb tray.The only thing that I didn’t like is that the light turns off after 1 minute. You can press the light button to turn it on again but it will shut off by itself. I would prefer the light to stay on during the whole cooking process and to turn it off when I want the light off.***TIP: If you don’t want the tin foil to fly around during the cooking process, place a silicone mat (like a Silpat mat, you can use generic brand to save money) on the included tray. The weight of the silicone mat will stay down while the Airfryer is in motion.

I mainly use for air cooking even though this unit is extremely versatile with cooking several types of ways. Haven’t used the rotisserie feature yet, but looking forward to it. Some frozen foods don’t have instructions for air cooking, So when you’re trying to adapt the cooking temperatures given from baking to let’s say air frying, it’s a bit tricky to get the right temperature and time because they are not exact setting for settings so it’s a bit of trial and error. Clean up is a bit messy when it comes to crumbs.
This does nothing more than what an oven can do.  Support is no longer offered for the 4qt. and difficult to figure out timing with this size.  Maybe this would be good for someone without an oven
Works really great! Haven’t used all functions yet but air fry is good! The size is the best cause it’s small and compact.
This review is for the 4 quart size of the Instant Vortex. I really like how compact this unit is. Compared to the existing Ninja air fryer I have presently, it takes up about a quarter less room and if you value your counter space, that’s a lot! The interior of this one is square as well, and having used several air fryers I have to say I prefer the square shape for a basket in these.This air fryer heats up super fast, cooks evenly and well, and is easy to clean up. I also don’t notice as much grease/smell from it during use as I do with my Ninja. To change your settings, you aren’t holding down or mashing a plus or minus button, you just turn the knob with this one.If you have a small family of 2-3 persons, this is a good size to have. A larger family or more people eating, I recommend a bigger size like the 6 qt so you aren’t having to cook your food in batches.5 stars!
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I just love it, i havent stopped using it since i have gotten it….them crab legs were reheated in there and they came out just a juicy as when i first got them. I have also cooked fish and shrimp and asparagus in it…and now i am dehydrating strawberries….

Cooked food well and heats food very quickly. My air fried chicken wings came out really good. I recommend
I bought this 4 quart instant pot vortex air fryer after I decided my vortex mini was getting too small for the amount of air frying I do. I decided on another Instant Pot Vortex when I noticed amazon has the 4 quart. The 6 quart instant vortex is probably great for families but I’m just one person so the medium sized basket is the perfect size. I did buy a 6 quart Gourmia air fryer at a local warehouse store right before I discovered Amazon sold this one. I’m glad I got the chance to compare machines.First, some reviewers complained of a plastic smell lingering. I didn’t smell any plastic after the first trial run the directions recommend. I might have had better luck because I cleaned the machine prior to the trial run, like the instructions recommend. I think it’s safe to say the extra effort is worth it in the long run!Pros: heats up fast. Faster than the 6 quart Gourmia, but there’s 2 quarts less space to heat, so makes sense. The nonstick, removable tray and basket are a breeze to clean. I like that there’s no inner basket to fumble with. The buttons are super easy to figure out. I like that it doesn’t light up with 20 different digital symbols. Looks sleek as well with stainless steel front. So far, I’ve made mozzarella sticks, pizzas, churros, zucchini tots, and baked apples, to name a few. I plan to try baking a cake next, so I just bought a set of accessories by a different company on Amazon.Cons: the louder motor, compared to my quiet vortex mini. But, it’s still quieter than a popular 6 quart air fryer i purchased (and then returned).Overall, I’m satisfied with my 4 quart vortex air fryer!
The air fryer is easy to clean and use, however the instructions that come with it are barely adequate and give no direction about when to use the various settings.  I like the appliance, so far, but was really disappointed by the instructions and website.
I really like this oven.  It’s great that it’s pretty large – the air fry basket is large enough that you can comfortably air fry things for a small family where with most other air fryers you’d need to do a couple of batches for the same number of people.  There are lots of different options and they’ve all worked great so far.  The rotisserie chicken that was cooked in this was still moist when it was cooked and was delicious.  It’s just large enough that you can fit two normal size bread loaf pans in it side by side.  It’s also large enough to fit a Digirno pizza on the provided plate/rack (see picture).  It can also fit a sheet of 12 muffins (if you have a tray that doesn’t have super large/wide handles – you may need to get a different tray for this, I did).  Toast is the one thing I’ve cooked in this that I didn’t feel like it did an amazing job at – I’m not going to lie, I still use my traditional toaster for toast instead of this.As far as negatives go – it can be kind of hard to clean if stuff that you’re cooking/air frying drips down on to the lower heating elements (there are two metal bars on each side of the two elements and it makes it hard to scrub down on the element itself).  There’s not a way to keep the light on all the time (it shuts off after about a minute).  The display is constantly lit up with a big OFF when it’s off/powered down – it would be nice if it was just blank.  There’s a semi-loud beep every time you turn the knob or press the screen to adjust the temperature – it would be nice if you could turn that off/down.  The convection fan in the top is always on – you can switch between low and high, but it’s always on (this sometimes makes the tops of things like bread and muffins a little browner than I’d like because they’re so close to the fan).A word of warning – you don’t want to leave anything sitting on top of this while it’s on – I accidentally left my butter tray on it a time or two and the butter has melted all over into the tray.  That aside, this is a great little oven.  I really like that it’s electric, fits nicely on the counter, plugs in to a regular outlet, and has so many functions.  I really like it and would recommend it.
This Oven arrived 1 hour ago… I start a dehydration real quick just to test it, and now I cannot (for the life of me) Cancel it !The red Cancel button is there, I press and smudge it one thousand times and nothing happens. I’ve also pressed everything else, to no avail. It’s still running as I type this, waiting for the timer to finish to see if it works.Oh, and I tried unplugging it too. Guess what? It remembers the settings it had, so when I plug back in, the oven continues to cook as prior to unplugging.Frustrating. I was excited but now it seems like it’s a faulty item.
Good air fryer from a brand I recognize. There are many here in Amazon I’ve never heard of before so I went with a name brand. Works as advertised. Good for cooking portions to server 1 to 3 people. Order the proper size for your cooking needs. Has a plastic smell when you first start using it. I would run it with no food a few times. The smell is all but gone and you don’t taste anything in the food. Seems normal. Our new toaster had the same burnt smell until we used it a few times and is now gone. This feels high quality and the controls are easy to read. This is our first air fryer and so far we like how fast you can make fries or chicken strips. You’re not going to cook a steak or whole chicken in this thing.
I like this air fryer because it’s easy to use and clean.I’ve used if for everything from frozen foods to homemade chicken fried steak!
Really, good air fryer.  Had to clean it out before the first use to make sure there was not going to be any issues using it. I read some of the reviews about there being a weird taste or smell and I did not want any of those issues. After my first cook of homemade cheese sticks I was happy with the results. They tasted great and did not leave an oily taste or feel. One thing I did not like was there was not much as far as instructions or ideas that come with this air fryer. You will have to figure it out on your own, luckily we can look all that up online, and this machine is not that hard to use once you figure it out, very easy to operate. It is a cute little machine and is very easy to clean when done using it. Overall, this is a great little fryer and perfect if you life fried food but want to eat healthier.
have not used  called 800 number for specific directions for 4qt model.  was told just use 6qt directions and adjust  that does not work for me  I will be returning it!
Easy to use and easy to clean.  Unfortunately  the appliance  doesn’t  include any  kind ochart of cooking times or recipe book. So i have to just guess.
This appliance is quite large and takes up a lot of space on my counter. It does cook well and is very versatile and I like that. Has several different settings and I can fit a small chicken in it which I can’t do in my air fryer. Overall it’s a nice appliance if you have the space for it.
Great little air fryer! I can fit 4 chicken thighs and 2-3 breasts in it. It cooks quickly and evenly. I like that it tells you when it is Pre heated and when to flip the food. I especially like how small it is, I have others that fit about the same amount of food in it but the appliance is so much larger. This is probably my favorite air fryer.
I own two air fryers. I own this Instapot air fryer and another brand that is very wide. My other air fryer is enormous compared to this instapot. I love how compact the Instapot air fryer is and how it doesn’t take up all of my counter space. The directions included in the box are kind of funny too.I laughed almost the whole time as I read the directions for the Instapot air fryer. Whoever wrote them has a great sense of humor and made the directions motivational and full of life! I also liked how the directions were straight the point and not confusing. To tell the truth , this Instapot is so easy to use that you most likely won’t even need the directions. It has a touchscreen and walks you through each step. It even tells you when to add the food after you’ve turned it on to warm it up, and tells you when to the flip food too. I am so in love with it how simple it is to use. I let people in my home use my other air fryer at my when they’re here and they can never figure out how to even turn it on, or adjust temps. The Instapot is so simple to use that I won’t have to explain to how use it to people at my house that want to rewarm their food! The only thing that comes with this is a pre-attached cord and a basket. That’s really all you need to get started, then just either experiment with different food on your own or look up some recipes online. I noticed that having an air fryer keeps me from craving so many unhealthy foods, but allows me to enjoy fried chicken and french fries without all of the added oils! Oh, and I definitely recommend making garlic parmesan french fries from red potatoes. They are so good in the Instapot that I dropped one of the fries in my sink and was still considering eating it, but then realized I could make more later that day. The best advice I have about this air fryer is just to be aware that it does have an exhaust fan on the back that warm air comes out of. That being said, definitely keep it some distant away from the wall or other things that may be flammable. I do like also that whenever the air fryer is off, that the word off is displayed on the screen. This is a very reassuring function to have on a device like this. I absolutely recommend this air fryer, not only will your taste buds thank you, but there’s a chance your health will too!
I HATE cooking and I can honestly say this air fryer has changed my life!! There isn’t anything you can’t cook in this thing and everything comes out amazing! I love the rack because it’s almost like a silicone coating so nothing sticks to it and it’s super easy to clean. It’s also the perfect size for a countertop
I’m torn because I ordered the 6-1 air fryer, 6qt but received the 4qt..I guess that is false advertising.But I decided to test it out and it was amazing, yes small but it worked great. Noy sure if i should return this item to get the item I actually paid for.
The Air Fryer came on time, in good condition.
DO NOT BUY. This was the worst purchase of 2021. When in use, your house will reek of toxic chemicals and burning plastic. And it doesn’t even work well!!! I made fries and they seemed like they were microwaved. Not crispy at all. Such a disappointment
Features:This air fryer is very easy to use.Love the non stick basket that is super duper easy to clean.The touch controls are good but needs a strong press to activate.The air fryer really has a fast pre-heating capability.The 4 qt capacity is great for small families.The size is reasonable and fits nicely in the countertop.The noise level is less compared to couple of other name brands I have used.The time and temperature control knob is easy to use.Love that the air fryer pauses the time when the basket is opened during the process and restarts from where it left.Process:Preheat the air fryer to desired temperature.The air fryer beeps for few seconds to “add food” when it is ready.Insert the plate(remove the rubber pads) with food inside the basket carefully.The air fryer will beep again halfway through to “turn food”.Flip food to the other side to evenly cook both sides(optional).Open the basket and insert it again to skip turn food manually.The air fryer beeps with “end” when the food is ready.Add additional time if required.Things to note:The instruction manual has some start up instructions but no recipes are included.The four rubber pads on the plate insert needs to be removed before use but isn’t mention anywhere in the manual.When the rubber pads aren’t removed the plate doesn’t sit well inside the basket.
La mejor air fryer que he comprado, muy grande y fácil de limpiar, la recomiendo.
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Okay who knew this exhausted and didn’t tell me about it?!!!!This thing is AMAZING!My roast chickens that I’ve done multiple times now are always perfect and juicy and delicious.I have also used it to make some quick toast and baking some fries and a few other things and everything always comes out fantastic.This is by far the best thing I’ve ever found on Amazon.

Loved it
Got much more ….I have a really good air fryer, so I didn’t necessarily need this, but I really wanted to try it.  I definitely needed a new toaster oven.  Thus far, I haven’t tried a lot of the features because I have the air fryer which does the same stuff.What I find is from a Toaster perspective, it does work a bit differently than a normal toaster oven.  I feel like my toast/waffles, etc. has a different texture than a regular toaster oven.  This is fine, I’m just getting used to it.  1 or 2 pieces of toast take 5-6 minutes.  As an air fryer it’s got a smaller capacity than a pure air fryer, and from my perspective not as easy to clean.It is also quite large.I’m eager to try the rotisserie function, and when I do that I’ll come back and amend my review, but I’m terrified it’s going to be a giant mess.This device in particular, is excellent quality.—————–6 weeks later, I have grown to love this.  I use it every single day – reheat, airfry, toast, oven – whatever.  This is incredibly multi-functional and I cannot imagine a more worthwhile kitchen purchase.  Wouldn’t live without it.
My husband loves it and I love it more because he makes his own food now
Perfect size for 3 people. We don’t cook that much so this size is perfect. This works as it should. Great value for money! Very comparable to the expensive ones.
love it
This is a great air fryer, I like it a lot. I got this because its small and easy to store, easy to use and easy to clean. It does all three very well.Pros:-Small and convenient, easy to store-User interface is easy to navigate-heats up quickly, cooks food fast.-Perfect for self servings-The basket is easy to cleanCon:-Instructions are lacking, needs more detail.This air fryer works very well for me and I use it all the time. I recommend it.
cuando probé el producto resulta que no funciona, se apaga solo o deja de funcionar pero no termina el ciclo programado , probé con 15min y 400F que era un poco menos de tiempo que la opción que trajo por defecto y resulta que en menos de un min deja de funcionar y se pone en off o se apaga directamente
Chicken thighs bake in half the time, and with the crispy skin that I love. Sure beats heating up a full size oven just for dinner for one or two. Cleanup is pretty easy, the nonstick interior is truly nonstick. Small enough to store off the counter when not in use, very important in my tiny kitchen.
The Omni Plus lives up to the hype. It is great and very versatile. I have used it as an air fryer, toaster oven, and convention. It is really easy to use and I love the digital display screen. You can easily select between Air Fry, Roast, Broil, Bake, Warm, Reheat, Toast, and Dehydrate by pressing the option with your finger. Once you choose, you use the large center knob to adjust the temperature. Then, you can adjust the time using the knob. It is really intuitive to use.The unit is about the same width of a typical toaster oven, but significantly taller. The sides of the the unit are stainless, as well as the handle, but as can be seen in the picture, the top portion of the unit is black when not in use. Since they use a digital display, I think this is fine, but it is not as attractive as a totally stainless unit if the rest of your appliances are stainless.It comes with a baking tray and oven rack that fit right onto the shelfs, but the air fry basket is strange. Instead of designing and making it wide enough to be a stand alone basket that can slide on the rack, they instead make you put it on the baking tray when you want to use. Not a huge deal, but with a unit like this, I would have liked it to be able to be used on its own.All said, it is a great unit and looking forward to using the other functions I haven’t tried yet.
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Product: Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer, Broiler, Roaster, Dehydrator, plus Baking and Reheating, 4QTTL;DRAwesome build quality, great looks, sleek and stylish. Above all it does a great job with food and cuts down the cook time drastic